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N/A Reply of pinkerton's Poll

At least 25 minutes for a good lesbian scene to develop properly.

03-26-10  10:41am

Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic
Reply of j is me's Comment

Sorry to hear that, I rejoined recently and it works for me in Firefox without any problems. When I had to change my e-mail I kept hitting their submit button because I thought nothing was happening, but then an hour later I had dozens of authentication e-mails...

03-23-10  11:43am

Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

No Review.
03-15-10  12:47am

N/A Reply of hodayathink's Reply

And I'll join the applause. Most-excellent comment PinkPanther, agree 100%.

02-28-10  11:08pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Several days can go by in between I login to sites where I have a membership, I'm just not very disciplined in that regard.

01-02-10  08:02am

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

Asian accents can usually spice up a scene a little, but otherwise I rarely take notice of the accents. One scene I once saw had Karlie Montana faking a French accent throughout and while she really seemed to try her best, it just came across as rather silly.

01-02-10  07:56am

Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

The Exclusive Videos Promised Seem To Be Just Around The Corner

Judging from these posts Nica Noelle made in the thread linked below, the first of the exclusive scenes promised should be appearing soon.


"Okay so after a very productive and fun meeting here in Canada I'm happy to say that I will begin shooting new scenes exclusively for Club Sapphic, called "Nica Loves Girls!" It will consist of full g/g scenes of me and a new girl each update (one a month to start, then moving up to 2 a month and possibly one a week if I can find enough chicks to have sex with me! LOL) So I need to start getting requests about who you'd like to see me with. I want to do another scene with Satine and with Darla Crane and Michelle Lay!! And Sara Stone for sure!!! Can you guys tell me who you'd like to see me with?"

"I start shooting this month, so we should have my new series up by the end of this month or first thing in January. I can't wait, too!!!"

"Nica and Magdalene, coming right up. I have a little list of ladies I'm compiling: Maggie, Melissa Monet, Darla Crane, Sara Stone, Nyomi Banxxx, Nicole Ray... just to name a few. I am SO EXCITED about this!"

01-02-10  07:43am

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N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

No thanks. First and foremost to me porn-watching isn't a social event. Then there's the other reasons mentioned by others, like being able to skip the uninteresting parts of a scene etc.

12-21-09  04:27am

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

No, never tried. Not my thing really.

12-18-09  09:08am

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

One more vote for poor previews. It's a little suspicious when sites try to hide what exactly is in their members area and use the same teaser videos/photos month after month.

12-14-09  04:34am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

It depends on the scene, how it's done and how often they do it.
Sometimes it can really break the mood of a scene if she suddenly turns her head and stares into the camera when her attention should be fully occupied elsewhere.
Of course there's also times when it works great.

12-12-09  07:27am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of Denner's Reply

From what I can tell they seem like one of the more unscrupulous among the bigger sites/networks. Pre-checked cross-sale that recurs at 30$ after 2 days, their own trial that recurs at 40$ after 2 days, advertising HD-content and then limit new members' access to it, maybe there's other things as well.

I've only been a member once, more than a year ago, don't think I'll join again in the near future. Their fixation on big (fake) breasts and big dicks doesn't appeal to me, in particular the latter is starting to annoy be in porn, all those humongous boners that are impossible to give a proper bj and also threatening to tear the models apart.

12-11-09  11:32am

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

I voted "other", though it's girl-girl I most often hunt for so maybe I should have voted "softcore". My understanding was that softcore = showing breasts and pubic hair, but no genitals; and hardcore = showing everything. Has it changed to softcore = solo and girl-girl; hardcore = boy-girl? *confused*

12-10-09  10:39am

Visit Lez Be Girlfriend

Lez Be Girlfriend

First Impressions

I joined this site yesterday, first thing I notice is that there has only been one update since July (That was on 11th November). So it's a small site with only fifteen videos, there's an excellent 1280x720 resolution available for these videos though.

Of the videos I've seen so far, one of them was pretty much ruined by the location chosen where the girls had to have sex on top of a bar, which just looked incredibly awkward. The other three I've seen had more normal locations, but the action has been pretty average so far. It's really nice that they've gone for a slower approach with the sex, but the scenes are just too short (12-18 minutes) to have a remotely "realistic" feel to them. With such short videos I would much prefer that the girls, after making out, would each take a turn going down on the other and then end scene, rather than the current arbitrary change of positions every other minute.

12-10-09  10:27am

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Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *52 exclusive videos: Mostly solo of Silvia, but also some girl-girl. The videos are downloadable and in a high quality 960x540 resolution. Total length of all the exclusive videos amount to about 8 hours.

*About 100 exclusive photosets of Silvia. Mostly solo, but also some girl-girl. Average number of photos per set is about 75. Photos from mid-2008 onwards max out at 2700px.

*Zip-files available for photos.

*In addition to the exclusives, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes videos and pictorials, as well as older content shot for other sites and companies.

*Silvia Saint is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, her solo content is the best part of this site.

*No pre-checked cross-sales.

*Download manager supported.

*A 'clubgirls' and a 'hardcore' section with videos and photos of other East European models.
Cons: *Site closing soon.

*No longer updates.

*The non-Silvia Saint parts of the site haven't had new videos added since 2008, only some photo sets.

*Some of the videos have no sound besides music.

*Besides journal entries, which for the past year have only come every three months, there isn't any interaction.

*Girl-girl scenes too short (Always less than 15 minutes, often less than 10) and wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't for Silvia's presence in them.

*No description besides the video/photo set titles.

*Daily dl-limit of 5GB.
Bottom Line: This was an okay site to join, its main strength is the fair amount of high quality exclusive Silvia Saint content you get, as well as some older lower quality content she shot for other sites. There's also a bunch of (I think) exclusive content of other European models, but that section haven't really been updated since 2008 and isn't that interesting in my opinion.
About not updating, the Silvia Saint section haven't had any updates since September 2009, the site will be closing in January 2010 and the content probably transferred, one way or another, to either SilviaSaint.com or a new SS site. You can easily get all the interesting content in a month (you don't have to dally around for months like I did...) so if you don't want to wait for it to appear at a new site then there's still time to get it.

When you enter the members area there's links to her photos, videos, behind-the-scenes and an exclusives section (The content of some of these sections overlap) + links to a clubgirls section (with mostly girl-girl content) and a hardcore section with (with boy-girl content). There's also a link to her newsletter (some short journal entries that doesn't really say anything that interesting) and some links to customer and billing support.

From 2007 onwards the videos usually have two download options: a high quality 960x540 WMV, which looks great, and a standard 480x270 WMV option. The length of each video varies from 7-15 minutes.
Besides the titles and some stills there aren't any descriptions of the videos' content, but it isn't that important in this case, as most of the difference between the videos is the set and what SS is wearing, which is easily understood from the titles (like "Black Dress", "Garden" and "Mirror" ).
The solo videos are the best ones, as good as any I've seen at a place like Twistys, with all the attention on SS as she strips, shows of her gorgeous body and masturbates in various in- and outdoors locations. There's also some girl-girl videos, but they aren't good girl-girl videos in their own right, they're way too short for some good passion to develop between the models and the only reason they're a little interesting is because SS is in them.
The sound in the videos it's a mixed bag. Some of them have music that completely dominates the soundtrack, others have more discrete strings where you can still hear SS and in some there's only the sounds that SS makes.

The photo sets are good and there's zip files available for easy downloading, they follow the same pattern as the videos with SS usually stripping and then masturbating. Picture size for the past year and a half max out at 2700px, before that they gradually "shrink" to 2500px to 2200px and so on down to 1500px in the oldest sets.

Overall if you're a SS-fan this site is well worth a visit, but note that the site will be closing soon. If you're not a fan of SS then there's probably sites where you'll get more content for your money. I give it 87.

12-08-09  11:38am

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Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint

Latest Developments

The two latest posts from the site's ex-admin, apparently the site will be closed and the content probably transferred to SilviaSaint.com or a third site:


"I don't have info about any new SS project. But maybe we will be surprised with her deep motive, I don't know :)

Unfortunately current CSS site will be closed at end of January 2010. This is fact."

"I understand your concern for CSS site content.

Owner of all sets and movies will be Silvia Saint (from next week). I think that she will move all content to SS.com (or another site) after Jan 2010.

It's very hard situation for me because I don't know her plans.

Important is, that all CSS members will get compensation - SS.com membership, MyGlamourSite membership, and access to two new sites in January."

12-08-09  08:34am

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Only strap-ons in my opinion and I like it as much even without those. Combine kissing, licking, fingering & tribbing and you can have a good long intimate lesbian scene.
In my opinion with hand-held toys it too often just degenerates into passionless bigger, faster, harder like in straight gonzo porn just with the dildos instead of a stuntcock. Often performed by models who aren't really into doing other girls, hence the lack of passion, so if they can just pound each other with dildos for 20 minutes rather than getting really intimate then that's a scene and on to the next.

12-04-09  11:54am

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

I usually go to bed and sleep. Though sometimes I bring something with me to eat.

12-03-09  02:05am

N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

Hearing the director or any other off-screen crew members instantly ruins a scene for me. Stunt cocks talking shit and shots of man-ass can also be bloody annoying and may very well kill a scene, but a scene can also work regardless of it. On the other hand hearing the director yell "Put your hand on your ass!" or "Move a bit to the left" just wrecks the mood completely.

I also agree with all of BabyGetReal's points. Seeing the girl with a disgusted grimace on her face while waiting for a facial? Not hot.
Anal sex? I've never watched a scene and thought "This is boring I hope there's some anal coming up", at the very best it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the scene, it can't add to it. And what's the deal with long lingering shots of a gaping asshole, what's hot about that?
Great looking models who ruined their look by turning their perfect perky breasts into a pair of balloons. Imagine if Silvia Saint had gotten a pair of fake DDs - awful!
And the list goes on, but if were to add another thing to the list it would be guys with pierced genitals. I just can't ignore how painful it would have been to have it done or the pain if it gets stuck somewhere...

12-03-09  01:55am

Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint
Reply of Denner's Reply

I only know what the, now former, admin of Club Silvia Saint has posted in the thread I linked to. Current members will be compensated for the lack of updates (two months since last update) and Silvia wants a new production team. When and how it will work out I have no idea. I suppose merging with the unofficial? Silvia Saint site could be a possibility.

This is the former admin's latest message in the thread I linked to:

"Hello CSS fans,

sorry for delay. I'm still waiting for Silvia's result about CSS. This is not my fault, I'm not site owner and my competences are very small.

I can promise very good compensation for all current CSS members.

Thanks to your patience.


11-28-09  11:23am

Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint
Reply of Denner's Comment

Any people who are interested in joining gotta arm themselves with some patience however, as the site isn't updating or accepting new members at the moment due to software updates and Silvia Saint getting a new team to produce the updates. See this thread at CSS for discussion of it:


11-28-09  10:05am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Whenever I join a site I usually get every video that have either Silvia Saint, Roxy Deville, Dani Woodward or Penny Flame in it, though there are some exceptions: 1. Behind-the-scenes clips, I don't bother with those. 2. If it has some niche I don't like then I won't dl it either. 3. If it's a BG scene and the guy in the video stills looks like a complete twit.
Then if for some reason a video turns out to be so bad that there's no chance in hell I'll ever watch it again (The usual stuff: Stupid comments from off-screen douchebags, stupid comments/behaviour from on-screen douchebags etc.) I delete it and replace it with a text file with the same name. That way I don't waste space on something I'll never ever watch and I still have the title to remember it by so I won't waste time downloading it again at a later point.

11-28-09  06:59am

Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic
Reply of clickonme's Reply

There isn't a trial option as far as I can tell? Only the monthly and yearly membership.

11-28-09  06:21am

Visit Gia Santi

Gia Santi
Reply of dracken's Comment

Nope, Gia Santi has retired so no interaction unfortunately.

11-03-09  02:54pm

Visit Gia Santi

Gia Santi

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *12 exclusive videos: 10 solo of Gia, 1 solo of Jada Liu and 1 behind the scenes. The videos are downloadable and in a good-looking 640x480 resolution. Total length of all the videos combined amounts to 83 minutes.

*7 exclusive photo sets all of Gia solo. Average number of photos per set is about 45. Resolutions max out at 1200px.

*Gia Santi is a raven-haired beauty, though you'll probably have to like tattoos to fully enjoy her.

*Simple site layout.

*Remarkably honest tour that informs you how much content the site has and that it no longer updates.

*Low price.

*No pre-checked cross-sales or other trickery.
Cons: *Not much content.

*No longer updates.

*No sound in the videos besides music.

*No zip-files for the photo sets.
Bottom Line: What caught my attention while browsing this site's tour was the advertisement that "The site doesn't update", initially I actually considered that it might have been a typo, mistranslation or something. Anyway the low price of 5.25$ persuaded me to check it out and even though one might find even that price to be too high for the content offered, at least the tour was honest about what and how much you'd find in the members area, when it could just as easily have been deceptive and charged a full price of 15-30$.
That honesty does give me a more positive attitude towards the site, even if the ultimate rating will still be rather low.

When you enter the members area the first thing you see is a message from Gia saying goodbye to her members and announcing that from now on the site will just be a portfolio site with no further updates.
Below that is the five newest updates to the site. At the top is a link to the portfolio with the 19 sets that makes up the site's content.

For the videos there is only one download option: 640x480 1.5K WMV, which was probably state-of-the-art in early 2007 when most of them were shot and they still look good, but just not as clear and crisp as newer videos found at other sites.
The action in the videos consists of Gia playing with a dildo, sometimes she strips completely naked before she starts masturbating, other times she keeps the lingerie on. However you don't really get an impression that Gia is really masturbating as much as just using a dildo in one pose for 1-2 minutes then change pose, use dildo for 1-2 minutes, change pose again, use dildo for 1-2 minutes, end scene. The complete lack of any sound besides the music also does a lot to ruin my enjoyment of the videos, hearing a girl's progressing excitement matters a lot to me, otherwise it just becomes this generic change pose, play, change pose etc. I described above.
Still there are parts of three scenes where she manages to ride a dildo despite there being nothing holding it (no hands or anything it's just place vertically on the floor and she slides up and down) are rather hot. Another hot scene is where she sucks a dildo while showing of her lovely body.

About her body, it's IMO gorgeous despite her having big fake tits. The raven-black hair (I love that expression by the way) and the tattoos on her arms and upper back are a wonderful combination, though I know they are not for all.

The photo sets are good, they follow the same pattern as the videos with Gia posing and masturbating in various states of undress. Picture size maxes out at 1200px though and there is no zips for easy downloading.

And that's it for this site, no more content is to be found. Despite the 5.25$ price tag, you'll probably have to be really into her raven-haired tattooed appearance to find it worthwhile joining this site for the small amount of content. At least you aren't tricked into anything, I give it a 66.

11-03-09  03:32am

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