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Visit Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving
Reply of Monahan's Reply

Holy crap, Monahan, I only just noticed this in my swamped email account. In case you never opted for a sub here, it's a great site! The vids are great. Some of them are too talky for me, but there are also plenty where the model is not talking. No silly music tracks! Lots of wonderful boobies!


06-12-14  05:40am

Visit Fame Girls

Fame Girls
Reply of graymane's Review

Wonderful review, graymane! I agree with you about the attractiveness of these three young beauties. Legs! Legs up to their earlobes!

The non-nude approach is MORE stimulating than nude for me. Once you've seen The Prize in all its glory, it gets a bit old seeing it pulled and yanked and twisted and gaping every which way. I much prefer the subtle, barely concealed suggestion of The Prize, the bittersweet agony of the known unknown.

Great review. The models are drop-dead gorgeous and the preview pics alone make me feel like I just got an injection of testosterone.


09-25-11  04:59pm

Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes
Reply of otoh's Review

Great review! Hey, you fellow panty lovers, things are looking up for us! A few articles I read recently claim that full-cut, vintage style undies are making a big comeback. The evil thong has had its day and perhaps the time will come when we will see it breathe its last!

Also, a lot of the major undy companies are using short videos to advertise their products. Google "knicker-picker" to see what I mean. Also, check youtube. Many companies have their own channels there with lots of vids uploaded.

Viva la Panties! When the Singularity comes and I am transfered to hard-drive, I will live forever in virtual panty heaven!


**Khan and mods, I hope this doesn't violate the no-sharing free porn rule, since it's not porn and I have not given any links?

If I have broken the rule, I am sorry and will resist such behavior in the future.

07-13-11  04:59pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Mez, I think full-backed nylon panties are considered granny panties! Those are my favorite too.

By and large I like to see women in the things they wear under their clothes which are not supposed to be seen. That's the thing for me. That's why bra and panties are way more of a turn on than a bikini, even though the same amount of skin is on display.

Take a beautiful woman and put her in a micro-bikini from Wicked Weasel and it's hot, for sure; but put the same woman in a skimpy camisette or bra and a regular pair of Hanes panties and I'm toast.

06-29-11  02:14pm

Visit VF Academy

VF Academy
Reply of otoh's Reply

otoh, well-met fellow, hail! If you like sheer panties, then you are absolutely gonna love VF Academy! I cannot urge you strongly enough. If you like full-cut, full-size sheer (and I do mean, SHEER) panties, there is probably no other site on the net better than this one.

I have zero affiliations with this site, and I am only a fan, not a salesman.

You gotta go for it. Just bear in mind, there is a lot of content, but it's not a mega-motherlode of content like at some sites. I'm gonna give you the exact numbers right here:

Image sets: 94
Total images: 11,625
Videos: 116.

And remember, these are all zipped sets of big pictures, and the Hi-def vids average at nearly a half a gig each.

And don't forget, you get access to the other sites too. I haven't even scratched the surface of Pantyhosed4U yet! Of course I go about my enjoyment of this content slowly, relishing it like a fine wine.


06-05-11  12:01am

Visit VF Academy

VF Academy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Navigation simple, haven't had problems.
- Part of a network now giving you access to four sites.
- Very faithful to the panty/flash/upskirt/uniform niche.
- Nice looking British models, mostly blondes, maturer looking, nothing teeny-boppery.
- HD vids offered, corresponding to each photo set.
- Zipfiles for all photo sets, max size (see bottom line). Also three choices for pic size in browser.
- Regular updates, though not terribly frequent.
- Members may leave comments and ratings.
- My download speeds varied quite a bit, from as low as 400kbs to as fast as 1mps.
Cons: These will be subjective cons here for the most part, except for the first:

- Search function useless. I searched for white cotton panties and got all sorts of mismatches in return.
- Panties tend to be mostly those big, sheer things that you can see right through. That doesn't seem collegiate to me. I want rugged, impenetrable, industrial strength cotton or nylon that makes the "prize" all but unobtainable to my greedy little mitts. These blond beauties should be wrapped up tight and their virtues guarded against such little pervy weasles as myself.
-My major complaint is as it is at most sites: Why the hell must every single solo model video be about the girl masturbating? Watching a girl frig herself has no affect on me, I must confess, and I can never sit through an entire video. The focus of an upskirt/panty/schoolgirl/uniform video should be on how those awesome cuties turn ME on, and they should not devote all of their time in showing us how much they turn themselves on.
Bottom Line: Anyway, a join at this site gets you full access to VintageFlash, Pantyhosed4U, and VintageFlash Archive. All in all there is an abundance of high quality content to go through.

The vids at VF Academy come in four choices:

- mp4 320x180 for ipod and cellphone
- SD Wmv 540x304 1300kbs
- HD Wmv 1280x720 3000kbs
- streaming at 1500kbs. You can also get a short preview.

The HD vids look very impressive, take a good long while to unfold, and contain no cheesy music; the models talk to you and tease while they strip, and finally straddle a desk and get themselves off. There are also several lesbian vids which are highly erotic. And this is by no means softcore. These ladies really get into it with one another.

The photos are downloadable in zipfiles, and all the pics I've extracted thus far from VF Academy are big, at around 2090x1400.

The photo sets are well edited and the resolution is tight as a drum.

Very highly recommended four-site package with plenty of content for the money!

You guys sure are stingy with your points! I can't see giving this package anything less than a 95.

06-03-11  11:11pm

Replies (4)
Visit Panties Pulled Down

Panties Pulled Down
Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Review

Should have done this long ago, but those initial problems were taken care of and I had no further difficulties with this site. WWW 5/26/11

05-26-11  02:18pm

Visit Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving

At last!

I used to watch my ex-wife iron the clothes and wonder: I wonder how many guys out there would pay to see videos of just this very thing? Just a great-looking woman bent over with her lovely-bits all a jostle and in near-to-plain sight by virtue of the gravity-challenged blouse?

Finally, only about a dozen years later, someone has had that same light bulb over his noggin! This was one of those things that, as soon as I saw it, I joined. If there is anything more hypnotic than a gravity-challenged blouse with boobies underneath I don't know what it could be.

Will do full review soon. Downside is vids are split into bite-sized pieces and there is too much talking; but other than that this is literally a dream come true for Wee Willy.

The Brits come through once again. I say let's hoist the Union Jack here in the States and call it even. :)

04-05-11  03:40am

Replies (2)
Visit Karup's Older Women

Karup's Older Women
Reply of messmer's Reply

Some of us quirky fellows actually like the ho-hum, practical underwear!

01-20-11  06:09pm

Visit Cum Blast City

Cum Blast City
Reply of Lionheart's Comment

I thought it could be fun if done well. I joined this site because I am a big fan of the hand-job/CFNM niche. Unfortunately what I've seen so far is very disappointing. First, given six or seven minutes of a real, non-faked hand-job, the switch to the faked stuff is obvious because of terrible editing and terrible acting. It is not convincing at all, although if the participants tried a wee bit harder it could be a "blast".

Better to look for guys like Peter North who can do it for real (well, within reason!). There must be other males out there who could compete. ??

01-10-11  08:24pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

The Late Selena and Jlo. Yes I like em on the bigger side!

01-04-11  08:33pm

Visit Tiny Fetish Fun

Tiny Fetish Fun
Reply of otoh's Comment

A lot of guys are into this. There are a lot of photoshopped pics of women squatting over stadiums and walking through cities, etc.

I don't have that fetish but I can understand it a little. I do like the idea of a strong, dominant woman in complete control, and I love the view from below of a beautiful woman towering over me. Methinks it might be some residue from infancy lurking in the psyche: The mama figure looming over the crib? That tied in with authority, appeasement, satisfaction, and obvious sexual attributes.

12-24-10  07:36pm

Visit Gapeland

Reply of RustyJ's Comment

Where the fuck do they find these beefed up thugs? How the fuck can a man with an endowment like that brutalize a woman in such a way? These thugs are like animals. Is this the only way these poor girls can make a living? Fuck these gorillas and their sickening, psychotic energy. Disgusting.

11-18-10  07:20pm

Visit Gapeland

Reply of RustyJ's Comment

This shit is worrisome. What the fuck is going on in a man's mind who gets turned on watching shit like this?

11-18-10  07:13pm

N/A Reply of PinkPanther's Poll

Erm....you guys don't actually think that what we do is unusual, do ya?

11-05-10  10:41am

N/A Reply of PinkPanther's Poll

You need the password to log in to my side of the computer where the naughty stuff is. If I needed to have it repaired I'd tell the guy to click my son's user icon, which does not require a password.

If the repair guy goes deep and see the porn anyway, there is faint reason to think he'd bat an eye. Unless it was illegal stuff. I don't see the big problem.

Most tech guys probably have tons of porn.

11-05-10  10:40am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I heard that thinking of Whoopie Goldberg helps. Actually, I have the opposite problem. It takes me a long time to climb that mountain, unless I'm all by myself, in which case it's sometimes a short hike.

09-28-10  09:09pm

Visit Panties Pulled Down

Panties Pulled Down
Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Review

OK now I'm a little miffed. I've come back to the site today and I still can't download the zips. Hmmm... This is silly. They've already got my 30 day sub. Why make it hard for me to get what I want? Silly.

09-16-10  04:55pm

Visit Panties Pulled Down

Panties Pulled Down

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Zipfiles for photo-sets
- Very faithful to the panty niche
- Mostly attractive, maturish-looking models in solo strip and faux-lesbian sets, office-girl and college-girl uniform.
- Decent amount of content, fast loading, good speeds.
- Sets are well edited and usually go from full-clothed to total nudity.
- Not too heavy on toys.
- Search utility offered, but is strange and I didn't use it.
- Model list.
- Seem to update pretty steadily.
- 2 options for vid download: WMV or Ipod.
Cons: - Daily limit for downloading zips. The first time I've encountered this. I didn't count but I did not download many before I was cut off. I am not aware of a limit for videos. I took quite a bit and was not cut off. Will update if this changes.
- Smallish pics for 2010: 803x1200.
- Videos are advertised as HD, when this is NOT the case. Vids ranged from 768x576 to 960x540, 1000 to 3000kb.
- Vids are limited in scope. Girl teases and talks to camera, winds up masturbating, tugging and playing with panties, same old same old.
Bottom Line: I have two scores for this site: my objective score is the one I posted. Subjectively, I would give this site a 95 for photo content alone, even though the vids are negligible.

I have a wicked, unstoppable panty fetish, and I tend to like old school knickers: full-sized, full-back, cotton, nylon. This site is HEAVY on cotton, and HEAVY on white cotton. So Messmer, bear that in mind! Over the past couple years they have moved towards more modern, "sexy" panties, like thongs, g-strings, lacy things, satiny things. This is not so good for me but may be great for others. The farther back you go through the archives, the more into white cotton and granny-ish style undies you get.

For the bra-lover, who should exist in all of us to some extent, there are some lovely bras here, and some lovely things that go inside the bras, though there is also a near-toxic level of silicone. The Brits seem to be really, really into fake breasts.

I gave this site a low score because I don't want to mislead my PU friends, and I try to keep my personal kinks and preferences in check, realizing that most men cannot stand the kind of skivvies I like; realizing that most men hold them up as objects of contempt and ridicule.

That being said, kudos must be given to the photogs and the editors of these sets. They are very well presented and offer choice views of the precious undergarments in question. Shame on them for not moving into higher res photos, however. I don't need gigantic pics, but at least fill my screen here in 2010.

Those concerned about nudity: this is NOT a non-nude site. Nudity and graphic views of the generative organs are in most sets, though this is NOT Simonscans or In the Crack either.

Subjectively speaking: Panties Pulled Down is my favorite site for panty photo content. Objectively speaking, DO NOT spend your money here if the sight of white cotton panties turns you off. You will be sorely disappointed, and maybe even angry.

And do not come here for video content. It's hum-drum in that regard.

09-16-10  04:16pm

Replies (2)
Visit Andi Pink

Andi Pink
Reply of RealMayer's Comment

One of the prettiest peaches on the net.

08-01-10  09:34pm

Visit Panties Pulled Down

Panties Pulled Down
Reply of graymane's Reply

It's gonna be a little while: gonna wait till my Panty Amateur sub runs out. Few weeks tops.

07-24-10  08:04pm

Visit Panties Pulled Down

Panties Pulled Down

Undeservedly obscure panty-site

Just wanted to mention that this is probably one of the best panty-sites out there. That is, IF you are into more mature models and can appreciate a tendency towards more conventional drawers (though they do seem to be including racier skivvies now). I was a member here before I joined PU and will join soon again to give a full review.

I do remember the negatives were: vids were only in Quicktime format, though I believe this is no longer the case; and photos were on the small side. I hope the site has grown and improved in my absence. I'll let you know soon.

07-21-10  02:33pm

Replies (3)
Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Greatly diminished

I signed up to see the last year of vids and wow, the models have gone from stunners to mildly attractive, many on the portly side, and nearly every video is non-stop jibber-jabbering.

My score now would be an 85 tops.

06-29-10  09:22pm

Replies (2)
Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC
Reply of graymane's Comment

I second this. I spoke with the webmaster (or one of them?) via email regarding the zipped photo sets and it was like talking to an old friend. Remarkable customer service and a great site as well!

06-23-10  05:57pm

Visit Graphis

Reply of Capn's Reply

No, I haven't joined. I won't be joining any sites for the indefinite future, as my interest in sex and even self-pleasure as waned considerably over the past year.

06-18-10  03:51pm

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