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Visit X-Art

Reply of BrighamXart's Reply

Thanks for the reply

Your comment about daily updates is simply wrong. There have been many days with missing updates or old material reposted recently - although I notice that since my comment you added a very late update on that date.

My comment about Aubrey not being able to do the anal is simply based on Colette's introduction to the scene. They had to shoot it without anal because she wasn't able to do it. We should be thankful you have her the choice.

The artistic merit of the material on the site has slipped a lot, it is now indistinguishable from regular mainstream hard porn. The blog section recently commented that you were making a film, as though is was something you rarely do, and you are now just referred to as "x-art co-founder" which seems a bit of a relegation to me.

As you say, you can't please everyone. Your site has gone from something that was very important in our lives to something that just seems ugly and slapdash now. That's a shame but we can live with it.

04-13-15  05:46am

Visit X-Art


I think it's just hit the pits

Maybe against my better judgement I rejoined briefly on a discount to pick up some updates I liked the look of. Seriously this site has gone downhill, but now they seem to have stopped bothering completely.

There have been loads of days recently with no updates, lots of old stuff being reposted (without stating it is old), and almost all the blogging is about the rough new site Colette.com.

In the last 4 days there has been 1 update, and that was a reject from Colette.com which wasn't hard enough for that site - it was with Aubrey who had just done an anal scene and been so hurt by it that she couldn't do the anal planned in this scene so they just stuffed it up on x-art instead. It really is just rough hardcore porn now, and Brigham Field seems to have almost nothing to do with the site any more.

They seem to have given up on this site completely - why shouldn't the members do the same?

04-11-15  11:16am

Replies (3)
Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of cjd2004's Reply

Both these look possible - I knew about EroticaX, but my concern is that the main target of the producers is HardX which is a site I wouldn't go near, EroticaX just looks like something they're not really interested in.

I hadn't heard of Lust Cinema - from the review it looks like it doesn't allow downloads. Is this the case?

02-14-15  11:20am

Visit X-Art

Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

Does anyone know whether the $10 trial is fully functional?

X-art these days is a long way from the kind of site I'd want to be on, it seems to have become slightly glossy gonzo rather than the beautiful erotica they claim. But I think there are maybe 10 or 12 films from the last year that I would like to download. I'd like to give them as little money as possible given their godawful business practices, they're really not the sort of people I want to pay money to. It would be cool if a $10 trial would allow me to download the few films I'd like to watch.

12-13-14  02:41am

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Hi RA - with regards to darkness, I was referring to both, not necessarily in the same film. There have been largely negative comments from members on the site about some of the recent material (and lots of positive comments from the staff who know where their next paycheck is coming from). Interestingly, quite a few are from female members saying that they don't like it but are OK with it being there if other members do like it.

I saw an interview with Colette from X-Art in GQ a couple of years ago, where she said that although they were aiming at females & couples, they were aware that the majority of their members were male porn users - and they are coming from years of watching much more extreme material. I think that, in the end, this is why the glamcore sites go downhill. It's a commercial decision, and I don't blame them for it. Unfortunately it means there isn't anywhere for people like us.

12-12-14  03:31am

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Cinematic quality films
- A lot of attractive models, many from MetArt.
- Active comments from users.
- Very quick and reliable downloads, always maxes out my internet connection (around 5 MBytes/sec).
- All updates are clearly dated.
- All exclusive content
- Multiple sizes and resolutions of photos & videos. Videos up to 1080p.
- Streaming available - never tried it
- Around 350 films and slightly more photo sets. Daily updates - 3 films per week.
Cons: - Little variety of models - almost all white, slim, 18 - 25.
- Photo sets by and large not so good.
- Rather too many models with tattoos and piercings for my tastes, inceasing number of less attractive mainstream porn models recently.
- Cross-site advertising is a pain.
- Recent site revamp is a big step back, with prominent adverts for webcams in the middle of the screen, and a very difficult to follow and uneven layout.
- Photo sets which come with the films are very variable, partly because the lighting is set up for films and they are obviously done in a hurry.
- The sex is becoming harsher and less joyful. Over recent months almost every scene has had to include something "controversial" - blindfold, gag, ass licking, toilet sex, anal, humiliation, or the scene is so dark you can't see anything anyway.
- The films are becoming far too long. 30 minutes is now common, lots of dark, meaningful guff followed by the kind of sex you don't actually want to watch anyway.
Bottom Line: I am rewriting this review as the site has changed out of all recognition since my last review just from over a year ago. The basic facts listed above haven't changed a lot, but the material they produce has.

This site was in the "glamcore" or "heartcore" genre. They seem to be now concentrating on "fantasy", by which they clearly mean "male fantasy", and the material often now has an ugly edge to it, as though beautiful sex is no longer enough (for us, beautiful sex is ALL).

They release 3 films a week, mostly with associated photo sets, and separate photo sets on the other days. The films are markedly higher quality than the photos. There was a fairly even mix of solo, GG & BG films - for a while there were no solo films, and over the last few weeks it has been almost exclusively GG. For a while the films pushed boundaries of eroticism and getting a real connection and excitement, but now they have fallen back on being controversial for the sake of it, like they don't know what else to do.

The photo sets have always been of mostly much lower quality, often just look like more explicit MetArt photos. Stylistically the photos & films don't match. The are very few BG photo sets, and they are of pretty low quality.

My last review stated that I would definitely rejoin. In the end I took a break and have dipped in for a couple of single months since. We've now cancelled for the final time and won't be rejoining. The films just aren't fun anymore. We watch the early films - bright, simple, beautiful, short & disciplined, and above all FUN, over and over. I don't think there has been anything released over the last year that we have watched more than once. The films are getting longer and longer, and darker and uglier.

I originally joined this site when it was about 6 months old, and absolutely loved it, it did everything I wanted as far as the films were concerned even if the photography wasn't as good. It has been on a long gradual slide since then. I watch erotica with my wife who has a hair-trigger as far as ugly material is concerned, and she just doesn't like it any more. They've clearly run out of ideas and are just pushing down the obvious easy route of nasty sex claiming to be "brave". If you think anal sex is a "Milestone", you're not making glamcore anymore.

I've given the site a higher mark than I otherwise would because it still has the library of amazingly gorgeous early material. Even if you would dislike the current material as much as we do, it is worth joining for a month to get that first year - 18 months of absolutely ground-breaking erotic films.

While the site is still a long way from violent abusive mainstream porn, it is nothing like the beautiful, elegant, joyous place it was. It is no longer really that female or couple friendly, more a place for hardened porn addicts who fancy something a bit classier looking.

All the glamcore site move in this direction in the end - see what happened at x-art & joymii. It seems that a couple of years producing bright, beautiful, female friendly material is about the limit. Then they just become harder, nastier, darker, all in the name of "development" but really just chasing the male porn addict market. Given the state of that market, it seems a strange thing to do. I guess we will just wait around for a new high quality site to appear, and follow that for it's period at the top.

12-09-14  02:55am

Replies (3)
Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of host2626's Reply

No she didn't write anything grrrrr!

I've just had a look. They've deleted all the negative comments and added a big gushing interview with one of the performers where she goes on about how anyone who doesn't like anal has a closed mind and all that shit. Real stupid straw man arguments.

It's exactly what x-art did a couple of years ago. Bigging up all the anal scenes, censoring negative comments, insulting those who don't like anal.

Funny really. It even the same down to this - a month ago the guy who runs the site said they wouldn't do anal - when they were making this film at the time. Once Colette at x-art said they had one anal scene in th can and wouldn't do any more, and two weeks later released a dp scene! They're the same right down to the lying about it!

12-02-14  12:52pm

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art

Oh damn, this sites gone anal now

I haven't seen it, I'm not at home right now. My wife told me. There's been a bust up on their forum. Anyway we were on a monthly membership so she's already cancelled.

We're not on any sites now. Does anyone know of anywhere for couples who don't want to watch girls getting their asses smashed or are we pariahs now?

12-01-14  03:27pm

Replies (7)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I know some people in the kink/fetish scene. They despise most BDSM porn. That say's it all, really. BDSM is about giving and taking control, and pleasure. Most BDSM porn is about hatred and violence.

11-18-14  10:35pm

Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace
Reply of PinkPanther's Comment

They're running scared after what happened to Cameron Bay.

If you set a mob of 50 drunken psychos on a girl, with permission to do pretty much what they want to her, something is going to go wrong. This site had untested members of the public slapping, beating, scratching, and even sticking their hands roughly into the girls. They were lucky with Bay in that she had a lurid personal life so they were able to cloud the issue and claim she could have been infected before. If it had happened to another performer, Kink could have been wiped out.

Kink always claim to be very big on consent, although the scenes themselves appear anything but consensual. In these PD scenes the girls have no idea what is going on, and who is touching them - Bay said she was just trying to survive it and it was only when she saw the finished scene that she realised what was happening to her.

They are trying to become a center for the BDSM community, but they have found that they are an embarrassment to it. Most of their material is about violence, hate & rape rather than consensual BDSM, and their audience is misogynists and hate-filled creeps who would never get near a woman let alone negotiate consensual BDSM with her. That's why they are cleaning up their act.

11-06-14  09:42pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

Not only do they not enjoy it, they really hate it.

By the time they've not eaten for hours, given themselves an enema and thoroughly cleaned (no-one wants to see a scat movie), then the whole area is even more sensitive than normal. Even using anaesthetic cream doesn't stop it entirely - I've even heard of girls resorting to injecting local anaesthetics to get through anal scenes. I mean, how could anyone think that a girl could take half a dozen outsized cocks up her ass for 2 or 3 hours and be in anything other than searing pain?

10-02-14  11:19pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Most porn these days is based on hate & misogyny, the verbal abuse is merely one part of that.

10-02-14  11:13pm

Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse
Reply of pat362's Reply

I'm with Pat. Hateful sites like this cause trouble for everyone. Girls are discouraged from doing porn, and lawmakers are encouraged to step in which causes problems for the decent sites.

09-01-14  11:36pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The good thing is that porn is incredibly cheap now.

The bad thing is that this really is the only good thing about it.

09-01-14  11:33pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
Reply of JamesDavid's Reply

I don't know anything about your site at all. I have no idea what the niche is, what the content is like, or anything. Having read this, I do know I would never ever join it, if it was the last site on earth.
What an unpleasant little man.

08-26-14  12:09pm

Visit abbywinters

Reply of abbywinters's Reply

Abbey Winters occupies a niche which isn't of interest to me, so I have no dog in this argument. However, I do find the comments on photography interesting. I have noticed that a few other sites are trying to get away from the lights up full, f/16 or f/22 everything in focus simplistic photography, and bringing in a more intimate feel with shallow depth of field, more natural light etc (for example 21st sextury). I assume it's an attempt to differentiate themselves from the mass produced herd. To me it's a great improvement. Sadly, it seems that a significant number of consumers don't get it, and just think it's out of focus or underexposed.

08-15-14  12:14pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

I travel abroad a lot, and I've occasionally fallen foul of security when logging on to a site from two different countries on the same day. X-art was a pain for this - I used to have to go through the full password reset process. I eventually worked out that you have to wait until the next day PCT.

08-13-14  10:56am

Visit The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic

Stepped up release schedule

I'd let my membership of TLE lapse as the quality of the photo sets in particular had slipped a bit and they only release 2 films per week. However, I decided to rejoin for a month.

The bad news is that the photo sets are still a bit down on what they were a year or so ago.

The good news is that they have stepped up the release schedule. They now do 3 films a week (instead of 2), and release a photo set every day (they used to do photo sets on the days that they didn't do films). So thats 3 films/7 photo sets instead of 2 films/5 photo sets.

I don't think its enough for me to become a long term member, but I'll definitely dip into it more often.

08-10-14  08:15am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Every image should move the "narrative" along. Endless almost identical images shot in burst mode are just tedious, however good they are individually.

08-10-14  08:07am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It's all so cheap ....

06-26-14  04:31am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Not at all my cup of tea.

However, I did see an interview with a couple of performers where they said how easy it was compared to other extreme porn. Compared to the brutal and very painful anal type stuff which they have to go through for most scenes, bukkake is nothing. If you're used to getting sperm on your face, bukkake is just more of it. There may be a lot of humiliation involved, but it isn't painful or dangerous. You can do one scene in the morning, and another in the afternoon. With most extreme porn, you can't work for days afterwards while you recover.

06-01-14  12:01am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I put D, but to be honest they're all good!

05-21-14  10:21am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've used hotels a few times, don't really like doing it but I'm on the road a lot and have had problems keeping up with the updates on some sites. I'm quite happy to access PU, it doesn't seem like porn!

05-04-14  04:35am

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of sonofzog's Reply

Sooner or later all these sites give up on the quality and beauty - it's just too much hard work when the majority of porn consumers only want to see brutality. Fortunately SexArt hasn't dropped its standards yet. I hope you like it!

02-22-14  04:27am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

If it looks good, it's HD-enough

02-02-14  08:45am

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