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Visit Hustler

Reply of slutty's Reply

What do you mean by artifacts?

DRM isnt the issue. There is no sign of DRM at all.

Alot of the mpg files...which are mainly used on the videos before 2 years ago...either freeze on me or they play and then stop abruptly at some point.

I have tried 3 different media players and get the same result. And I played other videos I have that arent from this site and they were just fine.

05-10-12  10:41pm

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I just reviewed the site, and instead of changing the score, Ill just say it here. TONS of videos I downloaded are now not working properly, even when I try to play them in different media players. I kind of think Hustler did this on purpose...or maybe they are just stupid and fucking lazy.

Either way, be extremely cautious. If you are looking to stream their vidoes, it may be worth joining, but there are other sites you can do that on. If you are looking to download, then youve been warned. Id personally suggest alternative means of getting their content.

Borderline scam IMO. Content may be good but everything else is meh or worse.

05-10-12  01:37pm

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Reply of MiztaBlu's Review

Just so everyone knows...I lowered the score 3 more points because several of the HQ scenes I downloaded had no sound at all.

IMO, the people who run this site are fucking lazy, and pay absolutely no attention to detail.

My suggestion...signup...grab as much as you can in a month and get out. There are simply too many better ways to spend your money.

Classic example of a site with alot going for it in terms of content, but just so mediocre in other areas due to pure laziness.

05-07-12  12:47am

Visit Hustler

Reply of RustyJ's Reply

Rusty...the Taboo stuff isnt my thing, but I checked it out and yes...there have been many updates it seems. At least they are dated as recent.

05-07-12  12:42am

Visit Hustler


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Updated: 05-09-12  09:05am  (Update History)
Reason: New Issues Arose
Pros: -ALOT of content from all their videos
-Varied content: Something for ALMOST everyone
-Teen lovers will get the most enjoyment.
-Multiple download options for most videos (WMV, QT, MP4, etc)
-Video quality is good-very good for most videos
-Regular updates by Hustler and various other studios
-Lots of popular and amateur porn starlets
-High quality pictures for some sites on the Hustler network
-Good download speeds
-Decent price
Cons: -MANY of the videos started to malfunction days after I downloaded them.
-ALOT of the scenes are mislabled or the wrong video is uploaded.
-NO SOUND AT ALL on alot of newer videos.
-Scene/DVD Navigation and setup is pretty awful
-Alot of older videos are stone age quality
-No true HD options
-Streaming can be annoying because often have to reload it to get it to play. At least I did.
-Videos dont have screen caps
-Majority of updates are videos you can find on other sites
-Some Hustler videos are shot very well while others look terrible
-Sound is out of sync in several videos (not too many though)
-Search engine sucks in some cases.
-No where to report minor issues with videos.
Bottom Line: UPDATE 5/9/2012: I lowered the score once again and I take back what I said about joining for a month. At this point, its hardly even worth that. Not because of content or updates because as mentioned, they are pretty good. Its the overall fuckin shittiness of how the site is run...from the videos to the site navigation. Hustler is a huge name in porn and you would expect something better, but you dont really get it

The main reason I lowered the score was because over the last few days (my subscription ended today) alot of the videos I downloaded went bad...either they lost sound or they would stop playing mid way through. And I seriously doubt the issue is on my end because I havent had issues with any other videos from other places.

UPDATED Bottom line: It may still be worth A month, but do so with caution. I will not be joining this site ever again. Better ways to spend money that on a site ran with such little care.

This is a hard site to grade, because some of my cons may not be cons to everyone. BY FAR, the biggest issue with this site is the fact that so many scenes are either mislabled or they dont have the right scenes uploaded. They have each movie divided into scenes. There were several movies I checked out where every scene on that movie was the same...meaning they accidentally (I think anyway) uploaded the same scene from a particular movie. That pissed me off because there were scenes I wanted and couldnt get for that reason.

This issue alone knocked 10 points off for me.

And while there is customer service, there should be somewhere on the video pages where you can report a problem. Im not going to email tech support with every issue I found with the videos.

Beyond that, there are only minor gripes. Hustler has a good lineup of movies and scenes, especially for guys who like teens and 20 somethings.

There is alot to like and they do alot well, but there are issues with the setup of the site that are really annoying. They even just changed it up and I thought they may have improved things, but while the site now looks sleeker, the navigation is still just as bad if not worse for movies and scenes. Not that you cant find what you are looking for, but its poorly done IMO. The search engine is pretty crappy too. I did searches for certain porn stars and they never showed up in the search, even though I knew they had scenes on the site.

Bottom line: This site is definitely worth a month at least, especially if you like teens and 20 somethings. But I personally wont be staying longer than a month. The original updates just arent there enough and the mislabled/wrong upload thing annoys the fuckin shit out of me.

05-06-12  09:05am

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Monahan's Reply

Actually, I just kind of tossed out that number, but there are at least 5. One girl named Lexxy on the MonsterCurves site (believe she had another scene as well). There are a few chicks on MILFHunter, CumFiesta and 8thStreetLatinas who I havent seen elsewhere that are ridiculously hot.

So actually, its probably more than 5, but the reason I like them so much may also be because they havent shot anywhere else, and that rarity makes it more appealing.

And you are right on about the more natural girls than on the other sites, but I wouldnt know where to include that anyway, because many see that as a positive, and many see it as a negative. BIG POSITIVE for me though.

05-05-12  12:26pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Gorgeous Amateur Girls you dont really see anywhere else.
-Nice array of niches to cater to different tastes.
-Nice selection of download options (HD, standard, MP4)
-Consistent daily updates
-High quality videos (HD nice...standard looks good too on newer videos)
-Most of the male stars they hire are decent (except JMac IMO, but thats a personal preference)
-Good pictures and screencaps of every scene
-Multiple Membership options
-Good prices, especially for a year membership
-Alot of older videos remastered for better quality.
Cons: -Lacks "star power" (big name pornstars), which hurts it in some peoples eyes.
-Cameramen on some sites (mainly MilfHunter) are extremely annoying...STFU douchebag!!
-They remastered a bunch of older videos, but neglected to remaster alot of the more popular older videos, which I assume is to make people go get their DVDs if they want those in better quality.
-No update schedule IN TERMS OF WHO SPECIFICALLY will be on the sites. They have an update schedule for when each site is updated, but you never know who is coming up.
-No way to really interact with staff like NA and Brazzers has.
-They ruined a few sites IMO...InTheVIP, FirstTimeAuditions and to an extent, MILFHunter, because they changed the format of them without notice.
-Daily Download Limits- I THINK its like 5 GBs a day, which aint bad, but with the size of HD videos, Im sure it can annoy some people trying to catch up on some downloading.
Bottom Line: There isnt really a whole lot bad to say about RK. I know alot of people dont like them, but the reason Ive always liked this site is because they are good with updating the site regularly and they provide alot of really hot girls that you dont see elsewhere. RK shoots in Florida while most other companies shoot in Cali. Now, that does mean that RK doesnt get as many big time names, but I am fine with that because other sites offer that.

RK IMO has alot to offer if you can look past the lack of star power. There are 5 girls in particular on that site that I never seen anywhere else that were fucking amazing.

And while I dont love all of their updates and sites, I do enjoy most of them. They provide a wide array of different tastes. I am a fan of black girls and RoundandBrown is one of the very few, original, black girl sites that is updated consistently. Go find me black girls on NA and Brazzers....few and far between. RK offers, that, latinas, Euros, Brazillians, MILFs, teens, lez and others. None of the other sites offer ALL of that.

In the end, it will come down to what YOU like which will determine how much you enjoy RK. Its not perfect, but its easily one of the better network sites out there and neck and neck with NA and Brazzers IMO.

I highly recommend it to anyone who has a wide array of tastes and isnt too hung up on seeing big named stars all the time..

05-04-12  11:12am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of messmer's Reply

Haha...its all good. Everyone has their own tastes. Thats why there are so many niches that cater to everyone.

03-26-12  06:50am

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of messmer's Reply

Seriously? I guarantee they dont have Brazzers beat on fake tits. The reason I am no longer at Brazzers is because thats all they use. NA does use a good bit, but at least they use girls like Victoria Lawson, India Summers, Lizzy London, etc.... often and not just all big fake tit girls like Brazzer always does outside of their teen site.

And to be fair, most of the girls in the industry have big fake tits, especially the ones based out of Cali, where NA shoots. Bang Bros and RK shoot mostly in Florida I believe, which is why they rack up alot of amateurs that dont have boob jobs.

Anyway, not trying to change your mind...just wanted to bring up a few points. Although I think Btazzers, NA and RK are all quality sites, I think BangBros is awful and has been for years. To each their own, though.

03-25-12  11:43am

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of Gazette Risque's Reply

No...Live shows are no longer part of NA, but you cant really blame them. While alot of people liked the Live shows, there wasnt quite enough interest and thus incoming revenue to keep it going. The cost to do those Live shows isnt cheap so they had to cut their losses.

I personally dont care for Live shows, but I know alot of people like them. Doubt they come back to NA though.

03-25-12  08:47am

Visit All Adult Pass

All Adult Pass

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of sites with plenty of content
-Most sites offer picture sets of the videos
-Alot of content is from Lethal Hardcore, which is usually good stuff.
- Sound quality for most videos is fine (namely, its clear and in sync with what is happening)
-Multiple download options - Hi Def for most newer vids (although not 1080 or even 720 I dont think), as well as standard def and low quality stuff for those with slow connections.
-TBP Discount for 9.99 is well worth it. I went to cancel after a month and they reduced my price to 5.99, so Ive been a member ever since.
-Girls on most sites are hot
-Some of the content is original and hard to find
-Something for everyone (Teen, Milf, anal, DP, black girls, latin girls, asians, tranny, etc...)
-Easy to cancel
Cons: - They seem to try to pull a fast one on customers with their updates. Alot of their videos they posted before, they will bump up and claim they were just uploaded. There are some solid updates and alot of content, but seems very shady. Guess they are trying to trick new customers, but once youve been there awhile, you catch on.

-Site Layout looks like something from the early 2000s
- Navigation can be annoying. No good search feature so you just roam around.
- While there are alot of sites, Id say at least half are pretty shitty, at least to me.
-Cant filter out sites you dont wanna see. For instance, they have alot of tranny content, and when I look around, that shit pops up alot, and I really have no interest seeing that.
Bottom Line: TBP's review in this case was very accurate by my account. The site has enough content and is cheap enough that its worth checking out.

There really isnt alot to add that isnt in my pros and cons and from what TBP said. The only real hangups about this network are the layout (like I said...very generic and outdated) and the fact that they try to fool customers by bumping old updates. Dont get me wrong, they do update and there is enough quality content that its worth at least a month or two, but I really dont know who they think they are fooling.

Bottom line: Its definitely not the best network out there, but from a cost/value perspective, its worth a look-see. You may like it enough to stay longer than a month, but if you dont, its not like you wasted alot of money. There are a ton of worse sites out there that charge 30 bucks a month.

***If you feel like I left something out, let me know what you'd like to see in future reviews or what more youd like to know about this one. Feedback is welcomed. Thanks.

03-25-12  05:35am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Top notch content
-Hottest women in the industry
-Nice variety of girls TO AN EXTENT (See cons)
-Good lighting and camera work for the most part
-Great download speeds
-HD videos and standard both look really good
-Nice location variance
-13 Updates a week
-HUGE collection
-Staff very receptive to suggestions
-Fully Downloadable content
-No daily download limit (at least I dont think)
Cons: -HD videos arent as good as other sites, but not bad
-While they offer a better variety of hot girls than Brazzers and BangBros, they still dont seem to use enough ethic girls. Mainly all white chicks
-Site ideas are basically all the same, but not a big deal.
-SOMETIMES scenes randomly disappear, but its pretty rare
-Older videos, aside for some remastered scenes, look pretty rough by todays standard.
-May be too soft for some
Bottom Line: Overall, in my opinion, NA is the best of the big 4 networks (NA, Brazzers, BangBros and RK) at this point in time (March 2012). Obviously, opinions vary, but I love what they are doing right now. I am not into the super hardcore stuff, so this stuff is right up my alley. A few years ago I was really on the fence about them and thought they were heading downhill, but they really upped the production value and dont hire uggos or grandmothers anymore. All the girls they hire are either very in demand or hot up and cummers.

I seen the previous review before this one, and I have to comment on it briefly. Yes, this site wont appeal much to those who are into the super hardcore stuff, but IMO, its silly to judge a site for something it doesnt try to be. NA is like the Playboy of hardcore porn. Its fairly straight forward and regular, but thats what it sets out to be. The preview area of the site doesnt suggest in anyway that its anything other than that, so I cant see how people can complain that its not hard enough. Thats like walking into Kentucky Fried Chicken and getting pissed because they wont serve you a hamburger.

NA is great for what it is. If you are into harder stuff, there are many other sites that will appeal to your tastes better. But it does annoy me when people complain about a site not doing something it never claims it does. It would be one thing if they promised "extreme hardcore porn", but they dont.

Beyond that, the only real complaints I have is that it doesnt offer more ethnic women. No, they dont promise that either, but when it comes to girls, its a bit different. Even their Latin site hardly gets updated anymore.

Bottom line: If you are into basic, straight forward hardcore porn that isnt over the top, but offers high quality content regularly and consistent updates, this site is absolutely for you. But if you love the real raunchy hardcore (regular DPs, gaping, etc...), do not join...and if you do, well, go order a hamburger at KFC.

03-24-12  06:23am

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Visit Sweet Sinner

Sweet Sinner

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good offering of original content
-Nice Download speeds
-HD videos look fantastic
-Hot models
-Network overall offers good content
-Download speeds are great
-Well organized for the most part
-Easy to cancel
Cons: -Site layout can be annoying, but nothing too bad.
-Relatively small compared to many other sites
-Updates seem kind of slow, but still decent
-Not for those who like real hardcore stuff. Its about the softest hardcore porn content out there.
Bottom Line: Not much to complain about here. I saw several Sweet Sinner videos via a Pay Per View site and thought they were great, although if you are into the really hard shit, Id avoid it. This porn is more sensual and intimate and I really dig that and I highly recommend this site to anyone who does. Its a pretty small site compared to similar sites, but all content is original and has a good production value, and the site is still updating, albeit slowly. The networks its a part of only has 4 sites, but they are pretty good as well and has something for everyone.

Highly recommended. Would be a higher score if the site was a bit larger.

*Let me clarify that each site does update once a week, but it seems slower because there are only 4 sites.

03-24-12  05:57am

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Visit Download Pass

Download Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Has some studios/videos alot of sites dont have
-Decent quality, but no real HQ options
-Lots of updates, but many are cheap porns you can find in a dollar bin at a porn shop.
-Large collection (atlhough most are available elsewhere on the net)
Cons: -Shitty DL speeds
-Poor sound encryption for nearly all videos
-Videos arent even as HQ as they claim
-Most videos can be found elsewhere
Bottom Line: 3-24 EDIT: Okay, so I got a thumbs down yesterday because the guy claimed my reviews didnt have much info, so I tried to add more to this. However, there really isnt much to add. I hit all the main points. This site is fairly "what you see is what you get" for the most part. I just tried to inform some of what the wont see until they join. There really isnt any picture sets or other frills to talk about, and I cant talk about production quality of scenes and stuff because its not orginai content and completely varies from video to video, unlike a review for a specific company like Brazzers, NA, Hustler, etc....whose videos are all from them and the production values are about the same.

So if you believe I didnt include much info in this review...now you know why.


Basically, I signed up to this site because Ive always been a fan of the Simon Wolf videos and there arent that many sites that offer them downloadable these days all at one place.

The fact its very cheap is a saving grace, but unless you are like me and want some videos that cant be found easily elsewhere, your money is better spent elsewhere. I can DL at most sites at 2MB per second, yet on this site I only DL at 350 KB. And the sound qualtiy on most videos is terrible. Almost all the videos I DLd, the sound wasnt in sync with the action. Its not a killer but its fucking annoying.

Bottom line: Back in 2005, this may have been a great site. Now...there are many other video sites that offer more videos, of better quality for just as cheap or slightly more. This site simply isnt worth paying money for given all the other options these days.

03-23-12  10:30am

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Visit Black Men Digital

Black Men Digital


First off, let me just say that the content this site offers has little to do with this. The content wasnt bad, but wasnt what I expected either. Some hot girls, but you can find better pictures of these girls elsewhere.

No...the issue is that this site is run by thieves. I joined a couple months ago and after about a month, I wanted to cancel...but you needed your username and password to do so. I lost my password so I wanted to retrieve it. They do not have an auto retrival to get a lost password so you have to email them.

I email them and ask for my password. No one responds and my membership renews. Not happy about it, but Im like...okay.

So...a few days later, my auto login info disappears and now I cant even login to the site. So, I email them again. No reply. Then...I try a different site which I guess is their billing department. I filled out and online troubleshoot and got nothing back from them. The also have a supposed "live help" service, but the problem is...NO ONE IS EVER ON IT". I checked it everyday for 2 weeks at various times of the day....never on.

After sending several more emails and not hearing shit back, I had to cancel my credit card to stop the billing (I know I couldve probably got the bank to block the charge or something, but I didnt feel like discussing my porn subscription with them).

Bottom line...if you do join this site, keep your username and password nearby, and pray you dont need anything from their customer service department, because it doesnt exist or its run by fuckin idiots and lazy douchebags.

I personally try not to join any site with poor customer service. I would recommnend not even giving them the time of day. The content isnt that great and its pretty evident that they want you to run through hoops just to cancel.

Save your time and money and join a better site, and get better pictures of all the girls they offer elsewhere online.

EDIT: And just to add...its Swankpass's customer service. They dont answer shit. Their other sites are a joke and a ripoff as well. Stay away!

07-12-11  05:27pm

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Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of james4096's Reply

Id personally rather see it upgraded to be on par with top notch networks like NA and Brazzers, but since that will probably never happen, I wouldnt care if that did happen, because I will never give that company another cent unless they show some kind of miraculous improvement.

07-31-10  12:04am

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of pat362's Reply

Maybe I will sometime, but at this time, I will stay with this. Id basically be saying the same thing in the review anyway, just in a little better detail.

07-28-10  07:07pm

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass


I think I give pretty fair and accurate reviews. Not everyone may feel the same, but I at least can give prospective members an idea of what they can expect.

This site is so bad, it doesnt even warrant a real review. The saddest part is that alot of the content is actually really hot and they are still updating. If it was a defunct site that went out of business years ago, that would be one thing, but its merely a site that seemingly has the resources to make hot content and put out DVDs regularly, but obviously does not give a fuck about the online customers, which is the most important thing.

The video encoding and quality is at least 6 years behind schedule, updates are pretty sporadic, customer service is terrible, the download limit is laughable and the overall experience is just extremely disappointing.

Bottom line, while the content is hot, everything else is WAY below standards. There are much better sites out there worth the money you'd put towards this crapfest.

07-28-10  03:30pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of Shasta90418's Comment

I recommend you contact their customer service or visit their message board, Naughty Country Club. They have issues once in awhile, but the customer service and tech team resolves it quickly in most cases. Good luck.

07-13-10  11:53pm

Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass
Reply of topbucksGina's Reply

Gina, thank you for the response, but that is not the experience I had. I tried several ways to contact customer service and never had any luck, and from what I gather, I am not the only one.

And please Gina, while I respect your courtesy, that nugget about the sites updating every week is a farce. Maybe you guys consider rehashing old scenes and making them look a little better "updates", but I dont? Why should people spend money on your site when many others offer BRAND NEW updates every week with no real restrictions? PV hasnt really offered any BRAND NEW updates recently.

And considering all of your companies current shortcomings, you guys still try to strongarm people into staying members. The better sites keep their members by offering new, quality updates week to week. You guys just remaster old scenes and re-release them. Not quite the same.

I will not be staying more than a month, because frankly, from my experience, it is not worth it. Maybe when your company actually starts putting out new scenes, I would give it more love. At this point, Pink Visual seems to me like a site that had alot of potential, but are now just trying to milk it for all its worth before shutting the doors altogether.

07-11-10  07:34am

Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Excellent Library of content
-Hot girls
-Original themes for sites you dont see elsewhere
-Videos being converted to HD.
-Fully downloadable (kind of)
-Good download speed, contrary to some reports.
Cons: -No new updates...just old videos remastered in HD, which doesnt really cut it for me.
-Customer service...*crickets*
-Company seems pretty sleazy overall (explained below)
Bottom Line: It was somewhat hard to review this site. While its not terrible, and has alot of potential, it seems the company just doesnt care anymore. From what I could tell, there hasnt been an ACTUAL update in over a year, at least from the sites I went to. They remastered most old videos into HD and they vids are high quality as well. There are alot of hot scenes I watched, mostly from CouplesSeduceTeens and WifeSwitch. There were other good sites, but these two were the best IMO, mainly because of the themes you dont see many places, at least not done as well.

On top of no real updates, what really pisses me off is how sleazy they seem. For one, the customer service is just not there. Seriously...click on customer support and the link is broken. Manage to find an email address to contact them and they never respond. Click on Live support and no one comes on. Basically, if you need help or have a question for them...sucks to be you.

Not to mention the pre checked sales on the sign up page. i always look for them, but its still fuckin stupid.

Finally, they seem to have a plan to try to keep you as a member. No, its not what the better companies do in offering quality updates week to week. No no...they pretty much restrict your access. When I first joined, I went and looked at alot of the videos before downloading them. Pretty much all of the videos except the really old ones were downloadable, but most of those old ones were also remastered and downloadable. Sounds good, right? Until a few days later when I went back, and only the first page of videos was downloadable, when before, they pretty much all were. Basically, they pulled the carpet from under me as well as the ability to download most of the content.

And of course, when I contacted them...I got nothing.

Also, download speeds were great for me. Looks like alot of people are saying it sucked for them, but mine was fast

Bottom line, it WAS a really good network of sites with huge potential, but is not managed properly and arent really updating anymore. Is it worth a month's access? Sure, but make sure you look around, because some links lead you membership pages that charge 39 bucks for access...some 29....I found mine for 20.

Also, if you join for a month, be warned about their non existent customer service. They wont help you, but apparently, they will fuck you over and take away full access for some reason.

I have a months membership. I am going to download as much as I can and never return unless they get their shit together. You can still download videos there even when they take the DL links away, but its a pain in the ass and uncalled for.

I cant strongly recommend this site, with sites like NA, Brazzers and even reality kings out there. If you can tolerate these problems, its worth a looksie, but not much more.

07-07-10  09:42am

Replies (3)
Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass
Reply of pat362's Reply

Wow...I didnt know that about the full access. Thats bullshit.

07-07-10  09:19am

Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass
Reply of pat362's Comment

I agree....thats why I trust user scores much more.

I will be doing a review soon as I am currently a member. The site definitely has some good content, but how you give an 85 to a site that doesnt post new updates anymore and has non existent customer service is horrible.

Shame on TheBestPorn....you just lost more of my confidence in you to give a well thought out, quality and unbias review.

06-30-10  10:45pm

Visit VideoBox


Horrible Customer Service

Ive been very generous in my reviews for VideoBox in the past. They offer good content at a reasonable price, and for the most part, that has not changed.

What I was not aware of was how awful their customer service is. When I purchased my 3 month membership awhile back, I had an issue with a few videos, and they never got back to me. I had my account to Brazzers hacked, so I emailed VideoBox asking if any other IP addresses had logged into my account. Again, no response.

Then, this past week, my membership renewed, but for some reason, I couldnt log on. So, I email them on Tuesday, and I get an automated email saying "This could be your issue...blah, blah, blah...please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond." So, I allow 48 hours to pass...no email (and yes, my spam filters allow their emails to get through). So, I email them again, telling them Ive already sent one email and got no response. I got the same automated email. I checked this morning and still god no frigging response.

So, right after that, I contacted CCBill and asked them if they could help. AN HOUR LATER, I got an email saying they refunded my money. I contacted VideoBox, told them to forget it, and that they just lost a customer for life.

I know this probably wont stop anyone from joining, but just so you know...BEWARE, their customer service is awful and pretty disrespectful if you ask me.

11-14-09  10:33pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

I post on the NA message board and talk to the staff. We were told that 13 updates is the norm and thats the way its been going for months. Maybe they dont say it on the membership page officially, but it was basically an unofficial confirmation.

And as I said, I dont care that they are doing this, but it is a drastic change, and while NA may not be a top site in your mind, it is (or at least was) to me. Maybe not always and maybe not in terms of video quality, but my tastes are pretty simple and they have always delivered quality scenes, in a timely manner, and were for the most part very interactive with the fans.

My biggest issue with them is that they make decisions to change the website and never give a heads up. Are they required to? No, but its good for business to let your customers know of any changes that may be coming.

You keep telling me about how other sites/artists/etc do this....does that make it okay? Its just away to make more money, and in NA's case, its a way to SAVE money so they dont have to shoot NEW scenes.

And on top of that, there is a huge difference. I paid a membership expecting one thing, but all of sudden, they cut the updates one week and say, "Oh, we cut updates without telling you so we can remaster scenes". People have the option of going out and buying new albums.

And your logic is incredibly flawed. McDonalds doesnt guarantee breakfast, but if they were to just take that off the menu completely one day because they wanted to focus on improving the regular menu, do you think people would be mad? Do you think they would have the right to be?

And Ill take that part down about the download limits. I copied and pasted alot of the stuff that I wrote in my new review.

05-23-09  10:46pm

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