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3D Sex Games (0)

asmith12 (124) 10-09-08  02:26pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ quality of graphics is good
++ variety of actions is large
++ variety of toys is HUGE (including sex machines)
++ variety of outfits is large
++ variety of locations is HUGE
+ customization of almost everything (vagina,penis,body,...)
+ "Sex Coins" pseudo-currency to keep things interesting
Cons: -- animation isn't so good
-- out of all the actions, a few are duo and VERY few are 3-some
- VERY few pose changes are animated
- undressing is not animated
- convoluted interface (tutorial and "hints" required to play sex game? Come on).
- need connection to play
- slow web site
- Downloading 65M update right after download? Gimme a break.
Bottom Line: Continuing my quest in looking for a good 3D sex game, I've tried 3D Sex Villa (this is the game which you get when subscribing to the site). Well, after all the good reviews about it on PornUsers I was quite disappointed (it's definitely not bad, but IMHO doesn't warrant 90+ score).

First of all, to clarify - it is yet another "3D sex game" along the same lines as ActiveDolls and PlaySexGame - you have models, put them into some location, choose position and tell them to have sex. That's fine. At the beginning most positions, locations and models aren't available, and you need to fuck around a bit (literally) to get more (when having sex, you earn so-called "Sex Coins" to spend on "sex packs" which include positions or
toys or models). That's IMHO even better to keep things a bit more interesting.

But then comes a worse part. First of all, controls are convoluted; while the game has tutorial on controls, it's not really what I expect from rather primitive sex game. Also while graphics itself is good, animation isn't IMHO so good; I even doubt if they used motion capture to animate things (it looks more as a good imitation of physical model, than mo-cap), and faces have VERY limited animation. Outfits don't always fit good, and penetrations aren't always "clean" too. Overall, IMHO 3D Sex Villa's 3D graphics+animation feeling is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than that of ActiveDolls.

On the plus side, overall variety is HUGE: you can choose from REALLY HUGE set of models, outfits, locations, plus can customize almost everything (most of variety comes in "sex packs" but as long as it costs nothing rather than playing, it's perfectly ok with me). As some drawback to this variety, I want to mention that while they've added threesomes, they're EXTREMELY limited (formally there are 5 threesome actions, but some are so similar, that I'd say there are only 2).

And IMHO all that variety didn't make it significantly more interesting - it's still all the same routine of selecting location, moving to position and asking the girl to fuck. Models lack personality, so changing them doesn't really help, positions aren't too different, and outfits don't look too "natural", so apparently despite all the variety it still looks pretty much the same all the time, with some real variety added only by a few special locations like "Fetish Club".

Bottom line: while this game definitely outperforms ANY other 3D sex game I've seen in number of available options, action still looks pretty much the same. Overall, my feeling is that it's "entertainment value" is about the same with "ActiveDolls" (3D Sex Villa has MUCH more options to choose from, but ActiveDolls have IMHO SIGNIFICANTLY better 3D graphics+animation). So I've rated it the same as ActiveDolls.

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mbaya (366) Very thorough and complete review.
10-09-08  02:47pm

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Toadsith (48) I've used 3D Sex Games for years, so the control issue was never an issue for me, but I see how it can be deemed confusing. However, of all the sex simulation games I've encountered, I personally found it to be the best. With only the mouse, you can control every aspect of the game. Moving / rotating / zooming the camera, switching poses, modifying the speed of the action (or directly controlling it) - all these can be done on the fly without finding any keyboard keys. There is a bit of a learning curve, but compared to other programs that have the characters trying to walk around or keys needing to be pressed in conjunction with mouse movement to simply zoom out - I find 3D Sex Games' control system far superior.

I would agree that the animation leaves something to be desired, especially facial animation - it is all hand animated, and while that provides a certain fluidity to the repetition of the action, it doesn't provide it with as much natural movement. Mo-cap might aid it, though I've seen mo-cap fail as well.

I've very surprised to see your preference for the graphics provided by Active Dolls. Their models are far stranger looking - not remotely human (more Anime styled), it only supports 4 different video resolutions (1280 x 1024 not being one of them) and texturing and lighting are quite simplistic - I would say on par with 3D Sex Games. I would totally understand if you stated 3D Stripper had a superior graphics engine, as it does. Projected shadows, bump mapping, a 3D model body & face designed by the same guy that designed the faces for Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. That game has many problems of its own though.

I guess I see 3D Sex Games as having the largest selection of options and activities of all the games while having reasonably good graphics and a somewhat regular update schedule. All in all, in my opinion, this makes it the best of games available and I graded it as I did in relation to the performance of its peers.

10-09-08  03:49pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #2 - Toadsith :

Well, everybody has his own opinion , that's what this site is about :-).

About comparing 3D in ActiveDolls and 3D Sex Game - right, models there are anime-style, but in a sense they are MUCH more human because they have human movements and face which expresses something, and animation is IMHO FAR better there; also I don't really care about fancy features used like some-kind-of-shaders or DirectX v10 (I'm not game developer, I'm just a user). It is overall "feeling" what matters to me, and on this scale I DEFINITELY like ActiveDolls engine MUCH better; if trying to figure out what this "feeling" consists of, probably it will be naturally looking movements (including animated face) and overall "polished" interface (I didn't see minor rendering "glitches" in ActiveDolls which are abundant in both 3D Sex Game and 3D Stripper).

On the other hand, if you feel that "3D engine" doesn't cover all the 3D aspects and is all about shaders and such, I won't argue :-). My point is (and was) that overall "feeling" of 3D graphics and animation is IMHO MUCH better in ActiveDolls than in 3D Sex Game (and 3D Stripper COULD be brought to the same level IF they will get rid of those "glitches", will get rid of "jumps" between different dance segments, but to get significantly higher overall entertainment value they will also need MUCH more than a single girl).

> this makes it the best of games available and I graded it as I
> did in relation to the performance of its peers.
But I've tried to compare it's "entertainment value" NOT only to other 3D games, but to ALL the adult sites I know; that's probably where the difference in our ratings comes from.

10-09-08  04:11pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #3 - asmith12 :

I'll agree with you that the human reaction to the animation and design of the models is better in Active Dolls - they are simply far more endearing. At some points the models and animations of 3D Sex Games suffers from falling into the Uncanny Valley. I had latched on to your statement of the "3D Game Engine", which generally ignores the aesthetic of the animation and model design, instead referring to the technological architecture that makes it possible. In that regard I would say the games are relatively equal - and far surpassed by 3D Stripper.

As for the rating, I personally see this as such a different animal from other adult sites that it seems difficult if not impossible to compare it with the likes of VideoBox or MET-Art. How does one give Pac-Man a rating in relation to Ghost Busters the movie? Both have plots involving the removal of ghosts, but they are so different that the scores wouldn't make any sense. "Buy a Ford Mustang, it has more moving parts than a banana."

I believe that if a user is contemplating joining a 3D adult game site - they are looking for just that, a fully interactive 3D game, not just any form of adult entertainment. In that regard I think both 3D Sex Games and Active Dolls are among the best available choices and deserve high marks.

10-09-08  04:27pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #4 - Toadsith :

Ok, I will change reference to "3D engine" to "3D graphics", thanks for pointing it out (as I've said, I'm NOT into these things, I'm just a user).

About being impossible to compare apples and oranges - well, aren't we doing it here all the time? :-) What I'm trying to do is to put ALL the reviewed sites on scale of "how much I enjoy them"; and IMHO my ratings are pretty consistent in this regard; now it became even simpler as I have lots of sites to compare new ones with, and it's quite easy for me to say that I enjoy 3D Sex Game about the same as Naked News, MUCH more than Newbie Nudes and significantly less than Met Arts.

Also while everybody can choose their own criteria, I will explain why I prefer "my" approach (try to rank everything) to "your" one.
There are two problems I see with your approach (ranking only "apples to apples"). The first one is the question "what is the niche narrow enough to compare?" Shall we stop separating ONLY 3D games or it shall be done for ALL niches? And then - shall we separate, for example, ATM from Anal as being the same or different niches? In the very extreme case we can even say that all sites are unique, but it will make any ranking completely worthless. The second problem is that when new user comes to the site, he easily can see "the best sites" by overall rating right on the home page; but at this point he doesn't care about "best in class" thing, he wants "the best overall entertainment site", and "global" ranking (opposed to "per-niche ranking") is REALLY important there; another incarnation of the same problem is that sites are usually labeled as multi-niche ones, so if 3D Sex Game is compared to such sites as "Hands on Hardcore", which means that they shall have the same ranking scale. Just IMHO though :-).

10-09-08  04:48pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #5 - asmith12 :

I agree, one could worry about a slipper slope mentality to separating site niches to be rated amongst themselves - it could quickly become confusing. However, there is a single difference between the adult 3D games and the other sites reviewed on Porn Users that I believe negates this argument. The games are an entirely different medium, sure both can be viewed on a computer monitor, but the games are an interactive experience that requires user input. If there were more companies dedicated to producing adult games, I would recommend that sites like 3D Sex Games not be allowed to be review on Porn Users as it isn't a passive entertainment medium, like videos, photos and stories. That interaction that changes the experience at the users request makes it in many ways tougher to review.

I will grant you it is related, you are still viewing porn, but I think the experience is significantly enough different that it makes it quite difficult to compare. Separating "ATM from Anal", as you suggested is like saying you only review Hollywood comedies and not SciFi, or station wagons and not sedans (estates and not saloons, for our UK members). They are the same medium and narrowing down by niche that much on a user review site could be trouble.

Still, it is difficult to decide where to draw the line. For at the same time, despite being of different mediums, both an adult content website and an adult video game are trying to provide you with pornographic entertainment, so in that sense they are related. How they try to entertain you is significantly different, but the goal is largely the same.

On the other hand, I suppose I may have simply enjoyed messing about in 3D Sex Games more than you did. As you said - that is what the site is for. I hardly think the game is perfect, but I do think it is quite a laugh and a great time waster. I've said in the past that the numeric score is the most dreaded part of the review for me, I fight with myself over it for hours - in the end, perhaps I got it wrong on this one. I don't know. I would recommend the site to most people, but I'd certainly recommend MET-Art more. It is tough - I wish we just used a bloody 5 star rating system, lol

10-09-08  05:47pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #6 - Toadsith :

I agree with most of your arguments, but on the other hand... IMHO as 3D Sex Game is ALREADY ranked on PU against Hands on Hardcore (they're shown in the same list according to the ranks, BOTH in "browse sites" and "hardcore sex" sites), we need to try to put them within the same ranking system, or those pages will become misleading.

If PU admins will decide to completely separate interactive games from the rest to avoid placing them in the same list - it would be a completely different story (and I wouldn't argue against such separation), but now they ARE within the same system, with rankings directly compared to each other, and IMHO we need to take it into account.

As for difference in "how much we enjoy this or that site" - I don't see it a problem, and completely agree that it is what this site is all about :-).

10-10-08  06:14am

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #7 - asmith12 :

That is a valid point - essentially the decision has already been made. I'll have to reconsider my score, perhaps it needs to be adjusted. Hell, I've been planning on adjusting all my scores to a less finite measurement anyway - maybe now is the time to do that :-P

Well thanks for sticking it out, many people run away from arguments (discussions, debates, et cetera) these days - it is always nice to run across other people who enjoy the activity. I'll admit I often have the habit of arguing another side just for the sake of arguing, it isn't in my nature to concede an opposing party's argument :-D

10-10-08  09:26am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #8 - Toadsith :

> Well thanks for sticking it out, ... it is always nice to run across other people who enjoy the activity
Thanks to you, it takes two to tango :-).

> I'll admit I often have the habit of arguing another side just for the sake of arguing, it isn't in my nature to concede an opposing party's argument
So do I, but as long as we admit this habit, it can't be THAT bad :-).

10-10-08  09:51am

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #9 - asmith12 :

LOL - very true :-P
10-10-08  10:08am

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dracken (246) Very interesting concept for a porn website and while 3D sex isn't my thing the ability to customize stuff makes this site sound interesting. thank you for pointing it out and thank you for a great review.
08-16-09  06:07am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #11 - dracken :

I agree that this site is not really about 3D sex, it is all about interactivity; if interactivity is your cup of tea, then it might be worth a try.

> thank you for pointing it out and thank you for a great review.
You're welcome :-).

08-18-09  01:53am

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