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Davit (46) 01-02-08  12:39am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (29), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Truly massive amount of content
-Updated with a movie/picture set combo TWICE a day
-Easy navigation via calender, model or genre
-Vast amount of HD movies *
-Lower bitrate downloads and multiple parts also available, still good
-Massive archive section *
Cons: -Low movie production values, bad direction/editing
-The sex is just not as good as on the 21 Sextury sites (even though many of the same models crop up)
-*Picture quality of the HD movies is not actually as nice as some non-HD movies out there that I have seen (e.g. Sapphic Erotica)
-Customer Support has been rude and unhelpful to me since I wrote this review (other users may have had better experiences)
-*Archive section is all recycled from other DDF sites - some that still exist.
Bottom Line: 1 By Day (or One By Day, One By Night, to give the site its full title) looks fantastic on paper. Two full genuine HD movie updates and pictorials every 24 hours - and a humongous archive - featuring beautiful European models engaging in solo, lesbian and boy-girl hardcore fun.

Problem is: all this means nothing if the quality of the material isn't up to scratch. And having joined this month and downloaded (with the aid of a Download Manager) in excess of 100GB of movies only to be continually disappointed, I can state the main cause: bad production. We're talking bad lighting, shaky camera work, inability to get decent angles or close-ups, bad editing. There are some excellent ones there - but there are far too many that are just bad.
The picture sets are also frequently on the soft side, compared to other sites.

If they fixed the following issues, my score for them would go way up:
* Use cameramen that don't constantly wobble, and shake, and move in a fast jerky way
* Put an acknowledgement in the tour pages that the archive is recycled and customers may have paid for all or some of it before
* Make picture sets hotter
* Show professionalism and real customer service, rather than rudeness and arrogance (as I have had)

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Bela (11)
You're entitled to your opinion, but I very much doubt that most members of Pornusers will agree with you.

I also find it "interesting" that the sites you have reviewed so far (ClubSandy-95, Lezbo-Honey-90 and Dirty101-90) all happen to be owned by the same company - surely it must be co-incidence. And surely 1by-day's score of 75 must be a typo.

1by-day has been around ten years, has a huge following and lots of loyal members and you're going to have a hard time convincing them that our models' "talents are wasted here" and that our content has "bad lighting, shaky camera work, inability to get decent angles or close-ups, bad editing." Perhaps you've been downloading videos from 2002? :)

So, you're entitled to your opinion and we'll see what other Pornusers make of it, but my personal opinion is that your review it total bull and you shouldn't be using Pornusers as a place to plug sites which you are no doubt affiliated with (interesting that all the links you have "helpfully" posted include Nats affiliate codes.....).

Pornusers should be a place for porn lovers to get together and voice their unbiased, helpful opinions and views on the various sites they have been members of in the interests of aiding others who are perhaps thinking of joining those sites - last time I looked, it wasn't a place to advertise your own sites, certainly not at the expense of others.

Happy New Year!

DDF Productions

01-02-08  06:50am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #1 - Bela :

I must say I was struck by the statement to the effect that the lack of HD videos at one of the 21st Sextury sites is actually an advantage in that they take up less space. It is true that they use less space, but the quality is not as good as I'd like.

Same goes for the photos. I love the vivid color at the 21st Sextury sites, but anymore they're too small. I really wish they'd at least include a zip download option for pics at 2000px, which is what the DDF sites have.

Finally, the servers at sites like Club Sandy and PixAndVideo can be very sluggish.

So I keep hoping and waiting for 21st Sextury to make these changes.

01-02-08  09:20am

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jd1961 (95) I am very suspicious of this review, referencing another network complete with hotlink is not what we are looking for here.
01-02-08  09:25am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #3 - jd1961 :

Perhaps I'm missing something but the only hotlink I'm seeing here is the one our system automatically inserts any time there is a recognizable site name. This feature was mentioned in a past announcement (see #4) http://www.pornusers.com/announcements.html#9703
01-02-08  09:36am

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #1 - Bela :

Granted I find the 75 rating surprising, considering my experience with 1 By Day's sister site Hands On Hardcore - and I also think that while 21 Sextury Productions is certainly a descent network, Davit's reviews are higher than I would rank them considering the lack of HD, search engines and network wide searching.

However - I just looked through Davit's recent activity and unless I'm missing something, all of the links (excluding one direct link to a preview page) were automatically inserted by the PornUsers.com server. The server will turn anything with a dot com extension into a link, but it will also link directly to the review page of any site name they have a review page for (for example, something as generic as Big Tits Round Asses it will pick up). So, again unless I'm missing a link, I think the Nats affiliates codes are automatically be added by this site. I'm actually careful to go through PornUsers.com now to access any site directly before subscribing so their affiliate code goes through and they get whatever money they get for that.

Now I'm not saying that recommending a different network in the review of a site is in good taste - that sort of "recommendation" should be saved for comments, not main reviews. Ever. And most probably know at this point that I'm indeed a fan of DDF Productions and certainly find the stark difference between the ratings intriguing though not necessarily alarming yet.

Anyway, if I missed something blatant, sorry - I might be oblivious, it has happened before, lol. I just think we might want to be careful before we bring the guillotine down on someone just because their reviews don't match up with our own taste. Many of my favorite movies were panned by critics before release (for example, a lot of critics originally missed that Desperado was an action comedy). Do we need to watch for people promoting the company's they work for - indeed! I hope that can be kept to a minimum, but I guess I give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that PornUsers.com's administrators will be watchful and pronounce judgment when it is necessary.

01-02-08  09:38am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #1 - Bela :


You have passed judgement on me with no basis whatsoever, just your prejudices, which are obviously effected by your bias (given that you work for DDF).

Excuse me, but I thought this was an INDEPENDENT review site? Is this site affiliated with DDF?

I am NOT affiliated with any site, whether 21 Sextury or Saphic Erotica (another fave of mine) or anything else.

Happy New Year to you to, Ms Sarcasm.

01-02-08  10:25am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #2 - Drooler :

I do take your point, Drooler. It's just that, I find the very top quality HD ones aren't really worth it, considering the large file sizes (just my opinion). My system also struggles a little with playing huge HD files (response is a little slow when fast forwarding or whatever) so I'm sure others must have that issue too.
But I do agree that the 21 Sextury ones could probably do with improvement in terms of resolution. I still prefer their's though, just for the overall production values.

As for the earlier comments from the people who are suspicious of me - I'm sorry for putting up a link in a reply I posted to someone - I did not know this was forbidden (I sent a link to a Club Sandy set which was related to the discussion of a DDF set).
But I am not affiliated with any porn site. My opinion is my own, and my only bias is just toward good European lesbian porn (that is what I really like).
I stand by my criticism of DDF productions. I do find the lighting is frequently poor. I do find the camera to wobble a lot and often not find the best angles (not just on the earlier movies). If you compare styles of camera work between DDF and 21 Sextury movies (or Sapphic Erotica), the difference is quite clear to me - but I stress, this is only one opinion, and of course people will disagree. :)

01-02-08  11:11am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #5 - Toadsith :

Thanks Toadsmith for introducing some balance. I have literally only joined this review site in the last few days, and naturally the first sites I reviewed were mainly ones I love (and I happen to love the 21 Sextury lesbian niche sites - as well as Sapphic Erotica). I joined 1 By Day very recently and have been a bit disappointed - but tastes vary!

To be fair to Bella, I did actually post a link to a specific movie within Club Sandy (because it was relevant to the discussion - the movie featured a similar theme to a DDF movie being discussed). But if that is forbidden then I apologise.

But I was kind of disappointed to realise that this whole review site must be biased if the webmaster is affiliated with DDF.

People, I will probably start putting up a few more 'negative' reviews in the coming days. But this is only because I've been stung a few times by awful porn sites that don't deliver what they promise, and I think the web NEEDS more negative reviews to protect future users.
I will always try to be as objective as I can - and where it is based just on my subjective personal taste, I will say so. Regards. Davit.

01-02-08  11:30am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #7 - Davit :

Well, it seemed to me like enough coincidence that it might arouse suspicions, but when that happens, sometimes the suspicions turn out to be wrong. I decided to hint at it and go no further.

There was a time when PU was having a real problem with shills (not to say it can't happen again). I even joined a site, a very disppointing one, on a shill's recommendation. Overall, it was getting tiresome and frustrating. Then I suspected one new member of being a shill -- he wrote a glowing review (of a site I knew) that seemed really over the top -- and I treated him to a nasty dose of ridicule. Whoops!

Anway, it's good to have your comments about the angles and camera steadiness. I agree with you on that aspect of the 21st Sextury stuff I've seen over the years. I think of Victoria Swinger getting it from behind in a standing position. So very nice! But overall I'm not big on videos, so I really can't make a lot of comparisons.

Anyway, all the best and I look forward to the negative reviews you have planned. ;)

01-02-08  11:38am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #8 - Davit :

Davit said:
>> "But I was kind of disappointed to realise that this whole review site must be biased if the webmaster is affiliated with DDF."

That is a mistake on your part.

The owner/operators of TBP/PornUsers.com are NOT directly associated with DDF.

The webmaster of that site (Bela) speaks for themself just as you speak for yourself. Neither of you speaks for PornUsers.com Please try to keep the difference straight in your mind.

01-02-08  11:39am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #4 - Khan :

Yes, and I also mentioned the potential for abuse.
01-02-08  12:42pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #9 - Drooler :

Thanks Drooler - I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave that comment.
01-02-08  01:22pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #10 - Khan :

Sorry, I realised my mistake a bit later and take it back unreservedly. The 'webmaster' was obviously from DDF, not THIS site's webmaster! I'm new to this, so please forgive me. Thanks for your understanding.
01-02-08  01:23pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #3 - jd1961 :

Hi JD - hope you will see my further comments and maybe reconsider your suspicions of me. I am new to this, and have been a bit green. The only time I posted a specific link was when I considered it relevant to the subject. Yes, the 21 Sextury sites are my favourite at the moment (closely followed by Sapphic Erotica) but of course this is entirely subjective, and I will try to be a bit more objective in future and try and see more potential in sites for other users who may not share my opinions, even if I do not think the site is all that great.
Kind regards

01-02-08  01:29pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #14 - Davit :

I don't mean to be overly cautious, but the old timers here will agree that we worked hard to keep this site untainted. I myself was once "bribed" by a webmaster to change my comments at one time. Bela is a great webmaster BTW, extremely helpful. I think your very low score hurt his feelings!
01-02-08  02:42pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #13 - Davit :

Not a problem. Just wanted to keep the record straight.
01-02-08  02:57pm

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #14 - Davit :

I think its been totally unfair to judge you just cause you like another network over another. I was pleased you posted the link as I did like the theme so much and theres nowt wrong with helping out other users find sites or directing them to knowledge that theres other sites available.

Everyones entitled to an opinion, and me I like both companies videos lesbian sex scenes of what I've seen. I've only been a member of lezcuties but loved their choice of models and the sex is hot, quality of the movies I found could certainly be improved or give at least a higher quality option. With DDF vids I've seen I really like the lighting and camerwork on what I've seen of the new material. Sure the 2005 material is lower quality stuff and the lighting maybe isn't as good as the stuff around now.

I think its healthy to have little debates and people like different things and different styles of porn turn them on. Lesbian porn is my favourite too, I think both networks have a great love of European sexy models who are great at sex scenes and both have something to offer me. Not going to please everyone which is totally fair enough stuff.

Just my little take on it, Davit welcome to Porn Users, I think its an awesome place here and I don't work for the forum or any porn company, lol, love to though someday, dream job. No I must say this site is a great addition to thebestporn and its so well done they way its been evolved and had the problems of people posting fake reviews of their site, the way its dealt with. I certainly love visiting it here to see what site is hot or discover peoples opinions.

God I do ramble, I shut up now

01-02-08  03:32pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #15 - jd1961 :

Some months ago, a webmaster contacted me by e-mail and offered me a complimentary free month. He asked me, in a separate e-mail sent at nearly the same time, to change my score on the site. Even said he wasn't trying to bribe me. Ho ho. I went and changed my settings, so now webmasters can't contact me about matters PU except on the site, where all can see. Said webmaster had also promised changes to the site which as far as I've been able to tell have yet to take place.

On to a different subject: I agree that Bela is a great webmaster who has been good to communicate with. He, along with some of the others, are truly interested in our opinions and preferences. With this kind of communication channel open, positive improvements have been made to some of the sites.

I think this time around Bela put 2 and 2 together too quickly, but I've been guilty of that before myself. I feel for both Bela and Davit, but I'm sure everyone will get over it.

01-02-08  11:57pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #17 - elephant :

Thanks Elephant, I really appreciate your time to write that. I can't say I have a lot of respect for that webmaster who wrote that horrible message. So what if one person posts some negative things about his site? Big deal. A sensible webmaster would look at that and think 'what can I do to improve that' or maybe he might think 'but most people love it so I'm not going to worry'. But to post insults and accusations like he did is not very professional at all.
You'll never find 100% balance in a single review, as each review is from a single point of view. The balance comes from having LOTS of people's reviews, I reckon.
Kind regards

01-03-08  01:55am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #1 - Bela :

Here's a classic case in point. 1 By day's movie of Dorothy Black and Eve Angel. The camera can't keep still even for a few seconds. And when it zooms in on an interesting area (e.g. one girl licking another's pussy or ass, or fingering pussy) it constantly wobbles left and right and up and down, and zooms out and in and out again and away then back, etc too often for me.
I'm not saying this is 'wrong', it's a matter of style, and obviously most people like it. But my review has to based on what I think is good or bad. And I don't personally like this style. I like the camera to find a really hot shot, and hold it still for a while so I can soak up the scene, and I find other websites do this adequately for me (and I think it's fair for me to mention them as examples).
Additionally, it's not the sharpest picture for HD. I have Sapphic Erotica movies at 960x540 that look sharper than this with more natural looking colour. I'm not too bothered about HD, but if something is HD and has a large file size, I expect it to look great.
Agree or not, that's my opinion. And you can reply with whatever insults or accusations you like, Bela, if you can't take my criticisms. Regards.

01-03-08  03:27am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #18 - Drooler :

Lately I have been very careful when considering the scores I hand out. There are some real shady sites, but I also realize that there are sites where the webmaster puts in a lot of time and money, and I want to make sure I don't just write a quick review without thinking it through. I received the same kind of offer as you from a WM who apparently sent shills here and at first was outraged by my comments. Seeing that I was ignoring him, I received a long letter in my private ebox, but I ignored it also. We worked hard to keep this site honest. So when I see a 75 for such a high class site, naturally a red flag goes up in my head!
01-03-08  07:12am

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SnowDude (214) I thought the original review was very well written and there was nothing that sugested to me that Davit was biased other than honestly liking one network over another. I think the webmaster overreracted a bit here, especially since 75 is hardly a terrible score. When I think a site (or a network) has interesting content that I think could be improved, the score is likely to be somewhere around 75. I recently reviewed GeekGirlsOnline with a similar score and if you read my review you'll see that I actually liked the site very much.

In the end, Davit is entitled to his opinion and I actually think he's owed an apology here. I encourage webmasters to engage reviewers to see how improvements can be made, but I was truly dismayed to see him accused of impropriety so quickly. If he doesn't like your site, he has every right to say as much and if people don't feel able to speak frankly about their likes and dislikes then what are we doing here?

Just my $0.02.

01-03-08  08:48pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #22 - SnowDude :

Whew, what a furor!

I think Bela responded emotionally to her site being compared unfavorably to a major competitor.

The reality is that new forum members are going to come in and talk first about their fave sites - at least that's what I did when I joined.

Bela's got a right to be proud of her site. I'm more a pics than vids guy and DDF pics are just awesome. The vids vary in quality, but at 2 vids per day, there are certainly a whole lot of good ones being added.

Overall, I think this whole discussion has been a good one at addressing a lot of issues that are common to this site.

Davi, you did a good job at keeping your cool and arguing for your positions - good move. Welcome to the forum - it ain't boring, at least.

01-03-08  09:50pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #22 - SnowDude :

Thank you so much for that, Snowdude, I really appreciate it.
01-04-08  01:18am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #23 - PinkPanther :

Thanks for the support PP, I really appreciate it. I still stand by my main criticisms -
1. The camera work is far from the best I've seen (too wobbly and all over the place, and doesn't get enough revealing angles)
2. The lighting is often poor, resulting in loss of detail
3. The large-file HD movies are actually less sharp than many non-HD movies that I have (e.g. from Sapphic Erotica)

But this is not some kind of vendetta against Bela. I have criticised loads of sites before (not necessarily here) and have also emailed PornUsers to get certain poor sites reviewed so I can add my scathing review! There are far worse sites out there than Bela's, which at least has exclusive material and gorgeous girls, and is nicely designed, and has a huge archive. That's a lot more than you can say for many of the rip-off sites out there.

01-04-08  01:30am

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Bela (11)
REPLY TO #4 - Khan :


Yes, you're missing a link to a site called Lezbo, which the writer of the review happened to have reviewed himself a little earlier. This is not one of our sites...


01-04-08  08:44am

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Bela (11)
Hi everyone,
Woah, I wasn't expecting this issue to spiral out of control - and I'm glad to see it hasn't.
Thank you for your support and kind words re my Customer Support - I'm actually the "support guy" over here, not so much a webmaster.
(Oh yes, to clear one misunderstanding up I am a guy, Bela as in Bela Bartok, Bela Lugosi etc.).
All in all you're absolutely right, I do owe Davit and apology and I hereby apologize. I'm sure I was having a bad day and possibly jumped to conclusions.
As jd1961 rightly pointed out, a review of 75 for a site like 1by-day does ring alarm bells. If you take a look at the 16 reviews that have been posted by Pornusers so far, you'll see that the lowest was 80 (and that was immediately dubbed as untrustworthy), otherwise all other reviews start at 85 or so.
Next I took a look at what other posts and reviews you had made, and saw that you happened to have reviewed three sites all owned by the same company: Club Sandy (the majority of the content of which we shot here at DDF by the way), Dirty 101 and Lezbo Honeys, all of which received very high scores (90's).
You also posted a link to a specific movie in Club Sandy, complete with Nats affiliate code (gets you commission on possible joins)...oh yes, you also mentioned that you'll have to join the site to actually see the video that you posted the link to...
Anyway, right or wrong conclusion, this was immediately enough information to make me 99.9% sure that your review of 1by-day was not above board. I cannot conceivably understand how you think that Dirty 101 or Lesbo Honeys is even comparable to 1by-day, let alone give it 20 more marks on your review.
You do of course have a right to your opinion and what better place to voice it than here on Pornusers. However, this is Pornusers and not "Davit's Favourites" nor a video quality discussion page and although I agree with some of your comments, I feel that they should have remained just comments.
I think that when you post a review it should be absolutely unbiased and I also think that you shouldn't forget that a review can have a positive or negative affect on the opinions of others visiting the site who are looking for the answer to the question "which is the better site?" or "which site should I join?" and inserting plugs to other sites and negative comments in a review may well leave readers with the impression that 1by-day is a really bad site whereas Dirty 101 is of course the coolest site on the planet. i.e. they aren't necessarily looking for the answer to the question "which is Davit's favourite site?" and I think you should be posting the kind of comparative comments you have made in the forum for discussion and NOT in a review. A good or bad review can seriously affect sales and other people's view of our site and I think that over and above the urge to voice your opinion you also need to feel a certain amount of responsibility towards the site involved and take into account all aspects.


01-04-08  09:23am

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Bela (11)
REPLY TO #4 - Khan :

Also the fact that the mention of the site which is ours..Lesbomat, was somehow misspelled so as to not become a link - surely co-incidence.
01-04-08  09:28am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #27 - Bela :

Hi Bela

Thanks for the apology, which judging from your last remark doesn't account for very much.

I think the reason why you 'can't conceivably see why I prefer Lesbo Honeys/Club Sandy/Dirty101 to '1 by-day' is the whole problem.
I explained EXACTLY why those sites movies are superior (despite the lower res). I've just sat through watching about half a dozen 1 by-day videos and they all have the same principle problem - damn awful camera work.
It seems to constantly wobble (makes me feel sea sick), is way too over-active the way it jumps around and zooms in and out all the time, and the editing looks unnatural - makes me think it was all shot on just the one camera, the way the cuts look. And the camera casts it's own shadow on the women when it's close up much of the time. AND it rarely gets a great angle with two women - it always seems to be filming from an angle that misses the really hot contact. AND the sound on the videos that are not HD is awful too.
I'm sure you've noticed I'm not holding back on the criticism. Well, if you're the support guy then you should handle it professionally or you can choose to disregard it. But the reason I joined this review site was so that I could get my own opinions across (just like every other reviewer does).
Just compare the 'Sandy's Fantasies' movies with the Club Sandy ones. They're probably similar resolution, but the Club Sandy ones are in a whole other league in terms of the way the movies are shot and cut, and the action and images that are captured.
I can't conceivably understand how you can't see that - oh wait, I can. You're biased! Sorry Bela, but by definition, you are.
And I see you haven't lost your sarcastic touch with the 'surely coincidence' remark. So much for the earlier apology. I find your attitude as a 'customer support' guy pathetic.

01-04-08  09:52am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #28 - Bela :

And like you, I work in customer support too Bela (a call centre in my case). And when I'm having a bad day, I don't take it out on the customers.
01-04-08  10:07am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #28 - Bela :

And as for me spelling Lesbomat with a 'z' (now corrected) - I spelt it the same as I spelt 'Lezbo Honeys'. So I didn't memorise the different spellings. You find that suspicious? All you had to do was politely point out the error, and I would have happily changed it (which I have now done anyway).
The slight lowering of my score is reflected in my list of negatives, which I feel is valid.

01-04-08  10:19am

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Davit (46) Just checked out the movie of Black Angelica and Nancy Bell (uploaded to the site in the last few days).
To emphasise my main point, there's a bit where one of the girls is getting fucked with a dildo from behind, and you can see the other girl's spit coming from her pussy, very sexy. She's loving it. Lovely! But does the camera find a nice shot and hold it? No! The camera shakes and wobbles (maybe the cameraman was having a wank, I don't know) and it zooms this way and that in a really jerky fashion and can't keep still for 5 seconds. THAT'S what I'm talking about folks! See what I mean? It's THAT style that I personally hate. Reminds me of NYPD Blue.

01-04-08  10:51am

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Bela (11)
REPLY TO #31 - Davit :

Ah, so you're replying to Khan's messages too now? ;)
I maintain my apology, because you're correct, I have no proof that you are affiliated with other sites (apart from that affiliate code in your Sandy link perhaps, but I'll overlook that obvious flaw) and so I should not have accused you as such.
Similarly of course, you have no proof that you're not, so I'll keep my suspicions (to myself in the future though).
I still think that your review of 1by.day is incredibly biased and I'm sure that the vast majority of Pornuser members will agree that it deserves a lot more than 70 - of course you can maybe tell them that they're all biased. The site has a huge following, not least precisely because of the usually skilled photography and glamour style. We're not all perfect of course, I'm sure there are better and worse videos on the site.
However, as I mentioned previously, I believe you shouldn't be using a review to compare with other sites and purely voice your personal feelings - and should certainly not be actively promoting/recommending other sites. You should be doing that in the forum and by making comments. Your whole review and it's style sticks out like a sore thumb, and if I am incorrect in my suspicions that this is no accident, then as I say, I apologize and I would suggest that you take note - the fact that I immediately jumped to a possibly false conclusion (and that some Pornuser members have agreed) is also no accident and would point to the fact that you should perhaps provide a fuller picture of the sites in your reviews. The fact that you personally do not like the style of the videos on 1by-day is no reason to mark it down so drastically - there is still an awful lot of content up there, huge archives, great pictures.
We have members with 56k modems who only download the video clips - other prefer the pictures and zip files, others still are after their favourite models on the site - will your review really give them an unbiased view of the site and the information they are after, i.e. "is it good site, is it worth the money, is it worth joining?"? I would suggest that it doesn't and as such is not a good and unbiased review - you should be voicing your opinions in the forums and not letting your personal peeves, likes or dislikes affect the outcome of a review to this extent. In my view.
I did state that this was my personal opinion, as for my quality (or lack of) as a Customer Support person, I think that should be judged on how (quickly and well) I help out members in need and not on the basis of my personal opinion on the integrity (or lack of integrity) of your review.
Again, I'm sorry if I jumped to any wrong conclusions, but I'd recommend differentiating between a review, which has various consequences and reverberations and can affect potential members' view of a site, and the comments section, where you can voice your opinion freely - no matter how negative that happens to be.

01-04-08  11:04am

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Bela (11)
REPLY TO #32 - Davit :

I would also suggest taking a little peek at a site's history - the fact that 1by-day is up there at no. 3 as one of the favourite sites of Pornuser members is no accident....

Oh dear, I see that you've single-handedly managed to reduce our average score from 92.5 to 89.5 and have us drop 17 places on the list which has accumulated over the past 2-3 years...well, that's quite an accomplishment - not to mention that you obviously think that the guys who gave us 90-95% before your wonderful review must all be dumb - not to mention a large number of the best review sites out theres, including TBP, where we are currently ranked no 4 among all the sites in the world. - I mean sure, they quite obviously don't know what they're doing and you're 100% correct in everything you've stated, definitely. Perhaps what I'm trying to put forward here is that I sense a certain amount of selfishness and thoughtlessness here (two of my pet hates I'm afraid) - a certain amount of "I don't care what affects my actions might have, this is fun, I'll do whatever I want" which I find quite distasteful.

I maintain that a review needs to be unbiased - yours aren't. You should either make them so, or keep to the forums/comments, or possibly start up your own review site, why not.
The point here is, the review is not about your personal (subjective) preferences. It's about facts: how much content, how many videos, how many picture, what size archives, what models, how many updates, quality, value for money etc. If after that you feel the need to deduct a few points because you think the production isn't the best, fine, but not 20-30 points?!

I challenge any Pornuser member to take a look at your list of reviews (http://www.pornusers.com/profile.html?id=3313), see that 1by-day is at the bottom of your list, overtaken by such prestigious great sites as Lez Love and We Live Together, which we all know and love and are definitely in the "highly recommended" category, unlike 1by-day, which we all know is a really really bad site, and not think that there is something seriously wrong here... I would put forward that you are new here and have possible misunderstood something or got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Anyway, I'm obviously having a bad day again, so please accept my profuse excuses once more, and I do agree with a couple of the other posters on this thread that you have spiced life up a bit over here and this is a good thing. You've made me post my first ever comment or reply that wasn't designed to help or provide useful information.

Best Regards,

01-04-08  11:32am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #34 - Bela :

Bela, I speak for myself, my opinions, no one else's. I do not think anyone 'dumb' for having a different opinion to mine. In fact, I respect everyone who has respectfully disagreed with me, and I'm happy to say I've been shown a lot of respect generally also, which I appreciate.

By the way - to offer something positive about DDF - I've just found a couple of their really hot movies on my hard drive. They're probably a little bit old (I don't mean ancient) because they're lower res and split into parts.
But there's Jasmin with Liz Honey, which despite having a music soundtrack (nooo!) it's still very very good (IMO), and also Nataly with Prada. Both have very very good camera work - the camera is rock steady, and when it moves it 'glides' rather than jerks, and it finds great angles and holds them. I think I may have downloaded them from Lesbomat, but I think they should be on the 1 By Day archive too.
I recommend anyone to check these out.
Bela - I hope you will seek these out just to compare with, say, the latest Black Angelica-Nancy Bell movie. I just offer these examples to make my case. The camera work. If you disagree, that's cool. Just giving my opinion.

I half-expect another sarcastic reply (!) but I hope we can both be civil! Thanks. Davit.

01-04-08  11:53am

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Bela (11)
REPLY TO #35 - Davit :

So your review was based on the latest Black-Angelica-Nancy Bell movie, not on the site as a whole? Dear me :)
You're right, I'll have to cut back on the sarcasm I think - although I very much hope that I've been civil so far, as have you :)
I still don't feel we deserve a score of 70 "just" because you feel some of our videos are a little "shaky" in your opinion, and the question isn't whether I agree or not or whether you're correct or not and entitled to your opinion, but rather if that opinion is enough cause to rate a whole huge site with such a tiny score which differs so hugely from the general opinion of practically everyone else here.
It also seems to me that you have a liking for lesbian sets (quite right too, so do I), and that you've based your opinion and comparison on just our lesbian content (you mentioned Lezbi machines, Lesbomat etc - you didn't mention that 1by-day also has a lot of the archives/content of SandysFantasies, OnlyBlowjob, HandsonHardcore, DDFBusty, CherryJul, 1girl-a-day and a host of other, smaller sites), so your score seems to be based on about 1/10th of our content not on the whole site. Am I wrong?
Anyway it's too late now, the harm's been done.
I don't want to argue with you (in fact I'm starting to enjoy this discussion!). I'm glad you're bringing a little life to PornUsers and I hope my reaction to your review hasn't taken away any of your initial spirit and drive (hopefully it's had the opposite effect), but I would urge you to be a little more lenient, to check out the whole site and what it has to offer and to not allow your personal views on certain aspects (such as in this case the video production/direction) to so affect the scores that you decide to give.
I'd also point out that the average visitor to Pornusers would view your list of reviews as a list in order of quality, a list of sites, best to worst, and not primarily as a list of your personal likes and dislikes. Those shouldn't affect the score so much and should perhaps be aired as comments rather than as a (too personal) key element of a review - IMHO.
You're right though, tastes differ and we can't make everyone happy. We will of course try to take your views and recommendations seriously and make any changes if needed. Perhaps it's a certain director/cameraman (we have 5 in Budapest and 3 in Prague) who isn't working to your liking, I'll look into it - perhaps you have been looking at some of our "reloaded" videos which are re-compressed, re-edited versions of some of our older material, republished in better quality by request from our members - but it certainly isn't true for all of our archives, all of our directors and all of our sets as your review would suggest...

Keep up the good work and input (no sarcasm here this once, really) and I wish you many good reviews and happy hours spent here at Pornusers. I also sincerely hope that your opinion of 1by-day and our other sites improves with age and use :)
Best Regards,

01-04-08  01:35pm

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Bela (11)
REPLY TO #22 - SnowDude :

Hi SnowDude,

You're right, I may have over-reacted a little because Davit's review fitted into the classic scenario of the typical scam review, written purely to diss a competitor in the interests of improving the image of and plugging their own site(s). I may have been wrong and if so, I apologize.

What I would like to ask you though is, have you been a member of 1by-day recently and so are you in a position to be able to evaluate whether Davit's score of 75 (since decreased to 70 ;) ) is actually reflective of the truth? Doesn't it seem rather low in comparison to what other Pornuser members have given the site? Do you actually have the info needed to agree or disagree with him?
Drop me a quick mail and I'll set you up with a short free pass so you can take a look - perhaps you'll be shocked at the low score too :)

Keep having fun!

01-04-08  01:48pm

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Bela (11)
REPLY TO #5 - Toadsith :

Wise words Toadsith - I guess I'm going to have to learn to do the same before jumping to conclusions.
I'm aware that there have been problems on Pornusers in the past and perhaps I was a little fast to assume that Davit was being slightly dishonest.
I agree with you 100% that "recommendations" of the kind Davit made should be kept for comments and forum discussion and that the reviews should be kept as unbiased as possible, reflecting what the site offers and all the information that a visitor may need to be able to decide if it's worth visiting/joining, rather than a place for the poster to put forward solely his/her own feelings while possibly disregarding many positive elements of the site in question.
It's a pity 1by-day happened to have been the guinea-pig and Davit has only later stated that he'll perhaps try to be a little more lenient in his reviews in the future. Won't help 1by-day's average score too much of course.
In fact he has since also lowered the score to 70 - the site has of course lost the last remnants of quality over the past 2 days and this has nothing to do with my comments...

Keep having fun!

01-04-08  02:03pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #29 - Davit :

I know you've gotten attacked on every front and I'm not trying to pile it on. This is just a recommendation I wanted to send over your way. I've been subscribing to porn sites regularly for about 5 years (I only really started paying attention to Porn Users.com pretty recently - my bad.) and while your comment might have been off-hand, it did grab my attention. You said you watched "about half a dozen" videos. Six videos. I can tell you that I have had a number of sites that I've subscribed to and was at first disappointed by their content because my first few batches of videos I download weren't in tune with my tastes at the time - with sites as large as DDF's - I would recommend a lot more time spent hunting through. Hell - the site has over 900 models!

Granted your opinion might not change, but hell - you dropped at least $30 on the site - you owe it to yourself to put their servers to work. The current sites I'm currently exploring, I've pulled near 10 Gigs from them in a matter of days - as fast as my connection is, I still watch videos faster than they download, so I find downloading them en masse is important.

Now I generally think of DDF as a photo production company - back when I was a member of Hands On Hardcore their strength was definitely in the photos - though I still would download the videos as they were super-high res and it was mainly for more content of the models I liked - I haven't been a member for a while though and perhaps the focus on video has increased - certainly in general on the web porn sites are emphasizing video - but I do think you'll also want to take into account that the first thing 1By-Day advertises is "we have 282182 photos" - I think it is only fair to review a site on what they believe is their strong-point. If they are wrong, then feel free to tell them.

So - long story short, try to get your money's worth anytime you subscribe to a site - sometimes you'll get a lemon - but for me, some patience has paid off many times. Frankly I had to apply some patience to the 21 Sextury network you so love - a few sites I was really psyched about really didn't turn out the way I wanted - but I found some other sites I really like. So just take your time, explore thoroughly and THEN review the site.


01-04-08  02:43pm

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elephant (67) Just have to chip in again.

Its great that both parties are both respectively giving their opinions to each other and not hurling abuse. I can see where both of you are coming from. Davit I have to be honest do find a score of 70 for a few shaky camera work in half a dozen vids slightly harsh. I had a look at that vid with Nancy Bell and Black Angelica and yeah there is moments of moving it about too much when its focused nice on the action. Having said that, I have also viewed loads of really well filmed vids that in my opinion were really fresh views for porn and had me thinking great camera work. I know opinions to what is great camera work differs between tastes but the site judging it along side other sites with 70 as a score which in general is saying its not too great and needs lots of improvement. Sure this site isn't perfect, its certainly got a following and respected. I do think its moving in the right direction. I think there maybe lots of good stuff you perhaps missed.

Bringing the score of its ranking down so much does seem unfair, look I know you are entitled to your opinions and all that but shouldn't base a full score on just seeing a small about of vids. I'd have a look more at some other stuff, maybe the solo stuff and hardcore. I'll leave it at that. I do think scores will be a bit personal cause we like what we like and that is always going to have some impact in us liking and reviewing but also have to look at it as a whole. Of what it offers others and the size and quality.

Anyway its good to have a debate and has been a great read this review and all peoples views on scores and 1by-day.

01-04-08  04:14pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #40 - elephant :

Hi Elephant
You misunderstand me. I didn't base my score on just 6 videos. I was just telling Bela that at that particular time I had sat through about half a dozen movies, that's all. My low score is base on a combination of things, mainly bad camera work - and it's on a lot more than just 6 videos.

01-05-08  01:27am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #36 - Bela :

* If I didn't mention about 1 By Day having archives of those other sites, it's because I didn't KNOW. It's not advertised is it, and we both know why.
* The archive stuff from Lesbomat/Lesbo Machine had already been paid for by me when I joined those sites. I will not raise my score just because they appear again on 1 By Day. Same for any other recycled archive material, as long as the original sites still exist and still take subscriptions.
* I cited the Black Angelica movie as an EXAMPLE, I didn't say I based my entire review on it. I could give many more examples - but seeing your attitude - what's the point?
* Until now all you have ever done is come back with sarcasm, insinuation, arrogance, childishness, and wilful misreading and selectivity of my comments. You have not acknowledged that any of my points might possibly be valid, especially the wobbly jerky camera work. And no, I'm not talking about the older ones. And I'm talking multiple dozens. For me, that's a major issue. Thanks for saying you'll look into it now. I wish you'd said that at the start. It doesn't concern me now though, as I've already cancelled my membership.
* Your arrogance that no one could possibly prefer the other sites I mentioned over 1 By Day is a major part of your site's problem (as I see it).
* I was actually quite lenient on the score. After the horrible treatment I've had from you, I nearly lowered it a lot more, based on so-called 'customer service'. I have still kept it in the 70s.
* Stop telling me about the 'average' or 'majority' opinion. My opinion is my own. I have no bias other than what I consider to be good. You cannot say the same.
* I'm bored of this now, and have had enough. Write what you want.

01-05-08  02:09am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #39 - Toadsith :

Hi Toadsith
No, I never said I'd only seen 6 movies, and I never said I based my opinion on just 6 movies. I was saying that I had just - at that time - sat through 6 movies that all had the same range of problems.
As I said earlier, I originally downloaded over 100GB of movies (although have deleted many now as they are just not very good, IMO). I have seen substantially more than 6 movies that I consider to be badly produced/filmed. Some are excellent. But far far too many are just bad (having no decent angles, and suffering constant shaky wobbly jerky camera movements).
Check out the one example I gave - and then check out others. There are MANY more. It's an issue for me (although I acknowledge, it's not an issue for most on this site so far). Kind regards. Davit

01-05-08  02:24am

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OneMan (27) Totally agree with your commments on bad direction and technical work. This is made even worse when these "professionals" start playing with Hi Definition. HD is notoriously difficult to use well. They should really be sent on a course...what a waste some of these sites are...they have cash and willing girls but can't produce a decent movie to save their lives.

HiDef shoud not be held held unless absolutely necessary. This type of fil making could easily be 80% tripod based...but no...and the exposure/lighting is all to pot as well. Some of these guys may as well use a cellular phone...it would be cheaper and give just the same results.

The eastern European ones are the worst culprits. They really need a wake-up call !

Rant over.......Happy New Year !

01-05-08  08:06am

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #43 - Davit :

Ah - indeed you did say that, I'm sorry I had forgotten that some how. That is cool - I just wanted to make sure. Hey - 1 By Day may not be for you, no worries - I'm glad you tried to get your money's worth none the less. I just was worried that you might have given up on the site to soon, because in the past - I've nearly done the that error myself on other sites I learned later to love. But sometimes a site just doesn't click with ya - such is life.


01-05-08  10:32am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #44 - OneMan :

Thanks for that, OneMan - I guess that makes us TwoMen around here that agree on those points! The only thing I would disagree about is the tripod comment. But everything else you said is spot on as far as I'm concerned.
Happy New Year to you too mate.

01-05-08  11:02am

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Davit (46) Well, I said I'd had enough of this topic but felt I had to comment as once again, we see laughably bad filming from 1 By Day.
I'm gonna carry on bringing this to the attention of potential customers until the webmaster acknowledges it and agrees to look into it. I'll be specific so it is clear I am not giving it BS.
The latest Julie Silver-Vanessa one. What the hell is going on? The cameraman has multiple opportunities to get some decent oral shots - and misses every one (except for the odd few seconds, literally)! There are times when the brunette is licking the blonde from behind, and the cameraman (shaky as ever) is filming from above her head, so you can see the top and side of her head OK, but that's not what we want to see in porn!
Then the blonde climbs on top in a 69. Just as the cameraman seems to get a potentially good angle - he moves away, and zooms out!!! What the fuck! And this goes on - he finds a reasonable angle for all of 3 seconds, then moves away! See how jerky the movements are? See how unnatural the editing is?
And this is NOT subjective. This is NOT personal taste. This is objectively pointing out the obvious! 1 By Day may have some decent cameramen - but they clearly have some absolutely useless ones too, and this movie is just one more example.
And when the blonde is facing the brunette on the bed and rubbing the blue dildo along the brunette's pussy - I would swear the cameraman is having a wank the way that camera jerks and shakes! Just watch - around 8min25. The instant the dildo makes contact, the cameraman has an epileptic fit! Eventually he zooms in again, and holds it - for about TWO SECONDS! Then there's another edit.
It seems to improve shortly after, with some good dildo ass-fucking - but not for long. Our friend with the camera can't keep still for more than a few seconds again. by this time, I'm so pissed off with how this guy ever got this work, I can't be bothered with the rest of the movie, and turn to something on my hard drive with a more professional look.
It's a shame - these girls are HOT and really sexy together. But wasted on any porn supplier that uses this cameraman.

01-06-08  05:05pm

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