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Last names like Diamond, Gold, Lee, Rose, and Sweet affect a model's name recogntion ...

Type: General

Submitted by Drooler (220)
positively (easy to remember). 13% 7 Votes
positively (has a last name). 27% 14 Votes
negatively (causes confusion). 19% 10 Votes
negatively (overused name). 27% 14 Votes
other (please explain). 13% 7 Votes

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52 Votes Total

Apr 27, 2008

Poll Replies (35)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) For instance, we've got Black Diamond, Christine Diamond, Mya Diamond, Sue Diamond, Susie Diamond (sometimes "Diamant"), Suzie Diamond, Sylvia Diamond, and Tiffany Diamond.

We've got Cindy Gold, Diana Gold, Dorina Gold, Jacqueline Gold, Katy Gold, Klara G (sometimes known as Katy Gold as well, but there's also another Klara G!), Jasmine Gold (alias Yasmine Gold, etc.), Maya Gold, etc.

I could go on, but just visit eurobabeindex and type one of those often-used last names into the search box. You'll get a list.

But does it matter? After all, they are easy to remember. However, keeping them straight when they start overlapping could be problem.

Here's an example. I've had to fix it in my mind that Katy Gold is the rather plump but voluptuous girl who hasn't done hardcore and has big natural tits; Klara G is known as "the body" and looks quite a lot more athletic, has great legs and has her own hardcore site.

04-27-08  05:12am

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Toadsith (48) My suggestion is for all porn stars to be registered with a serial number, they could have a bar code tattoo like Hitman or just wear porn dog tags. So at the beginning of a scene, like a captured soldier, they can read out their serial number and then the producers can call them whatever they want. We'll be able to tell who is who though because of the unique number they are identified by.

Now the question is, how much am I joking with that suggestion? You know it would be less confusing...

04-27-08  06:00am

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Denner (235) Absolutely...
After all there're too dammed many first-names for any "decent pornuser" (he,he) to remember.
Drooler has som examples here, but we could go on forever - and with both it's still a lot easier to search for your favorites.

Got that, webmasters?
And good point there, Drooler!

04-27-08  06:06am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #3 - Denner :

Speaking of first names, I've got 19 unique Nikki's (no name variations) and even more when you add in Niki and Nikky. 11 Zuzana's (including my Hungarian favorite, Zsuzsanna). Got more unique Vika's (11) than Vicky's (including the Vickies). Guess that shows a penchant for the E Europeans, eh?

I'd say it would be easier with at least one Nikki Rose, one Nikki Diamond, and one Nikki Gold. But I've got none of those! Maybe they exist, but I didn't like them (?). And for you Zuzana's out there, please get a last name.

But how many Amberlina's have we seen? Hydie's? Lepidoptera's? Those are names that I can keep straight!

About Lepidoptera (a biological term for "butterfly"), I asked the webmaster at ATK Galleria how she got that name and he said she'd chosen it herself.

But she's Lacey at KarupsPC. That's a big help ;-) .

So delve into your fairytales, girls. Crack open a big tome on binomial nomenclature. Scan the "name your baby" books. Let's have some names we don't already have file folders full of.

04-27-08  06:59am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #4 - Drooler :

Webmasters/girls: Read that former input from the Drooler.
You'd do yourselves a favour - and us users.
Get all the name-things together - and you'll probably get new costumers - and make everything easier for us at the same time.

And to the webmasters of places like Eurobabeindex and theNude.eu - keep up the good work...

04-27-08  07:07am

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atrapat (112) It would be wise when choosing a stage name to make sure there aren't 1,000,000 results on google for your new name and that the .com domain is not taken. Adding a surname (even if it's a common one) is a must.

It's very frustrating when you try to find more of the work from a new model and you realize she chose the same name as some TV anchor woman or a shoe brand and you are faced with thousands of unrelated results. It's even worse when another adult model already has it.

Securing your domain name from the start should also be a top priority. It only costs a few bucks. A model's name is her brand. What serious company would choose a brand without securing the associated domain first? If the domain name is taken, I'd suggest choosing another name.

04-27-08  08:02am

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JBDICK (20) I think Toadsith's point is sound...

Isn't that why pornstars like Jenna Jameson had Kiss me lips tattooed on her ass in case you forgot it was her getting doggied 25 minutes into the scene...

and Lilian Tiger decided to have a heart above her punani...for those constant closeups without a face

and Cassandra Wilde had the barb wire around the top of her arm, although I've never seen the movie where she gave a guy an armpit fuck...maybe she's got that one in her home collection...

I remember seeing a documentary years ago about prostitution in Vietnam and there was this beautiful thai girl with FUCK ME USA above her ass...

I have to say, I have developed an acute eye for spotting distinguishing marks like moles on girls or birthmarks to identify them when they have tried to alter their look...Sophie Moone has some distinguishing moles, and so does Rita Faltoyano although hers look like she should have them removed...

I do like the Hitman idea, and they could incorporate the same 3of9 barcode in the supply chain with porn dvd merchants like CDUNIVERSE...

I've charge the batteries in my barcode scanner ready to wand Pornstars as required...

On the point of these names though, I do depend on these to try and find girls I like, and it does make it hard work sometimes. If you look at eurobabeindex each girl seems to have at least 6 aliases...is this the girls with an identity crisis or is this the casting director wanting to suggest they've found someone knew, a screen virgin...

04-27-08  08:06am

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Denner (235) Eurobabeindex:
Too late to edit last message.
But about Eurobabeindex in search for new stuff, just this for fans of euro-models:.
Check out the great "Newbies"...........they (new girls)just keep comming...

04-27-08  08:29am

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Monahan (42) Generic last names are annoying and can create confusion, but not as annoying or confusing as the single name babes.

It annoys the Hell out of me when a site identifies a babe by just her first name and the name is not a weird concoction that is capable of a web search. I'm sure there's a reason for this, like the site has no idea what her name really is, but when I see a babe I like, I want a unique name for reference.

BTW, I agree with Toadsith's idea.

04-27-08  09:26am

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badandy400 (103) Another problem to go along with the names is when you get websites using the same models but switching the names. Nubiles for example has around 300 models all with different first names? This seems unlikely to me. So when you see that girl somewhere else it is hard to tell if it is the same person or not at times. Sometimes even the big name people have different names here and there!

I think last names would be a good idea in these situations. I honestly do not care if they are made up, but they should choose one and stick to it. Sites like glamourmodelsgone bad for example have the name Amber for 4 or so girls. They just name them Amber 1 Amber 2 and so on. Now tell me, when you go to another site and see Amber 2 will her name be Amber 2, well no of course not. It will either be Amber or something totally different like Sarah. This miakes things difficult when you try to follow a few certain girls who are not mainstream.

04-27-08  09:28am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #10 - badandy400 :

Needless to say, I agree totally with Andy. (We posted simultaneously. Brilliant minds and all that.)
04-27-08  09:32am

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JBDICK (20) REPLY TO #8 - Denner :

hi Denner

i use eurobabeindex.com as a reference point all the time. it's useful to see dvd titles aswell which I can then try and find of dvd sites like videobox, ztod, thirdmovies. useful for the aliases aswell. I do wish they would keep the listings uptodate...another site I use for eurobabes is machomedia.hu which is normally very current on news.

04-27-08  09:41am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #12 - JBDICK :

Hey JB

Good to get some new inputs, thanks!
One thing though: Tried this hungarian site - but could not find any english version - am I blind, or is it there?

Hey forget the last part - found the english version - and are digging into it.......thanks again!

04-27-08  09:48am

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JBDICK (20) REPLY TO #13 - Denner :

more than happy to oblige. try to keep the the links on the left, most will be trade shows/porn conventions/awards etc where the girls are doing their bit, nude shows, live sex etc...and the zipped image files are handy for quick downloads...hig-res photos, and its nice to see the real side of some of these girls...

I actually like it when you look at sites that always include the bonus scenes...watching the girls on these is as natural as they are...no role playing, and that is sometimes hornier than the actual dvd with all that pulling and pushing...

oh yes, and it's all free !

04-27-08  10:05am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #14 - JBDICK :

Thanks - now I look even more forward to roam this site....
04-27-08  10:28am

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Toadsith (48) Excellent, excellent! The serial number idea is gaining momentum. Now to step it up one more - all models that work in the industry longer than 3 months required to get a RFID chip implant. A very small one, and the content producers can just scan it when the model walks through the door, make a note of it and then display it on the screen when they first show the model. The number could also be tied to all sorts of industry things. It could fill out most of the model release paper work - the producers would just have to bring their laptop and a small printer to the shoot. It could give them the latest dates for the models tests, pull up her 2257 age information and so on. Of course the producers would have to subscribe to the industry database to get that info, it wouldn't be open to the public - but it really could be a huge time saver for the models, producers and public alike!
04-27-08  10:35am

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atrapat (112) REPLY TO #16 - Toadsith :

Give them time and they'll eventually get to it. The problem is they will probably like the idea and will require consumers to get it too. No more login screens: just get your implant near your computer reader.
04-27-08  10:50am

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pat362 (373) I don't care which last name a performer picks, but I sure wish that they would keep the same one. The change of name is seems to be a much greater problem for European performers then for American ones. I'm not blaming the girl because I believe that websites are more to blame then the actual girl. I agree that Eurobabeindex is a must for anyone interested in European peformers. You can add egafd.com also as a good tool for finding performers and movies.
04-27-08  10:50am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #14 - JBDICK :

BTW - easteuropean girls working in Western Europe.
Your're from UK - guess you also have some of these wellknown models over there.
Well, they even "work" here in Copenhagen at certain brothels - once in a while - and it's no bullshit - they're working diffenrent places in Europe - A friend met Monique Covet at this place and even Megan Cole (with a new look, but it's her all right) is comming this week:


look under: "Pigerne" - and you can see the dates they work...and the prices for different kind of sex.
Guess it's not far from pornmovies to prostition - for some.

(the word is that this place is run by some biker-gang) - no surprise.

04-27-08  10:51am

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Drooler (220) I'd say that even though certain names are used a lot, it's no more a problem than having to distinguish Linda from Helen from Mandy -- all with the same last name Smith, or Jones.

So even though there are problems that crop up, on the whole it has a positive effect on their name recognition, IMHO. And as others have pointed out, having a last name is important!

And I agree it's annoying when the site just adds a number to the first name, just as "Lena 2." How many "2's" and "6's" and so on do you know?

04-27-08  12:28pm

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JBDICK (20) REPLY TO #19 - Denner :

Hi Denner

www.calendargirls.dk looks good...I will browse later...

try www.zuzana.com

if this is genuine then I say Ding Dong...

Leticia looks interesting in a Cyborg way

yes...I think those two roads cross in their lives at some stage...just hopefully without tragic consequences...

there was a young hottie in the UK I nearly met Tiffany Walker / Vionette...but never did...

04-27-08  01:13pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #21 - JBDICK :

Fine site, that zuzana...wow, some girls there - and yes, if they are for real. Always a tricky question, till you go for/meet one.
They even got the big-tit Sheila - she also work in Copenhagen once - verified by a colleague who still does massageparlours once in a while...

And Tiffany Walker, she´s a doll - do you know about her site and the content/quality? I still have some OLD clips and photosets...

04-27-08  02:22pm

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JBDICK (20) REPLY TO #22 - Denner :

I just found it again...felt a stirring in my loins...


she must still be active...a rare thing...a gorgeous red head...make her special

04-27-08  02:36pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #23 - JBDICK :

Man, what can I say......jeeeeeez
Gonna catch the next plane til London!

04-27-08  03:03pm

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Monahan (42) This thread is great with all the terrific reference sites mentioned so far. I'll add one more, iafd.com.
04-27-08  05:34pm

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Wittyguy (105) You mean to tell me that the names the pornstars use aren't really their real names ?!?!?!
04-27-08  11:27pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #1 - Drooler :

I love porn names. Remember Carol Connors was named after Archie Bunker!
04-27-08  11:41pm

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Lionheart (47) I love creativity in names makes it easier to remember names, if the girls want to remembered better think of a good and unique name
04-28-08  12:29am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) I don't care what their names end with... Just fix the porn industry.

Black: Aliana Love
Latina: Jennifer Luv, Alexis Love
Caucasian: Leah Luv

I like these Luvz.

Ey, Witty, what do you think about the porn industry now vs. 1990's?

04-28-08  01:21am

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Wittyguy (105) Hey Pinche. The difference between 90's porn and today. The best response I can give is to analogize by thinking back to my high school years. Would you rather be driving the '72 Gremlin or the new Bitchin' Camaro?
04-28-08  12:02pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #30 - Wittyguy :

The Gremlin all the way! I've never seen a Camaro shoot an old lady out of a house on her electric stairs chair.
04-28-08  03:05pm

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JBDICK (20) REPLY TO #25 - Monahan :

hey Monahan

great reference site...one day you'll be able to download a dna sample from these sites, call Richard Attenborough from Jurassic Park, do a bit of gene splicing and hey presto, Pornstar Takeaway...

I will be using this site...Good link


04-29-08  01:23pm

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JBDICK (20) REPLY TO #24 - Denner :

I know how you feel. when I almost did go to London, I did call beforehand and know her accent from her vids, it did sound like her...that was 7 years ago though...hopefully still a babe

04-29-08  01:50pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #33 - JBDICK :

She got a site mentioned here at TBP:

Do you know anything about this/and the content?

Ups.... just found out that the link do not work, anymore....

04-30-08  12:30pm

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nygiants03 (162) To tell you the truth none of the models I like have last names like that. I'm more into amateur porn.
05-02-08  10:58am

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