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Would you be interested in watching porn in a movie theatre?

Type: General

Submitted by Colm4 (10)
Yes, I sure would 23% 11 Votes
Only if I could watch alone 11% 5 Votes
Perhaps only a certain movie 6% 3 Votes
No, that's not for me 60% 28 Votes

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47 Votes Total

Dec 20, 2009

Poll Replies (19)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) Yes, as a social occasion. Get a group of like-minded friends together, male and female, and head for the big-screen porno. The biggest problem would be trying not to get thrown out, with all of the giggling and other noise we'd be making. The most interesting part: talking about it after the show at a bar.
12-20-09  01:41am

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Denner (235) Remember in the 'old days' before VHS or Betamax hit the fan - and as a youngster 'sneaking' into those mostly obscure shops with 'dirty magazines' and a SMALL cinema in the backroom - jeezzz.
Drooler's got an idea - BUT still only those kind of 'shops' shows porn these days - at least here in Scandinavia...and no, probably not going to visit those again - with or without a gang.

12-20-09  05:30am

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Jay G (67) I'd love to see porn as a SMALL part of main stream movies like adult drama, comedy, etc.

Isn't it interesting that they can show a woman being murdered, bisected, or sawed apart on the big screen but can't show sexual penetration?

12-20-09  06:24am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #3 - Jay G :

I certainly agree - good point Jay G
BTW: In the US and/or Mexico they once had a thing called (I think): 'snuff-movies' (maybe wrong word) with a horrible content of women actually being molested or even killed in those scenes - was that freely invented stories or...? (those romours just spread to Europe)

12-20-09  08:43am

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pat362 (373) Although I like the idea of being able to discuss a porn movie with other people that have just watched it. I must confess that I watched them not so much for their artistic nature but to masturbate. I'm somewhat weird because I prefer to do that in private.

Snuff films (at least the real ones) are in fact movies of people (usually women) being murdered for real during a sexual act. As far as I know these are illegal in every Country. There are quite a few fake snuff movies. Those are mostly softcore. Take a look at Misty Mundae's work for reference.

I think the main reason why adult theaters are for the most part no longer in business is because people would rather watch their porn at home. Another reason is that since movies are no longer being made in 35MM then a large screen would simply make that movie look bad.

12-20-09  08:56am

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anyonebutme (14) REPLY TO #3 - Jay G :

"Isn't it interesting that they can show a woman being murdered, bisected, or sawed apart on the big screen but can't show sexual penetration?"

What you see in movies, murder, mutilation, etc., is not actually happening to the person. What you see in porno movies, is taking place. And the psychological impacts the scenes have on the people, is vastly different between the two.

12-20-09  09:47am

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Monahan (42) Not interested.

I like some porn, not other porn.

Example, I get bored with a BJ when the cameraman fixes his/her closeup on just the schlong and the babe's mouth. I also get tired of shots that focus on a guy's asshole while he's porking a gorgeous, but impossible to see babe. I love the female body, not the guy's man meat.

In a theatre I would need a good book to read when the 10-15 minute BJ scenes or the lousy camera angles come on. There isn't any fast forward in a theatre.

And the price would probably stop me as well. For $10+/- to sit in a dark theatre waiting for the "good stuff" to show up is better spent on a porn site where I pick what I get to see and when.

Finally, with the large screen TV sets these days, if you want to see the angel hair in the anal cavity of a babe, the HD stuff will give you just what you want...and the ability to see it over again to make sure you don't miss anything.

12-20-09  10:18am

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nadiencendia (83) Not interested at all, for the same reasons as other people above. I watch porn to masturbate: I tune in, watch what I want, do the job and quit. I choose the scenes that I like and fast forward through the parts that I don't. Watching porn in a theater would be both inconvenient and uncomfortable for me.
12-20-09  11:37am

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turboshaft (24) "Yes, I sure would"--if I had my own private theater and film projector, though if I was that well off I could probably afford to privately finance my own dirty movies (this is starting to sound like "8MM"...).

But until I get my own theater, no. Isn't this the whole reason they invented VCRs, the Internet, DVDs and external hard drives? People didn't like going to a theater with a bunch of strangers who may or may not have been jerking it, so why would they want to go back? The cost of distribution alone (transferring to 35mm, making prints, the list goes on) makes theatrical releases prohibitively expensive to even the big companies.

Reminds me of an article I read recently about people who were giving up their toilet to go "green", i.e. literally shitting in a bucket. I am not joking, as they think it's best to use a waterless bucket, uh, "toilet." All I could think was "isn't this why we invented indoor plumbing and toilets in the first place, so we wouldn't have to shit and piss in a bucket?!"

Still, it must be something to see a cumshot on a 25ft+ projection screen.

12-20-09  06:49pm

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monty2222 (19) No thanks. First and foremost to me porn-watching isn't a social event. Then there's the other reasons mentioned by others, like being able to skip the uninteresting parts of a scene etc.
12-21-09  04:27am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #6 - anyonebutme :

Agreed, but a lot of us out here LIKE sex, including sexual penetration. The message being sent by society is that sex between consenting adults is more evil than murder, even the cruelest kind of murder. We let young people see the most horrible tortures on the screen (and yes, I realize they're not REAL) for entertainment, but get upset if they see Janice Jackson's breast (MY GOD! Women have breasts!).

My point is that we have taboos about what we can see, but so does every culture including the Taliban and radical religionists of all stripes. Do you think women should be forbidden from wearing revealing clothing (in some countries revealing clothing includes pants) or be covered with blanket-burkhas whenever they leave home?

Taboos are cultural traditions that have roots in the deepest part of our history, but can also be used to oppress the powerless.

12-21-09  05:56am

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mbaya (364) i watched porn in the 70's in theaters. It was uncomfortable. I don't see porn as a reason for a social event.
12-21-09  08:35am

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anyonebutme (14) REPLY TO #11 - Jay G :

"The message being sent by society is that sex between consenting adults is more evil than murder, even the cruelest kind of murder."

No, society is not sending that message

12-21-09  12:31pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #13 - anyonebutme :

Really, it's not? Maybe you don't live in America--land of the free, home of the prudish--considering the way we demonize sex and defend things that do end lives like guns and the death penalty.
12-21-09  01:06pm

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Wittyguy (105) And people thought the floor of their local movie theater was sticky enough already?
12-21-09  02:14pm

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PinkPanther (46) Being as I'm old enough to have gone to PussyCat Cinemas for a number of years, it's been-there, done-that for me - and I've got no great desire to repeat the experience. I like watching porn in the privacy of my own abode, where, quite frankly, I can masturbate without fear of being busted like Peewee Herman.
12-21-09  04:57pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #13 - anyonebutme :

I respectfully disagree. A "sex crime" (could be consensual sex between a 19 year old and a 16 year old) has a stronger penalty (including branding as a "registered sex offender") than murder.

I see TV shows all the time where vigilante justice (usually murder by Dexter-like characters)against sex offenders after they're released from prison is semi-condoned by the media. When I was very young, gay people were treated as deviants who deserved cruelty (and death threats) by the religionist members of society. The media almost never treats murderers (even serial killers) as cruelly as it treats pathetic/sick "sex offenders."

If I were ever accused of a sex offense (like looking at legal porn in a state where the same porn is illegal), I'd kill myself rather than be branded a "sex offender." Mere murder is nothing to our society. We look at murderers as "strong" characters to be almost respected and who should be able to rape weaker "sex offenders" in prison with immunity. I've heard lots of folks laugh about the rape of sex offenders in prison by our acceptable criminals, the murderers.

12-23-09  06:44am

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anyonebutme (14) REPLY TO #17 - Jay G :

"I respectfully disagree. A 'sex crime'"

The original message as stated, said that society deems sex between consenting adults more evil than murder. When did I compare sex crimes to murder?

"If I were ever accused of a sex offense, I'd kill myself rather than be branded a 'sex offender.'"

Don't forget, suicide is also illegal.

You're also going into how the "media" treats things. Media, television, movies, etc., are not always an accurate representation of society on the whole. Not to mention that we as a people are more than capable of making the distinction between reality and a performance.

12-23-09  08:25am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #18 - anyonebutme :

I'll agree with you now. I respect your point of view.
12-24-09  04:32am

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