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Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Thanks for the compliments! I really did try to rather give a feel for what's going on in the site instead of listing a bunch of facts; I'm glad to hear I didn't (at least completely) fail. :-)

04-23-10  03:48pm

Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - This is really something else!
- Reality emphasized all the way
- Huge variety of locations, settings and games (see details below), all exclusive content
- Very interactive site with an inside point system (and a chance to witness a shooting)
- Ohh, the gorgeous Eastern - European girls... :-)
- Tons of video formats to choose from, including 1080p 12mbit/s!
- No watermarks, No DRM
- Price is good, especially through TBP at $19.95 / mo
- Fancy stuff: game simulation, creating your own profile, etc
- Download speed (1 - 1.5 megabytes / sec (not Mbit!) ) - it is blazing fast, seems like they really fixed it for US users after some earlier complaints; or I'm just lucky. :-)
Cons: - Still picture quality
- Looong movies
- Rather new site (amount of content isn't huge yet)
- It might take some time to 'get it'
- Most movies in foreign language (need to read subtitles)
Bottom Line: OK, so I came on to PU.com a while ago to see if there was anything new, and that's how I came across with FuckingGamble.com. If I had to sum it up, I'd say something like "These guys took strip poker to the highest level I've ever seen.". :-)

One thing to be understood is that this is more than a place where you can view / download content: this is a place where you can play online or for real using the very same, advanced system they used to create their movies. While for me mostly the movies were of interest, for others out there (swingers) all these features might be very appealing, especially that they're available for free. IMO it can get a little time consuming to go through and understand everything: how you can create a profile of your own preferences, how you can play the game for real or in an online simulation, etc. Don't get me wrong, it's the same way as most good games: it takes some time to 'get it', so that then you can have some serious fun.

As for the content. Still picture quality isn't that good, as they're edited and corrected versions of actual screenshots. They're OK to watch, but certainly not high quality - something I couldn't care less about to be honest. :-) Top resolutions are 1280x720 or 1920x1080, depending on when the movie was released.

Video quality - on the other hand - is usually excellent. There's flash streaming in several different formats, downloading in both wmv and mp4 all the way from low resolution 100kbit/s to 12mbit/s... the first twenty something movies' top resolution is 1280x720, while all the newer ones are 1920x1080 (Full HD). They have about 32 fully released movies to date, each ranging in length from about 2 hours to 3,5 hours, and most of them being close to 3 hours. Updates are 30 minute long parts of movies, and they release one part every single day. Like I said earlier, movies are a little too long for my taste... I'd be perfectly happy with something about 1,5 hours long, but that might be just me. The content itself is what makes it worth for me: other than the first minute or so, there's unscripted conversation going on, and the participants seem to have genuine fun while playing these games. The variety of implementations was shocking for me: from sunny beaches to gokart tracks, regular card games, etc. Most of the movies were shot in Hungary, which means 2 things: first, the models are hot! I just love Eastern - European girls... secondly, most movies are subtitled, which is OK for me, but some others might find it inconvenient. There seem to be some American games coming out though.

Overall, if you want to see something out of ordinary, movies in very professional quality, and you can live without glamorous photosets and the usual boring "Ohh Yess, fuck me!" screaming, then you should definitely check this one out, at least for the trial period to see it for yourself!

Note:Please see more technical details in the official TBP review - I had no space to include everything.

04-23-10  01:30am

Replies (5)
N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

Regular TV programming... as a matter of fact I don't even have a TV. :-)

04-14-10  04:40pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I really hope I'll always be able to find enough privacy and time to keep porn 'computer screen sized'. :-) Otherwise I have no interest in the whole deal.

02-01-10  04:58am

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

I chose "varies, depends on content". And I'd also like to add: depends on available choices. If the best resolution I can get is a mediocre wmv, then I'll choose that 'highest one' available. On the other hand if let's say it's a niche content, and they have full HD resolutions but I want to be able to watch it rather quickly, then I'll just go with something regular.

To me very high quality videos (and pictures) come into the picture when I'm looking at softcore stuff for their beauty - then it's the perfect compliment to watch them in the highest available quality.

01-29-10  03:16am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't find them to be attractive at all. Yes, if a girl is fit that's great, but bodybuilders usually have more muscle mass that I'd find pleasing, and they tend to turn kind of masculine.

01-25-10  11:08pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

Just like it was said earlier, for the girls it's a 'stunt'. It really doesn't do much for me either, so I can't give you an insider's explanation... as for why some people find it to be a turn on? I'm pretty sure we could find dozens of fetishes that we could not possibly imagine turning us on, while others live for that stuff. When it comes to these things I just prefer to be accepting rather than trying to figure out 'why and how' some people like them.

01-20-10  04:26am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Monahan's Reply

Thanks for your comment Monahan. You do have a point that they should try to clean it up, and I'm the same as you are in this regard, I wouldn't even mind paying a few extra bucks if that's the cost.

As for rating the site (points), in my opinion it's really a matter of perception. I was considering giving them a lower score, and I probably would have if I paid more for it, but at $14.95 a month I feel I got exactly what I paid for. It's kind of like the same as with Walmart... you don't expect it to be the best looking, nicest and perfectly organized store in the city, but rather to put up with minor inconveniences in order to get a really good value / price on the products you purchase. I hope this makes sense. :-)

01-20-10  04:09am

N/A Reply of surferman's Poll

While I like cum shots, facials and such - in some ways similar - material, this drinking cum out of objects thing just doesn't do anything at all for me.

01-19-10  05:08am

Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Enormous amount of content: 7500 dvds and over 40000 scenes
- Great price at $14.95 / mo
- Stream or download
- Incredible amount of updates: 5 DVDs / day
- Easy to use webdesign
Cons: - Video quality doesn't go beyond "dvd"
- Lots of their stuff seem to be rather outdated and / or older
- Mediocre download speeds
- No pictures (not a problem for me, but might be for some)
- Video 'search bar' acting weird
Bottom Line: All in all I personally was extremely satisfied with my experience. I joined at the rate of $14.95 / mo and stayed for one month... at this price I believe you get an at least very decent deal for your money. The amount of content is simply overwhelming.

I liked the way the content was organized into categories, and especially that they didn't create twice the amount of them just to have a different 'folder' for a few videos they have. On the other hand the search function - as others have reported as well - was acting weird at times, but it didn't bother that much, I usually just got lost in browsing like mad man. There are other ways to find what you're looking for, for example by using the 'newest', 'recommended', 'top scenes this week' or some other filters.

There are no pictures whatsoever, except for the DVD covers and a few screenshots that you use for searching. It didn't bother me at all, I'm a 'video guy'. Video quality was OK. I'm one that would enjoy nice HD footage every once in a while, but most of the time I'm rather looking at the content of the video rather than its quality; as long as it reaches a 'watchable' level, I'm OK with it. With that being said, offering only DVD quality and below is a little bit outdated, but I think it fits the profile of the whole site at the end. You get different .wmv formats (high and medium) and a few extras (such as iphone / ipod formats). Streaming worked just fine for me. That top 'search bar' was a kind of difficult to understand... I guess you should be able to see the frames where you're trying to get, but as it was mentioned earlier too, it's so inaccurate that it was almost useless (you really don't get where you think you scrolled on it). This was a little bit of an inconvenience, but nothing major.

Download speeds varied. Sometimes it was just fine, especially when doing multiple downloads at the same time, but sometimes it slowed down to the point I'd consider bothering.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with my month spent at Videobox. For those who want pictures, top quality HD material, or maybe just have been browsing porn for 'too' long, this site might be repetitive and outdated and not so much of interest. Otherwise it offers an amazing amount of content, and a user interface that can be lived with, especially considering the price you're paying.

ps.: As an extra note, a friend of mine took a look at it who was interested in their real milf selection (where 20 year olds in high heels don't qualify as milf :-) ), and he was pleasantly surprised with the amount of actual good content available; according to him including series, and parts of series that he hasn't found anywhere else earlier.

01-19-10  05:05am

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

It was magazines. It was at a quite an early age (think earlier elementary school), but it didn't take long before I got busted. :-)

12-07-09  08:54pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks a lot! It's still working. :-)

12-03-09  08:12pm

Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Thanks for the update! I guess this could be a good or bad piece of news depending on the point of view. :)

12-03-09  06:47pm

N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

I've been lucky so far with Western Digital, and heard some pretty bad things about Seagate's quality nowadays.

12-02-09  04:28pm

Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

This was originally intended to be a review, but...

It's been quite a while since I had membership at this site (around August 09). I wanted to write a review at the time so I took some notes, but then it got forgotten during my busy summer days... so I decided to post some things about it as a comment instead.

I joined because I received a 1-month special price for any kink.com site for $19.95 (not recurring). At this price I felt like checking out Public Disgrace, which overall brought exactly what I expected, nothing more, nothing less.

A few facts from back that time:

- Average set of pictures seemed to be usually between 130 - 160 pictures, but would range from 60 to 300 in some cases. There's an option for low (533x800) and high (1200x675) resolutions.

- Video length was around 60 minutes on average, while there were some clips that were only 20 minutes long, some were close to 90 though. You have the choice to download the scenes or the whole movies in 4 different formats: ipod mp4 640x360, hd mp4 (highest quality) 1280x720, hd wmv 1280x720, wmv 960x540 (and I could stream these too though); plus there's flash streaming too (selectable low, medium or high quality settings).

- Download speed varied between 400kb/s to 900kb/s (very satisfying), but when doing multiple downloads at once I reached the total of 1500kb/s download speed, which is straight forward great

- Updates seemed to come every 4 - 7 days

I missed that I had no access to any other sites of their network. On the other hand you do get some bonus, random hardcore material that's compiled from all their network's sites, plus you get the "Behind Kink" which shows you some behind the scenes stuff which was interesting.

I liked the site's design and structure, I thought it was very easy to navigate... at the time the only thing they lacked was a 'download all pictures in one' direct link, but that's about it. You can look up models, find out about all the scenes they did for Kink, and they also have a calendar where you can see the upcoming shootings.

As a side note, I feel pretty confident that all the action done by supposedly outsiders was faked. Also, in regards of the previous comment from mbaya about the legality of their outside actions, I do have to agree that it's somewhat worrying. I have not heard of any country in the world that would allow the possibility of underage people coming across public sex / porn filming in public, and there are situations where it's obvious that they just disregarded these regulations (where the tram or cars passed by, etc). Sure it's probably rather easy to get away with it on spot in Eastern Europe, but the fact that they - as a huge network - can get away with this on the long run and make money in North - America by selling the very proof of their irresponsible practices is somewhat concerning. Then I might be wrong.

Overall it was good but nothing extraordinary. As far as I know regular price would be $29.95/month, which I'd think is a little too much for what you get.

12-02-09  03:44pm

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

I hate when it's so obviously fake and over-acted by actors / actresses, but the worst is still man-ass, hands down.

12-02-09  02:48pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

If it's a friend who wouldn't mind taking a look at what I found, sure why not, although the intention is different than when I'm all by myself. :-)

10-06-09  07:31pm

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Nubiles Captain's Reply

Nubiles Captain,

thanks for the reply! I'm delighted to hear your news about your efforts to put on more hardcore content. As for the video parts - thanks for the correction. It might really be only the way the search results are shown that made me make that point.

07-07-09  12:23pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

No way. There's no control over something that's out once, everybody saying otherwise is wrong, period (and I do not usually make such statements).

06-26-09  09:41pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Well, if we're talking about them being older than 18-19, yes I'm pretty sure there are quite a few examples of that. And I honestly hope they are not cheating 'the other way round' (using younger girls).

06-23-09  02:22pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

I'm pretty neutral when it comes to it. So far I've never come across with a partner who was really eager to try it, and I never forced it. I won't be against at least trying it once I find a willing candidate. :)

06-23-09  02:20pm

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

Thank you! I don't know how the site used to be, but it was certainly impressive recently.

06-19-09  01:59pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

Mostly PC within window. I could watch it full screen, but most of the time I just get dragged into the scene and forget to put it big. :)

06-19-09  12:52am

Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge selection of beautiful, gorgeous teens / young girls
- Consistent high quality - both for videos and pictures
- EXCELLENT navigation, directory and search function - these guys got it right! See details below
- Rating system
- Around 3 - 4 updates a day regularly, mixed of photo sets and videos
- Chance to read girl's BIOs and also to email them
- 3 - 4 different video formats + streaming option
- ~$25 / month - good price
- Good DL speed (see below for details though)
- A few Bonus Sites and sets, but really no big deal, don't sign up for them
Cons: - Not too much HC, and considerably less videos than pictures (a con for me personally)
- Download speed is acting a kind of weird
- Some sets just end before you'd get to see what you've been waiting for (although it is indicated if you pay attention, as it being only 'topless')
- It can't make me put a few more things in here without being incorrect myself and list cons that are not really cons, just not a part of what this site offers in the first place :)
Bottom Line: This site delivers exactly what it promises.
Nubiles.net truly offers an exceptional value at around $25 a month. Their selection of really young, hot, beautiful girls is almost unbelievable.

Design / Navigation: As I've always said, I don't care for some fancy design with crappy function. In this case, function is 100% right, and the design is OK as well. The first thing I really liked about the site is that the "Model Directory" can be accessed all the time, as you can see the 'starting letters of names' and a scroll down menu to select a particular model just below the menu. I mean, it just shows that the site is all about the girls on it - and we, members are all about seeing the girls too. :-) The "Video Page" gives you nice list of all the videos, with direct download links to all formats and part and / or full movies. Then you've got a "Search" option, which gives you all the preferences you can think of, such as attributes (like cup size, nipple type, hair color, length, pussy hair style, etc), outfits (bikini, glasses, socks, etc), actions and environment, and then if you only want to see girls, videos or pictures. So yes you got it right, 5 stars for their search function. :-) If this was not enough for you to find what you're looking for, you've got the "Hardcore Girls", the "Top Rated","Tags" and "Community Hub" sections.

Content: like I mentioned earlier, pictures are emphasized over videos, but it's not too bad. As a result for a search for pictures, I got around 3500 results, and around 2600 for videos. But for videos I have a suspicion that video parts count as well - UPD: ACCORDING TO WEBMASTER THEY DON'T! Picture quality was almost always very satisfying for me,usually getting a large and small resolution choice, where large is 2400 x 1600, and small is 1200 x 800, which is still OK. I loved that there's a quick gallery view, where I can navigate quickly, and had the option all the time switch between large/small, and also to download the whole set in a zip file. Number of pictures is usually around 80 - 100. I found the variety of locations to be satisfying, with quite a few outdoor settings, but I do have to agree with one of the previous reviewers: WE WANT MORE WET STUFF! :) The videos' resolution is around 640 x 480 most of the time, and are usually being offered in parts and as a whole, and full movies can be downloaded in 3 - 4 different formats (avi, mpg and wmv, +mp4), where wmv is the highest quality (1280 x 720), but for me .avi-s worked as a perfect compromise between size and quality.

DL speed: if I started downloading one single file, I'd get around 80kb/s-180kb/s. Interestingly enough, if I start downloading 6 files at a time, I still get the above speed for EACH of them. So overall, DL speed is excellent if you download more at the time (at least this how it worked for me).

Conclusion: if you like teens, and not only HC stuff, at $25 / mo you can't go wrong here!

[had to cut it short cause of char.limits :(]

06-18-09  06:26pm

Replies (5)
N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

It a kind of depends on the model. If I find a girl to seem kind and cute, yes, I would be interested to see how she lives her life (and whether she has a boyfriend or not :-)) ).

06-18-09  04:39pm

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