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Visit Twistys

Reply of cjd2004's Comment

What a bunch of a**holes. Cancelled my membership immediately and I'm never going back.

03-15-14  11:06am

Visit Lesbea


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *81 lesbian videos: All one-on-ones, except for a couple of threesomes.
*All videos downloadable. A wide range of resolutions are available including HD720p WMV and HD1080p Quicktime. On average a video is about 20-22 minutes long.
*56 lesbian photo sets. Like the videos, a couple of threesomes, the rest one-on-ones. Average number of photos per set is about 100-150.
*Photo sets available as zip files, resolutions are 1200p, 2000p and 4000p.
*Beautiful East European models.
*Really liked the videos here, passionate and sensual. Little use of toys.
*Site easy to navigate with model index and a good search function.
*Regularly updates with 2-3 videos and 2 photo sets per week.
Cons: *Some of the scenes found here may also be available on the company's other sites.
*A newer site, so it's still relatively small compared to DDF, Sapphic Erotica etc..
*If one is in the mood for raunchier lesbian porn with lots of toys, screaming, anal sex etc. then this is not the site one should go to.
*Daily download-limit of 20GB.
*24.95$ per month might be slightly expensive? I don't really have any major problems with this site.
Bottom Line: Finally got around to doing another review. Basically I really liked this site.
From what I can gather it's some of the people who used to work for Viv Thomas who has started their own site and it shows in the quality of the content. The videos are well-shot, well-edited, the action has variety, the girls seem into it and give good performances.

Usually the scenes are set inside in a bedroom or a living room. A scene starts with a short soft music sting for the first thirty seconds, then the music disappear until the very end of the video. In between there might be a brief set-up of the context of the scene with the girls speaking their own language with English subtitles, but often it just goes straight to the kissing followed by the groping, rubbing, licking, fingering and tribbing while gradually undressing.
Toys only rarely pop up, currently only 15 of the 81 scenes contain toys, which I much appreciate. To me toys in porn are like spicing up the food you're cooking, using some toys every now and then is like sprinkling your food with a bit of spice, while alternatively having all your scenes be 90% toy-use is like forgetting about the food and just serving entire heaps of spice. So I think this site has really hit the sweet spot in that regard.

72 models have appeared on the site. The most frequently used are the wonderful Eufrat with 16 scenes and Blue Angel and Ariel with 6 each, the rest has 1-4 scenes each. Most of the girls are Czech or Hungarian, very pretty looking, but not many with big breasts so beware if you're into those. I've noticed only a few tattoos and no fake breasts so far.

The site is easy to navigate around, you can use the search function to look for specific tags like 'blonde', 'big boobs', 'mature' etc. or you can pick a minimum member rating the scenes must have to show up. Or you can just browse through the updates, which are sorted chronologically in the video and photo sections.
All the updates have dates when they were added, names of the girls appearing and a description of what goes on in the scene.

It's been quite a long time since my last review and it would take either a really bad or a really good site to motivate be to do a new review, luckily this is a really good lesbian site. I think they've been gunning for a more sensual and natural/realistic feel to their scenes in contrast to e.g. 21Sextury and DDF who seem to go more for putting on a "show". And I think they succeed at that, they maintain a lot of energy in the scenes, not going overboard with the "realism" and boring me like, I'm sorry to say, AbbyWinters does.
I give Lesbea a 91/100, highly recommended.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to fire away.

08-09-12  01:24pm

Replies (2)
Visit Lesbea

Reply of xexbot's Reply

I'm a member at the moment. It's a rather soft site, very few scenes with toys and no bondage or S&M.

08-09-12  09:45am

N/A Reply of Lionheart's Poll

I love glasses.

05-11-12  10:36am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Girls kissing is one of the hottest things I can think of.

04-29-11  11:06am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I don't like it, too many wankers.

03-29-11  10:17pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of limestone1714's Comment

Videobox has always had a lot of dross and maybe the quality of the cheapo "filler" updates have taken another notch down, but I think that on the other hand the (semi-)recent addition of DVDs from companies like New Sensations, Burning Angel and Pink Visual (at least their "Her First Lesbian Sex"-series is enjoyable IMO) is a positive boon even if four out of five of the daily DVDs are from the bargain bin.

03-28-11  10:21am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Every day as it's my regular e-mail.

03-28-11  03:09am

N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

"But everywhere you look it's anal, anal and anal - do not get it...maybe I'm a bit too conservative in my porn taste."

You're not alone dear compatriot, I don't get the fascination either. Though I certainly get why so many producers cater to the niche, seeing how every non-anal scene at Videobox has comments expressing a regret that no one is taking something up the arse in that particular video...

03-25-11  12:11pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Several niches for me too. I have many of the same preferences as nadiencendia: Solo can be okay, but usually gets boring after a while; lesbian is probably my favourite, it's the one I always go back to, kissing in particular; finally I don't want anything too extreme in the little b/g porn I watch, usually it's POV-scenes I get. In general I prefer some scenario or set-up over mere gonzo.

03-25-11  03:18am

Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme
Reply of Denner's Reply

Well, you know what they say: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" ;-)

03-24-11  10:25am

Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme
Reply of Denner's Comment

I got one too Denner, though as it says "trial rights" I don't see how one can expect more than being allowed to knob around in the members area without actually seeing or downloading more than perhaps the first clip of a video or something.

The e-mail I got:

"Dear Member,

We've automatically upgraded your old account into a free member account.

With this free account you can:
- log-in into our member area and browse our huge library with trial rights
- access the free, always-on livecam chat
- grab your discounted subscription - any time

To activate your account, please click on the link below:
Visit the member area

Follow this link to delete your records from our database (we won't contact you anymore):

Best regards,
21Sextury Team

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact our support team"

03-24-11  10:08am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of anyonebutme's Reply

Thanks anyonebutme, that explains it. :)

03-24-11  01:03am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

lol I probably have to, I need to get all their Eve Smile sets, she's absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully their sorting system is better. ^_^

03-24-11  01:02am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

Yes, the Eve Smile & Brandy Smile and the two Eve Smile & Nikita sets are some of the best I've found so far.
I've just been through the Sophie Moone sets and I must say that it's a lot easier when a girl only has ~20 updates. Sophie has more than a 100 sets and it's a complete clusterfuck of pictures only sets, duplicates, foot fetish (which I don't care for) reposted at the other sites where you don't expect to find such content, low resolution sets at one site with remastered high resolution duplicates reposted later at another site so you download the poor set first and then discover the high quality set afterwards...
The Eve Angel sets looks to be a similar challenge, luckily I have a reasonably good memory so I usually notice if something looks a bit too familiar. :-)

03-24-11  12:57am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

Thanks for the recommendations, they are much appreciated. :-) I noticed something odd btw: Eve Smile, situated next to Eve Angel, ensnared me (something about the short hair, it's so rare in porn) and while checking whether she had content at other sites I found that her scene with Brandy Smile was also at 21sextury (or one shot at the same location in the same clothes), which surprises me I wasn't aware that they shared/licensed the same content.

03-23-11  02:17pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

A few observations from a first time DDF-customer

Having never been a member of any DDF-sites before, I joined yesterday and it quickly dawned on me what a gargantuan task I was in for. The amount of content for a first time visitor to go through is overwhelming, for every four models there's at least one where I'm inclined to get everything just from looking at the portraits.
Originally I signed up just to start my collection of the busty tattooed girl Dominno's videos, but now I've gotten those (btw noticed the issue with the same videos being on several sites, really annoying that you have to carefully compare screenshots to make sure you haven't already got it) and am now facing the challenge of picking out the next models to get from among hundreds of others.
Rather unhelpfully, the search function doesn't seem to work for me it just sends me outside the members area so I have to log in again, clicking a single tag on an update works though, but it doesn't help a lot.

Anyone have some recommendations for models I should be particularly aware of? Not just pretty ones (since a spectacular amount are at least that), but some known to be good enthusiastic performers?

03-23-11  01:01am

Replies (10)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Depends if it's at the site you can edit before you download (like at Videobox) I do that often. If it's with software after you downloaded, then the answer is no I don't do that. I've tried once on my old computer, but it was a way too slow process for me to bother with.

03-23-11  12:11am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Sneakers and socks for me, I love that and "normal" footwear in general. Hate hate hate the high heels platform shoes that are so frequent in porn.

03-19-11  12:34pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I wouldn't have minded a more strongly worded option than "No, not really", but it'll have to do I suppose. ;-) I don't like anal to begin with, so that extra dick in the pussy doesn't really help...

03-10-11  10:26am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I would never give a site a 100 or equivalent perfect grade, because I don't think a site can ever reach the point where it can't improve anything, if nothing else a site can always use a couple of dozen more videos of one of my favourite models. ;-)
That being said, I don't see the point of removing the 100 rating that just makes 99 or whatever the perfect rating.

10-30-10  10:57am

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of pat362's Reply

Well, both Brazzers and RK have several sites in their network dedicated to anal and big asses, while NA has only one ass site and it hasn't been updated in three years. NA always was less extreme and more "couples friendly" than most other, otherwise similar, sites.

07-15-10  07:59am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

"When you see a male hand groping a model in an otherwise softcore scene, you ..." immediately delete the scene. One of the reasons I download a lesbian or solo video is to avoid douchebags, so if such suddenly decides to interfere in a scene then there's no way back.

04-23-10  10:12am

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

I fear that it'll be more brutal.

04-11-10  04:22am

Visit Lez Be Girlfriend

Lez Be Girlfriend

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: *12 exclusive girl-girl scenes: length from 11-23 minutes, all scenes offered in a stunning 1280x720 resolution, there's also a 640x360 resolution that looks good too, as well as several other smaller resolutions.

*14 picture sets with 60-120 pictures each, they have been scaled up though. Some have been scaled up from 3000px to 4000px and still look good, others have scaled up from 1280 to 2900 and look blurred.

*Updates have dates when they were added. There's also a schedule where, if there were any upcoming updates, you could see them here.

*Easy to navigate, just three pages with five updates each containing links to video download, picture galleries and streaming.

*No pre-checked cross-sales.

*The, mostly good looking, girls do their best to make the scenes hot, but see cons...
Cons: *Scenes are too short for all the positions they apparently want to show.

*Too frequent distractions like either seeing or hearing other crew members.

*Sometimes some awkward locations.

*Apparently doesn't update any more.

*Besides the 12 updates that works, there is two where only the picture links work and one where nothing works.

*No zips for the pictures sets.

*Pictures have been scaled up, some to the extend that they look blurred and fuzzy.

*The two bonus sites are both similar small size as this one and at the time of my membership only one of them seemed to still be updating.
Bottom Line: Lez Be Girlfriend (LBG)

The people behind LBG deserves some praise for going for a softer/slower approach to these lesbian scenes, the 1280x720 video resolution is great to look at, the models are good looking Europeans who seem to put some effort into the scenes, and the site has a good layout that COULD have made for a good site if it weren't for the cons.

First of all the site doesn't update and hasn't done so for months, so you're left with the 12 videos, 14 picture sets and the preview pictures from a 15th update where the video and picture links didn't work while I was a member.
The first thing you'll notice when you've have downloaded the videos is how short they are, a couple of them are 22-23 minutes, but the majority is only 11-16 minutes.
A scene usually start with the girls making out and progresses quickly from there with licking, fingering and in some scenes a little tribbing or toyplay as well. As you watch a video you'll start to notice that they stay at most 2½ minutes in each position, which gives the scene a very rushed feel and makes it seem a lot less "real", even though as I mentioned the girls try their best. One girl has barely lied down on her back to get licked before she has to get up and return the favour.
Then there's some awkward/cramped locations in some of the scenes where the girls have to move slowly/carefully or lie in awkward positions to avoid hitting various bottles, statues, drinks and other set decorations.
On top of that there's a lot of distractions, like when a cameraman or other crew members accidentally walks into the frame, their reflections appear in a mirror or their talks and laughs can be heard in the background. In one scene you can hear a cellphone signal interfering with the sound (like you can get when you put a ringing cellphone next to a speaker) and in another it sounds like someone behind the camera is trying to chase a cat away...
Overall there's two or three videos that I'll probably keep where the constant position changing is toned down a little and there's none of the above mentioned distractions. At least the models' performances are good enough that they give me a desire to try and find another Euro girl-girl site.

All in all I can't recommend this site, it doesn't update and the videos leaves a lot to be desired. I'm sure there's better Euro sites out there. I give it 68.

03-28-10  03:49am

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