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Visit Hands On Orgasms

Hands On Orgasms

TBP price appears to be incorrect

The site, when accessed by the TBP link, does not offer the same pricing that TBP states. TBP says $19.95 in the first month and $9.95 thereafter. The site does not offer the $9.95 price.

01-23-10  10:15am

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Visit Mac and Bumble

Mac and Bumble

Yet Another "Deal" from M & B

M & B is now selling VIP upgrades for new signups thru next week at $24.95 per month and $59.95 for 3 months.

But if you use the PU link, the prices are $19.95 and $39.95...and no upgrade apparently.

With all of their shady practices reported in PU, their credibility sucks. I don't plan to sign up through the PU link. But if someone else does, let us know what's up.

01-01-10  11:46pm

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Visit Brazzers


I'm a New Member of the Rapidly Growing Ranks of Ex Members of Brazzers

I've had it with these jokers.

No need to repeat the many complaints already posted on PU. What motivated me to finally quit the site was the nasty note I received that is similar to what others have received that said there were 24 simultaneous accesses in 24 hours. Service was restored after I made one silly phone call to a bored operator. Then in doing a surf today I encountered, again, their silly practice of deleting a bunch of content but leaving links alive in the stars list. I guess so they can brag about the number of models they have on their site, or something. How can that practice do anything but piss off their members?

They are either total bone heads or they just don't give a shit about keeping their customers happy.

I'm gone.

12-20-09  11:44am

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Thanks, PU/TBP for the Clear Warning About PornPros

I'm a very unhappy FORMER member and am now even a MORE HAPPY current member of PU.

The fact that Porn Pros has business practices that caused PU and TBP to make the special announcement proves, once again, that PU is worth far more than the price of admission.

Bravo, PU, and thanks for making sure everyone knows that PornPros is not a site with whom we should be doing business.

12-16-09  05:52pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

The August Special Price Is Now Standard

In a previous comment a special that was scheduled to expire on 8/31/09 offered all ten DDF sites for $35 per month or $75 for three months.

I signed up on 8/28/09 and have already filled a 1 Tb Seagate and feel like I just started. Then I saw largeun's review posted a few days ago and went to the DDF Prod preview site to find that the deal was still there.

I sent a note to the support team asking if the pricing policy changed. They said yes it had; it is now a permanent pricing.

I've never been enthusiastic about paying more than $25 a month for a site, but DDF has such spectacular stuff and so much of it on all 10 of its sites...and a whole lot of it at 1280 HD...that it's, IMHO, a superb deal.

11-09-09  08:04am

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Price Changes

According to the preview site the price for a 2 day trial is now $1.00 and for a month is $24.95. A one year gig is $89.95.

I'm thinking about joining again after a 2 year break just to see what's new and grab some new stuff, but if anyone out there is currently a member or who recently canceled, can you provide an update?

Are other sites still part of the deal (Big Ass Adventures, for example)?

Last question. Is the site still active?

10-25-09  12:02am

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Visit DDF Busty

DDF Busty


Just a reminder - the network deal runs out tomorrow (August 31) where you can sign up for all of the DDF Prod. sites for up to three months for the price of one. I procrastinated and almost forgot, so I thought I'd post this reminder.

Starting Tuesday they all return to the single site prices...at leat according to the previous posts by the DDF Prod. Webmaster.

The access this deal provides is to:

DDF Busty
1 By Day
Hot Legs and Feet
Hands on Hardcore
Cherry Jul (editorial comment, what a babe!)
Only Blowjobs
Euro Girls on Girls
Euro Teen Erotica
House of Taboo
Sandy's Fantasies

One caution. The deal must be straining the servers because the download speeds are slow.

08-30-09  08:30am

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Visit DDF Busty

DDF Busty

August Deal!!!

See the "news." One signup in August gets you all sites for $34.95. It looks like it's just for the one month (or if you buy the 3 month deal for $79.95 it's good for three months than it's back to the regular price.

DDF Busty
Hot Legs and Feet
Hands on Hardcore
Euro Girls on Girls
Only Blowjob
House of Taboo
Euro Teen Erotica
Sandy's Fantasies
Cherry Jul

I posted a reply to the webmasters news posting asking him to confirm my understanding.

08-09-09  07:42pm

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Visit Jan's WebRing

Jan's WebRing

Anyone know this network?

I was a member of this network 5 or 6 years ago. I dropped it and forgot all about it until now. I'm cleaning up one of my smaller hard drives moving the keepers to my new 1.5 Tb drive and found some of my D/Ls from way back then. The last (only) TBP review was in 2006 when Spencer gave it an express review and 80.6 points. There aren't any PU reviews. Their preview site says they have 216 sites (I didn't count) but a good bunch of them are streaming only.

I don't remember much about the network except that, at the time, I thought the size and quality was quite good. My stash has a lot of 640's and a lot of 320's but that wasn't bad for 5 years ago. I also remember being annoyed that I had to log in for every site and frequently for each video, a real pain in the butt.

I'd be interested in any comments by anyone who has been a member in the past year or so.

06-06-09  09:47pm

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Visit Brazzers


Brazzers Go High Def on June 1, 2009

This announcement appears on the Brazzers home page:

To our loyal Brazzers members,

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best product found anywhere in the world, we have began taking the necessary steps to raise the level of our content to the highest standard available today. We are proud to announce that the hottest adult videos on the planet at Brazzers.com are soon going to be available in the highest video quality porn has ever seen, FULL HD 1080P!

This is no experiment, it`s a full out HD assault on our entire network! All 25 Original Brazzers Sites will no longer be produced in standard definition quality. Get ready for such crystal clear, eye popping adult videos that you`ll literally see the sweat leaking down the side of your screen!

As of June 1st, 2009 Brazzers first HD scene will be released into our membersí area, with new High Def videos added every single day, and eventually plans for the release of Full HD Sites! This will continue to be a work in progress for us as we will adapt our memberís area to provide you with an easy to use and high quality HD Experience.

Other adult networks all rushed to become the first to support HD video, but we all know that blurry widescreen scenes with an HD logo stamped on the corner really isn`t High Definition at all. We at Brazzers decided that we would only make the HD transition if we can do it right, and do it better than everyone else.

We hope you truly enjoy this amazing new content and want to remind everyone that if it isn`t the best quality known to man, then it isn`t Brazzers.com!

If you have any questions please email: hd@brazzers.com



05-29-09  11:06pm

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Visit More Gonzo

More Gonzo

Has Dev8 Stopped Producing Porn???

I just checked Prime Cups on PU and found that the site stopped updating last Fall, so I went to More Gonzo on PU. More Gonzo once had an assortment of scenes from many of its sites. The PU link now takes you to Ass Traffic, another Dev8 site, that shows its last update was late February 2009.

Does anyone know if Dev8 has stopped all updates and/or is now offering only inactive sites???

04-27-09  12:01pm

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Visit Whale Tail 'N

Whale Tail 'N

Much Improved Navigation

This site has a huge amount of content and has recently made major changes to the site navigation that are superb.

I'm getting used to the changes and will be posting an updated review once I have enough experience with them to comment properly.

In the meantime it is a "sleeper" site that PU members should check out, especially at the PU/TBP discounted price.

04-26-09  02:04pm

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Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network

Newbie's Experiences

As a member of Brazzers, I was offered a $10 monthly membership to MoFo's. So I'm taking one for the PU team and sacrificed two Big Macs so I had the money to sign up and see what's really going on with this new site.

I signed up yesterday and found a site that is, not surprisingly, very similar in format and feel as Brazzers. The search function isn't quite the same but it works.

Now the bad news. Right off the bat I went to my all time favorite porn star, Avy Scott, and found that MoFo's had, reportedly, one Avy scene. When I went to her page, however, the page with the scene should have been had just her bio.

So then I went to another in my top five, Carmella Bing. The scene appears on her page but the link is broken.

So then I decided to see if anything at all worked and, voila, I was able to download two videos. But the download speed are very slow. The auto-logoff terminated both downloads before they were finished.

Then I went to the Support page and found the online support WAS AVAILABLE! So I clicked on it and got a message that the online support is down so I had to complete an email template. They promised an answer within 24 hours.

I got an automatic email back that promised a reply in 1 to 3 days. We'll see.

So far, I'm impressed by the promise but unimpressed with the delivery.

One last matter, the sign up now promises just 1 update a day, but the actual rate is 4 scenes per week.

More experience reports to come. Stay tu

04-12-09  10:54am

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Visit Grace and Beauty

Grace and Beauty

Pricing change???

When accessed via the link on PU, the price is $15.95 for the first month and $9.95 if you stay on board after that. These prices are better than those listed on PU.

03-29-09  06:40pm

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Be careful when you sign up

If you want the $5 TBP/PU discount it's available only if you navigate immediately to the JOIN NOW page from the home page. If you choose to browse the free tour to see what they offer and then try to join after that tour, you will not receive the discount.

However with all the recent negative comments posted here, and with that last little bit of intentional misdirection by the site, I decided I really wasn't interested after all anyway so I decided to say the Hell with the site.

03-29-09  06:19pm

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Visit Pornstar XS

Pornstar XS

Caution - Trial Membership Not As Represented

I signed up early afternoon of 3/23/09 for the 2 day trial and had full access all afternoon and evening...and into today, 3/24, until afternoon, about 24 hours.

Even though Epoch's confirmation dated 3/23/09 at 1:35pm says "Today's charge is: $3.95 for a 2 day period. Membership renews automatically at $24.95 every 1 month until canceled" I now receive a message when I try to sign on that my subscription has expired. Attempts to get an explanation from customer service at the site and at Epoch are not answered. I did not cancel and actually planned to let the trial roll right into the 1 month membership.

I'll update this comment if and when I get a response from someone at the site or from Epoch.

UPDATE 3/25/09 am (16 hours after loss of access and 12 hours after first communication attempt) - Epoch responded quickly and said that my account shows as up and active and that I need to contact the Webmaster. No reply received yet in response to three separate communications to the webmaster and website.

UPDATE 3/25/09 pm (24 hours after loss of access and 18 hours after first communication attempt) - Still no reply from either the Webmaster or the site's customer service department. In order to avoid a renewal at full rate I canceled my membership through Epoch. I really liked this site based on the short time I had access so I'm disappointed that their support function(s) is so inept and nonresponsive.

03-24-09  11:01pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

New and Great Price

Just in case you missed it the PU special monthly price for Naughty America is $15, down from the public price of $25. I grabbed it as soon as I saw the new price and am quite happy with it so far.

03-18-09  11:19pm

Replies (1)
Visit Tight Clothes

Tight Clothes

Lower Price Available to PU members

The pricing is discounted for TBP/PU users. The monthly price, if you access the site using the TBP/PU link, is $29.95 for the first month and $24.95 for each succeeding month. A 3 month membership is $59.95 instead of $74.95..

03-01-09  12:34pm

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Pricing error in the PU listing

The monthly (special) rate for this site is $17.95, obtainable via the PU link to the site.

If you go in via the public site PornPros.com (not through the PU link) the price is $24.94.

02-27-09  01:38pm

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Visit Stunners


$5.00 lower through PU/TBP than direct

I found Stunners.com when I did an asktiava.com search for Diane Deluna (a new, totally gorgeous, babe on Twistys) and did a quick browse of the preview site.

The "join now" price on the site is $24.95, so I did what I always do, I checked back here to see what info I could get about the site and found that the PU/TBP price is $19.95 a month when I followed the link from here to Stunners.com.

It looks like a high quality site and at $20 a month it may be worth a go...but Drooler's comment posted here last year says it may not be that large and/or that exclusive, so I'm back to the "thinking about it" stage.

If I take the plunge, I'll write a review.

02-19-09  12:01pm

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Visit Danni.com


Looks like the pricing has changed

The good news is that the "man on the street" price for one month of VIP is now $24.95 instead of $29.95.

The bad news is that the TBP deal of $19.95 no longer seems to be available. Going into the Danni site (after clearing cache) via the TBP link still offers the $24.95 price.

The "man on the street" 3 month price is $59.85 - or 3 times $19.95 - is 10 cents lower than their previous 3 month price of $59.95.

11-23-08  02:35pm

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Visit Jana Rocks

Jana Rocks

A Sub-Rosa Site - Checking It Out

This is just a note about a site - JanaRocks.com - which is a single girl site for Jana Jordan, who is a babe I found on Twistys (Jana Foxy) and a fabulous set of photos and video on FTV Girls (Yana).

My libido got the better of my common sense so I decided to drop $15 for one month on this site (no trials).

About 15 minutes ago my charge through CCBill went through and during that 15 minutes I drained all 9 videos. All nine are G rated (not even her bra comes off in any of them) and the site looks like it would be tame even by You Tube standards.

I will be checking out the 61 photo sets and the "Jana's Friends" section and will prepare a formal review when I'm done.

Bottom line at this point is that I think i may have just blown $15 that would have been better spent on 3 supersized Big Macs.

If you had any thought about signing up for JanaRocks.com, I suggest you wait for a day or two until I post a review.

11-18-08  05:06pm

Replies (2)
Visit Club Charlie

Club Charlie

Price Increase

I just checked the public site. The price is now $29.95 per month. $59.95 for 3 months and $99.95 for 6 months. The network appears to be the same; public site promises access to Natalia Cruze, Lonnie Waters, Glamour Models Gone Bad and Amateurs Gone Bad

11-14-08  04:22pm

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Visit Heavy Handfuls

Heavy Handfuls

Any Heavy Handful Comments?

I bumped into this site today and know nothing about it except that it really doesn't look too bad, especially at $15 a month.

Does anyone have any experience with this site?

10-05-08  11:47pm

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Visit Nubiles.net


Can Anyone Compare Nubiles to FTV ?

I am a subscriber to FTVGirls and am curious how you folks compare FTV wih Nubiles apart from the one obvious difference...Nubiles does Hard Core.

08-21-08  07:32am

Replies (9)

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