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N/A REPLY TO #9 from BadMrFrosty: (dracken's Reply)

If all you want to do is browse the internet and watch movies you could get a competent tablet for less than $100 :)

05-21-12  02:25am

N/A REPLY TO #12 from Duante Amorculo: (dracken's Reply)

me too. rough sex is a definite fav of mine

04-11-10  10:25pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from turboshaft: (dracken's Reply)

I'll step up to the plate and agree with you, dracken. The difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old? You could be talking months or even just a few days. Yes, it's black letter law here, but there are plenty of cases of girls literally trying and succeeding to get into porn within a short time after having turned 18 (our debate over Sasha Grey's 'It girl' status mentioned her doing this). How exactly, beyond a few weeks age difference, is she anymore ready than someone a few weeks younger? I understand in the eyes of the law that those few weeks are all the difference and not knowing that fact will basically ruin and blacklist you for life but I am still offended by the idea we are all automatically and equally mature the second we hit 18 (except to drink, but that's another debate).

I am not encouraging anyone to break the law, as there is no leniency in underage porn and the vast majority of it is done by force, not the Traci Lords lie-and-fake-your-age tactic (still got a lot of people in trouble, and a lot of porn destroyed), and the last thing I want to see happen is another aspect of adult life delayed until 21, but a little honesty about the situation would be nice. And why is 21 such a magical age anyway?

You also mentioned an 18 year old getting charged with rape for having consensual sex with his 17 year old girlfriend; you're right, this is the epitome of stupid. A boyfriend is not a porno. For one thing he probably couldn't last through a whole 30 minute scene, but on a more serious note he is not trying to sell her (i.e. her body) for profit, he is engaging in a relationship, and there's a big difference. Age of consent is determined by state, so it could be as young as sixteen in some areas, but porn is federally controlled and the limit is 18, no ifs, ands, or buts. Some states have a little common sense and apply close-in-age rules which can give exceptions to a few years difference between an underage partner and a partner of age, but many do not.

01-13-10  01:32pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from messmer: (dracken's Reply)

I can understand now how that would turn you off on redheads with freckles :-) Blondes I'm not keen on but brunettes and black haired I love. As well as redheads with freckles!!! There's one on the cover of one of the DVDs at VideoBox who is absolutely stunning but whose name I don't know, I must look it up next time I run across that DVD. Actually, upon reflection, I have some favorite blondes (Berkley on Anilos) as well .. so I guess I love 'em all!

09-06-09  04:10pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from messmer: (dracken's Reply)

Redheads with freckles? Don't do it for you? They're my favorites!

09-06-09  03:45pm

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Duante Amorculo: (dracken's Reply)

No, you didn't sound like an ass, you were just stating your opinion. It is pointless to argue too much on this as we won't ever really know. My side of the argument, though, was looking more at the biological side of things (the fact that men have more testosterone than women) coupled with the sociological aspect (guy + many girls = stud).

09-05-09  12:54am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from Duante Amorculo: (dracken's Reply)

Sure they are sexual and nobody is denying that but to say that women IN GENERAL are JUST AS SEXUAL to me isn't accurate. There is a reason why the business has and probably always will be targeted towards men. Men, IN GENERAL, are way more sexual in nature than women. This is the reason why MOST WOMEN need emotional connection and stimulation to really fall for a guy while many men need only to see a hot body and/or pretty face and they are sold. Another example is a one night stand. Many of the men who have these on a regular basis just want sex. On the other hand, many of the women in the same boat are just looking for attention and even confirmation that there are guys who do find them attractive. Sure there are your exceptions, as there is to anything, but I think the number of women on the sexual level of MOST guys are few.

09-02-09  05:37pm

N/A REPLY TO #5 from Khan: (dracken's Reply)

Typo fixed .. no biggie. We don't count off for spelling. ;)

08-16-09  06:19am

N/A REPLY TO #4 from atrapat: (dracken's Reply)

It's only a typo :) Speed and navigation can be frustrating depending of the severity but I've answered little info about models because I've recently been a member of a couple sites where they failed to properly link to other scenes by the models in the scene. I really don't care about measurements, ethnicity, age, etc. that many sites display in a model's page but if a model interests me, I'd like to be able to find all her scenes in the site.

08-16-09  06:10am

N/A REPLY TO #3 from Drooler: (dracken's Reply)

Oh, "furstrates"! I hadn't even noticed! And that's very different!

I like it when the models are "first rate."

08-16-09  06:09am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #3 from xbigvmanx: (dracken's Reply)

I appreciate you took the time to read my review. I just don't understand how they can continue making business in the european area if they are having problems.

09-02-09  07:37pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #4 from zzzins: (dracken's Reply)

Thanks Draken. Please be aware that the rolback server is now off - for good. But a site admin commenting here in PornUsers has stated that the timout issue regarding download managers IS being looked into...so....watch this space.

The updates are currently still only 1 per day although there are occasionally secondary photo only sets from a sister site. A welcome addition recently is also a backstage video in addition to the main video but this is only available in relatively low-res wmv format.


08-10-09  04:32pm

Visit 18X Girls

18X Girls
REPLY TO #6 from rearadmiral: (dracken's Reply)

dracken - you're right, many of these models are probably not as new as I think they are. I'm not very familiar with Eastern European / Russian porn so I may have made a bit of a fool of myself making that claim.

I don't recall seeing any available chats as bonus material. The sites seems a bit to simple to offer something like that. The only bonus material I saw was offered on two similar sites.

09-14-10  03:07pm

Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games
REPLY TO #11 from asmith12: (dracken's Reply)

I agree that this site is not really about 3D sex, it is all about interactivity; if interactivity is your cup of tea, then it might be worth a try.

> thank you for pointing it out and thank you for a great review.
You're welcome :-).

08-18-09  01:53am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of dracken's Review from graymane:

Excellent review. .... However, I'm having to juggle this thing around a bit because a lot of time has elapsed since this review and the recent one by staff (Vanessa).
Whoever, aside from whom I've just mentioned, can give me a more up-to-date progress addressing those issues dracken have mentioned in this review, I think would improve my perception considerably.
I've put a good bit of positive weight on Vanessaa's review, mainly because its new and, of particularly impressive importance, is the added webmaster's personal reply.

01-30-14  05:04pm

Visit abbywinters

Reply of dracken's Review from RhyssAW:

As Creative Director of abbywinters.com I just wanted to clarify some points. All single and double masturbation videos are shot with just a camera and the model in the room. There is absolutely nobody else there, the operator sets the frame, lighting and sound and leaves the model in her room alone. This is designed to give the girl the most natural setting where she can masturbate to orgasm as she would normally do and offer the member the ultimate voyeur experience. All the girl boy shoots are done with real life couples, however the girl-girl shoots are almost always shot between non real life couples.

As mentioned in the review our site is about representing girls as naturally as we can, they all wear their own clothes and have complete control over how revealing they choose to be. We want to show real girls having fun and engaging in natural and provocative activities. That is why we make many of the stylistic choices observed in this review.

Whilst we feature amateur models we do pride ourselves of having high technical standards. So it was a bit of a surprise to read in this review that the video quality was criticized. We are all about keeping the focus on the model and not placing all of our efforts on technical quality but we still believe the standard of our videography and editing is strong and represents our girls well. We also have a range of quality equipment we use to achieve the naturalistic look we aim at.

Also I wanted to mention some features that have been added to the site around the time and just after this review that are exciting:

- mystery shoots- something never been seen before on abbywinters.com (some examples- girls commentary of girl-girl scene, orgasm race & POV Go Pro double masturbation video)
- radio podcast- 'girls talk' features girls talking about sex, last episode featured the topic of 'the female orgasm' with a live in-studio orgasm.
- aw education- models asked questions from topics (potential partners, sex, relationships and internet dating) with the view of informing men about women's issues.
- editor's choice- a fetish selected by the editors where the best compilation of footage from that fetish is compiled from our archive. Some examples are large breasts, hairy, red-head and peeing.

We also have plans to continue adding these bonus features to the site and advancing the innovation of the content we are releasing.


07-18-12  01:15am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of dracken's Review from elephant:

Yeah very informative review, well done Draken

Personally the site isn't for me, I found it was just a little too natural for me and many models I just wasn't interested in seeing naked, but that said I did find a few real gems in there that are real cuties, it if had more cuties I'd probably re-join more.

05-05-12  06:11am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of dracken's Review from Ergo Proxy:

I liked your review because you address many points I would have mentioned too and the final score seems fair. Have you ever considered to look at "I feel myself"? Personally I didn't like it much but in your case if you don't mind they have mostly solo scenes they do have decent video quality and usually the pacing is faster.

05-03-12  10:05am

Visit Abelinda

REPLY TO #1 from OneMan: (dracken's Reply)

Well I actually joined both......both different.

The Ablelinda site is mainly HD - although not encoded well (very stuttery), while the TinyTyler site is low res stuff.

You have to very careful with the TinyTyler site, as there a lots of cross sells, instant upsells etc etc. I joined with prepaid card, with just enough credit to cover the cost.

01-17-10  08:05am

Visit Action JAV

Action JAV
REPLY TO #1 from jd1961: (dracken's Reply)

Japanese Adult Video.

09-14-09  02:54pm

Visit Alta Heels

Alta Heels
REPLY TO #1 from nineinch: (dracken's Reply)

Maybe I should have given them a 50. I used to like this site a lot. It was never a lot of content, but I liked their style. I am very disappointed by the download limit approach they have taken. If you email them, they eventually re-enable your account.

I can't remember exactly how many videos they have on site now, because I can't get back in to check (maybe 80-100). The account also expired today, and I don't feel like going to the trouble of having them re-enable it. Over the course of the month I downloaded about 5 GB of video and about 15 MB of images. It is even possible that someone stole my credentials, but they still should have notified me and helped me to get a new password.

I don't know why 61 rather than 60. I think if they fix the download limit issue, I'd consider going back - someday ;)

06-21-10  07:12pm

Visit Amateur Violations

Amateur Violations
Reply of dracken's Review from gaypornolover:

A funny review of a funny site it made me chuckle! Well-written as always, your review gives a good flavour of an odd-sounding site!

10-25-11  07:52am

Visit American Bukkake

American Bukkake
Reply of dracken's Review from Cybertoad:

Intense and informative review, lots of great input.

10-08-11  07:06am

Visit American Bukkake

American Bukkake
Reply of dracken's Review from Lionheart:

Sound like much hasn't change since my review. I wanted to rejoin the site just to see if they improved in anyway. I also noticed that their "updates" are BTS of older movies released 2+ years ago. Well I hope they get more funding for their movies. I love the content they release.

10-06-11  01:52pm

Visit American Bukkake

American Bukkake
Reply of dracken's Review from gaypornolover:

Sounds like a pretty intense and creative site! If I were straight this is probably the kind of site I'd like - and to be honest with all the guys in it, it would probably do a lot for me even as I am!
Excellent review as ever - shame the site isn't updating anymore. Always makes me sad when a great site stops updating - it's nice it's still online but feels kinda abandoned!

10-03-11  11:48pm

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