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Visit Lesbea


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *81 lesbian videos: All one-on-ones, except for a couple of threesomes.
*All videos downloadable. A wide range of resolutions are available including HD720p WMV and HD1080p Quicktime. On average a video is about 20-22 minutes long.
*56 lesbian photo sets. Like the videos, a couple of threesomes, the rest one-on-ones. Average number of photos per set is about 100-150.
*Photo sets available as zip files, resolutions are 1200p, 2000p and 4000p.
*Beautiful East European models.
*Really liked the videos here, passionate and sensual. Little use of toys.
*Site easy to navigate with model index and a good search function.
*Regularly updates with 2-3 videos and 2 photo sets per week.
Cons: *Some of the scenes found here may also be available on the company's other sites.
*A newer site, so it's still relatively small compared to DDF, Sapphic Erotica etc..
*If one is in the mood for raunchier lesbian porn with lots of toys, screaming, anal sex etc. then this is not the site one should go to.
*Daily download-limit of 20GB.
*24.95$ per month might be slightly expensive? I don't really have any major problems with this site.
Bottom Line: Finally got around to doing another review. Basically I really liked this site.
From what I can gather it's some of the people who used to work for Viv Thomas who has started their own site and it shows in the quality of the content. The videos are well-shot, well-edited, the action has variety, the girls seem into it and give good performances.

Usually the scenes are set inside in a bedroom or a living room. A scene starts with a short soft music sting for the first thirty seconds, then the music disappear until the very end of the video. In between there might be a brief set-up of the context of the scene with the girls speaking their own language with English subtitles, but often it just goes straight to the kissing followed by the groping, rubbing, licking, fingering and tribbing while gradually undressing.
Toys only rarely pop up, currently only 15 of the 81 scenes contain toys, which I much appreciate. To me toys in porn are like spicing up the food you're cooking, using some toys every now and then is like sprinkling your food with a bit of spice, while alternatively having all your scenes be 90% toy-use is like forgetting about the food and just serving entire heaps of spice. So I think this site has really hit the sweet spot in that regard.

72 models have appeared on the site. The most frequently used are the wonderful Eufrat with 16 scenes and Blue Angel and Ariel with 6 each, the rest has 1-4 scenes each. Most of the girls are Czech or Hungarian, very pretty looking, but not many with big breasts so beware if you're into those. I've noticed only a few tattoos and no fake breasts so far.

The site is easy to navigate around, you can use the search function to look for specific tags like 'blonde', 'big boobs', 'mature' etc. or you can pick a minimum member rating the scenes must have to show up. Or you can just browse through the updates, which are sorted chronologically in the video and photo sections.
All the updates have dates when they were added, names of the girls appearing and a description of what goes on in the scene.

It's been quite a long time since my last review and it would take either a really bad or a really good site to motivate be to do a new review, luckily this is a really good lesbian site. I think they've been gunning for a more sensual and natural/realistic feel to their scenes in contrast to e.g. 21Sextury and DDF who seem to go more for putting on a "show". And I think they succeed at that, they maintain a lot of energy in the scenes, not going overboard with the "realism" and boring me like, I'm sorry to say, AbbyWinters does.
I give Lesbea a 91/100, highly recommended.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to fire away.

08-09-12  01:24pm

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Visit Lez Be Girlfriend

Lez Be Girlfriend

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: *12 exclusive girl-girl scenes: length from 11-23 minutes, all scenes offered in a stunning 1280x720 resolution, there's also a 640x360 resolution that looks good too, as well as several other smaller resolutions.

*14 picture sets with 60-120 pictures each, they have been scaled up though. Some have been scaled up from 3000px to 4000px and still look good, others have scaled up from 1280 to 2900 and look blurred.

*Updates have dates when they were added. There's also a schedule where, if there were any upcoming updates, you could see them here.

*Easy to navigate, just three pages with five updates each containing links to video download, picture galleries and streaming.

*No pre-checked cross-sales.

*The, mostly good looking, girls do their best to make the scenes hot, but see cons...
Cons: *Scenes are too short for all the positions they apparently want to show.

*Too frequent distractions like either seeing or hearing other crew members.

*Sometimes some awkward locations.

*Apparently doesn't update any more.

*Besides the 12 updates that works, there is two where only the picture links work and one where nothing works.

*No zips for the pictures sets.

*Pictures have been scaled up, some to the extend that they look blurred and fuzzy.

*The two bonus sites are both similar small size as this one and at the time of my membership only one of them seemed to still be updating.
Bottom Line: Lez Be Girlfriend (LBG)

The people behind LBG deserves some praise for going for a softer/slower approach to these lesbian scenes, the 1280x720 video resolution is great to look at, the models are good looking Europeans who seem to put some effort into the scenes, and the site has a good layout that COULD have made for a good site if it weren't for the cons.

First of all the site doesn't update and hasn't done so for months, so you're left with the 12 videos, 14 picture sets and the preview pictures from a 15th update where the video and picture links didn't work while I was a member.
The first thing you'll notice when you've have downloaded the videos is how short they are, a couple of them are 22-23 minutes, but the majority is only 11-16 minutes.
A scene usually start with the girls making out and progresses quickly from there with licking, fingering and in some scenes a little tribbing or toyplay as well. As you watch a video you'll start to notice that they stay at most 2½ minutes in each position, which gives the scene a very rushed feel and makes it seem a lot less "real", even though as I mentioned the girls try their best. One girl has barely lied down on her back to get licked before she has to get up and return the favour.
Then there's some awkward/cramped locations in some of the scenes where the girls have to move slowly/carefully or lie in awkward positions to avoid hitting various bottles, statues, drinks and other set decorations.
On top of that there's a lot of distractions, like when a cameraman or other crew members accidentally walks into the frame, their reflections appear in a mirror or their talks and laughs can be heard in the background. In one scene you can hear a cellphone signal interfering with the sound (like you can get when you put a ringing cellphone next to a speaker) and in another it sounds like someone behind the camera is trying to chase a cat away...
Overall there's two or three videos that I'll probably keep where the constant position changing is toned down a little and there's none of the above mentioned distractions. At least the models' performances are good enough that they give me a desire to try and find another Euro girl-girl site.

All in all I can't recommend this site, it doesn't update and the videos leaves a lot to be desired. I'm sure there's better Euro sites out there. I give it 68.

03-28-10  03:49am

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Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

No Review.
03-15-10  12:47am

Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *52 exclusive videos: Mostly solo of Silvia, but also some girl-girl. The videos are downloadable and in a high quality 960x540 resolution. Total length of all the exclusive videos amount to about 8 hours.

*About 100 exclusive photosets of Silvia. Mostly solo, but also some girl-girl. Average number of photos per set is about 75. Photos from mid-2008 onwards max out at 2700px.

*Zip-files available for photos.

*In addition to the exclusives, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes videos and pictorials, as well as older content shot for other sites and companies.

*Silvia Saint is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, her solo content is the best part of this site.

*No pre-checked cross-sales.

*Download manager supported.

*A 'clubgirls' and a 'hardcore' section with videos and photos of other East European models.
Cons: *Site closing soon.

*No longer updates.

*The non-Silvia Saint parts of the site haven't had new videos added since 2008, only some photo sets.

*Some of the videos have no sound besides music.

*Besides journal entries, which for the past year have only come every three months, there isn't any interaction.

*Girl-girl scenes too short (Always less than 15 minutes, often less than 10) and wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't for Silvia's presence in them.

*No description besides the video/photo set titles.

*Daily dl-limit of 5GB.
Bottom Line: This was an okay site to join, its main strength is the fair amount of high quality exclusive Silvia Saint content you get, as well as some older lower quality content she shot for other sites. There's also a bunch of (I think) exclusive content of other European models, but that section haven't really been updated since 2008 and isn't that interesting in my opinion.
About not updating, the Silvia Saint section haven't had any updates since September 2009, the site will be closing in January 2010 and the content probably transferred, one way or another, to either SilviaSaint.com or a new SS site. You can easily get all the interesting content in a month (you don't have to dally around for months like I did...) so if you don't want to wait for it to appear at a new site then there's still time to get it.

When you enter the members area there's links to her photos, videos, behind-the-scenes and an exclusives section (The content of some of these sections overlap) + links to a clubgirls section (with mostly girl-girl content) and a hardcore section with (with boy-girl content). There's also a link to her newsletter (some short journal entries that doesn't really say anything that interesting) and some links to customer and billing support.

From 2007 onwards the videos usually have two download options: a high quality 960x540 WMV, which looks great, and a standard 480x270 WMV option. The length of each video varies from 7-15 minutes.
Besides the titles and some stills there aren't any descriptions of the videos' content, but it isn't that important in this case, as most of the difference between the videos is the set and what SS is wearing, which is easily understood from the titles (like "Black Dress", "Garden" and "Mirror" ).
The solo videos are the best ones, as good as any I've seen at a place like Twistys, with all the attention on SS as she strips, shows of her gorgeous body and masturbates in various in- and outdoors locations. There's also some girl-girl videos, but they aren't good girl-girl videos in their own right, they're way too short for some good passion to develop between the models and the only reason they're a little interesting is because SS is in them.
The sound in the videos it's a mixed bag. Some of them have music that completely dominates the soundtrack, others have more discrete strings where you can still hear SS and in some there's only the sounds that SS makes.

The photo sets are good and there's zip files available for easy downloading, they follow the same pattern as the videos with SS usually stripping and then masturbating. Picture size for the past year and a half max out at 2700px, before that they gradually "shrink" to 2500px to 2200px and so on down to 1500px in the oldest sets.

Overall if you're a SS-fan this site is well worth a visit, but note that the site will be closing soon. If you're not a fan of SS then there's probably sites where you'll get more content for your money. I give it 87.

12-08-09  11:38am

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Visit Gia Santi

Gia Santi

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *12 exclusive videos: 10 solo of Gia, 1 solo of Jada Liu and 1 behind the scenes. The videos are downloadable and in a good-looking 640x480 resolution. Total length of all the videos combined amounts to 83 minutes.

*7 exclusive photo sets all of Gia solo. Average number of photos per set is about 45. Resolutions max out at 1200px.

*Gia Santi is a raven-haired beauty, though you'll probably have to like tattoos to fully enjoy her.

*Simple site layout.

*Remarkably honest tour that informs you how much content the site has and that it no longer updates.

*Low price.

*No pre-checked cross-sales or other trickery.
Cons: *Not much content.

*No longer updates.

*No sound in the videos besides music.

*No zip-files for the photo sets.
Bottom Line: What caught my attention while browsing this site's tour was the advertisement that "The site doesn't update", initially I actually considered that it might have been a typo, mistranslation or something. Anyway the low price of 5.25$ persuaded me to check it out and even though one might find even that price to be too high for the content offered, at least the tour was honest about what and how much you'd find in the members area, when it could just as easily have been deceptive and charged a full price of 15-30$.
That honesty does give me a more positive attitude towards the site, even if the ultimate rating will still be rather low.

When you enter the members area the first thing you see is a message from Gia saying goodbye to her members and announcing that from now on the site will just be a portfolio site with no further updates.
Below that is the five newest updates to the site. At the top is a link to the portfolio with the 19 sets that makes up the site's content.

For the videos there is only one download option: 640x480 1.5K WMV, which was probably state-of-the-art in early 2007 when most of them were shot and they still look good, but just not as clear and crisp as newer videos found at other sites.
The action in the videos consists of Gia playing with a dildo, sometimes she strips completely naked before she starts masturbating, other times she keeps the lingerie on. However you don't really get an impression that Gia is really masturbating as much as just using a dildo in one pose for 1-2 minutes then change pose, use dildo for 1-2 minutes, change pose again, use dildo for 1-2 minutes, end scene. The complete lack of any sound besides the music also does a lot to ruin my enjoyment of the videos, hearing a girl's progressing excitement matters a lot to me, otherwise it just becomes this generic change pose, play, change pose etc. I described above.
Still there are parts of three scenes where she manages to ride a dildo despite there being nothing holding it (no hands or anything it's just place vertically on the floor and she slides up and down) are rather hot. Another hot scene is where she sucks a dildo while showing of her lovely body.

About her body, it's IMO gorgeous despite her having big fake tits. The raven-black hair (I love that expression by the way) and the tattoos on her arms and upper back are a wonderful combination, though I know they are not for all.

The photo sets are good, they follow the same pattern as the videos with Gia posing and masturbating in various states of undress. Picture size maxes out at 1200px though and there is no zips for easy downloading.

And that's it for this site, no more content is to be found. Despite the 5.25$ price tag, you'll probably have to be really into her raven-haired tattooed appearance to find it worthwhile joining this site for the small amount of content. At least you aren't tricked into anything, I give it a 66.

11-03-09  03:32am

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Visit Simpson Twins

Simpson Twins

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Porn featuring identical twins is certainly an intriguing idea.

*32+ exclusive scenes: At the moment two straight scenes, the rest are split about evenly between lesbian and masturbation scenes, but it changes with every update (see cons). Average length about 13 minutes, all scenes offered as okay looking 352x240 resolution and 3,000 kbps mpg files.

*32+ exclusive picture sets with 60-90 pictures each, lowish picture resolutions ranging from about 700x500 to 1400x1100. A mix of straight, lesbian and masturbation sets.

*About 4-6 updates per week (Half picture sets, half movies).

*Easily navigable due to its small size: First there's links to the two most recent updates and dates for when the next updates are, then there's links to the 32 picture sets, followed by links to the 32 scenes and that's it except for an (to the twins unrelated) livecamshows advertisement.

*Download managers supported and no download limits.
Cons: *When a scene or picture set is added one of the old ones are removed, leading me to suspect that if one stays member long enough one will see previously removed content presented as "new".

*Scenes are generally much too short and video quality, though passable, could be a lot better.

*Boring, artificial and passionless are all words that can be used to describe the scenes.

*No scene descriptions, just a handful of stills to judge from.

*Picture size also at the lower end of the scale and no zip files available for easy downloading.

*No interaction or anything with the twins.
Bottom Line: Simpson Twins

I joined this site because I find it to be quite a kinky idea to have a pair of twins screw other girls and guys together, however this site's execution of the idea is just a major letdown.

Though the twins themselves look good (a bit like Kirsten Dunst if you ask me), the videos are first of all much too short: Only a single scene, where the twins screw a bald dude, just barely scrapes past the twenty minute mark (and this is also the site's best scene). The rest of the scenes are shorter and usually in the 10-14 minutes range, one foursome is a mere 8 minutes long (!!!), which is just way too short for a good lesbian scene to develop in my opinion.
Another problem is that the twins don't seem much into it, sure they can moan and smile, but when they say something it just sounds artificial. Most of the lesbian scenes opens with one of the twins saying something like "Hi, we're here with X, we thought you might wanna join us, We have about 15 minutes before we have to go to the mall/park/etc what should we do?" and then follows some well-lit and well-shot, but ultimately passionless "I do you/you do me"-sex.
Not even visits from fellow porn twins the Miltons does much to heat these scenes up.

The masturbation videos aren't much better with sometimes the camera guy either jabbering or "helping" the twins by fucking them with their dildos. I don't really like dildos to begin with and then when they're handled by a male it's just terrible...

As I've probably mentioned before I'm not much of a picture lover so it hard for me to judge them, but what I can say is that the pictures aren't that big, there's no zip files and the order is mixed up (In the middle of one set the twins suddenly appear with cum on their face and then in the next picture it's gone?!?)

Moving on to the issue of updates:
According to TBP's site facts there was per 3/15-2008 42 videos and 38 photo sets, which is more than there is today... That only strengthens my suspicion that content is being rotated and will be taken off the site only to reappear again months later, of course I could only prove it definitively by staying a member for a number of months until the old content reappeared. That would however be a waste of money, since I don't like the content enough to keep it on my harddrive once this review is done.

In my opinion you have to really really REALLY like either twins or lesbians to find something worthwhile on this site. For others I won't recommend joining this site, not even if you did it through All Teen Rev Pass where you get 10 other sites (Including the Milton Twins and the Texas Twins) for the same price I foolishly paid just for this one site.

09-19-09  09:16am

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Visit VideosZ


No Review.
09-10-09  09:05am

Visit VideoBox


No Review.
09-10-09  09:03am

Visit Lez Love

Lez Love

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *50 Viv Thomas DVDs available for download in 500x370 resolution and 700-800 bitrate
*250 vintage lesbian clips from various old American and European adult films, each clip is about 5-15 minutes long
*Several hundred other clips in other categories
*About 500 erotic stories (Not the pro that should ever make you join a site, but they're not a con so I list 'em here)
*Thousands of images, in the following categories: Vintage, kissing, breast, oral & 69, bondage & fetish, soft, series, strap-on & dildo, and miscellaneous.
*A Viv Thomas scene and a 'vintage' scene added each week
*Update log where you can see the past months' updates.
*Download managers supported, no download limit
*The three sections (Videos, images and stories) and their subcategories makes it easy to navigate around
Cons: *Only the Viv Thomas scenes sneak up to mediocre in terms of image quality
*The 'vintage' clips have a resolution on par with Viv Thomas section, but image quality suffers from poor source material. Each clip about 5-15 mins long
*The 100 'kissing' clips from various porn movies, are low quality and short (No more than a few mins at most)
*150 'web video classics', popular lesbian clips from when dial-up was the norm, quality is as low as back then and they're only a few minutes long. Maybe a bit of nostalgia value for those who surfed for porn back then
*50 'main gallery' clips from various sources, including three scenes from Little Mutt. Clip length from 2-30 minutes. Except for a few newer scenes and clips, most of this could just as well have been put in the other categories.
*The most recent updates to the image section was in June 2008 (the vintage category), but the other categories not since 2005. Consists mostly of scans from old magazines and such, poor-to-average quality.
Bottom Line: Certainly, the main thing Lez Love has going for it is the 50 Viv Thomas DVDs you can download, the rest of the site's content is in my opinion little more than curiosity pieces for fans of early lesbian porn.
Viv Thomas nearly always produces good scenes with hot European models. If you're into lesbians and haven't seen any of his stuff, you're really missing out and owe it to yourself to give 'em a shot.
Lez Love is a cheap way to get a large sample of his material, though the image quality might be higher at his own site, that's on my to-do list to find out.
The vintage video category is the only other part of the site that's being updated, but unless you're really interested in 70ties and 80ties lesbian porn (both American and a host of European countries), the original image quality is generally too poor and the scenes are taken out of the context of the movie they were in, so all you get is some murky minutes of a pair of lesbians rubbing and kissing each other and that's it.
The remaining three video categories (kissing, web video classics and main gallery) have clips that are of even lower quality than the previous two and it will inevitably overshadow whatever hotness there might be in the clips.
All video clips only have one download option and comes with at least a title (where it's taken from), length and file size, many also have a brief description of what happens in the scene or what makes the clip special/noteworthy. In the Viv Thomas section, the models in each scene are also named.

Quality in the image section is generally as good as can be expected when scanning in old photos, magazines and such, which isn't very good. All the image updates here are at least one year old and most are three or four years old, which also lowers the quality you can expect to find.

The greatest thing I got from Lez Love was when I stumbled upon a certain blonde in some scenes in the Viv Thomas section. The only scene I've ever seen with her previously was way back before I started creating my porn stash, it blew me away back then, but her name wasn't mentioned anywhere so I didn't know who she was. And then suddenly here she was in all her glory, sexiest face I ever seen and breasts that are somehow just so mesmerizing my heart skips a beat and I get vertigo, it's was like finding a dear long lost friend. The blonde I'm talking about is Silvia Saint. That's who's material I'll be out chasing now. :-)
I recommend Lez Love for those who want a large sample of Viv Thomas DVDs relatively cheap ($19.95) and those with a more than keen interest in vintage lesbian porn.
They also have an excellent forum for fans of lesbians, but that's also available for non-members

Feel free to ask away if there's anything that's unclear or comment if there's something I missed or there's something you never want to see in my reviews again. ;-)

07-13-09  12:59pm

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Visit Kiss Me Girl

Kiss Me Girl

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *All exclusive content
*Scenes filled with hot and passionate kissing
*61 scenes at the time of this review, each about 30-40 minutes long, of which 48 look at least passable on my 17" monitor in full screen
*No fake boobs
*Good interaction with the webmaster through the forum, a model index was for instance suggested and few weeks later it was there
*No download-limit
*Download manager supported
*Two scenes made available in a high quality resolution each month
Cons: *No pictures worth mentioning, the videos is the site's main thrust
*All scenes are split into four parts
*While most scenes look passable, video quality is by no means great
*No hardcore, but if you like watching lesbians it won't bother you
*Only 2-3 new scenes each month
*No update schedule
*Scenes not dated, you have to go to forum to get an approximate time when a scene was added
*Rather rudimentary site design
Bottom Line: Finally I've found time and inspiration to do another review. :D In general I agree with sitsat, he hit the nail on the head with his review.

Starting with the amount of content: The earliest 13 scenes in 320x240 with a low bitrate are just to grainy looking for me to enjoy the otherwise hot action.

The remaining 48 scenes seems to have been shot with a better camera and bitrates have certainly improved (the 18 most-recent scenes also have slightly higher res) to make the scenes look just good enough for full screen on my 17" screen. Nothing spectacular, just enough that I can enjoy them without being bothered by the too blurred image of the earliest scenes.
Spectacular is reserved for the two scenes each month that are made available in 720x480.

The scenes are well-lit and well-shot, sometimes the scene has a set-up sometimes it doesn't, the scene are mostly set somewhere in a house and consist of a pair of girls (except for one threesome) kissing, sucking, groping, rubbing and worshipping each other while they gradually undress. When the girls get to tribbing or fingering each others pussies (while kissing of course) you will at most get a brief glimpse of a pair of pussy lips, which is probably what makes the scenes not hardcore, but the scenes are so hot that whether it's properly categorized as hard or soft is just semantics in my opinion.
Besides the passion, the kissing, and the natural focus it puts on the girls' tongues, is what I find particularly attractive about this site. A pair of girls working those soft slippery things - yummy! Tongue sucking is probably my new favourite thing to behold, it's just incredible.

Girls with long tongues are naturally popular on a site like this and when a model is found who performs well, she'll usually appear in multiple scenes (E.g. Sammie Rhodes is in 8 scenes, Samantha Ryan 6, Brynn Tyler 6 and so on).

Since I joined 28th April, only 6 new scenes have been added. There is only two membership types, both cost the same: One month recurring and one month non-recurring, the latter because the site is clearly aware that most people won't stay members for months.

Access to downloading the scenes (and a free DVD if you decide to order some DVDs) is all that comes with the membership. Everything else you can use and view also as a non-member: The forum, blog, model index, VOD and DVD store, scene descriptions, what scenes are available in high quality this month etc.
The forum is an excellent place to give your suggestions for the site and you'll usually receive a reply from the webmaster.

If this had been just another site with run-of-the-mill generic content, then the cons would have meant a much harsher rating, but the site's content is such a pleasure to watch that it more than compensates for the mostly just passable quality of the videos. Higher video quality is the one thing that this site is really missing in my opinion. But still, any fan of lesbians should definitely pay it a visit.

07-12-09  03:02am

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Visit Jessica Jaymes XXX

Jessica Jaymes XXX

No Review.
04-18-09  12:21am

Visit Club Regan Reese

Club Regan Reese

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *29 exclusive scenes: 12 BG, 6 GG, 6 group and 5 solo scenes available for download and streaming. Length is from 10-30 minutes. Old camshows are also available, currently there is 11 shows.

*54 exclusive photo sets: 6 BG, 14 GG, 3 group and 31 solo sets. Average number of photos per set is about 60. Resolutions from 600x900 to 3000x4000. The sets can be downloaded as zip-files.

*Regan Reese looks as good as always, if you like tattoos you'll love her.

*The sex is overall good, Regan Reese always performs well.

*3-4 camshows per month.

*4-5 blog updates per month, in which she writes about various topics, mostly related to shoots for her site, other projects she's involved in, and expos and parties she has attended.

*Layout is okay: The main site has links to the most recent and most popular updates, as well as a few small previews of the next updates along with dates for these. The top menu gives you access to the archives of the various content the site offers.
Cons: *Except for two scenes, the video quality is average at best. 4 are in 320x240; 1 is in 800x600 (but bitrate is only 1,100 kbps so movements look jerky); 2 are in 720x480 with a high bitrate of 2,000+ kbps; the rest are a mix of 480x360, 640x480 and 720x480 with bitrates from 800-1,200 kbps.

*Apart from the titles, the scenes and photo sets have no descriptions.

*There is a search function, but since you can only search the titles it's not much use.

*In a few of the photo sets the order of the pictures is muddled up and in a few of the movies you can't jump back and forth, you have to watch from beginning to the end.

*I'm not a regular member of solo sites, so I'm uncertain how much can be expected, but personal interaction seems limited here: Just the blog and the camshows.
Bottom Line: As I mentioned in the comment I made to ace of aces, I feel a little underwhelmed by the site and that is primarily to do with the low video quality. There is only three download options: WMV, iPod and Flash. The four scenes in 320x240 with ~500 kbps are next to useless, the rest is better, but not great.
Resolutions not withstanding, the scenes are quite good (except for two BG scenes that pretty much consist of Regan kicking a guy in the balls, in return he get to grope her ass a little. Not really my thing. ;-)). Sometimes the scenes start with Regan telling about a fantasy she has had, which is then acted out; sometimes it's normal set-ups like at Brazzers and Naughty America (like screwing the guy who's there to repair her pool); and sometimes the action just starts immediately.

Photo sets are okay, and you can download them zipped, they range in size from only one(!) photo to 355 pictures. The solo and GG sets are those I like the best (Regan is hot :D), for BG action I prefer videos. The sets look fine to me, both technically and content wise, some are rather soft others are full blown hardcore.

I haven't been a member of that many solo model sites, so I'm not sure what to expect from the camshows, blogs and other personal interaction. The camshows seems to consist of her chatting with members, showing off various parts of her body and masturbating.
You can comment her blog entries, but either no one has done that yet or you can't see other people's comments...
And that's it for personal interaction on this site, I can't find any email address, forum or anything else.

The site layout, as mentioned, is nice and clean. You have the short cuts to the most recent and the most popular videos and galleries as the site's centrepiece.
In the top menu you can pick to browse one of the video categories (BG, GG, group, solo, camshow) separately or all of them at once, you can do the same with the photo galleries. Also in the top menu are links to her blog, a store where you can bid on various pornstars' lingerie (though none of it is Regan's at present), her camshows (no date has been set for the next one yet), her friends (currently that's just Jessica Jaymes' similar site, but on her blog you can read that soon Crista Moore will also have a site in their little network.) and a video-on-demand page where you can buy and rent DVDs.
All the content is dated so you can see when it was added, the site averages about three updates per week.

Overall for Regan Reese fans, if above-average videos are what you're looking for, then you're bound to be as disappointed as I was when I joined, on the other hand if pictures are your thing then I think the site is a little more worthwhile.
I give the site a 76, the video quality is too poor and personal interaction perhaps too limited for an unconditional recommendation.

Feel free to ask and comment as much as you like, all comments will be appreciated. :-)

04-07-09  10:44am

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Visit Goth Rock Girls

Goth Rock Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *25 exclusive scenes: 2 solo and 23 girl-girl, length from 13-23 minutes, all scenes offered in a 960x540 resolution and 2,500-4,000 kbps.

*I'm no expert on goths, but I'll call this "goth light". The girls' looks are stunning, but they're pretty much all regular porn stars who has been given a goth makeover.

*The sex is overall above average, the girls seem into it, has a little more intensity than an average lesbian scene, good varied action both with and without toys.

*Easily navigable (the site's small size helps in this regard): Ever present at the top of the page is a link to a behind-the-scenes section with 10 clips, a customer service link, and a link to the network main site. The rest of the members' area is used for the scenes spread across four pages with descriptions and download options for each scene.
Cons: *Apparently doesn't update, if it does it's very irregular.

*Scenes have no date for when they were added, only exception is the "new" update from 5th February 2009.

*No update log or schedule on the site itself. The network main site has a log with the 25 most recent updates, but it's for the whole 40-site-network.

*Only twelve 960×540 pictures per scene, and they look like frame grabs, so this is not for picture lovers.

*As mentioned under pros, while the girls' looks are great, at most two or three are real goths and I'm not even certain about those.
Bottom Line: Goth Rock Girls (GRG)

First of all the rating I've given only takes the GRG site itself into account, I gave the other network sites a quick glance but while there is a lot (the network claims to have almost 3,800 scenes & 500,000+ pictures and that's probably about right) and some of it seems interesting, it's all streaming-only and the pictures, if they aren't flash, can only be downloaded one at a time.

Now back to GRG, the scenes are offered either in parts or as full movie in the following qualities:
"HD" with a 960x540 resolution and 2.500-4,000 kbps; "Standard" with the same resolution but the bit rate is about 1,100 kbps; "Low" with a 640x360 resolution and a 635 kbps; as well as options for iPhone and iPod.
The 23 lesbian scenes includes one foursome and five threesomes, while one of the two solo scenes includes masturbating with a gun made of glass. Total runtime for the 25 scenes amounts to about 7+ hours.
A scene usually has little build-up, it starts with a little chitchat between the girls, but quickly moves on to the kissing and screwing. Generally the scenes are well-shot, lighting is good and an attempt has been made to give the sets a stereotypical goth touch (I.e. black sofas, black bed linen, dark blue curtains, candlelights). Music plays throughout the scenes, but I don't find it too distracting.

As I mentioned above, I'm no expert on goths, but the girls, though not real goths, look great with the striped purple/pink/blue/black stockings, matching armwarmers and hair extensions, piercings, tattoos, etc.
The following models appear on the site: Scarlett Pain, Kissy Kapri, Savannah Stern, Lola Banks, Amber Rayne, Hailey Young, Mya McKay, Kayden Faye, Holly Wellin, Kira Silver, Tricia Oaks, Kelly Skyline, Stephanie Cane, Nikki Rhodes, Alexa Jordan, Vanessa Lynn, Scar13 and Superna.

Of course the big con for GRG is that the site doesn't seem to be updated: The newest update, at the time of this review, is from early February 2009 (was apparently shot as far back as 31st of July 2008 according to the beginning of the clip) and it doesn't seem like an awful lot has happened since the last time I was a member, about seven months ago.

All in all, if you like lesbians and/or the goth look and haven't visited this site before, then I can recommend giving it a visit, but if you have been a member before at some point then I don't think there's enough news here to warrant a revisit.
A real shame really, it would be great to see girls like Regan Reese and Roxy Deville on this site. And I would love to give the site a higher rating, but in its current state I feel that more than 79 (for people who haven't been a member before) and 60 (for people who have been a member before) would be too much.

Feel free to ask if there's anything that's unclear, all comments will be appreciated.

03-31-09  10:44am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *A wide range of fantasies, reasonably well-acted by porn standards, are used as set-ups for the action.

*The scenes have a very pleasant atmosphere: The actresses aren't degraded, slapped around, forced to choke on the dicks till they're about to puke, anal-DPed or any of that more extreme stuff.

*Photo sets and user reviews for each scene give you a good basis to decide whether a scene is something for you.

*Update schedules are posted each week, so you can see who will be appearing in what fantasies in the ~dozen new scenes added every week.

*No bias towards a particular type of model, here's both teens and matures; big boobs and small breasts etc.
Cons: *I know there is limits to how much variation is possible in porn, but the action can sometimes seem a little formulaic with the same positions being used in many scenes.

*All scenes added after ~March 2007 are offered in a 2k 720x540 resolution and it looks good, but I'm missing a really super high ridiculously good quality HD option. And the farther back in time you go the video quality obviously doesn't get better, but you have to get really far back before it's unbearable.

*The network has very few lesbian scenes, but other NA-subscribers didn't utter interest when staff inquired about it on the NA-forum, so it's unlikely to change. A shame I think.
Bottom Line: I really like this site and can heartily recommend to anyone who enjoy watching various fantasies acted out.
First time I joined Naughty America it was because I longed for a little more story/context/background to the action than just people being paid to have sex in front of a camera, in this regard the nice sets doesn't hurt either compared to the cheap motel room or the abandoned warehouse with a couch up against the wall found in some gonzo porn, and this need they fulfilled quite aptly. But it isn't just that, which makes me come back from time to time: it's also the nice atmosphere in the scenes, the variety in actresses (the fact that they wear glasses in many scenes is just icing on the cake :D) and the generally good quality of the action.
Search options to find exactly what you want are excellent (e.g. finding all the scenes involving say the boss's daughter or all the scenes that take place in a bowling alley is only a few clicks away) and in general the site is easy to navigate around.

I'm missing the HD videos and some lesbian scenes done NA's way, but while the latter is sadly unlikely, the former will probably come around sooner or later.
The action can sometimes become a little repetitive if you watch a lot of scenes, especially if it's the Housewife 1-on-1 P.O.V. scenes, but usually it doesn't bother me and I'm not that adventurous when it comes to positions anyway. All in all the pros far outweigh the few cons.

Feel free to ask if there's anything that's unclear, all comments will be appreciated.

03-30-09  12:00pm

Replies (2)

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