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Visit Dani Daniels VIP

Dani Daniels VIP

Official site of Dani Daniels

In my mind, Dani Daniels is The porn star that knows how to use the social networks. She just seems to love interacting with her fans online. She has been talking about working on her solo site and has been tweeting samples of shoots she's been doing to gather content almost since the day she started in the business. It looks like the time has come. It wasn't that much long ago that she said that Puba was doing her member site which, compared to the years it's taken or is taking other announced Puba girls to launch their site, speaks highly of her drive.

In my experience as a Puba member in the past, though, it's hard to know if you'll get every released scene from a site once you sign up. They have a content management system in place that, seemingly, assigns each member a different random schedule of scenes. That's the only explanation I find for the six month schedule I always get, showing months and months away in the future scenes that were, in almost certainty, already released to other members. Holiday themed ones are the most obvious cases.

To raise my chances of getting everything I wanted, if I were to sign up to Puba just for Dani Daniels content, I would sign up through this particular site and not any other model's site.

Given that Dani Daniels transitioned from girl-girl-only to boy-girl just a couple months ago, it's unlikely there are any boy-girl scenes available yet here. Some should be coming in the future because, earlier this week, she twitted/tumblred about a shoot with Skin Diamond and Erik Everhard. If she is to post all the content she's shown samples of over the last year and a half, there should be a fair amount of interesting solo artsy shoots too.

11-22-12  03:02pm

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Visit Molly's Life

Molly's Life

Molly Cavalli hangs her porn panties

Just saw a post on Molly Cavalli's tumblr saying she retires from performing in porn after an 8 years career doing girl girl exclusively for Reality Kings. I liked the wording: "I have decided to hang up my porn panties and retire from the industry".

In that post, she asks people to keep subscribing so I guess the site will stay online and won't vanish into thin air like other solo sites of retired models. No new scenes with Molly Cavalli will be filmed, though.

I haven't subscribed to Muffia for a long time but, as far as I remember, Molly's Life was worth the entire subscription and maybe the only one worth subscribing. I liked the "reality" aspect of the site and that, for once, the director talking off-camera was a woman.

Despite the scenes look great too I am confused with the We Live Together site concept also from Reality Kings. The different shooting styles among the scenes. Who is We if there's an always changing cast? Where exactly do they Live Together if there's a different mansion on every scene?

10-02-12  11:59am

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Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams

Tokens Usage Logs

My Free Cams always has had a somewhat decent tokens (aka credits) spending log : the last 100 usages, with the date, type of usage (tip, group, spy, private), recipient model and amount. Now they’ve taken this several steps further and offer a full log of all your token spending history with the time you spent the tokens (up to the second you spent them). Mine goes back to the first tip I ever made the day I joined.

In my experience, this is quite rare among cam sites. I remember a site where I just got a list of the names of the performers I’d had a private show with during the last 15 days with no information of when or how much I had spent during that private. Another site has detailed logs of the privates you’ve had (with the minutes and seconds you spent in private) but only for the last 6 months.

What’s interesting here is that, given the tabular way the data is presented on MFC, it’s not difficult to get some insight into your habits with a bit of copy-pasting and basic spreadsheet skills. The model you spend the most on or what do you spend the most on (tips, group, etc).

Even though there’s little more they could do in terms of token logs (I’m guessing the statistics I suggested with the appropriate pie charts or a CSV download format option are unlikely to be implemented), it would also be worth including in the logs the token packages bought, with purchase times and package amount.

08-10-12  03:04pm

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Visit Panty Pops

Panty Pops

Now part of Evil Angel

The free tour got a make over and it now says that it's an Evil Angel site. There's a new "About Me" section where I learned that the lucky guy in all the scenes turns out to be porn director Kevin Moore. It was interesting to read how this has been a fetish of him for a long time, how he seemingly started shooting this kind of scenes for himself and how he eventually got to start a "Panty Pops" DVD series through Elegant Angel.

I hope new scenes will keep coming under this new scenario. Worth mentioning that they seem to have kept all 75+ scenes already released. They should also get credit for showing the date when they were originally available on the former site. Release dates are somewhat erratic and, currently, the last one was released 3 months ago.

Follow-Up - 11-18-12:

Looking at the free section 6 months after my initial comment, they seem to have been steadily releasing one new scene every two weeks since the site became part of Evil Angel.

As an aside, I can't edit my initial comment but the end of the first paragraph obviously should have said : "Panty Pops" DVD series through Evil Angel.

05-27-12  02:23am

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Visit Sexy Venera

Sexy Venera

Official site of a natural big busted cam model

This is the official site of popular big boobed cam model Sexy Venera. Natural H cups, according to some sources. Site was launched on March 2012. Samples look like professionally shot softcore; she wasn't shy of using toys in private shows, though. Worth mentioning that she doesn't seem to be wearing her trademark black glasses in any of the sets.

I found no mention on the free tour to her webcam experience but the home page intro says Live Chats are to be added soon to the site. AFAIK, she still works regularly on Live Jasmin and Streamate.com. She has two accounts with the same name on both sites: SexyVenera and SexyVeneraX. Given that she already works with Streamate.com, it would be fairly easy to schedule members-only webcam shows on a regular basis using their platform.

She has been working as a cam model for several years but only recently did she start shooting solo sets for adult companies. The first one I noticed was a picture set and video for Scoreland at the end of 2011. She has kept appearing at their magazines since then. Afterwards, she has also shot with DDF Busty.

It's interesting to see a cam girl launching a membership site. The free tour was somewhat slow for me but the samples do look promising. I just wish the free tour gave more information, specially regarding videos.

04-08-12  03:42am

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Visit College Sugarbabes

College Sugarbabes

Is it part of Naughty America Network?

The list of sites at the main Naughty America site currently doesn't list this as one of the 34 network sites. TBP facts doesn't say you get access to other sites with the membership to this one either. So I'm wondering if Naughty America has launched this a separate site or if it's just a glitch: the site was launched very recently.

Even though the site doesn't show trailers, I found some of their sample galleries and I thought it could be a clone of Naughty Bookworms or some other teen site from them. But I'm pretty sure it's not the case because none of what I saw matched a scene from another Naughty America site.

It's about time I join back Naughty America but any insider info will be appreciated.

04-02-12  11:07am

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Visit Live Gonzo

Live Gonzo

Confusing membership types

I personally find confusing the wording of the memberships at this site. There are three types listed that are described in the least encouraging way possible. They must have realised it’s a mess because there’s a “more info...” link at the end of each membership type that opens a pop up but it just adds more confusion.

I guess the “Live Show Membership for only $8,95 per month recurring (gives you access to ALL live Shows)” one lets you watch all the shootings live but, since there’s no mention to chat or archive access, I assume you don’t get to interact with the performers or see recorded shows.

I’m lost with the second one: “VIP Access for only $15,95 per month recurring (you get 16% discount for full features membership + BONUS of $29,95 value = one time Interactive Live Chat Access)”. Does it mean you get some sort of ticket to enter the Interactive Live Chat for just one chat and, when you’ve used it, you only get to watch the live shootings as if you had the 8,95$ membership? Do you get access but for just one month? How do you buy the "full features membership" if it’s not listed anywhere?

There’s a third type but they look like non-recurring multi-month versions of the second.

After reading the lengthy texts, it looks like this site has three features: 1) live streaming of the shows, 2) interactive chat during the shows and 3) access to recorded shows and photos. It would make a lot of sense if, instead of the blabber, they put up a 3x3 table displaying what each membership type gets you, for how long and whether it’s recurring or not.

On a side note, on the top right corner of the home page there’s a link to an interesting 9 minutes video of CEO Raul Cristian discussing his vision with the company and how he believes live shootings are the way to cope with piracy. Someone should tell him that confusing sign up pages are the way to losing potential customers.

03-17-12  04:49am

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Visit XPeeps


Social network transitioning into cam site

Back in the day when the USA porn industry social media activity focused mainly on myspace (around 2008, I guess), a few performers and producers were also using the xpeeps social network. It kind of mimicked myspace but with no restrictions on adult content. I gave it a try for some time but stopped using it shortly after, tired of seeing all male members using pictures of their erect members as profile pictures. It looks like most performers also got fed up with this or something else and ended up not coming any more.

I recently saw they have become a cam site. Even though the listing shows models that work at other sites, the pricing structure makes me think it’s not a clone of an existing one. They seem to go for the same prices for all models. A private is 40 tokens a minute and spying it costs 20. Groups cost 10 tokens a minute and, guess what, you need three users to start it. Contrary to what other sites do, there are no discounts for bulk purchases so you get 10 tokens per USD whether you buy 100 or 900 tokens at a time. Worth noting that models may sell videos through the site.

I had never seen any model online until today. TBP facts say there is one model online at a time at most. One model. When I tried to enter her chat room, I was asked to install the newest new version of Flash. Never ever had that message come up at me on any cam site. Asking for the ultimate flash version doesn’t make much sense. They say they are in beta, though.

The social network is still available in a separate subdomain, aptly named “classic”. My username and password from a couple years ago still worked on the social network but not on the cam site. Doesn’t make any sense that they are forcing separate registrations. Doubt there is anything worth paying attention in the xpeeps social network nowadays but, if the cam site gets any traction, the social network could be an interesting bonus.

03-10-12  11:57am

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Visit Sexy Soccer Panties

Sexy Soccer Panties

Recycling galleries from 2006 World Cup

Turns out the same company that runs 90s Panties came up with another creative way to recycle old galleries. You just can't get away with passing as new 32 galleries that were obviously made for the 2006 soccer World Cup in Germany (that was the only time when Trinidad & Tobago took part in the last-32 stage of the World Cup).

Some interesting facts just from watching the free tour:
- All 32 models are depicted in the free tour from the chest up. You have to click on them to get a glimpse of the panties.
- Samples show, though, that models get rid of the panties almost immediately but keep the shirts on. This is a panty themed network, so naming the site "Sexy Soccer Shirts" was not an option.
- Models pose with the official ball of the tournament but none of the shirts remotely resembles an official one. All panties look exactly the same except for the color.
- The Czech Republic girl seems to be Sylvia Saint. I'm sure PUs more versed in Euro porn will recognize more models.
- The Italy girl has a nice big rack. She doesn't look at all like Materazzi so it's highly unlikely this site had anything to do with Zidane headbutting the Italian defender.

03-03-12  02:24pm

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Visit Passion HD

Passion HD

Porn Pros Network attempting a U-turn?

Believe it or not, this site is run by Porn Pros Network. What’s more: all the scenes I checked on the free tour have already been released over the last months on almost any of their sites : Deepthroat Love, Teen BFF, Cruelty Party, 18 Years Old, etc.

The same guys who had a fondness for fake mile-long plastic dongs and overdone cumshots, for dressing the girls in bright colored clothes and plastic beads jewelry, the guys that came up with the brilliant Jurassic Cock … have decided to start shooting models dressed in white in a completely different and more slow-paced style at high end all-white settings with lots of natural light. Not only that but they’ve been releasing those scenes through the sites they already had.

I’m not a member of Passion HD so I can’t say whether it’s a clone of Porn Pros Network or if it gives access only to the scenes in this new shooting style. In any case, if you’re interested, it’s currently probably worth going for the main network membership to be sure.

The thing is I liked their previous style and I like this one. It will certainly be interesting to see how this site / shooting style evolves. I haven’t checked these new scenes extensively but I’m pretty sure the shooting style is true to what the trailers and preview images suggest.

PS: I won’t name names but I couldn’t help noticing that the free tour has more than a passing resemblance with a site from another company that has been shooting scenes in this style exclusively for some years. Colors, layout and even the way they name the models with just the first name. Even the models themselves might be found at both sites.

01-17-12  11:31am

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Social integration gone awry

PornPros Network has a new members area. They have decided to go "social" and add a widget at the end of each model's scenes list named "follow her on twitter" that shows some tweets. The widget is based on a script provided by twitter.

In some cases, someone at PornPros Network took the time to find that model's twitter account and configured the widget to show tweets from that account only. For instance, April O'Neil's @undeux. Done like this, kind of makes sense and I've seen it done on other porn sites.

On other models, though, they configured the widget to merely do a search on twitter for the model's name which, in the case of popular stars like Sophie Dee, yields all kinds of questionable tweets. For newbies like Karina White it's even funny because it's full of unrelated stuff: it shows tweets mentioning any account named Karina-something and the word "white".

Maybe they should stick to only showing tweets coming from the model herself. On the other hand, I think it would make sense to use twitter differently, like placing a widget on scene pages that lets members tweet comments about the scenes.

01-08-12  09:48am

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Product placement is the next big thing in porn

On Monster Curves update from October 1st, they had Alexis Texas, Bobbi Starr and Franceska Jaimes dressed in tight red bodysuits for a racetrack themed update. They are joined by Voodoo and another guy in racing suits later on for a bbggg scene. It could be just one more great scene with a stellar cast but there's something special about it: the girls (and only the girls) have big logos all over their suits from an Adult Dating website. Chest, back, elbows and thighs plus a slight variation of the Adult Dating website’s official motto written from right to left leg. “Worlds Best Pers” up the inner part of right thigh and “onals for Adults” continues down the inner left. They keep the suits on for half the scene and the camera focuses inevitably on the logos quite a lot.

I thought it was a one time thing but, a month later, for this Saturday’s CFNM Secret update, Brooklyn Lee, Francesca Le and Niki Delano are in similar white bodysuits in another scene shot at the same racetrack and, according to the production date in the credits, on the same day. Needless to say, big logos and motto from the Adult Dating site all over the girls' (and only the girls') bodysuits. Ramon is the racing driver this time. He celebrates his victory with a bottle of champagne but the champagne brand is thoroughly blurred in the video while the Adult Dating website logos are, again, big and unblurred.

In the CFNM Secret scene, you see why the motto is written with a lot of space between “Pers” and “onals” : when the girls carve a hole in their suits in order to get fucked while still clothed (remember, it's CFNM), the hole they require uses all the space in between. You can’t help but keep reading the motto perfectly written on their legs while all three take turns riding Ramon in reverse cow girl facing the camera. And you always see some of the logos in the background. The fact the motto reads perfectly shows someone cares about the end results but I’d suggest they also consider rotating the thighs’ outer logo 180 degrees: the way it’s written on both scenes, you keep seeing it upside down when the girls flex their legs.

Product placement could be the next big thing in porn. The possibilities are endless. I'm wondering which Reality Kings site will be next and when. We Live Together often uses costumes of some sort in its updates so I'm betting sooner or later we'll see Sammie Rhodes and company sporting tight bodysuits plagued with ads for the Adult Dating website I’m meaning to join as soon as I finish posting this comment.

11-06-11  12:01pm

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Visit VideoBox


Flow Mode. Anyone tried it?

In "Flow Mode" (from what I saw in the free section), you get a carousel of thumbnail sized videos that are continuously flowing from right to left. You see 20 videos playing simultaneously at any time. When you click on a thumbnail, the carousel pauses and you get to see that scene only. Otherwise, new scenes keep moving past and playing in front of you.

You may filter scenes by the usual criteria (sex act, number of participants, etc) but it looked like it was easy to run out of scenes as soon as you added a couple filters. Also, you probably need a powerful computer because video thumbnails kept stuttering for me.

I wonder if some current member could add more info. The email announcing the feature hinted it was possible to see a carousel of scenes from a particular pornstar. It would be interesting to see your favorite pornstar doing the sex act of your choice in 20 different scenes at the same time. Also, watching a carousel of scenes from just one studio or series may lead to some interesting finds.

10-08-11  02:43am

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Visit Sierra's Secret

Sierra's Secret

Sierra is back but her site needs work

This is the official site of big boobed US porn star Sierra. She starred in over 200 movies in the late 90s and early 2000s. Sierra used to be a favorite of mine because of her rack, attitude and oral abilities. I believe she retired about 5 years ago but I recently saw she’s back to filming movies. At least, she is in a couple scenes this year for Elegant Angel.

Sierra’s Secret is based upon a wordpress blog but there are no dates on the entries and comments are always closed so, even though they describe recent events, only those members who stay past the compulsory 3-day trial will realize the site is active. On a side note, it’s extremely unusual they don’t offer the monthly membership as a sign up option but you must go through a 3-day trial first.

Regular blog posts are mostly diary entries about working for the site or her sex experiences and fantasies. Some of them have slow resolution pictures of travels or just random phone self-portraits using a mirror. Most blog entries are links to image galleries or videos.

There are around 20 videos with no previews but directly embedded into the blog through some plugin that didn’t work for me. Each one is also available for download in different resolutions and formats (flv, wmv, mp4), the better resolution usually being wmv at 352x288, 2600 kbps but there’s no info on which one you should download for best quality. Some are shot with a phone’s camera, or a fixed one in a not so good angle or with night vision. There’s some boy-girl, usually POV. No trouble downloading them.

There are about 40 image galleries; most seemed solo and at 800x530 resolution tops. Images had an amateur flare but were much better than the videos. Can’t say much more because they were not available as zip files and site thwarted all my attempts to automate downloads.

Sierra seems to be active in the adult industry, shooting for other companies and her own site and attending conventions. I caught some hints that she might be transitioning into this site from another one because of some webmaster troubles. She kind of mentioned in a blog post having had live cams at her house and cam shows for members but currently they were not possible, not even an empty section on the site for them. Very little interaction: no shows, no comments allowed, no model’s email to be found despite she blogs about spending time answering fan mail. Only the usual widget with her recent twitter activity was there and she is actively tweeting.

07-09-11  11:48am

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Visit Streamate.com


Party Chat

Streamate.com recently launched a new show type called “Party Chat”. It’s a new way to do group shows for a very low price (around 1 USD per minute) while the regular group chats aka private usually cost much more, up to 4-5 USD for popular models and porn stars testing the new feature.

Models who are in this mode have a yellow “Party Chat” next to their pictures in listings instead of the usual green “Online” status. If they are trying to set one up, you see two counters superimposed on the feed in their free chat room: a raised “gold” counter towards a goal and a time countdown to reach that goal. Users willing to attend Party Chat are asked to reserve a spot in it by sending a certain amount of gold, 10-15 gold in the ones I’ve seen (10-15 USD). If enough members send gold and goal is reached before time ends, show starts automatically; allegedly, if a show doesn’t start because the gold goal is not reached in time, you don’t get charged. I believe once the show starts, you may still enter it but at the initial price and getting only what’s remaining of it.

I attended just one. It was impossible to have your requests heard during the show. The usual button to hide other members’ words and show yours only to the model does not work: you see everything people type. But the model in my chat did not acknowledge anything the 40+ guys in the room were saying. Given the recurring appearance of recordings passing as live free chats, I couldn’t help but think that I was watching a recorded show.

Another bummer was that, as usual at this site, there’s no counter of elapsed or remaining time during a show. Needless to say, time was up when model was at the height of her performance: cam feed and audio were abruptly replaced by an unannounced, mood-killer black screen. Guess model didn’t have any clue about time either.

There’s no option to rate party chat shows at the end which, given the circumstances, makes sense as it would likely make most models’ ratings plummet.

Follow-Up - 09-22-11:

Shortly after the initial Party Chat launch, they changed the name into "Gold Show". To confuse matters further, models may still appear nowadays with a green "Party Chat" sign but, afaik, this just means they are in the usual "private" mode where multiple users may join.

06-19-11  02:37am

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Visit Corin Riggs Online

Corin Riggs Online

Great looking model, so-so site

This site has non nude photos and videos of great looking all natural model Corin Riggs. No tattoos and very nice figure. She did some nude stills for Playboy in the past but here, even though she takes off all her clothes in some sets, she always covers her nipples and pubic region.

Photography isn’t that good. Way too often she just lays in a bed (or bench, or floor or towel by the pool) and strikes some poses. Not the best lighting. Many close-ups on her really nice ass. Has some appeal on its amateur nature and to see a hot girl show some casual underwear and bikinis in sexy clothed poses. Longest axis of pictures is 1400px. I didn’t pay much attention to videos but the couple ones I kept were BTS of the photo shoots with no background music. Maximum resolution was 1280x720 in wmv format.

There’s some interaction. Every single page at Corin Riggs Online has a huge “shout board” aka message board on top to leave comments for the model which she may reply occasionally but it’s not a real forum and felt too obtrusive and of little use. Live camshows were taking place when I was a member at the beginning of 2011 but at impossible times for me. Past shows were available for download but I didn’t check. There was also a blog that was being updated at least monthly with pictures of what looked like mainstream work she was doing.

I was surprised to see the model write as a reply to a user inquire in the “shout board” that her contract with the site specified she only had to do a certain number of cam shows per month and post a certain number of blog updates. I understand models working on solo sites often aren’t the owners of the site but a model being so explicit about how much she’s willing to be involved in her own site was a big fantasy killer.

05-07-11  03:03pm

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Visit Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin Fan Club Experience

Live Jasmin started offering a Fan Club functionality about a year ago. Most models have it and I’ve used it a couple times but I find it’s very lacking. Reading members comments in the site’s forums, I got the impression few members find any use to it. Fan Club monthly cost is 19.99 credits (19.99 USD, 19.99 EUR, 19.99 GBP) but some of the options are also offered when you become a Premium Member (15 credits every two weeks).

Anyway, here are some of the promised features and what you really get:
- Half price on the recorded videos posted by that model. Probably the most interesting feature but few models have videos and you still pay quite a hefty per-minute price. Other members may also see the videos but at the regular price.
- “Hi-res” pictures of the model. This is funny. All images are 1024x768 regardless of the orientation of the original image. This means all images end up with some degree of letterboxing, specially painful in portrait ones where more than 50% of the image ends up being side black bars. You may download them one by one but you must click at least three times to get each image.
- Interview with model. All models get the same generic questions. Depends on what the model is willing to say and how fluent she is English.
- That model’s schedule, which the site claims is an extrapolation of her recent online times but, from what I saw, was highly unreliable. Basic members see no schedule at all and Premium Members get all models’ schedules if they pay 10 credits every 15 days.
- Access to snapshots taken by other members during privates with that model. Largely depends on the model because some have a hundred but others have just a handful or none at all because they’ve blocked this option. Basic Members see only a blurred version but Premium Members get access to all models’ snapshots at no extra cost.
- Free messaging with that model. Basic members are charged 1.2 credits per internal message sent to a model. Premium Members get a reduced price plus free messaging to models they’ve had a private with in the last 15 days.
- Allegedly, you appear in a different color to the model when you enter her room. Premium Members are also singled out but, if you are regularly taking a model private, it’s highly unlikely she will not identify you anyway regardless of your status as soon as you enter the room.
- You may have the site record video and text written during your private shows but then the site charges you to replay at half the price of a live show. I took it as some kind of joke. You still have access to them at half price even if you are no longer a member of the Fan Club but there’s no info on the date they took place and the sample frame often fails to load (site bug I guess) so it’s of little use.

What a Fan Club doesn’t get you here but similar features get you at other sites is a discount on the per-minute-rate of a live show with the model. It’s probably just that the prices here are already the lowest around.

04-30-11  09:42am

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Visit Puba


Strange update schedule but interesting live shows with popular US stars

This network gives you access to official sites of several popular US porn stars like Asa Akira, Charley Chase, Jayden Jaymes, Mason Moore or Shyla Stylez. The webmaster has been saying for months that they will launch official sites for three other well known US stars: Brooke Banner, Kristina Rose and Rachel Roxxx but I believe there’s nothing to be seen yet about these three.

All stars more or less kept releasing new scenes when I was a member earlier this year. Content is original but not necessarily exclusive since they often shoot on a trade basis. This means some scenes may also be available at other cast members’ sites and also be shot by different people. Their scenes are pretty well shot and they come up with interesting ideas. There’s the usual mix of solo, boy-girl and girl-girl scenes. Maximum resolution was 850x480, wmv. Good pictures are also available for all scenes.

The main drawback I found was that, even though I had a full membership, I couldn’t access all previous scenes but kept getting them delayed. You do get at least one new scene every day but also a schedule with tens of upcoming scenes for several months into the future even though it’s obvious most of them have already been released to recurring members (for instance, I had a couple Thanksgiving themed videos scheduled for February or March). This weird schedule forces you to stick with your membership for months if you want a particular “already released” scene. It’s unclear which is the exact logic behind it since there’s no information inside the members area.

What I found most interesting was the live streaming of their shoots and how the stars interacted with members viewing them. They usually took place at Europe-friendly times and were also available at Streamate.com on a pay-per-minute basis but you get the full shows at no extra cost with your Puba membership. Past shows were available for streaming. Unfortunately, even though there’s a schedule of shows, they were too often canceled at the last minute without any given reason. I wouldn’t cancel any plans to attend a scheduled show but if you do catch one with your favorite star that really takes place it’s absolutely worth it the chance to have your say on what kind of things she does in the scene.

I considered for some time getting a fairly priced yearly membership but the unexplained update schedule, the constant cancellations of shoots I had been looking forward to and the lack of explanations on the delay of the new sites launch cooled me down and I ended up canceling my monthly membership shortly before its renewal date.

04-26-11  07:00am

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Visit Streamate.com


Taxonomy of a Host's Online Status

When a host is online at Streamate, an “online” text appears in her picture in listings but you have to go to the host’s page in order to know whether she’s in free chat, private or exclusive.

Each of these 3 statuses has further subdivisions, the trickiest one being the private status. When a host is in private, you don’t get a cam feed but a black screen informing that you have to pay to see the host. Not all private statuses are born equal and there may be various outcomes after you enter the room:
- Someone took her private while she was in free chat. Anyone may join but host may pay more attention to the first user that took her private.
- In private but no one is watching. The host may be doing a show hoping people will join. She may have just ended an exclusive chat and is still nude. Maybe she just doesn’t want to appear in free chat.
- Doing a chat with members of her site. Streamate offers hosts a widget to place at their sites for hosting member chats. If you are a member of a model/pornstar's site who is a host here, you get the whole show as part of your membership at no additional fee as long as you enter the show via the widget but, if you enter that same show at Streamate, you are charged a per minute rate. I feel this is the trickiest situation.
- Filming a scene for a site: you are allowed to watch a porn shooting but no one reads what you type. Barrett Blade’s Massage Parlor sites or Mean Bitches are two that come to mind. Also, some porn stars use this when shooting for their own sites.
- In “voyeur” mode, so host won’t interact. Hard to mistake because there are few and usually have the “Voyeur” word in their name or are described accordingly in the cam’s page.
- Doing a show for a flat fee. This is very rare and I’ve only seen it in a cam called “Pornstar Cam House”. You are only informed that that private is at a flat fee when you click on the button that usually displays the private and exclusive rates. Otherwise, you think it’s the usual per-minute rate show.

The good thing is that you are not charged for leaving a private chat immediately after joining. If things don’t look good in the first 5-10 seconds, hit the Exit button.

Free chat also has some substatuses:
- Free chat and expecting members to take her private / exclusive. You see her live on cam for free as long as she stays in free mode. There’s no nudity allowed but she may flash her tits if someone sends her gold (credits).
- Free chat and not willing to enter private. You may even get blocked if you try to because she just wants to talk with viewers.
- Free chat and away from cam. She may or may not leave a Be Right Back sign but it’s a bit silly to take her private if she’s not there.

There’s no mistaking in exclusive: you get a short page saying another member has abducted her and you’d better go look somewhere else. In that case, other sites automatically send you back to free chat as soon as the host leaves exclusive. I believe it’s not the case here.

02-27-11  10:42am

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Visit Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran retired in 2006

Today's Spencer review at TBP finds it strange that there's no interaction with Crissy Moran at this site. It's worth mentioning that she retired in 2006. Wikipedia even says that she is now an anti-pornography advocate and tried to have the site shut down. Comparing content count from exotics4me 2007 review and the count on TBP's site facts, it seems no new content has been added to this site in 4 years.

02-03-11  11:49am

Replies (4)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

In Memoriam NA Live

Until last week, Naughty America used to have a daily (Monday through Friday) 12 hour live schedule that included up to 9 live solo shows; starting at 1 PM (San Diego time), 3 different porn stars made up to 3 different 45 minutes live shows each.

Live programming used to start at 8:30 AM with a talk show where a Naughty America worker (usually a girl named Lauren, hence the show was called "Live with Lauren") mostly presented the trailers for upcoming scenes while chatting with members and answering support questions.

IMHO, the highlight weren't the live shows, which I couldn't watch anyway because of time differences, but the interviews Lauren did with the 3 models of the day. Probably the schedule of the interviews was a bit off for American users (interviews used to take place always around 12 noon PST) but they were at decent times for European users (around 9 PM in my case).

I haven't been a member of Naughty America for some time but last Monday I noticed the schedule was suddenly gone from the free section. I also gathered from a couple models' tweets that they were scheduled for this week at NA Live but their show had been canceled.

Today I read a post at a webmaster message board from someone at Naughty America that said they've pulled the plug from the Live shows even though they are "looking forward to bringing you a new and improved version of LIVE". I guess that means no more model interviews either. He said they will still do some of their Live programming but only the part done by their staff (Lauren with the scene previews and another girl named Dallas with a program on sex and dating advice).

09-03-10  02:16pm

Replies (2)
Visit VSex


Webcam site with a twist

This webcam site claims to put you in control of a sex machine during a private chat with a model; it's not clear how it works but it seems that you somehow control a dildo's thrust, twist, speed and vibration. If you stay for at least 5 minutes, model will rate your performance publicly. Looks like an interesting concept.

It's also worth noting that most of the models fall into the porn star category: you get performers with over a 100 movies like Nika Noire but also some who've done just a few scenes. It's not clear if a particular model appeared just once or is regularly showing up.

If you want to control the machine, price per minute seems to be currently a fixed rate of 7 USD regardless of how popular the model might be. A bit expensive but is less than most models who've done porn charge for 1 on 1 webcam sessions at traditional sites.

There's no schedule on the site but you'll get some advance idea on who'll be there if you follow their tweeter feed. Just be warned that, if you're in Europe, time zones are against you: there's an announcement saying shows start daily at 7pm EST (1am in most of Western Europe).

08-30-10  02:28pm

Replies (7)
Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Weekly Releases On Street Date?

Free tour promises the whole Elegant Angel catalog plus new releases added as soon as they hit the streets.

I'm not a member so I can't confirm but what I see is that they haven't added a single DVD to the free tour since the site was first listed about a month ago. Recent DVD releases from Elegant Angel seem to have been piling up in the Coming Soon category instead.

Popular stars in Full HD at less than 20 USD looked great but these apparent lack of updates, the various access problems reported and the abundance of compilations in the catalog kind of cooled me off.

Follow-Up - 02-05-11:

I am now a member of Elegant Angel and would like to confirm that they are not honoring the "Weekly Releases on Street Date" promise. Most new releases eventually show up on the members-only section but they come at least 6 weeks after street date.

06-27-10  05:54am

Replies (2)
Visit Tainster


Orgy Max 2.0

This site seems to offer the same content as Orgy Max albeit much better organized: true model profiles to begin with. They also pair it with some sort of social network of their own and more HD webcam shows than before.

Two membership packages are available, one is a credit type package where you get VOD-only credits for little more than a couple videos and some webcam minutes and a full access one (unlimited downloads) at the regular 29.95 EUR Orgy Max price. I found it a bit confusing: the full package doesn't seem to be different from the old Orgy Max site but offering a credit-based package and an unlimited one at the same site is a bit uncommon.

I saw a post at the Orgy Max official blog where they said they were transferring Orgy Max user accounts to Tainster. When you go to Tainster, you get the chance to go to the old Orgy Max site but it's not clear what the future holds for the Orgy Max site; Tainster seems to be much better organized and it would be logical if it replaced completely Orgy Max.

05-29-10  02:25am

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Visit Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake

Site relaunched at the end 2008 for the better

jessica drake has had a site for a long time (according to the TBP site facts since 1999). Her old one was part of a network of solo sites; the only other one I remember from that network is Serenity's, which was somewhat above average even though they were all an absolute lackluster: no interaction at all, no videos, tiny pictures, the worst site layout you could imagine, etc.

This new site is completely different. Technically, it's like the Karlie Montana one I reviewed some time ago; all solo sites from this company share the same poor content engine so don't expect zips or to be able to download the videos.

The good news for her fans is that jessica drake is much more involved since the relaunch and was making the most of the interaction features offered (audio blog, messaging, etc.) when I accessed it about a year ago. I'm pretty sure she's now hosting webcam chats on a regular basis. She was constantly updating with candid pictures like the Thanksgiving or Christmas meals she cooked, blogs and pictures while she was on vacation to Hawaii or a day to day coverage of her trip to some porn convention in a Scandinavian country.

I'd strongly recommend it if you are interested in the interaction but not so much to picture and video collectors: you get some pictures and clips from her Wicked Pictures films but very little original content and, as I said, no zips for pictures and streaming only videos.

02-06-10  01:29am

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