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Do you prefer that models use toys that are "anatomically correct?"

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Submitted by Drooler (220)
Yes, in every way. 11% 5 Votes
Yes, but size can be huge. 9% 4 Votes
Yes, but color doesn't matter. 9% 4 Votes
No. Plain tubes are OK. 26% 12 Votes
No. Exotic toys are best. 15% 7 Votes
Other (explanation optional) 32% 15 Votes

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47 Votes Total

Dec 5, 2008

Poll Replies (39)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


lk2fireone (196) Geez, doesn't anyone appreciate good old fashioned sex?
Or how about 2 girls together, without toys?
You get a bunch of people together supposedly having an orgy, it's hard to focus on 1 or 2 people in particular. Warm bodies by themselves don't really do it that well.

12-05-08  02:52am

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elonlybuster (39) I've seen a plethora of toys and while most guys would rather see a girl with a realistic item, I kinda fancy the "exotic" toys. It's like the girl pulls it out and you're sitting there thinking "Oh wow I wonder how that works and what it does"
Things like the flapping vibrator from Not Another Teen Movie, or the dildos that rotate. They're just interesting.
And in my opinion color doesn't really mean too much, only because most girls in real life get a color toy that resembles their own color, and in movies it's usually a bright neon in your face color.

But the one thing I don't like too much are the huge over-sized dildos that you think would be a novelty. It's interesting to watch the girl attempt to use it but that's about it.

So I guess with that said I'm more of the exotic type

12-05-08  04:39am

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Jay G (67) Whatever the girl is using is irrelevent to me, even if its got flashing christmas tree lights. What I focus on is the lovely lady's body.
12-05-08  05:35am

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messmer (137) My Christmas wish list: no toys, no silicone, no tattoos, no piercing, no talking camera men. There, I thought I might as well get them all in.
12-05-08  07:40am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #3 - Jay G :

Jay I couldnt have said it better.
12-05-08  08:02am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

And yours as well couldnt agree more.
12-05-08  08:03am

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Toadsith (48) Generally natural shaped, size irrelevant toys are best, maybe matched with those super small vibrators the model can hold upon her clit. The exotic toys, while amusing, often seem to confuse the model as much as it would anyone else. I've seen a few exotics do a very good job but for the most part they are just full of sound and lights, signifying a weak performance. I think most models are distracted by the odd noises that vibrators make and get really get into a dildo better.

Only 3 vibrators seem to get good results almost every time: First is the legendary Sybian. Second is the large, baseball-on-a-stick Japanese massager that plugs into an AC outlet. Third is the small (again often Japanese) egg vibrator with a corded remote that allows the vibrator to be precisely maneuvered to wherever it will perform best. The last one seems to perform very well when used on the clit and in conjunction with either a dildo or the real thing. These results are simply from my own observations - and are hardly scientific. Some models can sell just about anything, but from my observations, those toys are best suited to produce genuine results.

12-05-08  08:54am

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surferman (5) Think I go with Jay on this one. The toy is there, but it is the model that turns you on or not. If she is ugly, or if she is emotionless, then it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference what the toy is like. Similarly, if she is hot, then that is all that matters, and her reaction to whatever toy she is using is all that matters.
Mind, if it did have Christmas tree lights, she could be the fairy on the top!

12-05-08  09:40am

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badandy400 (103) It really depends on the mode or situation. Sometimes you get a nice looking woman in a warm enviroment and a small simple toy is best. Other you get a woman trying to show off and the crazy huge toy is appropriate.

I would not say it needs to physically look like a cock. After all, I do not know many guys with 20 inch cocks that are 4 inches in diameter like seen in some videos.

All in all, it depends largely on the scene itself. But if I had to choose I would go with a mild sized simple toy, nothing fancy.

12-05-08  10:43am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

My vote goes to messmer for best reply:

"My Christmas wish list: no toys, no silicone, no tattoos, no piercing, no talking camera men."

I wish to add really gorgeous models, high quality pix and vids, good, unobtrusive sound track, good lighting, natural skin tones, good acting or believable emotions.

12-05-08  11:38am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #8 - surferman :

Ditto Jay and Surferman.

Whether a toy is shaped like a schlong, is a lubricated cucumber or is the babe's panties is irrelevant. If the babe is gorgeous with beautiful PTA combo, I'm good to go.

If she isn't or if the cameraman gets lousy angles or uses lousy (or no) lighting, I don't give a ratzass whether she uses a realistic looking schlong or a broom handle, I won't bother watching.

(PTA=Pussy Tits & Ass)

12-05-08  11:41am

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Drooler (220) I'm with JayG. What toys she uses are irrelvant.

Actually, as far as my personal interests are concerned, the question itself is irrelevant. I prefer no toys at all.

But I do believe that some folks here enjoy watching toy play, so why not ask?

I was watching "The Sexual Revolution" on TV and then I recalled the '70's decade anatomically correct Barbie doll. A friend and I had great fun coming up with "VD spot decals" and "the Retractable Ken Dick." But we didn't even consider approaching the toy company with such promising expansions to the product line.

12-05-08  12:24pm

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WeeWillyWinky (88) REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

messmer, you and I think alike, at least a good deal of the time.

I HATE toys. I hate the sight of them. The most erotic masturbation vid I ever saw was of a girl with the corner of a glass table. The runner up was a woman on the arm of a sofa.

That being said, I can be objective and realize that there might be something wrong with me, since the vast majority of guys like watching women with toys. It bores me to no end.

12-05-08  03:27pm

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Wittyguy (105) REPLY TO #12 - Drooler :

I'm with you, doesn't matter what it is so long as the model is hot and the acting isn't cold. I think Drooler sort of summed this concept up best with his quote from the forum "A soda bottle in her twat! Now that's what I call product placement."
12-05-08  04:18pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #14 - Wittyguy :

Yeah, if you want product placement for sex toys, you need something like that CSI episode where people put them in the dishwasher.
12-05-08  04:25pm

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Lionheart (47) I agree with most of the people, i am not a fan of toys. I love seeing the women using her natural sex appeal to turn me on than using some toy.
12-05-08  05:29pm

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pat362 (373) I picked plain tubes, but let me clarify my choice.

1-if it's a solo model, then I don't care whether she uses one or not. As long as she gets herself off then I'm happy.

2-If we are talking 2 girls together then I would prefer that there be toys invloved. I must confess
to finding a girl strap-on fucking another girl quite enjoyable. Even more so if there is anal involved.

If you enjoy watching anal sex like me then one of the reality of today is that some girls will never have anal sex with a man. The fact that the guy would wear a condom will not change that. The fact of the matter is that they are too affraid of catching some disease to take the chance. I don't blame them, instead I rejoice that they are more than willing to take some sizable imitations.

12-05-08  06:51pm

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PinkPanther (46) I can't say that I really care what a girl wants to use to get off - I think the hottest scenes that I've seen probably involve fingers more often than any store-bought toys.

Lil Lexy - who used to be Kimmy at Little Summer.com a few years ago - is doing lots of cam shows these days and she's a crazy little hyper nympho girl that likes to use all kind of odd objects. One of the hottest images I remember is her squatting over a tennis racket and fucking herself with it.

12-05-08  06:57pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #10 - lk2fireone :

Thanks for the vote! :-) And I agree when it comes to your preferences, escpecially regarding natural skin tones and believable emotions .. all that groaning and yelping drive me crazy!
12-05-08  07:46pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #13 - WeeWillyWinky :

Naw, there's nothing wrong with you, www. How could there be if both of us are so often on the same wave length and I'm the sanest, best balanced person I know! :-) Corner of a glass table sounds good, so do fingers! As far as I'm concerned dildos reveal a lot about the lack of interest on the part of the models, in so many cases they got to lubricate them, spit on them ... anything to get them where they're supposed to go without pain or discomfort and this action tells you plainly: it's for the money, boys.

And there goes my fantasy! :-)

12-05-08  07:56pm

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TheRizzo (23) I am not much of a toy guy. I'd rather see her masturbate with her fingers than a toy.
12-05-08  11:06pm

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You know, Rubber Dicks used in comedy, like Steve Stifler's idea of world demands for Rubber Dicks, are fucking hilarious!! But I am not a fan of Rubber Dicks utilized in porn!! They don't shoot out anything after stroking good pussy over a good period of time!!

12-06-08  12:56am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #18 - PinkPanther :

(Sigh).................. =/ !!!

Oh Dear. =/

12-06-08  12:57am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - lk2fireone :


Bro, you can join my movement for fucking normal sex demands!!!

Who else out there isn't afraid of informing the world that they like normal fucking porn?!!! FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK MAAAAAN!!! >:D >:D

12-06-08  01:02am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #21 - TheRizzo :

I can agree with that!! :D
12-06-08  01:04am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #16 - Lionheart :

12-06-08  01:06am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #12 - Drooler :

Does anybody know about the scissor attack?!!!
12-06-08  01:07am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #9 - badandy400 :

I like scissors!! I like scissors!!

Man, where are the scissor attacks?!!! HA HA :D

12-06-08  01:08am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #2 - elonlybuster :

I once knew a couple of men that observed women using the gadgets described in your reply and wondered the same thing!! :D

It wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to use them on themselves!! I'll will never know and don't plan on wanting to know either!! HA HA :D :D

12-06-08  01:12am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #3 - Jay G :

YEAH!! That's something that porn is trying to make obsolete cause porn is too busy concentrating on the guy's dick!! >:( >:(
12-06-08  01:14am

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Drooler (220) There has been more deeply expressed aversion to toys than I expected. Makes me happy to know. I'm glad I submitted the question, playing, in a way, the "devil's advocate."

I fucking HATE toys! So many times my eyes have rolled upon seeing, by now, thousands of galleries of women masterbating with them. And sucking on them. Eeech. It's just stupid if you ask me.

I much prefer watching women use their hands and fingers. You know, some women have really nice digits. Seriously.

12-06-08  02:10am

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surferman (5) My, that got a lot of interest and replies. Just shows that many of us do think the same. Isn't it a shame therefore that the porn providers do not take more note of our views. We are their paying customers after all. Maybe when business starts to drop they will have to start to take note.
12-06-08  02:34am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #27 - Pinche Kankun :

Pinche, you asked in a reply to my review of Sapphic Erotica about the "scissor attack" that is what "tribbing" is!

As for the question, I can go either way. There is some interest in toy play, mainly dark colored toys since those show how wet the woman is. Eve Angel is a master at leaving the black dildo soaked. I think as far as the anatomically correct crowd goes, it probably helps them with the fantasy of seeing the woman with a man. I've also heard that some of the models, namely Sandra Shine, hates using her fingers because she said her fingers make a "sopping" noise and that ends up making her not get into it as much and is the reason her finger usually finds her butthole instead.

12-06-08  02:40am

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elephant (67) I hate toys and find their use dull as ditch water to be honest. I prefer fingers or tongues or having a real man
12-06-08  07:53am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #13 - WeeWillyWinky :

WWW, you reminded me of the real big time turn ons for me:

1. Nina Hartley wiggling and writhing her pussy on the guy's knee. Strange concept but her ecstasy and the closeups of her lips wrapping around the knee just did it for me. (1980's porn vid)

2. Some Brit babe on a Fiona Cooper video in the 1990's where she straddled and fucked herself on a knobbed bedpost. Again a great scene because the babe was getting off on it big time. I just couldn't imagine any woman taking a chance like that if she lost her balance.

3. A glass table top corner like you described with Jana Cova getting off. When she finished the mess she left behind on the tabletop demonstrated that she enjoyed the experience. (wonder if we recall the same scene.)

12-06-08  10:32am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #33 - exotics4me :


In that case, I like the TRIBBING that doesn't include dildos or rubber dicks!!

Seeing 2 young teen tight bodied hot girls tribe like that is... OOOOHH MY GOOOOSH!! :D :D

You wanna know who I wanna see tribe?!! ALEXIS LOVE AND RILEY MASON!!

12-06-08  06:15pm

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TheSquirrel (53) Yeah I go with Messmer. I only voted "no, plain tubes are okay," because I don't really care one way or another. I find sex toys really boring.
12-06-08  07:11pm

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IKnoPorn (22) This one really brought out alot of opinions! Isn't sharing fun?

Personally I like a genuine performance above all else - the girl has to be enjoying herself. Whether it's fingers, a standard vibe, a rabbit vibe, or the Sybian, if the girl is obviously enjoying herself then that's what does it for me.

Although, since we're sharing kinky feelings, the "rabbit vibe" is one of my favorites, and seems to be the same for the models that use it. That's the one that has a clit stimulator as well as a rotating shaft. Sure, it's a bit like a new-age spacecraft, but the thought of what that thing is doing to the girl's insides, and how she can't help but enjoy herself - really does it for me.

Plus using one of these things on your woman while you're going down on her - take it from me she will worship the ground you walk on!!

12-06-08  10:54pm

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nygiants03 (162) I never really though about that. I guess it really does not matter as long as the girl is enjoying herself. I certainly don't mind toys, I like solo videos.
12-08-08  10:09pm

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