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Visit Rebecca's Office

Rebecca's Office

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Sexy Milf who enjoys making content.
- A real woman with curves and large breasts
- vocal sex, threre's nothing sexier then listening to a woman lose control while orgasming
- almost exclusively inter-racial
- about 100 videos (range from 10-20 minutes)
- Over 300 photo sets (about 20 pictures per set)
- picture sets have great set up with a hot sexy story for each set.
- Older material is 640X480 1.17 mbps. Newer material is HD
720X400 3.2 mbps.
- variety: gg, gangbangs, groups, bj, anal, hardcore.
- dreamnet.com network with dozens of other models included.
Cons: - most photos are not available as zips (the newest are zipped)
- navigation is lacking
- for a site with more than a decade of business there's not that much content.
- some pictures are taken out of focus. Most are just fine.
- More than a few videos have lighting problems, either dark room, or night vision, or over exposure. I know I'm buying an amateur site, but some of it could have been easily fixed.
- videos have no set up and no lead in - straight to the action
Bottom Line: I'm enjoying this site more than I thought I would. Rebecca keeps a blog and I found it very erotic to read about this naughty businesswoman.

I wish the updates were a little more often and that she'd put up more video updates, but all in all a good value. I would rejoin this site and recommend it.

03-20-15  04:23pm

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Visit The Lone Star Angel

The Lone Star Angel

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fun Amateur Site. Angel has that Texas twang that I just love.
- Angel is a real woman. There nothing fake about her. She has typical breasts and is in her mid-late 30s (I'm guessing)
- Diversity of content. girl-girl,, plenty of blow jobs, solo material, hardcore, and quite a bit of anal for an amateur site. Angel also has some semi-public (outdoor) material
- Lots of Content. Almost a 100 videos and nearly 300 picture sets. Each picture set is approx. 25 images.
- Adequate video/picture quality.
- Most video is 1280X720 6.6 mb/s. Older stuff 360X240 .7 mb/s
- Image quality is good at 1024X680 pixels.
- Regular updates.
- Network. Angel is part of the Dreamnet.com network. There are 14 active women (mostly MILFs) and another 50 inactive sites included.
- Naughty. Angel is not afraid to get naughty with dirty talk or fun toy play. She enjoys herself on camera and brings passion
Cons: - If you are a breast man this is not the site for you. (I love all women, so this was not a problem for me).
- Limited fan interaction. You can email her and there's a blog.
- Liquor and fun. Angel is enjoying herself in her videos and more than sometimes that involves a cocktail. I'm no prude and whatever gets you in the moods is fine with me, but it may be objectionable to you.
Bottom Line: I liked this site. It was part of a network and I don't think I would have joined if it was on its own, but there was certainly enough here to keep me happy. A nice amateur site with a good amount of content. No complaints, but I don't think I'll stick around long.

03-06-15  04:04pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of Pyrenees's Review

Wow. What a let down. I used to cycle through NA every so often. Like Monahan said, they were one of the greats.

Sorry to see they've fallen so far so fast

03-06-15  03:26pm

Visit Faith 69

Faith 69
Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Thanks for reading. If you're looking for younger and HD, I HIGHLY recommend lelu love.com. Still ametuer and an all around great site

03-01-15  05:00pm

Visit Faith 69

Faith 69
Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Hi Pyrennees,

Thanks for the challenge - it's good to keep me honest.

I have to confess I'm an easy grader. To me truth in advertising is the most important quality, to me. Faith's preview section let's you know she is a "curvy" girl in her mid-to-late 30s. If my memory serves she was born in '78. So I don't knock a site for being what it is. She's has a "housewife vibe" - but never tricks you into thinking she's something else. I'm ok with that.

The newer material is at HD rate. Again I'm judging the site based on what it says to be, she's selling amateur porn, made by her, so I don't knock her for not having a camera that costs 1,000s of dollars. I get that as a couple doing this on their own, they can't afford to upgrade their camera every 6 months when something new comes out on the market.

To sum up. I'm all about being what you are. If you give a customer an expectation and then deliver on it, we should "reward" you with a good review. If you try to take my money by selling me something you're not. I will flame you.

You mentioned my working being "unique" that makes me think you found an error. Is there something that need to be fix? Thanks for reaching out to me

03-01-15  03:56pm

Visit Faith 69

Faith 69

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great Amateur Site. Older stuff is poorly light, but as things progress the content is pro-am. With good lighting and sound
- Faith is a real woman. In her words she is "curvy" Less so in her younger pictures/videos.
- Diversity of content. I love the flashing material. There is also interracial, girl-girl, gangbang, plenty of blow jobs, solo material, hardcore, anal. The preview section does a good job of showing off all that is inside.
- Lots of Content. Over 100 videos (Sorry I didn't count), and nearly 150 picture sets. Each picture set is approx. 25 images.
- Adequate video/picture quality.
- Most video is 960X540 2.5 mb/s. Newest material is 1280X720 6.6 mb/s. Older stuff 360X240 .7 mb/s
- Image quality is good at 1024X680 pixels.
- Regular updates. After years online Faith is still adding content.
- Network. Faith is part of the Dreamnet.com network. There are 14 active women (mostly MILFs) and another 50 inactive sites included.
Cons: - Older content is in .wmv, newer in .mp4. Usually there is not a choice of format.
- I'm running a mac, and for some reason as soon as I download content using safari, my cpu goes crazy and climbs to over 100%. However switching to chrome doesn't trigger this problem. I don't hold faith responsible for this, just wanted to let you know if you join and have the same problem - switch your browser.
- Organization is a little lacking, there's nothing to help you - each set is added chronologically. I love her flashing stuff and wish I could search or sort to get to it more easily.
- Limited interactions. Faith does a cam show once a week, and you can email her but that's not the experience she's selling. She does offer a blog and does maintain fan interaction via the blog.
Bottom Line: I'm enjoying Faith's site. I've wanted to check it out for a while and I'm glad I finally got around to it.

I like that Faith is not afraid to get naughty and nasty. I particularly enjoy her public hijinks and her dirty talk. Her site is definitely worth the price of admission and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Other than adding an organizational structure I have no complaints. I'd like to see more fan interaction (maybe a forum?), but that's being nit picky.

Faith delivers everything she promises and that's a lot of delivery.

03-01-15  02:32pm

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Visit Latin Sandra

Latin Sandra

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Sandra is sexy as hell. She points to her ass as being her best feature. For sure she has a great rear end, but she is the complete deal with a fantastic body. Fans of long nipples will find her's poppin'
- Great original content. Sandra is a born performer and constructs a variety of situations. In each shoot she stays in "character" and delivers lines with easy. Some fall apart and begin to giggle - she keeps it fun and sex.
- BIG photo content. Over 100 galleries. The solo content has about 60 pix per set. The hardcore stuff averages 200.
- "Latina" does not mean bi-lingual. Very little of the action is in spanish. So if English is your only language you can enjoy all the great dirty talk.
- Un-cut male talent for those that find that important.
Cons: - Viewing on. You can't download the videos and there are no zips available for the pix. You can "save as" each of the pix - but that's a pain.
- Only access to 35 videos at a time. Content is rotated in and out
- Only shoots with her husband (I'm not upset by it but know some like diverse male talent.
- Little interaction with Sandra. There's a brief bio, and you get her email address, but that's about it. I email her with some questions, she was very sweet and professional.
- No cam shows/live feed/bonus content (non was advertised so I didn't let that detract from my review.)
Bottom Line: I liked the site and planned to stick around for a few months. But all restrictions made me a one time member only.

I like the original content. I think Sandra could really build this site into something amazing if she would reach out. I want to make this site one of my stable go back to's but can't justify it with how hemmed in it is at the moment.

If you find Sandra sexy I think you may be more satisfied by buying ala carte via her clipstore. Sadly this on is a don't recommend, at this time (I really hope that changes).

07-29-14  04:00pm

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Visit Latin Sandra

Latin Sandra

Such great content; Such lack luster implementation

I really like Sandra's content, but the implementation leaves me wanting.

The videos are hot and she has an easy time talking in front of the camera. She oozes sex appeal.

The big downsides: no downloads, only 35 vids are available to be viewed at a time.

07-24-14  04:38pm

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N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

Two. I have a long standing membership to Lelulove.com and I'm trying out LatinSandra.com right now.
I really like Lelu's site so that's staple. I probably join a new site every two to three months.

07-18-14  12:01pm

Visit Bree Olson

Bree Olson
Reply of pat362's Reply

Thanks Pat.

I knew Dylan Ryder was retire, and suspected Bree must be as well. I know Ashley Fires has flirted with retirement - thankfully she has decided to stay!
I figure Devon Lee and Sunny Leone are retired as well, do you know for sure?

All the best to you-

04-13-14  03:14pm

Visit Bree Olson

Bree Olson

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - BREE OLSEN: Seriously Bree is one of the top perfumers in the biz.
- Just over 150 scenes available
- Newer stuff looks great with plenty of download options: 1080, 720, 480. The older stuff tops out at 640X360 1.22 mb/s
- About 140 shoots: each photo set is available as a zip and contains over 200 pix
- diversity of content (mmff,ff,ffm, solo, hard/softcore, feature cuts)
- Robust network with access to: Allie Haze, Abby Brooks, Ashley Fires, Dylan Ryder, Cassandra Calogera, Charmane Star, Devon Lee, Hanna Hilton, Teal Conrad, Sunny Leone, and the Lane Sisters).
Cons: - Adds inside member site
- Beware of cross sells at sign up. I was a little too eager and got hit with an extra $2 by being careless.
- Last update was June 2013. (Is Bree retired?)
- No real interaction with Bree (no blog or twitter integration)
- Low end format is 375 kb/s 440X250 and looks awful.
Bottom Line: There' nothing disappointing about this site. There's plenty here to explore and enjoy over your month's membership, and if you stick around the rest of the network will keep you busy.

Many of the girls on the network are retired, so no going in that there may not be any updates to some of the sites (including this one).

Bottom Line: It's a good site for fans of Breee, or anyone who want to see some great work from girls of the late 00s. Bree, Dylan Ryder and Devon Lee were in their hay day then and hot as hell. I wish they were still actively making content.
The new girls here are great and I'm sure only going to get better.

04-13-14  06:32am

Replies (4)
Visit Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires
Reply of lexis250's Reply

Lol. I see now you're the webmaster for the site. Well I've been very satiated with your sites, and I agree I hope Ashley does more work for her site. She's a gem!

04-04-14  03:15pm

Visit Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires
Reply of lexis250's Reply

Don't get me wrong there were a small number of updates, but since my review there were only a handful. Certainly not an aggressive or regular update schedule. :(

04-04-14  03:13pm

Visit Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder

What's new after Open Life Take Over

Nothing. Sadly this site is completely untouched. There is a slight redesign, but no new content. In fairness, I think I remember reading somewhere the Dylan is retired - but I'd have thought they might have acquired some of her other content.

04-03-14  06:57pm

Replies (1)
Visit Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires

Mini Review Update

I rejoined to see how things were now that OpenLife took over this site.

I still love Ashley and her great content. However updates are still too infrequent. There were some nice updates and I feel I got my money's worth - but the update schedule will definitely leave you wanting more.

04-03-14  06:55pm

Replies (5)
Visit Gloryhole Swallow

Gloryhole Swallow

Good reviews

I'm so happy to see all the good reviews. I've wanted to check this site out. Based on all your recommendations, they'll have some of my money very soon.

03-20-14  01:52pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Safari and chrome. (Firefox is there too, but I harly ever open it)

12-01-13  04:21pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

This question is a tough one. A performer whose judgment (consent) is impaired should not be on set. The moral/ethical/legal implications are obvious.

On the other hand to deprive someone of their livelyhood for rumors is wrong.

I think the line has to be if consent is impaired.

12-01-13  04:19pm

Visit Wife's New Lover

Wife's New Lover

Nothing New Here

Same content as other affiliates. Most of this is from Sharing my Wife (which I think was the original). The content was fun the 1st time around. But by today's standards this quality is sub-par.

10-07-13  06:30am

Replies (0)
Visit Digital Playground

Digital Playground
Reply of Nasos's Comment

Thanks for the info!

10-07-13  06:20am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've never been burned by following PU members advice. That said I have struck out on my own a few times (hey somebody's gotta be 1st). and been burned a couple of time.

Then again I've also been the first to review a couple of site that I really love so it cuts both ways.

10-07-13  06:15am

N/A Reply of Jay G's Reply

I'm with Jay

I need to do this but haven't. Sure is an awkward conversation.

"The truth is the collecting is the fun part...the watching is good but far less important....I spend 20 times more time collecting porn than watching it."

I'm struck by the same irony. I have more collected then I could watch in a life time, yet I continue to collect and the stash grows ever larger. I try to keep up by weeding out things I'm not that interested in. It seem like no matter how big the hard drives are, they're always full.

10-07-13  06:10am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I was lucky in a few of the $200 Tuesdays. I then used some of that for a nice new Macbook.

09-10-13  03:27pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As those of you who've looked at my reviews know I'm a big fan of Lelulove.com. I've had a membership there for almost a solid year and I'm sure I will reup for another six months when it's time.

09-10-13  03:24pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I think the best site for this is manojob. They do it right.

The focus is on the girl (as mentioned above, most of us are as interested in the equipment we're carrying).

Second they give good direction so the girls have great dirty talk - which always get me going.

09-05-13  04:23am

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