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Bella Pass

Type: Network


1. Amateur Girls
2. Hardcore Sex
3. Glamour Models

BellaCash Co.
9 Sites Listed
Partner: Bella Cash

Monthly: $24.95 (recurs at $19.95/mo.)
Multi-Mo: $49.95 (3 mo. recurs $44.95/3 mo.)

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User Reviews (2)

 User reviews consist of pros, cons, and other thoughts.

Marcus (45) 03-10-13  01:30pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Excellent balance of photos, videos and bonus content
- Consistent quality of content throughout the sites
- Membership to 7 solo sites, 5 of which are regularly updated
- Updates are dated (including recent updates in Preview area)
- Good mix of girls – huge, buxom babes and more petite girls too
- Easy navigation, whether across whole network or by site
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells
- Outstanding softcore content, and Bryci now does hardcore
- Webmaster is very ‘hands on’ and keen to listen to feedback
Cons: Mostly minor. Points marked with * don't personally bother me:

- Video previews are a bit limited
- Regional pricing
- No ZIP files for photo galleries
- Most updates biased towards Bryci, Katie and Talia
- Automatically generated username/password*
- Download limit of 20gb per 24 hour hour period*
- Some might find content a bit samey as mostly softcore*
- 6 of the 7 models appear to have fake boobs*
- Very strict piracy policy that might catch out innocent members
Bottom Line: This is a huge network of high quality solo websites. You can either join via the girls’ individual website, or direct via Bella Pass – either way you get instant access to every site in the network.

Content is all dated and downloadable. The network takes a hard line against piracy – there’s a download limit of 20gb per 24 hour, and they’re clear and transparent about their policies with warnings before and after you join, and in the confirmation email you receive.

Browsing the network, you have the following categories across the top:

Photos, Candids, Videos, Behind the Scenes, Archives, Babechat, Vlogs, Our Sites, Our Models, Wallpapers and Bella Webcams.

There is also a very well designed search function where you can also search by category (eg, masturbation, hardcore etc) and by site. You can also view just a single site using a drop-down menu.


Bella Pass currently has 52,006 photos, and 941 videos, of which:

- Bryci: 18,700 photos, 340 videos
- Katie Banks: 13,935 photos, 289 videos
- Talia Shepard: 8,636 photos, 207 videos
- Lexi Mason: 2,913 photos, 20 videos
- Hunter Leigh: 1,610 photos, 2 videos
- Monroe Lee: 5,722 photos, 43 videos (not updating)
- Ava Dawn: 2,454 photos, 51 videos (not updating)

All sites have categories for photos and videos. In addition to this:

- Bryci, Katie, Talia, Monroe and Ava also have webcam archives
- Bryci, Katie, Talia and Ava have behind the scenes content
- Bryci, Katie and Talia have regularly updated blogs
- Bryci and Katie have in-depth bios and also wallpapers

Video content is downloadable in the following formats:

- 3GP (352x288)
- Flash (900x506)
- MP4 (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x320 for iPad)
- WMV (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x320)*

(WMV doesn’t appear to be available for Bryci’s newer hardcore content)

Photos are normally 4000px on their widest side, although 1500px on candid galleries.


BRYCI is the most popular girl on the network on the basis of content alone. She is absolutely stunning and has an incredible body. Her boobs are fake but despite being gigantic don’t appear disproportionately large.

Her site is mainly stripteasing and softcore such as masturbation/toys, but she is making her first moves into hardcore with two videos already posted within the last week. Both have been artistically shot, but it’s the perfect tease as they introduce us to hardcore Bryci, and future videos will show everything, including POV.

In addition to this, there is lots and lots of behind the scenes footage, candids and a regularly updated blog. Bryci’s site on its own is one of the finest solo sites out there.

KATIE BANKS is a curvy but slim big-boobed babe with bags of confidence. Her site is the second-largest on the network with a great mix of videos, photos and bonus content. You can read more about Katie Banks in my review.

TALIA SHEPARD is cast from the same mould as Katie and Bryci. Her site is packed with photos, videos but also candids and behind the scenes footage. Like Katie and Bryci, she has substantial fake boobs, but unlike those two, she got hers mid-way through the site. Approximately 70% of the galleries include her fake boobs, the rest feature her more natural (and rather lovely!) cleavage.

LEXI MASON is, unlike the other models here, petite and all natural. She is an absolute stunner with a gorgeous complexion, perky boobs and is a refreshing change from her less natural colleagues. Unfortunately her site shows up one of the weaknesses with Bella Pass in that it seems a bit overlooked compared to the ‘big three’ – her site is relatively new, and regularly updated (once a week), but not quite with the regularity of the others.

HUNTER LEIGH is also a relatively new model to the network. The content is softer (no toys/masturbation/spreading), but she's stunning,. Her website doesn't have much content yet, and lacks the bonus features from the other sites. You can read more about Hunter Leigh in my review.

MONROE LEE is a pretty blonde with a massively curvy body and fake boobs. Although her site includes pictures and videos, it is no longer being updated and quality isn’t up to the standard of other sites in the network. It’s not bad, but it feels a lot more amateur, and although this is a great bonus site, it’s hard to be too enthusiastic about a model when the site is no longer updating.

AVA DAWN is another big-breasted babe. Her site is no longer updating but there is a good amount of great quality content available, including webcam archives and behind the scenes footage. Like Monroe’s site, this is a great bonus site on top of five that are regularly being updated.
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exotics4me (463) 01-28-13  01:00pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (86), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fairly large network of 6 solo model sites and 1 multi-model site.
- High quality on nearly all sites.
- Network is an even better value if you like the models that have a high amount of content. I will list amounts of content for each site in the BL.
- Seems to be quite a bit of interaction with the models.
- Download speeds will vary from site to site, but never drops to a bad level.
- Navigation is excellent for a network, it includes and easy to use drop-down box that allows you to move from site to site without the hassle of signing in on each.
- I personally find all of the models attractive.
- No cross-sales on registration and ads are non-existent in members area as well. It's one of those sites that should get some bonus points for clean site design without annoyances.
- There is some, though not a lot, more hardcore scenes on the sites. So it's not all just softcore or just masturbation.
Cons: - The webmaster explained in replies of my Bryci review. There are no photo zips. If nothing else, I feel like it should be mentioned since photo collectors will see that as a dealbreaker.
- Download limit has been raised to 12 GB per day and I really don't see it as that bad unless you download the 1920x1080 files. I've somehow found moderation in my downloading over the years and am having no trouble with the download limit.
Bottom Line: I did a separate review for the Bryci site which is included in this network. I felt like it was quite a bit better than the other sites and deserved it's own standalone review. First thing I'm going to do is list the numbers for each site. I will count these numbers by using a manual method of X amount of scenes per page multiplied by number of pages. I will use this method of describing them (standard video = masturbation/tease. BTS = Behind the Scenes. Webcam = webcam archive)

Ava Dawn - 32 standard videos, 15 BTS, 4 Webcam, 42 photo sets.
Bella Girlfriends - 7 standard videos, 61 photo sets
Bryci - See my separate review. This is by far the largest site in the network. The numbers are for combined types of videos (329) and photo sets (280) candid photo sets (62)
Hunter Leigh - 24 photo sets, 0 videos.
Katie Banks - standard videos (112), Webcam (127), photo sets (172), candid photo sets (131)
Lexi Mason - standard videos (16), photo sets (28)
Monroe Lee - standard videos (18), webcam (25), photo sets (111). candid photo sets (5)
Talia Shepard - standard videos (49), BTS (19), Webcam (112), Photo sets (118), candid photo sets (38).

If you notice one model missing, Renna Ryan, the content was up the first few days I was a member, now the site is giving me a "content not available" message when I sign in. She also is no longer listed in the BellaGirls, so I guess that was just bad timing since it was there just a few days ago.

I bring this up because Renna was an extra selling point for me since I have always liked her. On the other hand, the site was relatively small and the last 6-8 videos were during her pregnancy. Overall, her site was a disappointment so I don't think you're going to miss it much.

If you will also notice, several of the models have more webcam archived videos than anything else. I do like these, but there's no way, short of watching everyone of them to say what percentage is just talking or teasing or masturbation.

I was not familiar with any of these models except the aforementioned Renna Ryan and Talia Shepard. Talia's site is above average, so if you like her it's worth noting that it's one of the bigger sites on the network. I even found a new one I'll be watching for more content of, Ava Dawn, who I wasn't the least bit familiar with.

I went to the oldest videos on each site and it looks like all standard videos have the full selection of video options. I'll list them again:
MP4 - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360
WMV - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360
Flash - 900x506
3GP - 352x288

As I mentioned in the Bryci review, I prefer the Flash ones for the combination of good quality and the files are not overly large. If anyone has trouble playing Flash videos, I use either VLC or Windows Media Classic Home Cinema.

The content mostly follows the same path from site to site. It's mostly softcore teasing and masturbation. I'm not for sure if the hardcore number is high since several of the hardcore scenes I had seen on here were on the Renna Ryan site.

Picture sets have a viewing option of 1500x933 or vice versa and 4000x26xx or vice versa. These pictures are very good, look to be professional shot so without zips, you're going to need to be ready to right click, save as on the ones you like.

The webcam videos are decent quality, look to be in the 360-480p range and are entertaining.

It's worth noting that several of these models, Bryci, Talia especially, have very good personalities and can pull off these 40ish minute webcam shows without a hitch. I still haven't seen a live webcam show, but it's more based on me never having a chance to sit down and watch one, so these archived ones are a nice addition.

As a whole, the network averages over 1 update per day. In the most recent months, there are these numbers.
January 1-28: 39 updates.
December 2012: 47 updates.
November 2012: 39 updates.

So it's an active network as you can see. I will touch on the no zips one last time since I think the Hunter Leigh site shows the downside of no zips. It has no videos, 24 photo sets and no zip downloads. She's a very pretty/cute model, but without anything to download, I probably won't visit it for more than a few views of pictures with nothing left to show for the membership to it.

I do think this network as a whole is good though. It helps that I really like Bryci and Talia Shepard. Having their videos in a high number like the network has offsets the cons. I don't think Renna's site would have helped or hurt the score any since it did look to be relatively small. If memory serves me right it only had 2 pages of videos, 2 of photos and maybe with her pregnancy she didn't want the content posted anymore.

I'm going a bit high on the score based on liking the Bryci site so much. The network is worth a join if you like solo models and especially if you prefer videos.
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*Newbie reviews and ratings don't count toward a site's overall score/rank until the user reaches the Rookie status level (5 points). This rule is needed to help prevent fake (or heavily biased) profiles and reviews.
User Comments (1)

 Ask a question, give quick feedback, warnings, etc.

longjohn351 (0) 08-25-14  03:00pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)

Poor customer service and horrible user rules.

Do not join this site. Webmaster has ridiculous rules about download limits and kicks people off the site. I was kicked off after being billed for my second month, two emails and a week later I still do not know why. I tried to follow the strict guidelines to using the site, but was still kicked out - after they took my second month membership fee of course. If I did something wrong why not notify me up front and give me a warning? I feel I was just ripped off.

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      Site Name (Reviews) Score TBP
1. Bryci (2) 88.0 81.5
2. Bella Pass (2) 88.0 N/A
3. Katie Banks (1) 88.0 N/A
4. Talia Shepard (1) 85.0 N/A
5. Hunter Leigh (1) 70.0 N/A
6. Aleah Jasmine (0) N/A N/A
7. Ava Dawn (0) N/A N/A
8. Bella Pixels (0) N/A N/A
9. Cherry Scott (0) N/A N/A

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