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Visit Nextdoor Models

Nextdoor Models
Reply of JBDICK's Review from skippy:

This is one of those cases where I read the review and did not quite get what you were saying. I was thinking the site has probably changed a lot since you signed up 5 years ago. Guess what? It hasn't.

02-08-13  07:40pm

Visit Latexotica

Reply of JBDICK's Review from Ergo Proxy:

I appreciated your review very much and understand your opinion especially about the generic content and the sterility of the shoots since I was a member some time ago. But you have so much cons (and not minor ones) that a 85% rating is a little bit exaggerated. I would suggest a 75% or something similar but nothing above 80%.

02-26-11  03:49am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #1 from brotherlove: (JBDICK's Reply)

JBDICK, I don't necessarily agree with you comments, but hey people have different tastes and browsing styles. Personally I don't look through their content by active model or whatever you're suggesting. If you look at the new scenes that go up they have a wide variety. Yes you sometimes get some of their models that have been around a while, but Sophie and Sandy among some of their greats never go out of style IMO. They also bring on some great new girls.

Now, what exactly your reply has to do with their seemingly complete lack of any customer support I'm not really sure. Your reply seems more like a comment on something else entirely then addressing the issue I raised in my comment. Perhaps you're suggesting they have more important things to worry about? I would think responding to customers and fixing problems, especially easy to fix problems like broken links, to keep the ones you have would be important.

01-01-11  06:21pm

N/A REPLY TO #18 from paul76: (JBDICK's Reply)

yeah! couldn't have summed that up better myself!

11-13-10  05:14pm

Visit Paul Markham Teens

Paul Markham Teens
Reply of JBDICK's Comment from paulmarkham:

Here's an update on the Retro porn site Astral-Blue. It has been a lot longer than we expected due to some personal upsets this year and last.

It's open and running, we are adding new (retro) content all the time and taking it off Paul Markham Teens. The Astral-Blue site is ready for us to take to the review boards and will be contacting them. All I can say is if you like the Retro Content on Paul Markham Teens there is a lot more of it on Astral-Blue.

If you have never seen it. It's content I shot in the 80s and 90s. The style of shooting is amateur, most of the girls were amateur and they talk to you while they strip and masturbate. Also a lot of hairy pussy content in the site. Girls did not all shave back then.

04-11-09  05:48am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of JBDICK's Review from Davit:

Interesting that the bad camera work wasn't mentioned (i.e. how it wobbles and jerks and zooms all over the place). I like movies to be shot with a steady hand. Just my $0.02.

09-06-08  05:45am

Visit Third Movies

Third Movies
Reply of JBDICK's Review from wiild1:

Great review, I joined and totally agree:

I have started to get orde with the general sites like videobox that have 5000 scenes but 80% is crap, 10% OK.

Better with these type of sites who maybe only have 500-700 scenes and much higher quality.

It looked like only Black Ice gave access to all three sites so I joined through their site, I posted my review here:


08-10-08  01:55am

Visit Tia Sweet

Tia Sweet
REPLY TO #1 from TheRizzo: (JBDICK's Reply)

I was going to ask him what he was expecting as I was kinda confused. At first I thought did he join and the site ended up being a tranny??? lol

Your explaination makes a lot more sense.

07-20-08  03:14pm

N/A REPLY TO #7 from BostonPJR: (JBDICK's Reply)

Thank you so, for introducing me to Janet Peron!

07-04-08  02:38pm

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
REPLY TO #5 from TheRizzo: (JBDICK's Reply)

I appreciate the feedback and kind words. I try to provide as much info as I can so my fellow users are as imformed as possible.

07-03-08  09:00pm

Visit Babelicious

Reply of JBDICK's Review from exotics4me:

Have to say that I agree with Panther. I had been planning to change my score after just finishing a month's membership for the 4th time in the last year, except my score is going up.

You might want to check some of those things you questioned. Like the HD videos, the ones I have downloaded that say HD are 1280 high end, 3000+ bitrate, I have several here of Ginger, also Regina Ice, that are HD, the bitrate could be a little higher like on some sites that are hitting 8000+ bitrate, but the resolution is still HD standard. If the bitrate was 8000+ there would be people complaining that the files are too large to download.

As for bringing the original models back, I couldn't agree with you more. I miss Eve and Sandra and Aneta, but the truth is, Eve isn't even doing material for her own site anymore. Sandra is doing her own site, Aneta seems to come and go like the seasons, and she was in a car accident recently. Just to name a few of those originals. You have to remember, many of those originals are getting older, getting married, having kids, etc..

While I am a big fan of alsangels and alsscan as well, Alex has a lot of his content stored. If you get a new Eve video for example, it may have been recorded in early 2007, as was her last video that I saw on alsangels, even though he didn't release it until near the end of the year.

I think the biggest strengths of babelicious, is that even if you have the sets, the babelicious ones are usually a much better resolution. Also, having great customer service like babelicious has, has to count for something, since we have all ran into the sites that don't have any customer service, throw in the multi-daily updates and I just have trouble seeing this site as going down. I also read the memo that they were considering combining some of the sites onto the sexybabes.tv site and think that is a great idea too. Site is always up, fast downloads, simple navigation that will be even easier once those sites are combined, not requiring a separate login, and I don't know JB. Those are many steps forward in my opinion.

07-01-08  08:57pm

Visit Babelicious

Reply of JBDICK's Review from PinkPanther:

You're mis-understanding the history of this site. This was not a stand-alone site that then added other sites. This site was a new addition to the SexyBabes.TV network of sites - and a great addition. Every single update isn't a stunner, but there are a whole lot of them that are. Overall, the network is a great deal. It should be even better when they start consolidating the updates that are currently spread among SexyBabes.tv, EuroBabes & DreamBabes.

07-01-08  06:41pm

N/A REPLY TO #4 from Drooler: (JBDICK's Reply)

Lucy Lee, with her cute and innocent look, and just her fine, trim looks besides, is my fave of your list. With her, "A" is also for "amazing!"

06-30-08  02:43pm

Visit Tussinee

REPLY TO #3 from tinmancp: (JBDICK's Reply)

Joined the Tussinee Gold, must say it is disappointing. I only downloaded 4 of the movie, resolution was 720x480, DVD size. Shortest time was 9min with the longest time at 20min.

Quality is decent, but for the action, must say so so.

As for rejoining again, only after they upgrade to a faster server and have ZIP file for picture download.

06-23-08  11:04pm

Visit Third Movies

Third Movies
Reply of JBDICK's Review from Denner:

Another great review...
BTW - "long time no see".
JB, this new added bonus-site Black Ice? Tried to browse a little. Is it just US/Euro "black" girls or is there latin "black" girls too?

05-30-08  07:06am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from Pinche Kankun: (JBDICK's Reply)


05-27-08  10:51pm

Visit Tasty Tara

Tasty Tara
REPLY TO #3 from exotics4me: (JBDICK's Reply)

The link you posted, no that isn't on tasty tara, I almost posted and said they had it, they have a set of her on a black chair with a white net top on that she kind of wraps around herself. I have never seen that set that you posted a link to. It is on claude christian or sexy settings, I believe those are clone sites of each other. I had been there a few years ago, but believe it is $35 a month and has a small amount of content, so I never went back. I never knew Zuzanna did any bondage, but then again, I never knew she did hardcore either. Learn something new everyday in the world of porn!

05-13-08  11:14am

N/A REPLY TO #19 from Denner: (JBDICK's Reply)

Strange in a funny way, pal
UK is part of EU and here in Scandinavia we've allways considered UK as a part of Europe in generel.
But in the UK we and Holland, France ect., is The Continent!

Still: I would not mind to spend a night with Eva L.- wow!

05-11-08  01:00am

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of JBDICK's Comment from Sarah:

Again, great comments JBDick. We can do this. I assume that you
are talking about our masturbation style videos and not our photoshoot
videos - correct? What we will do in future videos is allow the
models to be playful and tease the camera more. Please realize
that some models will be better at this than others and we will have to
adjust our filming to what the models can handle.
We have both men and women guiding the shoots and picking outfits and we like to use the clothes that the models bring.
Their own clothes will always fit their particular body type
better than anything than we can throw on them.
Given production turnaround times and schedules, please allow some time before you actually see the results of this new technique.

05-08-08  11:25am

Visit Little Lupe

Little Lupe
REPLY TO #1 from OneMan: (JBDICK's Reply)

Well to be honest all the vids with the other girls just make her look extremely tiny - too tiny really. Possibly as they're so huge !

In fact the more I watch her vids the more uncomfortable I feel.

But no - the one in the fishnets isn't worth re-joining for !

05-08-08  02:20am

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
REPLY TO #5 from badandy400: (JBDICK's Reply)

Certainly true. I can not find a single model that I would say is less than a 7 in my book. A 7 to me is fairly decent, a 9 is jaw dropping, and extremely few 10s around. ALS has some really good stuff and with the new format of the site I just might have to join again in the near future. There are few other sites that have THAT many good looking girls and no uglies mixed in just for filler. That alone is worth joining the site for, plus the content that is there is pretty good to boot. I hope that when I rejoin the clothing tease will be full addressed. If it is I think my porn hotness meter would burst!

05-07-08  08:44pm

Visit Nude Sport Videos

Nude Sport Videos
REPLY TO #3 from littlejoe: (JBDICK's Reply)

its been a while, and i dont have the movies readily available , but i do believe most of the girls start already naked. it is a shame.

specialexercises.com is very similiar to this site. it added a trainer (usually a girl) being a little rough (with the usual bad russian acting). the girls usually start off clothed

again, im not sure, but i think theres more then whats on the preview page. but i may just be confusing some of the specialexercises.com videos with this one (as far as # of vids goes)

i had full access to the site, with no download restrictions

05-07-08  06:56pm

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of JBDICK's Comment from Sarah:

Excellent thoughts and this is why we have changed this approach
over the last two years. If you look at the more recent HD video
releases we do more glamour (and leading up to) shots in the
photosets and the video only scenes have a slower build up as
well. You are 100% correct about the older videos no or little
clothes and then bam right to the toys. But we think that if you
take a closer look you will notice that our newer material, has everything that you are looking for :-)
Especially our latest Caribbean trip (Tropical shoot 2008) which
was just shot and will be coming out this month on www.alsscan.com

05-07-08  09:52am

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of JBDICK's Comment from Drooler:

I agree that more strutting of the stuff as the clothes come off would help some, but it's not only that. Once the clothes come off, they too often go straight to the toy play, fisting, pissing, whatever ... with little or no fully "just nude" fantasy stuff. There are exceptions, such as the most recent set of Britney in the bath, which has a scant few choice ass poses (my personal obsession).

I'm a "marginal" fan of both sites for the reasons given above. Most of the girls are way hot and the photo quality and size have gotten really good, but they're so immediately into the pussy workouts and cervix displays that they could practically have the girl strip down to reveal the banana, cucumber, "Rocket," or speculum already pre-inserted!

05-07-08  03:09am

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of JBDICK's Comment from badandy400:

My thoughts exactly for ALS. I have always had a thing for two girls undressing each other nice and slowly...then shoving their fist in the other. :)

They really need to address this. Perhaps make the videos each two part. The first part being the teaser section, then a ssecond video for the normal. This way those who do not want to see the teaser can just download the normal part. But this would let those of us who want that part to be able to see it. I frequently will watch videos just for that part, especial if it is a girl/girl scene.

You have good tastes JB.

05-06-08  08:41pm

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