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Visit Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift
Reply of Khan's Reply

thanks Khan

as always...top service

05-04-08  05:05am

N/A Reply of jd1961's Reply

hi jd1961

I heard Lea was an Olympic Athlete, diving? not speaking ill of those deceased I did see some statements that she had AIDS...

Another tragedy is Chloe Jones...

whilst AIDS is a risk in the industry, I'm sure drink drugs and depression are other contributors

05-04-08  03:31am

Visit Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift
Reply of jd1961's Reply

hi jd1961

weird. it was there and then it wasn't but my comment is still around. this whole thing looks like the manifestation of my very comment...I think the PU webmasters are trying to protect us from a crap site...
try my link below

05-04-08  03:15am

Visit Backdoor Brazil

Backdoor Brazil
Reply of uscue's Review

Hi uscue

I can't believe that they have Sabrina on index page 5...
she has great tits and I think is the best girls in the preview pages along with Tatiane Lemos, Ju Pantera and Emanuelle Diniz who should all be on the front area of the site.

Cinthia has nice nipples mind, like button shrooms

Thanks for the review...

05-02-08  01:11pm

N/A Reply of JBDICK's Poll

i lost my collection once. i had to hide it from a new girlfriend and left it with a friend...no quite the same but made me think of this poll...he shared the collection...back in the good old days...140 VHS 3 hour videos, lovingly taped from various Porn Satellite Channels...

When I asked for them back he said, sorry mate...my room mate found them and they've disappeared...I was very sad so based on the affect this had, in this situation I would definitely return them, but would review them and rewind all the tapes instead of leaving them at the place where that crucial moment is...

One I lost and I never found again was Star Virgin with Kari Stark...Boo Hoo!!

05-01-08  02:51pm

Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone
Reply of jd1961's Reply


sorry, me being thick, what is a BF...is that Boy Friend?

She does look good in anything, and that apple pie shot she does with her arse and lips pouting is a benchmark shot for her...Still like to see her looking really slutty...

There was 'I think' clubsandy.com vid/photoset with her in orange tanga over black stockings...dancing around a chair in someones hallway with a tiled floor...nothing better than tight shiny panties like that being stretched over paradise...and on that occasion she had slutty makeup to match. Now where I could get it was she'd have been complete in that role with the 8inch PumpMe Pornstar Heels on...but that's just me...

05-01-08  01:05pm

Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

hey PinkPanther

I remember that. stay loyal and you'll get more...sly moves like that put me off.

I didn't hang around...after something like that I felt like my trust had been betrayed...maybe I'm just suspicious but I'd rather just know upfront...the old saying

honest is the best policy...

05-01-08  01:00pm

Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone
Reply of Drooler's Reply

couch doggie, nice glance back at the camera...with that look in her eyes that says...will this do, knowing full well most blokes are dribbling onto their keyboards...Yes Sophie that will do nicely...thank you...now please can I have a bib...

images like that must tap some primal gene inmost of us. that's my favorite photo out of the whole set...

05-01-08  12:57pm

Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone
Reply of jd1961's Review

She did a couple of anal video scenes years ago.
She seemed to be comfortable with it at the time. one with a bloke on the beach, post getting off a boat, and another walking thru the forest...and she's seemed to be more than happy to cumdrink from the Fish Stick...have her faced dressed like a glazed doughnut...etc etc...good on ya girl...

Shame she didn't follow this line...probably realised she could do less for more money...after she established a cult following...

Very minor point, but me being the avid Porn Hunter I am and a stickler for detail...

there are a number of European Girls who never (or at most very rarely) don the Pornstar Pumpme Lapdancer Heels...If you notice, Sophie always wears heels which have no platform to them...

Why...Is it because she doesn't want to cheapen herself like other Pornstars...but she does make up for it with her bum wiggles, legs akimbo and lip spreading...she does have a very fine part of love leaves...

Ding Dong

04-30-08  01:40pm

Visit Only Tease

Only Tease
Reply of Mr Fountain's Reply

thanks for the feedback Mr Fountain

I've put this site on my next membership list...

what do you think of Larissa knowing what I said about her being a man?

04-30-08  12:42pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

follow up...

give me 1 hour of Jenna Haze in 8inch PumpFuckMe Heels, crawling, walking, standing still, talking dirty...oh so dirty...then spend AS LONG AS SHE WANTS doing what she does that nobody else can do better POV BLOWJOBS...

okay, make it a 2 hour compilation...

Ding Dong

04-29-08  02:15pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

Hey Drooler

the reason scenes with 15 minutes of futtbuck sex are so rare is probably because the girl ends up with her face pushed into a pillow or something else that cuts off her airway and she passes out...I'm sure that's why they slap the girls, so they don't go limp, the girls that is...

interesting that they never include the shot afterwards where everyone raids the fridge and has something to eat...

04-29-08  02:12pm

Visit Only Tease

Only Tease
Reply of Mr Fountain's Review

Mr Fountain

another good review. I was going to put a comment up against this site to highlight some of the fit looking girls...

Jewel looks awesome...love that camouflage look, very sexy...

Just to scare you...Larissa used to be a bloke...seriously...and even more scary is I remember seeing her on a reality TV show and she nearly married this bloke. HE/SHE ? was the sexiest girl on the show.

I'm disappointed they don't have Delta White or Loli Feder...

with respect to Vids and tease, is this real teasing with confident lapdancing precision or clumsy girl next door semi-animated and scared what is the quality and length and does every model on the preview pages have a video?

Thanks for the review...

04-29-08  02:03pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

I know how you feel. when I almost did go to London, I did call beforehand and know her accent from her vids, it did sound like her...that was 7 years ago though...hopefully still a babe

04-29-08  01:50pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

hey Monahan

great reference site...one day you'll be able to download a dna sample from these sites, call Richard Attenborough from Jurassic Park, do a bit of gene splicing and hey presto, Pornstar Takeaway...

I will be using this site...Good link


04-29-08  01:23pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

I just found it again...felt a stirring in my loins...


she must still be active...a rare thing...a gorgeous red head...make her special

04-27-08  02:36pm

Visit Babelicious

Reply of Nick C's Reply

Nick C

can I just say that Drooler's review is far superior to that done by Toadmix...and this leads me to a question to you guys as Webmasters...

This may be impossible to do and is a tall order but I think as an enhancement to your site, I think that if you as the Webmasters representing PU and TBP, could nominate reviews that you and us other pornusers value as the best reviews can keep as the best review somehow near the top of the reviews list...

Alternatively, we could have a forum thread where PUs and TBP could nominate the best reviews on PU...so others can refer to them as the benchmark, otherwise you will continue to have mediocre reviews like the one that Toadmix has done...

When I do a review myself, I have a different (unique) style to mine which is natural to me to write...but I can honestly say that my reviews take me anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1 hour to think of and write...and I'm guessing that Drooler has put a lot of effort into his, as well as others like Taodsith...

I just think there are hard workers here and easy riders...

Just a view but one I felt I wanted to share with you guys...

PU and TBP are great sites and the effort I spend inputting to your site should indicate to you that you have my loyalty, and I would imagine looking at the other player, much bigger than me, but Toadsith and Drooler come to mind spend a fair amount of time on your site aswell...

By the way, this is my 100th reply, and I chose this as my reply because I want this anniversary to be a good one for me...

Here's to more happy hunting and good reviews...Thanks, Keep up the good work.

04-27-08  02:02pm

Visit K Package Pass

K Package Pass
Reply of sisterhood's Review

Hi sisterhood

one question. if you click the link to view the site...
just after half way down in the NICHE: ENEMA www.ENEMABOUND.com site, there is a blonde girl wearing a pink top...

Is she on the site or is she one of the previews girls that can't be found...

she looks foxy...a bot like that Russian girls Katarina with the Big Tits and dodgy teeth...Ding Dong

04-27-08  01:43pm

Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt
Reply of Denner's Reply

Hi Denner

is there an easy way to find out if a site is updating regularly...apart from them telling you. I just wondered whether the fact that google indexes sites, there must be a way that google can tell you how much they have to update in terms of statistics or is there another service that we PU could use...

This would be an invaluable information and can swing joining up...like you say...nothing worse than joining only to find that the site hasn't changed...i recently did this with LittleLupe.com...very disappointed. If she had a real regular site she would be worth millions...

04-27-08  01:25pm

Visit Miss Laura Lee

Miss Laura Lee
Reply of jd1961's Reply

hi jd1961

sometimes you get get lucky with the local internet cache where they still download but disable your GUI...

I use to use this method on some older sites and when I didn't have a downloader, and the sites had the auto slideshow, start at image 1 then let it roll on to the end, then go and collect the images from the cache...talk about hard work, but they say, desperate men do desperate things...only thing is that the files use to end up with [1].jpg at the end of the name...

I don't recommend this, I'm just identfying the fact that PornUsers are quite resourceful, like thieves they will find a way...

Having demonstrated how sad I use to be in the past, I only download photos now when they offer the zip sets...otherwise I'm video download only, no DRM, no streaming...

04-27-08  01:20pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

Hi Denner

www.calendargirls.dk looks good...I will browse later...

try www.zuzana.com

if this is genuine then I say Ding Dong...

Leticia looks interesting in a Cyborg way

yes...I think those two roads cross in their lives at some stage...just hopefully without tragic consequences...

there was a young hottie in the UK I nearly met Tiffany Walker / Vionette...but never did...

04-27-08  01:13pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

more than happy to oblige. try to keep the the links on the left, most will be trade shows/porn conventions/awards etc where the girls are doing their bit, nude shows, live sex etc...and the zipped image files are handy for quick downloads...hig-res photos, and its nice to see the real side of some of these girls...

I actually like it when you look at sites that always include the bonus scenes...watching the girls on these is as natural as they are...no role playing, and that is sometimes hornier than the actual dvd with all that pulling and pushing...

oh yes, and it's all free !

04-27-08  10:05am

Visit Cum on Dagny

Cum on Dagny
Reply of Lionheart's Comment

Hi Lionheart...

interesting marketing idea...would be good if one of the girls delivered it. I noticed that the auction link is broken...looks like they were using ebay...shame...

I also tried the Dagnys Angels link and got this...

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_LNUMBER in /web/COD.119/www.cumondagny.com/htdocs/dcs-objects/da/20020107/config.php on line 3

I think someone needs to talk to Dagny and get some work under her bonnet to sort out some of these teething problems...

If she'd listen I'll happily tell her all about checking her php scripting

on the note of the DVD, that kind of thing would scare the shit out me if my wife got it instead...dead man walking.

04-27-08  09:56am

N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

hi Denner

i use eurobabeindex.com as a reference point all the time. it's useful to see dvd titles aswell which I can then try and find of dvd sites like videobox, ztod, thirdmovies. useful for the aliases aswell. I do wish they would keep the listings uptodate...another site I use for eurobabes is machomedia.hu which is normally very current on news.

04-27-08  09:41am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I think Toadsith's point is sound...

Isn't that why pornstars like Jenna Jameson had Kiss me lips tattooed on her ass in case you forgot it was her getting doggied 25 minutes into the scene...

and Lilian Tiger decided to have a heart above her punani...for those constant closeups without a face

and Cassandra Wilde had the barb wire around the top of her arm, although I've never seen the movie where she gave a guy an armpit fuck...maybe she's got that one in her home collection...

I remember seeing a documentary years ago about prostitution in Vietnam and there was this beautiful thai girl with FUCK ME USA above her ass...

I have to say, I have developed an acute eye for spotting distinguishing marks like moles on girls or birthmarks to identify them when they have tried to alter their look...Sophie Moone has some distinguishing moles, and so does Rita Faltoyano although hers look like she should have them removed...

I do like the Hitman idea, and they could incorporate the same 3of9 barcode in the supply chain with porn dvd merchants like CDUNIVERSE...

I've charge the batteries in my barcode scanner ready to wand Pornstars as required...

On the point of these names though, I do depend on these to try and find girls I like, and it does make it hard work sometimes. If you look at eurobabeindex each girl seems to have at least 6 aliases...is this the girls with an identity crisis or is this the casting director wanting to suggest they've found someone knew, a screen virgin...

04-27-08  08:06am

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