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N/A REPLY TO #9 from LPee23: (pat362's Reply)

Dude, I wouldn't touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole, and if I could delete it all with a keystroke right now I would.

Off the top of my head, here's some of the legal stuff that's been censored:


This has been beat to death on other forums. Posts supposedly from a Brazzers.com employee have implicated it to VISA, of course, you can take that with a grain of salt. This same poster, who is supposedly charged with reviewing Brazzers content, wrote about some the other criteria for removal which include models in pigtails, because it is too suggestive of underage, and models drinking alcohol on the set.


They constantly posted about all the pressure from credit card processors, now almost all of their content is removed.

WatersportsSluts.com (Hard Glam Network)

Owner wrote in an article on XBiz.com how he was forced to close when his payment processor cut him off. This actually wasn't because the content was too extreme, but he was a UK operator, and he failed to comply with ATVOD. Rather that allow him to work it out, his payment processor just terminated his account, and rather than try to find another processor, he just closed up shop.

Along this note, sites forced to close or remove content by ATVOD could be added to the list, and there are many of those.


It is relatively common knowledge that F2M peeing may be permissible in small quantities on US sites, but M2F peeing is off limits. This is one of many US sites that specialized in M2F peeing that have closed over the years. Do I like M2F peeing - not at all - but it still proves my point. Some people do enjoy it though, and these sites shouldn't have had to close.

There's another huge group of sites totaling in the 100's that have categorically been censored by the credit card processors. Sites that featured #2, which I am not into, but also had tons of other content that was legit. I won't list them all, because these sites pushed the limits too much for mention here. I will just mention one.


This is the best example, because if you go to her new page on Hightide (ask me if you want the link, but be warned), she explains in detail how credit card processors forced her to take down her site. She did lots of straight up peeing shoots that were legit, but they went down with the ship. We have talked about her peeing content, although not about this idea, but she is an example of someone who might be open to this distribution model.

01-25-15  11:43am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from LPee23: (pat362's Reply)

Bringing back the older stuff owned by people that left the industry is a long shot as you say, because those people are checked out and unreachable.

My other idea was licensing stuff that was censored by the payment processors though, and that may be an interesting discussion, so I am moving it to the forum.

01-24-15  07:37am

N/A REPLY TO #3 from LPee23: (pat362's Reply)

I think that you, me, and lots of people feel this way. There are so many posts on all the porn forums looking for this or that video that someone saw 10 years ago that they can't for the life of them find anymore. For lots of porn fans, it seems that these old videos are actually the most sought out content.

It gets me thinking, if only there were a way to purchase the older stuff together with the rights and necessary documents for distribution, or license it, and bring more of it back. Or, for the older stuff that went down due to payment processor restrictions, to find alternative methods of monetizing its distribution. There could be huge potential here, if anyone could figure this one out.

01-23-15  08:49pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
REPLY TO #4 from uscue: (pat362's Reply)

Yep it's back to 29.95. No thanks BBros, I prefer to pay for sites with content I like b/c it's the "right thing to do", but it's 2015! No site should be more than $15-20 when the current internet climate makes it so easy to get all of the content for free ... and I'm not talking about pornhub or some other streaming site. I'll keep supporting three of the other major networks that have enticing rates for us peer review aficionados as well as two smaller international networks that I love.

12-31-14  11:16pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
REPLY TO #2 from uscue: (pat362's Reply)

That is extremely odd, it now shows up for me too. The join page looks different than normal though (including opening a new browser and just trying to join without clicking through PU) which is slightly disconcerting, but it is interesting nonetheless that the offer came back. Maybe they do read these sites ...

12-30-14  12:40pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #11 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

Your comment here makes me almost certain that I'll not ever rejoin. The evidence suggests that your theory is correct and if that's the case this will be a really expensive rejoin if there is nothing more 'free' being added.

What a strange business model...

12-28-14  01:18pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #10 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks for the comment again pat. And I can say that the trailers reflect the actual scenes.

12-28-14  01:14pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #3 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks for the comments pat. Your original comment was a big help to me. I know I'd have been pissed off if I had joined this site without having the information you provided. I'll answer your questions in the order you asked them:

1) A lot of is like that. There are extreme gapes, large toys, hard anal, pee play, stuff like that. DAP seems to be something they pride themselves in. There are even a few TAP scenes with models like Proxy Paige who are known for extreme acts. This isn't normal hardcore porn. You're certainly right that the focus is not usually on the woman's pleasure.

2) Hard to say. They're less 'medical exam' and more 'endurance test.' I'm not sure how to quantify sterile, but the scenes have none of the sexual tension that I like. But I knew that going in.

3) That's really subjective. It does push the boundaries but it isn't unpleasant to look at. Certainly anyone who prefers artcore wouldn't be happy with this kind of porn.

4) I think there is an element of that. I don't find the makeup is often overdone, but the clothes tend to the garish. My preference would be for a more natural look. You can't go wrong with natural.

I'm fairly sure I've missed the mark in some of these answers so feel free to ask anything else. I'll try to be objective in any answers I give you.

12-27-14  12:33pm

N/A REPLY TO #4 from Monahan: (pat362's Reply)

Ditto. No interest at all.

12-17-14  09:21pm

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #6 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

I'm with you. I purged my collection last year but couldn't part with some classics even though they're low resolution. I'm always on the hunt for more.

12-17-14  06:02pm

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #4 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

Good point. If VB, or any other site, followed your suggestion I'd sign up for a long-term membership to support them.

12-15-14  05:53pm

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #2 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

While I agree with you that it would be great if VB would licence and upload some older titles I don't know that they'd be better served overall. I'd love to have access to a wider catalogue of titles from good studios from the 1990s and 2000s.

But the problem with that is that's when guys our age started to get access to good porn and it means something to us. And guys like us are creeping into 'old man' category but some standards. So the younger members might not appreciate these older titles like we would.

I would definitely support a site that gave me decent quality old Anabolic/Diabolic stuff. And many other studios. Maybe I could fulfil my dream of owning every scene Tammi Ann or Inari Vachs did.

12-15-14  04:17pm

Visit The Classic Porn

The Classic Porn
Reply of pat362's Comment from sonofzog:

I was really looking forward to all that vintage porn, including the French stuff but I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger. I started checking the site when I experienced some server errors and for the last several days all I get is a bad gateway error. Sorry, but I'm not handing over money to a website that can't reliably even stay online.

11-08-14  09:34am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from host2626: (pat362's Reply)

"All the time. Thank God I have it because I would stop watching porn right now if I had to watch the bulk of what gets made these days."
^ THIS! :)

11-04-14  11:36pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
REPLY TO #4 from LPee23: (pat362's Reply)

Here's the article where he made the announcement: http://www.xbiz.com/news/186289

They are reviewing shoots and possibly editing or removing some.

11-02-14  11:08am

N/A REPLY TO #3 from Monahan: (pat362's Reply)

A brief BJ is OK, but a BJ that exceeds about a minute causes a fast forward. Cunnilingus, not a choice in this poll, is always worth a watch, especially if the labia lips are hanging down and available for nibbling.

Another fast forward situation is too much focus on a guys dick and/or hairy ass during the basic fuck makes me wonder about the sexual orientation of the cameraman.

I came to see the babe(s), not the dude(s).

10-31-14  05:22pm

Visit Lady Sonia

Lady Sonia
Reply of pat362's Review from Cybertoad:

I have joined this site awhile ago not sure why I didnt do a review. She was hot about 7 years ago but slowly in my opinion turned from older milf to grandma, and I lost interest. She went way off the original site as well. Good review, just doesn't float my boat anymore.

10-27-14  02:34pm

N/A REPLY TO #5 from Jay G: (pat362's Reply)

Soft-core for me always covers everything that is sexy but not explicit. The clips I've downloaded from 21st sextury and several other sites, for example, have several minutes of girls walking sexily, slowly disrobing, etc, before the male walks in.

When the male arrives there are often a few minutes of foreplay that I would also consider softcore until there is an actual hard dick or explicit sexual act. Kissing and fondling before explicit acts I would also consider "soft-core" but may be seen by others as borderline hard-core when the mouth gets near the genitals.

An interesting discussion, at any rate.

10-25-14  05:43am

Visit Hot Movies

Hot Movies
REPLY TO #1 from Yosemite: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks pat362 but I have spent lengthy time with their tech support both in the chat mode and on the telephone. No luck through either medium. I also spent time with tech support with my Internet provider and I have a good friend who is a software designer and former employee of both Apple and HP. They see no problems from my end. Thanks for the reply but at this point it is a dead issue with me.

10-23-14  11:06pm

Visit Lady Sonia

Lady Sonia
REPLY TO #1 from mike11w: (pat362's Reply)

Yes you can download, I haven't tried many, they were not worthy of a download.

10-19-14  11:30am

Visit Aussie Ass

Aussie Ass
REPLY TO #4 from jook: (pat362's Reply)

But I'm not a team player, haha. Everyone should send a buck.

Just joking, it's not a problem and I wouldn't have joined if it was expensive.

10-12-14  05:33pm

Visit Aussie Ass

Aussie Ass
REPLY TO #2 from jook: (pat362's Reply)

Ya know, I saw that the blog post was several months old before joining. I suppose I should have exercised more patience then taking one for the team, haha.

10-12-14  04:55pm

Visit Assylum.com

REPLY TO #12 from rearadmiral: (pat362's Reply)

Thanks for the comments pat. I objectively agree with most of your concerns but subjectively view them differently. I don't think the goal here is to demean the models and it does seem like many of them are enjoying it. I also don't see this as being like Facial Abuse (or Face Fucking as it is now called). Face Fucking is just downright mean and nasty where Assylum isn't. (Off topic, but I wonder why several models go back to Facial Abuse for several shoots knowing what they're getting into.)

10-12-14  06:08am

Visit Out Of The Family

Out Of The Family
REPLY TO #1 from lk2fireone: (pat362's Reply)

I also get a lot of offers from different sites. But I haven't been a member at this network for a while, and for $5, it's worth a join for me. I mean, $5: It costs me $10 to go to a movie theater, and that's with a senior discount. Lol.

So I don't go to movie theaters very much. I'd rather wait for the DVD to come out (usually in a few months after the theatrical releae), and pay $1+ at Redbox.

But some movies I wait to watch on cable.

The Lone Ranger was so bad, I waited to watch it on cable, and only watched a few minutes of it. Couldn't finish the movie, it was so stupid.

As I get older, I have less patience--and enjoyment.

I rented the last Transformers movie, that just came out with Mark Wahlberg. I only made it halfway through, before I stopped watching. I kept hoping the movie would get better, until I realized I was wasting my time on junk. Junk that made over $1 billion in box office.

I'm really glad I didn't spend $10 to see Transformers in a theater. I would have probably walked out long before the end. Something I've almost never done. But the older I get, the less patience I seem to have.

10-08-14  02:17pm

Visit Porn Megaload

Porn Megaload
Reply of pat362's Review from SCORE:


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

10-06-14  10:38am

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