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Visit X Movies

X Movies
Reply of Monahan's Comment

Hi Monahan

I'll be sending you my trust vote in a bit because I've read some of your reviews and trust what you say...hey that's why they call it a trust vote right...

but in the meantime I am very interested in understanding this process more...'too goo to be true'...was this within the same original membership month, and having said that...looking at the lists, xmovies is a good list...did you sense that the delta that videobox has over and above xmovies was generally the videos that wouldn't swing the choice...

I'm a current member of ZTOD which gives you thirdmovies and have to say whilst the numbers are not the same, they appear to hold the cream and have got rid of the curd on ZTOD. I'd rather 1000 dvds / all pretty girls/good scenes than 10000 dvd where you have to waste time finding gems...although the 5 a day top up is an incentive...I take it still have both memberships....

Thanks for reviews

04-25-08  01:05pm

Visit Brazilian Facials

Brazilian Facials
Reply of Woodruff's Comment


I totally relate to what you are saying here...and that can be a generalization...beautiful girl, looking pretty and innocent then along come 8 guys and gangbang her to within a inch of putting her cervix on the bridge of her mouth...can't get better than a really good juxtaposition, pun intended...

you make a very good point, which I think is the primal and subliminal factor for making it boner friendly

04-25-08  12:39pm

Visit Kink On Demand

Kink On Demand
Reply of asmith12's Comment

thanks for pointing this one out...asmith12

crazy...I remember seeing this type of payment model 10 years ago on sites like suze randall, and for a while ALS used to do this. Madness. Actually...this is the cyberspace equivalent of Self harming/Suicide

I wont be paying those kind of prices...

04-25-08  10:49am

Visit Danni.com

Reply of jd1961's Review

jd1961...good review....thanks.

regarding the major turnoffs of water balloons, there are some examples I'd be prepared to endure...run a trial on...

Tiffany Towers...fantastic tan lines. what she can do with her legs is amazing, the most welcoming split...
(5ft 4in 55GG-21-36)

Wendy Whoppers...ridiculous proportions but I've see her doing some scary stuff with her muff & chuff
(5ft 1in 55EE-21-34)

Pandora Peaks...gorgeous, light and tight
(5ft 4in 72HHH-22-36)

like all crazy trends, you should always try it once, twice or three times and these 3 girls would be my water ballon specials...

All Plastic...Gymnastically Elastic...Jubberly Fantastic

04-25-08  10:46am

N/A Reply of JBDICK's Poll

not a bad result on the poll so far...

100% not watch them

I would never want to know but if I did no I would not watch either. Obviously there are people in this world whose parents do porn which is scary...
personally I'm not in MILF, and I agree with everyones replies so far...

04-25-08  10:29am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Boobs4ever's Reply

Hey Boobs4ever

Thanks for continuing this thread of replies...

it was a red landrover if i remember right so I'll probably give it a go...last question...Have you ever joined Earl Miller...similar site... Years ago I joined Suze Randall, I've never joined Twistys or Earl Miller because I thought they were like Suze and thought that site was a bit of a rip off...

04-24-08  03:54pm

Visit College Uniform

College Uniform
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

Hi ace of aces...I've replied directly to the webmaster...

I don't have an issue with what he is saying...I just want sites to be very clear about what is being offered, and I do think looking at their preview pages that they do achieve a VERY genuine uniform fetish...

It would be interesting to know as a percentage how many girls are nude, both tits and pussy and legs open or closed...

I'm a details man and these kind of stats are the kind I like to know before I stick my hand in my pocket....and pull out my ....


and again...Thanks for the review

04-22-08  02:13pm

Visit Spear My Pussy

Spear My Pussy
Reply of tehlupy1's Reply

Thanks tehlupy1

what's FTV...sorry me no techie.

04-22-08  01:58pm

Visit College Uniform

College Uniform
Reply of Sam Jordan's Reply

Sam Jordan

I understand what you are saying, and I can't judge the content as I am not a member...

The reason I say it is dangerous is because I see a site like this and anticipate that I will see nude eventually...I chose this word as it relates exactly to me in that having looked at the preview pages and realising that (as I have already stated) that the girls are gorgeous, to only find out that it is predominantly clothing with sexy girls wearing big knickers I'd be very dissapointed.

I believe you are honest in saying that this is a fetish site for all those wannabe Headmasters out there who want to keep their thoughts legal...I just think it's MORE honest to provide that warning statement 'This site is non-nude' like 'Cigarettes can cause Cancer'


are there nude pictures on the site...do all girls on the site have at least some nude photos...is this nude tits or nude pussy, legs open or closed?

I have been a member of nextdoor-models.com which is predominantly non-nude, but it is clear to me that it is and I still joined...

I'll take another look and if I have maligned your presentation and there is a clear and honest indication of the content I will make another VERY CLEAR APOLOGY.

Having said all of that...i think you can be safe in knowing in terms of authenticity I do believe you are the most authentic school uniform site I have seen...and I do love striptease, two words STRIP and TEASE...which should conclude with no remaining clothes being worn...

04-22-08  01:51pm

Visit Rocco Siffredi European

Rocco Siffredi European
Reply of Toadsith's Reply

I just did a quick tally and it seems that there are approx 10 films per page and 15 pages, and approx 5 scenes per movie that works out at approx 750 scenes. Subject to the quality, and assuming an average of 250 MB per scene that works out to be approx 190GB.

There are some POV, 5 i think and 3 extras...

Now if the quality is good then this is worth it. what would be nice is to get him linked in with his old friend buttman...

now that would be a unique network arrangement

04-21-08  02:20pm

Visit College Uniform

College Uniform
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

hi ace of aces

You tell it how it is...which is why I use PU...thanks...

It is a shame as the Admin should be able to take the criticism especially if it is constructive...

Keep Up the Std...

04-21-08  01:55pm

N/A Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Poll

having now understood the intepretation by Khan...
I like the girl next door who gets the glamor model makeover...

there is something quite sexy about a typical girl next door trying to be a glamour model...

I don't think it works in the same way the otherway round, strange, i think it is harder for a glamour model to pull off the girl next door...

I'm sure if Freud was alive he'd love these Polls

04-21-08  12:09pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Boobs4ever's Reply

never joined Twistys...

where they hard or soft or semi...

there was a fantastic shot I saw of her once on the beach, leaning over a motorbike (i think it was a bike, might have been a car?) anyway, her arse was in the air, legs tanned and her amazing tits welcoming their fanbase proudly...I've never seen this set ever again...do you remember this one by chance on twistys?

04-21-08  10:36am

Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand
Reply of wiild1's Reply

hi wiild1

i just realised there are 2 other sites on the network that are included.

thirdmovies.com 175 DVDs 1252 scenes
blackicepass.com haven't checked but about the same.
average file sizes between 250-700MB with some around 1GB

the speed on these is really good. it seems to be at certain times of the day. Good content...have to say...right up my street...


04-20-08  10:29am

N/A Reply of Pinche Kankun's Poll

anything involving sexy girls is nice... you would get the same reply to the following questions...

Do you like to watch girls taking a shower wearing clothes?

Do you like to watch girls smoking naked?

Do you like to watch girls walk down the street with tight asses and VPL?

but they have to be sexy...

If I changed your question to
Do you like to watch UGLY girls taking completely naked showers? my answer would be NO...

sexiest girl in a shower...Susana Spears

04-19-08  04:08am

Visit Caballero Classics

Caballero Classics
Reply of nelbertram's Review

thanks nelbertram

to find a site like this and then having read your review, knowing that if I joined I would be dissappointed really is upsetting...

I hope they do sort out the issues you highlight...this would be on my favorites list if they did...

I take it it is not DRM and there are no related galleries?

Thanks for the review and putting this site on my radar...one I will be keeping an eye on.

04-19-08  03:41am

N/A Reply of Lionheart's Poll

the more money that is spent on real props and plots to the extent that they become more important than the porn, you're in danger of catching limp syndrome.

There is nothing more sexy than a PornStar dressed up for the character and trying to act like that character and doing it badly because ultimately they are there to fuck not win an academy award.

Take a look at Killergram.com who do the cheesy lines and transparent plot lines like handyman comes to fix a leak or fill a crack...

I watch 24 because I like the plots and the action...I watch porn because I like Pornstars who dress like sluts and act like sluts...the 2 should remain mutually exclusive...

04-19-08  03:36am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Boobs4ever's Reply

Hi Boobs4ever...

if i remember right its the one where she get it shovelled into her on a car, and then there is another that is a photoshoot with a bed...

there is a thought in the back of my mind that she might have done a cowboy scene involving hay in a stable...but I'm dusting cobwebs off memories now...unfortunately I don't catalogue well, and with 2.3 terabytes and over 800 DVD/CDs it would take me some time to find it...

another girl from the same mould who I think should plug and play is Kellie-Marie. And if I'm right these two are Welsh exports so I feel proud about that...

Truth be known...I blame the likes of Suze Randall and Earl Miller for not getting these girls into the hardcore stuff, they've been able to make careers for themselves by doing just the soft stuff...another one that got away was Adele Stephens, she had lips that were meant to be used for things other than blowing kisses and smiling at the camera, and I don't just mean the ones on her face...


04-19-08  03:20am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

could we do another stats poll like...

how do you take your coffee..then i can select other and answer...

Julia Chanel with one Draghixia please. Shaken not stirred, thanks

04-17-08  04:54pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I live in Cyberspace, waiting patiently for my next Porn download, it is the nutritional supplement for my frontal lobes...so to speak

04-17-08  03:45pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Boobs4ever's Reply

Hey Boobs4ever

True. What a babe Chloe Jones...She couldv't topped Jenna I reckon...I think she only did 2 Hardcore scenes, and somewhere in the 2.8 Terabytes I have I've got one of them...

Glad the comment was appreciated.

04-16-08  03:44pm

Visit Nasty Makeup

Nasty Makeup
Reply of Toadsith's Reply

Hi Toadsith

I'm not disappointed, there is only a limited amount there but like you sy the quality is good...and hopefully their network will grow if they keep this standard...

Yes, I lost myself in Sofia's doe eyes, reading your review I bit and clicked the link to have a look. If I read the remainder of your review at that stage it didn't register...

so no regrets, expensive impulse buy but I'm not complaining...it's exclusive and after hunting as long as I have, to find fresh stuff that has not saturated the market like the european stuff like assholefever, allinternal, clubsandy, givemepink and inthecrack, this was a refreshing change...

Good review and it worked for me.

04-13-08  06:28am

N/A Reply of MargulisAZ's Poll

I'd lobby government and push a bill thru to outlaw common sense so that the nuts in power felt they had a right to be representative of the people

04-13-08  06:04am

Visit Water Bondage

Water Bondage
Reply of littlejoe's Reply

so top performances in that flick...

I liked James Gandolfini in it...He was totally believable in his character and I thought Joaquin Phoenix got his character right down to a beat...

Good movie...never saw the sequel, I always figure if no one from the original is in it, it's probably crap

04-12-08  04:17pm

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of pat362's Reply

Hi pat362

you don't get everything because ALS has one of the largest collections on the planet but you do get a massive amount of material...and the quality is some of the best.

The site is a simple two dimension...click on model info on the left of the preview page. that list is accurate as it is the same list inside. For each of the girls, you have an average of 3-6 photoshoots and between 1-6 vids. Some of the newer vids, maybe 50-100 of them are HD, a single scene can be 1 GB. The vids are taken at the time of the photo shoot so if you like the photos you'll like the Vids...In the vids you'll see things that are normally not in the photos like the girls lubing up ready. The thing I wish they'd do is animate their scenes a bit. Get the girls to dance strip or just walk around with Camera following...they tend to go straight to the bed,sofa legs behind their ears, with the honary toy buried where the honey grows...

I think the release relates to the Vids generally because you tend to see the Photo shoots then that gets the members to request the vid. There is a lot there and you will feel like you've overdosed when you've been looking at it for a while. the format is very repetitive. Having said that while I was there I downloaded over 140GB of vid, 40%/60% split for HD / DVD. If you like the girls in ALS Photo shoots these are Vids you need...just be ready...I wasn't and when I saw what was available I did feel like a kid in a Candy Store...

I have yet to try ALSANGELS because I do want to get some of Jade's stuff when she was still fit and that sister site holds the elite of their model stable...

Have fun, but buy some blank DVDs you're gonna need them

04-12-08  10:57am

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