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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Pricing/New Interfaces

The PU price for the full network is still $29.95 despite what is posted on the PU home page for the site. So after being bounced from the site because my credit card expired last June I just now decided to sign up again.

They have made several changes in the site and navigation aspects so it'll take a bit to get familiar with it again. I'll write a supplement to Rusty's review once I'm back in the groove, but so far I'm not liking the changes.

In any case, if you are thinking about joining, you might want to sign up before the price goes up from $30 to the PU/TBP price of $45.

03-10-12  10:34pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Unfortunate News About 21Sextury Customer Support

Three months ago I reported here how rapidly the Customer Support staff at 21Sextury responded to an issue. I love the content of their site and have been a member for a long time and their response to my issue was outstanding.

Unfortunately their Support function appears to have changed.

Suddenly, and with no warning, my access to the main site, 21Sextury, was locked right after the last monthly billing was processed. I now have access only to 21Sextreme.

Although I sent an email and submitted three customer support tickets, there has been no response of any kind other than acknowledgements that they have received my tickets, nor has there been any correction of the issue.

I am posting this comment here because I'm interested in finding out if others are also experiencing the same problems with the Customer Support function at 21Sextury.

01-31-12  09:10am

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Visit XL Girls

XL Girls

Curious Pricing Strategy

The TBP price shows $39.99 per month and a LIMITED trial for $2.99.

That pricing matches what the site says...but they have a small print comment under the trial price on the site that says the trial renews at $29.99.

If that's accurate, it obviously pays to by the trial to get the better price.

01-15-12  04:20pm

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Visit Wicked Boobs

Wicked Boobs

Promising but lousy preview site

I just checked the preview site, which suggests the site would be a very good one for massive mammary mavens like me, but it is totally static with nothing that demonstrates who they have in their stable and no samples at all.

And TBP has not posted a review yet.

Is theer anyone out there who has been a member and who can provide a bit of info?


01-15-12  10:51am

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Visit Zellys


Promising, but Very Skimpy Offering for a High Price

I just did the tour and was impressed by the babes...all 24 of them! They state they have 4,500 photos and 29 videos, which means that they have seriously overpriced their product at $26.00 a month (That's almost $1.00 per video and over $1.00 per model.)

If they want to build their member base they need to make it irresistible from either a good intro pricing structure or by having a lot of content. Having neither, I'll wait a while and hope they get serious and start building up their site with a lot more content.

12-18-11  01:37pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Customer Support at 21Sextury - Terrific

21Sextury Customer Support is as terrific as the site itself. Had a problem about 36 hours ago and tried to solve it myself.

I gave up and submitted a support ticket late Saturday night and the issue was fixed within 10 hours by 8:00am Sunday morning.

I've been a member for 15 months now and continue to be amazed.

10-30-11  10:24am

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Visit Wet And Puffy

Wet And Puffy

Anyone A Member Of This Site Who Can Comment?

I just read the TBP review (quite positive) and checked out the preview site (Very well done) and am about to take the plunge. But at $30 the price exceeds my normal maximum. So before I do I would like an encouraging comment or two about the site. Yes, I'm into pussies and appreciate the site's classification scheme and the sample content. I also like the the statistical summary on the preview site and the variety of excellent models.

So it won't take much to make me sign up if there are no negatives of consequence reported by my fellow PU members.

10-28-11  09:44am

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Met Art Adds Vastly Improved Naming Feature

One annoying complaint with MatArt has been their naming convention for downloaded material. I'm very pleased to report that they now have much more descriptive names.

For example, one of today's updates is:

MetArt_2011-09-06_PRESENTING PIPER-PIPER-A-by-TONY-MURANO_625d3_high

By contrast a typical August 2011 download was labeled:


While I doubt that these folks will be going back and renaming the earlier stuff, just the prospect of all new offerings is a great thing that should make all MetArt fans quite happy.

09-06-11  11:29am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Strange Pricing Fluctuations - Now $29.95 AGAIN

The DDFProd.com folks just can't seem to make up their minds.

I just got an email offering a $38.95/month price as a 15% discount from it's regular price.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up thru PU/TBP, so what did I discover? The price using the link is back down to $29.95 per month (only via the PU/TBP link).

The 12 month price via PU/TBP is $239.95 and via the public site is only $229.95. That translates to a PU price of $20.00 per month and a public price of $19.17 per month.

While the 12 month price looks good, somehow I just can't bring myself to part with that much money at one time. So I am going with the $29.95 price before the DDFProd.com guys wake up and jigger the price back up again.

08-26-11  10:52pm

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Visit Mr Camel Toe

Mr Camel Toe

Site Has Been Dormant Since 2006

Just to update Scnitzel's comment below, the last update on this site was posted in November 2006.

If you are interested in the site, it comes with a membership in the Bang Bros main site and, while there was no HD in 2006 (or earlier) the site has made a good effort at upgrading many of their offerings by remastering the old stuff into HD.

The babes and the wedgies are still erection setting, so the site is worth joining for first time members of the site who, as I, enjoy pussy flossing.

08-20-11  06:19pm

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Another Dead Site

Last update about 9 months ago. No support, no easy cancellation method. The only good news is that the biller is Epoch so using their site to cancel was easy.

I joined the site as a trial by accident because it was a cross checked option that I missed when I signed up for Busty Adventures, another dead site. By the way, the TBP/PU listing says a 2 day trial is $1.00. It's actually $2.95.

The trial gives you only a small scene from several videos offered by the content. If you want the entire scene you will need to sign up to the full access at $39.95 per month.

Brandi is a cutie but she definitely is not worth what a month of the DDFProd network charges for a very active site.


08-20-11  12:58pm

Replies (4)
Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Site Looks Dead - Joining Is Not Recommended

After a 3 year spell I decided to see if this site was still as good as I remembered.


The last update is shown as June 2009 even though the copyright notice on that update is 2008.

The trial membership still limits access to the first of three scenes, usually fully clothed, seldom with hard core action.

Signing up for the trial results in a renewal rate of $39.95 vs. the PU price of $17.95.

As indicated in the PU listing, there is a cross check for another inactive site, BrandiBelle.com at $2.95 for two days then $39.95 renewal rate.

The content is low def but as I said in my review four years ago, the videography on boobs demonstrates that the cameraman loves natural tits as much as I do.


08-20-11  12:22pm

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Visit LSG Models

LSG Models

Giving the site a go

OK, after reading otoh's comment, I checked out the LSG Models site. The $12.50 deal got my attention so I decided to take advantage of the deal. I signed on a few minutes ago at $12.50 for one month.

Because I'm a video guy, my first impression is that it's video style is somewhat similar to FTV. It has very fast video download speeds and good quality (1280x720), but the first two videos I downloaded were only about 3 minutes long.

If the update dating on the site is accurate, the last video update was June 5, 2011. The next earlier update was April 17, 2011. A total of 7 updates in 2011.

But at $12.50, and at first glance it looks like there may be enough drainable content to be worth the price of admission for the month.

I will write a review after I've checked it out in detail.

08-06-11  09:46am

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Visit Club Jana Jordan

Club Jana Jordan

Should I or Shouldn't I? That Is The Question

I have procrastinated long enough and decided that I need to sign on for a one month $30 membership. But both this site and it's partner site, SandySummers.com, both appear to be inactive and just sucking a few more bucks from people like me.

If anyone out there has been a member in the recent past, tell me if I would be foolish in taking the plunge.



08-02-11  10:44pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Apparent Price Change (Ugh!)

Having been unceremoniously dropped by DDFProd (the expiration date on my credit card in the biller's records passed so they simply disabled my account rather than notify me that they needed a new date) I tried to sign up for a new membership using the PU/TBP deal shown as $29.95 per month.

Using the PU link to the site the monthly price is now $38.95.

I suggest that PU change the listing to reflect this increase. Better yet, if PU can encourage DDFProd to return to their original price of $29.95, that would be awesome.

07-31-11  09:53am

Replies (9)
Visit Big Tits

Big Tits

Site Looks Dead

Looks like a dead site. The links on PU and TBP go nowhere.

07-17-11  12:21am

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Visit Meggan Powers

Meggan Powers

Dead Site?

Based on the preview site, there have been no updates since January 2010. She has also had an excellent boob job since her site went quiet. Finally she's now a Vivid girl known as Meggan Malone.

Great face, very nice body and new boobs that definitely look like the real McCoy.

Anyone out there that knows where I can load up on Meggan Powers aka Meggan Malone?

Any members of the site that can tell us what's up?

06-19-11  08:15pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

TBP Special Price Not Available

The TBP price of $19.99 is not available if you use the TBP link to the site. The price is $29.99.

Did the TBP deal expire when the year changed to 2011?

Also, the 1 year price is $99.99, not $109.99 as shown by TBP.

01-01-11  07:04pm

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Visit Young Busty

Young Busty

Monthly Pricing is about $30.00

TBP does not show a monthly pricing; just a price for the trial membership.

The current price on the site is 19.95 Euro, which is the denomination used in processing the credit card charge. For US members the monthly price will fluctuate with the exchange rate. At today's rate that is $28.02 per month (plus any exchange charges your credit card company assesses).

[EDIT] TBP now has the monthly price posted.

11-07-10  01:42pm

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Visit Retro Raw

Retro Raw

Any Information???

I found this site but was not impressed by their preview site. It has three "previews" but only one downloaded at all, and that one was at about 45 Kbs. And the quality of that preview (Pandora's Mirror) was worse than the worst "smoker" movies from the 1960's.

I have a videotape of that movie that is far better than the "DVD quality" the site boasts.

There's only one review on PU, written in 2007, that scored it a 50 with comments about horrible navigation and 2nd rate content.

I strongly suspect that it's a dormant site and uses last century servers, but being a fan of ladies like Erica Boyer and Rebecca Bardeaux I am holding out faint hope that the site is better than the preview site.

So if anyone has any experience with this site, please post your comments.



08-29-10  09:39pm

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Visit Lovely Vanessa

Lovely Vanessa

Is the Site Still in Business?

The site appears to be dormant but is still accepting signups. Are there any PU members who ever signed up? I'd like to drain off any good stuff that is still on that site before it goes out of biz.

08-15-10  10:54pm

Replies (2)
Visit Scoreland


Non-Recurring Charge Option for 1 Month

According to an email I just received, the Scoreland site now has a non-recurring option that provides access to 24 big boob sites for $39.99 and promises not to rebill after 30 days.

It's an interesting new approach that I'd like other sites to emulate, but I like my approach better, which is to track the membership(s) of the site(s) I join and cancel as the end of the month approaches, especially in this case, where the PU discount price is 1/2 the $39.99 price an offers 13 sites.

In other words, I'll take responsibility for canceling in exchange for $20.00.

05-31-10  09:58am

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Visit Just Nude

Just Nude

Pricing ambiguity

The preview site has a panel that advertises a price for the trial of $5.95 renewing at $14.95, but the sign-up panel has the $9.95 trial and $19.95 renewal mentioned in an earlier comment.

The PU/TBP pricing panel differs from the CCBill panel pricing as well.

03-14-10  11:29am

Replies (8)
Visit Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen

Can any recent members comment on this site?

I'm not keen on $30 to join this site but I'd love to check out Jelena more than I have already on Twistys and other sites. Is this site still updated regularly? Has it improved with HD, etc.?

02-19-10  08:42am

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Visit Brittaney Starr

Brittaney Starr

Dead Site

This site has been deactivated by the site's web hosting company for non-payment.

Looks like it's dead and gone.

02-02-10  05:30pm

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