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Do you think the porn industry would survive if it were marketed for women instead of men?

Type: General

Submitted by Duante Amorculo (0)
Definately 13% 6 Votes
Probably 13% 6 Votes
Not sure 16% 7 Votes
Probably not 42% 19 Votes
Never 16% 7 Votes

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45 Votes Total

Sep 1, 2009

Poll Replies (19)

Replies to the user poll above.

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RagingBuddhist (65) No way would it survive. There'd be a few sites that would run along the lines of romance novels, but guys are the graphic ones. I know there are exceptions to every rule, but how many women do we know who don't even understand a guy reading Playboy, much less watching Suzy Spreadsalot take on 20 guys and 3 women?
09-01-09  12:27am

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Jay G (67) Human curiousity, male or female, will always pay for porn. We are different, but we, as humans, are curious.
09-01-09  03:38am

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Drooler (220) If there was a market for women, it would already exist.

Marketing directed at women thrives in other areas. Just look at television advertising. Much of that is skewed in tone and characterization towards women already. And the reason is simple: they outspend men on personal and household items.

But I don't think they're as interested in porn as men are. After all, there have been very few women members of PU.

09-01-09  04:24am

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PowerGlide (Unverified) There is already a form of porn for women. It's called reality TV shows.
09-01-09  11:26am

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Wittyguy (105) There would still be porn but it would be aweful from a guys perspective. Thirty minutes of interviews with the models talking about their thoughts, feelings and how they're committed to each other, 20 minutes of "Dining at the Y", followed by a couple minutes of gratuitous humping for the guy. No cumshots on the face, little anal sex, lots of sexy clothing, real dialogue, and real story lines ... say, actually isn't this stuff that a lot fo PUers say they want to see in porn :)
09-01-09  02:28pm

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dracken (246) I am convinced that womena re just as sexual as men. They hide it but if that were to change and woman sexuality was more open I believe the porn market for women would skyrocket.
09-01-09  03:03pm

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exotics4me (463) My guess is that it wouldn't change anything. B/G sets now are just as stimulating for women who like to look at naked guys as it is for men who like to look at the naked girls. I honestly believe more women are into g/g sites than guys are. Girls being with girls is more acceptable for some reason, in our society, than guys being with guys and I've never known a woman under 40 that doesn't find women attractive. The one change would probably be more solo male sites. There was a mention of this one time before that the niche we call "gay" niche is actually as much for women as gay men.

From my own experiences, once the woman is ready to have sex, they are as aggressive, as impatient as men are. Even if that is them masturbating. Also as dcracken said women do hide their sexual desires, but I'm not for sure that most men don't as well.

09-01-09  04:32pm

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lk2fireone (196) Wittyguy's answer is on the mark. I'm not saying all hardcore would disappear, but the balance would definitely shift to softcore, and that wouldn't be all bad. I wouldn't mind less "cumshots on the face, little anal sex, lots of sexy clothing, real dialogue, and real story lines." Maybe I'm not into sexy clothing as much as Wittyguy, but this guy is definitely thinking in the right direction.
09-01-09  04:36pm

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james4096 (126) I doubt it. I don't think there's a market out there either.
Women may be more sexual or hornier than they appear to be in public, but you guys have to admit that we men are animals. It's more than just how we are socialized. Women do not have the libido that would drive them to spend $150.00 a month on internet porn in addition to the money that men spend trying to get real women to have sex with them.

09-01-09  06:00pm

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pat362 (373) There is no market for porn for women. The reason why reality TV is so popular is because women's fantasy male is not a guy that fucks other women for a living. The bachelor, Who wants to marry a millionaire and whatever crap passes for actual entertainemnt today has a good looking guy, who either has money or is in a position to make a lot of money.

If there was a market for it. I'm sure someone would have come up with it years ago. There are more women than men in North America and yet there is only one female magazine(playgirl) and I have no clue which studio caters to women only. I'm not considereing lesbian porn in that equation.

09-01-09  06:32pm

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PinkPanther (46) Shoot, even Playgirl survived because of purchases by gay men.
09-01-09  09:23pm

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messmer (137) The accepted wisdom was always that men are sexually stimulated by sight while women are stimulated by touch. That's why I don't see a market aimed at women. Unless accepted wisdom was wrong! :-)
09-02-09  08:24am

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Duante Amorculo (0) REPLY TO #4 - PowerGlide :

09-02-09  05:28pm

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Duante Amorculo (0) REPLY TO #5 - Wittyguy :

09-02-09  05:29pm

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Duante Amorculo (0) REPLY TO #6 - dracken :

Sure they are sexual and nobody is denying that but to say that women IN GENERAL are JUST AS SEXUAL to me isn't accurate. There is a reason why the business has and probably always will be targeted towards men. Men, IN GENERAL, are way more sexual in nature than women. This is the reason why MOST WOMEN need emotional connection and stimulation to really fall for a guy while many men need only to see a hot body and/or pretty face and they are sold. Another example is a one night stand. Many of the men who have these on a regular basis just want sex. On the other hand, many of the women in the same boat are just looking for attention and even confirmation that there are guys who do find them attractive. Sure there are your exceptions, as there is to anything, but I think the number of women on the sexual level of MOST guys are few.
09-02-09  05:37pm

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Duante Amorculo (0) REPLY TO #9 - james4096 :

very good point. i can;t imagine many women would dream of spending money on porn sites.
09-02-09  05:40pm

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dracken (246) REPLY TO #15 - Duante Amorculo :

I see your point and I have to say that personally I disagree. I believe the way women feel about sex has been mostly shaped by the cultural influence (for example if a woman has a lot of sex she is a slut if a guy does it he's a stud) I believe that if this cultural prejudice against women accepting their sexuality was removed women would be just as sexual as men.

Then again there is no really way of knowing whether I am right or not so the whole discussion is an exercise in thought. Either way, I hope I didn't come off like an ass. I just believe that men and women are basically identical except for their upbringing.

09-03-09  12:42pm

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Duante Amorculo (0) REPLY TO #17 - dracken :

No, you didn't sound like an ass, you were just stating your opinion. It is pointless to argue too much on this as we won't ever really know. My side of the argument, though, was looking more at the biological side of things (the fact that men have more testosterone than women) coupled with the sociological aspect (guy + many girls = stud).
09-05-09  12:54am

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alexmedia (22) I know some women like to watch porn movies but usually they watch it with boy friend. A percentage of women who watch porn is too small compare to men.
09-18-09  06:52am

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