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Visit Sex Art

Sex Art

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stunningly beautiful cinematic quality films
- Almost all attractive models, many from MetArt.
- Increasingly active comments from users. They can be a bit pretentious, but are often interesting.
- They have promised that they don't fiddle votes, and only block abusive comments.
- Very quick and reliable downloads, always maxes out my internet connection (around 2 MBytes/sec).
- Easy navigation and basic search facilities. All updates are clearly dated.
- All exclusive content, I think.
- Multiple sizes and resolutions of photos & videos. Videos up to 1080p.
- Streaming available - never tried it
- So far, unlike for example X-Art, SexArt has held the line against including ugly mysoginistic male-oriented material like anal.
- Around 200 films and slightly more photo sets. Daily updates - 3 films per week.
- Other interesting material, including interviews with models. After a long pause, these are starting again.
Cons: - Little variety of models - almost all white, slim, 18 - 25.
- Photo sets by and large not so good.
- Rather too many models with tattoos and piercings for my tastes, and some less attractive models recently.
- Cross-site advertising is a pain.
- Photo sets which come with the films are very variable, partly because the lighting is set up for films and they are obviously done in a hurry.
- Recent issue with the Los Angeles operation (due to the mandatory condom laws), which has reduced the variety of material over the last few months.
Bottom Line: This site is very firmly in the "glamcore" or "heartcore" genre. They started off with a lot of heavily artistic material, but are now concentrating on making the sex as real as possible. They release 3 films a week, mostly with associated photo sets, and separate photo sets on the other days. The films are markedly higher quality than the photos. There is a fairly even mix of solo, GG & BG films - for a while there were no solo films but they have made a comeback recently. The films are pushing boundaries of eroticism and getting a real connection and excitement, but the photo sets often just look like more explicit MetArt photos. Stylistically the photos & films don't match.
There is a real effort with the setups and stories for the films, and several have really changed my ideas of what can be done with erotica. The films mostly have good scene setting, and a fun or romantic bit at the end, which make them feel much more intimate and real. I find this much better than a film that is nothing but sex. There have also been two long series of films (Snow Fun and currently The Game) which allow time for a bit more character development.

I particularly loved the more stylized and artistic earlier material - the body painting etc which have been criticised in other reviews. While I really like the current material too, I do find that my favourite films are almost all the earlier ones which is a slight concern.

I must be honest, I love this site. A lot of the films are an absolute joy to watch. Some people may complain that it isn't hard enough, but it is wonderful to see material that is done with such respect for the performers and has no sign of mistreatment or ugliness whatsoever. In fact it is a real indictment of modern porn that people will criticise this site because models don't get mistreated or hurt.

It isn't perfect, and I'm not that impressed by a lot of the photo sets, but they are trying hard, and are brave enough to try things which might be less popular. I will definitely be renewing when my current annual membership ends. If you are unsure about joining a porn site because of what you might see, you will find nothing nasty here.

10-29-13  10:34pm

Replies (3)
Visit The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Recent material very well made and very stylish, beautiful standard of films.
- Recent photo sets very interesting & original.
- Greater variety of models than normal, including some a little older, and some latin girls.
- There seems to be a lot of genuine sexual excitement in the models, they really looked turned on and I often can believe that they have orgasms.
- Very quick and reliable downloads, always maxes out my internet connection (around 2 MBytes/sec).
- Multiple sizes and resolutions of photos & videos, up to 1080p, although I only ever download the highest.
- Site doesn't seem to time out. When I first joined I stayed logged in for several days while downloading the old material.
- Quite a few Paul Black movies - my all time favourite. You wouldn't believe a film with just one girl in it would be so exciting and different.
- Most films are relatively short - 5 to 10 minutes - and well edited.
Cons: - The earlier material is rather uninspired, and quite a lot isn't exclusive.
- Some of the earlier films are a bit pixellated - claim to be HD but I'm not so sure.
- Rather too many models with tattoos and piercings for my tastes.
- Some of the older photo sets are far too long, with endless almost identical photos.
- The logo on the films is a bit intrusive although it is a bit better on the recent films, the logo on the photos is much smaller.
- The cross-site advertising is a pain.
- It is possible to vote, but there is no comment mechanism so there is no feel of any community membership.
Bottom Line: The basis of The Life Erotic is stylized female masturbation - there is some g/g material but that also concentrates on the act of masturbation rather then regular lesbian sex. These days there are daily updates, 2 films and 5 photo sets per week, earlier there were 4 updates per week with rather fewer films.

I really like the current material, even when it is a bit dark for my tastes or when the girls have a few too many tattoos or piercings, it is so imaginative and well made that I still enjoy it. The earlier material isn't as good. Concentrating on solo female masturbation is a bit limiting, and it obviously took a while to find the right style. The current material is amazing, but pre-2012 isn't great. With 2 films produced per week, this means there isn't a huge amount of top quality material. That's really the only thing I can mark the site down for.

It might seem a bit limiting to concentrate on solo masturbation, but they are managing to make it very varied and interesting with some great scenarios. It may be all solo or GG, but in my experience the scenarios make it genuinely for couples too. Personally, I like to see member comments on sites, although I rarely join in as I tend to be downloading the material a week or two late, and I definitely miss having comments on this site - I think they are missing a trick here as one of the ways to encourage membership rather than piracy is to make a community of the site. I joined relatively recently for a year, and am almost certain to renew.

10-31-13  01:30pm

Replies (4)
Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-25-13  09:41am  (Update History)
Reason: Increasing amount of anal material on the site
Pros: - Very attractive models
- The site corporate style with brightly colored videos is refreshing
- Stunningly beautiful films, the "joy" in the title is well chosen
- All exclusive content, I think.
- Very quick and reliable downloads, always maxes out my internet connection (around 2 MBytes/sec).
- Multiple sizes and resolutions of photos & videos, although I only ever download the highest. Recent videos are true HD.
Cons: - Earlier material had highest video resolution of 720p, but very good quality. EDIT - see below, all available at 1080 now.
- Little variety of models - almost all white, slim, 18 - 25.
- I was going to say that so far Joymii has held the line against including ugly mysoginistic male-oriented material like anal. Sadly, they have just cracked, and are increasing the amount
- As someone else said, the photos don't quite match up
- Well known models, but all seem to be under different names which is irritating
Bottom Line: Joymii is another very good, genuine glamcore/heartcore site. They update pretty much every other day, not quite alternative photo sets & videos, but more or less. Most videos have accompanying photo sets. It features a mixture of BG, GG and solo material, a fairly even mix these days, all shot with the same bright sunny style.
It doesn't have quite the artistic quality and variety of, say, SexArt, but within its limitations, the films are beautiful to watch. There is some fairly wild sex, but it is all bright and happy looking. My wife generally prefers the BG films here to those on SexArt, this site was her favourite. It is simply reliably very good, with very few duds - I kind of prefer the riskier peaks & troughs of SexArt, but I liked both. We had planned on renewing, but have decided to cancel due to the inceasing amount of anal on the site. These sites need to understand that while anal, dp and similar gross-out stuff might appeal to men on their own, it is a HUGE turnoff for most women, and therefore to most couples. Having much of it will drive the site straight down to mainstream porn, it seems really silly of these sites to rob themselves of their USP.

11-05-13  10:13am

Replies (9)
Visit X-Art


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - All attractive models, mostly well known, although many are now mainstream porn performers without quite the same class.
- Usually avoid models with bad piercings and tattoos, when they do use tattooed models they do a pretty good job of hiding them.
- As far as I can tell, there are no models with breast enhancements.
- Good archive of some of the most beautiful photography I've ever seen.
- Site doesn't seem to time out. When I first joined I stayed logged in for several days while downloading the old material.
- Easy navigation and basic search facilities. All updates are clearly dated.
- Big clear thumbnails on updates & model pages.
- Very active member community, with lots of comments.
- Multiple sizes and resolutions of photos & videos, up to 1080p, although I only ever download the highest.
- Streaming available.
- No logos on films, very small logos on photos.
- All content seems to be exclusive.
- Plenty of material, around 400 films and rather more photo sets.
Cons: - Very slow and unreliable downloads.
- Little variety of models - almost all white, slim, 18 - 25.
- Model bios are a joke, even more so than most sites.
- There has recently been a huge increase in the volume of material, and a great drop in quality control.
- Some photo sets still very good, but an increasing number of out of focus & poorly lit sets.
- The voting is blatantly fiddled, with all updates being posted with large numbers of 10/10 votes
- Comments are pre-moderated, and while they allow through some mild criticism there is much more leeway given to those who follow the party line.
- Over the last year the material has become much more sexually extreme.
Bottom Line: Don't get me wrong, X-Art was good, but there are now serious issues.

It is odd to find a major site as slow and unreliable as this. I never get much more than 200 KBytes/sec (every other site I am on maxes out my internet connection at 2 MBytes/sec), and it often takes several attempts to download. I travel a lot and am home briefly, and often don't manage to download the backlog. There are several films I never have got downloaded - this is using 3 different pcs, 3 different browsers, and several internet connections - I've even tried in hotels (which I don't like doing) with no improvement.

The technical and artistic quality of the films has dropped a lot recently. It has gotten so bad that there are a lot of complaints on the site, but in reality it has been dropping for several months. This isn't just about the bunch of films released that are supposedly HQ but are very pixelated and really very low quality, in general the quality has dropped. Obviously no-one looked at the films before uploading them. There have been several films released with terrible lighting problems, including one that was completely unwatchable due to purple lens flares across the entire image. The film editing has become very basic, and many films don't even end smoothly with a fade to a "the end" screen, the film just stops suddenly 1 second after the action finishes. Clearly much less time is being spent in post-production and no checking is being done at all.

It seems strange that site blog keeps boasting of how quickly they are producing material. They say that large numbers of films & photo shoots are being done in a day, clearly with little preparation. Almost all the updates are produced in one house in Malibu, or one studio in Prague. The same sets are being used over and over, and the updates are clearly being filmed in a few minutes with minimal attention to detail. There is no longer any scene setting, they just put people in front of the camera and make them get on with it. Many films just have one camera from the side doing a longshot, and one from in front doing a close up, and all they do is cut between the two.

The voting is a joke. Many sites pump up the votes a bit, but this site is ridiculous. Updates appear around midnight, and have between 30 and 100 10/10 votes. They give more 10/10 votes to the more extreme material which is what they prefer. It means that the site, rather than the membership, is choosing what is more popular. It also makes the older material, when they didn't do this, seem poorly rated. Members can make up a new name whenever they comment, and I get the feeling that some people are having conversations with themselves, or putting up multiple positive comments for the material they like. There are a suspiciously large number of comments with female names which never appear again, especially on the nastier material. The moderation of the comments is uneven, and it is noticeable, for example, that comments insulting members who don't like anal are allowed through while responses aren't. The pre-moderation and blocking of anything that mentions other sites in a positive light is comical, as Colette recently went onto SexArt to take advantage of their lack of pre-moderation to advertise and try to poach members - when she got a negative response she became very aggressive and made wild allegations. Eventually SexArt, who are very tolerant in their comments, had to remove most of the thread.

The material has become much more sexually extreme, and a significant portion of the recent updates are clearly aimed at the mysoginistic male mainstream porn market. There is a lot of anal now, several DPs and rough looking facials, and the blog shows that this is clearly the direction the site wish to go. A lot of the current material just looks harsh and aggressive and like mainstream porn. Material like this used to attract negative comments, it doesn't any more apart from a couple of sad sounding members. Either the comments are blocked or the old members from the artistic days of a few years ago have left.

X-Art was the benchmark glamcore site. Over the last year or so it has left this behind, and is now marginally upmarket mainstream porn. I say marginally because good mainstream sites wouldn't put up the technically poor films that have been posted recently. If you are coming from regular porn, looking for something that seems a little classy, you may well like it. If you're coming from erotica, and fancy something a little more explicit, or have seen some magazine articles or adverts and are considering porn/glamcore for the first time, SexArt or Joymii would be much more likely to suit. I find little artistic or erotic on here now, and my wife will only watch films if I have checked them out first. My annual membership is coming to an end (it's my second time on the site), and I won't be renewing.

11-06-13  01:44am

Replies (7)
Visit Michael Ninn

Michael Ninn

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very large archive of files going back to 2004, although there are a lot of gaps.
- Very quick and reliable downloads, always maxes out my internet connection (around 2 MBytes/sec).
- Films are very well made and very stylish.
- Plenty of diversity in the models.
- Mostly exclusive content, but some has logos of other sites like Marc Dorcel.
- Multiple sizes and resolutions of photos & videos, although I only ever download the highest available for any update
- Streaming available, again I haven't tried it..
Cons: - A lot of the earlier material is very low definition, as low as 360p. Low bitrate makes it unwatchable on a large screen.
- The website is poorly laid out. New updates aren't clearly dated and the names on the updates are very inconsistant.
- The cross-site advertising is a pain.
- Many of the photo sets don't have zip files.
- Many photo sets are of very poor quality. Many are out of focus, poorly lit, and low definition.
- There seems to be a lot of duplicated material with different names.
- I'm not really sure if there is any actual new material. After joining I noticed that Met had actually announced buying the Ninn archives, rather than the Ninn site, so it is possible that they are just re-releasing old material at higher definition.
- Although it is possible to vote & comment, there are very few votes and almost no comments, so there is no feel of any community.
- There are quite a few dead links and empty tabs in the updates. For example the 2006 tab is empty.
Bottom Line: Michael Ninn is mainly very stylized and fetishistic material, some of which is genuinely artistic. Films and associated photo sets are released together at varying frequencies.

I joined this site as a special offer when joining SexArt. It gave an option of a very cheap membership within one hour of joining SexArt. I did a quick look around, and thought this site might be interesting. Unfortunately I had only seen some Solo Erotica and Innocence material, I had missed the abusive stuff. I'm afraid it isn't really my thing - I am very aware of the nasty abusive side of modern porn, which is why I despise so much of it, and a lot of the material on this site is exactly the kind of stuff I don't want to see. Much of the material isn't just fetishist, it is very nasty, aggressive and often looks very violent. The girls frequently seem to be in extreme discomfort, if not pain. There is a huge amount of slapping, humiliation and abuse. The BG material is pretty much 100% anal, and often shockingly brutal. Having said that, the films are well made and very imaginative and must have a high budget for porn, and I have found maybe 10% of the films which I can enjoy. The photo sets are mostly a waste of time.

I'm not sure how this site is meant to fit in with the other Met Art sites which, except for the mysterious Magiksex, all seem to be done with great respect to the performers. To be honest,the presence of this kind of material made me question continuing with any sites on the Met Art network. They need to be a bit careful at least with the cross site advertising if their network is going to include material like this.

It seems that the material is old, and with no comments or interaction and a somewhat uneven release schedule the whole thing has an air of a neglected backwater. It really is material for the most hardened porn consumer, certainly not for couples, and my wife and I found a lot of it sickening. I won't be renewing the membership.

11-04-13  05:02am

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I know some people in the kink/fetish scene. They despise most BDSM porn. That say's it all, really. BDSM is about giving and taking control, and pleasure. Most BDSM porn is about hatred and violence.

11-18-14  10:35pm

Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace
Reply of PinkPanther's Comment

They're running scared after what happened to Cameron Bay.

If you set a mob of 50 drunken psychos on a girl, with permission to do pretty much what they want to her, something is going to go wrong. This site had untested members of the public slapping, beating, scratching, and even sticking their hands roughly into the girls. They were lucky with Bay in that she had a lurid personal life so they were able to cloud the issue and claim she could have been infected before. If it had happened to another performer, Kink could have been wiped out.

Kink always claim to be very big on consent, although the scenes themselves appear anything but consensual. In these PD scenes the girls have no idea what is going on, and who is touching them - Bay said she was just trying to survive it and it was only when she saw the finished scene that she realised what was happening to her.

They are trying to become a center for the BDSM community, but they have found that they are an embarrassment to it. Most of their material is about violence, hate & rape rather than consensual BDSM, and their audience is misogynists and hate-filled creeps who would never get near a woman let alone negotiate consensual BDSM with her. That's why they are cleaning up their act.

11-06-14  09:42pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

Not only do they not enjoy it, they really hate it.

By the time they've not eaten for hours, given themselves an enema and thoroughly cleaned (no-one wants to see a scat movie), then the whole area is even more sensitive than normal. Even using anaesthetic cream doesn't stop it entirely - I've even heard of girls resorting to injecting local anaesthetics to get through anal scenes. I mean, how could anyone think that a girl could take half a dozen outsized cocks up her ass for 2 or 3 hours and be in anything other than searing pain?

10-02-14  11:19pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Most porn these days is based on hate & misogyny, the verbal abuse is merely one part of that.

10-02-14  11:13pm

Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse
Reply of pat362's Reply

I'm with Pat. Hateful sites like this cause trouble for everyone. Girls are discouraged from doing porn, and lawmakers are encouraged to step in which causes problems for the decent sites.

09-01-14  11:36pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The good thing is that porn is incredibly cheap now.

The bad thing is that this really is the only good thing about it.

09-01-14  11:33pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
Reply of JamesDavid's Reply

I don't know anything about your site at all. I have no idea what the niche is, what the content is like, or anything. Having read this, I do know I would never ever join it, if it was the last site on earth.
What an unpleasant little man.

08-26-14  12:09pm

Visit abbywinters

Reply of abbywinters's Reply

Abbey Winters occupies a niche which isn't of interest to me, so I have no dog in this argument. However, I do find the comments on photography interesting. I have noticed that a few other sites are trying to get away from the lights up full, f/16 or f/22 everything in focus simplistic photography, and bringing in a more intimate feel with shallow depth of field, more natural light etc (for example 21st sextury). I assume it's an attempt to differentiate themselves from the mass produced herd. To me it's a great improvement. Sadly, it seems that a significant number of consumers don't get it, and just think it's out of focus or underexposed.

08-15-14  12:14pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

I travel abroad a lot, and I've occasionally fallen foul of security when logging on to a site from two different countries on the same day. X-art was a pain for this - I used to have to go through the full password reset process. I eventually worked out that you have to wait until the next day PCT.

08-13-14  10:56am

Visit The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic

Stepped up release schedule

I'd let my membership of TLE lapse as the quality of the photo sets in particular had slipped a bit and they only release 2 films per week. However, I decided to rejoin for a month.

The bad news is that the photo sets are still a bit down on what they were a year or so ago.

The good news is that they have stepped up the release schedule. They now do 3 films a week (instead of 2), and release a photo set every day (they used to do photo sets on the days that they didn't do films). So thats 3 films/7 photo sets instead of 2 films/5 photo sets.

I don't think its enough for me to become a long term member, but I'll definitely dip into it more often.

08-10-14  08:15am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Every image should move the "narrative" along. Endless almost identical images shot in burst mode are just tedious, however good they are individually.

08-10-14  08:07am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It's all so cheap ....

06-26-14  04:31am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Not at all my cup of tea.

However, I did see an interview with a couple of performers where they said how easy it was compared to other extreme porn. Compared to the brutal and very painful anal type stuff which they have to go through for most scenes, bukkake is nothing. If you're used to getting sperm on your face, bukkake is just more of it. There may be a lot of humiliation involved, but it isn't painful or dangerous. You can do one scene in the morning, and another in the afternoon. With most extreme porn, you can't work for days afterwards while you recover.

06-01-14  12:01am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I put D, but to be honest they're all good!

05-21-14  10:21am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've used hotels a few times, don't really like doing it but I'm on the road a lot and have had problems keeping up with the updates on some sites. I'm quite happy to access PU, it doesn't seem like porn!

05-04-14  04:35am

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of sonofzog's Reply

Sooner or later all these sites give up on the quality and beauty - it's just too much hard work when the majority of porn consumers only want to see brutality. Fortunately SexArt hasn't dropped its standards yet. I hope you like it!

02-22-14  04:27am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

If it looks good, it's HD-enough

02-02-14  08:45am

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Well I'm afraid the self-justification simply raises a hollow laugh. I only have one experience of this site - when X-Art hired James Deen several members complained because of his violent material, so I downloaded a film to see for myself. I had no idea such repulsive violence existed. In addition to the slapping and spitting which I kind of expected, the girl was beaten repeatedly with a pool cue, swung around by her hair, punched, kicked in the face, they stamped on the back of her neck so hard I'm surprised they didn't break it, and half drowned. She ended up semi conscious. Sure, they chucked a bucket of water over her and she sat there blankly saying how wonderful it was afterwards - again, that's a legal loophole, that's all. Anyone who isn't provoked to a towering rage by such material is beyond me, and the very idea that someone could find it sexually arousing is utterly sickening. This was nothing to do with sex, it was just violence, brutality and hatred.

I guess we just have different views on the ways one human being should treat another.

01-15-14  01:20pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

The material on this site really is the worst of the worst. The little "interviews" are used by Kink to circumvent our already minimal restrictions on violence in porn and protections for the female performers. They are all that prevent the producers and male performers from being where they should be - behind bars. Viewers may rationalise (ie lie) to themselves that the interviews show that Kink are good guys but the reality is that they are taking advantage of the state of the porn business and paying the girls a minimal amount (what was paid 10 years ago for a single easy straight B/G scene) and making them agree to the most appalling abuse in order to scratch a living.

Anyone who isn't utterly repelled by this material really needs to take a long hard look into their soul. Sure, the r@pe part of it may be (just) a fantasy, but the violence, brutality, abuse, and shattering pain which the girls are suffering for your viewing pleasure are unfortunately very, very real.

01-12-14  08:48pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

There are obvious advantages to the sites - they can pretend that the girl is new, if they change nationality then they might get a few members from that country if people think there are local girls on the site, they can try to maintain an air of exclusivity by having almost all unique names, and they can try to separate themselves from the girls' escort names. Given that so many european porn perfomers are really escorts who just do porn as a loss leader, I am surprised they put up wth it.

I really can't see any advantage to the girl in using a different name on some sites - they don't use their real names anyway.

01-06-14  07:08am

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