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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Not sure what you are getting at. I never once claimed what you said wasnt accurate or that you werent entitled to your opinion. I simply said that NA is what it is, and they arent going to change. Ive been a member of NA for years and have requested new things, yet they do everything pretty much the same. Alot of things have improved, but they are still extremely straightfoward, but Id rather have that than a bunch of anal and DP stuff.

And actually, my comment wasnt even directly aimed at your review, but in general based on some of the stuff I read in the comments section.

03-18-13  03:05pm

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of jberryl69's Review

I respect if you didnt like the site, but this is what NA is, for better or worse. They are like the Playboy of hardcore porn. They are straight forward and yes, pretty vanilla, but thats personally how I like it. One of the commenters said that things need to change...in some ways they do, but not everyone wants to see anal and DPs....I personally hate both....so NA is great for my tastes, and for many others as well.

If its not your thing, so be it. There are alot of sites that cater to the things you seem to like.

03-18-13  01:47pm

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Addition to my review

I did a review last summer, and for the most part, I stand by my score and everything I said about the site. I recently joined again, mainly because I recently became a fan of picture sets. I commented on it last time, but after getting into the picture sets more, I have a few things to add...

+There are alot of cute girls that are softcore only, so the picture sets are often the only way to see some of these girls. I guess you could put this as a con aa well, but its a nice surprise.

+The vast majority of the girls, unlike on Karups Older Women, are at least moderated attractive, and most Id say are very attractive. There are approximately 1500 girls on the site, and Id say 1400 are pretty hot. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so that may vary both ways depending what you like.

-This site suffers from alot of the same downfalls as KarupsOW. Some of the photoshoots...even newer ones, are poorly shot. Whether its poor lighting, poor focus, or just poor direction, there are many sets than werent up to par. The biggest problem with these, like with Older Women, is the fact that they often focus way too much on vaginal shots. Like I said, I like pussy as much as any heterosexual male on this planet, but they show too many of the same shot and dont focus nearly enough on the rest of the girls body. There were several sets where they girl had a beautiful ass or just body in general, and they either focused way too much on cooter shots, or they kept the girl clothed. Some girls were completely ruined altogether because of horrible direction.

-The site has no consistency whatsoever in terms of the picture sets. Some of them arent labeled properly, so you have to create a seperate folder to download them too to keep track. Not a huge deal, but I dont what is so hard about being consistent and labeling the sets in the same format. And its not as if this just applies to older sets. Alot of newers sets arent labeled properly either.

-For some reason, some current picture sets arent in high def. I get older ones, but I was just looking at a few girls that were shot in late 2012 that didnt have high def photos. WTF? There are sets from 2010 and 2011 that are high def....but now, every fucking set should be shot in high def.

In conclusion...its still a quality site thats worth a look, but so many little things drag it down. These are all things that are correctable, but seeing as how they just repeat the mistakes over and over, Im not confident they will ever change.

02-25-13  09:55am

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 02-19-13  03:30pm  (Update History)
Reason: Needed to add new info
Pros: +ALOT of VIDEO content
+Videos cover alot of niches and cater to alot of tastes.
+Several download options.
+Their content can be found on other sites, but most of their videos, especially newer stuff, can only be found on their site.
+Comes with access to 3rd Degree Movies and Black Ice.
+Price is decent...not great.
+Updates fairly regularly.
Cons: -----Site navigation and design is beyond horrible. Seriously, this is amateur bullshit, and even most amateur sites have better design.
-Many times, Ive clicked on a movie, then clicked on a scene I wanted to see, only to be directed to a completely different scene.
-Video quality for many videos is shit. Not the definition, just many that were encoded extremely poorly.
-Customer service doesnt seem to care much.
-Have some picture sets, but they are poor quality and no zip file for them.
Bottom Line: UPDATE: Wow, so I wrote this review, and shortly after checked 3rd Degree, and they must have recently changed to the same shitty site design.

I bumped the score up to 70. The site design and navigation is dreadful, but you adjust to its crap factor.

I was just browsing the site and trying to look at different scenes, only to be redirected to scenes I wasnt looking for....even though the URL said it was the movie I clicked on.

I just had to do a quick review. I was going to review this, 3rd Degree and Black Ice together, but this one deserved its own review. The other sites are much better overall. ZTOD, however, must be run by incompetent assholes.

What annoys me the most is that a couple years ago when I was a member, the navigation was fine...much like 3rd Degree. NOW...its almost like they wanted to come up with a cool new layout for the site, but halfway through designing it they just said "fuck it!"....and we are left with this garbage. That, or they just decided to fuck things up for their customers on purpose, neither of which would really surprise me.

Bottom line: The only reason I recommned this at all is because you get 3rd Degree and Black Ice with it, so if you like their stuff, its worth a month. However, ZTOD is a mess. You can tinker with it while you are a member...maybe youll have better luck than I. But if you are joining mainly for the ZTod content, I strongly recommned you find other means of getting their content, because their site, while not a complete ripoff, is just not worth any kind of real investment. There are far better places to spend your money.

02-19-13  04:25am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Updated: 01-11-13  03:18am  (Update History)
Reason: Major Gripe
Pros: +Alot of content, both picture and video.
+Updated regularly, 13-15 per week the norm.
+Only the hottest and best known girls in the industry.
+Often get girls that are hard to get (Eve Lawrence, Karlie Montana, etc...)
+TRUE HD Video and Pics for most stuff newer than 3 years. Quality before that is good for its time, as well.
+Several video options
+Great site design and navigation
+Search function works fine (despite claims Ive seen to the contrary)
+Ability to favorite scenes and stars you like.
+Offers more niche porn than they have in the past, like Lesbian and DP.
-Good price/value

-ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL SITE SECURITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. See my comments below for more more info.
-Recently, they have deleted 250 or so scenes with no explanation whatsoever, despite being asked repeatedly.
-Not enough variety in terms of girls. They do get great talent, but tend to shot the same girls over and over and over. They hardly ever shoot any ethnic girls, but thats a problem alot of sites these days have.
-Too much anal these days. If thats your thing...good for you. Im not an anal fan and half of their updates any more are anal scenes.
-Male performers, partouclarly Kerian Lee are overused. He is a good performer, but he doesnt deserve to be shot that much.
-Picture previews on site are awful, because they dont show the whole picture in the preview frame.
-Pre checked sales on sign up page.
Bottom Line: UPDATE 1/11/2013:

So these fuckin incompetent pieces of shit just royally fucked me over.

I told you all about the issues I was having with my login around Christmas. That lasted about a week.

During that time, my account was charged 2.95 several times for live shows, which I dont even like and never watch.

So, after that happened, I contacted Brazzers online, and they told me I would have to take the charges up with my bank.

I did just that. I disputed the charges and was refunded for them.

Tonight,I go to login to my account, and Im told that my membership had expired. I wasnt happy about MORE tech issues, but I contacted them, thinking it would be an easy fix.

Once I do so, they fucking tell me that my membership is cancelled, my money is refunded, but I am banned from Brazzers FOR LIFE!!!!

Now, dont get me wrong, Brazzers can suck my nuts. If they arent going to let me pay for their content...roger that...

What pisses the fuck off is that its THEIR FUCKING UTTER INCOMPETENCE why this happened. THEY are the ones with piss poor security measures and get hacked every month, and THEY are the ones that charged me for things I never bought and THEY are the ones that told me to take it up with my bank. And then they tell me nothing can be done to fix it.

Fuck these assholes. Seriously. Give me my money back and Ill get what I want through other means.

Site Review....

Okay....so, let me just say that I have a storied history with Brazzers. If you ever read my last review...


You would see that I used to be a huge fan. Sadly, shortly after that review was written, my relationship with them went downhill. Here are three incidents that really soured me on Brazzers...

1) Late 2008: I signed up for a year and was charged the right price. The next month I was charged for ANOTHER yearly membership. I contacted their customer service and they kept insisting they had no record my previous membership. So, I disputed it with my bank, and it got cleared up and my money from the 2nd payment was returned. HOWEVER, immediately after that, I was not able to access the site, and customer service told me they still had no record. Again, I had to take it up with my bank, got my money returned, and not long after that, Brazzers contacted me apologizing and offered me a huge discount. It was fucked up, but I figured "why not?"

2) 2009 (forget when exactly): It was right around the time they brought out the "Brazzers Live" shit where you had to pay per minute, and the prices were ridiculous. And to purchase the time, apparently, you just needed an account and clicking "buy time" would automatically take it from your account. No further authorization, just access to the account. So, I wake up one day and find that I was charged $900 by Brazzers. Apparently, my account was hacked, and people just bought time without needing any extra authorization. Long story short, I got it fixed, but Brazzers still gave me the run around.

After my mebership expired, I left and didnt return until November 2012. Then, around Christmas...

December 26, 2012: My account got locked out. Okay...shit happens. I contact customer service, and get it fixed. Half hour later, Im banned again. I contact Brazzers again, rinse and repeat. It happens again shortly after. They continued to insist the problem was on my end and that I should run an antivirus and change my email passwords and shit, but not ONE of my other accounts had any other issues. NOT ONE, and further than that, the last time I had any issues like this was WITH FUCKING BRAZZERS 3 YEARS BEFORE!

Over the course of 5 fucking days, my account was locked out 11 times. There dumbfuck customer service told me the same shit over and over again. It wasnt until the 8th time or so that they finally tried something different and said it wouldnt happen again. But it still did a few times. It finally stopped, but what really pissed me off was the fact that they kept insistenting it was a problem on my end and that I had a fucking keylogger or something. Whats funny, is that Brazzers has been hacked more than once, and supposedly on December 23rd, which happened to be the last time I had logged on before the 26th due to Christmas.

So, there you have it. My disdain with Brazzers isnt their content. Content alone, Id give the site a 90. Its their shady ass business practices. Ive never had these issues with any other site Ive ever joined. Couple everything I just said with the fact that they deleted ALOT of scenes without warning, and they refuse to address why and if they are coming back.

Bottom line: Brazzers is a great site from a pure content standpoint. The biggest downfall is I dont fucking trust then at all. When my membership expires, thats the end of my relationship with Brazzers forever, barring some unforeseen miracle.

01-08-13  11:21pm

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Visit Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan
Reply of pat362's Review

Thnaks for the review.

I was actually considering joining, but the price compared to what I see that I want (or dont already have) doesnt make it a great deal for me.

Jules Jordan's stuff is very hit or miss for me. The action itself is usually great, but Im not big into anal and other stuff which they do alot of, so thats a down for me.

I dont know...I may give it a try sometime. If it were $10 cheaper I probably wouldve joined already. A $30 price tag for that site seems steep.

01-08-13  10:03pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of Marcus's Reply

Its pretty common these days, but IMO, there is shadier shit that can happen, and if you read my Brazzers review when its posted, youll know what I mean.

01-08-13  12:47am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +TONS of Content
+Something for pretty much everyone
+Regular updates...12-13 per week, the norm (not counting their extended membership stuff)
+Hot ladies!
+Not only hot ladies, but also alot of girls you dont see elsewhere.
+Hi Definition videos and pictures (for more recent stuff)
+They regularly remaster old stuff.
+Nice price with discount
+Older content not remastered still has better quality than alot of older stuff you see on other sites.
Cons: -Content feels very cheap compared to other companies
-While there are alot of updates, several of the sites that they regularly update now are ones Im not into.
-Amateur girls are hit or miss. While some are very hot and hard to find, some are not into the scene at all and it hurts alot of the content.
-Fucking Cameramen never shut the fuck up.
-Many videos have technical issues...including incomplete files and out of sync audio.
-Site design and navigation is fairly straightforward, but below standards compared to other porn sites IMO.
-Zip files for picture sets are ridiculously huge. I expected big, but some are ridiculous. There are some sets that are a 1.5+ GBs. Ive seen sites with better picture quality and just as many pictures that are not even a gig. Thats ridiculus.
-They discontinued formerly great sites like MILF Lesssons and Brown Bunnies, among others.
-Prechecked sales...beware. Not a big deal anymore as Ive gotten used to them, but still worth noting.
-For some dumbass fucking reason, BangBros decided to put scrolling watermarks at certain points in their newer videos. Now, in the middle of the action, suddenly text will scroll across the screen saying "BangBros Exclusive Content". WHAT A TOTAL FUCK UP! Seriously....this is the only place Ive seen that in the fucking members area. Its only thing to include it in preview videos, but no...full length videos in the members section. HUGE DOWN I needed to mention.

BangBros, IMO, has always been extremely overrated. Maybe its a preference thing, and I respect that. Not that they have bad content, but I just dont feel its as consistently good as other porn companies. Their scenes always feel extremely hit or miss for various reasons...some just feel very cheap in quality, some have girls that dont really wanna be there which KILLS a scene for me, and my god....the cameramen need to shut the fuck up. Reality Kings has improved in this area over the years, but BangBros has only gotten worse.

Would I recommend BangBros? Yes...for a month. Even if you dont love all their content, its very much worth a month or two, especially with the discount.

But its definitely not a site that I would sign up for long term. I hadnt been a member of BangBros for 4 years before signing up recently, because there was alot of older content I wanted. But their updates are still very hit or miss, so after you have the old stuff you want, its really a matter of how much you like their updates. Usually, there are 3 or 4 scenes a week I like, and sometimes not even that. Thats not enough compared to other companies...some of which have 8 or 9 I like.

Bottom line, it comes down to preference. I dont mind the whole "real reality" porn stuff, but the downside is it feels really cheap sometimes and the cameramen ruin some scenes with their blabbing.

Betweem Naughty America, Brazzers, Reality Kings and BangBros, Id say...

1. Naughty America
2. Reality Kings
3/4 Brazzers and BangBros are interchangeable.

Ill be doing my Brazzers review soon too.

As for BangBros...give it a shot. Not nearly as great as some make it out to be, but worth a try.

01-07-13  10:13pm

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of alexbrawn's Poll

Trials are only good IMO if they give full access to the site. Its fine if they limit downloads, but if they limit what you can see, thats horseshit. I joined a site for a trial a few weeks ago, and it only gave me access to one site in the entire fucking network, and absolutely no access to the others. If it was any good I may have stayed, but I wasnt going to blow money trying to find out.

12-08-12  03:44am

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
Reply of Capn's Reply

Thanks for the well thought out responses guys.

And capn, I completely agree, but there are some sites that do it very well, like Photodrom and MCNudes. AllOver30 has alot to offer, but its handcuffed IMO for the reasons I mentioned.

12-07-12  01:11am

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -ALOT of Mature Content
-Many exclusive hot older broads you wont find many other places
-TONS of updates
-Unlimited Downloads...no restrictions
-Good hardcore and softcore content.
-Alot of HD picture sets and videos
-Something for everyone
-Easy Site navigation
-Links to other sites with the certain girls
Cons: -MANY of the photosets are completely fucking ruined because of poor direction.
-A fair share of the older women are really rough to look at....IMO anyway. (Didnt age well, too hairy, ugly in general, etc...)
-Not a ton of hardcore content. Plenty of it, but in general its primarily a softcore picture site.
-Price...a little too expensive given the other options out there for cheaper.
-Some older sets and videos are fairly mediocre in quality.
Bottom Line: Let me make one thing perfectly clear.....this site in many regards is VERY good, and if someone gave it a score in the high 80s, I wouldnt argue it. The big reason I took off 10-15 points was personal preference, and Ill tell you my issue...

Recently, I got into photosets. For a long time i was only a video guy, but i started really liking pictures for some reason. In terms of pure quantity of content, this site is amazing. TONS of content, and as mentioned something for everyone. BUT, one fatal flaw fucked up ALOT of the content in my eyes.

The issue being is poor direction. What do I mean by that? Many of the sets repeat the same shots over and over and over. They are way too obsessed with pussy shots. Now, before you go calling me a fag or something, I dont mean I dont want to see it at all. But they will focus on it way too much and MANY of the shots will be the exact same, except maybe the girls fingers are in a different position or her head it titled in another direction. In tons of sets, they ignore ass shots....sometimes completely.

I love everything about a women and I want to see a girls entire body, and Im much more of an ass man these days. Many of the sets really didnt give me what I want. Some of the girls had great asses, but they would hardly show it and sometimes not at all, and in some cases, even when they did show it, the girl was reaching around and fingering herself or had her hand on her ass and you dont get a good view of it.

If this were just a few sets here and there, I wouldnt make an issue. But NO, this is a mistake repeated CONSTANTLY, not just on AllOver30, but also on KarupsOW. Both sites suffer from the same fucking issues. Its like they were trying to be as obnoxious as possible and limited the quality of how good the sets could have been, simply because they just showed the same shit over and over.

All of that being said...this site, even with my issues, is worth joining at least for a month. If you can look past those issues or they simply dont bother you, you may want to make this site a staple.

As for me, I enjoyed my month, but I doubt Ill join again after my membership expires. Between the price and my issues, I PERSONALLY just cant justify staying longer than a month.

12-05-12  02:46am

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Pornomaniac's Review

Good review and I agree with most of it.

What I really am hating right now is the Download limit. Its supposedly 10 GBs and I dont even get that sometimes. The other day I only got 6.5 or something.

The fact that none of the other major networks has limits like this pisses me off. It doesnt kill the quality of the site or anything, but sometimes, I go weeks....even months without downloading and want to catch up. And no...Im not one of those guys who joins every few months, downloads as much as possible and leaves. I have had my membership for over 2 years and times, my interest in porn dives or I just find another site and I dont download for awhile. The limit fucks me.

10-03-12  09:06am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Moleman2040's Comment

I agree. I gave a review a few months back and mentioned it, but its really gotten old for a few reasons...

a) As mentioned, they are not the best porn site by any means. I like their selection but its not special in any way.

b) I sometimes go weeks without downloading...months even, and I want to catch up, but I have to live by these download caps.

c) Most of the sites I speak of in (a) have no DL limits at all.

d) As the OP states, their DL limits arent consistent. Sometimes I DL 5 GB and get shut out. Usually I get up around 10, but its still BS.

e) And Im going to take this chance to say REALITY KINGS TECH STAFF IS GRADE A FUCKING GARBAGE!!! There are many videos that arent working and when you report them, they dont seem to give a fuck. Ive reported say...50 corrupt video files over the last year or so. Guess how many were fixed? NOT FUCKING ONE!

My membership is gonna be over soon and Im leaving till they get their shit together.

08-22-12  10:17pm

Visit Score HD

Score HD
Reply of rjmcgill's Reply

Yeah....same thing happened to me when I was a member for about a year. The add on sites werent bad but alot of them were streaming only. The reason I ultimately left was actually because the content was getting pretty lame even at that point. I thought it was just a rough patch but it seems it never improved really.

Sucks...SCORE used to always have great content regularly...now it seems its few and far between....by my standards, anyway.

07-17-12  05:37pm

Visit Score HD

Score HD
Reply of pat362's Reply

You can download them all on ScoreHD and ScoreVideos....I think once you get into sites on the extended network, like 18eighteen others....thats when you run into that issue...but those are separate sites I would never ever join.

07-17-12  12:14pm

Visit Score HD

Score HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Alot of content.
-Videos look good. No true high def but still nice.
-Tig Ole Bitties Everywhere!
-Alot of girls you cant see much of elsewhere
-Several download options.
-Quick site navigation
-Good site design.
-Supports DL manager
-No DL limits
-Regular updates
-Fast downloads
Cons: -Updates are regular but you dont get much idea whats coming up.
-Alot of newer content IMO is not as good as it once was. (HUGE down for me)
-Not alot of known girls. Both a good thing and bad thing.
-Many recent girls are below my porn standards

I was a member of Score for over a year from June 2010 to July 2011 or so. This was my first visit back since then, and I was extremely disappointed. Dont get me wrong, there was a good bit of decent content avaiable, but most of the girls Score has shot over the last year seem below what I look for. Socre has always shot some heavier girls, which is fine with me usually, but lately, alot of the heavier and older models they shoot arent that good looking IMO. I found myself watching previews to see if the vids were worth downloading...and many werent after watching those previews.

Long story short....Score has gone downhill IMO. Ive heard others say similar things, but thought Id give it a chance because I wanted to see Eva Notty's content (which is very good). But this time, my stay ends after a month, and I doubt Ill join again anytime soon.

Dont get me wrong...Im sure alot of guys will like some of the stuff I dont. And I wouldnt consider my money completely wasted on them....but given what else is offered for the same price around the internet....Im not sure its worth more than a month anymore...to guys like me anyway. Other sites offer more frequent updates with hotter women at the same price.

SCORE IMO just isnt the same anymore...at least by my taste. The site in general is probably in the range of a 70-80 overall score, but the 69 is in terms of over the last year, which I think is pretty mediocre for them.

Bottom line...check it out if you like big tits. You may like some of the stuff I didnt. If you are anything like me though, you probably wont stay longer than one month.

07-17-12  09:46am

Replies (4)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of Claypaws's Reply

Thanks for the info clay.

I dont like Firefox though.

Its a not a huge issue downloading via "save as". Was just annoyed that the DL managers I tried didnt work.

06-08-12  07:53pm

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of Claypaws's Reply

Thanks for the well thought out reply.

Let me add that I dont dislike the hardcore action. I actually really like it. The sex really isnt much different from what you see on NA or RK. Most of their sex really isnt "nasty" sex. The main difference is the production value. Karups hardcore stuff is right to the point...no real lead up...just gonzo porn for the most part. That honestly doesnt bother me that much because the action on Karups, for the most part, is good. The bland settings and the overall cheapness of the scenes is my issue. Like I said, they do all their scenes in basically the same place and it just feels really cheaply done. Even if they are mainly a picture site, they are still offering this, and I think they should put a bit more effort into it.

The download manager issue isnt a huge deal, but I tried on both Chrome and Firefox with 3 different DMs and it didnt work, so I just did the "save as" method.

And the playing the files in parts isnt my issue. Its having to download each part individually that annoys me...especially since my DM didnt work there.

Anyway...my score of 78 I think is still solid. As I said, I think any fan of the genre should consider giving it a month, but as you alluded to, depending on specific preferences, its another story how long certain people might wanna stay for.

06-04-12  12:38pm

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of Claypaws's Reply

There are currently 1470 models on there that I calculated.

Agree to disagree on the network front. Im not complaining about it too much. Just saying that is what keeps me from staying longer than a month, because other places offer multiple sites for cheaper, and has more hardcore video stuff.

I LIKE pictures, but they certainly arent my main attraction. And considering they videos are a step below other sites...thats why my score is below what you guys give it.

Like I said, its a good site, and possible a great site for you picture hounds. For me...its a site worth checking out, but not a site Id be a regular member of like I am with other sites.

06-04-12  08:56am

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of Capn's Reply

Like I said, I did still factor the quality photos into my score. I suppose someone who is into photos more would still be more lenient with their grading, though.

To be honest, the site just feels outdated in many ways. While they do have good content, the Karup sites feel like they are 3 or so years behind the curve compared to other sites. Whether its video quality, production value or just the site design and navigation.

Not a bad site...but could be so much better.

06-04-12  05:50am

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -TONS of content for both hardcore and softcore fans
-Lots of hardcore videos featuring well known teen/early 20s pornstars and some hot amatuers as well.
-Updates ALOT
-Action is pretty damn hot.
-Newer video content has streaming options.
-Newer videos are in "HD" (see negatives)
-You can search for models alphabetically or in certain categories (athletic, ethnic, a few others...)
-Pictures look great. Newer sets are in High Res, and even med res and low res arent bad on older sets.
-Advanced Search option helps you find what you are looking for.
-Male talent deliver some good cumshots in HC scenes
-Site is organized. Not hard to navigate and find what you want.
-No download limit
Cons: -Lone site...meaning not part of a network, despite having several other sites that could be part of one (KarupsOW and PC)
-Expensive for what it offers compared to other sites and what they offer.
-No model info...at all.
-Scene offered in HD arent TRULY HD. Doesnt bother me much but may bother some.
-Nearly 2/3rds of the videos on the site have no full download option...meaning you have to download them in parts.
-Content is extremely straight forward. No frills at all really.
-Site Navigation is easy, but is also very tedious due to limited options and large amount of content.
-Site design is very bland.
-Some Download Managers dont work with site.
-Setting is pretty much always the same for hardcore stuff (bed on generic set or in generic room)
Bottom Line: There honestly isnt alot to say that TBP didnt cover in their review...Im just not quite as generous with my score for several reasons.

There is alot to like about KarupsHA. I joined because there were some cute faces I never seen before and I wasnt disppointed with the girls or the amount of content. There is enough content here to keep teen porn lovers fat an giggly for awhile.

But being that I am not that big into pictures, videos are my focus. I do give them credit for the pictures though. They deliver on that for those who are into it. And yes, I did factor it into my score, despite it not being my thing.

The videos offered are good all around. Not GREAT, but good. The quality of video for newer scenes is solid, but the HD scenes are not true HD. Im not big into the 2 GB file sizes so I rarely download true HD vids anyway. What annoys me here is that their "HD" videos are still pushing 1 GB in alot of cases, and they dont look much better than DVD qualtiy scenes on other sites, which are about half the size of these files.

The biggest issue I think I had was the lack of full video downloads before mid-2008. I mean come on...MID 2008? They werent fucking offering full downloads as of that point? I can understand the stuff from the early 2000s and even 2005 maybe...but 2000 fucking 8? Gimme a break. And even if that is the case....by now, they shouldve started converting them to full videos like Reality Kings and other sites have done. But NO...they are content offering a huge amount of their video content in parts, and there are ALOT of good videos in that form....so you have to go through each one individually and save them in parts.

That fact alone dropped this site 10 points in my book. Thats unacceptable, especially considering how recent it is and that they dont even seem to care about converting those into full videos.

Im not going to rant on forever, because my review and TBPs review say most of what needs to be said.

Bottom line...I do recommend this site if you are into the type of content it offers. There is alot of keep you happy, and even more if you like softcore stuff and pictures.

Personally, I wont be staying past my 1 month. Not so much because its not a good site or worth more months, but because there are many better porn offerings that offer better stuff, more of it and for the same price or cheaper.

Thats another issue I had....is the fact that they have this site, and then KarupsOW and KarupsPC. Why not offer that as a packaged network? Then I could see staying more time. As it is, you have to join each site separately at 30 bones a month, which is way WAY too much.

So its definitely a quality site worth a looksee, but for me, its one and done. If you like pictures and softcore, you may want to (and have to) spend a few months there to see everything they have to offer.

06-03-12  04:30pm

Replies (14)
Visit MILF Mania XXX

Reply of pat362's Reply

Hard to say, but I have several of the videos on there and have never been a member of that site.

I wasnt dogging the site or even the review in general, but when I saw "orignal content", I expected to see, you know...ORIGINAL content...meaning stuff they produce themselves thats exclusive to the their site and company. Not scenes that I can get elsewhere.

But like I said...SOME MAY be original, but didnt look that way to me.

06-01-12  03:39pm

Visit MILF Mania XXX

Reply of Marcus's Reply

For the mislabled videos, I couldve done that. But for the downloaded videos that died on me...wasnt much I could do.

06-01-12  10:40am

Visit MILF Mania XXX


TBPs Review is Wrong

Things like this make it hard to trust review sites.

They say original videos, yet pretty much every video I saw is available on other sites.

MAYBE there are SOME original videos, but it absolutely isnt original in the way sites like NA and Brazzers are.

Not sure if that was a lie or an oversight by TBP, but either way, it was wrong.

06-01-12  07:24am

Replies (6)
Visit Hustler

Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

My experience WAS positive for the most part until the last week or so (I lowered the score about 12 points since this happened). Then alot of the vidoes started going haywire on me. If it were just a few videos I wouldnt care, but it has been at least 30 scenes I went through that had this shit happen.

If its not happening to you, cool...but its happening to me. And as I said...I tried different media players and tried other files, and nothing indicates that the problem is on my end. They are the only ones Im having issues with.

05-10-12  10:46pm

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