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Have you, or would you, consider submitting porn pictures involving yourself to an amateur sex site?

Type: General

Submitted by Wittyguy (105)
No how, no way, never 58% 34 Votes
Maybe, if I was obscured 10% 6 Votes
If the BF/GF agreed, why not? 20% 12 Votes
Don't know / Other 12% 7 Votes

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59 Votes Total

Jun 25, 2009

Poll Replies (21)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Wittyguy (105) I look at it this way. Once you're on the net, you're forever on the net and you'd be surprised at how many "nice" people look at porn sites. The last thing you'd want is your co-worker posting a print out picture of your online escapade on your desk some day. If I'm 80 then I probably wouldn't care, hell, in fact I'd be proud. Until then, it just seems a bit job / privacy risky for this dude even if you're somewhat obscured.
06-25-09  12:03am

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badandy400 (103) First off I am not that much to look at. I am not ugly but I am not hot either. I agree a lot with Wittyguy on this one. When I am 80 I would because it would be funny, but now I would not because it is so risky. Especially now when I am trying to find a professional job.

I do not think less of people who do post nude pictures, obviously I enjoy them just like every single person on this site. I feel the same way about the women I have dated. I do not want to see them nude online somewhere, especially the one I have been with for 6 years now. She is not ugly by any means, I just like knowing that she is not being spread around everywhere. Every normal man is greed when it comes to his lady, he likes to know that he can see while everyone else has to wonder. I would never, and have never, even considered putting any nude pictures of my girlfriend or even former girl friends on the internet. That would be for them to do.

Bottom line:
You will not see my hairy ass on PU's "Reviewers Exposed" any time soon. Besides, than everyone would know I am not joking when I joke about the size of my wiener. :)

06-25-09  12:30am

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lk2fireone (196) I respect my personal right to privacy. But for the right amount of consideration(cash), I might be tempted into submitting action shots of some of my fellow PU members, if I were allowed to be the photographic/cinematographic director and could be assured that the photos had artistic and financial integrity. These photos could present a better alternative to the avatars some PU members are posting.
06-25-09  01:40am

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Drooler (220) I think you have to be an exhibitionist to do that. After all, it's just sex, so the point would be to "show off." I don't think it's anyone else's business.
06-25-09  03:51am

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james4096 (126) Nah, I'm not the exhibitionist type.
Besides, I hate to be photographed and I can't stand seeing myself on film/tape.

06-25-09  09:19am

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GCode (101) Have to say no to this, plain and simple. I'm a private man that enjoys watching others do the nasty. I'll keep my personal agendas to myself, for myself.
06-25-09  12:35pm

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messmer (137) I am a voyeur (no not the type that sneaks around the neighborhood at night) not an exhibitionist so, no!
06-25-09  01:01pm

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pat362 (373) I would never consider it. I would add that I wouldn't film myself either even for personal use. Think of all these celebrities that are currently regreting taking naked pictures of themselves or allowing themselves to be filmed having sex are now thinking how really stupid they were. At least more so these days with all thes sex tapes or unoficial naked pictures are appearing all over the net.
06-25-09  06:17pm

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Lionheart (47) No way! I plan on being a teacher or professor one day, I am sure that would ruin me.
06-25-09  11:03pm

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PowerGlide (Unverified) I've already performed on film. :-) I wish I could do it again but my fiancée is jealous as hell.
06-25-09  11:05pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #8 - pat362 :

Are you 100% sure it's ALWAYS a bad thing for celebrities? Publicity is always publicity :-), and "Pam Anderson" obviously became even more of a household word because of it.
06-26-09  12:29am

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messmer (137) There's a deep philosophical question here:

If people refuse to publish nude pictures of themselves because it might hurt their career down the road then shouldn't they feel guilty, by subscribing to porn sites, about helping financially to ruin someone else's future?

I tend to think that most of us have become broadminded enough so that a friend's, acquaintance's former "career" as a porn model would not necessarily count against them as valuable individuals in their own right. But maybe I'm overly optimistic when it comes to others' tolerance concerning sexual matters.

As for me, I wouldn't publish for other reasons, eg. I don't want to see myself nude, my body ain't that grand .. I don't even like to hear my own voice on a recorder.

06-26-09  10:54am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #12 - messmer :

Interesting point, though I would not go so far as to say that by subscribing we are "helping financially to ruin someone else's future." I think the majority of us here prefer sites that are more than just video and photos submitted by amateurs, as the poll asks. Plus, all these amateurs have made that first step that most of those replying here have said they would not do; that is, actually submitting them in the first place.

Aside from the various celebrity sex tapes, which are released without the person's consent, the normal amateur stuff we drool over is done by people who agree to have the material released, and are probably at least somewhat aware that it will "forever be on the net," as Wittyguy put it. No, I don't think all these girls are really thinking of the long term consequences, or at least existence, of their work, but they do it anyway.

I think the bigger question is why do we put so much weight on something like nude modeling or porn work in someone's past? If you look at from the perspective that it was a way for someone to legally earn money, then what exactly is the problem? "I saw her nude online, so I can't trust her around the office anymore." It's bullshit, and very likely legally unsound as wll, but of course it happens anyway and people continue to just think from their guts instead of their heads.

06-26-09  12:31pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #13 - turboshaft :

Hi turboshaft, I agree with everything you are saying.

My remark was in connection with one reply to the poll. Paraphrased: "I would never do this because it would affect my career if someone ever discovered that intimate picture/video of mine on the net."

When I read it it brought the question to my mind: How would I feel about subscribing to porn if, every time I looked at the models, I saw their future careers in other fields shattered because of an unwise choice or because of youthful carelessness.

I don't feel that way. I feel the way you do about the subject. Just wondering about the implications.

06-26-09  01:06pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #11 - asmith12 :

You have a point with Pamela and I'd even add Miss Hilton. Paris was a nobody before that tape. She was everywhere after that. I still think that it's a bad idea because it can backfire on you. Pamela was already a Playmate so everyone had seen her naked. I may be wrong but I suspect that Pamela would have a hard time getting jobs on netwrok TV after the incident. Publicity is good but if you happen to be a younger clean cut actress than a sex tape may kill off your chanes at getting more jobs.

I guess the bottom line is that you should make sure that you keep all copies of the sex tape and then you can make a deal on it. This way you can't blame an ex boyfriend for releasing it at a time when you are trying to get a specific role.

06-26-09  06:30pm

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nygiants03 (162) I would do it if I knew that noone I knew saw the material.
06-26-09  07:29pm

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Torn4do (13) No way. There's no control over something that's out once, everybody saying otherwise is wrong, period (and I do not usually make such statements).
06-26-09  09:41pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #15 - pat362 :

With Pamela that tape was exactly when it was needed (popularity started to decline etc.), so personally I'm pretty sure it has "leaked" intentionally.

> you should make sure that you keep all copies of the sex tape and
> then you can make a deal on it. This way you can't blame an ex
> boyfriend for releasing it at a time when you are trying to get a
> specific role.
Well, the whole idea in such cases is to blame ex boyfriend :-). But I agree that careful keeping of such tapes won't prevent you from blaming ex boyfriend anyway if necessary :-)).

06-26-09  09:50pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #18 - asmith12 :

You might be right about Pam's sex tape, but we know that Paris Hilton's sex tape was all her doing. I guess that may be where the term fame whore comes from. To release a sex tape so that you can be famous is rather pathetic.
06-28-09  06:43pm

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monty2222 (19) No, my sex life is private. I rarely talk with outsiders about it, I would certainly never film it. ;-)
07-12-09  08:55am

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indybt30 (6) I have done it. But never any face shots and I make sure to obsure the background too.
07-31-09  07:01pm

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