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Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply


thanks for the informative response. One question about Jsexnetwork: could you give me a figure on what you mean by 'good amount' of uncensored stuff? Also, do they have HC uncensored material? Your description of the site makes me wanna look into it. :-)

03-31-09  05:32pm

Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Sorry for the late response mbaya, I wasn't around lately... let me see what details I can give you. I considered fisting as a whole to be more extreme - it's not my thing. :-) I saw stuff like pissing in the girls' mouth. Ohh and I remember there was this one movie (which I didn't download), the 'cover' picture itself was way too much for me, it showed a girl who was forced to eat, fuck, and do whatever with rare fishes, with all their 'inside stuff' all over her. Oh and of course you get lots of different bukkake material, bondage, all kinds of 'gadgets' used on girls, gagging / deepthroat with lots of vomit, etc. I would say that the mildest contents on this site were pretty good for me. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions. ;-)

03-31-09  05:29pm

Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Full DVDs to download - currently more than 2100 titles
- 44 categories of movies
- Scenes to download - if you don't feel like waiting for a whole DVD
- Streaming option for those who prefer it
- Lots of attractive Japanese girls
- LOTs of kinky stuff; especially cums and such (in fact there's no way to get around 'em :-) )
- 1 DVD / day update (I read it used to be more but it's still not bad)
- Access to 4 bonus sites
- User rating system
Cons: - Not too fast DL speed, especially considering that you're getting full DVDs
- Search function is really basic, lacks any detailed options
- Pixels on genitals - yeah it's a Japanese thing, but it's certainly not positive :-)
- Sign up fee $29.95 - I read it used to be cheaper, they raised prices (?)
- There's some weird stuff here! (but this could have been a pro too)
- No photos (?)
- No HD, biggest video resolution I found was 640x480
- poor search option
Bottom Line: Alright, so I felt adventurous, and I kinda like Asian girls. This was the very first time I signed up to a website like this. The monthly fee (for me) was $29.95 / month, which is average, and you get a lot of DVD titles for the money. Last time I checked they were close to 2200 titles, which is a LOT. These movies are big, so it might take some time to download them - download speed seemed to vary for me, sometimes it was OK (~400kb/s), but then sometimes it would be no more than ~150kb/s, which is way too slow to download 1-2gb big full DVD movies. You get a scene download selection though, which is nice, but they seem to be random - I'd rather prefer to have downloadable scenes of the movie I'm looking at, right next to the "Download full DVD" option. Search function does exist, but it's as pure as it can get, you type in a keyword, and it searches by who knows what. Then there was the big question, the pixels around the genitals - I didn't know if it was gonna bother me. It did. Especially with some movies that have whole areas covered with this 'effect'. Some of them were better, concentrating the pixels strictly on the 'forbidden genitals'. Still, it was a kinda bothering for me. There is an uncensored section, but it lacks variety, and is indeed very limited. Also, just an FYI, Japanese girls always act a kind of 'submissive'. No matter what the scene is, the feel is that the girls are always 'serving' the males. Not a problem for me, but it might be for some. There's some really creative, extreme, surprising, unheard-of sets in there - some of them were way-way too much for me, but there's so much content here, you can find what you like (if you're into HC though). Also, I found no photosets. I barely realized it though, as I absolutely prefer movies over pictures.

Conclusion: be aware of the pixels, you might not think it's bothering, but if you're not used to it, it probably will be. You can find crazy stuff here, full DVDs, never lacking of tons of cum. You should plan for your 'session', and start downloading a few movies in advance, saving yourself the hassle to wait for hours when you're in the mood. If you're into Asians, having full DVDs, and kinky stuff, you should check it out, at least for a month.

03-24-09  02:30am

Replies (6)
N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

I voted High School crush. She was an amazing looking girl, and she actually does photoshoots, but (as far as I know) only mainstream stuff. Celebrities would have been my second choice, other that, I don't have any hot neighbours, and I really wouldn't wanna see any of my ex-girlfriends there.

03-23-09  02:49pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I voted 'Europe', but it's really not that straight forward. As far as I can see right now, when it comes to creative / kinky stuff, Japan takes the lead by a clear mile, and South-America seems to offer the best amateur stuff. On the other hand you can get high quality content of rather enthusiastic girls in Europe, while America seems to offer the most 'fake' porn. [These comments are partly based on my own experiences, and partly on what I heard / read in general.]

03-19-09  12:36pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

I voted "Not at all interested". I've been to nude beaches a few times, didn't really have a problem being nude around other people, I wasn't bothered by other nude people, but missed the uplifting ultimate 'freedom feeling' that some nudists say the experience.

03-17-09  07:58pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

I'm Caucasian, and I don't mind (in fact I kinda like) Latino or Asian girls... or I could say pretty much everything but black girls. No offense though, but that the way it is for me. ;-)

03-17-09  07:55pm

N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

75.7 . I guess this happens when you're willing to take your chances with some sites that might disappoint you, but you're able to make some good decisions that result in high scores. I'm the above described person, so I'm pretty sure this average will be more or less consistent in the future as well.

03-17-09  07:53pm

N/A Reply of ramscrota's Poll

I kinda like it, but not when it goes waay too far. I usually prefer men dominating women. As long as it's on a consensual way it works for me. I kinda feel I'm still exploring my limits when it comes to this niche. I enjoy some of them, but then when it comes to a line when it's too much it just makes me sick to my stomach. This is exactly why I voted "Like some; don't like others".

03-17-09  07:47pm

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of TheRizzo's Reply


they're releasing all movies in 640x480 wmv formats. If interested, see my detailed opinion on their video quality in my review. ;-)

03-17-09  07:21pm

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - OVERWHELMING amount of content
- Easy navigation, detailed advanced search
- Incredible download speed (at 1.2Mbytes/sec, it probably maxed out my internet connection)
- LOTs of girls (sorry I didn't count them :-), several hundreds at least but could be close to a 1000 (?) )
- I found a big percentage of girls to be very attractive - young, beautiful and no fake tits
- Seems to be 100% exclusive
- Regular updates
- Rating system - cool!
- In general very nice photo quality
Cons: - Not too much HC stuff (OK, you still get a lot, but not comparable to the amount of softcore content)
- LOT more photosets than videos
- Lots of videos without the option to download the whole movie in one
- Overall not very satisfying video quality
- No way to change your password (?)
Bottom Line: Alright, so I was just about to subscribe to Karup's PC, when I saw an offer to subscribe to Karup's HA as well. Knowing their reputation (thanks to PU.com ;-) ), and that I really like amateurs, I immediately switched to Karup's HA instead. The price - $30 a month - might be a little bit pricey for some, but nowadays it seems to be a standard, so I won't mention it in a negative light. Especially, that you get a s****t load of content for your money! Download speed is amazing, day or night, it always maxed out my internet connection's capabilities.

I like the design and the structure, easy and fast. You have a model directory where you can see all the available sets and movies with the model; but please, names like "Charlie 2" aren't very 'human'. :-) You get an 'advanced search' function, where you can search by many different things, such as name, photo or video or both, action type, breast size, clothing, fetish, etc. Although it gave me results for 'anal movie' that didn't have any anal in them, but other than this it seemed to work effectively. I found the rating system to be very useful, and also the sections called 'top models' and 'top rated sets'.

As for the content, other than the fact that it's a lot :-), photo quality was up to my satisfaction, in one set you usually get around 110 - 160 pictures, but it might vary. Highest resolution is 1000x1500, which is okay but could be bigger. They're separated in 6 different categories, and lots of the updates are images. Meaning, if you're a 'picture person', you'll love it here. On the other hand video quality is rather poor. There's only one wmv format you can download them in, highest resolution I saw was 640x480, but that's not even my main problem: the picture just isn't sharp, sometimes the lighting seems 'messed up' (too light, too dark), I saw some 'angles' in videos that made me wanna flip my monitor 90 degrees to get it right, audio quality varies, sometimes it's good but sometimes it's just horrible, there were some videos where I saw filming equipment in the background, etc. I personally don't mind the 'chat' at the beginnings. Video length varies from ~9mins to ~25, depending on its kind. Most of them are softcores though. And this is the case with photos and videos too: this site emphasizes softcore material. Also, the main focus is on photos, not really on the movies.

Conclusion: I'd like to see way more hardcore sex, and way more videos in a way better quality. I like (softcore) pictures too for their beauty, but I'm mainly a 'movie lover'. I'd LOVE to see a website like this with the above mentioned focuses. Still, you get lots of nice girls, nice photosets and softcore actions that you can access real fast. Overall it's a great site - but not for the ones like me.

03-17-09  07:11pm

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N/A Reply of ramscrota's Poll

Girl's hand or mouth. Creampie is OK too.

03-03-09  05:17pm

Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - It delivers what its name is suggesting, extremely hardcore!
- Currently more than 150 sets available
- Updates are not too often but seem to be rather consistent (1 set every 5-8 days)
- Even old videos offer different resolutions and the new ones come in 10 different formats, including 2 streaming options for those who can't wait ;-)
- Joining the site means joining Adult Doorway, which gives you access to 21 sites, many of them are based on the same concept as Facial Abuse, so if you like this kind of porn you get a LOT of it
- Super simple website (it's a pro for me, I don't care about any flashy design, but I do want to navigate easily)
Cons: - Might be a little bit to extreme at some points (but it's a question of taste really)
- Setups are real simple, and are often the same
- You pretty much get the exact same action in every movie, even from some of the sister sites as well
Bottom Line: It was a real interesting experience to join this network. I kinda like facials and sucking and such things, but a few times it went way too hardcore for my taste (girls throwing up for example) so I felt a little bit sick to my stomach afterwards. But you get what you pay for, which was $19.95 / month for me when I joined like 2 months ago, now I saw that the price is $29.95 (again?) which is still pretty reasonable IMO, especially if you consider all the other sites you get access to. The video length is usually in between 35 to 45 minutes with a few minutes of 'interview' at the beginning. You get matching high quality pics, their number can vary from around 200 to 700. Video quality is OK, nothing special, but this is not about fancy setups and glamorous girls. If you like girls being 'abused' both physically and verbally, and rough-rough deepthroat - gagging - spitting, then this network is a must for you!

03-02-09  05:41pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of ramscrota's Poll

It could be interesting, but doesn't do much for me.

03-02-09  01:32pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

6-10 (assuming we're talking not just porn sites). 2 different email sites, xe.com for exchange rates, newsportals, gaming sites, the world famous Google naturally :-), and some of the electronic shop's webpages.

02-27-09  03:04pm

Visit Zeina Heart

Zeina Heart

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - GORGEOUS girl

- Some good quality content, different kinds from solos through lesbian to some hardcore stuff

- More or less interesting design (Angel or Demon; both leading to the same content though)

- Gorgeous girl, gorgeous girl, gorgeous girl...but that's about it
Cons: Unfortunately this list is waaay longer:

- NO exclusive content - only stuff that she shot for others, and there's barely any HC stuff amongst them

- Because of the above, video and picture quality varies; highest video resolution I found was 480x360, but way lower resolutions aren't rare. Photo resolution seems to be consisten, 800x1200

- No updates in the past 2,5 months, although they state there are regular ones!

- The website itself has a lot of flaws, like when checking out photosets you can't jump between pages (only have 'next' and 'previous' page option), some broken links (for example 'Diary'), and overall not very impressive

- $30 a month is way too much considering what you get - even if it was updated regularly
Bottom Line: This is my first review here, and it's a shame I have to give such a bad opinion, but other than the fact that you can find content of Zeina Heart (who I really like) there's absolutely nothing good to say about this site. The matter of fact is that it probably became inactive around the time when I joined, but in any case, I'd have expected to find exclusive content from her, maybe a chance to chat with her, or get to know her a little bit, but I was turned down in every aspect. On the other hand, because she got her own footage from other projects, there's a variety of situations and sets where you can see her. While there are some broken links, the ones to the contents seem to be working, so if you like this chick, it might be worth a 'hit and run', but that's about it.

02-27-09  02:59pm

Replies (0)

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