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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Lower Price

The site has a price of $29.95, not $34.95 per PU/TBP. If, after launching the preview site, you close it out without signing up, you will be offered a 20% discount to join. That yields a price of $23.96.

The PU price of $34.95 does not show up on the join page.

04-03-14  10:59pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


PU Link is Broken

The PU link to the 21Sextury site is broken. Can it be fixed? With the new rules I need to sign up as a new member again even though Ive been a member for two years, and I would like to get the PU price if possible.


06-11-12  12:07am

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Unfortunate News About 21Sextury Customer Support

Three months ago I reported here how rapidly the Customer Support staff at 21Sextury responded to an issue. I love the content of their site and have been a member for a long time and their response to my issue was outstanding.

Unfortunately their Support function appears to have changed.

Suddenly, and with no warning, my access to the main site, 21Sextury, was locked right after the last monthly billing was processed. I now have access only to 21Sextreme.

Although I sent an email and submitted three customer support tickets, there has been no response of any kind other than acknowledgements that they have received my tickets, nor has there been any correction of the issue.

I am posting this comment here because I'm interested in finding out if others are also experiencing the same problems with the Customer Support function at 21Sextury.

01-31-12  09:10am

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Customer Support at 21Sextury - Terrific

21Sextury Customer Support is as terrific as the site itself. Had a problem about 36 hours ago and tried to solve it myself.

I gave up and submitted a support ticket late Saturday night and the issue was fixed within 10 hours by 8:00am Sunday morning.

I've been a member for 15 months now and continue to be amazed.

10-30-11  10:24am

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Visit Ariel Jordan

Ariel Jordan

Aliases for Ariel Jordan

An alias for this total babe is Cassandra Calogera. I found her in two flicks on Video Box.

I also understand that she goes under the names Kassandra and Aaron Lynne but haven't found her under that name.

06-30-08  07:18am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Be careful when you sign up

If you want the $5 TBP/PU discount it's available only if you navigate immediately to the JOIN NOW page from the home page. If you choose to browse the free tour to see what they offer and then try to join after that tour, you will not receive the discount.

However with all the recent negative comments posted here, and with that last little bit of intentional misdirection by the site, I decided I really wasn't interested after all anyway so I decided to say the Hell with the site.

03-29-09  06:19pm

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Visit Babe Ink

Babe Ink

Tattoos Appeal? Go for it.

Warning. Her body is heavily tattooed.

Tina's a very cute kid with a nasty sexual energy but the tat's are a big bturnoff to me. When you've got a great body with very nice skin, why in the world would you make your body look like something a drunken sailor might have done to his body during a shore leave?

What a shame.

01-19-07  03:45pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

The TBP discount May Be A Problem

TBP offers a special price of $14.95 per month for BangBros Network but I'm having difficulty getting BangBros' billing service to accept that price. I sent an email to Khan so he can address the issue. If you were planning to sign up for BangBros in the next day or two, you may want to wait a bit to see what happens with the discount.

04-09-08  12:35pm

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Visit Big Tits

Big Tits

Site Looks Dead

Looks like a dead site. The links on PU and TBP go nowhere.

07-17-11  12:21am

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Another Dead Site

Last update about 9 months ago. No support, no easy cancellation method. The only good news is that the biller is Epoch so using their site to cancel was easy.

I joined the site as a trial by accident because it was a cross checked option that I missed when I signed up for Busty Adventures, another dead site. By the way, the TBP/PU listing says a 2 day trial is $1.00. It's actually $2.95.

The trial gives you only a small scene from several videos offered by the content. If you want the entire scene you will need to sign up to the full access at $39.95 per month.

Brandi is a cutie but she definitely is not worth what a month of the DDFProd network charges for a very active site.


08-20-11  12:58pm

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Visit Brazzers


I'm a New Member of the Rapidly Growing Ranks of Ex Members of Brazzers

I've had it with these jokers.

No need to repeat the many complaints already posted on PU. What motivated me to finally quit the site was the nasty note I received that is similar to what others have received that said there were 24 simultaneous accesses in 24 hours. Service was restored after I made one silly phone call to a bored operator. Then in doing a surf today I encountered, again, their silly practice of deleting a bunch of content but leaving links alive in the stars list. I guess so they can brag about the number of models they have on their site, or something. How can that practice do anything but piss off their members?

They are either total bone heads or they just don't give a shit about keeping their customers happy.

I'm gone.

12-20-09  11:44am

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Visit Brazzers


Brazzers Go High Def on June 1, 2009

This announcement appears on the Brazzers home page:

To our loyal Brazzers members,

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best product found anywhere in the world, we have began taking the necessary steps to raise the level of our content to the highest standard available today. We are proud to announce that the hottest adult videos on the planet at Brazzers.com are soon going to be available in the highest video quality porn has ever seen, FULL HD 1080P!

This is no experiment, it`s a full out HD assault on our entire network! All 25 Original Brazzers Sites will no longer be produced in standard definition quality. Get ready for such crystal clear, eye popping adult videos that you`ll literally see the sweat leaking down the side of your screen!

As of June 1st, 2009 Brazzers first HD scene will be released into our membersí area, with new High Def videos added every single day, and eventually plans for the release of Full HD Sites! This will continue to be a work in progress for us as we will adapt our memberís area to provide you with an easy to use and high quality HD Experience.

Other adult networks all rushed to become the first to support HD video, but we all know that blurry widescreen scenes with an HD logo stamped on the corner really isn`t High Definition at all. We at Brazzers decided that we would only make the HD transition if we can do it right, and do it better than everyone else.

We hope you truly enjoy this amazing new content and want to remind everyone that if it isn`t the best quality known to man, then it isn`t Brazzers.com!

If you have any questions please email: hd@brazzers.com



05-29-09  11:06pm

Replies (2)
Visit Brittaney Starr

Brittaney Starr

Dead Site

This site has been deactivated by the site's web hosting company for non-payment.

Looks like it's dead and gone.

02-02-10  05:30pm

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

I'm tenacious - But unfortunately this site is still dormant :-<

No updates since June 9, 2009, same as last year. PU price is $18, same as last year. 640 x 480, same as last year. Promoted as an active site by Bang Bros, same as last year.

If your interested, however, you can drain free samples of every video in the site from their preview site. Short clips (20 sec to 60 sec).

You ask why am I checking again? Because I like the content (all babes with natural big tits captured on video by a big tit lover who knows exactly what us big tit fans like me) and I'm hoping that someone at Bang Bros figures it out that there's money to be made both by remastering the existing inventory and by adding new stuff with all the new talent out there.

In sum, hope springs eternal in the human breast.

10-08-13  04:08pm

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Site Looks Dead - Joining Is Not Recommended

After a 3 year spell I decided to see if this site was still as good as I remembered.


The last update is shown as June 2009 even though the copyright notice on that update is 2008.

The trial membership still limits access to the first of three scenes, usually fully clothed, seldom with hard core action.

Signing up for the trial results in a renewal rate of $39.95 vs. the PU price of $17.95.

As indicated in the PU listing, there is a cross check for another inactive site, BrandiBelle.com at $2.95 for two days then $39.95 renewal rate.

The content is low def but as I said in my review four years ago, the videography on boobs demonstrates that the cameraman loves natural tits as much as I do.


08-20-11  12:22pm

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

B. A. Price is still $24.95

While the $17.95 price indicated on the PU headline would be great, the site still offers only a $24.95 price and a $1.00 trial, the price that has been in place for a long while.

02-01-10  08:49am

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Price Changes

According to the preview site the price for a 2 day trial is now $1.00 and for a month is $24.95. A one year gig is $89.95.

I'm thinking about joining again after a 2 year break just to see what's new and grab some new stuff, but if anyone out there is currently a member or who recently canceled, can you provide an update?

Are other sites still part of the deal (Big Ass Adventures, for example)?

Last question. Is the site still active?

10-25-09  12:02am

Replies (2)
Visit Busty Pam

Busty Pam

Anyone A Member Of This Site Who Can Comment?

Busty Pam is Melissa Mandlikova on the Score sites and sports a great set of major league naturals. But they want $24.95 to sign up and neither TBP or any PU members has posted a review.

I'd really like an idea about the site before I sign up.

04-07-12  05:01pm

Replies (5)
Visit Busty Terry

Busty Terry

Be Careful - Malware

I've tried launching Busty Terry from two different computers with different malware protection. In both cases the software issued a strong warning about serious malware being detected.

Much as I love the idea of a site dedicated to this sweet lady, I also don't want my computer to be trashed by a serious virus.

I access many porn sites on both computers and have received this warning on only one other site.


10-18-13  10:23am

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Visit Chick Trick

Chick Trick

Curiosity Compels

This review made me curious to see what's up with the site so I went to the "public" site to see what's up. It looks like it's that tired and outdated gimmick about "tricking" unwitting ladies into copulating on camera. The sample trailers are lousy quality and totally unrealistic.

Looks like a tired old site where the owner is simply trying to make a few extra bucks without investing any time, imagination or energy into the site.

10-28-07  03:40am

Replies (8)
Visit Club Charlie

Club Charlie

Price Increase

I just checked the public site. The price is now $29.95 per month. $59.95 for 3 months and $99.95 for 6 months. The network appears to be the same; public site promises access to Natalia Cruze, Lonnie Waters, Glamour Models Gone Bad and Amateurs Gone Bad

11-14-08  04:22pm

Replies (1)
Visit Club Jana Jordan

Club Jana Jordan

Should I or Shouldn't I? That Is The Question

I have procrastinated long enough and decided that I need to sign on for a one month $30 membership. But both this site and it's partner site, SandySummers.com, both appear to be inactive and just sucking a few more bucks from people like me.

If anyone out there has been a member in the recent past, tell me if I would be foolish in taking the plunge.



08-02-11  10:44pm

Replies (6)
Visit Club Sweethearts

Club Sweethearts

It's About Time

I'm happy to see that reason prevailed with the management of this website by creating a much better site name that won't attract the authorities.

As I said in another post, I was unwilling to have a porn site that calls itself Club Seventeen on my computer in any form. While it's very unlikely that my computer would ever be taken from me and searched by the authorities, can you imagine how hard it would be to convince them that Club seventeen does not contain child pornography. Child porn includes any person younger than 18 years who appears nude and/or in sexual situations.

Cloning the Club Seventeen site into a more generic name like Club Sweetheart was the right thing to do.

12-15-14  05:37pm

Replies (2)
Visit Danni.com


Looks like the pricing has changed

The good news is that the "man on the street" price for one month of VIP is now $24.95 instead of $29.95.

The bad news is that the TBP deal of $19.95 no longer seems to be available. Going into the Danni site (after clearing cache) via the TBP link still offers the $24.95 price.

The "man on the street" 3 month price is $59.85 - or 3 times $19.95 - is 10 cents lower than their previous 3 month price of $59.95.

11-23-08  02:35pm

Replies (1)
Visit DDF Busty

DDF Busty


Just a reminder - the network deal runs out tomorrow (August 31) where you can sign up for all of the DDF Prod. sites for up to three months for the price of one. I procrastinated and almost forgot, so I thought I'd post this reminder.

Starting Tuesday they all return to the single site prices...at leat according to the previous posts by the DDF Prod. Webmaster.

The access this deal provides is to:

DDF Busty
1 By Day
Hot Legs and Feet
Hands on Hardcore
Cherry Jul (editorial comment, what a babe!)
Only Blowjobs
Euro Girls on Girls
Euro Teen Erotica
House of Taboo
Sandy's Fantasies

One caution. The deal must be straining the servers because the download speeds are slow.

08-30-09  08:30am

Replies (5)

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