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Joy Mii (1)

Parsnip (12) 11-05-13  10:13am
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Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-25-13  09:41am  (Update History)
Reason: Increasing amount of anal material on the site
Pros: - Very attractive models
- The site corporate style with brightly colored videos is refreshing
- Stunningly beautiful films, the "joy" in the title is well chosen
- All exclusive content, I think.
- Very quick and reliable downloads, always maxes out my internet connection (around 2 MBytes/sec).
- Multiple sizes and resolutions of photos & videos, although I only ever download the highest. Recent videos are true HD.
Cons: - Earlier material had highest video resolution of 720p, but very good quality. EDIT - see below, all available at 1080 now.
- Little variety of models - almost all white, slim, 18 - 25.
- I was going to say that so far Joymii has held the line against including ugly mysoginistic male-oriented material like anal. Sadly, they have just cracked, and are increasing the amount
- As someone else said, the photos don't quite match up
- Well known models, but all seem to be under different names which is irritating
Bottom Line: Joymii is another very good, genuine glamcore/heartcore site. They update pretty much every other day, not quite alternative photo sets & videos, but more or less. Most videos have accompanying photo sets. It features a mixture of BG, GG and solo material, a fairly even mix these days, all shot with the same bright sunny style.
It doesn't have quite the artistic quality and variety of, say, SexArt, but within its limitations, the films are beautiful to watch. There is some fairly wild sex, but it is all bright and happy looking. My wife generally prefers the BG films here to those on SexArt, this site was her favourite. It is simply reliably very good, with very few duds - I kind of prefer the riskier peaks & troughs of SexArt, but I liked both. We had planned on renewing, but have decided to cancel due to the inceasing amount of anal on the site. These sites need to understand that while anal, dp and similar gross-out stuff might appeal to men on their own, it is a HUGE turnoff for most women, and therefore to most couples. Having much of it will drive the site straight down to mainstream porn, it seems really silly of these sites to rob themselves of their USP.

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Joymii (9)
Hi Parsnip.
Thank you very much for the fair and concise review. If I may, I'd like to address some of the points you brought up which we already rectified:

720P video - ALL videos are now available in 1080P. Previously, we only encoded in 720P because 1080P wasn't in high demand.

Variety of models - we are working on that, but it is quite difficult to get attractive girls of other ethnicities. We didn't want to settle for skanky, tattoo'd so-cal asians for example.

Anal - did you read our recent newsletter? We address this topic specifically. If you think about anal sex in your personal life, it is a special gift a woman gives to her man. Therefore, we only introduce it in the right context. It has to be meaningful and done tenderly. Not gross-out, over-pumping, gonzo-style. Our recent set, Natali and Angelo, features anal because they are boyfriend/girlfriend in real life and they suggested it to us. But most of our scenes don't feature anal because the chemistry wasn't there, even if you've seen the same girl elsewhere get ass fucked into oblivion. :)

11-05-13  11:49am

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Parsnip (12) REPLY TO #1 - Joymii :

Wow quick response - you must be monitoring this place closely!

I have no problem with the 720, I mentioned it as other people do care. I hadn't noticed that the older stuff was all available at 1080 now. I stand corrected.

The ethnicity issue seems to be the case for all the glamcore sites. You should look at JAV porn, it is weird stuff but they have stunning Japanese models, whether they'd be prepared to work for a western company for cultural reasons I don't know.

Anal is a big issue for us, and I'd really rather you didn't go there. Girls are pressured into it and are often seriously hurt or injured, we have real personal experience of it. I'm sure you would never do it like that, but once you start out doing some, even if it is just with a real couple who really do it, it is hard to stop. Look at X-Art - they used to do an anal scene once every 3 months or so, and promised that they only used girls how really liked it and asked to do it, now about 1/3 of their BG scenes are anal. It is hard to believe the girls really enjoy it when, as you say, you can see them ass fucked to oblivion on other sites and you know they have only done that because they are desperate for the work.

11-05-13  12:41pm

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Joymii (9)
REPLY TO #2 - Parsnip :

Yes. We consider the opinions of customers like you, very important.

We are very aware of JAV. I personally just came back from Japan and met with two representatives from Hokuto - Japan's biggest porn company. They own DMM. It is nearly impossible to get one of those beautiful JAV girls to shoot uncensored porn. It requires a bit of an explanation that's not suitable here but if you want to know the reasons, and what we are trying to do, please contact me via the contact form on our site. I'd be happy to tell you!

I can't imagine x-art mistreating their girls. I know the owners and some of the team and they, like us, respect their girls. Even if a girl CAN do anal, and she did it on Woodmancastingx, they wouldn't pressure her into it or throw money at her like Pierre does. Neither do we. I can give you another example: Petra Q loves anal. She prefers it over regular sex. If she had her way, she would've preferred Nick to make love to her butt in "Midnight Sex" but we declined because it didn't fit the story and mood we wanted to portray.

We try very hard to set a standard and not just film gonzo cinematically like some of our competitors. You want to see passion and romance and that will continue to be our priority.

11-05-13  01:44pm

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Parsnip (12) REPLY TO #3 - Joymii :

I'm not saying either of you are mistreating models, but you are getting them pre-mistreated by the likes of Woodman. My favorite all time model is the one you call Lara (there you go using different names again!), and I found a shocking Woodman scene with her where she was simply anally assaulted and clearly shuddering and screaming in pain throughout the whole thing. The scene lacked all humanity or empathy, and really would only appeal to the absolute sickest. I then found her thread on his blog, where he repeatedly insulted her because she had demanded so much money to work with him again - his members suggested hiring "Mandingo" (I can guess...) for a straight scene with her, and then have him "totally destroy her ass" and "finish her off for good" - the suggestion was popular, which sums up the views of those who want to see anal porn.

You have obviously thought about it, and decided that you will gain more members than you will lose by including anal, and in the short term you are undoubtedly right. However, you then have to keep those members, and they won't be satisfied with the odd gentle anal scene, they want more and more. You end up losing more original members. This isn't imagination - it's what heppened on X-art and I hope it doesn't happen to joymii.

11-06-13  02:53am

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Joymii (9)
REPLY TO #4 - Parsnip :

Those are very valid points and I understand your views.

Pierre's members are there for his style, so they naturally approve of his roughness. Those wishing gentle, passionate sex, come to us.

Does the sex act matter that much, or does the implied story, circumstance, chemistry and presentation?

Does having anal our on our site, make us more gonzo/rough ,than "Handcuffs For Caprice" makes us similar to SM/Bondage sites like kink? :)

11-06-13  06:57am

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Parsnip (12) REPLY TO #5 - Joymii :

We're reasonable people and can agree to differ, but I'm afraid the answer to your last point is "Yes" because the anal was actually done, in handcuffs for caprice you didn't beat the shit out of her.

If it's 1 or 2 odd occasions we'll ignore it. If it becomes regular and attracts people who demand it all the time, we'll be gone.

11-06-13  01:01pm

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Joymii (9)
REPLY TO #6 - Parsnip :

Thank you. I absolutely respect your opinion. I'll discuss it with the production team. Thanks again for taking the time to provide so much valuable feedback! :)
11-07-13  01:01am

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otoh (54) Hi Parsnip - another good review, of a site which so far is my favourite sex site. Although SexArt is pretty close, I found the styling, lighting, colours here good and evocative - and the scenes erotic but not overly pretentious or artsy.

I recently received their newsletter on the subject of anal sex - like you, it doesn't really work for me but as and when I rejoin, I'm pragmatic enough to ignore it if there isn't too much. I just hope that further to your exchange with the webmaster, they don't overdo it - there's plenty of places for folk that like it to see it; not so many for those of us that don't and it would be a shame to lose one.

11-08-13  01:54am

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Tascpl40 (0) I appreciated your review, Parsnip, especially the comments regarding anal. Totally agree. I'm in this for myself and partner for showing in our home theatre (projected on a 3m screen) so the material I download has to appeal to her and be in 1080P.

I'm new to paying for adult stuff, only subscribed to Abby Winters so far, and am on the lookout for the next site. Thus my interest in Joymii.

Abby Winters was interesting (I'll write a full review sometime). A total of 6.7 GB of downloads and I'd seen enough. Cancelled after 3 days. Time to move on. I kept about 50 stills, 3 masturbation videos that looked reasonably convincing, 9 masturbation videos that I consider highly sus or fake (with my partner's help we'll come to a consensus on that), and only one video that I thought worth keeping - and that will have to be edited from 35 minutes to about 10 minutes. $40 for a short video and a few dozen stills. But worth it as part of my learning experience.

The problem is the tendency, as you've identified, to slip into the depths of porn. The drive comes not only from male consumers demanding harder material, but paid females wanting to satisfy that demand. A woman may start out as the girl next door, or normal, or real, or any of the other euphemisms for non-professional, but when they start getting paid for performance, money almost immediately corrupts them into exaggeration or fakery. I suspect this would be a particular problem for sites that add the additional incentive of paying the woman per view (e.g. I Fell Myself, Make Love Not Porn). What woman could resist adding the extra gyration, that extra yelp, that squirt of urine, if it meant more money through increased viewers?

On a different topic: does Joymii show female ejaculation (read "urination")? That would turn off my partner as does anal.

Here's my take on the subject. I was going to sign up for IFM today. It was on my list from my initial research last week, when I choose AW to be the first. Before taking the plunge I thought I'd check the reviews once again, here and on Rabbits. I'm glad I did. I may have been convinced by IFM's spiel when I was a porn virgin last week. Not any longer. I'm reading Human Sexual Response at the moment (Masters and Johnson), and plowing through the Hite Reports. I was put on alert by IFM's 400 words under Female Ejaculation -- The Truth. The real truth is, in 7500 female orgasms monitored by Masters and Johnson in the lab, ejaculation basically didn't rate much of a mention except during the plateau phase: "Secretion of drop or two of mucoid material [from Bartholin's Glands] aiding in lubrication of vaginal outlet during long-maintained coital connection", p285. None of the Hite Reports say much about it.

AW has at least 20 squirting videos. IFM thinks it's real and, I would suspect, encourages any model who brings up the subject. How prevalent is it in Joymii?

09-07-14  10:20pm

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