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N/A REPLY TO #5 from turboshaft: (pat362's Reply)

Don't forget razor burn, pat362! ;-)

In fact pubic shaving in general can show all kinds of flaws when presented in HD: the redness, bumps, and those annoying missed spots. I'll gladly volunteer myself for select--highly select--shaving of female performers if pussy and ass depilation is too delicate a task to be done alone. And even if you deplore the bush-free look do you honestly also want a fully forested ass?

05-01-14  05:44pm

Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission
REPLY TO #5 from Jay G: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks for the update. Sex & submission is still running at 25KB/s to 120 KB/s, way below what other non-Kink sites are running at (some as well as 1050 KB/s). After several days of experimenting, I will spend my time with non-Kink sites for a week or two and do one more check before my month at S&S is over. If it's still not working, I will regretfully avoid KInk.com for awhile.

04-25-14  05:18am

Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission
REPLY TO #3 from Jay G: (pat362's Reply)

Dear Member,

We sincerely apologize for the difficulty you were having with downloading
content form our sites.
We very much appreciate your patience while our tech team restored the sites;
you should be able to download content without difficulty now.

(I am still having problems with the site) :(

04-23-14  03:22am

Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission
REPLY TO #1 from Jay G: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks, Pat, .....

they did get back by email apologizing for the problem, but it's still not fixed :( (Currently downloading at 58.5 KB/s.... is this the 1980's?)

04-22-14  12:14pm

Visit Anal Educator

Anal Educator
REPLY TO #10 from Freax Media Gro: (pat362's Reply)

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that you didn't understand my previous posts as well.

Anyway, just for close the conversation.

- The calendar of updates just show the next 2 weeks, more or less.
- 30 or 20 usd does not change the number of sales, so the price will stay like it is.
- Im more happy to sell monthly membership then anything else because users continue to stay.
- There are not xsales or bullshits
- Old members can drop a email for get discount
- The contents are great, users who did not download yet are welcome. And here is the point, contents rule.

In your review list there is one website in the top ten who is actually updating every day with one old scene, I know very well because I shoot contents for them.

04-22-14  03:39am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from turboshaft: (pat362's Reply)

Sucks that Seymore had to waste his time and money on that case, especially considering that there was plenty of this and even harder content on American sites by then, but apparently DVDs are sacred media.

I seem to remember reading that most of the jury who had to watch the offending scene at trial--you know, "evidence"--were more bored than offended, plus it's something you have to seek out to really get all worked up about. Of course that's how so many of the concerned moralists of the world work; leaving no stone unturned until at least one fragile person finds something offensive.

04-21-14  03:12pm

Visit Anal Educator

Anal Educator
REPLY TO #8 from Freax Media Gro: (pat362's Reply)


- About point 1 -
Im uploading the old contents in regular way, the contents have not been exposed to much in the past and starting from scratch I did not have any different solution. All the members who ask re-founded because of smt according to old managements are re-founded and I try to make happy all member who claim smt with discounts and what ever I can-

- About point 2 -
User if free to chose the membership he prefer

- About point 3 -
In that you can be right for your point of view. I did few test in the join page before to submit websites to TBP: 9.90/month - 19,90/month and the actual price. There are no difference in conversion rate. You are not in the biz, but price is last issue when you prepare a website.

- About point 4 -
From April 21 the network where belongs NRFTA, AE, RTO etc is in daily updates. Go in AE, bottom of the page *Calendar of Updates*. Without to count there are other bonus contents (not bonus feeds) for the members also until now.

NoRestForTheAss is still the top seller, no doubts about that. And network is growing with other contents. Check the topic on EBI (where I offered discounted price to pissed members) and you will see what is coming.
I just added the Coming Day for DAF (thank you for noted the issue) and for PT you can already see the updates scheduled in the *Calendar of Updates*.
I need to change the button *Bonus Sites* with *Network Sites*. In total the network has 7 sites, not 8 (the site you surf + 6 bonus). I will do it as soon as I can. User can misunderstand now I think (you did)
I added *7 Sites* less then 30 days before the first scene of PT will be online, I can not change design every week according to what is new. I feel me clean in that.

I sent u a private message for offer you a no-cost membership for check the Member Area and may be start to change a bit the opinion about what is going on, and you could also give me a feedback about the MA.

Happy Easter!

04-18-14  10:47am

Visit Anal Educator

Anal Educator
REPLY TO #6 from Freax Media Gro: (pat362's Reply)

If you dont want to give me your money you can give me your experience. Now thinks are really different from the past... I sent you a private message.

04-14-14  11:10pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from turboshaft: (pat362's Reply)

Yeah, I remember a few fleeting moments of android-assisted pleasure followed by unstoppable Yul Brynner murderousness--we've been warned!

Of course such things never seemed to have stopped anybody once they get an erection, though count me out as I'm still having nightmares from this fucking insane Japanese robot mouth of terror.

04-14-14  06:58pm

Visit Bree Olson

Bree Olson
REPLY TO #1 from marcdc1: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks Pat.

I knew Dylan Ryder was retire, and suspected Bree must be as well. I know Ashley Fires has flirted with retirement - thankfully she has decided to stay!
I figure Devon Lee and Sunny Leone are retired as well, do you know for sure?

All the best to you-

04-13-14  03:14pm

N/A REPLY TO #5 from turboshaft: (pat362's Reply)

I was watching something recently that was shot only a few months ago with Amber Rayne, and I guess I'd kinda forgotten she's been in the business for nine years now. And amazingly in that time--a veritable eternity in porn careers--she's bucked the trend of so many veteran performers and hasn't destroyed her body, gotten married, or softened her performances one bit! :-)

04-10-14  08:52pm

Visit Anal Educator

Anal Educator
REPLY TO #1 from TheSquirrel: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks for the info Pat. So it sounds as though this is not under new management after all? Rarely do I stay with a site for more than a month or two, and have never signed up for anything longer than a month originally. The material looks good even though it is old, and they don't seem to use scummy pre checked cross selling. Be interesting to hear if this is a standalone or whether it comes with the rest of the network.

04-09-14  06:41pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #4 from elephant: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks for the reply Pat. Yeah you'd think when you get the chance to work with these incredible girls that you can't fail to make money, especially when they agree to do the hardest type of anal porn on the net. I guess some people must be buying into their site as they keep going and hiring girls so somehow they are making it work, dunno how like.

I do agree with your statement its like circus porn and they could learn lots from watching other successful studios to how to setup lighting and filming techniques. I also like and find it much hotter when models are enjoying it too, hate anything when it looks like the model is really looking sad and just going along with it to get some money. I guess most of the Euro girls are as they come and go so fast and don't have the long careers like some of the American girls.

03-31-14  03:08am

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
Reply of pat362's Comment from elephant:

Cheers for the warning Pat, I've often wanted to join this site and really wish they'd see sense and make it a normal membership site, would make heaps more money.

One of the annoying things is they have some really great looking scenes there. I'd join in a shot if they'd make it a normal website, but if you read all about their progress (On EBF)on even getting the site they have now up to see daylight I won't be holding my breath on them making it a normal membership.

99%of other sites on the internet can't be wrong with the pay and be a member and have access to all movies system. Ticket base system are so flawed in my opinion.

03-30-14  04:29am

Visit X-Art

Reply of pat362's Review from Abel Semen:

"*Sorry but facials should never be included in glamorous porn because there's nothing glamorous about shooting cum all over the face of the woman you had sex with since there's no way you are going to kiss that mouth and obviously neither do the guys in these videos."

It may not be a surprise given my nick, but I couldn't disagree more. Facials are, for my money, easily the most visually interesting element of mainstream porn (on the average), and it constantly frustrates me that otherwise high-quality "glamour" sites tend not to include them.

And, post-facial kissing is very much a thing, and one that if anything I wouldn't mind seeing more of. Seems only fair on the part of the guy if he wants/expects his girl to take it in face. I don't want it in every scene, but it would be a good occasional inclusion, *especially* in scenes with a bit more of a romantic feel.

03-24-14  07:37pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of pat362's Review from Schirm:

Hi Pat

I noticed you put a remark about video quality in the cons list. Would you mind elaborate on this a bit?

Taking aside newer hd scenes, would you say that files suffer from too hard compression, low bitrates etc? What filesize would a typical 30 min full frame (4:3) scene be, roughly?

I figure the main alternative would be Videosz, where I found the quality to quite satisfactory overall. Is Videobox on the same level?

03-23-14  02:42am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
REPLY TO #3 from Schirm: (pat362's Reply)

Dear Pat

You are so right and obviously we dont agree.

Yes you are wrong - rehash a video and call it something else to inflate a site does not score quality points with me.

And no, I dont have to give you such comparison sites for a very simple reason: I review DDF that for what I see and I dont know that many other sites yet. Unlike you, I found their search system lacking and not that helpful when I used it.

As for content on the their other sites - no I didnt like those much.

Regarding their platform being outdated: may I please refer you to the comment/question I made which Ace replied to state my point.

To be frank, pat, I really dont understand your need to raise the score for DDF, a site that in some sense tries to cheat its customers by unsecure billers and a customer support that sucks when their customers ask for help to cancel. Just because you never had a problem does not entitle you to be forgiving when it happens to others.

And finally Pat, please show better respect for those opinions that differs from yours. Im not here to make you happy or promote DDF, and I am entitled to my own opinions just as you are.

DDF is in my opinion really not a good site and you seem to overrate it. Thank you for finding some of my points valid.

03-22-14  10:43pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
REPLY TO #1 from Schirm: (pat362's Reply)

Well.... 60 is still a recommendation score.

And I think I was pretty clear about the downsides: rehashing a scene to fit a site and then not easy to find the original is for me a downside.

And even if some scenes are really good, the total does not really represent quality to me. Lots of rehashes and solo scenes dont justify the price.

But the decisive point is of course the cancellation problems I faced. I really mean it: there is NO excuse to ask for credit card details on an non-encrypted connection.

In my opinion it reflects back on DFF since I cannot choose billing company and the one selected for me was not secure.

DFF support failed this time and it of course reflects on my review

Porn sites is not just about content - its about customer care. The sites lacks and is outdated in my opinion.

Since pat has not shared my experience I see no problem for him to be more postive. But please respect that my opinion is sincere.

It should be up to the customer to choose biller - when a site like DDF makes that choice for me then there is simply no excuse.

Overrated is my experience, if pat is happy with what he gets then we are both helping the site the best we can.

03-22-14  12:19pm

Visit Twistys

REPLY TO #2 from cjd2004: (pat362's Reply)

Another new article.


03-15-14  07:34am

Visit X-Art

REPLY TO #4 from sonofzog: (pat362's Reply)

I'm totally with you on facials (and for that matter, on money shots in general). Like most porn fans, I enjoy video that plays into my own fantasies about sex and beautiful women. Of all the lovers I've had over the years, from marriage to one-night stands, I never felt a desire to come on her face, and I'm reasonably sure it would never have been received graciously. I have always preferred internal release regardless of orifice.

The whole cliche of shooting onto a woman's back or belly or face is an archaic throwback to porn producers who wanted to prove that it was real screwing with a real ejaculation. I'm pretty sure we've gotten past that but I still see many comments from those who want to see a huge load on the woman's face. Don't get, never will.

03-14-14  09:33am

Visit Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts
REPLY TO #5 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

I agree. If a site offered all his movies that would be worth a membership.

03-12-14  04:00pm

Visit Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts
REPLY TO #3 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

They don't look so much better than what VB offers to justify the membership unless you're going for the three day trial. Even then, you may be better off with a VB membership because you have access to more of Seymore's stuff - and you get a lot of Shane's stuff on VB too from after she and Seymore parted company. You'd need a separate membership for Shane's titles if you joined SB.

03-11-14  04:51pm

Visit Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts
REPLY TO #1 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks pat. This site does have two advantages though: the file resolution is better (though I haven't been to VB in a long time and they may have improved) and with a decent internet connection and a lazy day you can get everything you want in a day.

It is disappointing though to know that so many good titles and scenes have been left out.

03-10-14  02:45pm

Visit Kscans

REPLY TO #1 from littlejoe: (pat362's Reply)

i remember having a few clips back in the day and loving it. just wondering if its worth it for a single month?

03-09-14  04:09pm

Visit WCP Club

WCP Club
REPLY TO #2 from joekramer08: (pat362's Reply)

thanks for the review. I've been a fan of West Coast Productions for a long time. Their camera work is great - I just love how they film their scenes...and this is the only place where you can get their scenes, so I was excited when I found out this studio finally created their own membership site. It does suck that they have so few of their dvd's available here, but I imagine it takes a while to add all of those dvd's, considering that they only just recently created this site. Hopefully they'll add a lot more of their dvd's in the coming year.

03-01-14  11:36am

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