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N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

Crikey guys, I submitted this poll about 2 years ago - just got an email saying Poll Live - forgot you lot existed !

Great to be back !

05-19-12  03:50am

N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

My, that sparked off a discussion !!!

Perhaps we should start a thread on the forums.

Of course the poll could have had 100 entries, but the one's listed are my pet hates !

The worst for me is blokes gettin in the way, being too visible or audible.....as far as I'm concerned,'Leah Luv' or 'Sasha Grey' are being real dirty with.........ME (!)....... not some dumbass geezer who thinks he's the biz just 'cos he's got a 13 inch dick !

But second, especially with South American and Russian stuff, is the fake moans from girls who immediately start a 30 minute-long orgasm when they start touching their bajingoes !

12-03-09  03:42am

N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

I realise that most people have multiple reasons.....construncting a poll using multiples would be rather difficult.

I guess, the "main" reason would qualify if it the FIRST thing you do when you login.....most times.

For me, I always check out new sites first....then have a nose around after that.

11-23-09  05:32am

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

Well in the UK.....enough said !

Anything you think "may" be illegal...probably is.

Fortunately, as long it involves adults, there are very few cases of prosecution, as long as you are not selling it.

I recently found out that peeing is NOT illegal in the UK.....I thought it was...and used to delete (securely)....any vids that had that (and many have).....but apparently it is only illegal if it is "onto someone else"......so guess what I did the very next day ?? !!

11-14-09  06:38am

N/A Reply of kkman112's Reply

Just use "Truecrypt" to create a "device" from an entire hard drive. It is impossible to tell if it is anything other, than corrupt data.

Windows doesn't recognise it, and asks if you want to format it......"plausible deniability"......!

11-14-09  06:34am

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

Nah....in hell, all your porn has to be downloaded using a Torrent program on dial up.

Also, if you ever get to watch a full video, your PC will crash, just before the cum shot.

11-14-09  06:31am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Well it was easy for me - To give head.....I am 100% hetero, so that, for me, would be extremely diificult. Wish everything in life was so cut and dry !

10-26-09  03:42pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

10 by 8 all the way.

01-05-08  08:08am

N/A Reply of elephant's Reply

Yeah me too - it's difficult scrolling and changing pics with one hand...! hehe !

01-05-08  08:07am

N/A Reply of PU Announcement on 01-20-07

I agree that is a step forward to prevent abuse: however, another sign that even a "registered" user may well be a person with a financial interest in certain sites and may be attempting to "skew" results, is if an individual is reviewing "too many" sites.

Very few people can afford to join more than say 2 or 3 sites a month.

Also, make sure people can only register with IP email address, ie. don't allow yahoo or hotmail etc.


02-08-07  03:28am

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

Yes indeedy...see my reviews on mayors network......apparently porn studios, or rather the stars, are a little reticent about HiDef....it means complete body makeup -- yuk !

So, I qualify my "yes" vote - not for stuff that's too hardcore. I wanna porno film in the end, not a gynaecology manual.

The problem I've noticed with the relatively small amount of HiDef available, is the overuse of closeups...the irony is clear of course: the whole point of HiDef, imo, is that you no longer NEED to use closeups - so, yes, but thw whole approach to direction and filming needs rethinking !

02-08-07  03:09am

N/A Reply of PU Announcement on 01-08-07

Just thought I'd add my 2 cents worth.

I feel the future is HiDef. I live in a place where we have no freedom of speech - the UK.

The only DVD quality porn we can get hold of, that is not censored, is via the net.

Please help the UK users by pushing HiDef, not so much as a "nich", but a requirement in the 21st Century.

Believe me, playing HiDef vids (720p min,.)- not that there many yet - via a decent HDMi cable to a large LCD or Plasma is a joy to behold !

The added benefit is that being compressed by wmv HD codecs they are certainly worth the extra space on the old hard drive, or on a regular DVD R disk. Due to the compression factor, you can still get a full 2 hours of movie on a 4 GB disk !

So I would really like to see the HiDef "niche" on your main site, promoted to full prominence on the site index.


01-12-07  01:59pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of Davit's Review

Totally agree with your commments on bad direction and technical work. This is made even worse when these "professionals" start playing with Hi Definition. HD is notoriously difficult to use well. They should really be sent on a course...what a waste some of these sites are...they have cash and willing girls but can't produce a decent movie to save their lives.

HiDef shoud not be held held unless absolutely necessary. This type of fil making could easily be 80% tripod based...but no...and the exposure/lighting is all to pot as well. Some of these guys may as well use a cellular phone...it would be cheaper and give just the same results.

The eastern European ones are the worst culprits. They really need a wake-up call !

Rant over.......Happy New Year !

01-05-08  08:06am

Visit 123 Lacey Pink

123 Lacey Pink

Why ?

What's with a site that only charges $1.25 ?? !!!

Someone has to check this out.....I want to but reckon that something might happen to my entire bank account !

Sound a little dodgy to me !

04-27-07  06:24am

Replies (5)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
Reply of NightOwl's Comment

These problems are no more - I assure you.

Plenty of H/C and all sites are accessible. See my recent review.

04-18-09  03:47pm

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Loads of material - much is live
Utterly gorgeous European teens
Good variety of scenarios
Majority in near full HD
Good price
Decent navigation and speed
Live shows are quite amusing - but they talk to you!
Cons: Some of girls joke around
Not much audio - language barrier biggest problem
Not all "live" recordings were avaialable
Alice didn't visit me at home after I invited her round on a Live show (!)
Bottom Line: I joined this site a couple of months ago and have never gotten around to reviewing it.

I have in the past joined a variety of sites that feature the solo models - Natasha Shy, Alice Wonderbang and Ivan Fukalot. Well this site features them all - and interestingly, some of their best videos.

This is a great site to start with if you like any of these young eastern 'Euro-teens', and then if you find one girl that you can't get enough of, join her solo site too !

This is also a site where the most recent vids feature Natasha going at it with a bloke - it was nice (and I mean this respectfully) to see her constant smiley/giggly attitude, wiped off her face. She has 2 scenes with a guy, and in one, I have never seen such a violent, REAL orgasm....think 'elecrical current through a squid'......she certainly took that one seriously !

Alice also appears with a few guys, unlike on her own site where she only plays a secondary role in two G/G/B scenes. Here, she gets the custard - and the cream !

The other main stars have to be Vika, Kat and Ivana. VIKA has to be the dirtiest little thing ever - taking the crown from Alice - WOW ! I cannot get enough of her. I have never seen anything of her before, and I was absolutely gob-smacked. She is a natural and to be honest, it's worth joining the site just for her 20 or so vids.

Overall, great value, good speeds and fantastic girls. For fans of Alice and Natasha Shy it's a must see - real sex with real guys ! And if you've never experienced sex with Vika (the POV stuff is amazing), you need to !

Thoroughly recommended for any teen lover.

04-18-09  02:00am

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Visit 1Pondo.tv

Reply of monty2222's Reply

Try clicking on the categoris on the left of the home page and you can download some previews.

Probably won't be long before I join to be honest....!!! Just saving the pennies.

10-26-09  03:39pm

Visit 1Pondo.tv



What looks interesting about this site is that:

1) many of the girls are shaven,

2) the vast majority seem to be uncensored,

3) Most are in Hi Def

These 3 factors are very unusual for japanese porn and possibly makes it worth the fee ? !

Watch this space.

10-26-09  11:50am

Replies (2)
Visit 1Pondo.tv


Anyone ?

Previews look awesome on this site.

I'm hoping TBP may negotiate a discount as this VERY expensive and there is a 6GB limit...although that is probably not too bad these mocvies are pretty much 1- 1.5 GB each !

10-26-09  11:42am

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Visit 8Teen Kitties

8Teen Kitties
Reply of Denner's Comment

Hmmm...and no previews either.

Me thinks it is a small site.

I always get suspicious when sites are not 100% transparent.

Think I'll steer clear for now.

05-31-09  03:35pm

Visit Abelinda

Reply of dracken's Reply

Well I actually joined both......both different.

The Ablelinda site is mainly HD - although not encoded well (very stuttery), while the TinyTyler site is low res stuff.

You have to very careful with the TinyTyler site, as there a lots of cross sells, instant upsells etc etc. I joined with prepaid card, with just enough credit to cover the cost.

01-17-10  08:05am

Visit Abelinda


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Abelinda is gorgeous
- Hi Def (but see below) vids
- 12 different girl sites accessible
- speeds are pretty good
- download managers useable
- photsets are zipped
Cons: - Hi Def vids are very stuttery. Bad encoding using WMV 3 codec.
- photos either very large or pretty small.
- photos not great quality - large are very grainy
- only 5 or 6 videos of each girl
- "fake" forum is annoying
Bottom Line: I joined this site as I adore Abelinda / Tiny Tyler - or whatever other names she goes by.

Unfortunately, it appears this guy has rented a hotel room and a $500 HD Camera for a weekend - for each girl - paid them $1000 and knocked out some very amateurish material, that is all technically flawed.

On the 8th Day, God gave man a camera - guess what he did with it ! Unfortunately lessons didn't come with it.

Unfortunately, this is a fraction of what it could have been. With only 5 or 6 videos and 12 or so photosets, one imagines, that 6 or so videos have been held back, to generate updates. These are to come at the rate of 1 per week, but my guess is, there will only be 4 or five video updates.

Technically, the videos are awful. I am a HD teen cononsewer (deliberate misspelling !), and I have seen the likes of TeenMegaWorld videos, and so I know good HD quality when I see it ! I can also see when someone buys a camera and thinks he can produce quality material. NOT SO !

Certainly in this case, this guy needs to go to video school, learn about codecs and try again...preferably not with WMV3 whih is fraught with problems.

This site is only worth joining if you NEED to have ALL the videos avaiable for one of these girls. As for Abelinda, there are much better videos on countless other sites.... try TeenMegaWorld's network for example.

Final gripe, is the "Abelinda Forum", where Abelinda actually posts stuff and answers questions in real time.....oh, and in perfect English. Yeah right....and I'm the next Pope. Give me a break and please don't patronise me !

Otherwise, not really worth the $30 imo.

11-14-09  08:13am

Replies (0)
Visit Abelinda


Same Sites ? Same Girl ?



Girl is smame but sites appear different. But came came live at same time - this week !

Wonder which one wil be updating ?

What's occurring ?

Also, BP facts say only 2 vids, yet site clearly shows bunch more.

10-23-09  04:00pm

Replies (3)
Visit All Teen Rev Pass

All Teen Rev Pass
Reply of OneMan's Comment


This is what I received from the Credit Card company that services the site:

"The charge of $9.95 is only a pre-authorization to ensure that the credit card
used is valid and there is room on the card if ever the membership is upgraded.
But we assure you that this is not an actual charge but just a temporary hold on
the funds that will usually fall off your bank within 72 hours once the membership
has been canceled."

Now, as far as I'm concerned, this is rubbish. I have never seen anyone take more than $1 from a credit card to check iD etc.

Besides, what the firm did not do, is to tell me that I was given access to a 3 day trial which would be rebilled at $9.99 unless I cancelled.

Unfortunately, I had no idea that I had been signed-up to it and so would not have cancelled it anyway !

But, taking $9.99 from on'es account without authorisation is 'not on', in my book !

However they dress it up, it is dodgy practice at best.

I really wanted to try out Tiny Tyler, but I no longer wish to patronise this company...on principle, if nothing else. At worst, sufring the member area which is full of instant upselling links, is not my idea of fun, as I have found to my cost in the past !

These sites that use dodgy practices should be named and shamed.
I still maintain that instant upsells are not legal...at least in the UK, Contract Law requires clear offer and acceptance.....credit card practice should not allow it...at least ethically if not legally. Disgraceful.

10-26-09  10:39am

Visit All Teen Rev Pass

All Teen Rev Pass

They Asite re Upselling throughout the and on Cancellation Page

It has dawned on me how they managed to charge me for the 3 day DVD site access at $10.

When I cancelled the $1 2-day trial to TTP, on the cancelation page there was a box that said "Cancel and Send me a DVD".

I thought nothing about this.....clearly this is what it was !

I distinctly remeber it said "Send my a DVD"...so thought nothing of it. This is clearly fraudulent.

However, there was no confirmation or email confirming I had now joined another site.

This is basically, then, an "instant upsell" on the cancellation page !!!!! WTF ????

I have had experience of this before though.

Another site I joined recently, used "instant upsells" throughout the member area...absolutely disgustingm and they also used them on their cancellation page.

I really think credit card processing firms should not allow this instant upselling. There is no express offer and acceptance, and the fact that you rarely know that you've joined a trial, means that they then rob you some more with rebills.


10-24-09  09:47am

Replies (1)

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