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Visit Porn Duty

Porn Duty

A Site I've Never Heard of - Porn Duty

Just discovered this site so I did a tour. Nice, clean interfaces, excellent navigation and damned expensive at $35 per month. {SEE CORRECTION BELOW} That said, I'm close to signing up because these guys have, believe it or not, 251 DIFFERENT scenes of my all time favorite Japanese boobster, Hitomi Tanaka.

The site has a wide range of mega-boobed Japanese ladies besides Hitomi. I'm not into the typical Japanese porn because it has historically been dominated by cute faces, flat chests and blurred out pussy shots...but this site might turn out to be the big exception.

Looks like they still do a blur job on scenes showing male and female genitalia but the blur out is not successful because it's very easy to watch the pussy pounding.

A quick count from their site looks like roughly 1800 video scenes and about 425 photo sets.

I am giving serious thought to signing up for a month and will publish the results of my research.

If there any Porn Users who have subscribed to this site or it's sister site, ZZTits, please post your thoughts. Thanks.

CORRECTION. The price using the PU link is $24.95 recurring monthly, $49.95 for three months and $59.70 for six months.

Also, their network shows 15 sites but they say as well that this site and ZZTits are the only two active sites. (Right away they are on my plus list just for their basic honesty.)

08-21-14  06:13pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

You've got mail ;->

I'm thinking that it's possible the emails are sent to those who subscribe to one or more HBP sites but not to us freeloaders.

I am definotely interested in VivThomas and The Life Erotic.\\

Thanks for your help.


08-15-14  09:47pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

OK, but I was already, in theory, subscribed...so I went to the Met Art site and tried to resubscribe.

I got this error message when I completed the template:

Your email is already on our list.

Your email address is already subscribed and confirmed to our mailing list. For further assistance, please email support at: support@met-art.com

-Met Staff

So I sent an email to the indicated address.

Here's the reply I just received:

Aug 15 05:57 PM

Hi there,

I apologize as we have already discontinued sending those type of mailer. If you are still interested in free photos, you can check out the daily photo archives of Metart, Domai's Beauty of the Day, and Goddess Nudes' Almost Daily Goddess here: {URLs of the sign up pages for those sites}.

Sofia Lola (MetArt Network)

Sounds like they aren't really sure what they are doing.

08-15-14  07:02pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

I stumbled into this review because I just read the comment posted by Parsnip about The Life Erotic and thought I'd browse the other sites operated by HLP.

Ditto all four previous replies. I was a $99 per year member for about three years but dropped out in 2011 because I've gravitated to video and found Twistys to suit my interests a lot more.

I'm into solo material of gorgeous ladies and the daily updates always seemed to have at least one, usually more, drop dead gorgeous babes. Unfortunately there were few videos and those they did make were, as previously noted, boring as Hell.

I'm reluctant but probably will sign up fot The Life Erotic because their preview site has a 2 minute video sampler that shows gorgeous babes like those on MetArt but they seem to be a lot better in the content (heavy petting, finger and object insertions, peeing, etc.) and, hopefully, some of the babes from MetArt have graduated to the erotic stuff.

One thing I really liked about this site's business practices is that, if you sign up for, say 1 month and decide to go for a full year, they will deduct the unused portion of the current month's fee from the annual price.

08-14-14  06:25pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I'll third Cybertoad's comments and second Pat's comment.

I'm OK with BTS when it's more than a silly interview "when did you first get laid? Do you like women? (Why do I care?)

But 80% of the time, we don't even see a nipple, let alone PTA*, so I can easily live without it.

* Pussy, Tits and Ass

08-14-14  03:46pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

This has happened frequently with, in particular, VideoBox, Twistys and Reality Kings.

VideoBox was a problem because they also arbitrarily reset my password. They claimed it was done in error and apologized...4 days after I reported the problem. I have been a continuous annual member for over 8 years.

Twistys (the old one), where I ws a member continuously for 6 years, never responded to several emails and support tickets. My annual subscription was scheduled for renewal about 60 days later so I simply went to CCBill's website and cancelled. That was just before the ownership change.

Reality Kings was unable to restore my access despite several back and forth emails. Originally the fix was to access the site via IE instead of FireFox. That worked for a few days, then nada. They asked me to try Chrome. Nope. Then they asked if I had access to a Mac. I said I did not. They finally admitted defeat and issued a credit back to my credit card for my entire membership period (about 4 months).

I've had occasional trouble with a few others but in every case it took just a few minutes to correct and everything was back in order.

It was my experience with VideoBox that prompted me to submit this poll question.

08-12-14  03:08pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I'm a video guy so, for what it's worth, I like as many photos as the site can post, so long as I can navigate easily through the photos and download the ones I like.

I'll cull out the good ones; don't need the webmaster making the choices for me.

08-11-14  11:07am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of elephant's Reply

I'm with you. When I download I do the entire set then stich them together, but you make a great point. Some scenes go on for ten minutes (or so) where the only "action" is when the girl shoves a dildo in and out of her pussy. Yes, there could be a short period where she reaches orgasm, but that could easily be a minute or so of video, not the full 10 minutes.

But your point is spot on. Saving a 500 Mb scene for a few seconds of a 'gasm is a foolosh waste of hard drive space.

Thanks, Elephant.

08-07-14  10:07am

N/A Reply of surferman's Poll

A set up is really needed to make the scene work. Otherwise it's simply slam bang. Good porn is, in part, creating a fantasy for the viewer.

08-06-14  10:57pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
Reply of Cybertoad's Review

This was a premium site way back when I first became an online porn user, Videos were not so hot (but back then the technology wasn't there). The photos were wonderful.

Sorry to see how they've become another POS site that sounds like they just don't give a damn.

Thanks for the great detail in your review.

08-05-14  01:46pm

Visit Silverstone DVD

Silverstone DVD

Silverstone DVD vs Silverstone Video

I read the TBP review of this site, Silverstone Video, and another site, Silverstone DVD. There appears to be no connection except that Silverstone DVD appears to be owned and operated by the Silverstone people and has a HUGE amount of Silverstone material. Silverstone Video is a relatively small site that was inactive for a while, but has been reactivated.

Each site is part of different networks with apparently no crossover on the sites.

TBP has given the sites scores of 80 and 79 respectively, so qualitatively there appears to be little difference.

The preview sites for each site shows that each site has a lot of the Pick Up Lines series, for example, so I'm now thoroughly confused.

Is there anyone out there familiar with both sites who can provide some perspective?

(I'm posting this comment on both the Silverstone DVD and the Silverstone Video site.)

08-04-14  10:20pm

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Visit Silverstone Video

Silverstone Video

Silverstone Video vs Silverstone DVD

I read the TBP review of this site, Silverstone Video, and another site, Silverstone DVD. There appears to be no connection except that Silverstone DVD appears to be owned and operated by the Silverstone people and has a HUGE amount of Silverstone material. Silverstone Video is a relatively small site that was inactive for a while, but has been reactivated.

Each site is part of different networks with apparently no crossover on the sites.

TBP has given the sites scores of 80 and 79 respectively, so qualitatively there appears to be little difference.

The preview sites for each site shows that each site has a lot of the Pick Up Lines series, for example, so I'm now thoroughly confused.

Is there anyone out there familiar with both sites who can provide some perspective?

(I'm posting this comment on both the Silverstone DVD and the Silverstone Video site.)

08-04-14  10:18pm

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of elephant's Comment

I agree with both you and Pat. Some of the super successful H/C babes are also on FTV; such as Haley Cummings and Gianna Michaels (Rossi). Seeing them in a free form and totally sexy single is really a terrific turn on. A nice add would be to have the site indicate in their already extensive detail info for each model, what their porn names and aliases are so we can track their careers.

My only beef, and it's an age-old one with FTV, is that they still break up their downloads into multiple segments.

08-04-14  03:28pm

N/A Reply of pat362's Reply

I'm with Pat. My answer is I review both TBP and PU before considering a site as suitable. If the write-ups are good, then I'll check out the site and take the dive if appropriate.

Incidentally, I do the same when I'm returning to a previously subscribed to site.

08-04-14  03:20pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of Clownpuncher's Review

As a member back when this review was written, I agree with the review and with the "good ole standby" bottom line; accurate at that time.

But the drastic changes made and currently being made to the site is quickly turning Twistys from a refreshingly different site to just another hardcore slam bam thank you ma'm site where the format and new content is virtually indistinguishable from many (most?) other straight hardcore sites.

Right now the only reason to sign up on Twistys is for its huge archive of excellent content and drain off the good stuff before the new owners decide to delete it forever.

08-03-14  10:38am

Visit Twistys

Reply of brotherlove's Comment

Interestingly, I've been a member for more than 5 years. My annual membership expired in mid-June (no auto renew) so when I lost access I contacted Twisty support. They offered me what they called a great deal not available to the general public. Their "great deal" prices were slightly better than the current PU/TGP prices (less than 1 cent per day cheaper. Plus they offered a lifetime membership for $64.94 in any other site so long as I maintained my membership in Twistys. The sites included in this offer are:





Digital Playground


Reality Kings

Reality gang

I didn't bite.

It will be interesting to see if Twistys continues its tailspin. If it recovers, I'm all in. But with the new ownership, I'm not holding out very much hope.


08-03-14  12:41am

N/A Reply of Jay G's Reply

Ditto that.

In fact that might be az fun activity; replacing my entire stash. As some say about travel, getting there is half the fun.

08-01-14  09:50am

N/A Reply of Capn's Reply

Quality first. I agree. But I've been a porn user for longer than I'm willing to state publicly...but one hint; since before Deep Throat was produced.

So when I check out the discount page I look for some of (Does a movie called "The Immoral Mr. Teas" ring any bells/)

07-30-14  09:40am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

As I join a site only after I've gone through all PU reviews and comments, I'm generally ready to attack the site for the content that drew me to signing up in the first place.

So my answer is "it depends."

07-27-14  11:48am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

What's a floppy? Are you talking about my schlong after about 2 minutes or so of serious boinking?

Seriously, the last floppies that were truly floppies were the old 5-1/4" deals. The 3-1/2 devices were far better because they weren't really "floppy." I still have some photos on the good old 5-1/4" guys just because I can't find any way to transfer them to a flash drive or anything else.

07-26-14  02:15pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

If it's CCBill or Epoch, I am good to go. All others I will do some extra checking. In a very few cases the biller is unidentified. Those I avoid like a computer virus.

07-20-14  12:03am

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

New 'puter (already bought) and a new HDTV to replace an old analog TV that's about 20 years old.

07-07-14  12:49pm

Visit Christy Marks

Christy Marks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Christy Marks - Fantastic mammaries and a fun loving attitude
High quality content professionally done
All videos are high def (1280)
Updates once a week or so
Imaginative solo scenes
Christy's an incredible contortionist. Example - she could fuck herself with her nipples. When she squeezes her mams between her legs it sends me off. Her patented "frog" position is unique.
NO INK. A major plus for me.
No broken links.
Cons: No interaction with members
A total of 60 videos* and associated pix
Only two non-Christy videos - both Merilyn Sakova, with tits equal to Christy's
All of Christy's material is 5+ years old and is remastered (very well, by the way).
Some material is also available on one or more of Score's other websites and some is unique to this site.
Hard core material is all SSDG - Same sex different guy. Little imagination in the hard stuff.
The g/g/b and g/g stuff isn't particularly good. (Exception - her scene with Terry Nova with two guys was outstanding)
Slowish downloads

* One scene was taken down before I had a chance to download it. No idea why it was removed.
Bottom Line: The site is $19.95 with the PU/TBP discount and, for horndogs like me who really enjoy watching Christy enjoying her great tits. I was able to drain the entire site in four sessions.

The total amount of video content as of 7/1/14 is just a tad more than 15 Gb.

Thus site is not included as an add on (free or otherwise) with any other Score site so it must be considered a "hot property" by management.

I decided on a point score of 76. It would be higher if the site had more content and included all, not just some, material from other Score sites. It would be lower except they have done a good job of upgrading their catalog to HD.

Bottom line, I recommend the site to huge tit aficionados who like young, seemingly carefree models. It comes to about 33 cents per video scene which, if you enjoy world class huge natural boobs bouncing (flopping) all over the screen, is a great value.

Set aside a few hours a day for four or five days if you plan to download everything on the site.

I plan to cancel about a week before my first month is used up and may, but probably won't, rejoin a year or so from now.

I can't comment on customer service because I had no need to use it during my brief stay.

07-03-14  07:55pm

Replies (0)
Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Cybertoad's Review

I've been a member for a rather long time and have similar observations about the age of some of the content. It's not until you drill down to a specific scene that you discover that it's a low quality offering.

However, I like the DDF approach far better than most other sites that simply take down the old stuff. When I get a strong interest in a specific model, I'm happy getting as much stuff as possible. But it certainly would be helpful to identify the quality level of each offering that appears on a model's "home page" (the page that displays all material for a model).

From a quality perspective, I'm in agreement with you as well. DDF's last few years have added some truly spectacular babes and even the not quite as spectacular ladies have terrific video material.

I've said publicly on the PU site that I view DDF far superior to 21Sextury in its efforts to work with their customers and, more importantly, its business ethics. 21Sextury has some great content but have lousy business practices and virtually non-existent support. Their loss. DDF's gain.

07-01-14  02:41pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

All I ask is that the video focuses on PTA*, and not on some dude's schlong.

Yes, a BJ is a normal activity, but frankly about 30 seconds to a minute is definitely plenty of time. I also get tired of the dude's hairy ass taking up a lot of real estate on the screen during basic porking activity.

I really like pussy in all styles ranging from a nice neat slit innie (Example: Jana Jordan)all tghe way to the extreme labia flapper ham sandwich pussy (examples: Catalina L'Amour & Sandie Valentino)

* PTA = Pussy, Tits, and Ass

06-29-14  11:49am

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