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Visit Naughty Mag

Naughty Mag

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Half a million pics+, and lots of video.
- One of the widest ranges of models I've seen, from 18+ to late 60s, from extremely plain to beautiful.
- zips in two sizes.
- choice of size for pictures.
- model index and search function.
- I find the navigation to be easy, because I'm used to it. See cons.
- Access to multiple mag archives: 40+, 30+, Eighteen18, Newcummers, Naughty Neighbors.
Cons: - Pic quality is not top-notch.
- Lots of *very* plain models.
- toys & dildos everywhere.
- Navigation takes some getting used to.
Bottom Line: Naughtymag is noteworthy because of the amount of content it now has and for the range of tastes it caters to. I haven't seen this wide a variety of model types at any other site, though ATK's Natural and Hairy comes close. The focus is on amateur, accessible, next-door-neighbor types. I actually find a good percentage of the models here downright homely (I'm being kind), but that's all part of the amateur niche. That being said, there are many beautiful ladies to look at as well, though the atmosphere is never super-glamorous.

While the pictures have that "magazine-y" look to them, I have to say that the majority of the pics ranging from 2003 to present look pretty good, and some are very good. The lack of clarity is compensated for by the fact that the sets are well-edited and comprehensive. I find that most sets show the models in all the ways I like to see them, without excessive shots of the same pose with barely noticeable differences.

The vids I looked at are 640X480, 2000+ kbps. These are the newer "casting couch" or interview vids and they look excellent.

I would certainly recommend this site to picture collectors, and amateur pictures in particular, but not to those who are interested in photography as art. This ain't art, it's naughty pictures. People mainly into video are best advised to look elsewhere.

It's too bad this company is crapping out on their trials. Why they would want to damage their rep in this way is a mystery to me.

04-07-08  11:20pm

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Beautiful, beautiful girls.
- Tons and tons of content, updated regularly.
- Good quality video, numerous DL options.
- Exhaustive browse features
- Decent search function (could be better)
- Options for member involvement.
- Choice of small or large pics.
- Niched galleries of each model: ass, breasts, legs.
- a few super-sized pics for each model, wallpapers
- Zips in small or large size.
- Bonus sites, and these accrue with long-term membership, and they aren't just the usual bullshit.
- Search lets you sift softcore from hard.
- What the hell else do you want?
Cons: - Model's directory is all laid out on one page and this seems counter-productive, as it sometimes takes a good while to load and because, let's say you want to start with the Z's: I bet you can't scroll all the way down to the bottom without being smitten by some ridiculously cute girl along the way. Try it. Go 'head.
- I would like to be able to search by letter, as in ATK and other places. You can search by model name, but what good is that unless you already know which girl you're looking for?
- Alexis doesn't allow pm's. Doesn't she love me?
Bottom Line: Though the content isn't absolutely to my tastes (my tastes are admittedly way out of fashion), I can still be objective and say that Nubiles is among a small handful of sites which are truly head and shoulders above the rest in every way. I ran out of room in the pros section and had to edit it. The nits are minor.

03-04-08  12:11am

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Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Site has one mission and carries it out nearly perfectly.
- Video is top quality, with some HD. All vids, even as far back as 05, are top quality: at least 2000 kbps.
- Very attractive British models.
- One new vid every day.
- Tons of content. There may be over 800 videos at present.
Cons: - Scenarios are repetitive.
- No download options. People with slow connections will need a lot of time on their hands.
- Limited nudity.
- Lighting bad in a few vids.
- If silicone were tea, this site would have more than China.
- Longer videos, with a bit more creative thinking, would be an improvement, though five minutes is pretty good for the material as it's currently presented.
Bottom Line: If you are looking for hardcore, masturbation, toys, etc, you will absolutely loathe this site.

If you find that panties just get in the way of the good stuff and feel that they are more of a nuisance than anything else, this site will cause you to become suicidal with boredom.

If you feel that the thong is the greatest advancement in the history of women's underwear, this site will cause you to go postal on your monitor, and then you'll have to buy a new one.

If you feel that a "panty video" should include: panties around the ankles at all times, panties being sniffed, panties being inserted into various orifices, you are encouraged to avoid this site, in the same way that anyone with taste should avoid a Pauly Shore movie.

If you come to this site looking for porn, you will not find it, unless you're convinced that any woman who would allow herself to be photographed topless is a harlot in service to the Lord of the Underworld.


I didn't take points off because of the limited scope of this site, because it doesn't claim to be anything other than what it is. This is a video site, there are no pics; it's a panty-site, there's no hardcore. It's a site directly aimed at the panty/upskirt video collector, with a touch of voyeurism and mild sapphic play. If you're not interested in those things there is no reason for you to visit.

02-15-08  05:03pm

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Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Tons of content.
- Very cute models.
- Stays within the teeny niche.
- *Some* of the video content is top notch.
- Newer pics are decent at 800x1200, and there are quite a few, to say the least.
Cons: - What the hell does Seventeen mean?
- Way ! too expensive for us yanks. 40+ buckaroos.
- Choices are great, but this site overwhelms you with choices, causing navigational havoc. See BL.
- Pic size could (should) go up a notch. Older pics are just too small for the jaded collector of 2008.
- No zips
- "High" quality option for vid downloads not so high, at least for the vids I checked. In fact, at 604 kbps, it looks dismal at full screen.
- Pages take too long to load because of all the fancy but useless pic-frame borders and variously-colored backgrounds.
Bottom Line: I was turned down at first by this site but they took me on my second try. So here goes:

I'm disappointed. Main problem: the site needs Organization. Categories are a good thing, but this place is category mayhem. There are 35+ picture-gallery categories, and a few of these are split into "gallery" and "archive". Some categories have separate numbered archives. In the vid section (which is called Seventeen Cinema [I think] and requires another log-in) there are 42 categories, or "labels". The vids are taken from full-length DVDs which you can order and are not entities unto themselves. Most vids offer high and low downloads. Some offer "full", which means highest quality: 2100 kbps, 720X540. These vids look great.

For pic collectors like Willy, who has short term memory loss in spades, all these categories are too much: blondes, brunettes, redheads, wet teens, shaved teens, kinky teens, schoolgirls, highschool girls, dirty teens, anal teens, left-handed teens, vertically-challenged teens, teens who read Proust.... you get the idea. There are some great sets and tons of cute models, but while I'm browsing and clicking I keep wondering what I might be missing someplace else. There is a model directory, but each name I clicked on merely took me to a set of four or five pics: not thumbs leading to sets or vids, just pictures! What's the point of a directory if it doesn't direct you to the model's content?

I'm running low on characters. BL: save your dough, yanks.

02-07-08  11:29pm

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Visit Monster Pimps

Monster Pimps

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots and lots of material, both pics and vids.
- Zip-files for a large portion of newer sets (this must be new seeing as exotics4me said there were no zips in his review).
- Wide range of very attractive models, including some well-knowns.
- Video quality is excellent in the primary video sites (Panty-Jobs, Lipstick BJ, and Exploited Secretaries).
Cons: - Terrible name for this network, and doesn't jibe with the largely softcore content. Monster Pimps sounds like something a rip-off site would call itself.
- Pics could be larger, and there are a fair portion of really small pics (400x600). But this is an old site so this is to be expected.
- Site is loaded with video-feed junk (which they do not need) and advertisements.
- Navigation is workable but you can miss a lot of stuff (mostly pic sets) if you don't poke around a bit. This network has three times the material I originally thought it did in my first few days.
Bottom Line: Quite frankly, this site contains some of the best softcore picture sets in the cheerleader/panty niche that I've encountered. Lamentably, the pics are smallish to very small. The big ones are 684x1024, but many are as small as 400x600. The models are cute to drop-dead gorgeous, and the sets are not toy-obssessed. Whoever is behind the site knows what panty-afficianados want to see.

As exotics4me says, the Panty-job videos are interesting and definitely not something you see everywhere else. My only issue with these vids concerns one of the male performers, who often can't even get it up and who produces some truly pitiful money-shots. Come on, if you're gonna make a girl work that hard for fifteen to twenty minutes, these sessions should end with a bang, not a whimper (to steal a line from the poet, T.S. Eliot).

If the pics were larger I would consider this network to be in the top five percentile for the softcore/cheerleader/panty niche. It's definitely NOT for the hardcore fan or the toy-fanatic. If it were up to me, I would convert this network into one big site and implement a good search function so one can easily locate all the material for each particular model, and I'd put the dinky pics in a separate archive.

01-24-08  01:54am

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Visit TNV Girls

TNV Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - True to the niche
- Very pretty girls.
- Lots of content, updated regularly.
- Good quality video, and quality seems to be improving steadily.
- These girls seem to really love smooching with one another. Can't blame them for that now can we?
Cons: - Too much outdoors material. Kinis are for sunning and swimming, panties are for indoors. Or maybe I'm just crazy?
- Too many tats. Tattoos are nasty, dang it.
- Pic quality needs to be taken up a notch or two.
- *Some* of the best quality vids are DRM protected.
Bottom Line: TNV rates a higher score than its sister site, Virginal Visions, because there is so much more material here and because the vids are more varied and of higher quality, generally speaking. I think the pics are better (content-wise) at VV, but that's because I'm an old schooler when it comes to ladies' skivvies.

I ended up keeping almost 6 gigs of video and 261 zipped pic sets. The pic sets are numbered up into the 800's, so I obviously didn't get anywhere near all of them. Newer vids come in at 1000 to 1600kbps, 640x480, and run from 15 to 20 mins, and you can usually get them in one file. I don't know if 20 minutes is the 'whole' video in any particular case, but these files are big enough. Most of the pics are small, but the bigger ones are 1024x768. Despite their size they are very nice, for the most part.

I don't care for the fainting vids. There's something creepy about a guy feeling up a girl while she's out cold. I know it's fantasy, but it still bothers me.

The site is very softcore and heavy on soft-lesbianism, and only recommended to those who appreciate pretty girls getting it on in their underwear.

One more note: when I joined the site it was having technical problems: pics not opening, links not working, etc. I emailed the webmaster and by the next day everything was fixed. There was even a message posted at the site about maintenance problems which were being attended to. Good work, and good customer service. Few points extra for that.

01-06-08  09:11pm

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Visit College Uniform

College Uniform

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stays unswervingly true to the uniform niche
- Beautiful models who know how to pose
- Jana Mrazkova! Yum.
- Hi quality pics, and lots of them. 38 gallery pages plus 7 bonus pages. Pics average 1000x1500 and they weigh in at nearly one meg each.
- Zip files for pics: a must for this type of site
- frequent updates
- Member forum and responsive webmaster
- Classy site in every sense
- Inexpensive trial gives you plenty of time to peruse the content
Cons: - Vid section is still small and quality is not on par with pics: avg 770-880 kbps, 640x480
- Navigation issues: Top navigation bar not showing up most of the time for me. You will need your back button if you have the same problem
- Quite a few links not working, but webmaster will fix if notified
Bottom Line: The strength of this site lies in the photo sections, and, as with LVpanty, the only reason I didn't rate it a 90 or higher is because the video section is not on par with the quality of the pics.

A too-brief pass through the material at this site can give you the wrong impression right from the start, as it did for me. A lot of the time the picture sets are broken up into separate galleries, with fully-clothed or mostly-clothed galleries coming first and the stripping content coming afterwards. There is plenty of skin here, though the only nudity is bare breasts. The undies are sublime. Upskirts and downblouse pics abound, and this site would be nirvana to a leg-man.

Subtlety is the key word here. It's decidedly on the soft end of softcore, and it's certainly not porn, at least not by my definition; but while the photos don't necessarily excite me they still manage to impress the hell out of me, and I'm not terribly interested in uniforms.

I posted a message about a misdirecting gallery-link in the forum at College Uniform and there was a response within two hours, as well as a fix. And this was on Christmas morning, no less.

I would highly recommend this site to people who are very interested in the niche, or just people who appreciate excellent photography and beautiful women. Those looking for anything beyond what the site promises will most likely be disappointed.

12-26-07  10:00pm

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Visit Cute Panty Girls

Cute Panty Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exhaustive and eclectic selection of panty-oriented content
- Some excellent video content
- Decent sized pics: avg 768x1024
- good bonus site on offer
- vids and pics are categorized for search purposes, but not in the actual lay-out of the site.
Cons: - Non-exclusive material
- lots and lots of boring, dated pic-sets
- pics seem to have been air-brushed to look fresher
- quality is pot-luck, hit and miss.
Bottom Line: I'm a panty/lingerie enthusiast and I must say things seem pretty dismal at this point all across netland, with a few rare exceptions.

Cute Panty Girls is more or less a grab-bag of odds and ends all tied together and semi-organized. I saw several sets from Panty Plaza and many others are over-familiar. There is some good stuff, but if you're into this kind of material odds are you've seen it before, and you've certainly seen better.

Video content is panty-oriented and fetish oriented. You'll see several high quality hand-job vids, some low-quality spanking vids, casting/strip/interview vids, masturbation, toys, even watersports.

Pic content is mostly lingerie and panties, with focus on glamour/softcore. There are tons of sets, nearly 900 I think, and most of it, for the panty-enthusiast who's been around, is second-rate, not to mention non-exclusive. I have to say, though, there are some diamonds in the rough. I finally got the complete set from a pic I've loved for several years, for instance. Don't know where it comes from, but it's in the top five percentile for the avid undies/lingerie pic collector, of this I'm sure.

Must mention there are two bonus sites. One of them, Jeans and Panties, contains 50 vids (and counting) which can be downloaded in HQ or HD. These vids are tepid in content but the quality is great, and the girls are gorgeous. Good quality pic sets accompany the vids. The other bonus site, Panty Lickers, offers decent quality vids and pics.

12-19-07  06:22pm

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Visit Little Lupe

Little Lupe

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Lupe is gorgeous
- Lots of content
- Large, good-quality pictures
- Decent quality videos
- Hardcore and softcore content
Cons: - Highly visible and intrusive watermark in pics
- pic sets are repetitive and predictable
Bottom Line: This is easily the best from the teenrevenue group of sites. Pics are plentiful and range from vid-caps to 1800x1200. Lupe looks great from any angle, and is about as modest as Bill Gates is poor.

Vids look good and range from teaser stuff to hardcore. Good quality offered though not top end: 640x480, 1100 kbps. There are app. 65 vids. Features some of the best girls-kissing suff I've ever seen (though there is not too much of it), as well as masturbation, BJ, and boy-girl.

One gripe about vids: why must Lupe stare into the camera while she's going at it? I've seen this a lot and I don' get it. It's as if to say, "See, look, I really am a horny little sexpot. See? Look what I can do..."

Lupe looks young but in my opinion it's not a problem. Look at some of the other girls in this network: they have them playing kid's games, even coloring in a coloring book for goodness' sake, in addition to all the other teeny-trappings. Lupe looks young but acts her age, in a manner of speaking, and I never felt creepy watching her stuff.

About the males in these clips, which the other reviewers mentioned: One of the things I hate about modern porn is that the guys look like street thugs and seem to hate women. In the clips I saw the guys looked pretty passive compared to some of the net-garbage I've seen. I only viewed about one third of the clips, however, so it could be the other reviewers are right. They are extremely well-endowed. That's certainly true.

12-19-07  05:46pm

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Visit Little April

Little April

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - April is very cute and is nice to look at in every way.
- Pic quality is decent: 803 by 1200
- "teeny" niche held to faithfully.
Cons: - The site is dead, and has been for a while.
- Only 40 pic sets, avg 36 pics
- 50 or so vid episodes broken into sections, some as short as one minute. Quality is fair to lousy and does no justice to this girl.
- Masturbation scenes are as uninspired as they are uninspiring, for those of you who might be into that.
Bottom Line: I wanted to see what these teen-revenue sites were all about since I've been seeing these girls on TGPs for years. Hopefully I will do a review of each of them.

There is no point at all in joining April's site by itself, since if you like her you've probably collected most of the pics already. The vids will be of interest only to those who have an inordinate crush on April.

Impressions: April comes across as an innocent, decidedly non-trashy young lady who most likely did this to earn some money - which evidently she did and is still doing - and then moved on. She seemed semi-sleezy to me from the TGP pics only because I expected there to be harder content on her site which the free pics were only a teasing sample of (hey, if you can't end a sentence with a preposition on a porn-review site, where can you?).

Conclusions: As cute as she is, her pics have been floating around for so long, and the site has been inactive for so long, it seems a bit dishonest to sell it as a stand-alone site worth dropping twenty dollars on, which they are still doing despite the fact that her site is included in the teenrevenue network, which is all of ten bucks more.

The extras at April's site are negligible: Teenagepink, PrivateL TV, and Panties Down are little more than small archives of old and oft-circulated pics which have a mildewy smell about them, although there are a few gems among the rubble.

11-19-07  10:26pm

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Visit Dirty Lilly

Dirty Lilly

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lilly!
- Zips for pic sets (one file, not per-page)
- Single-file video downloads, HQ offered (943kbps), options for Flash, WMV hq/lq.
- Plenty of hardcore: should be plus for hc fans
- Good amount of content for the price, and good quality
- Lilly has a great sense of humor
Cons: - Diary section updated recently, but it seems comments are removed, since there are no comments for any of the entries save one: "hot body! i want it!" My kind regards were deleted (sniff...sniff...Lilly hurt Willy...)
- no email address in sight
- I'm pretty sure the vid and pic sections haven't been updated since I joined a few weeks ago
Bottom Line: Lilly stands out from the crowd of single-model site personalities because of two things: First, she has a great sense of humor which comes across in her videos as much as it does in her text entries through-out the site (if it's not really Lilly writing that stuff in her sweet, mixed-up English then shame on them and shame on me for being such a dufus). Second, she has a great rapport with the camera and beautiful, expressive eyes which I guarantee will imprint themselves in your memory if you give them the chance. That's quite a compliment when you consider it comes from someone who ganders at inaccessible female eyes an awful lot in his spare time and instantly forgets most of them.

Lilly is not drop-dead gorgeous unless she's in make-up, and she has a problem with her teeth which is the cause of one section of her site called "Donate me retainer". You can donate money to her so that she can get her "teeth-aid" and hence have a prettier smile. Yikes, either this is the tackiest thing ever or her site isn't doing well at all.

Lilly has spectacular breasts as well as captivating eyes and claims they're natural. I see no scars in sight. Vids are shot by her boyfriend and the two make a good team: he's well-endowed and the money shots are good; there's a lot of hardcore: sex, oral, insertions, toys, graphic close-ups, as well as softcore.

My polite comment in her diary got deleted. This seems to be their policy, however. That sucks. Points off for that.

The quality is better than 943kbps in a lot of the videos. Some go up to 1500+.

11-06-07  12:46am

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Visit Oh La La Glamour Girls

Oh La La Glamour Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of content, pics and video-wise
- Sharp, polished pictures, good-sized.
- Vids are above-average quality, new ones are top-notch.
- Navigation is a breeze, except for the tiny type.
- Very classy site.
- Models are good-looking to absolutely stunning.
- Almost fasitious fidelity to the niche.
Cons: - Need more variety in photo-sets
- Super-sized photos are too few and far between, and you'll have to guess which ones they are.
- Zero nudity. This can be a pro, depending on your frame of mind.
- No model directory, no search functions.
Bottom Line: This is one of the classiest tease/lingerie/glamour sites going. "Village Ladies" this IS NOT, as most of the models are stunners. There are a few models here which had me shaking my head and picking my slack-jaw up from the desk.

The pics range from mild teaser shots to the girl spread-eagled with panties on but nonetheless proving without a shadow of a doubt that she's female. Lovers of stockings, panties, high heels, satin and lace, will love it here. Hardcore fans, or people who like to see women degraded, will HATE it.

As far as atmosphere, this is the exact opposite of anything "street" oriented. Getting a teasing glimpse of some of these women is about as much as a guy like me deserves. Open a bottle of Apricot brandy, light up a Dunhill, and enjoy yourself.

09-23-07  09:35pm

Replies (6)
Visit 18 Eighteen

18 Eighteen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of content.
- Mostly cute models.
- Choice of small or large pics.
- Zips.
- Sticks to the "eighteen-y" niche
- Trial gives you full access, but join with a back up processor if you can. See below.
Cons: - Navigation is a hassle, until you get used to it.
- Pics are not top-notch quality and have a grainy appearance.
- Vids section needs organization.
- Search function is bare-bones
- Don't read the text which accompanies the photo-sets, unless you think these girls are actually virgins.
- Cancelling can be a hassle. Save your sub ID number and other info.
Bottom Line: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I really like this site. This is mainly because of the nature of the content and not so much the physical quality of it, which leaves a bit to be desired. I'm refering to the pics mainly since I'm not much into video.

Going into the archives I was impressed that sets going back to 1999 still offer pics in large format, and by and large they look fair. If you look at pics that old at ATK, for example, ATK's look ancient by comparison. I understand that large size doesn't equal high-quality, but bear in mind this is a magazine site, and the pics have a magazine-ish look to them. Are they actually scans? I don't know. In the newer sets the large pics (landscape format) fill up my 22 inch monitor and don't look too bad at all. A great many look downright excellent.

There is a marked emphasis on white panties which is as much a plus for me as it will be a negative for others. Elvis would have a good time here. As for the models: they are typically very cute and plain girls are scarce. There is definitely a teeny-bopperish feel to the site and the models fit perfectly with that kind of thing.

Elvis and me, we'd be mates.

A word on the vids. The few I've downloaded so far look good, though some are so grainy they are unwatchable. The "submitted" vids section is very good, from what I've seen.

I've only been here a week so I can't comment on updates. I'm here to collect the backlog anyway.

The trial is no longer a full-trial, but now offers only limited access to the material.

09-23-07  09:08pm

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Visit Asian Panty Peeks

Asian Panty Peeks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good looking models.
- High-quality pics.
- Vids look OK.
- Interesting style, lots of mirrors, costume-play.
- Regular updates.
Cons: - Navigation is terrible to practically non-existent.
- Use of the term "Lolita" in at least one set title, which I believe is considered unacceptable nowadays and should be.
- Sets are poorly organized and contain tons of the same shots over and over, some turned sideways, some turned upside down, just to beef up the quantity of pics and to tire your patience for no good reason.
Bottom Line: I need more characters to do justice to how poorly put together this site is. Navigation? What's that? You have what seems to be two main pages with thumbs leading to the galleries. Both pages are over-long. None of the galleries are numbered. There are no model lists or browse features whatsoever. Vids are offered on the right-hand sidebar of one of the main gallery pages.

All pic sets are contained on one page each, with big thumbnails. Some sets have over 200 pics. Every set I looked at so far is made up of a few choice views of the model repeated over and over and over, with tiny variations. These sets could be trimmed by seventy percent and you wouldn't lose anything. They need someone who knows how to coordinate photo sets.

To add to the tedium someone has decided to have each pic open in a new window. Maybe I'm just an idiot but I can't see how to change this. Each pic has to be closed out in order to view another one, unless you want to keep a thousand windows open. To make things even worse, each set is numbered identically: "b_001" to b_ whatever". Always a "b", never a different letter.

This site is way softcore and caters more to the voyeur than the panty/lingerie lover. "Peeks" is what you get most of the time. There is a truckload of tease and very little pay-off, though there are a few sets which contain full nudity. The quality of some of the pics is offset by the sheer tedium caused by this site's lack of organization and concern for the customer.

upped the score to 70.

09-05-07  08:09pm

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Visit Sneaky Peeks

Sneaky Peeks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nifty idea.
- Zip files for pics, which is the only way to go with these kind of pics.
- Videos are of good quality.
- Updated regularly.
Cons: - Small amount of content for the price.
- Vids stick to the core idea but are repetitive and tend to be boring.


- Minimal acting and/or improvisational skills.
- Some REALLY bad boob-jobs.
Bottom Line: I enjoyed two of this company's other sites, Panty Maniacs and Panty Amateurs, and so I thought I'd give this a try. It's not nearly as good as those other sites, but it has potential.

The picture sets are shot in a frame-by-frame style which unfortunately means most of the pics are redundant. They have the look and feel of high-quality vid-caps. Only voyeur and/or panty afficianados need apply. There is some nudity but not much. And too many implants.

Someone had the "brilliant" idea of placing some guy's noggin in many of the photos, which is supposed to enhance the voyeuristic feel of the sets. This is a gigantically BAD idea. Since when did peeping become a team sport? I don't want to look over another guy's shoulder to get a glimpse of some cutie in her unmentionables, nor do I wish to have said unmentionables obscured by a large male cranium which always makes me think of Shaun of the Dead. Tell Shaun to take a hike and I'll hold the cyber door open, thanks.

As for the vids: the quality is very good and looks decent full-screen on my 22 inch monitor. But, I wish these girls would have something to do in the bathroom rather than stand around gazing into the mirror or off into space. I don't mean watersports or anything like that, I mean, give them a task. Let them do something. Most of the time the girls look bored and are overly conscious of the camera. I wind up embarrassed for THEM when I'm supposed to be ashamed of MYSELF.

Some good fun here regardless.

09-01-07  08:58pm

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Visit School Girls Asia

School Girls Asia

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good sized pics
- Good amount of content
- Models are mostly good-looking
- Good adherence to niche
Cons: - Pics are not hi-res, and the sets are all very similar within their respective categories.
- Site is too plain. One page with all 68 models. Thumbs take you to her pics/vids.
- No updates during my month. None seem to be in the offing either.

- Vids are negligible. I'm not into hardcore, but I doubt those who are will get into these vids very much. Quality is pretty low.
Bottom Line: I love exotic models, particularly Latinas and Asians, and I've been wanting to see what this company has going for it. "Asia" in the site title could be misleading to some, since most of the models seem to be filipinas. No problem for me, since I like filipinas, but it could be for some.

I get a bit of a bad feeling when I see these sets. Some of these girls are emaciated, for one thing. Rather than feeling desire for them, I want nothing more than to give them a Big Mac. Still others look like they've been put through the ringer: rode hard and put away wet, so to speak.

More often than not, and particularly in the lesbian sets, the models seem like they're merely putting on a show. You'll notice their tongues sticking out in almost every shot, sometimes in contact with nothing - just sticking out, as if men begin to salivate when they see girls with their tongues sticking out. It's cheesy.

This is pure product and little else. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of very attractive girls here and some good pictures, but when you have pretty girls undressing and a camera nearby almost anyone could produce something useful. The people behind this site need to expand their horizons a bit and be more creative.

I noticed, from various TGPs, that Schoolgirls Asia and LBFM are using some of the same material on both sites. So I certainly won't bother checking out the latter.

Overall, the site is serviceable but only just, and the price is way too high.

08-27-07  11:27pm

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Visit Wifey's World

Wifey's World

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Wifey is beautiful.
- Wifey obviously loves what she does, and does it very well.
- The site has true class in a genre which is usually devoid of it.
- One of the few sites in this genre which recognizes that good sex involves the brain as well as the reproductive organs.
- Good money-shots. No flagging dribblers here.
Cons: - Only two peformers, and the scenarios are not terribly varied. This opens the way for tedium over the long haul, unfortunately.
- Not much to rave about in regard to the pics section.
- Navigation could be much improved.
Bottom Line: My profile says I hate most of what is called porn nowadays, and this is true for the most part; but I do like adult video if it is done well.

What caused me to join the Wifey site was recalling a clip I had seen in a Newsgroup a couple years back. Wifey had this intense focus as she did her thing. It was a handjob scene and her eyes were riveted on her "subject" (Mr. Happy). She was not only skilled, but mentally - not just physically - involved in what she was doing.

Whether this intense interest and focus is put-on or not really doesn't matter. Wifey has a good grasp of the male ego and knows exactly what to do, what to say, how to react. With each "money-shot" she seems surprised and impressed, even fascinated. All I can say is, Hubby must be one extremely happy guy.

Despite all this, since there are only two people and since they adhere to a fairly narrow formula - seduction, tease, long build-up, release - taken as a whole the vids can become a bit tiresome and redundant, though this shouldn't take away from their value as individual erotic episodes.

08-07-07  10:58pm

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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge amount of material
- Most pics and vids are of high quality, though you won't find the same level of quality in the earliest material.
- Great variety of model types, within exotic niche.
- Hardcore and softcore sections clearly distinguished and seperate from one another
- Model bios, rating system, zips, and easy navigation, with primary links remaining on the left sidebar.
Cons: OK, there are cons, though I really hate to pick a nit with this company:

- Many "Best of the ATK archive" sets are in among the newer sets. Why not keep the old sets in the archive? Plus, some of these "Best of" sets are not very good.

- A lot of the sets here are from the "Natural and Hairy" site. Why not keep the sites seperate? If I come from the Hairy site to the Exotics site, I don't really want to see more hair. I might be tired of hair.

- Vids section could be better organized.
Bottom Line: The pics here are categorized according to ethnicity, nationality, and other personal criteria, and then cross-categorized by type of content, such as softcore/hardcore, feet, watersports, pregnant, toys, upskirts & panties, outdoors, action, blowjobs, etcetera. I'm a member here currently and plan on staying until I've investigated each category which interests me thoroughly.

The models range from very plain to drop dead gorgeous. The list of photographers is almost as impressive as the list of models, and each has his or her own distinctive approach. The search options are exhaustive. For instance, if you're looking for a skinny Asian girl with braces who doesn't shave and does watersports, you just might find one!

The videos need better organization and the three minute clips can be frustrating. The newer vids come with a small vid-cap to give you a better idea of the content, and the newer vids are of exceptional quality. Hardcore and softcore vids are in seperate sections, which I believe is a new feature.

I have no doubt at all that this is the best place to come for exotic models.

07-28-07  09:13pm

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Visit ATK Archives

ATK Archives

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Enormous amount of material
- Great search options
- Huge variety of model types
- Categorized sections
- Easy to navigate
Cons: - Much of the material is dated, with small pics and grainy video quality, but that's to be expected since this is an Archive.
- Vid clips are too small and scattered in a sometimes confusing manner.
Bottom Line: There is so much content on all of the ATK sites that even with a fast connection you simply can't get to all of it without an extended membership, and even if you had one for several months I doubt you could get through all of it, since they update so frequently. All you can do is dive in, come up with some kind of systematic approach to consuming the material, and hope you're not missing something.

Because of the amount of content, it would be nice if ATK had a member forum so people could give each other a heads-up on certain models or videos which are outstanding, or advice to one another about finding what we like. For instance, if you like panties, search for R. Williams; white cotton panties, R. Field; downblouse, upskirts, and panties, Marco P; in-your-face butt-shots, LIL, and so on. Each photographer has his/her own particular bent and style.

Twenty-five dollars is a drop in the bucket for this kind of feast. Don't under-estimate the Archives. There is a huge amount of excellent material here.

96 was too high. Always thought so, finally fixed it.

07-27-07  11:45pm

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Visit Angelitas.net


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Excellent picture quality
- Fidelity to niche
-Site is run by a woman and thus avoids silly and degrading terminology; plus the site includes pics and video of herself as well as sisters and friends.
- Good amount of content which seems to be increasing at a strong and consistent pace, including video, which is clear and of high quality.
- Nice attention to (as in, NOT a focus on)various fetishes, such as upskirts, feet, and even lactation.
- Simple but efficient navigation.
Cons: - A good amount of average-looking models. This is not a problem for me, but could be for some.
Bottom Line: The lovely woman who runs this site is obviously dedicated to boosting the amount of content on her site as well as keeping the quality high and maintaining her original standard of focusing on "real" Latinas. The models range from very plain to absolutely stunning, and all of them seem new to modeling and genuinely modest and yet they seem to enjoy what they're doing. All of this is a good thing if you are into amateurs, and especially amateur Latinas.

While the models are amateurs the photography is polished and professional, sharp, and completely untouched. The content is softcore: ranging from lingerie, panties, stockings, to full (and I do mean FULL) nudity. There are many multiple-girl sets and some seemingly reluctant but playful forays into lesbianism.

What I like most about this site is its integrity. It delivers what it promises and makes no claim to doing anything but that. You won't feel tricked or cheated, just pleasantly warm and welcome. Hardcore fans need not bother with Angelitas. But if you like to admire female beauty in all of its natural splendor, and particularly the dark-eyed, exotic beauty of Latin women, then this could be the site for you.

07-27-07  12:11am

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Visit Virginal Visions

Virginal Visions

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Good-looking to beautiful models
Total fidelity to niche
Decent looking videos
No penises
Cons: Small amount of content
Many pic-sets are vid-caps
Frames! Have to scroll to see complete pic.
Too many tats
Bottom Line: If you don't like girls in their underwear, and by that I mean white bras and panties, steer clear of this site. If you want to see girls treated like trash, forget it.

There is some lesbian material, but nothing even remotely hardcore. In fact, there's hardly any nudity. This is not porn, folks. It's a small selection of pretty girls walking around in their drawers. Sometimes they roll around in their drawers, and sometimes they take showers in their drawers, which seems sort of silly but has some nice side-effects. They even have pillow fights, for those of us who like to think that pretty girls always strip down to their skivvies and have pillow fights when they get together. It's easy to see why they laugh like crazy as they jump up and down.

All kidding aside, it's a site for panty connoisseurs, and white panties at that. You get a nice but limited variety of sets which have a pleasant "unposed", candid feel about them. The vids look nice but they are nothing extraordinary. There is not a great deal of content, but to tell the truth, I was pleasantly surprised at how long it took me to get through it.

I might re-join, but probably not for at least a year.

07-26-07  12:20am

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Visit LV Panty

LV Panty

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Outstanding picture quality.
Complete fidelity to the niche.
Easy to navigate.
Models are (mostly) drop-dead gorgeous.
No degrading terminology.
Not "toy" obssessed.
No penises.
Cons: Video section is still fairly small.
Image sets are a bit predictable and similar.
Too much emphasis on close-ups, but this is probably a good thing for others.
Bottom Line: This is a mature site for picture lovers and panty connoisseurs, though perhaps it isn't as popular as some other sites in this niche because, while it features young ladies (18+) it doesn't have that teeny-bopper/schoolgirl atmosphere so typical to this kind of site. The sets are polished and professional and tend toward the artistic rather than the merely titillating. The models are beautiful and varied, though I would prefer more exotics. I think the general same-ness of the sets could be leavened with shots that are more relaxed and spontaneous rather than posed, and I would prefer less emphasis on close-ups. While those shots are fine, they tend to get over-familiar over the long-haul. The variety of panty styles is very good, and I'm pleased to see that thongs are NOT all the rage here. This site will make the old-schoolers happy, I think, because, after-all, thongs are for your feet.

06-03-07  11:32pm

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