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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Truly massive amount of content
-Updated with a movie/picture set combo TWICE a day
-Easy navigation via calender, model or genre
-Vast amount of HD movies *
-Lower bitrate downloads and multiple parts also available, still good
-Massive archive section *
Cons: -Low movie production values, bad direction/editing
-The sex is just not as good as on the 21 Sextury sites (even though many of the same models crop up)
-*Picture quality of the HD movies is not actually as nice as some non-HD movies out there that I have seen (e.g. Sapphic Erotica)
-Customer Support has been rude and unhelpful to me since I wrote this review (other users may have had better experiences)
-*Archive section is all recycled from other DDF sites - some that still exist.
Bottom Line: 1 By Day (or One By Day, One By Night, to give the site its full title) looks fantastic on paper. Two full genuine HD movie updates and pictorials every 24 hours - and a humongous archive - featuring beautiful European models engaging in solo, lesbian and boy-girl hardcore fun.

Problem is: all this means nothing if the quality of the material isn't up to scratch. And having joined this month and downloaded (with the aid of a Download Manager) in excess of 100GB of movies only to be continually disappointed, I can state the main cause: bad production. We're talking bad lighting, shaky camera work, inability to get decent angles or close-ups, bad editing. There are some excellent ones there - but there are far too many that are just bad.
The picture sets are also frequently on the soft side, compared to other sites.

If they fixed the following issues, my score for them would go way up:
* Use cameramen that don't constantly wobble, and shake, and move in a fast jerky way
* Put an acknowledgement in the tour pages that the archive is recycled and customers may have paid for all or some of it before
* Make picture sets hotter
* Show professionalism and real customer service, rather than rudeness and arrogance (as I have had)

01-02-08  12:39am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Nice European and American solo and lesbian girls
-The sex is good and hard
-No men (except for the director, whose voice features in most movies)
-Variety of set locations, inside and outside
-Range of movie sizes, up to HD for many
-Movies are reasonably filmed and edited
-No music soundtrack (always a good thing)
-Zipped picture sets
Cons: -A lot of fisting. If fisting isn't your favourite thing, this site may become boring fast
-Lots of movie downloads are just filmings of photo shoots - and anyone that has seen a photo shoot will know that the reality can be boring and show the falseness of the situation
-Many of the movies are just 'behind the scenes' features
-Some movies are not even porn - they are just naked girls in public locations acting goofy
-Entire photo sets are spread over several updates
-Male director talks during movies (that has lost 20 points alone). He also sounds gay, and I believe he is called Alex. (Yes, indeed.)
-Design/Navigation is terrible
-Proper porn movie content is not as huge as other similarly priced sites
Bottom Line: If you like lots of fisting in your solo or lesbian porn (and I'm sure many guys out there do), and like hearing a male voice giving instruction and encouragement to the girls, then I would recommend this site to you.

As well as the fisting content, there are a couple of nice tribbing scenes too, and most of the girls generally seem very convincing and genuinely enjoying the sex - although there are clearly some 'actors' here not genuinely getting off. There's some anal too - but not in most scenes. And there is some peeing that tries to pretend it is 'squirting' (does anyone really believe that?) as well as some honest peeing, and a few apparently genuine orgasms where white girl goo is seen oozing from the open pussy (although after a fisting session you can't be sure it's not just lube).

There are better looking sites out there, offering more variety with better navigation and bigger content - but if you are looking around for something new, and can cope with the negative points mentioned, it might just be worth a look.

Highly recommended to guys that enjoy hearing a male voice (and especially a gay-sounding one) talking while they wank. The score leaps to 85 for those people.

01-12-08  06:07am

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Visit Club Dorothy Black

Club Dorothy Black

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -It's Dorothy Black! (Nuff said!)
-DRM-free movies
-Good resolution movies (640x480, occasionally 1280x720)
-Friendly customer support, open to constructive criticism
-A few hot picture sets
Cons: -Updates very few and far between
-Many updates are just crappy old pic sets from years ago, previously seen elsewhere (including mags)
-Not download manager-compatible
-Often gives login problems
-Quite a young site, so small archive (40-odd movies at time of this review)
Bottom Line: Have to say, I joined this site with maybe too high hopes. Dorothy Black has always been one of my favourite porn babes - she's gorgeous, and rude as hell. But this site is not reflective of her own qualities.

The movies are all technically nice quality, but - for all kinds of reasons - the movies are just not that great in my opinion, compared to other top notch sites out there. They seem contrived, and lacking any genuine passion, and not shot that well either.

Picture sets are frequently disappointing. The latest collection (as of 3/3/07) is taken from a set I downloaded from a well known Sapphic site well over a year ago. And that had been on the other site for a couple of years previously. Talk about old stock.

Customer support is friendly and courteous - but while that is appreciated (see my original comment on PU), and say they will address various issues, it is little consolation when the site remains in the state it currently is in.

I also had many problems staying logged in on many occasions. I seemed to get randomly thrown out and need to keep logging back in every 2 minutes sometimes.

There is just no evidence of any *care* in this site. The competition from other Sapphic sites is stiff - whereas this site is somewhat of a flop (did you see the wordplay there? Clever eh! Sorry. Anyway...)

There are better sites out there featuring Dorothy, in better movies/pics.

So, I'd say this is one for Dorothy completists only. Otherwise - not recommended.

Following advice from Customer Support, it should be noted that FDM (Free Download Manager) is now supported. Therefore, I think to kick the score up to 70 is reasonable.
Please see the webmaster reply. I was impressed again by the honesty, and professional response to my review. This gives me hope for the future of the site - but of course, 'the proof is in the pudding', as we say in the UK! Time will tell.

03-06-08  02:33pm

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Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Huge archive of beautiful solo girl and lesbian movies (and boy-girl too)
-The sex is sensual but also quite extreme, including lesbian anilingus and peeing
-Navigation is a doddle via both the monthly calendar and model search facility
-Daily whole-movie or pictorial updates
-Weekly lesbian movie updates
-Zipped picture sets for easy download
-Excellent production values of movies and pics
-Movies, though not HD, are still nice quality
-Great variety - not all the sets feature Sandy
Cons: -No HD movies (which may not be a bad thing, given the huge archive to be downloaded which of course takes up space on your hard drive)
-A very small proportion of the movies have been released previously on DVD
Bottom Line: Club Sandy offers up some of the most gorgeous, and dirtiest European girls you are likely to see.

From the likes of Sandy, Dorina, Clara G, Anetta Keys, Sophie Moone, and a host of other familiar and not-so-familiar names in European porn, you will be treated to a wealth of beautiful-dirty lesbian and solo action.

And if you like the boy-girl genre, then you will be able to enjoy lots of content amounting to approximately two sevenths of the site's massive archive (i.e. two days of each week's content).

This site also strikes a perfect balance between beautiful sex, and extreme sex, without ever venturing on the disgusting. The girls are never made to look degraded in any way, due in no small part to their obvious love of, and enthusiasm for, what they do. The girls never use degrading language, or hammy, unrealistic dialogue. And whilst a little more dialogue might be nice, it has to be said that a sexy moan speaks a thousand words. American porn 'actresses' take note.

Expect to see lesbian tribs (pussy rubbing against pussy), peeing, huge anal insertions, analingus, cunnilingus galore, in a variety of settings, both indoor and outdoor: bed, couch, gym, swimming pool, garden, garage, etc.

Don't be put off by the relatively small 400x300 movies. The video production values are excellent (lighting, camera work, natural sound) and the end result is better than many other sites' HD movies.

It's safe to say I quite like this site.

I recently re-joined Club Sandy to get an update, and I honestly had no problems with access at all. Whether I was just lucky, or if they've fixed something, I don't know - but I was delighted with the site, this second time around.

I have upped my score from 95 to 97, simply because the content is even bigger now (and it was already massive).
Even though I hate b/g stuff (and this site has lots of that) I would still say objectively that considering the navigational calendars, the massive archive, the hardness of the porn, the big picture sets and the frequency of the updates, this site is close to perfect IMO.

01-01-08  03:30pm

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Visit Dirty 101

Dirty 101

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous European girls
-Genuine lesbian-niche site - does what it says on the tin
-The sex comes over as very natural and sensual - and very dirty!
-Fine movie production values (from 21 Sextury, no less)
-Gorgeous zipped picture sets
-Decent sized archive (about 75 movies as of now)
-All exclusive content
Cons: -A small number of the movies has been released previously on DVD
-No HD movies (although the 400x300 movies are still excellent)
-Complete movies are only updated every 10 days
Bottom Line: If your idea of heaven is to be surrounded by gorgeous and depraved young European lesbians (Peaches, Dorina, Clara G, Bambi, Lora Craft, Sandra Shine, etc.) who are happy to let you watch every detail as they make abandoned and perverted love, then you might just like Dirty 101.

Expect to see movies and picture sets depicting scenes of lesbian analingus, cunnilingus, tribbing, dildo and speculum insertions - the works. And all this is complimented by real loving kisses, showing how much the girls really love their 'work'. Fine work if you can get it, I say.

If only I were a lesbian...

NB. Check out Lezbo Honeys also, which differs from Dirty 101 only in respective exclusive content.

01-01-08  04:29pm

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Visit Eve Angel

Eve Angel

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Eve Angel is a very sexy girl
-Nice navigation to view sets by date or by genre
-Lots of solo Eve sets, which will appeal to the fans
-Not all sets feature Eve, so nice variety
-The decent sized archive makes a month's subscription good value for money - even better if you use the offer on this review site
Cons: -The Eve solo sets are bound to be a bit 'samey' even if you are a fan
-Site is rarely updated these days - and no information has been posted on the site as to why this is
-The production values aren't as good as Eve's work on some other sites
-Potentially annoying camera style at times
-Customer services do not respond to emails
Bottom Line: Eve Angel is a flat tummied, round bottomed curvaceous young woman who comes over as relaxed and horny, whether playing with herself, or making love with another woman (I've not seen any of her boy-girl material so cannot comment on that - does she even do that?). She also loves anal sex, and has a wicked smile.

Unfortunately, I seem to be frequently fast-forward through the movies to try and find the 'really hot' action. I hear myself shouting at the camera man for being too over-active - he'll find a nice shot of the pussy, but won't stay there long - he'll be constantly zipping from her pussy to her face and back every few seconds, which can be good, but this is used too much for me as he seems to move at the wrong time a lot. And there is nothing too extreme anywhere, for when the mood takes. It can seem a bit dull and Eve's solo movies are a bit 'masturbation by numbers'.

I actually cancelled about 2 months ago, and am no longer billed. But I still have full access! But since it hasn't updated in weeks, what's the point, even for free! I have emailed customer services about this twice, but no response. So I'd hate to think how they'd act if I had a genuine problem, if they can't even act on something like this.

However, I believe there is still enough quality action in this site to justify a month's membership - and if you are a fan of Eve, then this is surely a must.

01-02-08  12:41pm

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Visit Four Finger Club

Four Finger Club

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Tons of movie footage from Europe and USA
-Over 100 lesbian movies available as of Dec 07
-reasonable quality movies (640x480 for smallscreen, 888x480 for widescreen)
-Despite the title, not all movies are from the 4FC series - the Girls On Girls series features a lot, as well as others
-All full scenes (despite TBP review)
Cons: -Movies are not exclusive (despite TBP review) - they are all taken from previously released DVDs
-The girls in the American movies are very noisy and very fake - orgasms seem to come every 2 seconds!
Bottom Line: Four Finger Club is a decent collection of scenes from the 4FC series of DVDs (probably accounting for about half of the content), as well as the likes of Girls On Girls (I have recognised many from this series, featuring such Euro stunners as Peaches and Eve Angel), and other series.

The 4FC movies are quite well known by now. The standard scenario is 2 girls getting each other off with their fingers, always eventually sinking four fingers into each other's stretched pussies. A large vibrating toy makes frequent appearances, on which the girls take turns to sit, while the other handles the remote control.

It has to be said, the difference between the American-produced movies and the European ones is striking. The American girls are very very noisy right from the point they have so much as a nipple tweaked, whereas the European girls just seem more relaxed and natural, moan softly, and only get noisy when the sex gets obviously more intense.

I downloaded and kept about three quarters of the movie content available in December 07. The other quarter was often quite old, badly filmed or overacted - mainly the American stuff.

Still, for the price of a month's membership, you can obtain several DVDs-worth of movie content that would otherwise set you back 10 times the price if you were to buy the individual discs. This alone makes the site well worth joining.

03-08-08  09:53am

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Visit Hanna's Honeypot

Hanna's Honeypot

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -All girl (like it says on the tin)
-Mostly gorgeous young Europeans
-Technically nice quality widescreen vids
Cons: -Why give Hannah her own personal site? She's not that great looking, and there are many other girls featured on the site that would be a better choice IMO, and all better looking
-The sex is quite humdrum compared to others
-Very little analingus or deep cunnilingus
Bottom Line: I must admit, I only got this site as a bonus to joining Only Cuties, and wasn't expecting it, so I can't complain.
I have downloaded all the lesbian movie content (23 of them at the time of writing) and I find myself fast-forwarding through them to try and get to the hot action, which is thin on the ground.

There are loads of Hannah solo movies (not counted them - can't be bothered). She's really not a particularly attractive girl, so its beyond me why she has her own site when many gorgeous and hot babes do not. She also obviously prefers to pleasure her girlfriends with her fingers or a dildo, rather than her mouth. So cunnilingus is not as plentiful as on other all-girl sites. Although, when she does do it, she's actually quite good. Analingus is very rare on this site though.

Picture sets are generally tame, and often don't really 'get off the ground'. You feel the sets finish before they've really started a lot of the time.

I gave this an 'average' score, as I know from bitter experience there are still far worse sites out there. But it's still very uninspiring. I won't be returning.

02-26-08  12:32pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Updated: 09-06-08  05:59am  (Update History)
Reason: My opinion has been modified, having had some time to re-evaluate the material.
Pros: -Lots of rude, rude (I mean RUDE) anal girls
-Highly original site, quite unlike any other
-Technically brilliantly shot movies (seriously some of the best filming in porn I have ever seen)
-Ditto picture sets
-Movies available in range of download sizes
-Nice big archive
-Despite no official support - DMs do tend to work
-Responsive customer support
Cons: -Girls in the movies tend to lack passion
-Can get a bit repetitive and boring
-Not too clear on regularity of updates, or when new ones are due
-Some of the shots are very very close-up - when you see a pussy or asshole filling the entire screen, it can cease to be sexy, and start to look like a biology lesson
-No long all-in-one movies - but this is not a big prob - the parts are often several minutes and can be loaded into your media player's playlist for one long continual experience
-Picture sets have lots of near-identical shots, and need some serious pruning. Many could easily be a third the size, and be better for it.
Bottom Line: Imagine you have hired a sexy escort girl to come back to your place to give a private show, just for you. You're sitting back in your chair, and she stands right in front of you. She turns round, pulls her panties aside, and parts her ass cheeks to give a birds eye view of her tight asshole getting stretched open.

Well, that is how many of these movies start, and what a way to start! The girls often progress to striking all kinds of incredibly rude poses, generally focusing on their anuses. The camera gets in close, and doesn't miss a thing. Eventually, the girls masturbate, again with much ass play. Happily, dildos are not overused - you are as likely to see disappearing fingers as you are vibrators and toys.

There are also a few 2-girl sets inc. sensual massage + ass play.

The downside is, the action often seems contrived, moves at a very leisurely pace, and is very repetitive. The girls are clearly putting on a show for the viewer - which in itself is not a bad thing. But they never seem to lose themselves in abandoned passion. It's much more about showing off their bodies and sexual bits - rude exhibitionism, rather than images of girls masturbating and having fun getting off.

The picture sets have some amazing individual pics in them - but too often you will get about 9 pics in a row, all close-ups of an open pussy, and its like playing 'spot the difference'.

Still, top marks for originality. Ass fans should visit this fine site at least once.


I have lowered my score from 89 to 80, having had some time to re-evaluate the material. This is still within the 'very good' range as this is a very original site. But I find the passage of time since downloading the content has not been kind. The movies have become boring to me very quickly; I find myself fast forwarding through too many movies to get to an exiting part. There's just a lack of passion. Likewise, the photo sets have too much uninteresting filler, and too many near-identical shots that the webmaster probably couldn't bring himself to edit out.
Bottom line: this is a highly original site, but there are still hotter all-girl anal sites out there.

03-06-08  03:12pm

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Visit Lez Cuties

Lez Cuties

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Very cute young Euro babes
-Lots of really hot analingus
-Good long anal gape shots too
-The girls seem to genuinely enjoy their activities
-Movie and gallery content quality is consistently very good IMO
-General production values (lighting, camera work, editing) is excellent
-High quality zipped galleries
Cons: -Updates come in bits; takes ten days to get a full 'all in one' update. Apart from for a few dial-up users in outer Mongolia, the small parts are pointless.
-Not a massive archive - but reasonable (was about 70 movies 4 months ago)
-Movie technical quality is not excellent - but still more than reasonable
Bottom Line: For me, weighing up the pros and cons, the pros have it by a mile. I really enjoyed my first visit to the site about 6 or 7 months back, so much so that I re-visited to get a few updates about 3 or 4 months later - although regretted this, as the value for money was obviously much decreased by that time for me.

Still, I now have a little under 70 quality lesbian-anal niche movies on my hard drive that I still like to re-visit when I need something that is guaranteed to give some quick no-nonsense relief. This is one collection that I can't see myself deleting in a hurry.

Pic galleries are nice and crisp and detailed and have some fine anal close-ups. Movies are all in small-screen format of the same kind of res as you'd find on the average 20 Sextury site (i.e. not excellent, but still good), and there's a refreshing lack of bullshit, just consistently hot all-girl fun, well filmed to capture all the detail you crave. And roughly a quarter of the content features threesomes. Even hotter!

A bigger archive and faster updates would push the score well into the 90s for me.

Bottom line:- Like lesbians? Like anal? Like cute Euro-babes? Then you'll love Lez Cuties!

02-27-08  03:47pm

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Visit Lez Love

Lez Love

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Viv Thomas productions, so you know the quality
-Award winning DVDs to download in full...
-...with no DRM
-There were over 20 fully downloadable DVDs on the site when I was a member a few months ago - just think what 20 porno DVDs costs!
-Gorgeous sexy models: Cameron Cruz, Eve Angel, Sandy, Peaches, Cameron Cruz, the list goes on. Did I mention Cameron Cruz?
-Affiliated forum for friendly support from sitemasters and fellow users
Cons: -You may already own some of these DVDs
-The picture quality of the movies isn't bad, but it's not that great either
-Includes some earlier softcore movies
-Updates are sssssllooooowwww - I'm not sure how regular the updates were, but I never saw one during my month's membership; there was a certain movie that always seemed to be 'coming soon' (no pun intended)
Bottom Line: The Pink Velvet trilogy. Searching For Silvia. Pussy In Paradise. The Return Of Sandy. These are just some of the classic Viv DVDs that I now have on my hard drive thanks to this site.
Nuff said.
You want to know [i]more?[/i] OK! (Damn, that italic thing didn't work)

Well, the picture quality isn't great, but it's very watchable. Better than on the Viv streaming site. And if you're into Viv Thomas's style, then you will probably already own many of these DVDs. And some are rather soft. But not all of them by a long stroke.

So if the thought of having a sizeable collection of award winning Viv Thomas DVDs on your hard drive for posterity (not to mention the odd wank) appeals, then you will certainly benefit from a month's membership at Viv Thomas .com IMO.
Viv re-wrote the book on how quality lesbian porn should be made, and the industry seems to have responded by taking his lead in many areas. He makes sure the girls are really comfortable with each other, and only shoots girls that REALLY get on (off) together, so they perform better, and even have genuine orgasms. Music is kept to a minimum, production values are high - I just really love his films. He seems to care about his art.
And don't mistake girlie kissing and feeling and sensuality for being 'softcore' - there's plenty of anal dildoing, cunnilingus, analingus, etc here. Viv showed us you can be sensual and erotic, AND very explicit too.

Fans of Sapphic Erotica will love it.

01-03-08  02:35pm

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Visit Lezbo Honeys

Lezbo Honeys

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous European girls
-Genuine lesbian-niche site - no men at all
-The sex is very natural, relaxed and sensual - and can get very dirty!
-Fine movie production values from 21 Sextury
-Gorgeous zipped picture sets
-Decent sized archive (aprox 75 movies as of now)
-All exclusive content
Cons: -A small number of the movies has been released previously on DVD
-No HD movies (although the 400x300 movies are still excellent)
-Complete movies are only updated every 10 days
Bottom Line: If you're forever dreaming of being surrounded by gorgeous and depraved young European lesbians (Caroline Cage, Anetta Keys, Sandy, etc.) engaging in such depraved lesbian acts as analingus, cunnilingus, tribbing, dildo and speculum insertions, and more - then Lezbo Honeys may just be the site for you.

Updates are not as often as some other sites (e.g. Club Sandy, Pix & Videos) but are reliable, giving the viewer about 3 complete movies a month. There's a large enough archive to justify a month's subscription, and then you can judge how long to leave it until returning for updates.

See my review for sister site Dirty 101 also - they're basically like two halves of the same site, each with their own wonderful dirty lesbian exclusive content. There's little not to like.
Is it me, or is it hot in here...

01-01-08  04:45pm

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Visit Lora Craft

Lora Craft

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Lora Craft, Lara Croft, Lara Craft - call her what you like, she's still one helluva sexy, horny babe.
-Full downloadable movies, no DRM
-European style, which means no corny chit-chat, and no distracting music soundtracks
-Zipped pic sets available in two resolution sizes
-Lora clearly enjoys her work, and that makes her movies all the more enjoyable
Cons: -Small archive, means...
-...poor value for money
-Poor navigation - no links to jump to a specific month or genre
-Barely updated in months, so probably shouldn't really have a renewal option when signing up
Bottom Line: I like Lora Craft a LOT - I think she has a sexy face, a great body, and she loves lesbian anal sex. That's a girl made in heaven in my book, so it was only right that she should have a site dedicated to her.

Unfortunately, the site seems to have been all but abandoned in the last few months, with no word as to why. And with a tiny archive. I downloaded about all the lesbian and solo stuff on there (and didn't bother with the 'behind the scenes' stuff - (that's a passion killer for me). I have just gone to my Lora Craft site folder on my hard drive and counted the movies. Exactly 40. Now, ten years ago if someone had offered me 40 scenes for just 30 dollars, I would've bitten their hand off. I mean, that's probably 8 or 10 DVDs worth. But by today's web standards, it's just not enough when other sites offer 10 times that amount, for the same price.
So I would definitely say this is one strictly for Lora Craft completionists only. Oh OK, and Lara Croft completionists. Oh, and Lara Craft completionists. Did I leave anyone out?

01-02-08  01:14pm

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Visit Lucky Lesbians

Lucky Lesbians

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -As it says on the tin - lesbian content
-Bonus sites
Cons: -Claims to be Hi-Def, but in fact, the quality is pretty average. They have been re-sampled up to 1280x720 to make HD-sized files, which puts pressure on the processor, but have clearly come from a lower res source and are not sharp, and do not have natural or vibrant colour. Bit of a con really.
-Movies have a horrible great logo spanning the full left-to-right across the bottom of the screen
-As of November 07, less than 20 full lesbo movies (each split into 2 halves)
-Bonus sites not very good. Includes 'Slutty Squirters' which is basically girls screaming their heads off while taking a piss, pretending they're cumming. Yeah right. And 'Anal Hell' - girls sticking a dildo up their assholes for 20 minutes - and pretending they're cumming.
-Annoying music in most of the movies
-Rubbish camera work and lighting
-Average pic sets - not very interesting, and 682x1024 so not very sharp either
Bottom Line: I really wasn't at all impressed with this site. The tour pages make it look so great, with shots of gorgeous girls in apparently Hi-Def lesbian movies.

Don't believe it. The movies are not that sharp at all. They're easily DVD-quality (the lower end of DVD quality) but no way are they HD. But they've been up-sampled into HD formats, so they have large files and put an HD-type strain on your PC's processor without the benefit of true HD images. I have similar length movies of less than half the file size of these, that look twice as good in terms of picture quality.

And the action is completely fake and routine looking. The girls are just doing their job for the pay cheque, getting out the dildos and screaming their way through 20-30 minutes of porn-by-numbers. I think they'd be much happier working down the supermarket than doing this, by the looks of some of them. They're clearly not passionate about doing this. Or maybe they're suffering from bad direction.

I'm glad I kept the movies and pics on my hard drive so I could review them for this review. But I will be deleting them shortly.

There are far better sites out there than this for your money, that don't waste your disk space with 'pseudo-HD' movies.

Not recommended.

03-08-08  10:33am

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Visit Mya Diamond

Mya Diamond

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Beautiful European babes
-Reasonably sized archive is good value when purchased with Porn Users discount
-Whilst not hi-res, the movies are still acceptable quality, and very well shot
-Zipped pic sets available in 2 resolution sizes
-Excellent 'Pix & Videos' style site, with great navigation via calendar, model search or genre search
-Full site browsing access prior to membership
-Large proportion of Mya solo material
Cons: -Movies all appear to have been split into small sections, then glued back together again for this site - they fade out and back in every 2 minutes or so, which can be distracting
-Lesbian archive is not as big as it seems on casual inspection - 95% of lesbian movies are featured on the site in two halves, on two separate calendar days
-Not 100% exclusive. There's a movie I recognised from Club Sandy, and others have commented on other non-exclusive material here
-Large proportion of Mya solo material
Bottom Line: My first thought upon seeing this site was "Cripes, I didn't know Joan Rivers did porno - and what a body she's been hiding all these years!". On closer inspection I realised this was look-alike Mya Diamond. And whilst her facial features are not entirely to my tastes, browsing the calendar prior to joining the site showed me the nice array of friends featured here, which convinced me - at the Porn Users discount price - to take the plunge.

Using the brilliant navigation and aided by a download manager, I was able to firstly target all the lesbian content - 18 movies in all by the time I left last week - as well as an assortment of solo genres I enjoy (mainly ass-related).

There is, naturally, a large proportion of Mya solo material here. She also features in 12 of the 18 lesbian movies I downloaded during my membership. As with Eve Angel's site, focusing so much on one girl does have the potential to get boring quickly unless you really do have a particular insatiable lust for that girl - but this is the whole (or at least the main) point of these sites - to focus heavily on one star girl, and in that regard this site fits the bill.

There does seem to be an issue of less-than 100% exclusivity. I personally only found one movie/pic set that I had previously seen (on Club Sandy), but even so, there is no excuse for recycling, given the money these sites make.

Not worth full price - but undoubtedly fine value at the PU discount, for a month.

01-20-08  03:27am

Replies (3)
Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous young girls
-Lots of 2-girl and solo girl action
-B-G as well, for those that like that
-Nice big archive
-Very reasonable resolution movies (widescreen 852x480, smallscreen 640x480)
-Zipped picture sets
-Daily whole-movie or pic updates
-Excellent navigation - select all the genres you want from a list, then hit 'search'!
Cons: -Too many boring movies - acted out in a 'porn by numbers' way
-Pic sets uninspired - often just the same old standard poses with dildos
-Way too much use of dildos generally
Bottom Line: You know when you get a hot girl back to your place, and she has all the right ingredients - but then in the sack she's uninspiring, unadventurous, and makes you look forward to the post-coital cigarette?

Well, for me, that's how Only Cuties makes me feel. A site like this really should be awesome with what it has; nubile young firm-breasted cuties showing off their talents, with each other, alone, or with a guy.
Problem is, for many of them, their talents are not all that impressive. Don't get me wrong; it ticks most of the boxes - tongue kissing, oral, masturbation with dildos (too much dildo action for my tastes), fisting, anal - more anal would be nice - but in the main this site has the ingredients.

But it just doesn't always do this with enough *heat* or believable passion. It looks, for too many of the girls, like a job to do, rather than an experience to be savoured. Too many of the movies end with the girls lying side by side, not looking at each other, dildoing their respective pussies, as if alone.

There are exceptions, but those exceptions should be the rule.

As far as the all-girl and solo material here is concerned: if you've seen some of the best sites of these genres by now, you may find this site does it a little less well.

On the other hand, if you are quite new to internet porn, and want to experience a site to open the door to multiple hours of sexy naked girls spreading their legs for the camera, then there are worse places to start than here.

03-07-08  03:45pm

Replies (4)
Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous European babes in solo, lez, b/g action
-Large archive
-Regular updates - 1 movie + 1 pic set everyday
-Easy navigation via calendar and model search
-Allows download manager
Cons: -much of the content is not exclusive, and appears on other 21 Sextury sites in higher res than here
-movies are in poor resolution by today's standards
Bottom Line: This site is certainly well worth a visit for a month, and there is some wonderful material here.
I couldn't put my score in the 90s though - that would suggest near-perfect, and this site is still short of that.

Firstly, if you have ever taken out the 'Porn Pass For All' option on 21 Sextury sites (membership to several select sites in a single subscription), you will recognise many of the movies here from those sites - only in lower resolution here. Which brings me to my next small gripe.

The movie quality is generally quite poor. I actually usually quite like the resolution on most 21 Sextury (and affiliated or similar) sites, like Club Sandy or Eve Angel or Dirty 101. They're not the greatest resolution, but they're still sufficient, and the content and production quality usually more than makes up for it. But Pix And Video seems to have even lower res. Having said that, the action is still such that there is much to prefer in these movies to many so-called 'HD' ones.

This is still a well above-average site. I joined for the lesbian and solo content alone, which is as red hot as you will see anywhere. If you like b/g stuff too (which I personally don't) - or if you've not been a member of too many 21 Sextury sites before (which I personally have!) - then this will be even better value for you. Either way, worth its fee for one month.

01-19-08  06:23pm

Replies (2)
Visit Pussy Chompers

Pussy Chompers

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Downloadable full movies
-Zipped picture sets
-Lots of bonus sites, a couple of these are really good
-It is very cheap (which has gone a long way to affect the score)
Cons: -Movies are generally old VHS or DVD releases
-Movie quality is inconsistent - some movies are really poor both in picture quality, and in content
-Some movies have no natural sound - just loud music
-Still pictures are quite low res
-Tour pages are very misleading on the content, and present the material as being better quality than it is
Bottom Line: If you want a premium lesbian niche site, you ain't gonna find it here. But then again, if you want premium site, you're going to be willing to pay more than this site's fee, which is a very reasonable 9.99 a month. So, was the fee worth the risk?

Firstly on the main point of this site: the lesbian movies. They're generally quite old (I recognise certain models from five or ten years ago, and I even recognise the odd scene from VHS movies I've had in the past). The resolution of the movies is generally poor also - it often appears like watching VHS on your PC monitor. Likewise, the still pictures are small and low resolution. This is NOTHING like the tour pages show, so don't be fooled.

Here's where things start to improve. The bonus sites! There are some fabulous solo girl sites on offer here, featuring gorgeous European girls masturbating vaginally and anally. There's Solo Stunners, Honey Chest and Busty Cafe. The movie quality, though not great, is very reasonable and the movies are all very well shot with good lighting. Many of the movies are encoded with the wrong aspect ratio, but this is resolved easily enough by manually setting the correct ratio on your player to 4:3.

Would I recommend this site? To lesbian fans: no, but for the bonus solo girl content yes, which I was really impressed with at the price. There are also two boy-girl bonus sites, and a softish bikini site. Worth the fee for these, but then again: I joined for the lesbian stuff...

01-03-08  04:36am

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Beautiful young European models
-Genuine lesbian niche site - no male models
-The sex is very natural looking, rarely fake-looking
-The action can get very hot, but never degrading
-Big archive of downloadable movies and zipped pictorials
-Many movies are very high quality widescreen (though technically not HD)
-Even the older movies are good quality
-Amateur feel, yet very well produced movies
Cons: -Navigation could be improved with a calendar
-Some of the newer movies are not as natural looking or as hot as the earlier ones
-A few of the later movies have a techno music soundtrack (any music is bad enough - but techno!)
Bottom Line: Sapphic Erotica, the first site I ever subscribed to, is still one of my favourites. The movies - featuring young, natural European girls (not loud crass American ones!) engaging in twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and sometimes moresomes (!) with lots of sensual kissing and feeling, but also explicit cunnilingus and dildo penetration, and often analingus too. Wow.

The movies are also generally well produced, with good lighting and 2 cameras to capture multiple angles (lesser sites seem to only have the one cameraman moving around).

If you've never joined before, and love the lesbian genre but don't like the degrading talk you often get on American porn sites, then I would highly recommend this site.
The main downside is that the newer movies just don't seem to quite make it, IMO. The girls seem to be 'going through the motions', whereas in the older ones the girls are clearly loving it.
Still, this is one of the very best lesbian niche sites on the web and I recommend it highly.

Having re-joined after being away 6 months or so, I have to say the updates I grabbed are generally of the highest - hottest - standard. This site did let the quality slide for a short period, which generated many comments of the 'not as good as it used to be' variety. Happily, those comments are no longer justified. You could say this site licks ass!

The addition of a new search engine is also welcome - search by genre (oral, anal, 3-some, etc), hair colour, pic, vid, etc. The search engine is not perfect, but it's an improvement nonetheless.

You can also vote on each movie and pictorial. It is a bit suspect that many of the more average sets have a '10' vote, until you add your own and it plummets. I suspect the webmaster has cast his own votes. Still, all in all, a fine site once again.

01-02-08  10:54am

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Visit Sapphic Harem

Sapphic Harem

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -In the main, no guys, as the title would suggest
Cons: -Movies are generally a few years old, and grainy in quality, and not original to this site
-Poor direction/camera work is common
-Annoying music in many movies
-Aspect ratio of movies is almost always wrong and needs manually setting on your media player prior to viewing
-Some of the girls featured are complete hounds
Bottom Line: I'm sorry to have to be so bluntly critical, but this is a truly awful site - or at least it was when I was a member a couple of months ago.

Only today I checked out my Sapphic Harem folder on my computer, and just deleted the whole thing. I couldn't find a single movie that was worth keeping. Surely I couldn't give a score over the 50s given this fact.

This is a perfect example of a site that looks great on the tour pages, and then turns out to be a proper turkey once accessed. It is obviously pitching itself to fans of another certain 'Sapphic' site, but does not begin to deliver. My experience has been one of a waste of time and money.

I have tried to find some redeeming features in this site, but can think of none. Yes, this is a scathing review - but unfortunately, IMO, a deserved one. To give a kinder review in the interests of diplomacy, would be to do my fellow PUs a disservice.

If the site has any ambitions to improve and to realistically compete with the quality lez sites, then I wish it all the luck. But judging by the content of 2 or 3 months ago, it's a tall order.

02-29-08  08:00pm

Replies (6)
Visit Streamate.com


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Many stunning girls as cheap as 2 dollars a minute
-Easy search options by genre, hair colour, etc.
-Constant access to all pre-recorded shows on the entire site for 15 dollars a month
-Simple email receipts sent for each purchase
-Simple site design makes fast loading speeds
-Facility to save 'favourites'
Cons: -Some girls can be more expensive, which doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality
-Picture quality can vary greatly so can be a bit time consuming finding a really nice one, until you've built up a reliable 'favourites' list
Bottom Line: For me, Streamate is the best cams site I have seen - and I've seen a few. The thing that really sets this site apart from the others I've seen, is the ability to set up a regular monthly payment of just under 15 dollars, and get access to every single pre-recorded show on the site.

Another huge incentive for using this site, is there are loads of girls - many as cheap as just a couple of dollars a minute - that really squirt when they cum. I'm not talking about piss like you see on so-called squirt porn sites. I mean real, creamy white girl cum that comes flooding out of the pussy hole, not the urethra. That is such a buzz to watch. And since you can access the girls' recorded shows at any time (assuming you've paid for the facility) you can find literally dozens of shots of girls cumming.

I found one particularly hot show of two lesbians. One cums, and the other licks the cum out her friend's pussy, then turns to the camera as she licks around her white cum-coated lips and swallows it down. And she's gorgeous too.
I can honestly say I never seen a porn movie that comes close to that kind of scene.

Yes, there's rubbish on there too - but if you have the recorded show access you can assess each girl before you make a purchase - if indeed you need to make a purchase at all, given the hot recordings.

Caters to all tastes - solo girl, lesbian, gay, tranny, etc. I highly recommend this site

01-02-08  02:24pm

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Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Lots of the usual stunning Euro babes that crop up on the various 21 Sextury sites
-Loads of very hot 2-girl and 3-girl movies
-B/G action too, if you like that
-Loads of solo Sophie masturbation movies
-Movies and stills are generally very well shot/produced
-Instant access to 9 other 21S sites - although these cannot be chosen, although these may not reflect some tastes
Cons: -Updates not very frequent - as with many 21 Sextury sites, movies come in parts over several days until you finally get an 'all-in-one' download.
-Movie resolution not the greatest (although is acceptable, as with most 21 Sextury sites)
Bottom Line: As a huge fan of that particular stable of European babes that feature widely on 21 Sextury sites and Viv Thomas movies (you know: the likes of Sophie Moone, Sandy, Anetta Keys, Bambi, Zafira, etc, etc) it was inevitable that I would join this site for a month. And that's exactly what I did.

I was not disappointed. The site offers everything you would expect from a production house such as 21S. Sophie is in her element when she is accompanied by one or two like-minded sex goddesses, and then she gives it her all (and takes it too!). Lots of cunnilingus, analingus, vibrators, strap-ons, 69s, as well as solo masturbation with fingers and toys, and B/G fucking. And she looks like she's enjoying every second of it, with that look of lust in her eyes we all know and love.

Movies are filmed exceptionally well, with fine lighting and camera angles. Pictures are offered in zipped sets, and are as well produced as the movies, with natural colour and sharp detail.

If the 9 bonus sites offered here appeal to you (e.g. Enslaved Gals, Squirting Files, Sex City Asia), then remaining a permanent member will afford you 2 further sites every month. However, these may not all be of genres that particularly appeal to you. It may make better financial sense to just join your favoured sites independently for a month each).

I would certainly recommend joining Sweet Sophie Moone for one month, and getting the Sophie archive onto your hard drive, for several hours of sexy dirty Euro-fun.

03-08-08  09:10am

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Visit Tushy Lickers

Tushy Lickers

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -95% of videos are about girls licking each other's assholes. So it does what it says on the tin.
-Lots of content - I downloaded 140 movies in a month
-Movies are well produced, well shot, well filmed, well lit (in the main)
-Most of the girls are very hot and very sexy
Cons: -Movies are generally very short - around 8 minutes on average I would guess.
-Movie quality is very low by today's standards. They're still watchable - but are probably half the quality of, say, 21 Sextury movies (which are not very hi res in the first place).
-Generally, movies come in pairs; in the first movie girl 'A' will pleasure girl 'B', then in the next movie visa versa. It would be more natural to have a single longer movie for each coupling (or threeway) where they pleasure each other within the same movie.
-Navigation and design is very basic and uninspired
Bottom Line: Bottom line - now there's an apt phrase for a review of this site. I can honestly say for all it's faults, I have never regretted shelling out the month's fee to access this site's movie booty (oops, there goes another pun).

I'm a self-confessed lover of lesbian anilingus. I just adore it. So it was inevitable that I would find this site alluring. Yes, Tushy Lickers would be so much better if it had better movie quality, zipped pic sets, and classier navigation. It has none of these.

But what it does offer, is a single-minded dedication to the lesbian analingus niche that no other site yet does (as far as I'm aware). It does stray occasionally into B/G scenarios (maybe 5% of movies), which may please some viewers (although I honestly cannot understand how, unless the viewer is bisexual).

Underneath the lo-res presentation of the movies can still clearly be seen high quality original productions, that would be perfectly at home on any lesbian DVD. Yes, I emphasise, the production quality is let down only at the very last stage of file conversion. If these were to be remastered, they could be lesbian classics.

'Ifs' and 'butts'
If lesbianism - or analingus - is not your bag, then the 'cons' will make this site not worth your time or money. But if this kind of action is paradise to you, then this site will give you a small taste of heaven.

01-20-08  10:09am

Replies (4)
Visit We Live Together

We Live Together

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous young girls
-Emphasis on lesbian threeways
-Tons of archive content
-Most movies are at very reasonable quality (720x480)
-Most movies are available complete and in segments
-Zipped picture sets for easy downloading
-Access to several Reality Kings sites is given
-Cam sessions with the site's stars are free to all the members at regular set times
Cons: -American girls are so loud and fake - they never shut up for 2 seconds, and talk in cliché all the way through every scene (e.g. 'right there, just like that, spit on it, I'm cumming baby, ooooh, ahhhh, just like that, right there', ad infinitum.
-the movies are very 'samey' - the same positions, and the same girls seem to be used in the vast majority of movies, so it quickly becomes boring
-not much anal action
-The zipped picture sets are huge and bloated with repetitive similar shots
Bottom Line: Like many sites, this is probably a 'visit-once' site. Due to the repetitive nature of the movies, it is unlikely you'd want to revisit to get any updates.

However, the range of bonus Reality Kings sites is impressive, and adds variety to the available content. And the regular free, uncensored cam sessions is a fantastic bonus.

For all its faults, this site is still above average compared to the full range of sites out there, and worth a month's subscription.

01-01-08  02:10pm

Replies (1)
Visit X Rated Lesbians

X Rated Lesbians

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous hard-bodied American stunners
-Excellent near-HD quality movies, with good lighting and general production
-Dozens of movies to download in full with no DRM
-Large selection of streamed DVDs to watch during membership
Cons: -The download pages contain lots of solo and boy-girl sets (so why is the site named 'X Rated Lesbians?)
-American girls are not to everyone's taste - can be a bit loud and corny and seem fake (to me)
-'Right there, just like that' - certain phrases are overused.
-The streamed DVDs are often quite old and don't compare well with newer stuff
Bottom Line: The main reason for the low score: it's called X Rated Lesbians, but as soon as you get inside you realise that it is just not that! Sure, it has it's share of lesbian-genre material - but so do many sites, and they don't stick the word 'lesbian' in the title.
So with this in mind, I would find it impossible to recommend the site (dishonesty makes for a low score).
However - the movies ARE very fine quality, the girls ARE very attractive, and the sex is hard. If you like general American porn, then you will probably like this site a lot. However, if you are more accustomed to the European style then this may come across as over-acted with corny dialogue, and too many mind-blowing noisy orgasms every 2 minutes for it to be believable.
First job for the site: make the content exclusively lesbian - or change the site name.

01-02-08  12:14pm

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