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Visit Shay Laren

Shay Laren

No Review.
05-12-08  04:42am

Visit Melissa Debling

Melissa Debling

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of UK glamour model Melissa Debling.
- 5í3Ē, blonde, curvy, big boobs, no tattoo.
- 50+ photo sets. Average 100 photos per set.
- 1200x800 (75%), 1600x1050 (25%). 75% are portrait.
- Solo teasing in casual clothes. Up to topless.
- 60+ videos. 60% photo-shoot BTS, 40% camera teasing.
- Flash format, 720x400. Avg 5 Mbps video rate, 5 minutes long.
- Lots of closeups on boobs and ass in videos.
- One new photo gallery and one new video per week.
- A little bit of interaction: forum, short blog entries.
- Free tour makes me think itís still updating.
- Free tour claims you may now also access other solo sites.
- Shop offers prints, posters and other merchandising.
- Billed by epoch. No regional pricing.
Cons: - Model has recently been tweeting against joining this site.
- Most likely they wonít be updating/online for much longer.
- No metadata on photo galleries, videos (no release date, etc).
- Galleries compressed in RAR format instead of ZIP.
- RARs become available some days after gallery release.
- Slow motion segments, unrelated new-age music on every video.
- Videos are streaming only. No downloads available.
- No link between same sceneís photos, tease video and BTS.
- No webcam chats despite free tour lists the feature.
- No way to privately message the model.
Bottom Line: This is or, more precisely, was the official site of UK glamour model Melissa Debling. Melissa Debling is blonde, petite, curvy and has a phenomenal rack and no tattoos. She has appeared in UK menís Magazines like Nuts and Zoo, on the page 3 of tabloids and also on UK glamour websites like Only All Sites. I was reluctant to join this site after my experience with Official Lindsey Strutt from the same company but her looks made me take the plunge.

The type of content is very similar to that on Official Lindsey Strutt: very tame posing up to topless in casual clothes (almost no pantyhose, thank God). Videos are somewhat better here even though a bit repetitive. You get almost every video twice: as BTS of the photo shoot and as a tease segment. The only difference between the two is that in the tease segment the model looks at the camera while in the BTS she looks at the photographer. Melissa Debling seemed slightly more involved with the site, periodically replying to forum messages and posting short blog entries regularly but Iím pretty sure that has stopped.

Itís unclear whether this site will stay much longer online. Melissa Debling has for some time been warning on Tweeter not to join this site anymore. Even though, I see the site is now offering 3 and 6 month memberships. Free tour shows photo sets that have been released since my membership expired, but it seems unlikely they have enough new material to fill the next 6 months if the model is no longer shooting with them. You do get access to other sites from the company, which I didnít get when I was a member.

I honestly donít know whatís wrong with this company that keeps closing its sites after just a few months life. I was a member of a site from this company that closed without any explanation shortly after I knew about it as a new listing on TBP. Several sites from them are no longer accepting memberships or are plain and simply deleted after a very short time online.

01-01-12  10:35am

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Visit Official Lindsey Strutt

Official Lindsey Strutt

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of gorgeous UK glamour model Lindsey Strutt.
-Great looking all natural model. No tattoos, no piercings.
-Nice choice of clothing, lingerie and accessories.
-Model always ends posing topless. But no full nudity.
-Content looked original and exclusive to me.
-70 image sets. Average 80 images per set. 85% vertical.
-6 sets with Kayleigh Pearson or Staci Noblett. Rest, solo.
-Image sizes: 45% 850x567, 45% 1200x800, 10% 1600x1065.
-30 BTS videos. Specs vary a lot.
-Update schedule shown in a calendar.
-Currently updating photos and videos at these rates:
--1 new photo gallery every 6 days at 1600x1065.
--1 new wmv video every 6 days at 1920x1080 8500 kbps.
Cons: -No update metadata: no release date, no update name, etc.
-Image galleries are not available to download in zip format.
-Useless image thumbnails: all look either distorted or blurred.
-Inconsistent video formats and file naming.
-Only one format available per video.
-New HD videos are pillarboxed (aka reverse letterboxed).
-No video previews but a single thumbnail in the listing page.
-No interaction at all with the model.
-No webcam chats although announced to start 6 months ago.
-Useless message board: model logged just once to answer.
-Pointless diary option: candid photos with no caption at all.
-No information on who the model is (for those new to her).
-No access to other sites from this company.
Bottom Line: I came across this site because of the new listings section at The Best Porn. I had never heard of the model and I knew almost nothing about the glamour business in the UK but I liked her looks and decided to take the plunge.

I like the photos. She basically wears either bikinis by the pool or bra and panties indoors. Nice, simple sexy lingerie and none of those pantyhose that seem to be so popular in UK erotica. I cannot say the pictures are technically excellent (Iím not very savvy but I felt there were some lighting issues and too many similar shoots within a set) but, for a change, I enjoyed watching a beautiful woman with a perfect bust posing in sexy lingerie that didnít make her look too young or too slutty. I donít mind that she never shows anything below the waist but this could be an issue for some.

Videos, on the other hand, offer little. Leaving aside the fact that there are endless combinations of format (flv, mov, wmv - a couple of them are even offered compressed in RAR format for unknown reasons-), resolution (from as low as 384x288 up to 1920x1080 -but letterboxed from an original in 4:3 format also for unknown reasons-) and bitrate (from FLVs at 200 kbps to MOVs at 30,000 kbps), the ones I managed to play without stuttering on my not-so-old computer were basically 1 minute BTS clips with superimposed music. I believe Iíd have gotten a better impression had the site offered no videos at all.

As for the interaction, I came out of the site knowing as little about Lindsey Strutt as before. An ďAbout MeĒ section explaining who she is would have been welcome for those who are not in the UK. For instance, the diary section had some pictures of her with a bunch of soldiers. Turns out Lindsey Strutt went to Iraq to visit the troops as a spokesperson for UK magazine Nuts but I didnít learn about it here. Thereís no point in offering so many interaction options in the siteís menu (webcam chat, diary, message board) if you then make a half-hearted attempt at it or have an ďunder constructionĒ sign for a year.

In the end, looking at this and the other site from the same company I checked (Official Staci Noblett, no longer listed here), Iím under the impression the models are more interested in posing for magazines than working for their own site. At least for me, itís not worth staying a member of a solo site if I donít feel the girl is a bit involved in it. There are other good looking UK models Iíd never heard of who have a site with this company but, given the precedents, Iím afraid Iíll have to pass.

01-30-11  10:11am

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Visit Naked.com


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -100 models live from all over the world at any given time (10-15 of them from the US). 1000+ listed.
-Extremely easy to use. No over-configuration or infinite types of membership.
-Free chat with video when models are not in private. Sound not always available in free chat.
-All models have rates of 4 or 5 USD per minute.
-All chats are flash-based. Image and sound rate varies depending on model's connection.
-1 on 1 private chats resolution is 620x450. Image quality could be better (some pixelation).
-Credits can be bought while in private chat. Somewhat buggy, though.
-Option to automatically purchase credits when you run out.
-"Homemade movies" (separate membership) gives access to shows recorded by models.
-Add to favorites feature for up to 24 performers for easily finding them when online.
-Cam on cam available.
Cons: -No account of cam credits bought or when and who you spent them with.
-Too few categories. No porn star or couples category.
-Not possible to record the shows.
-Free membership requires giving out credit card details. It is really free, though.
-Unknown billing provider. Site knows and keeps your credit card details.
-Some of the models can also be found at other sites. Cam studios?
-"Alert when model is online" feature is buggy: not available for all models and at-sign is illegal email character!!
-Some of the foreign cam studios look really cheesy; sometimes other performers can be heard nearby.
-Certain amount of models aren't that attractive or wear unsexy clothes.
-No internal message system: no way to contact models privately to request special shows.
-Canceling for "Homemade movies" only through email.
-Some of the recorded shows require paying for them.
-Few models do "shows": multiuser access at lower price.
Bottom Line: Free membership gives you access to free video chats with all models. I went for it several months ago because I wanted to chat with a certain porn star. I eventually gave up because that model was never online at Europe-friendly times. Recently, I was checking the prices of the site and inadvertently bought some credits and a membership to "Homemade movies". They weren't showing my card details but they already had them since that "free" membership and the page wasn't clear that clicking that button completed the purchase using my credit card. Perhaps it was a mistake on my part because I'm used to the various steps of sites that use ccbill or epoch.

I feel the site lacks categorization. Some of the models have male partners around for the show but unless they choose to display him in their profile picture it's impossible to know. Cam sites should put this type of shows in a category of its own. I feel the same about models who have done some porn; see my comment from 02-04-09 for some models I was able to tell apart.

The site has also some annoyances. For some reason, question marks and other punctuation signs are deemed illegal in the free chat which makes asking questions or entering smileys impossible. This doesn't happen in 1-on-1 private chats, though. Even worse, when you enter your email to be reminded when a model comes online, you cannot type the at-sign. In any case, you can work around the issue via clipboard (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V). You also have to enter your email address for every model that you want to be alerted when she comes online.

I also had trouble once when trying to buy credits while on a show. Everything works if you wait until you're almost out of time: they pop up a panel asking for confirmation. But once I forced the panel to show but couldn't act on the buttons. Bottom line: buy credits before or wait for the panel to show on its own.

Naked.com can be found under several other domains but the design is always very similar. I also found it embedded inside Reality Kings cams section; your Reality Kings user name becomes the same at Naked.com but no password is needed. Didn't try buying credits through that user name.

Most models update regularly their sample photos (small as in any cam site: 250x150px) but rarely bother to change their default text for Biography, Kinky Things, Add-ons, Turn-offs or Turn-ons; they all read "I am a very friendly person looking to meet people online! Come and visit my erotic private show!" and "I am Shaved".

02-07-09  12:01pm

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Visit The Real Me

The Real Me

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Emphasis on side aspects of a shoot (although a bit too much so it's also a con).
-Good photography by a team that also works for Twistys or Babelicious.
-Cheap full access trial membership.
-Good site design, easy to navigate.
-Well known US adult models.
-Good way to see the person behind the adult model.
-Every model has 3 videos: teasing/masturbation (depends on model), BTS, interview.
-WMV format, 50% at 640x480 (1500kbps), 50% at 400x300 (1200kbps). 10 minutes long on average.
-Also 3 photo galleries: 1. teasing/masturbation (depends), 2. BTS, 3. candids (real life pictures).
-Picture count: 1. 150 (1200x900), 2. 50 (1200x900) 3. 20 (varies).
-Zip files available (although they also include the thumbnails !?).
Cons: -Site is no longer updating and is for sale.
-Too few models.
-Too much emphasis on the side aspects of a shoot. A bit of BTS is welcome but so much...
-Interview questions are generic and the same for all models (allegedly submitted by site members).
-Only one "action" set per girl (one photo gallery, one video).
-Too many pictures in the sets are promotional ones (holding signs or on The Real Me outfits).
-"Candids" are a joke: same photos are likely to be found without blurred faces at the models' myspace profiles.
-There's an embedded cam network; you will unintentionally sign up by just clicking on a picture.
-Cam network has no membership fees but periodically spams you with new performers.
Bottom Line: Since this site is almost certainly defunct, I encourage those curious about it to go for the trial membership and grab the content since it could be taken down at any time. No need to stay further since no updates seem to be coming. If you're really into this type of content, I encourage to try Danni.com's "Up Close & Personal with ..." series with their Danni girl of the month.

The interview part reminds a lot of the ones at Babelicious: most of the questions are repeated and the production team is also the same so it brings a certain sense of déja vu. The BTS follows the model while she's getting ready for the shoot; picking clothes, makeup, etc. Both are interesting and very rarely seen. All models are great looking but getting a glimpse of the personality can make you grow fonder of her; Karlie Montana is perhaps the best example for me. I won't say names, but it can happen the exact opposite: some model may have the looks but her personality sucks.

Regarding the sets, they have a certain flare of Twistys or Babelicious. Softcore models will just tease while hardcore ones will masturbate. The end result is more than OK but it feels short having only one set per model.

For completists, here's the full list of models: Andie Valentino, Carli Banks (2 sets), Erika Jordan, Franchezca Valentina (photos only), Georgia Jones, Jayme Langford, Karlie Montana, Lia 19, Luana Lani, Marlie Moore, Renee Perez, Shay Laren, Tiffany Brookes and Zoe Britton.

01-06-09  10:47am

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Visit Priya Anjali Rai

Priya Anjali Rai

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Official website of Indian born US based porn star Priya Rai.
-All content is shot exclusively for this site.
-13 1800x1200 solo galleries. 75% portrait, 25% landscape.
-Big 230x185 thumbnails. Pictures also available at 900x600.
-Professional makeup, sexy clothes, nice settings, decent shooting.
-11 1200x720 8000kbps WMV movies: 6 solo, 4 boy-girl, 1 girl-girl.
-No music in videos apart from some occasional short intros.
-Videos also available in flash streaming at 576x324.
-Access to Private Camz shows.
-ccbill. Cheap fully working 3-day trial.
[Current update rate]
-1 new photo gallery or video every week.
-Short diary entries without pictures twice a week.
-First live cam show scheduled on February 23rd.
-List of last updates available in free tour.
Cons: -Site launched a month ago. Still few content and some design issues left.
-Slow update rate: only 1 photo gallery or video per week.
-No zip file for pictures.
-Pictures are solo only.
-All scheduled updates until April are solo.
-No lower resolution versions of videos available for download.
-She moans too much in videos. Sounds and acts a bit too fake.
-Managed by Aziani but no access to other sites from the company.
-Site design is a bit too plain.
-Interaction is limited to comments in diary entries. Cam shows are coming.
-No behind the scenes content.
-No direct internal messaging to model: Site Admin is the only available recipient.
Bottom Line: I remember first noticing Priya Rai when she was doing solo softcore stuff. A couple years ago she started doing boy-girl. I might have seen some of the scenes but never been a real fan of hers. The site spiked my curiosity when I saw it had exclusive material and Aziani was involved. The video on the home page where she's seen deepthroating and the trial option closed the sale for me.

Videos look really good. Picture quality is excellent and you get none of that porn music so you can hear the model talk, moan and spit; you can even hear the sound of her vibrators. She usually masturbates with dildos in solo ones. The boy-girl ones attempt to be reality scenes: 3 in a sex therapist series and rewarding a pizza delivery guy. I admit acting is as bad as anywhere else, she moans a bit too much and she has a penchant for spitting which might not be your cup of tea.

As long as they have that trial, I'll recommend it to anyone who's enjoyed watching any of her reality scenes. There are worse ways to spend your money. The main drawback is the slow update rate. It's even worse when you find out they have scheduled releases up to April and they plan on keeping this weekly rate. A solo site that has only one update per week right after its launch is hard to support. I wouldn't recommend staying longer unless you are a real fan and will be able to enjoy the shows or the interaction.

Panties fanatic bottom line: I noticed she was wearing the exact same panties in 3 out of the 8 sets where she does wear panties. It's weird because they pay a lot of attention to makeup, jewel accessories and elaborate wardrobe in general. I also wish there weren't so many panties-less sets: it's weird to see her get out of a business suit or a dress and have no panties on.

02-21-09  01:27pm

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Visit Flexible Positions

Flexible Positions

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Scenes shot at a couple different private gyms.
-Models are dressed in work out clothes.
-Focuses more on the workout theme than flexibility.
-10 scenes so far. Launched recently.
-All models are well known USA porn stars. Big fake boobs on all of them.
-If you want flexibility, check Angelina Valentine or Maya Gates' scenes. Little flexibility in other scenes.
-Audrey Bitoni or Rachel Roxxx aren't that flexible but put up very naughty performances.
-Accessible from Porn Pros Network. Check my review there for further pros and cons.
Cons: -Scene structure and the type of workout are always the same. It can get repetitive.
-Last scene was released almost a month ago.
-Most models aren't flexible at all. Most don't know how to use the gym machines.
-Viewer should be flexible too. The camera is often rotated 90 degrees.
-Lots of attention to boobs, little to asses. Strange for a workout site.
-Cameraman/director talks a lot and gives instructions aloud during the scene.
-Male performer (Anthony Rosano) is the same in 90% of the scenes. He does OK but he's all over this network.
-Check Porn Pros Network site tour for a quick list of scenes with dates.
-The usual drawbacks of Porn Pros Network.
Bottom Line: This site is somewhat of a misnomer. The Flexible Positions are rarely little more than a leg in the air or laying on a big soft gym ball during the sex. The scenes aren't that bad, though. The models are top porn stars and they look great. But the sex in most scenes wouldn't look out of place in a different setting: instead of fucking on a couch, they do it on the bench of a gym machine. A gym floor is just like any other floor. The big soft ball is probably the only unique element and certainly makes for a couple new and interesting positions.

The scene structure is always the same:
1) Girl works out alone on various gym machines; usually while talking to cameraman.
2) The "trainer" joins in and shows her "how to do it", groping and licking a bit more than a real trainer would.
3) Regular sex scene using the gym elements and a few more flexible than usual positions. The big soft ball is quite a find.

Parts 1 and 2 take up usually a third of the scene and are what set apart the site. You get to see several of the models running for a short while with their tits flying free. Quite a nice and unusual view. They also seem to do it for real getting to pant and sweat a bit. They also work on other machines trying to showcase their best assets (tits, mainly; why not the asses too?). Nice use of the thighmaster. When the male performer enters the stage, they often repeat some of the exercises while he gropes or directly licks them as they work out. There's no kind of script at all. Scenes usually get stuck in a middle point between acting and not acting. The male performer is always introduced as a trainer and he uses lots of gym jargon but the girls never pretend to be surprised when he goes straight to lick their tits or pussy. They know from the start what they are here for. They should script their scenes a little more or leave aside this trainer fallacy.

The site would be much more interesting if the scenes were more like the one with Angelina Valentine. She displays her usual enthusiasm and pulls some nice tricks: she does splits to the guys cock, gives him head while hanging upside down from one of the machines or gets licked while doing a back bent. Maya Gates has never done if for me, but she puts up what's probably the most remarkable scene: a very flexible performance with lots of different positions; she and her "trainer" make good use of her ability to sustain a back bent.

I have a soft spot for Audrey Bitoni and Rachel Roxxx. Both aren't that flexible but they put up some pretty good scenes here. It would make sense if they got their own Deep Throat Love scene (very recommendable site in this same network) as they show here they have what it takes to be there. Just as Deep Throat Love only hires models who can deep throat, maybe Flexible Positions should consider hiring models who can honor the site's name.

08-08-08  04:17pm

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Visit Glamour Stars Live

Glamour Stars Live

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Many UK glamour models listed for cam chat.
- 1 on 1 chat: 3 credit/minute. Group shows: 10 credit/show.
- 1 credit = 1 USD. No regional pricing.
- All models have the same rates.
- Models seen on Only Tease, Pin-Up Wow and similar sites.
- Info on modelís bio and sites where she may be seen.
- May book some of the models for 1 on 1 cam shows in advance.
- Models list what outfits they have available for ďfantasiesĒ.
- Good schedule info. Models mostly honor it.
- Decent credit usage and billing log for the last month.
- VIP membership available.
- Opt-in email alerts when particular model comes online.
- Receive some free credits when buying credits in bulk.
- ccbill.
Cons: - Only around 60 models listed.
- No models from outside UK.
- 5 models online at most.
- Rarely any model online except for UK evening time.
- Anything but chatting requires extra tip
- Up to teasing requires 25 credits tip; topless, 50; nude, 100.
- Canít see or talk to model prior to entering 1 on 1 show.
- Show window opens in a small old-fashioned pop up.
- Chat features are limited in comparison to other cam sites.
- No favorites feature, no recording, no chat logs.
- No cam to cam, no private spying, no free chat.
- Email alerts are difficult to manage.
- Credit usage and billing logs only for last month.
- Must contact site to know what VIP membership offers.
Bottom Line: Glamour Stars Live lets you chat with UK glamour models on cam. The site itself is quite well built and provides a lot of info but the chat part is extremely lacking compared to other cam sites. It also becomes expensive if you want anything but chatting with a sitting model in lingerie.

Only Tease has its own clone of the site, OTCams. Username and password are valid at both sites. I assume sites work the exact same way apart from some minor layout and color changes. I only noticed that Glamour Stars Live has more info on which sites a particular model has appeared in while OTCams only links to Only Tease. I felt they both should consider adding links to particular sets instead of generic links to sitesí home pages.

In my personal experience, I encountered the same situation described at the TBP Review: model expected to only chat for the regular 3 credits per minute price. Iím not sure the model was fully aware of how the tips worked; I still donít fully understand it myself. Thereís a cumbersome graph chart on the siteís menu ďHow it WorksĒ section: I expected tipping 25 credits would get her to stand up and tease but it looked like what the model expected from me the most was to ask for it politely.

As for technical quality of the chat, in my case, image quality was sub-par, I didnít get audio and was repeatedly disconnected from the chat. But I see some models in the listing now with HD signs, I remember the old-fashioned cam interface had audio controls and the model acknowledged she was using wireless. So, problems were most likely due to that particular modelís setup.

Apart from 1 on 1 chats, site also offers scheduled group shows at 10 credits for the whole session. Members are encouraged to buy tickets in advance. All group shows are scheduled some days in advance and start around 10pm UK time (11pm CET) which is 2pm - 5pm in the US. About that time is also when most models are online, accepting 1 on 1 shows. Never saw more than 4-5 online at the same time, though. When you buy credits for the first time, you get a free ticket. I first tried to use it on a show that was eventually cancelled and got my free ticket back.

I lost interest in this site as fast as I lost interest in the model that brought me here. If I appreciated the fact that Only Tease doesnít have a single set where the model doesnít wear stockings, pantyhose or socks, Iíd probably be a recurring member there and still be using this site periodically to catch my favoritesí shows.

12-26-11  04:11am

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Visit Planet Anita

Planet Anita

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of US-resident, Hungarian adult model Anita Dark.
- Site has been running for about 10 years.
- Free section shows exactly what youíll get inside.
- All updates are dated.
- Newest videos (10%) at 800x452, WMV, 1000kbps.
- Content categorized in solo, girl-girl, boy-girl. Further subdivisions.
- Schedule of upcoming photo sets and videos.
- Still one of the most beautiful women in porn.
- ccbill.
Cons: - Low quality in old videos: 1-2 minute 320x240 MOVs.
- Very small images : 99% at 800x535.
- No Zip files for images.
- Other modelsí sets mixed with Anita Darkís (specially in boy-girl).
- Membership doesnít grant you additional interaction with model.
- Looks like interaction was much better in the past.
- Latest sets often consist of self-shot fixed-camera pictures.
- No webcam chats for members.
- No access to the other site from this company: Anitaís Angels.
- Regional pricing.
Bottom Line: This is the official site of Anita Dark, an Hungarian adult model that has been working in solo and girl-girl porn in the US for a long time but who got started in porn doing boy-girl in Europe more than 10 years ago. She has had this site for around 10 years.

Updates have been coming throughout these 10 years so thereís a lot of it even though most content shows its age mainly due to its very low resolutions. There are hundreds of videos but those released up until recently are almost unwatchable at present due to its tiny 320x240 size. This is specially harsh in her old boy-girl scenes, available in 1-2 minute segments in mov format at a very low bitrate. You get about 40 boy-girl scenes, though. On a side note, sheís currently doing boy-girl cam shows at Streamate.com on a regular basis.

Video quality has improved recently (around 30 videos at 800x452); short 3-4 minutes videos, mainly fixed camera strip teases indoors or BTS of outdoors shoots, also fixed camera. Not the best lighting conditions and techno music throughout so nothing spectacular. Pictures resolution hasnít improved and everything is still 800x535.

Interaction with Anita Dark through the site is currently almost non-existent: no forum, no webcam chats, no blog. Free section has a very generic news section (Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, etc) and lists her personal email although an inquiry I made to it while being a member wasnít answered. I feel members webcam chat would be pretty easy to set up. Itís funny that sheís pretty active on twitter, often promoting her site, but thereís no link here to her twitter account.

A couple years ago, I reviewed Club Anita and mentioned that, comparing Club Anitaís update list with the free section of Planet Anita, it looked like Club Anita had the same content as Planet Anita but was being released at a later time. The thing is, around Christmas, I found a very recent-looking sample Christmas-themed gallery of Club Anita which wasnít available here, neither as a previous year update. Planet Anita is the site Anita Dark is promoting as her official site but I really donít know which of the two sites is better to get the most recent content of Anita Dark and at the best resolution.

06-05-11  05:57am

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Visit Muffia


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -New network by Reality Kings. Interface, site design is very similar.
-Currently, 7 sites. Around 120 scenes. Last addition: Naked Movie.
-Did not notice any download limit (got 50 full scenes in 3 days).
-Preview options: trailer and full-episode flash streaming.
-Nice flash streaming option (not available at Reality Kings).
-Content: "sex life" (Molly's Life, Kristin's Life, My Sexy Life), Vignettes (Cum Fu, Footville, It's Real), movie parodies (Naked Movie).
-Video options: full movie (720x480 1400kbps), split in 4 parts and MP4/iPod format (not for Cum Fu).
-Videos are 40 minutes long on average (Naked Movie and "sex life" can go over 60, vignettes around 30).
-Images are 900x600. Zip files. Around 400 pictures per set.
-Good network navigation plus breadcrumbs within updates.
-Users may tag scenes and photos with keywords (keyword set is limited).
-5 updates per week (It's Real updates monthly, rest were updating weekly).
-Full trial when joining Reality Kings.
Cons: -Requires a separate membership from Reality Kings.
-New network. Still few updates and sites.
-Metadata isn't always accurate: missing descriptions, repeated or missing performer names.
-Performers cannot be listed alphabetically, only by release date.
-Flash player could be even better: hard to manage the thumbnail scrolling; became unresponsive some times.
-Ads on every page: integrated into site (only image, but marked as advertisement).
-Half of the sites have nothing but screen captures for pictures.
-I had the feeling downloads were slow. I'm downloading much faster from Reality Kings. Trial related?
-Got a great price deal but had to go through an unknown payment processor.
Bottom Line: On a technology level, the main difference between Muffia and Reality Kings is the addition of a Flash player for all scenes. I didn't start with Reality Kings until my Muffia membership expired and I just can't stand that buggy WMV streaming anymore. I got used to the full scene streaming they offer here and it was perfect to easily find the scenes that were worth downloading. Hope they get the streaming there soon. I didn't come across any 15 full episode download limit like they have at Reality Kings but I downloaded only slightly more per day and I did notice things were coming down slower. Just a feeling, though.

Does this network offer something original? Molly's Life is a spin-off of We Live Together (Molly still appears there every couple weeks) and Kristin's Life is a spin-off from Milf Next Door (Kristen Cameron has 86 scenes there). Didn't check both sites thoroughly but it doesn't look much different from what is already available at Reality Kings. My Sexy Life follows Phoenix Marie around while she has sex with many well known US porn stars. I'd certainly recommend this network to fans of any of these women: you get one new scene of them every week and you'd probably care very little about talking cameramen/camerawomen, abuse of POV and endless introductions as long as your favorite star is there. The remaining sites are very niche sites: "Asian" models in various vignette scenes (Cum Fu), a foot fetish site with euro models (Footville), prosthetics (It's Real) and movie spoofs (Naked Movie).

I don't get this new trend among porn networks of releasing a separate second network that requires an additional membership. I'm sure they know what they are doing but it looks weird. Funny thing is Reality Kings has also released new sites within their original network since they launched Muffia (CFNM Secret or Hot Bush, I believe). I got a really cheap 3-day trial when joining Reality Kings for the first time; otherwise, I'd never have joined this site.

01-12-09  02:26pm

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Visit Club Julia Bond

Club Julia Bond

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Porn star Julia Bond official(?) site.
-38 categorized galleries: 26 solo, 1 girl-girl, 6 boy-girl, 5 candid.
-Resolutions: 1500x (60%), 1700x(20%), 2200x(20%).
-Around 100 photos per gallery.
-Zip files.
-17 uncategorized videos: at least 3 boy girl, only 1 girl girl, rest is solo.
-At least 12 of the videos are in HD (1280x720 6000kbps).
-8 HD videos can be downloaded in a single about 8 minutes file; also available in alternate format and in chunks.
-Other HD videos available only in 1-2 minute chunks.
-Rest of videos are at least 720x480 2900kbps in 2 minute chunks.
-No music in the videos: only ambient sound.
-Access to other Glamour Models Gone Bad sites.
Cons: -4 photo galleries consist of screenshots from already available videos.
-Zero interaction with the model: no forum, no diary.
-Galleries have many almost identical images (camera or model move an inch among 4-5 photos).
-Current update is only 1 movie or 1 gallery per week.
Bottom Line: Technically speaking, there's nothing bad with this site. Average resolutions are the highest I personally have come across.

On the other hand, I am not really into the model (so many tattoos and piercings aren't my thing) and I found that the videos were specially repetitive. If the model masturbates in the exact same way in a slightly different bed or couch and you get the same gynecological zooms, all videos end up looking the same.

The photo galleries aren't that repetitive (probably some of them aren't exclusive or were shot prior to this site launch), although I feel that more hardcore boy-girl videos would let members see what she's really good at.

All in all, I felt the site lacked personality. There's no way to tell if it's Julia Bond's official site or a site that has many high-resolution mediocre content on her. If you are into the model, you will probably enjoy the content although you shouldn't expect it to be extraordinarily creative or diverse.

On a side note, TBP express review says that there have been no videos in months but 4 have been published since March. It seems, though, that there was a hiatus between November and March, where no updates took place.

05-11-08  12:02pm

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Visit I Love Andie

I Love Andie

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of Penthouse Pet Andie Valentino.
-Free section shows exactly what you will get when you join.
-17 mostly exclusive photo galleries: different locations, professional makeup, great photography, crystal clear images. At least 45-50 1200x780 images in each gallery. Downloadable as zip files.
-9 exclusive short videos shot during photo sessions. Mostly filmed while shooting photos but also some camera teasing, behind the scenes and an interview. 3-4 minutes. Non-DRM Downloadable WMV.
-Scheduled webcam chats.
Cons: -Few content at this time. Andie Valentino has worked for many sites and some of them currently offer almost as much exclusive content with her as her own official site.
-Image size is ok (1200x780) but small compared to other glamour sites. Same for video resolution (640x480) and length.
-Videos are available only as WMV. No alternate formats or streaming.
-No forum/messageboard. No diary. Only way to give feedback to the model is via email.
-Is part of ModFX International but you don't get any content from other sites in the network.
Bottom Line: *** EDIT on August 31, 2008 ********
Andie Valentino quit the business and that's why she took down her site back in May (see my edit note below).

*** EDIT on May 17, 2008 ***********
Signup page has been disabled.
Network's list of sites no longer lists this one.
Partner program site is down (redirects to network's list of sites).

I have a bad feeling about this.

The site is just starting (launched 2 months ago) so my rating is lowered by the fact that the site is still building up content. I personally have no complain about the quality and, being managed by ModFX International, the high quality of future updates is beyond any doubt.

On the other hand, there was little interaction possible with the model despite being an official site (no forum, no diary). Webcam chats would be an alternative but the first one was cancelled at last hour without notice (I'm sure customer support would have explained why but I didn't email them) and was pushed to a month later. Again, it could be all because the site just launched.

Die-hard Andie Valentino fans should definitely check it as it has enough exclusive content for the 19.95 US$ price although the interaction will be limited to having the possibility to email her.

People interested in seeing a sample of her work might find it interesting too as it has from glamourous/softcore content (the exclusive one) to some more explicit (toys, fingering) solo picture galleries although these look like they might also be available at other sites.

04-20-08  08:37am

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Visit Lisa A Daniels

Lisa A Daniels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Access to about 10 exclusive HD boy-girl video scenes of Lisa Daniels (most with its own photo gallery).
-30 videos with a balanced mix: fair amount of hardcore boy-girl, lesbian (toys used) and solo.
-80 mostly great solo photo galleries: interesting outfits, nice settings, sexy revealing poses, toys usage.
-20 lesbian galleries and 30 Candids/BTS galleries also worth watching.
-Lisa Daniels regularly posts a diary (2 posts a month) and participates in the website forum.
-HD videos are also available at lower resolution and in split files for convenience.
-Galleries downloadable as zip files.
-No download limit noticed.
-Photo Galleries and Videos can be rated by members.
-Access to Glamour Models Gone Bad network of sites.
Cons: -Only one update per week (one video or one photo gallery).
-Latest photo galleries are merely video captures from HD videos. They are doing the same at other sites in the network.
-The male performer is the same in all boy-girl videos.
-Many of the photo galleries are also available at other sites.
-Somewhat old and cumbersome website design. Tour section has a much more modern look.
-Varying quality: videos from HD 1280x720 to 320x240; photo galleries from crisp quality 1700x1200 to HD video captures or blurry 1000x600.
-Membership is, in fact, usable at more sites than those listed but you have to find them on your own (for instance, Shay Laren or Club Anita).
Bottom Line: Lisa Daniels fans will find a fair amount of interesting never before seen content although the quality suffers sometimes as it has been generated over a very long period of time and comes from many different sources.

The update rate doesn't make it worth staying for more than a month except for the die-hard ones or those who will use other sites at Glamour Models Gone Bad.

04-19-08  08:08am

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Visit Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official website of American porn star Kelly Divine.
-19 videos. 1 resolution per video. 20 minutes on average.
-Resolutions varied: 320x240 400kbps (25%), 512x384 750kbps (50%), 640x480 1000kbps (25%).
-Videos were mostly hardcore boy-girl/boy-girl-girl (75%); girl-girl amounted to 25%.
-Half of the videos were interracial.
-Many pretty well known porn stars (female and male).
-Videos were a low-budget attempt at reality porn.
-8 solo photo galleries not related to the videos. 20 photos per set.
-Forum (crippled by spam) and pretty active blog in the free section.
Cons: -Bad video quality. Bitrate was too low at all resolutions.
-Photos were too small (546x364).
-Free tour only shows 2 new scenes that weren't available when I was a member.
-No anal that I could see even though Kelly Divine has done it several times.
-Trial membership no longer available.
-Interaction is possible but it's hard to find (no link to blog/forum from members section).
-A bit too simple site design.
Bottom Line: This is how the site was four months ago. I got a really cheap trial membership back in August but they are no longer offering it. I don't think I'd have joined the site at full price. Fans and completists should probably go for it, though. Additionally to the 19 videos they had in August, the members' area might have more than the couple new scenes I identified in the tour. There's also a promise of webcam shows and she blogged about having done them at least once.

It's a pity they haven't done anything to solve the spam flood in the free forum. I lurked in it for some time and it looked like a great way to interact with the model. For instance, I remember a fan asking Kelly Divine if she'd fuck a guy with a strapon; she answered she wouldn't do it for fear to hurt the guy but, a couple days later, she said a performer had contacted her willing to do a similar scene and she'd be releasing it in the members' area. I don't know for sure whether that scene was released, though. Maybe they've created a members-only forum where the interaction goes on.

As for the content, if it wasn't for its low bitrate, it wouldn't look out of place in a big-boobs reality site. They wouldn't win an Oscar for original script (repairman, pool guy, booty call, ...) but what reality site would? Female cast also included Jennifer Dark, Abbey Brooks, Ricki White or Sinnamon Love; Mark Wood, Reno or Richard Mann among the male performers. Other cast members were unknown to me. I found her scene with Richard Mann to be really good.

One thing I found weird is that the photo content was almost non-existent even though the free tour showed photos of the videos that were clearly not screen captures. I don't understand why those pictures weren't available inside the members' area.

01-11-09  10:15am

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Visit Porn.com


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -4,500 DVDs total. 4 new DVDs added daily.
-40+ exclusive reality sites. But only 3-4 updates per week.
-Both real photos and screen captures from DVD scenes.
-Video high resolution is Divx (xvid codec): 576x432 2000kbps.
-Also available as WMV (480x360 1000kbps) or low resolution MP4.
-Cool and pretty accurate "find similar stars" features.
-Decent metadata: female and male cast, production date.
-Simple search engine but seems to be pretty accurate.
-Free tour shows everything you will find inside.
-Download Pass and Mega Site Pass under a single membership.
Cons: -Very low speed: rarely over 100 Kbytes/s; often much less.
-Download managers, futile: links die fast and are non-resumable.
-DVD scenes renamed to custom scene description in search results: no info on what DVD they come from.
-Featured star hides DVD info.
-Inconsistent page design: featured vs search vs non-featured.
-Too simple streaming: play, pause, skip are the only options.
-Some of the reality scenes may also be found at DVD sites.
-Like most DVD sites, there's a huge overlap with other sites.
-Somewhat small images: longest axis is only 1024px.
-ZIP files have always 25 pictures regardless of gallery size.
-Site design looks outdated compared to similar sites.
-Download Pass or Porn.com watermarks on all videos.
-Gay and transexual content intermixed in search results.
-Case-sensitive CAPTCHA login. Sessions timeout in minutes.
Bottom Line: First time I heard of Porn.com was probably when the domain sold for 9.7 million USD in 2007. I came across it some time ago while browsing for discounts at TBP. I guess people who type Porn.com or just Porn directly on their browser's address bar are the main visitors.

This site tries to be a lot of things but, in my humble opinion, they get it wrong more often than right. Like their new picture search engine: looks pretty cool and well-thought out but, in the end, you get 1024px big photos and zip files with only a sample of the gallery. In general, I feel they should rethink how they display the information in search results and porn star pages.

Porn.com was painfully slow for me. What's worse, you get only one chance to download a video: once you start downloading, the URL is instantly dead for retries so resuming a paused download is not possible. On top of it, querying downloads is neither an option since URLs change every hour or so. Streaming speed isn't good either: you must hit pause and wait for a long time if you want to avoid eating up the buffer. There was an entry at their official blog on 03/20/09 entitled "Porn.com gets porn fast" [sic] that contained a very true sentence: "I urge you to free your porn from slow downloads!!". Roger. Canceling my membership was quite easy.

Another thing I didn't like about Porn.com was the Featured Star option. Good side is they often get some exclusive footage and video interview; bad side is that, once a star becomes featured, her page gets an unusable layout where there's no information on what DVDs her scenes come from, just those absurd scene descriptions that seem to be a trademark of this site. To top it all, streaming interviews of featured stars are non-pausable and, because of the slow speed, it's impossible to view them but in short unintelligible bursts.

Despite all this, if they solved the speed issues (speed for American users is likely better than those I got in Europe) this would be a recommendable site by its sheer amount of content even though, as in any DVD site, there's a huge overlap with what other companies offer; average production date seems to be a bit older than usual and there's not a lot of very recent content but this could easily be a pro for some.

Some of the reality scenes aren't that exclusive since they have been released as DVDs and are available at any big DVD website (Whale Tail 'N, for instance). What I could see of Brother Undercover seemed an interesting politically incorrect twist on the interracial genre.

04-11-09  05:19am

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Visit Zeina Heart

Zeina Heart

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of French-Canadian porn star Zeina Heart.
-Exotic, petite, always smiling, all natural, zero tattoos, zero piercings.
-87 photo sets. 60% 1200x800; 40% 800x600. 100 photos per set.
-90% of sets are solo: mostly posing, some spread and toy masturbation.
-Many outdoors sets in natural scenarios.
-Production quality (outfits, settings) improves as sets get more recent.
-35 videos. 80% 480x360 1000kbps; 20% 640x360 1500kbps.
-50% of videos are boy-girl; 35%, solo masturbation; 15%, girl-girl.
-BTS content. 27 photo sets and 20 videos.
-Her anal scene from Erik Everhard's movie "Canadian Beaver 1".
Cons: -Zeina Heart seems to not be involved with the site any more.
-Content is not dated but I'm certain last regular updates were in 12/2007.
-Only 3 outdoors solo photo galleries in 7/2008.
-Images are somewhat small. No zip files for pictures.
-Amateurish photos. Many low-key settings (drapes hanging in the background).
-Some content may not be exclusive (big opaque watermarks on some photos).
-Few boy-girl photo sets (3 are screen captures) and even fewer girl-girl.
-75% of videos are only available split in parts.
-Most videos are not exclusive (other sites' watermarks or movie titles).
-Some of the video dialogs are in French.
-Confusing angel and demon site skin: same content in both looks.
-No access to other sites from the same company.
-Diary section gets a file not found error.
-No way to contact webmaster.
Bottom Line: I had never seen much content of this model apart from promos but I've always liked her looks and I'm pretty certain I had browsed the free section of the site in the past; I remember having noticed the two site skins (angel and demon) and realized it was just a weird marketing trick: you got the same content whatever option you chose. I was happy when I noticed Zeina Heart's comeback to reality sites and DVDs last year and I eventually joined the site hoping it would still be fresh although it was highly unlikely: the free tour hadn't changed for a couple years and there were no recent promo galleries on the net.

At some point around 2006 this site may have been worth staying for a while. The Best Porn site facts from 02-02-06 list it as having a diary and forum; there were probably also several webcam shows since some of them are available for download. That's called good interaction in my book. But in 01/2009 they were all gone: no interaction whatsoever and you are just left with the content they produced back in the day.

Pictures seem to be mostly exclusive but they are pretty amateur looking. Outdoors ones are OK but indoor ones are not shot at the usual high-end mansions but badly lit studios with drapes as background at most. Zeina Heart looks great nonetheless but having seen great pictures of hers at other sites left me with a feeling of missed opportunity. The same goes for exclusive videos, which are mostly solo too. The boy-girl ones mostly come from movies and other sites; several scenes (including a rare anal) with Erik Everhard and Steve Holmes from "Canadian Beaver 1" or videos with watermarks from Hand Job Auditions, Camel Toe Auditions and Teenage Decadence.

Maybe Zeina Heart's comeback will get her once again involved with the site. In the meantime, I'd only recommend it to fans of hers. There's a lot of content of hers not available anywhere else and you can still catch a glimpse of her personality through the abundant BTS content.

02-28-09  10:08am

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Visit Hentai 3D

Hentai 3D

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Access to Hentai 3D 2 sex simulator PC game.
-Some content of 3D SexVilla 2 (3D Sex Games) plus hentai-themed sex packs.
-Has the same game engine, poses, interface and customization options.
-8 locations (most already available in 3D SexVilla 2).
-3 exclusive hentai locations: tentacles, sci-fi robot in a space hangar, huge demon.
-10 female models. Big eyes, maybe too much natural looking.
-2 male models. Cartoon-like, asian looking.
Cons: -Story mode is even more inane than those at 3D Sex Games.
-Access to other much less interesting games and previous versions.
-There's some non-downloadable low-key hentai content (images and videos).
-I'm not sure they are adding new game features on a regular basis.
-The same cons I reported for 3D SexVilla 2.
Bottom Line: Hentai 3D 2 uses the same engine as 3D SexVilla 2 (3D Sex Games). Check my review and others there to get a feel of the game mechanics and customization options. Keep in mind, though, that only part of the features (scenarios, outfits, poses) are available here. Models are also exclusive to this game; but, while the ones at 3D SexVilla 2 were quite well-done and natural looking, the fact that the ones here are also rather natural looking (apart from the big eyes) makes the game somewhat less interesting: I expected a more cartoonish finish. What's more, if I don't recall badly, most models looked very similar while the ones at 3D SexVilla 2 differed substantially among them in body type, hair style and ethnicity.

What really stands out in Hentai 3D 2 are the three hentai-themed locations. This company usually creates impressive scenarios but these three are quite remarkable. If you've played with 3D SexVilla 2, all the monster parts are used like regular sex toys and you also have a few poses which are exclusive to these scenarios. In the tentacles one, you get the character floating in mid-air sustained by some of the tentacles and use some more tentacles to do your job; there's also some sort of "flying leech" that affects the pain meter. In the sci-fi one, you put a huge robot with lots of drilling parts to good use. Finally, there's one in a temple with a huge demon; there's an interesting position with the character hanging from the demon's horns.

3D SexVilla 2 had a very simple story mode but here, it is absolutely terrible; it almost always consists in knowing the definition of hentai terms: Bakunyu, Bukkake, Yaoi, Yuri, ... (had to write the names down to put them in this review). You may ask Google but it's not that difficult: just choose the answer that has some sexual meaning. Even the Story Modes for the three hentai-themed locations suffer from this which is a real letdown.

If you are into sex simulators, the 3 hentai-themed locations are probably worth trying because I don't think other games offer anything similar. Also, if you are pondering whether to go on a monthly membership at 3D Sex Games, you may try most of the game features here and, if you don't like it, at least you'll have seen the hentai-only locations. If you want to go beyond a trial membership, I'd suggest going for 3D Sex Games instead because Hentai 3D 2 has much less available content.

10-04-08  03:27pm

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Visit XOXO Leah


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Good-looking web-only US softcore model.
-All-natural, zero tattoos, zero piercings.
-Exclusive content. Model cannot be found anywhere else.
-Some good photos, as long as you are OK with lots of airbrushing.
-I liked the choice of outfits.
-Good interaction with the model.
-Model ends up usually fully nude. Softcore posing.

Current Weekly Update Rate:
-1 photo gallery.
-2 videos from the gallery: 1 BTS, 1 camera tease (10 min each).
-1 short diary entry. Diary entries are dated.
-1 hour webcam chat. Full recorded chat is also released.
Cons: -The site has lots of little navigation annoyances.
-Flashy tour but extremely plain design inside.
-Photography style is always the same.
-Photos are very repetitive: few different poses.
-Videos are too slow paced; this makes them quite boring.
-Model speaks very rarely.
-Model isn't very skilled at posing (she's barely 19, though).
-Bad lighting. Content can be too dark or have strange shadows.
-Weird rebilling options: 1-month is the least expensive per month.
Bottom Line: This site has a great looking all-natural model, a good update schedule and some decent content but also a plethora of little drawbacks that eventually left me with a sense of missed opportunity. Maybe the creators should subscribe to other sites and see how things are done.

I used to think Mac and Bumble (known for airbushing their photos a lot) was the pinnacle of glamour photography so this site's extensive airbrushing isn't a great issue for me. Some of the photos are very worth watching but they are so repetitive that I often came back to photo 4 or 5 before I realised I'd already seen the whole gallery and I'd returned to the start. There's also too much cropping: some limb is often left out of the photo and there are way too much photos of the torso only (boobs and panties, no face). The photos are somewhat small. Ironically, the webmaster started a poll four months ago asking if people would like 1800x1200 photos; everyone answered yes but you still get 1000x670.

Having a 10 minutes behind-the-scenes video and 10 minutes more of camera teasing for each set is a great idea. The trouble is that both videos are extremely slow paced and pretty much indistinguishable except for where the model is looking at: photo camera or video camera. Poses can be sustained for a whole minute except for slight head movements or hair rearrangements, you get long sustained zooms to a body part while the model doesn't move at all, the same music clips over and over in every video even when the model can be seen speaking directly to the camera (no voice can be heard). With a few exceptions, the videos are very unsexy.

Regarding the chats, I haven't attended any (Thursdays, 8PM CST) but I've browsed several of the recorded ones. It's nice to have 1 hour long weekly chats and also have the full recording released a couple of weeks later. Looks like she often wears some costume (nurse, maid, etc) which she gradually takes off. The trouble is that she doesn't speak at all despite the feed has audio. Watching an hour long of video of a hot girl typing and, occasionally standing up to do some striptease isn't worth it. It's probably different if you catch it live but the no-talk is a clear minus anyway. Is her voice so unsexy? Some editing and some more talking would be welcome for the recorded ones.

She's very active in the forum (2-3 posts per day) and is also reachable by email or PM in the forum. Together with the chats and the (somewhat short and generic) weekly diary entries makes for very good interaction. The webmaster is also reachable in the forum and complaints are listened to.

08-16-08  01:32pm

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Visit Muffia


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -320 scenes on 10 very different sites.
-15 most recent scenes at 1024x560, 3000 kbps, MP4.
-Remaining scenes at up to 720x480, 1400 kbps, WMV.
-Very good flash player for streaming scenes.
-Good pictures, downloadable in zips (500 pics per scene).
-Great production values. Technically perfect.
-Still a very well-organized site. No additional features, though.
-Currently no download limit. Sustained 250 kbytes/s speed.
-White-label Naked.com webcams included.
-Free tour shows all 320 scenes you find inside.
Cons: -Video downloads not queueable: URLs valid for 2 hours only.
-Only 3 sites updading (2 new scenes weekly).
-No explanations on the drastic reduction in updates.
-No blog, no user forum, no site news, no scene comments.
-Their claim to be offering HD is very debatable.
-Still has metadata issues: mistaken performers or keywords.
-Free tour doesn't show release dates.
-There used to be a download limit earlier this year.
Bottom Line: I didn't expect to come back to this network so soon but I got a cheap cross-sale trial and, when cancelling it, knowingly accepted a multi-month membership at a ridiculously low price. At that time, I thought I had struck a good deal: they were updating 6 times a week and they had added three new sites since my last visit that looked interesting and had the usual hardcore US stars I like. I was very wrong.

The only three sites that have been updating for the last couple months are Molly's Life, Cumfu and Manuel Uncut. Molly's Life is like a metronome every week on Mondays and you get a second scene from one of the other sites every two weeks. This has reduced the update rate from 6 updates per week back in July 2009 to the current meager 2 new weekly scenes. Apart from Molly's Life, I wouldn't take anything for granted, though, because the other two sites have been absent for a month in the past.

Most of the last updates from the other 7 sites date back to June 2009, although some of the sites stopped even earlier. Naked Movie released its 7th and final scene in February 2009, a "Ghost Busters" parody titled "Nut busters" with a stellar cast: Gianna Michaels, Rachel Roxxx, and Shyla Stylez plus Jordan Ash and Voodoo. The three new sites that prompted me to stay were King Dong (a grand total of 24 scenes that wouldn't look like out of place at that other network that has the word Big in all its sites' titles; last update in June 2009), Porn Stars Lick (13 lesbian scenes mostly with boy-girl US stars; last update in September 2009) and Manuel Uncut (34 scenes and counting supposed to revolve around Manuel Ferrara but it looks like he isn't always at home and other guys have to step in to entertain the ladies).

Molly's Life and Cumfu offer what they call HD (1024x560, in fact) and Manuel Uncut still goes with the usual 720x480 despite the couple most recent updates are labelled as HD. Apart from these recent dozen of so-called HD video scenes, the technical aspects of the network have stayed mostly the same. This new resolution is streaming only but you still get to download the full clip WMV at 720x480, split in parts or at lower iPod-friendly resolution. They've also ironed out some minor flaws in their flash player and now it's even more convenient (they got the thumbnail functionality right, etc). Images stay at 900x600 but they still do a pretty good job. Website design hasn't changed a bit but it was very solid to begin with.

Go for the trial or monthly membership since you'll likely find something that will catch your eye. But carefully consider staying longer than a month because things aren't exactly ramping up.

11-30-09  12:53pm

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Visit Club Anita

Club Anita

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of current Anita Dark content.
-70 uncategorized videos. Mostly solo, some girl-girl.
-140 solo galleries.
-50 girl-girl galleries with other well known nude models and porn stars.
-60-100 photos per gallery.
-Content is a mix of softcore and dildo usage. She used to do boy-girl back in the day but there is none of that content here.
-Professionally shot: hired locations, makeup, models that know how to pose and photographers that know how to take good shoots.
-14 magazine scans galleries.
-8 BTS/candids galleries.
-Access to Glamour Models Gone Bad network of sites.
-2 updates a week: 1 gallery, 1 video.
-15% of the photos come from other quality sites: Danni.com, Penthouse, Twistys, Blue Fantasies.
-Zip file gallery download (20% of zip links don't work).
Cons: -Misleading tour: few high quality pictures, few HD, no 100% exclusive content, no interaction with the model, no journal, no chats, no forum posts from her.
-Only 10% of the girl-girl galleries up to 1500-2000x.
-Only 5% of the solo galleries up to 1200x800.
-The rest are at 1000x650.
-Only 5% of the videos are around 700x395, up to 1500kbps, 10 minutes. Quite good.
-The rest, including most recent ones, are 320x240, 600kbps, 3 minutes.
-Some videos are split in parts with the same specs for each individual file.
-Fake diary? Last 3 entries: Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter with little more added.
-There is no interaction with the model although the tour promises "we can hang out and be friends, talk about movies we like, books we've read, anything" and other sweet things like "the more you hang out, the more you will get to know me and see that it really is me chatting with you [...] probably sitting on my couch with my laptop and a fire going in the fireplace.".
Bottom Line: I didn't purchase a direct membership to this site but could enter with my membership from another site in the network. It's unlikely that membership specific for this site should get additional content or higher quality than I got.

This is not the only official site of Anita Dark. A forum message by an admin claims that this and Planet Anita are owned by her but are "marketed in different ways". Planet Anita lists the same updates in the free section but released up to a couple of months before they appear here. Delays for photo sets are somewhat smaller. All videos here sport planetanita.com watermarks.

No complaint about the artistic results. Some of the galleries are specially well shot and Anita Dark is a real beauty and knows her job. It's good to have so many girl-girl galleries too. Access to the network is also a plus.

The average resolution of the content is too low. Video resolution is unacceptable nowadays. The music on the ones I checked was specially annoying. Picture a gorgeous model slowly undressing from a babydoll while you hear no ambient sound but a speeded up techno version of Tubular Bells. It doesn't get you in the mood.

Those interested in Anita Dark will get lots of good low resolution galleries and some tiny videos but absolutely no interaction with her. Hard to become friends this way. Check also Planet Anita; there are no promises to befriend a beauty but you'll get, at least, a real diary and some interaction with her.

05-04-08  04:20am

Replies (7)
Visit Karlie Montana

Karlie Montana

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of US porn star Karlie Montana.
-Great looks and interesting personality.
-40+ videos. Up to 720x480, 1400 kbps, 10 minutes average.
-Also available in medium and low resolution. All streaming only.
-Lots of behind the scenes content: interviews, goofing around.
-75+ galleries. 50%, 1024x700. 40%, 2000x3000 or higher.
-Mostly solo (non-sex or masturbation) and some girl-girl.
-Model interaction: internal messaging, blog, audio blog, chats.
-Users may add comments to photos, videos, blogs, etc.
-Current update rate: 2 videos and 4 photo galleries per month.
-Fully working trial membership.
Cons: -Videos are flash streaming only: no download option.
-Picture saving nightmare: no zip files, right click disabled.
-Save images only at maximum resolution and one by one.
-It feels like a cookie-cutter social network profile.
-Site is unpolished, ugly-looking, sloppy design.
-No member forum.
-Blog and audio diary are erratically updated (once a month).
-Non-original content seen a thousand times (Matrix Nudes).
-Huge watermarks. 2 watermarks on non-original photos.
-One member chat: back in Jan/09, still announced in April.
-Chat was at Flirt 4 Free: free but requires credit card.
-Password problems: Blocked 2-3 days out of every month.
Bottom Line: This site is unusual. Even though it was launched less than a year ago, it looks extremely old and unpolished. Social network profile is perhaps the best way to describe its home page. There's some emphasis on the sections you'd expect from an adult site (videos, pictures) but they've also crammed into it blocks for blog, audio blog, list of likes/dislikes, calendar, announcements, comment wall, send a message to the model and so on. Members don't get a profile, only the model does.

It looks like the model is in charge of updating the site through some program but Karlie Montana was making little use of it apart from releasing photo galleries and videos at a fairly decent rate. Two months could easily pass between blog entries. The audio blog looked interesting but she didn't make much use of it even though she only had to make a phone call to some recording system. The chat was specially a letdown: after promising it for months, when it eventually came you had to sign up for free at Flirt 4 Free but they asked for your card details. I passed. The only chat was on January 29; it took place but the announcement to "join Karlie in her first members area cam show!!" was still there in April.

Content is hard to categorize. First picture sets were masturbation or girl-girl sets from other sites: Matrix Nudes (seen at many other sites), Misha Online or Micro Babe; that amounts to around 20% of the current content. The rest might be exclusive but there's a lot of different things, usually much tamer and not always of sexual nature: behind the scenes from shoots for other companies, non-nude or topless-only sets in old ugly uncoordinated outfits, blurry self portraits pointing the digital camera at a mirror, making faces to the camera while going out, etc. Resolutions also vary a lot between updates.

Videos fit somewhat more what you'd expect from an adult site. Most include some masturbation, usually filmed by Karlie Montana herself. There are also some Matrix Nudes videos seen all over. But there are also rarities like snippets from a several days car drive with Charlie Laine and her dogs from LA to Wisconsin. Or Karlie Montana touring an hotel suite or her apartment. A 4 part interview while driving (released over a month). If you like her personality, those rarities certainly have some interest.

Trials to other solo sites from this company are pretty inexpensive. I accessed some of them and they are very similar: they share the content engine and have the same ugly ancient-looking design with slightly different equally hideous color combinations. Given the social network flare of all the sites, I feel it would make sense to offer a single membership with access to all the sites so users could interact with all the models.

As it is now, big Karlie Montana fans might enjoy it, maybe even enjoy it a lot, but the site is moving at such slow pace and in so unclear direction it's hard to recommend it to those who only have a casual interest in her.

05-11-09  02:33pm

Replies (2)
Visit Club Nikki Nova

Club Nikki Nova

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -200+ solo galleries of Nikki Nova. Oldest ones dating back to 2001. Teasing, stripping mainly; some spreading.
-50 videos. Recent ones include some good girl-girl teasing with Sunny Leone, Aria Giovanni or Jelena Jensen.
-A couple of recent solo videos at 1280x720, 4000kbps. Other recent girl-girl ones at 400x300, 1600kbps.
-Alternate formats in videos prior to 2006 (quicktime, lower resolutions)
-40 candids galleries, 20 videos (most, dating back to 2001-2005). 10 new candids galleries in 2008.
-At least one weekly chat at 1ModelCam Network (also access to other models' chats: Jelena Jensen, Natasha Yi, Felicia Tang are active).
-Some of the chat hours are Europe friendly (10:00 AM PST on the weekend); others are not (6:00 PM PST).
-Access to the other sites in the network. Although they are very low quality. Plus former Jessica Jaymes' site.
-Message board.
Cons: -Keep an eye on the checkboxes you find during the checkout process (billing provider: epoch). You are "offered" trial memberships to other sites at least a couple times.
-Very low resolutions. Only a couple of the most recent galleries at 1000x750 go over the usual 850x530. Found a couple of galleries at 450x300.
-Old videos have quite low resolution (320x240, 600kbps).
-Some of the content comes from other sites (Danni.com, Marquis Models, Suze Randall). Some pictures with additional Nikki Nova watermarks.
-Site design is very old and not well organized. Lots of content from 2001 to beginning of 2006. Few is recent (5 galleries, 10 videos in 2008; about the same ammount in 2007).
-No zipsets.
-Chat technology is somewhat old. JPEG push, java chat applet. Decent audio and very short delay, though.
Bottom Line: I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nikki Nova was still active in the business. The last thing I remembered about her was that she had an accident during a shoot in 2005 and was facing a long recovery period. She seems to have made a full recovery and looks as good as ever even though she's been through a very rough patch and is now 36. She seems to be interested in improving the product that she is currently offering and is trying to get a new more involved webmaster.

If you are interested in Nikki Nova, you probably were a member in the past of her site and might have seen most of the content. There were some low resolution picture updates a couple of months ago and new Nikki Nova videos are currently being released (a couple this month). Currently, the main attraction seems to be the videos, the live chats and having some interaction with her. The recent girl-girl and solo videos are quite good too despite the somewhat low resolution of some. The site definitely needs to get more new exclusive content on a more regular basis to make it worth staying.

The average quality of the other sites in the network, though, is zero. They stopped updating in 2005 and have only 20+ low resolution galleries each and zero video content. This is the only site that is still alive, even though the design probably hasn't changed in 7 years and most of the content shows its age in the low resolution although Nikki Nova is one of the best glamour models ever.

05-25-08  04:31am

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Visit iFriends


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Decent image quality in private chat.
- Fan Clubs for additional content and interaction with hosts.
- Fan Club fee is free if you spend enough time with host per month.
- Fan Club members get discounts in privates.
- Itís OK to contact hosts online outside site.
- Buying credits in advance (wallet) gives you discount price.
- Various levels of membership with additional advantages.
- Account termination option if you want to leave.
- Didnít notice the unusual billing practices others reported.
- No regional pricing.
Cons: - Own billing provider: site knows your credit card number.
- You have to pay for every Fan Club you join.
- Fan Club content is at low resolution and not categorized.
- A host having a Fan Club doesnít mean she uses it at all.
- Site is extremely complicated and slow to navigate.
- They use its own made up jargon for every option.
- No exit button while in private: must close browser to leave.
- While in private chat, no indication of time spent so far.
- Site doesnít give any info on recently attended chats.
- No transactional emails when buying credits or chat time.
- May be alerted of favorites online by email only.
- Emails of any kind from the site get always flagged as spam.
- Important info in forms is often shown in the tiniest font.
- Cancellation forms do not always work. No email alternative.
- iFriends and host name appear in credit card statement.
Bottom Line: You will probably enjoy iFriends a lot and overlook its multiple shortcomings if you find hosts you like with an active Fan Club. But if you are looking for a regular cam site, thatís a completely different story.

The killer app at iFriends are the Fan Clubs. They were the first and other cam sites are starting to offer similar features. You may get photos and videos of the host plus interaction options and personal info. But downloading content or watching it at full resolution isnít easy and thereís no guarantee that the host will use all Fan Club options. Simple things like a schedule or a bio rarely get filled.

Most cam sites donít allow communication between clients and hosts outside the site. As a Fan Club member, not only you get hostís email address but also a pay-per-minute phone option. It may come handy while in private chat and it may also be used to phone the host at any time when not online. Hosts may opt out of these features.

iFriends site was slow and unnecessarily complicated for me. Chat streams played smoothly but loading any page took 10-15 seconds. When you click on and online host, the site tries to funnel you into private chat. Price per minute is written in a tiny font and away from the ďenter privateĒ button. An option to go to free chat instead is even better hidden. Free chat places a semi-translucent layer on top of the host: she may talk with you but you only see her ridiculously half hidden. And on and on.

Plus, they use their own naming for everything. An in-site message to a host is called an ďiFriends GramĒ. If you want to add a host to your favorites you have to send her an ďiFriends GramĒ but leave the message body empty and tick the checkbox that adds her to your favorites plus another one that will send email alerts when she comes online. They call credits ďmoney in your walletĒ and have a wallet icon floating on some of the pages.

They offer no info on how you are spending your money. Thereís no transactional email when you purchase something and thereís no recent privates section on the site. I had, in fact, to keep my own record with pen and paper and then check it against my credit card statement. Speaking of that, Iím not sure listing siteís and hostsí names in card statements is a great idea.

Not all cam sites offer a total account cancellation option. iFriends does offer it but you must go through a form that didnít work at first for me. I didnít find a tech support email but another non-working form. Everything worked fine when I tried again some days later and was able to cancel.

02-12-11  10:09am

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Visit Tory Lane XXX

Tory Lane XXX

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -US porn star Tory Lane.
-30 DVD scenes from Diabolic, Zero Tolerance or 3rd Degree. Intense Tory Lane performances. Low video resolution.
-Some exclusive video content. Most of it released back in 2005:
--14 amateur clips: solo, blowjob and some regular sex with husband. Badly lit POV (2 night vision). Hotel rooms; a couple of outdoors.
--1h45 (7 parts) of a 5 girl orgy (lots of behind the scenes, some fetish acts). Could come from DVD.
--4 30s clips of Tory Lane at strip club backstage.
-Most photos taken while filming DVD scenes. Title of the movie they come from.
-Gallery release date stated. Last updates from Oct-2007. Picture count: average 100 but varies a lot (from 5 to 290).
--Galleries from DVD movies: 12 boy-girl, 10 group sex, 9 girl-girl, 28 solo.
--Exclusive galleries: 13 solo related to 4 of the exclusive clips. 5 galleries feature dancing (on stage and behind).
--13 galleries from Matrix HD (1024x680). 9 solo, 2 boy-girl, 2 girl-girl.
Cons: -Allegedly official site but no interaction possible.
-Most movies have no thumbnail preview or have only the DVD cover as a preview.
-Galleries and movie list have links to buy the movie, but it links to the homepage of the store instead of the movie itself.
-9 new videos have been added in 2008. 4 come from Matrix HD (released there back in 2007), 5 are scenes from DVDs released in 2006-2007.
-Site design is extremely plain. I prefer simple designs but this site is quite unpleasant to use.
-DVD scenes resolution: 50% are 320x240 (370 kbps) but some are higher, up to 640x480 (1500kbps).
-Exclusive videos resolution: 320x240 (370 kbps) 10 minutes.
-Photo resolution: a few 1300x900; most 900x600.
-No zipfiles.
-Site was extremely slow (occasional database errors) on the second day of trial membership. Although it maxed out my connection on the first day.
-Some low-quality extra content (photo galleries from porn stars retired 10 years ago, HD video feeds of the same porn stars, etc.).
Bottom Line: For Tory Lane completists, the exclusive videos may be of interest but they are old, low resolution and quite repetitive. Watching old home made sex tapes of someone who has done every sex act ever imagined in over 300 porn movies might have some appeal to someone.

Most photos and movies come from releases by three studios: Diabolic, Zero Tolerance On Demand and 3rd Degree (Third Movies). They have their own websites so the content perhaps can also be found there. According to reviews, at least Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree are accessible with a single membership. Maybe the resolution is better over there.

The scenes are smoking hot sex but all the exclusive and non-exclusive video content doesn't fill a single blank DVD disk. This should give you an idea of the low resolution.

Site would benefit from a face-lift. And zipfiles. And higher video resolutions. Currently, it looks like it was made in a hurry to justify the free tour.

I don't expect any future exclusive updates or Tory Lane ever filling in site members on her future schedule or news around her career. There are empty schedule and news sections.

Most recent non-exclusive updates were purchased sets and videos from Matrix HD, shot about a year ago. According to IAFD, there are a couple of scenes for Diabolic released in 2007 and 2008 which weren't available here yet. Possibly these and any from the other studios will eventually show up here in the future.

06-24-08  11:18am

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Visit Enter Nautica

Enter Nautica

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of US porn star Nautica Thorn.
-Exotic, petite, all natural, zero tattoos, zero piercings.
-Around 60 photo galleries. 80% solo glamour. Some boy-girl from movies.
-Around 20 videos: recorded webcam shows, movie scenes, BTS from movies.
-Model is certainly involved with the site.
-She may have done webcam shows recently.
-Interaction with the model only through her frequently updated blog.
-Rare dildo anal attempt: 2 minutes video; very bad picture quality.
Cons: -Updates are not dated or highlighted: hard to tell if there are any.
-Zero categorization and organization. Extremely unpleasant to use.
-Hard to tell the exact amount of content.
-HTML pages were really slow and unresponsive at times.
-90% of the pictures are 1000x700 or lower. No ZIP files.
-Large galleries are repetitive: too many similar photos.
-Landscape pictures are often as wide as portrait ones.
-Videos: 50% 320x240; 50% 720x480. Low bitrates: 700kbps average.
-Most videos come from her movies or webcam shows.
Bottom Line: I believe I had never payed much attention to Nautica Thorn until I found a scene of hers I really liked at a DVD site. I decided to join this site after I checked the free blog here and it looked like she was really involved and was ceaselessly pumping into it BTS content from the movies she directs.

This site uses the worst ever color combination of text and background: some of the text is simply unreadable. Pair this fact with a decade old content engine that mixes in a single section all videos and photo sets and forces you to click, click and eventually choose from a drop down list to get to the higher resolution and you get one of the most unpleasant sites around. I believe there were some updates while I was a member but they showed up mixed within the chaos, probably marked with a "new" sign in the same color as the background. I only knew there was one update because she mentioned it at her blog.

The only part that is for sure being updated is the diary/blog. There were a couple updates a week in January but they were mainly long entries about her sentimental and sex life. There seemed to be quite a few members who liked this feature but the problem is she doesn't use a single line break: try reading a diary entry with 60 sentences with no line breaks without being a die-hard fan; I couldn't go past the first couple sentences. The blog is hosted on wordpress and all members must use the same login and password written on the site to access it. Pretty sloppy.

Picture quality in images and videos is poor. Some of the picture galleries can be salvaged even though they are probably simply unedited sessions for the DVDs but videos look more like teasers for the movie. She has the looks, puts up great performances and knows her job but, at such low bitrates, it's just impossible to get into it.

All in all, I am not sure I'd recommend this site even to Nautica Thorn fans: you'll sure appreciate the limited interaction and the few BTS content but you may end up so fed up with the site's cumbersomeness that you'll never want to hear from her again.

02-28-09  12:14pm

Replies (6)

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