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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I like variety in life and that's why I say all of the above.

02-09-14  06:17pm

N/A Reply of pornwatcher's Poll

I picked it depends because I'd rather both be included in the scene and I always think it's too bad when only one is but I think cunnilingus is more stimulating for me because I'd rather watch the woman get pleasured than the guy.

02-07-14  09:55am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have watched some in the past but I don't find it very sexually stimulating.

02-05-14  10:47am

Visit XX Cel

XX Cel
Reply of fiou's Reply

If we were talking real life than you'd be correct that 80% is a high score but you have already done a review so you must know what each score means when it comes to the way TBP/PU scores things. If you didn't pay attention when you did your review than here it is. As you can see 80% is a borderline score because the reviewer would have relegated this site to a might recommend by removing one single point from his/her final score. As toy can see sites scored in the 70's a site that are 50/50 when it comes to the finish prodcut

100 Perfect Site is perfect, could do little to improve. Top recommendation.
90-99 Excellent Site is near perfect, best in it's class. Highly recommended.
80-89 Very Good Enjoyable site, but could improve in key areas. Recommended.
70-79 Average Does some things good, some things poor. Might recommend.
60-69 Needs Work Does more things wrong than right. Low recommendation.
50-59 Poor Site Offers very little, needs serious work. Not recommended.

02-04-14  11:48am

Visit XX Cel

XX Cel
Reply of fiou's Comment

I don't know why the reviewer gave the site an 80% score but you can always check out his review and see where what he wrote is incorrect.
I'd say that 80% is not a high score since it's really a borderline moderate score. Upper 80 or above is a high rating but as it stands this site was only one point away from being in the 70's and those sites must be joined knowing that it does quite a few things wrong.

TBP/PU offer quite a few sites with a higher score than this one so maybe you could look at those.

02-03-14  04:47pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

No I leave that to the professionals.

02-03-14  09:19am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of fackjack's Review

You are entitled to your opinion and this is your review but you lose credibility when you give a high rated site such a low score and don't put the facts to support your score. As it stands we have no idea what happened to sour you toward this site and your review is so vague that no one ever will.

02-01-14  09:53am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Screen resolution is what I use to determine if it's HD or not.

02-01-14  09:43am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It really depends on the site but impulse buys are now rare for me because I got burned in the past and I'm more cautious. That and the fact that there are so few true new sites that it's really hard to impulse join any of them.

01-30-14  05:57pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I don't watch football. In fact I can't say that I watch any sports except for the odd hockey game but that is a must for Canadians.

01-24-14  05:57pm

Visit Club Red Light

Club Red Light
Reply of TheMan's Review

I wish I hadn't read that last part of your review because I feel bad for you. You really should have posted a question prior to joining this mess because I could have told you that it was not worth it. The Redlight District Studio has been dead for probably 4 years now so there's no way you can still be getting new stuff from them. I'd also like to point out that many other sites have their library of movies so joining those is a gar better deal and cheaper.

01-22-14  05:28pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I picked no but I honestly can't say whether it does or doesn't because I rarely know that kind of information. I don't try to find out personal stuff like that because it might affect how I feel.

01-22-14  05:23pm

Visit X-Art

Reply of XArt's Reply

You may have noticed that I recently reviewed your site and I gave it a very good score and I tried to stay as impartial as possible. I'll amend my review to reflect the changes regarding video format. MP4 is the format I look for when I want to download videos so I'm glad you are sticking with this one.

01-21-14  05:42pm

Visit X-Art

Reply of streamingeagle's Comment

I can't say that this bothers me because I find mp4 to be superior to WMV and the files are usually smaller but U hope this is temporary if only because some people may still want to use WMV. I could see them stopping to update in WMV but why remove the files when they were already offered in that format.

Thanks for the info.

01-20-14  02:42pm

N/A Reply of Capn's Reply

Since tan lines means that the woman wore some type of bathing suit than they must be a little bit healthier than the ones without. Not by much of course but I don't believe that those without tan lines are staying inside while their friends are outside getting tanned.

01-20-14  02:38pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Being a huge fan of 70's and 80's movies than of course I love tan lines. I have to agree with Cybertoad that these really only look good on women with natural breasts and preferably if they have small C cups or smaller. Who can forget Stacey Donovan who probably never shot one scene without tan lines.

01-20-14  02:33pm

Visit DVD Tube

DVD Tube
Reply of pantsmulligan's Reply

At least you did your homework before joining which is what I was hoping you had done. I would probably have done the same as you in this case. Now you know something important about CC processor. It really doesn't matter which one you use because they are not a guarantee that you won't get shafted by the site itself. I learned that the hard way. I hope you do a full review of the site because it doesn't have a recent one and I don't think TBP plan son reviewing it which means yours would be the go to for reference.

01-20-14  03:26am

Visit DVD Tube

DVD Tube
Reply of pantsmulligan's Comment

I'm always curious to know the thought process someone goes through to pick a site like this when there are clearly so many similar ones that are superior to it. Does this site have certain movies that VideosZ or Videobox did not have because I didn't see them. The search option are piss poor because I didn't see anywhere to search by studio which is very important in a site like this.

I feel bad for you because no one likes to get cheated out of their money and I'm glad you are warning others but in future you should use the resources that TBP/PU offer people looking for porn. If you had simply asked whether it was a good idea to join this site then I and others would have told you no.

01-19-14  09:35am

Visit WCP Club

WCP Club
Reply of graymane's Reply

I'm a big fan of interracial porn and I always try to find new places to download that kind of porn. There aren't many sites/studios that shoot interracial porn on a regular basis. That's why this site with all that is wrong with it gets a better score than it might deserve.

01-17-14  07:52am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Websters definition for acting is: The art or profession of performing the role of a character. this is not what a model does. That doesn't mean that I don't see where Denner is coming from but I don't consider what a model does as acting so much as posing.

After all no one thinks that a model who's wearing a business suit in a court room photo is a lawyer but we do if we see that same model wearing that same suit during a movies court room scene. Mind you that last part rarely happens because most models can't act. The best examples of that are all those models that tried their hand at acting.

I can count on my hand the number of models who were able to have an actual acting career.

01-16-14  10:14am

Visit WCP Club

WCP Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusif and it's dated.
+You get access to 95 dvd or 565 scenes.
+They offer more than 400 models that showcase different ethnicities and age groups.
+One of the few sites that has all interracial content.
+You can use a download manager.
+Videos can be downloaded in 3 format from low to high def. Resolution for SD is 720x404 and HD is 1280 x 720.
Cons: -Downloads speeds are really bad becasue a 500MB scene takes about 5 to 8 minutes to download.
-You only get access to a tiny portion of the entire WCP library.
-No clue what their update schedule is because I haven't seen one new dvd in the last 8 days.
-They don't update with a complete dvd but add scenes over many days.
-Surfing the site is not easy because the back button always brings you the main page and you lose your search options.
-For some reason their pages down resize to fit the screen so you have to scroll left to right to see everything.
-Part of all their pages are dedicated to advertising.
Bottom Line: *This is the second site owned by Manica Media that I have joined and both have the same cons mentioned above. Luckily this site has one thing the other didn't have and it's that their content can only be found on streaming sites so joining this one is a great deal on that front. Of course the downside for anyone wanting to download all their movies is that one month is not likely to be enough unless download speeds increase. I don't need hyper speed but it shouldn't take 5 minutes to download a video.

*I'm a huge fan of West Coast movies so getting access to part of their library is good news but it also really sucks that you only get access to a small part of it. If they at least added 2 or more movie per week then I would be happy but if this site does what Pinko did then I don't expect to see any new movie while I'm a member. I'm not even sure if they will add a new one each week. They certainly haven't done so since I've been a member.

*They should take some time and do some major tweaking to their site design. I shouldn't have to scroll left and right to see everything, the most recent stuff should always be on the main page, you should be able to use the back button from any page to the previous one as opposed to be sent to the main all the time and I shouldn't have to push out of the way a window to cam sites. You want to advertise cam shows then do it on a separate page.

**If you like hardcore interracial porn and you don't mind staying more than one month(that or you are only looking for part of the library) then you should be happy with this site. Of course you also have to be okay with the cons.**

01-15-14  11:33am

Replies (4)
Visit Harmony Vision

Harmony Vision
Reply of stingerxxx's Review

The only site that I think is partially worth joining is WCP Club and the reason why I say that is because you can't find any place where you can download West Coast movies for a low cost. Most of the big streaming sites have WCP movies but you have to be rich to even consider downloading their movies because they are more expensive than buying the dvd. I'll post a review of WCP Club maybe today or tomorrow so that you have an idea what you are getting for your money.

01-14-14  10:12am

N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

Probably my biggest pet peeve are those sites that generate their own passwords because they tend to always be funky weird and hard to remember but not far behind are those sites that have a pop-up log in window. The biggest reason why I don't like the pop-up window is partly because of my pet peeve regarding auto-generated passwords. It's happened more than once that I joined a site that had the auto-generated password and the pop-up window but where the log in info does not get copied to the pop-up window and that meant I had to log in to my email service to get that info.

01-14-14  10:00am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

It's always the face first and then I move down.

01-12-14  09:09am

Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt
Reply of martinlongbow's Reply

I'm not so sure that Sex and Submission or for that matter any of the other Kink sites have cut down on anal as much as they now hire such a wide variety of performers and some of these do not do anal so you know that if they are in any of the Kink sites then there will not be any anal. There have been a few of these on Everything Butt and I can remember one on bound gangbang who did not do anal and both sites by default have to at least include anal. I know the Bound Gangbang scene was not well received and Kink learned that they should never hire non-anal performers for a gang bang. It's somewhat different in the case of EB. If it's a non-anal performer in a two or more women scene then you know she will play the part of the dom who gives but never receives. Those aren't as bad because you still get anal but I usually feel cheated when the scene is advertised as starring a specific performer and she is not the one having anal sex.

I checked the number of anal VS non-anal scenes on S&S and out of the 50 latest scenes. I'd say about half or so are anal. Now out of the non-anal scenes you have 2 with Dani Daniels. She was a mostly g/g only performer until recently and she has always been a non-anal girl. Riley Reid has 2 scenes and she is also a non-anal girl so of course she won't do anal for Kink. Although it would be great to see more anal on S&S. The fact that they can hire some of the above performers is good news.

P.S: The only Kink site that is able to hire a wide variety of women willing to do anal is Everything Butt. They are even able to hire those that have never done anal elsewhere. I think the main reason is because it can be a women only scene and therefore very little danger of getting an STD.

01-11-14  11:47am

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