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Visit Pornpros Mobile

Pornpros Mobile

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Mobile version of Porn Pros Network.
- Accessible with main network membership.
- Big buttons, clean layout, simple structure.
- Two layout versions : light and regular.
- Images are 480x320. 8-10 per scene. All landscape.
- Mobile-friendly image slideshow implementation.
- Videos: MP4 400x224 (800 & 300bps), 3gp 352x288 (300bps).
- All videos also available in 8 parts (highest resolution only).
- Video parts have representative thumbnails.
- Links to mobile versions of official blog and twitter.
- Scenes grouped by site, category, stars or date order.
- Ads for other sites don't get in the way.
- No need to login on every visit.
Cons: - They claim 6,000+ scenes but “only” have around 2,200.
- Fixed 320px site width. May look small on newest devices.
- Only 10 images per scene.
- Older scenes have no pictures or not all video formats.
- No scene trailers but mobile free tour has them.
- Search function doesn’t work for model names.
- On scene page, no info on which site it comes from.
- Video and images resolutions may be too low for newest devices.
- Several minor bugs make the experience less pleasing.
- Pictures don't work in light version.
- Nags as in main site: scene recycling, model identification, etc.
Bottom Line: This is the mobile version of US reality porn site Porn Pros Network. It’s a simple yet complete site, good for checking new updates and for the occasional viewing. Things go increasingly bad in older scenes: as you go backwards in time, you start finding scenes with no photos, videos or any content at all. As I've said in the past speaking of mobile porn sites from other networks, I don’t think it’s worth signing up just for the mobile site but it's a nice addition to the main membership.

The picture part is remarkable even though they offer 10 images per scene at most. Instead of mimicking what’s usually available in non-mobile sites (hundreds of images, many of them almost identical, in a thumbnail gallery) they go for a slideshow with the most representative landscape ones. A single orientation is good because you don’t have to keep rotating your phone to make the most of your screen real estate. Images don’t seem to be picked at random and I was under the impression that not all images were also available in the main site. Next image is automatically preloaded and clicking next loads image without refreshing page, so getting an idea of what kind of images the scene has is fast. You may get back to the main scene page by a simple back button click. All around, a simple but thought-out functionality.

Video viewing is fairly well done. I’d appreciate getting trailers, tough. Just as viewing 10 images serves great for sampling the pictures from an update, it would make sense if they offered in the members section the trailers that are already available in the mobile free tour. Trailers are also available inside main members area.

Flaws from the main site crept into the mobile version. Scenes that the main site recycles get recycled here too. My pet peeve is the lack of proper model identification. They only have room for one model name; with luck, one of the models gets her name entered but some scenes get just two first names. The mobile site has flaws and bugs of its own, like some weird issues with the numbering in galleries and failing to identify in a scene page what site it comes from.

There are some extras that make sense in a mobile site. There’s a twitter feed of the most recent tweets from PornPros official account, although there’s something wrong with its integration with the official Twitter App. They also have a mobile optimized version of their blog and the BTS videos played without issues on my phone.

01-22-12  02:39pm

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Visit Passion HD

Passion HD
Reply of astonman's Reply

Thanks indeed for the prompt reply. Most likely those 18 scenes are all the ones also available on Porn Pros Network in the new shooting style. Having them as an alternative shooting style on Porn Pros Network is a nice bonus but this separate site seems to be just an attempt to cash in some money by pretending to be who they are not.

01-20-12  01:29pm

Visit Passion HD

Passion HD
Reply of astonman's Comment

If you were a member recently, could you tell more or less how many scenes are available inside the members area?

I wonder whether Passion HD gets you access to all Porn Pros Network scenes or only to those in this new shooting style. Thanks in advance.

01-20-12  11:05am

Visit Passion HD

Passion HD

Porn Pros Network attempting a U-turn?

Believe it or not, this site is run by Porn Pros Network. What’s more: all the scenes I checked on the free tour have already been released over the last months on almost any of their sites : Deepthroat Love, Teen BFF, Cruelty Party, 18 Years Old, etc.

The same guys who had a fondness for fake mile-long plastic dongs and overdone cumshots, for dressing the girls in bright colored clothes and plastic beads jewelry, the guys that came up with the brilliant Jurassic Cock … have decided to start shooting models dressed in white in a completely different and more slow-paced style at high end all-white settings with lots of natural light. Not only that but they’ve been releasing those scenes through the sites they already had.

I’m not a member of Passion HD so I can’t say whether it’s a clone of Porn Pros Network or if it gives access only to the scenes in this new shooting style. In any case, if you’re interested, it’s currently probably worth going for the main network membership to be sure.

The thing is I liked their previous style and I like this one. It will certainly be interesting to see how this site / shooting style evolves. I haven’t checked these new scenes extensively but I’m pretty sure the shooting style is true to what the trailers and preview images suggest.

PS: I won’t name names but I couldn’t help noticing that the free tour has more than a passing resemblance with a site from another company that has been shooting scenes in this style exclusively for some years. Colors, layout and even the way they name the models with just the first name. Even the models themselves might be found at both sites.

01-17-12  11:31am

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I knew about it on TBP but had never checked its counterpart here on PU.

01-15-12  02:13pm

Visit Wicked Boobs

Wicked Boobs
Reply of Monahan's Comment

This very much looks like a clone of Wicked Pictures. Just a bunch of photos of big boobed stars from their movies on the free tour but I doubt you'll get more content on Wicked Boobs than what you'll get at their flagship site. I'd strongly suggest that you check Wicked Pictures instead: there are lots of reviews and comments from fellow PUs that will get you a better idea of the site's content.

Just a word of advice: when they launched their new members area about a year ago, no photos were available and the videos had serious audio sync issues. I don't know for sure if anything was eventually solved.

01-15-12  11:20am

N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

I guess it's worth mentioning that Chrome Browser autofills credit cards if you let it do so. It doesn't have the option to remember the CVV but it saves name, number and expiry date. Works for ccbill. Once configured, double clicking on the card number field autofills all info. You'll have to remember the CVV, though.

I believe Firefox used to remember credit card info on ccbill signup pages (you had to double click on the card number field too) but it no longer does.

There are potential hazards in having your browser use autofill (like rogue websites using hidden fields to capture your personal data) so be careful about it.

01-13-12  01:50pm

Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Social integration gone awry

PornPros Network has a new members area. They have decided to go "social" and add a widget at the end of each model's scenes list named "follow her on twitter" that shows some tweets. The widget is based on a script provided by twitter.

In some cases, someone at PornPros Network took the time to find that model's twitter account and configured the widget to show tweets from that account only. For instance, April O'Neil's @undeux. Done like this, kind of makes sense and I've seen it done on other porn sites.

On other models, though, they configured the widget to merely do a search on twitter for the model's name which, in the case of popular stars like Sophie Dee, yields all kinds of questionable tweets. For newbies like Karina White it's even funny because it's full of unrelated stuff: it shows tweets mentioning any account named Karina-something and the word "white".

Maybe they should stick to only showing tweets coming from the model herself. On the other hand, I think it would make sense to use twitter differently, like placing a widget on scene pages that lets members tweet comments about the scenes.

01-08-12  09:48am

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Visit Streamate.com

Reply of ace of aces's Comment

Maybe Streamate.com tried to charge something on your card and your bank didn't allow it? If I remember correctly, they were sending me an email whenever a charge was made on my card. Check your spam folder in case there's an email with further info there.

01-07-12  02:39am

Visit Melissa Debling

Melissa Debling

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of UK glamour model Melissa Debling.
- 5’3”, blonde, curvy, big boobs, no tattoo.
- 50+ photo sets. Average 100 photos per set.
- 1200x800 (75%), 1600x1050 (25%). 75% are portrait.
- Solo teasing in casual clothes. Up to topless.
- 60+ videos. 60% photo-shoot BTS, 40% camera teasing.
- Flash format, 720x400. Avg 5 Mbps video rate, 5 minutes long.
- Lots of closeups on boobs and ass in videos.
- One new photo gallery and one new video per week.
- A little bit of interaction: forum, short blog entries.
- Free tour makes me think it’s still updating.
- Free tour claims you may now also access other solo sites.
- Shop offers prints, posters and other merchandising.
- Billed by epoch. No regional pricing.
Cons: - Model has recently been tweeting against joining this site.
- Most likely they won’t be updating/online for much longer.
- No metadata on photo galleries, videos (no release date, etc).
- Galleries compressed in RAR format instead of ZIP.
- RARs become available some days after gallery release.
- Slow motion segments, unrelated new-age music on every video.
- Videos are streaming only. No downloads available.
- No link between same scene’s photos, tease video and BTS.
- No webcam chats despite free tour lists the feature.
- No way to privately message the model.
Bottom Line: This is or, more precisely, was the official site of UK glamour model Melissa Debling. Melissa Debling is blonde, petite, curvy and has a phenomenal rack and no tattoos. She has appeared in UK men’s Magazines like Nuts and Zoo, on the page 3 of tabloids and also on UK glamour websites like Only All Sites. I was reluctant to join this site after my experience with Official Lindsey Strutt from the same company but her looks made me take the plunge.

The type of content is very similar to that on Official Lindsey Strutt: very tame posing up to topless in casual clothes (almost no pantyhose, thank God). Videos are somewhat better here even though a bit repetitive. You get almost every video twice: as BTS of the photo shoot and as a tease segment. The only difference between the two is that in the tease segment the model looks at the camera while in the BTS she looks at the photographer. Melissa Debling seemed slightly more involved with the site, periodically replying to forum messages and posting short blog entries regularly but I’m pretty sure that has stopped.

It’s unclear whether this site will stay much longer online. Melissa Debling has for some time been warning on Tweeter not to join this site anymore. Even though, I see the site is now offering 3 and 6 month memberships. Free tour shows photo sets that have been released since my membership expired, but it seems unlikely they have enough new material to fill the next 6 months if the model is no longer shooting with them. You do get access to other sites from the company, which I didn’t get when I was a member.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with this company that keeps closing its sites after just a few months life. I was a member of a site from this company that closed without any explanation shortly after I knew about it as a new listing on TBP. Several sites from them are no longer accepting memberships or are plain and simply deleted after a very short time online.

01-01-12  10:35am

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Visit Glamour Stars Live

Glamour Stars Live

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Many UK glamour models listed for cam chat.
- 1 on 1 chat: 3 credit/minute. Group shows: 10 credit/show.
- 1 credit = 1 USD. No regional pricing.
- All models have the same rates.
- Models seen on Only Tease, Pin-Up Wow and similar sites.
- Info on model’s bio and sites where she may be seen.
- May book some of the models for 1 on 1 cam shows in advance.
- Models list what outfits they have available for “fantasies”.
- Good schedule info. Models mostly honor it.
- Decent credit usage and billing log for the last month.
- VIP membership available.
- Opt-in email alerts when particular model comes online.
- Receive some free credits when buying credits in bulk.
- ccbill.
Cons: - Only around 60 models listed.
- No models from outside UK.
- 5 models online at most.
- Rarely any model online except for UK evening time.
- Anything but chatting requires extra tip
- Up to teasing requires 25 credits tip; topless, 50; nude, 100.
- Can’t see or talk to model prior to entering 1 on 1 show.
- Show window opens in a small old-fashioned pop up.
- Chat features are limited in comparison to other cam sites.
- No favorites feature, no recording, no chat logs.
- No cam to cam, no private spying, no free chat.
- Email alerts are difficult to manage.
- Credit usage and billing logs only for last month.
- Must contact site to know what VIP membership offers.
Bottom Line: Glamour Stars Live lets you chat with UK glamour models on cam. The site itself is quite well built and provides a lot of info but the chat part is extremely lacking compared to other cam sites. It also becomes expensive if you want anything but chatting with a sitting model in lingerie.

Only Tease has its own clone of the site, OTCams. Username and password are valid at both sites. I assume sites work the exact same way apart from some minor layout and color changes. I only noticed that Glamour Stars Live has more info on which sites a particular model has appeared in while OTCams only links to Only Tease. I felt they both should consider adding links to particular sets instead of generic links to sites’ home pages.

In my personal experience, I encountered the same situation described at the TBP Review: model expected to only chat for the regular 3 credits per minute price. I’m not sure the model was fully aware of how the tips worked; I still don’t fully understand it myself. There’s a cumbersome graph chart on the site’s menu “How it Works” section: I expected tipping 25 credits would get her to stand up and tease but it looked like what the model expected from me the most was to ask for it politely.

As for technical quality of the chat, in my case, image quality was sub-par, I didn’t get audio and was repeatedly disconnected from the chat. But I see some models in the listing now with HD signs, I remember the old-fashioned cam interface had audio controls and the model acknowledged she was using wireless. So, problems were most likely due to that particular model’s setup.

Apart from 1 on 1 chats, site also offers scheduled group shows at 10 credits for the whole session. Members are encouraged to buy tickets in advance. All group shows are scheduled some days in advance and start around 10pm UK time (11pm CET) which is 2pm - 5pm in the US. About that time is also when most models are online, accepting 1 on 1 shows. Never saw more than 4-5 online at the same time, though. When you buy credits for the first time, you get a free ticket. I first tried to use it on a show that was eventually cancelled and got my free ticket back.

I lost interest in this site as fast as I lost interest in the model that brought me here. If I appreciated the fact that Only Tease doesn’t have a single set where the model doesn’t wear stockings, pantyhose or socks, I’d probably be a recurring member there and still be using this site periodically to catch my favorites’ shows.

12-26-11  04:11am

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Visit Puba

Reply of roseman's Comment

I had the exact same issue when I signed up for Puba earlier this year. According to the Puba support person who answered my ticket, RG stands for RocketGate and the cancellation has to be done through Puba by opening a support ticket on Puba site and asking them to cancel the membership. They were very fast in answering even though I opened the ticket during the weekend.

Seeing the signup page was from an unknown biller, I had used a prepaid credit card. Even though Puba support said they had canceled my membership, I don't know what charges were made to that card. I can confirm, though, that I could only access the site for the purchased month.

12-23-11  02:02pm

Visit Reality Kings Mobile

Reality Kings Mobile
Reply of messmer's Comment

Maybe a third person could enter his/her login from the Reality Kings main site and tell us all whether it works on the mobile site as well. FWIW, I just tried again and it still works for me. According to his comment, it looks like it also worked for devsmr.

If Reality Kings intended separate memberships and the current situation is a bug, I'm sure they have the resources to solve it.

12-08-11  02:18am

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of VanDamage's Reply

If you don't see the icon to launch Down Them All Manager near your address bar, try these steps:

1) Hit Alt - T (Alt key and T key at the same time). This should pop up the Tools menu somewhere near the orange "Firefox" menu.
2) On the Tools menu, click "Down Them All! Tools"
3) Click Manager.

The Manager is the window where you see downloads while they are taking place or are just finished. So, another way to make it come up is by downloading something with DTA.

Once you get the Manager, you'll get the blue (+) button on the top right.

11-27-11  04:00am

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of VanDamage's Reply

I'm pretty sure it should still work if you follow all the steps. Maybe point 5 should be written differently:

5) Launch DownThemAll Manager from Firefox menu and click on the blue (+) button "Add Downloads".

Keep in mind that XXX is merely a placeholder I chose: you should not put XXX in there but the number of the last image in the gallery (557 in the screen capture you sent).

Looking at the capture, it looks like you tried to start the download from the last image instead of starting a multiple image download. Hence, you can't edit the download text box and you only download 1 image (JFYI, the referral box you edited is pretty much useless here and on almost any other site).

Another suggestion after checking your capture would be to change the renaming mask to just *name*.*ext* if you plan to write the folder yourself in the "Save Files in" box.

11-26-11  03:08pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of dracken's Reply

There must be some way to make it less intrusive. It's much more annoying than the ads on the site. Big watermarks are often distracting and this feels like having big moving watermarks all over the place so, for me, it's hard to ignore them and focus on the scene.

I don't know if the performers get paid extra for wearing those ads but it obviously puts some money on the company's pockets to hire more (and more expensive) talent.

11-12-11  02:57am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of picdude's Reply

So right. I can't help but think those updates look really out of place when models release them as regular sets on their own sites: the clothes look cheap and the logos are huge; they serve but nothing as promo material. To say nothing of the teddy bear that can be seen sometimes. I doubt models get nothing but some promotion on that site from doing those sets.

11-12-11  02:45am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Product placement is the next big thing in porn

On Monster Curves update from October 1st, they had Alexis Texas, Bobbi Starr and Franceska Jaimes dressed in tight red bodysuits for a racetrack themed update. They are joined by Voodoo and another guy in racing suits later on for a bbggg scene. It could be just one more great scene with a stellar cast but there's something special about it: the girls (and only the girls) have big logos all over their suits from an Adult Dating website. Chest, back, elbows and thighs plus a slight variation of the Adult Dating website’s official motto written from right to left leg. “Worlds Best Pers” up the inner part of right thigh and “onals for Adults” continues down the inner left. They keep the suits on for half the scene and the camera focuses inevitably on the logos quite a lot.

I thought it was a one time thing but, a month later, for this Saturday’s CFNM Secret update, Brooklyn Lee, Francesca Le and Niki Delano are in similar white bodysuits in another scene shot at the same racetrack and, according to the production date in the credits, on the same day. Needless to say, big logos and motto from the Adult Dating site all over the girls' (and only the girls') bodysuits. Ramon is the racing driver this time. He celebrates his victory with a bottle of champagne but the champagne brand is thoroughly blurred in the video while the Adult Dating website logos are, again, big and unblurred.

In the CFNM Secret scene, you see why the motto is written with a lot of space between “Pers” and “onals” : when the girls carve a hole in their suits in order to get fucked while still clothed (remember, it's CFNM), the hole they require uses all the space in between. You can’t help but keep reading the motto perfectly written on their legs while all three take turns riding Ramon in reverse cow girl facing the camera. And you always see some of the logos in the background. The fact the motto reads perfectly shows someone cares about the end results but I’d suggest they also consider rotating the thighs’ outer logo 180 degrees: the way it’s written on both scenes, you keep seeing it upside down when the girls flex their legs.

Product placement could be the next big thing in porn. The possibilities are endless. I'm wondering which Reality Kings site will be next and when. We Live Together often uses costumes of some sort in its updates so I'm betting sooner or later we'll see Sammie Rhodes and company sporting tight bodysuits plagued with ads for the Adult Dating website I’m meaning to join as soon as I finish posting this comment.

11-06-11  12:01pm

Replies (4)
Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of uscue's Comment

Most recent scenes are available in 5 minute segments. I can't tell you the exact date when they switched but maybe it was about a month ago when they launched the new Members Area layout. Older scenes are still available in 2 minute segments, not 1 as you suggested.

Bangbros Network is currently transitioning into a new Members Area layout. Like they did last time, both the new and old layouts are still available. Even though, the short segment downloads are available in both layouts.

The new layout calls them 2-5 minute segments (I guess it's to cope with the fact they've changed the segment length for new scenes but haven't updated the segments from old ones). Old layout still calls them 2 minute segments, despite the new ones are 5 minutes.

Both layouts still offer all scenes chopped in 4 parts.

11-04-11  11:38am

Visit Puba

Reply of exotics4me's Reply

No intent to tease you since the time seems likely not to be OK for you but Charley Chase is scheduled for a live show on Monday October, 31st 2011 between 12pm and 3pm LA time.

Not seeing her in the schedule when I wrote my first reply left me wondering whether she was still involved with the site.

For the sake of completeness, there's another one by Jayden Jaymes XXX on November, 2nd that should also be available with the Puba membership. Taylor Vixen and Casey Cumz are the other models scheduled in the coming days but as I said in my first reply, their shows won't be available but through Streamate.com Gold Shows.

10-27-11  12:07pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

An alternative to what Khan suggested on Msg #9 is clicking the New Replies next to the alert sign at the top of each page.

Then, you will get the Approved listing by clicking on the third line (second option on Feedback Status).

10-16-11  07:01am

Visit Reality Kings Mobile

Reality Kings Mobile
Reply of devmsr's Comment

It could be an ad that shows from time to time. It has happened to me when clicking the Reality Kings Mobile bookmark to get a page showing several GF Revenge updates but all I got were links to joining the site.

I find it quite annoying because I'm not that interested in this type of content and I have to keep trying until I finally get the page I wanted to visit.

10-16-11  03:46am

Visit BangbrosNetwork Mobile

BangbrosNetwork Mobile

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Mobile version of Bangbros Network.
- All new content is available here at the same time.
- Bangbros Network login works here too.
- No need to login every time you visit the site.
- 1,530 scenes (everything since November, 2009).
- Same size pictures as regular site (new ones, 2000x1300).
- Screencaps for all updates.
- One format for videos: 480x360 MP4 900kbps.
- Easy to browse around on a phone.
- May jump several pages (in galleries or scene lists).
- Good metadata: all models’ names on multi-model updates.
- Browse videos by “Date”, “Top Rated” and filter by categories.
- Browse models by “Top Rated” or “Latest”.
Cons: - Only 1/3 of all BangBros Network scenes are available.
- 320px wide layout raises issues when flipping device.
- Only one format for videos. No trailers.
- I was unable to play any video on my phone.
- The videos I managed to download were letterboxed.
- Thumbnails of portrait images appear distorted.
- Full size images may be too big for a mobile site (2 Mbytes).
- No Search or Alphabetical model browsing.
- None of regular site’s social features: likes, favorites, ratings.
Bottom Line: This is the mobile “optimized” version of Bangbros Network. You may access it with any browser but it wouldn’t make sense doing it from anything but a phone. It has a fixed width of 320 pixels. 320x480 was the resolution of the first 3 generations of the iPhone (until iPhone 4) and most of the first mobile “optimized” sites were in fact “iPhone” optimized. Nowadays, it doesn’t make any sense to force a fixed width on a mobile site given there are much more devices that may benefit from a mobile version, each with its own resolution. I don’t know if it’s related to this but the page doesn’t re-render to fill the screen when I flip my phone to landscape mode; this is frustrating and rare for a mobile site.

I had serious issues with videos. For some reason, I couldn’t get any video to stream or download on my phone, getting server not found errors or my phone plain refusing to play them. On my desktop computer, I managed to download some but they all were saved as “membercheck”, without extension. Windows Media Player Classic couldn’t play them, not even adding an .mp4 extension but VLC did. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with them. Even if your device has no problem with the videos, you’ll probably wish they had trailers.

As for the photos, they have the same issue as the regular Bangbros Network site: all thumbnails are displayed with the same 150x100 dimensions. The actual thumbnail images have the right dimensions but they are scaled through HTML on the page; this obviously renders portrait thumbnails absolutely distorted. They shoot mainly landscape photos but the issue sometimes appears from the first photo: when they shoot “pretty girl” photos in portrait mode. Other than that, it’s fairly easy to move around and jump several pages forward to avoid repeated photos. Screencaps are welcome.

As it is now, it has little use but to know which scenes have been released recently. No video access and there are several issues with photo browsing. They’ve recently launched a new version of the regular members area where they have finally solved the issue with thumbnails. Hope they bring some of that to the mobile site. Bangbros Network has some great content but its mobile site has a lot of room for improvement.

10-16-11  03:37am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

At least for me, there are always "Staff Notes" under each review and rarely under other feedback types. They say almost always the same but with slightly different wording, which shows someone is actually typing those words. I find that quite nice.

I've been checking the notes much more often since the day I realized a reply I had posted a month earlier had a Staff Note noting me that I had said something that was slightly against this site's rules.

My humble intent in submitting this poll was trying to know whether other users were aware of this somewhat obscure functionality and thank PornUsers staff - mostly Khan it seems :) - for reading through all our contributions.

10-15-11  08:52am

Visit Assassinate That Ass

Assassinate That Ass
Reply of pornfalls's Comment

I believe website owners have to pay a one-time fee (or maybe yearly) to be able to accept VISA through ccbill. Most likely this site hasn't paid that fee and that's why you can't use VISA yet.

I have in the past encountered sites that I couldn't join immediately after launch because they launched without having paid the fee. I've sometimes pondered getting a Master Card for this occasions only but, eventually, always VISA ends up appearing as an accepted payment method.

10-13-11  02:18pm

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