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Visit Valentina Vaughn

Valentina Vaughn

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official website of Valentina Vaughn, Penthouse Pet on June 2005.
-Beautiful exotic looking professional model.
-No tattoos but a small belly-button piercing.
-75 picture galleries, average 40 pictures each.
-Half of the galleries seem exclusive.
-Galleries are artistic nude or softcore with occasional spreading and mild fingering.
-Some non-nude sets.
-22 videos. Mainly solo artistic nude / softcore or taken during a photo shoot.
-Access to Camz (Private Camz) webcam feeds.
-Model can be contacted via website form.
-Monthly updated diary.
-Free tour lists latest updates.
Cons: -No zip files.
-Image galleries are flash based. Despite this, some allow 1 by 1 image saving.
-Galleries often resize or rotate images a few degrees, which produces pixellation.
-Image original size is small: 85% are 800x550 or less.
-No option for saving videos: they play in browser.
-Videos are quite low resolution: 90% are 320x240 800kbps 4 minutes long.
-Videos are in one format only. Most are quicktime, with a few wmv.
-Probably very few exclusive videos. Most have Marquis Models watermarks.
-Most videos are a couple years old, with watermarks dating back to 2005-2006.
-Music is the only audio during all the videos.
-No webcam shows by Valentina Vaughn ever.
-Exclusive content seems to be shot mainly in hotel rooms.
Bottom Line: The model has the looks, knows how to pose and the photos are taken by top photographers. Watching low-resolution versions of good pictures on a cumbersome flash interface makes the experience less than enjoyable. It might be acceptable in a free portfolio site but not when you have typed your credit card info. Flash based galleries nowadays in an adult pay site are hard to justify. I used to think they were an annoying trend that common sense had forced to disappear.

During the last few months, updates consisted mainly of girlfriend sets. Some of them had Valentina Vaughn plus another model but most were solo sets by other models. I believe half of the galleries could be exclusive but, according to watermarks, the other half should be also available at Digital Desire, Misha Online, Marquis Models, Ken Marcus, Penthouse or Juliland (taken by Richard Avery). Non-exclusive videos have watermarks of Marquis Models (almost half), Juliland, Digital Desire, Foot Factory, 24 Main Street. I'd say there are perhaps 3-4 exclusive videos only which are mainly artistic posing.

According to the update log, the site was relaunched in December 2007 but it still has in construction links 9 months later. There's no information on what's the empty "wish list" for or a schedule of cam shows. What's more, every page has a huge banner ad that takes you to abibids.com auction site to see the "new sexy items I'm auctioning off today" but the model seems to have had no listing there in the last 6 months; there's also a non-active niteflirt button (pay-per-minute phone chats) although Valentina Vaughn doesn't appear listed there either. The diary was quite cryptic too; it looked like it was written for life-long friends and not for fans wanting to know what the model was up to.

Go for the trial membership if you like the model and want to sample her work for other sites and some exclusive artistic pictorials. Unless the site gets a serious workout and updates start coming more often, staying for a month like I did is not worth it.

09-28-08  10:33am

Replies (3)
Visit Christina Ryder

Christina Ryder

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of cam model Christina Ryder aka KissChristina.
- No tattoos. A couple small piercings. Decent boob job.
- 30+ photo galleries. Mostly solo with some toys.
- Maximum resolution: 1200x800. 20 photos per set. Zips.
- A couple boy-girl photo sets. Blowjob only, fixed camera.
- 25+ videos. Mostly solo, a couple blowjobs and 1 intercourse.
- Maximum resolution: 1280x720, 1500kbps.
- Videos available both for download and stream.
- Photos and videos from same set are linked.
- OK site for a cam girl.
- Actively working to improve the site.
Cons: - Amateur flare in all content.
- Updates are not dated. They don't come regularly.
- Certificate error alert when accessing video streams.
- Small photos. Some sets are all or in part screengrabs of videos.
- Photos and videos are almost always taken at the same room.
- Fixed camera in most videos.
- Interaction via email only. No webcam chats for members.
- Little behind the scenes content.
- Blog and forum already available in free section.
- Empty "archives" section. Maybe it's for webcam shows.
Bottom Line: In my experience, it's not unusual among cam models to aspire to have a site of their own. As any solo site project (including those from porn stars), launch dates keep getting postponed for whatever reasons and, more often than not, the project is eventually abandoned. So, despite the content at this site is quite ordinary, the model deserves some praise for having ended up launching what seems mainly a personal project: still camera, very limited locations, solo or boy-girl with husband/boyfriend, etc.

Even though it's far from extraordinary, the site certainly will have some appeal to those interested in the model. The model is, in fact, selling individual videos at the site where she cams. Most likely, those are the same videos being offered here. I haven't checked the current price of her individual videos but, given the ludicrous prices models are charging for videos at that cam site, you'll certainly get a better deal joining her official site.

An also important downside for me was that, even though it's the official site of a model who makes live webcam shows on a daily basis, there were no plans to host shows for members of the site only. There was a webcam section that threw the same weird security errors that were being thrown at video streaming pages but, after asking the model directly about members-only cam shows, I came to the conclusion there were no plans to solve it. It's been 5 months since I was a member so things may have changed.

Good thing is they seemed to be actively working on the site. I saw some bugs being solved while I was a member even though I personally hadn't reported them. Checking the free section while finishing this review, I realized some of the cons I had noted back in the day are no longer so. For instance, when I was a member, I'm pretty sure there was no indication on which webcam site you could find the model doing live cam shows at. Now it's pretty clear in the free section. Maybe most members sign up after knowing about the model at the site where she cams but there are endless ways a user may stumble upon a pay site. I see they've also added a forum section, even though it's already available in the free section.

08-22-11  02:55pm

Replies (0)
Visit Naked Movie

Naked Movie

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Spoofs of movies, TV series. 5 episodes as of Jan/2009.
-Bigger budget and more elaborate settings than usual.
-A respectable effort to try something different.
-Some episodes have 2 sex scenes. Up to 60 minutes.
-Star Trix. Unfortunately, the only passable episode.
-Jayden Jaymes as a green alien.
-The bottom-less party at Farold and Fubar.
-Access through Muffia. Check my review for specs.
Cons: -Too few updates. Only two new scenes since Jan/2009.
-Most scripts are terrible. Probably, non-existent.
-Extremely long non-sex intros with male performers only.
-All scenes are boy-girl only. No threesomes, no girl-girl.
-Female models get very little screen time: sex scene only.
-Too many second-rate male performers in sex scenes.
-Most acting is extremely bad. Over-acting is commonplace.
-Hard to follow: everyone improvises, talks at the same time.
-Scenes in real life settings: bad lighting, bad sound.
Bottom Line: Porn history in one sentence: from features to gonzo to internet reality. If Muffia wants to reinvent the wheel by going back to features, the least they can do is make it round. What I remember from features is that the girls got most of the screen time both on sex scenes and non-sex scenes, some of them were passable actresses and the guys were always the same but did a good job.

At Naked Movie, the girls only show up for the sex scene. In the rare cases they get some lines, it's obvious they weren't casted for their acting abilities. Guys get 99% of the dialog in non-sex scenes but male casting isn't that good. Ramon has proven a hundred times he's a solid performer but his acting is always debatable and he isn't much better here in the Miami Spice (Miami Vice spoof) episode as a latino drug lord. You get the contrary at Farold And Fubar: a couple of unknown guys deliver slightly passable acting but they aren't up to the task when it comes to the sex scenes even though they are paired with Riley Shy and Kaci Starr. Probably that's the reason why you always got the same guys in feature movies: it's hard to find someone who can act and perform.

Some things might be salvaged, though. The pool sex scene with Kitty Bella and Ramon at Miami Spice is worth watching; pity they are such terrible actors in the non-sex part. The guy that plays the USS Intercourse captain in Star Trix (Star Trek spoof) is passably funny and delivers a decent sex scene with Jayden Jaymes; the whole episode is quite OK. Farold and Fubar shows a bottomless party with several relatively known female models (Jada Fire, Louisa Lanewood, Nika Noire, Nikki Rhodes or Ricki White); unfortunately, you don't get a bottomless lesbian scene but two simultaneous and equally terrible boy-girl sex scenes.

From what I see in the free tour, they seem to have released only two new episodes since I was a member 5 months ago. A promising 2-scene spoof of Ghost Busters (aptly titled Nut Busters) with a stellar cast (Gianna Michaels, Rachel Roxxx, Rachel Starr, Shyla Stylez, Voodoo) and a new 1-scene episode of Star Trix, probably to ride on the wave of the recent JJ Abrams' Star Trek. Miami Spice episode ended with a cliff-hanger "To be continued..." but, according to the free tour, they haven't released more episodes.

I'm not saying you should stay clear from this site. They should, at least, be praised for trying. It's unlikely anyone will join Muffia for this site alone but if you enjoyed some of the original movies/TV series, you might catch some of the ironies (if such ironies exist). If you are more fluent in English than me, you will likely understand them under bad sound conditions.

05-17-09  08:48am

Replies (1)
Visit Sleep Creep

Sleep Creep

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Caters to a sex while sleeping fetish.
-14 scenes. Last one released 6 days ago.
-Most models are good looking newbies.
-Most are all-natural young girls with few tattoos.
-Very little makeup brings verisimilitude to the scene.
-Missy Stone and Brynn Tyler look hot.
-Convincing acting.
-Interesting mix of POV and fixed camera.
-Was accessible via Porn Pros Network.
Cons: -Most models pretend to stay sleep and unresponsive during the whole scene.
-Scene page on the site contains a story that explains the girls are OK with what happens. But the scenes don't show any of the story's details.
-Scene structure is always the same. Every scene feels like a remake.
-The usual drawbacks of Porn Pros Network.
-The same male perfomer in 90% of the scenes (Anthony Rosano).
Bottom Line: Scenes always follow this structure: guy sneaks camera in hand into a room where a young girl is sleeping in bra and panties; he slowly undresses her, trying not to wake her up, all the time groping and fingering her; he leaves the camera where it can catch all the action, takes out his cock, pokes her a little bit and starts having sex quietly with her till the money shot as the girl remains asleep. It's just as creepy as it sounds. In only 3 (Rachel Starr, Shawna Lenne and Veronique Vega) of the 12 scenes that were available while I was a member, the girl pretends to wake up and catch the guy (the scene continues with the girl's cooperation; she remains somewhat sleepy but is always happy to find herself in such a situation); in the rest of the scenes, the model pretends to be asleep the whole time.

Those who don't "wake up" are usually quite new to the industry but, of course, there's little doubt that they agreed to be filmed that way, signed their model releases, etc. Among them, there are a couple of rising stars like Missy Stone or Brynn Tyler. I believe some BDSM sites shoot a short segment at the end of the scenes where performers, now dressed in civilian clothes, talk about what they just did so viewers are assured that what happened was consensual. I'm not saying they should do this here but maybe the girls should always pretend to wake up as they already do in those 3 scenes. Another option would be to add a behind the scenes clip. I am sure the performers couldn't help but crack up at some point while filming. It would also be funny if they could release a scene where the one sleeping was the guy.

If the fact that the girl stays asleep until the end of the scene is extremely important to the fetish, maybe they could shoot a short acting intro where the girl tells the guy she's OK with that. In fact, the main page for each episode always has a short story where they justify the situation; things like "she was familiar with my particular fantasy" or "deeply asleep, willing to let me do my thing". It's quite obvious they've added that as an afterthought as the scenes always have the same structure but the stories vary quite a lot in the details.

Creepy details aside, there are some pretty young all-natural newbies here. There's little more to be said, if you are into this kind of thing you'll probably like it. I felt, though, that model's response and the guy's performance (always the same guy) is pretty much interchangeable from scene to scene. They all make a pretty good job. So, if your fetish isn't exactly the same as the one depicted in a particular scene it's unlikely that you'll find another one that better suits your taste.

08-08-08  04:12pm

Replies (2)
Visit My Heather VanDeven

My Heather VanDeven

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Official Site of Heather Vandeven, Penthouse Pet of the Year 2007.
-30 photosets. 1500x100. 40 pictures per set. 20% landscape. Zip files.
-Photos are mostly solo: mix of glamour, fetish and hardcore (fingers and toys).
-A couple tame girl-girl photo sets.
-17 videos. 640x480 1500kbps. 5-15 minutes long.
-50% of the videos are solo (all Juliland clips).
-50% of the videos are boy-girl hardcore (but NO Heather Vandeven in them).
-Monthly blog. Also available in the free section.
-Site design looks good and is easy to use.
-Inexpensive full access trial membership. Billed by epoch.
Cons: -All photos come from Penthouse (50%), Juliland (20%) or Ken Marcus (20%).
-3 photo sets might be exclusive but look like they were taken some years ago.
-Only one photo update since it was launched 4 months ago.
-50% of the videos are from Juliland.
-50% of the videos are from movie "Aperture" by Michael Ninn.
-Heather Vandeven acts only as voyeur in most of the "Aperture" scenes.
-No interaction with the model. Monthly blog entry but no way to interact.
Bottom Line: Despite my low rating, those wanting a sample of Heather Vandeven content shouldn't hesitate about going for it. She can be found at several other sites than those listed here but with this one you get interesting content from 3-4 sources for a low price although you get nothing new and no interaction with the model. Monthly membership is quite cheap but updates don't seem to be coming at any rate so it doesn't offer any more than a mere trial.

They aren't offering anything new or different. 95% of the content comes directly from other sites or movies, each source having its own different style. It's nice that she can get at her solo site the content she shoots for other people but having no exclusive content at all is hard to justify. The content comes from a couple quality sites, though, and the model is gorgeous and knows how to pose so no complaint regarding the quality of what they offer.

Launching a site with few content and not updating it any more is never a good sign but the site was launched less than 4 months ago so maybe things will get better. The most recent content were videos from the "Aperture" movie. There are a few boy-girl scenes but Heather Vandeven acts only as a voyeur and doesn't get into the action. The further she goes is a hardcore lesbian scene with Carli Banks.

10-26-08  01:16pm

Replies (2)
Visit Simply Tory Lane

Simply Tory Lane

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Some content with US porn star Tory Lane.
-21 photo sets. 100 photos each. 1200x800.
--4 hardcore. Probably shot during some DVD scenes.
--2 girl-girl.
--15 solo. Some are 1024x680. Most come from Matrix HD; a couple from Twistys.
-4 DVD scenes. Split in 5 minutes parts. 640x480 2200kbps wmv. No DRM.
--All boy-girl. A couple POV look a bit amateur but are OK. Probably from some DVD anyway. Very unlikely that they are exclusive for this site.
-Clean, simple design: top menu gives access to different content within the site; left menu navigates to other network sites.
-Big preview thumbnails for each set with release date and image count.
-Users can rate the sets: numerically (stars) and also write public comments. Unlikely that Tory Lane will ever read them.
-Access to other network sites. Check Pornstar Key Site Facts at TBP to know the exact sites (most are solo model sites that also begin with "Simply").
Cons: -No exclusive content:
--Looks like Matrix HD and Twistys are the main sources of photo content. Some may come from New Sensations DVDs.
--Nurseholes DVD was released by Powerhouse according to IAFD; somewhat related to New Sensations? Didn't get other DVDs' titles.
-Few sets. Partly understandable as updates started in late Oct-2007 but current update rate is slow: only 7 galleries and 1 video in 6 months.
-No zipfiles.
-Must solve a CAPTCHA to login every time.
-Lots of links to join external pay sites. Some are disguised as regular site links.
Bottom Line: I was disappointed with Tory Lane XXX (allegedly, an official site) so I checked this one in case she had another "really official" site. The tour didn't make me think this was any better but promised access to several network sites so joined anyway. Turns out this was as much a disappointment as the other one. Thank god for trial memberships.

The Tory Lane content quantity is quite depressing. Picture galleries seen a hundred times and no exclusive videos. Videos are good and quality is more than acceptable. Pity there are only 4 scenes while IAFD lists Tory Lane in at least 8 DVDs from New Sensations and 2 from Powerhouse all prior to 2007. Wonder why they can't make them available here 3 years after they were released.

The site is well done and nice to use but the lack of content sends it to the bottom of my rating list.

The overall impression gets somewhat better when you check the other network sites you also get access to (currently 17). They aren't much more better than this, though (no Jizz Bomb or NS All Access). They are all centered around single models, mostly US but also some European. Raylene Richards was quite a find (the model, not the site). The other sites usually have much more content than Simply Tory Lane.

06-24-08  03:05pm

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Visit BangbrosNetwork Mobile

BangbrosNetwork Mobile

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Mobile version of Bangbros Network.
- All new content is available here at the same time.
- Bangbros Network login works here too.
- No need to login every time you visit the site.
- 1,530 scenes (everything since November, 2009).
- Same size pictures as regular site (new ones, 2000x1300).
- Screencaps for all updates.
- One format for videos: 480x360 MP4 900kbps.
- Easy to browse around on a phone.
- May jump several pages (in galleries or scene lists).
- Good metadata: all models’ names on multi-model updates.
- Browse videos by “Date”, “Top Rated” and filter by categories.
- Browse models by “Top Rated” or “Latest”.
Cons: - Only 1/3 of all BangBros Network scenes are available.
- 320px wide layout raises issues when flipping device.
- Only one format for videos. No trailers.
- I was unable to play any video on my phone.
- The videos I managed to download were letterboxed.
- Thumbnails of portrait images appear distorted.
- Full size images may be too big for a mobile site (2 Mbytes).
- No Search or Alphabetical model browsing.
- None of regular site’s social features: likes, favorites, ratings.
Bottom Line: This is the mobile “optimized” version of Bangbros Network. You may access it with any browser but it wouldn’t make sense doing it from anything but a phone. It has a fixed width of 320 pixels. 320x480 was the resolution of the first 3 generations of the iPhone (until iPhone 4) and most of the first mobile “optimized” sites were in fact “iPhone” optimized. Nowadays, it doesn’t make any sense to force a fixed width on a mobile site given there are much more devices that may benefit from a mobile version, each with its own resolution. I don’t know if it’s related to this but the page doesn’t re-render to fill the screen when I flip my phone to landscape mode; this is frustrating and rare for a mobile site.

I had serious issues with videos. For some reason, I couldn’t get any video to stream or download on my phone, getting server not found errors or my phone plain refusing to play them. On my desktop computer, I managed to download some but they all were saved as “membercheck”, without extension. Windows Media Player Classic couldn’t play them, not even adding an .mp4 extension but VLC did. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with them. Even if your device has no problem with the videos, you’ll probably wish they had trailers.

As for the photos, they have the same issue as the regular Bangbros Network site: all thumbnails are displayed with the same 150x100 dimensions. The actual thumbnail images have the right dimensions but they are scaled through HTML on the page; this obviously renders portrait thumbnails absolutely distorted. They shoot mainly landscape photos but the issue sometimes appears from the first photo: when they shoot “pretty girl” photos in portrait mode. Other than that, it’s fairly easy to move around and jump several pages forward to avoid repeated photos. Screencaps are welcome.

As it is now, it has little use but to know which scenes have been released recently. No video access and there are several issues with photo browsing. They’ve recently launched a new version of the regular members area where they have finally solved the issue with thumbnails. Hope they bring some of that to the mobile site. Bangbros Network has some great content but its mobile site has a lot of room for improvement.

10-16-11  03:37am

Replies (0)
Visit Miss Laura Lee

Miss Laura Lee

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Free section shows what you will get when you join.
-8 free galleries (non nude work).
-20 fairly good galleries in the pay section (site launched about a couple of months ago).
-Almonst only non-exclusive content but it comes from quality sites (Danni.com, Penthouse, Flaunt Girls).
-Mainly solo glamour sets. 6 girl-girl glamour sets.
-About 2 gallery updates a week.
Cons: -Pictures cannot be saved to disk because a script prevents context menu from appearing (right click and keyboard button).
-No zip files.
-0 videos.
-Horizontal pictures are less than half as big as vertical ones: CMS limits picture's maximum width to 750px regardless of orientation (horizontal: 750x510; vertical:1150x750).
-Small thumbnails: longest axis is 45 px.
-Galleries are not categorized: a single page lists all galleries mixing free and pay, solo and girl-girl, etc.
-Images open in a 500x500 popup screen you must resize every time to get the whole picture.
-Asked to solve a CAPTCHA every time you login.
-24 pictures per gallery (on average).
Bottom Line: This site does technically wrong its main (and currently only) goal: the photo galleries. It could be understandable for a free personal model profile site to prevent people downloading sample images. But this decision on a pay site in 2008 is hard to support.

The CMS (content management system) seems to be used on other sites by RT Web Designs. It looks like this site uses one of the most basic setups (others offer video, better diary options or chatrooms), but all sites seem to share the same photo gallery system. I'd expect similar trouble at those sites' galleries.

On the other hand there's nothing bad about the content. Very little is exclusive but it comes from quality sites like Penthouse or Danni.com and interesting photographers like Misha (from Misha Online) and Lisa Boyle (Flaunt Girls). There are some very good galleries (although also available at other sites).

The model also tries to make the most out of the options she has at hand, keeping a daily update on her work (in the free section) and posting new galleries and samples a couple of times a week.

Despite my low rating, I'd still recommend it to anyone who wants to sample Laura Lee's work but doesn't want to join the 3-4 sites she has worked for so far. I'd also give it some time: current options are limited, but the CMS seems quite flexible and adding video, a chatroom, better diary options or zip sets seems feasible. Adding more exclusive content would also benefit the site's attractive.

04-26-08  11:12am

Replies (3)
Visit Monique Alexander.net

Monique Alexander.net

No Review.
05-25-08  08:46am

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