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Visit Figure Baby

Figure Baby

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice Models.

Well lit sets

More videos posted: Some will see this as a plus, so I listed it as one.

Regular updates. Once every couple of days or so.

Site now features more glamourwear, again some will see this as a plus.....

Content has shifted with a new photographer to midcore with the dildos. ( Again I posted this as a plus, despite the fact I regard this as a minus) .
Cons: Partial strips are now the order of the day.
A real yawn type of mainstream for me.

More videos posted: Not what you want to see at a photography site, really.

Site now features more glamourwear...A minus for me.

Content has shifted with a new photographer to midcore with the dildos, certainly not softcore anymore!!
Bottom Line: In many ways I wish I had posted a review when the site was at its peak for me. I regret now that I didn't. I never guessed the site would end up going this way. I am deeply disappointed that this has happened, because I always liked the content previously, now it has gone bland identityless mainstream. A great shame.

Whilst my image of this site is now shattered, I don't doubt that it may appeal to a more mainstream audience, so don't take my disillusionment with it as anything other than a personal disappointment. Many may like the way it has turned.
I certainly do not.

Cap'n. :0(

03-08-12  02:39pm

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Visit Just Nips

Just Nips

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Over 500 amateur models featured.
They do mean amateur too. There is everything here from petite boyish to BBW, barely legal to mature, stunningly pretty, through 'next door' to downright scary!

+ Models seem to enjoy themselves. Always a plus to me.
The Webmaster seems to be directly involved in the shooting & whilst encouraging going to full body nudity, does not press the models to do anything they are not comfortable with.
The flip side of this is that he doesn't stop them if they are enjoying themselves. ;)
+ The models are treated with respect
+ Full strips to nude appears to be the norm, sometimes a variety of outfits are featured(..briefly).
+ Zips available
+ HD Video available.
Not being a video guy I really can't give a view on this other than they look OK to me.
+ Site is nicely presented & functional, especially so given this is not a big budget operation.
+ Friendly & communicative Webmaster, who also does the photography.
+ Comprehensive FAQ page
Cons: -Some info. seems fragmented & conflicts. At writing, the header on the Amateur page says 44985 pics/651 videos/402 Amateurs. Very out of date. Same page lower down 581 Sessions 76337 Images 2237 Videos. No mention of the currently 517 models.
-Sets seem rushed, there are very few fully clothed shots, often even the fleeting one or two often are not full body shots. It would be nice to to have ten or a dozen or so fully clothed shots before the stripping just to assess & build up anticipation.
-When the model has come with a variety of outfits, there is very little material featured of each. That rushed feeling again.
-Not a lot of material of each model available. A few return for another shoot, but not many. The studio location is something to do with that. Thumbnails crop the full image. Sometimes a vert. format thumbnail hides a hor. format shot.
-Only 1 pic res. available typ.1200x800
-Zip files need renaming, they come with a sequential number only.
-Barely any model bio
Bottom Line: Well, owing to a neat trial deal I took the plunge & thought I would share my findings.

Updates are 2 - 3 a week.
Split between photoset & video is roughly 50/50

Possibly because of the specific naming & targetting of this site it had slipped under my radar. Whilst the material is almost exclusively softcore, it features quite a bit more than the just topless material the site naming implies.
I am pleased I tried it, because it is pretty much on topic for my FC2N fetish! ;)
( Fully clothed to nude...An acronym coined by my friend Auxilia )

For me, the style needs to be expanded. Specifically, the rushed feeling needs to be addressed.
The Webmaster is aware of it and has lengthened the shoots from 1 hour to 3 IIRC
I do feel, the uploaded sets still need editing more benignly though, as I mentioned above.
As it stands there are only a few shots in each set which hit the spot for me.
They are there, in ones & twos but I just need a lot more of that style in each set.

If you are looking for anything other than solo softcore then really this site is not for you.
If however, you like me, like seeing geniune amateurs strip naked....it is certainly worth a punt.

I should also mention that some of the models featured are in advanced stages of pregnancy, in some cases I quite like that, but know others don't.

It is so near.
Another nearly, but not quite for me.

In case you didn't realise, both the pros & cons would have been longer but in both cases I ran out of space! :0(

01-18-12  09:48am

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Visit Sex Sim

Sex Sim

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Better than average texturing of models for this type of game.

Feedback is welcomed. The Webmaster / Developer is still working very hard on site content & is responsive to user input.

Nice game interface. The controls are basic and fairly intuitive.

Forum available for support, to make suggestions & upload user created content.
Detailed instructions for doing this are posted in the forum.

There is a straightforward, basic categorised shop using pre-purchased credits.
It has additional customisers, characters, clothing, animations, & functionality.
It is fairly small at the moment, but more items are in the process of being added.

Daily Sale item at substantial (40%) discount.
Cons: This game is still at a relatively early stage of development.
Whilst it is stable and fully functional, as yet it does not have a great deal of in game options.

Forum activity is sporadic. Most days show some activity, but it really needs to grow a wider user base.
( Hopefully this review might help some with that! ;0) )
Bottom Line: This is a different take on the interactive 3D Sex Game.
Whilst it is a similar concept to Thrixxx's 3D Sexvilla 2 ( listed here as 3D Sex Games) , there are some important differences.

The Webmaster / Developer is responsive & communicates way better than Thrixxx, who seem to largely ignore what is going on in their community site.
It is the sheer size of the Thrixxx ( Gamerotica ) community which seems to largely make it self sustaining.
There is a more friendly, relaxed, interactive atmosphere on the SexSim forums.

To sum up, what you are getting here is a decent quality basic 3D virtual sex sim, which is improving & evolving well.
It seems Jak ( the developer ) is interested in improving realism aspects of the game.
For instance, there is a Pubic Hair add-on which is the most realistic attempt I have ever seen in the 3D graphics world, & I have been mooching around this area on & off for well over ten years!

Relatively early days, but looking promising if the concept floats your boat.

If 3D sex sim games appeal it is worth a punt to see if you like it.

11-08-11  11:20am

Replies (1)
Visit Uplay IStrip

Uplay IStrip

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: 1)Games play pretty slick & are well presented on screen.
2)Free demos of each game available.
3)Some very pretty models are featured.
4)The models nearly always do a pretty distracting tease during play & strip nicely when it comes to that point.
5)Variety of games available.All games feature potted video clips rather than stills. There is:
Texas Hold 'em All Poker:
Strip Chess:
(See Bottom Line for further description)
Cons: 1) Full screen option only whites out your desktop.Play & video area is not enlarged.
2) Some, most likely the oldest, video clips are a little grainy.Even these have better video for the actual stripping.
3) Sound is so patchy it is almost non existant.
I suppose you could play an mp3 if you like some background sound to the game.
4) Not very explicit. Whilst there is full frontal nudity, it is usually quite fleeting.
5) No 'special video' show as a prize for winning.
6) Can get expensive if you buy a lot of opponents. (See Bottom Line)
Bottom Line: Texas Hold 'em All Poker:
Playable against up to four hot ladies at a time.
Each opponent has a different set skill level.
Not easy as your starting pot is low.
A decent challenge.
Currently there are 51 opponents available.

A slightly odd French card game, similar, but not identical in play to Whist.
Once you get a grip of the card power heirarchy, it is surprisingly addictive to play.
Even more so with the chance to strip two lovely ladies naked! ;0)
Worth persevering with.

Currently 5 pairs of opponents are available.
In game you are partnered by a guy.
Thankfully from my point of view, if you are unfortunate enough to lose, he does not strip. :0)

Strip Chess:
As I am not brilliant at this game, the added distraction of a pretty model to strip means I don't get too far with it. :00
If you are good at the game it may be quite entertaining though.
Currently 4 opponents are available

Connect 4 with added incentive.
The models who play this game are not pushovers! ;0)
This one is fun and plays well.
It can be frustrating though, as some times they are a little too good! :0/
Currently 9 opponents are available

I can't get my head around this game at the best of times.
If you are good at it, it may be an interesting variation though.
Currently 7 opponents are available.

This is a French based site which is presented in a variety of languages.
The models are pretty much all lookers.
They are European & they introduce themselves.
It is actually quite nice to hear them do this.
Some use English some do not.

There are certainly some improvements that could be done to settings for gameplay, sound & video.
Having said this, it is a very slick attempt at a genre that dates back to the early days of home computing.

Pricing is a little salty.
If you just buy enough for one opponent it is $13 / £9 Reducing on a sliding scale to 40 opponents for $125 / £85
It is also priced in Euro & Canadian Dollars in the 'Shop'

Texas Hold 'em All seems to get the most frequent updates.

The pay off is usually full nudity. Occasionally hose & shoes are left on.

There is no hardcore here.

If you are looking for erotic rather than explicit interactive entertainment it is worth downloading the demos & trying them to see which games float your boat.

07-25-11  10:33am

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Visit Flexi Dolls

Flexi Dolls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Unique some would say bizarre content.
Reasonably priced, if you go for the lesser option of bonus sites.
Surprisingly attractive models.
I was expecting them all to be stick thin. They aren't.
23 models at present.
Some have as many as 5 sequences, some just the one.
Most have 2 or 3
Cons: Video only.
Not great quality WMV format.
No choices of format.
Watchable in full screen, but certainly not HD
Those that know me realise I don't go much on video.
In this case the subject matter was so intriguing I joined up anyway.
Split updates - So you are roughly looking at 1 update a month
Very basic member area.
Bonus sites are worth about what you pay for them....ie. very little.
No apparent link to support or feedback.
Bottom Line: Once you get over the unease of a live human being being delivered in a suitcase, things get better.
Quite quickly, you realise that the models are not being abused, but are amused by the experience & appear to be enjoying it. There are a few occasions when the 'doll' laughs at the awkward attempts being made to undress her. All glitches like that are not edited out. I think it is a good decision as it makes it obvious that the 'doll' is enjoying the experience.
The models are flexible as the site name suggests.
The plot revolves around a suitcase being delivered and the recipient 'unpacking'the doll & playing with her. Usually after some extreme posing she is stripped naked. In some sequences there is no nudity at all, but at the other extreme,in one there is anal sex. Most are somewhere in between. Toys are used on the 'doll' most frequently, full sex is probably in about 1/3 of the sequences. There is neither dialogue or any attempt at explanation or plot.

If you find the supple girl gymnasts doing floor exercises at competitions hot, you would probably find quite a bit to like here.
Only a one hit subscription though ;0)

If the idea of a live girl packed in a suitcase really freaks you out...Stay away.

04-22-11  01:22pm

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Visit Morey Studio

Morey Studio

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1) Reasonably priced for an 'art' oriented site.

2) Nice variety of model type, as with all things in life, some more attractive than others.

3) Photography is of a high standard.
There are some really nice ( short ) sets.

4) No attempt at videos.
You may think it odd to put this as a pro, but I do admire someone that sticks to their strengths.
This is purely a photography site.
Cons: A lot I'm afraid.

1) Poor navigation.
Some links even take you out of the member area.
I haven't come across that in a long time & it used to be a pet peeve! ;0)
2) Short of opening every link, there is no way of knowing how much material is available on the site.

3) Very little material of each model & published sets are short, typically 40 odd shots, some as much as 60 some as few as 20.

4) Viewable photos are NOT high res.
Some are still around 800 pixels, a 'large' set is 1200 although the downloadable zip sets tend to be a little higher, but still only around 2000 pixels. Poor show for a purported art photography site.
Bottom Line: Although I really wanted to like this site, because I appreciated the style of photography shown in the free area, once becoming a member I was deeply disappointed, both in quantity & quality. Doubly so after Spencers relatively glowing review!
At times, I found myself wondering if it was the same site he reviewed.
Largely, it is the poor site implementation that is the main problem, but as things stand I shan't be letting this one renew.
Of the content that is there, some is familiar, probably from LSG as Drooler pointed out.

The clincher, dropping the site to not recommended, was Access Blocked, due to 'Excessive Usage' whilst I was actually writing the review.

Not impressed.

Membership cancelled.

Cap'n. :0(

03-26-11  12:27pm

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Visit A Measure of Curiosity

A Measure of Curiosity

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Niche content of ladies taking the journey from fully clothed to naked.

10+ updates per month

Photos at 2048 with zips for all photosets.

MP4 Videos HQ & LQ for download
Cons: Not a lot of material of any one model.

Older content, especially video, understandably not quite of the current quality.
Bottom Line: Photosets are well edited and usually cover the ground required well.
They are not overly long.
Typically 30 - 40 photos.
A pleasant change from the current norm of over 200 photos with 6 duplicates of every pose.
Currently about 1 in 4 updates are video
They are MP4 HQ whatever that may mean.
There is a MP4 LQ version as well.
Suffice to say they are all quite watchable once you have them downloaded.
Usually they are around 3 - 4 minute duration.

Whilst the content is definitely softcore, full nudity of at least one lady is always guaranteed.
There are stories, often featuring 3 girls one or more of whom will end up naked before long.

I do mean properly naked, not the 'naked' you often get which includes wearing some clothing! Huummmph! ;0)

There are solo strips & 'auditions' where one girl is stripped for the camera by another model.
Occasionally a man but usually a woman.

You will see full frontal nudity, but no open leg explicit shots or anything harder.
Typically the 'strippee' will be made to perform a twirl for a better view, sometimes at underwear stage as well, but often full nude at the end.

The member area is basic, clean & functional.
It is quite straight forward.
You may find it a little quirky at first, but you soon learn how to navigate the site.

Members of the old site will find quite a lot of the old material here, but in higher resolution than they will have seen before.

Updates are a mixture of new & improved older material.
If you haven't seen it before, which most folk won't, you will find it very much on topic for the woefully underserved 'full strip' niche.
Those that have, well... you will see it bigger & better. ;0)

It certainly isn't a huge site, but it is growing & staying faithful to the niche.

If the idea appeals, for the entrance fee, you shouldn't be disappointed.
What I would really like to see is more return visits from models, using different outfits.
'OK, so I have seen her strip the once.
I don't need to see her do it again' you might say.
Fans of this niche will counter that by saying.
It is not just the destination, it is the anticipation & the enjoyment of the journey there.

03-01-11  04:14pm

Replies (3)
Visit Graphis


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Truly beautiful models. They claim over 300
+ Site is very much weighted to photosets.
+ Generally good photography over 30000 images
+ Very 'Japanese' : On the positive side it has a novel approach for westeners and in some respects it is quite appealing.
The translations can be quaint.
The models are treated with respect
and seem to be enjoying the experience.
+ Videos - Over 100 of them.
Short, very softcore & I actually quite liked them.
Not so much that I would bother to download any though.
Cons: - Galleries are updated daily, I think, but a gallery is only 15 photos & is not offered in a choice of resolutions. ( Typically 1300 x 900 )
- Confusing navigation, not helped by...

- Very 'Japanese': Layout is not intuitive and with the restrictive....

- Points system controls which models, photos & zips you are allowed access to
and possibly even the size of image you are allowed to access.
Although how the system works is very Japanese & quite inscrutable! :0/
Basically what it comes down to is that it will take a year continuous subscription to get access to all the site content!
Seeing greyed out stills & small thumbnails shows that whilst this is more of the same good quality, it is nowhere near enough to make me want to invest a years worth of subscription for it.
- Videos - Short & very softcore : Some may see this as a minus.

** Failed to respond to cancellation request in 2 working days. Lowered score to a 'not recommended status'
Bottom Line: Right, let me say at the outset, I really did want to like this site.
On balance I do but there are some heavy caveats.
I have listed some points above as both positive and negative.

The 'Japanese'ness of the site is quirky, but will soon become a terminal irritation. Photosets are random pictures rather than a cohesive photoset with any progression and are very short on quantity, although the quality is good.
A lot of the clothing used is western, which I found a little disappointing.
I was expecting to see at least some more traditional Japanese attire. I would have hoped it would have been 1 trad set per model. The kimono does appear but very infrequently.

I would have thought a lot higher of this site if it had been all available upon subscription. As it stands, 'cheated' is too strong a word, 'deprived' suits as a better word for my feelings on this.

It is understandable that they wish to encourage long term membership.
The way they have weighted the points though, it isn't really worthwhile.

08-16-10  12:23pm

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Visit Office Fantasy 2

Office Fantasy 2

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Almost exclusively a pic site (Some may see this as a negative ;0) )
On topic material.
Attractive models (currently 33, most are at 4 sets each, a few have a lot more) not really a duffer amongst them, some of whom make return visits. Always welcome ;0)
Very nice outfits.
Photography is generally well lit & shot.
Reasonable subscription rate.
Updated once a week, usually with one photoset.
Cons: No choice of pic sizes, typically 640 x 1070 portrait format.
Only seem to have the one studio set.
Only a few zipped photosets, with no choice of photosize..
Largely portrait format.
They seem to have a very shaky definition of 'nude.' See BL
Updates are not dated in the archive.
Site is quite old fashioned & clunky.
If you like video you will be disappointed, there are very few.
No model data.
Bottom Line: Whilst I do like the Marlowe-esque '30s style office, which fits very well with period outfits, some
more variations on the setting would be welcome.
Even if they were to change a few props you have a 60's or '70s office, for instance.

The models are first class & pose well. Most 'get' what the theme is about.
The outfits generally are great & the lighting & photography are very good,
issues with content & lack of use of landscape aside. ;0)
The set is actually very good, but is over used in its standard format.

The site claims to be a slightly raunchier version of Office Fantasies, going to nude.
Honestly, I take issue with this...
Sure the goods ( upper & lower ;0) ) do get displayed, generally coyly,
but more in the nature of flashing rather than full nudity.
I haven't found one set where the model reaches fully nude.
Always there are shoes, hose & or other garments pulled aside.
By missing off the removal of shoes* & hose a potentially particularly erotic part of the strip is omitted,
not to mention the omission of any decent full body naked shots :0(

* Oddly, I noticed in quite a few sets at a point part way through the shoes are removed
only to immediately be put back on again ??! :0/

To sum up. I really want to like this site,
but it needs seriously updating in functionality & bringing into the noughties at least. ;0)

Edit: Belatedly got a nice reply from the webmaster, so deleted the 'con' of 'no response' Added a couple to the score for that too! ;0)

03-19-10  02:00pm

Replies (2)
Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Clean & effective site layout.
Very attentive & friendly staff
Good quality photography. Well edited.
No 3 dozen shots of the same pose here
Sticks to niche well
Regular updates. 2 per day
Biased towards photosets.
Zips available in at least 2 resolutions & user defined custom zips are available
( 15 of the last 18 updates photosets )
Good value
Cons: Still a young website. 58 models so far.
A few minor glitches with the website, which are in the process of being sorted out.
Bottom Line: This site is catering to an undersupported niche well.

There is full nudity, both coy & explicit &
at times, for a refreshing change there is actually some shots of hose & shoes being removed.
Sets usually start fully clothed, & they seem amenable to making a feature of full strip sets.
The photography is very well done, without much if anything in the way of post work.
It is solo softcore although toys are present at times.
If you are looking for hardcore, this isn't it.
It wouldn't be fair for me to pass comment on the video as it is
not a thing that appeals to me, but at a cursory glance, it seems to be decent enough quality.

It is obvious this is a website presented by people who care.
If softcore solo photosets of natural pretty ladies appeals, this
site should hit the spot for you.

Gets two thumbs up from me.

02-05-10  06:04pm

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Visit Virtual Fem

Virtual Fem

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Unusual site. Very different to the norm.
Software AI plays looped live action first person perspective videos.
Interactivity. It is quite entertaining to find out what she will do.
Can be customised to a limited extent, by editing text files.
Over 70 models.
Regular update. 1 new girl monthly.
Good value for money if it is your 'thing.'
No DRM. Software & downloads are yours to use for good.
Non-renewing subscription
Webmaster listens & reacts to member input & suggestions.
Cons: Interface & AI are a little clunky.
Synthesised voice is not good, but can be quite amusing at times.
Earlier uploads are not great quality video &
the early AI is ermmm.....Quirky ;0)
Not all girls do 'everything.'....Just like real life really! LOL!
Bottom Line: If you like 'Adult' games this is worth a try.
Generally it is more of a simulation than a game.
Only one of them is coy and takes a lot of tiresome persuasion.
All the rest are very cooperative. ;0)
Especially on later uploads there is a reasonable variety of 'activities.'
Even anal is catered for with some.
The non-member area gives you a pretty good idea of what you are likely to get.
Video file sizes are pretty substantial.
Each VirtuaFem typically ranges in size from c.300MB up to 450MB
Very early ones are nearer 150MB
Later ones tend to be getting bigger.

To sum up.
Not up to game console standards, but a novel concept.
Quite well done, & has ongoing refinements.

I quite like it.

01-29-10  12:31pm

Replies (2)
Visit Slow Exposure

Slow Exposure

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A novel concept.
Amateur models straight off the street.
Reasonably Priced.
Models are treated politely & with respect.
A very slow tease, but with full nude pay-off.
You get one model a week going to topless Thursday & nude Friday.
It can be really interesting how the interviewer, who is very good,
attempts, usually successfully, to put the models at their ease & get them to slowly reveal their body.
Cons: Poor quality video
No download options.
Poor editing with clipped endings & some continuity errors.
Photos are vidcaps
Website layout poorly organised.
Bottom Line: I really wanted to like this site, & marginally I still do.
I love the concept of inviting ladies off the street to chat &
strip naked for the website members.
It is very softcore & based in New York so there should be plenty to choose from ;0)

In the site blurb, they claim it to be erotic.
In all honesty, as it stands, I do not find it so.
Intimate, friendly even & at times amusing.
It really could be done a lot more professionally though.
The website could do with polish & organisation.
There is no dated archive & has no sort function.
Currently there are 16 girls listed 3 of which are upcoming,
but they are all lumped together on the one page.
You have to click on the pic to see if she has been uploaded or not.
This will become more of a problem as the site grows.

For me, the following would go a long way to creating more eroticism.

Better quality video, with download options.
Longer, lingering shots of each stage of nudity, especially full nude.
This does not necessarily need to be covered with extra chat,
provided the model is at ease. Let her do her own thing for a while.
Encourage the models to try to pose more.
After the video shoot, have her strip again for a still camera &
put the photos in a zip for download.

I really like what they are trying to do, but I just wish they would do it better.

01-27-10  02:57pm

Replies (7)
Visit YouStrip


Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Novel idea.
User submitted striptease videos.
Membership allows access to concluding part of strip sequence, ( called Xtra )
Softcore but there is some full frontal nudity.
Smart looking site.
Reasonable subscription fee.
Cons: Needs more development input. (See Bottom Line)
No download.
No full screen option.
Still can't see all submissions as only the top 100 are listed.
Not always clear which submissions have the Xtra video as it is only detailed in the top 100 listing.
Navigation poor.
Update rate slow & irregular
Videos are of variable quality.
Video only
Bottom Line: Whilst not being a fan of video I will make an exception for this as I enjoy the theme.
I gave some suggestions to ease navigation & generally improve customer experience, but they totally ignored it.
To be fair I did get a polite email response, but followed up with zero action as far as I could see! :0/

A good idea, but whilst the initial impression is good, there has been little improvement in site functionality. It really needs somebody to grab the site by the scruff of the neck & develop it to fulfill its potential

09-11-09  10:59am

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Large selection of models
Photography of a good standard.
Generally mature models (30 - 50+ )without being overly Granny orientated.
Cons: Models are not all beauties. :0/
Site material is generally harder than I like.
Outfits are generally more mainstream glam than I care for.
Bottom Line: Site seems to be going for a mainstream content orientation which I think is a mistake as it is primarily a niche they are working in.

I do not want to see the WI president being rogered by a toyboy. If she were to be seen at her best it would be shyly stripping naked from her prim & proper suit or pullover and jeans for casual.

I won't comment on the videos as I never bother with them much & it wouldn't be fair to pass comment.

09-06-09  08:28am

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Visit Naked News

Naked News

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Unusual, not totally unique site.
Some attractive presenters who strip naked.
Reporting is of a quite decent standard.
Guest presenters add variety.
Large archive
Cons: Some presenters are sporting too much silicon for my taste.
Sometimes the banter between the presenters is tiresome.
Not enough stripping.
Guest anchors generally appear nude then do a clothed interview? Why not the other way around!
Bottom Line: OK I know it is Naked News, but starting a segment nude spoils the trip. Perhaps if they want to strike a balance they should have the presenter strip on her first item in the show & appear naked later if she is doing a subsequent spot?

It is not really erotic, but I don't really think it sets out to be. It would detract from their attempts to be a legitimate news service.

In all good value, but the novelty does wear off.
I think they ought to revert to their initial format of fully clothed for longer stripping & rotate the anchors more.

09-06-09  08:07am

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Visit Torrid Art

Torrid Art

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent quality photography, with only the occasional softer focus shot.
Zip files of varying sizes available.
Models are made up to be at their best, without going to the 'glam look.'

This niche site focusses on full strip sequences.
Outfits vary from casual to formal & are using the models own clothes. This does make them relax more & I think it a definite plus for intimacy.
Sets start out fully clothed & erotically progress to full nude.
All sets exude a warmth skillfully brought out by the photographer.
Both webmaster & photographer welcome member input & are seen to act on it.

Site mantra is 'Where art meets porn.'
They seem to stick to that. It is not a self indulgent arty site.
The niche has been defined and adhered to.
Not a video site.
[ Some may see that as a minus ;0) ]
Cons: Updates are split. I don't particularly mind that as it adds to the tease, but it does eke out the content some.

Updates, although regular could do with increasing in frequency.
Bottom Line: This site has a clearly defined niche which is the woefully under-supported Full Strip Sequence.
[ Fully clothed to full frontal nudity. ]
It is softcore but does feature non explicit full frontal nudity. There is a refreshing absence of touchy feely going on :0)

It bears repeating...Not a video site.

I would like to see more frequent updates.
There are repeat visits from popular models, which I think is a plus.

The site features very classy photography & is run by people who listen to their members.

Very good value if photosets of ladies stripping naked is your thing.

09-06-09  04:29am

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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Frequent large updates.
Huge amount of material.
Vast model list.
Models vary from teens to grannies.
Quality in recent times is very good, but older stuff is of variable quality.
Probably the best Hairy niche site.
Full photoset zip downloads.
Cons: Some models are excessively 'mature.'
Well preserved ladies are fine by me, but some of their mature models are well past their sell by date! :0/

Whilst I love a really hairy minge, I find excessive leg & armpit hair a bit gross.

It is a shame that the membership doesn't include any preferential discounts for any of ATKs other sites.

Of late the photosets have tended to be much larger, with a lot of near identical shots.
I wish they would allow for a user selected custom zip. I have suggested it, but never received any reply.
Bottom Line: There are no pretentions that this is an unbiased review. My own preferences have always seemed to be very niche! Have a look at my profile to see what they are! ;0)

I have not made comments re video, because I seldom bother with them so it would not be fair to pass comment.

Whilst the pricing isn't bargain basement, on balance it represents good value for money IMO.

09-05-09  05:19pm

Replies (2)

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