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N/A Reply of jd1961's Poll

I hate tattoos on women. Despise them. Loathe them. I've never seen one I liked, ever. Belly-jewels, now that's a different story. Cute young ladies look great with those.

03-06-08  04:24pm

N/A Reply of roseman's Reply

You ain't kiddin'. When I married her she was nineteen, petite, all of ninety-five pounds. Truly a stunner. I still think of her every day. She chickened out from the Southern Charms thing mainly because she was afraid someone we knew - her family or mine mainly - would stumble upon her stark nakey on the net. But she loved to pose. I could tell she wasn't doing it just to make me happy. She was really into it. Ah well....

03-06-08  04:17pm

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

My ex-wife liked to watch porn. To be truthful, I think she'd have made a bundle if she decided to model. We almost had her a site at Southern Charms, but she chickened out at the last minute.

03-04-08  12:39am

N/A Reply of Goldfish's Poll

Would like a new carbon-based gyno-unit with at least one available port for navel to navel interface. No floppy-drive necessary.

02-21-08  08:59pm

N/A Reply of PU Announcement on 05-25-07

Wow, I get 3000 characters for this! Whoo-hoo! I'll try not to use them all up, but I get gabby when it comes to this stuff.

I'm heavily into the non-nude thing, I have to admit, though I've only joined one site - True Tere, hers was non-nude if I remember correctly? - in that niche. I take it lingerie sites are not in the same category? Most of them contain nudity but a few don't.

I checked out the current list here and clicked on a site called NN Latin Teen and what's the first thing I see? Nudity. I guess I just don't understand marketing. If a guy clicks on a site with NN in the title, why show nude pics (albeit small ones) on the welome page? If he wants to see nudity there are thousands of sites he can go to. If he wants non-nude then he wants non-nude. Maybe I don't have the same definition of nudity? To my mind, a naked tush is a nude tush, and hence a pic of a nude tush is not in the non-nude category?

Then again, I was at a site once that features nude and non-nude celebs and the pics were separated into those two categories. To my surprise, bare-butt shots were in the non-nude category. The webmaster told me that law-wise, bare-butts are not considered nudity. Since I like the "A" even more than the "T", naturally it seems crazy to me. But I'm not complaining. I'm just perplexed.

I think if you're gonna call your site non-nude, then let it be non-nude. I never got to see True Tere's naked tush (at least not that I remember...I'm getting older...) and that was part of the deal, part of the fun. That isn't to say I wouldn't look at it if I had the chance. I mean, I like the tease, but I'm not crazy.

Anyway, this is a great addition to PU and I hope to check out some of these NN sites.

p.s: Holy crap, over 1200 characters left....

09-21-07  11:38pm

Visit 18 Eighteen

18 Eighteen
Reply of nomad's Comment

Hi nomad,

This must be something new. I had a trial here not more than three months ago and pretty much everything was available. I had the trial at Scoreland only about a week or so ago, and it's the same outfit that does 18Eighteen. The trial there was only limited in that some of the magazine archives only let you get the first page of pics.

It is definitely a raw deal to take five bucks for five pics per set and no vid access. In fact, that's no trial as far as I'm concerned, it's bullshit. Teen Dreams and other sites give you practically the same thing on the guest tour, as you say.

Sorry for that, and it's good that you're giving a heads-up for everyone else. If this is the real-deal here and not just something gone awry, I'll have to edit my review of this site accordingly.


01-14-08  09:23pm

Visit 18 Eighteen

18 Eighteen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of content.
- Mostly cute models.
- Choice of small or large pics.
- Zips.
- Sticks to the "eighteen-y" niche
- Trial gives you full access, but join with a back up processor if you can. See below.
Cons: - Navigation is a hassle, until you get used to it.
- Pics are not top-notch quality and have a grainy appearance.
- Vids section needs organization.
- Search function is bare-bones
- Don't read the text which accompanies the photo-sets, unless you think these girls are actually virgins.
- Cancelling can be a hassle. Save your sub ID number and other info.
Bottom Line: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I really like this site. This is mainly because of the nature of the content and not so much the physical quality of it, which leaves a bit to be desired. I'm refering to the pics mainly since I'm not much into video.

Going into the archives I was impressed that sets going back to 1999 still offer pics in large format, and by and large they look fair. If you look at pics that old at ATK, for example, ATK's look ancient by comparison. I understand that large size doesn't equal high-quality, but bear in mind this is a magazine site, and the pics have a magazine-ish look to them. Are they actually scans? I don't know. In the newer sets the large pics (landscape format) fill up my 22 inch monitor and don't look too bad at all. A great many look downright excellent.

There is a marked emphasis on white panties which is as much a plus for me as it will be a negative for others. Elvis would have a good time here. As for the models: they are typically very cute and plain girls are scarce. There is definitely a teeny-bopperish feel to the site and the models fit perfectly with that kind of thing.

Elvis and me, we'd be mates.

A word on the vids. The few I've downloaded so far look good, though some are so grainy they are unwatchable. The "submitted" vids section is very good, from what I've seen.

I've only been here a week so I can't comment on updates. I'm here to collect the backlog anyway.

The trial is no longer a full-trial, but now offers only limited access to the material.

09-23-07  09:08pm

Replies (0)
Visit 18 Pussy Club

18 Pussy Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good-sized archive of attractive Euro models. I counted 262 models, some with several sets.
- All pic sets zipped.
- Pics of average to good quality, ranging from 821x1232 to 1067x1600.
- Fair amount of average-quality video, both hc and solo, with solo prevailing. All vids I dowloaded are 720x480.
- Member forum.
- Model list and various option for viewing it.
Cons: - Dead site. Last update 9/08.
- No search function.
- Ads for other sites on every page, with every click, slowing things down.
- Bonus feeds are the usual junk which only serve to remind you that you are not at a top-end site.
- It seems the majority of models do not have any vids.
Bottom Line: Yet another Euro-babe site which features some really cute girls in hum-drum, run-of-the-mill pic sets and vids. I was lured to the site via TGPs because I enjoy the cutesy, skinny-girl look, though I must say this gets boring pretty quickly here. The teeny-bopper factor is in full swing, with stuffed animals in a high percentage of sets and teeny-ish settings. A few of the solo vids featured the model playing with a stuffed animal on her bed throughout.

That being said, there is plenty of hc here, but nothing interesting and nothing to get excited about.

I wish the owners of dead sites would say as much on the welcome page. It is dishonest to claim that updates are coming soon when this is clearly not the case. I also wish that bonus feeds would disappear. They only reinforce the sense that you are not in Pornville's upper strata. Even more bizarre is the promise of *more* feed junk accruing with longer membership, which is insane being that a week here or less will be all that one requires to take everything on the site proper.

For young-looking, skinny models, in more or less teeny-style, you will be much better off at Nubiles, or YoungPorn. This is just anemic, characterless product for the most part. Not to impugn the models themselves, who have nothing to do with the site producers' laziness and lack of effort.

Unless you really have a penchant for cute, skinny euro-teenies in little cotton undies, don't bother.

12-14-09  04:43pm

Replies (0)
Visit abbywinters

Reply of exotics4me's Review

I have to agree with you about the attractiveness of the models, though I would say I found less than 35% attractive. I don't know what it is exactly. I think there's a kind of tomboy-ish look to many of them that turns me off. Not to be disrespectful. They're all prettier than me!

07-27-07  10:58pm

Visit Abigail 18

Abigail 18

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Abigail is bee-yoootiful.
- 5 bonus sites, yielding a good amount of content for price over-all.
- Abigail's tush.
- Good pic size (1700x1200 in newer sets)
- Abigail's breasts.
- Abigail's knee-caps, ankles, and spinal column.
Cons: - No zips.
- Videos are negligible.
- Sets are dreadfully monotonous.
- Most of the best pics are available at various TGPs for free.
- The site is anemic and seems to be strictly a commercial endeavor.
Bottom Line: My falling for this site was the result of developing a hopeless crush on Abigail and hoping - against all reason and totally contrary to experience - that I would be delighted and swept away once I got inside. This did not happen. I was mainly interested in seeing her videos, which, unfortunately, are nearly useless. Note: if you read a review of Abi's site at Porn Inspector you'll see that they claim the vids come in at 2620k and are 720x480! This is totally untrue. I didn't save any vids but I believe they are about 1100k tops and are not as big as PI claims. Not only that, the vids I checked are set to cheesy "music" and if there is any other audio it is drowned out by this semi-organized series of sounds which is sometimes, and purely for the sake of convenience, refered to as "music".

The pics, at least in newer sets, are decent (1700x1200 app.) and with 80 or so sets there are plenty of them. Unfortunately, not much effort was put into making the sets varied or interesting beyond the fact that a beautiful girl is in them. Cutesy is the order of the day, and the sets follow a predictable pattern: fully clothed, lift shirt, remove shirt, take off shorts, kneel, tug panties and show crack, show more crack, show full tush, fully naked.

The pics are soft and only rarely do you get a decent glimpse of Abi's precious peach, but that's alright since we all know what it looks like anyway, and besides, soft is what I was expecting.

There are five bonus sites on offer, all nearly identical to Abigail's: Lovely Anne, Lovely Irene, Erica's Fantasies, Jenny Reid, and Lovely Tera. All these girls are knock-outs, particularly Jenny Reid, but I simply couldn't get too excited over any of the material, for the simple reason that a good portion of it is available for free all over Netville, and the videos are mostly short, mid-quality yawnfests.

This, folks, is pure product with little or no personality. This network of sites is a money-making enterprise and while I have no problem at all with capitalism, I would like a wee bit more originality, more character, for my money, more high-end content, and less cookie-cutter material. Thanks.

P.S: Abigail is truly gorgeous. She deserves better.

08-29-08  07:30pm

Replies (1)
Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
Reply of Capn's Review

Hi Capn,

In regard to not commenting on videos: I see your point, since you don't care for video, but there is a way to be simple and totally objective about commenting on it. For instance, download a few, and get some basic stats, for instance:

"Vids are mostly 640x480, bitrates averaging about 2000k." This doesn't pass any real judgment on them and you don't have to look at them at all, and the information can be helpful to people who are considering a subscription. You might also touch on other points, as in, do they contain a music track, does the videographer yakkety-yak his way through the vid, or perhaps he believes he is the Fellini of porn and films everything while standing on his head...

Even if this info has been passed on by other reviewers, it still improves your own review and makes it more complete. I'm more of a pic guy myself, so I understand where you're coming from.

I didn't read through the whole exchange so apologies if someone has already said all of this.

09-11-09  08:47pm

Visit Amateur Upskirts

Amateur Upskirts


Access to the Michelle Lynn site was the best thing about AU the last time I joined.

07-31-07  10:39pm

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Visit Amour Angels

Amour Angels
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

I despise music in adult video. In fact, I want it so quiet I can hear the girl's bones crack when she kneels down.

01-25-08  12:16am

Visit Andi Pink

Andi Pink
Reply of RealMayer's Comment

One of the prettiest peaches on the net.

08-01-10  09:34pm

Visit Angelitas.net


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Excellent picture quality
- Fidelity to niche
-Site is run by a woman and thus avoids silly and degrading terminology; plus the site includes pics and video of herself as well as sisters and friends.
- Good amount of content which seems to be increasing at a strong and consistent pace, including video, which is clear and of high quality.
- Nice attention to (as in, NOT a focus on)various fetishes, such as upskirts, feet, and even lactation.
- Simple but efficient navigation.
Cons: - A good amount of average-looking models. This is not a problem for me, but could be for some.
Bottom Line: The lovely woman who runs this site is obviously dedicated to boosting the amount of content on her site as well as keeping the quality high and maintaining her original standard of focusing on "real" Latinas. The models range from very plain to absolutely stunning, and all of them seem new to modeling and genuinely modest and yet they seem to enjoy what they're doing. All of this is a good thing if you are into amateurs, and especially amateur Latinas.

While the models are amateurs the photography is polished and professional, sharp, and completely untouched. The content is softcore: ranging from lingerie, panties, stockings, to full (and I do mean FULL) nudity. There are many multiple-girl sets and some seemingly reluctant but playful forays into lesbianism.

What I like most about this site is its integrity. It delivers what it promises and makes no claim to doing anything but that. You won't feel tricked or cheated, just pleasantly warm and welcome. Hardcore fans need not bother with Angelitas. But if you like to admire female beauty in all of its natural splendor, and particularly the dark-eyed, exotic beauty of Latin women, then this could be the site for you.

07-27-07  12:11am

Replies (2)
Visit Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni
Reply of nygiants03's Reply

Aria's married to a guitarist? Cool, I'm a guitar...um...stylist, does that count?

Personally I'm glad she doesn't do hardcore.

I want to marry Aria.

12-05-08  04:54pm

Visit Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

Hi e4me,

Thanks for the response. Much to my surprise I haven't joined yet, but probably will despite reservations. I don't mind the tease stuff at all. In fact, it was an interview with her recently, where she said she would never do hardcore, which caused me to become even more interested in her site. I was under the assumption that she had moved on to become a full-fledged porn-star, I guess because of that Aria Pornstar person or whatever. Aria strikes me as being highly intelligent and has a great deal of respect for herself. That's all a major plus for me, and I don't say it because it's politically correct. That amazing body of hers has all the more value - in the usual way as well as in the respect that it is in some sense a commodity, which she knows - by virtue of the fact that she herself places a higher value on it than certain others in the "skin-trade".

Sorry for the babble, and congrats on edging out Snowdude for the top spot. How are you enjoying your special parking spot and your key to the executive washroom?

;) WWW

02-15-08  04:12pm

Visit Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

I REALLY want to join this site, since Aria is as close to perfect for me as anyone else I can think of off-hand (except Salma Hayek, but she doesn't pose naked, alas...), but I'm afraid I'll regret it. I can't see taking the trouble with small pics anymore. What size are we talking about here? Also, I read a recent interview where she says she works harder on her site than on anything else, so I hope she's upped the quality on her vids since BP's site facts' last revision. 500-600k is pretty shabby.

But I know myself too well and I'll plonk down the cabbage on Aria before I get an answer to this. When I get rich and famous I'm gonna marry Aria and make Salma jealous.

02-14-08  08:31pm

Visit Asian Panty Peeks

Asian Panty Peeks
Reply of APP Webmaster's Reply

APP Webmaster,

Hello, and thanks for your courteous reply. I assume that when people talk about navigation at a website they're talking about going from one page or area to another and back, moving through and consuming the content in an expiditious manner, not simply being able to find the content. Being able to access the content at APP was not the problem. The problem consisted in how the three main pages were oriented. These pages contained thumbnail links listed vertically down the page, and there were no dates or set numbers anywhere, although a few of the links at the top said "new". I found myself scrolling an awful lot to get to the bottom of the two primary pages. As I said in my review, I think these pages are too long. Given the nature of the photo-sets, offering zip-files is an excellent idea, since opening and closing a new window to view each picture in sets where dozens of consecutive thumbs look almost identical is a test for anyone's patience, and I can't imagine what it would be like without a fast connection and a top-end processor. I love Asian models and I love the panty niche, so I found a great deal to enjoy at APP, but my experience would have been much better if there had been some kind of organization and user-friendliness to the site: navigational buttons (back, next, home, what have you), a search option, models' list, numbered sets, categories: browse features of some kind. You have some top-notch material and I guarantee I would join again at some time in the future if there were some changes in that area.

10-29-07  11:01pm

Visit Asian Panty Peeks

Asian Panty Peeks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good looking models.
- High-quality pics.
- Vids look OK.
- Interesting style, lots of mirrors, costume-play.
- Regular updates.
Cons: - Navigation is terrible to practically non-existent.
- Use of the term "Lolita" in at least one set title, which I believe is considered unacceptable nowadays and should be.
- Sets are poorly organized and contain tons of the same shots over and over, some turned sideways, some turned upside down, just to beef up the quantity of pics and to tire your patience for no good reason.
Bottom Line: I need more characters to do justice to how poorly put together this site is. Navigation? What's that? You have what seems to be two main pages with thumbs leading to the galleries. Both pages are over-long. None of the galleries are numbered. There are no model lists or browse features whatsoever. Vids are offered on the right-hand sidebar of one of the main gallery pages.

All pic sets are contained on one page each, with big thumbnails. Some sets have over 200 pics. Every set I looked at so far is made up of a few choice views of the model repeated over and over and over, with tiny variations. These sets could be trimmed by seventy percent and you wouldn't lose anything. They need someone who knows how to coordinate photo sets.

To add to the tedium someone has decided to have each pic open in a new window. Maybe I'm just an idiot but I can't see how to change this. Each pic has to be closed out in order to view another one, unless you want to keep a thousand windows open. To make things even worse, each set is numbered identically: "b_001" to b_ whatever". Always a "b", never a different letter.

This site is way softcore and caters more to the voyeur than the panty/lingerie lover. "Peeks" is what you get most of the time. There is a truckload of tease and very little pay-off, though there are a few sets which contain full nudity. The quality of some of the pics is offset by the sheer tedium caused by this site's lack of organization and concern for the customer.

upped the score to 70.

09-05-07  08:09pm

Replies (3)
Visit Asian Spreads

Asian Spreads
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Thanks, didn't know that.

01-15-09  10:14pm

Visit Asian Spreads

Asian Spreads
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Hi mbaya,

I always manually imput the U and P after sign-up, never cut and paste. I thought of the second possibility, being that with some sites there is a 30 minute to an hour delay in accessibility, but this wasn't mentioned anywhere on the sign-up page, or in the confirmation email.

I did get it sorted out via email (something about a problem with shared passwords and such), but it took a day and a half. They apologized and graciously extended my trial period. True, TBP doesn't mention the trial but it was offered on the join page, and I went for it. Maybe it's something new.

I wouldn't know about the DRM issue because I went in looking for pics and didn't bother with video, especially after seeing what a mess the site is. From what I can tell the vids are stream only. Maybe the trial limits you to streaming? I don't care because they all look like crap anyway.

I can't do a full review since I only took the trial, but I will say that for what this site offers, the regular sub price is highway robbery. The pictures are very small, averaging 512x768, and the material is dated. I saw a lot of this stuff on Newsgroups years ago. One could collect far better pictures on a semi-decent TGP.

The official TBP score is way too high, in my opinion.

01-15-09  09:15pm

Visit Asian Spreads

Asian Spreads

Out three dollars

Oh well. Went for the 2.95 3 day trial. Username and password failed to work. Cancelled. Tried again to access site, after checking with confirmation email from Epoch, and this time I was told I was banned for excessive failed log-in attempts.

The people who operate these systems need to get their shit together. My belief is that this site probably sucks, and unfortunately I won't be able to have this intuition confirmed. Or find that I was wrong.

01-13-09  12:05am

Replies (6)
Visit ATK Archives

ATK Archives
Reply of Capn's Comment

I've gotten similar offers a few times before by ATK, and I'm not sure if they were limited to the Archives site. I've been a member of all of their sites, and most of them several times, so maybe this is their way of paying back frequent flyers. Not that they don't pay you back in spades with the amount of content already.

12-03-09  12:12pm

Visit ATK Archives

ATK Archives
Reply of messmer's Reply

Messmer, I wish I could answer your question precisely, but it's been over nine months since I was at the Archives, and this was long before my external hard-drive, so I put everything I download from there on CD. It would take a lot of time to find the material, since I have tons of CDs.

If I remember correctly, most of the earliest pics are probably 800 X 600, but more recent pics are larger, yet still small by today's standards. Quality-wise, the oldest pics from the Archives are pretty bad, these being from the late nineties. What is frustrating for me is that while the pic size and quality were poor in those days, the style and content of the pictures were more appealing to me: more amateurish/girl-next-doorish as opposed to arsty/slick/glamorous, more old-school undies as opposed to thongs, butt-floss, and various kinds of shorts posing as panties, less tattoos and piercings, etcetera.

I don't know if they tried to upgrade the condition of old pic sets, sorry. If memory serves, I don't think so. Bear in mind, I cut my teeth in the old Newsgroups which posted pics from ATK all the time, and I was happy to be able to go and find the complete sets for most of those pics. That went a long way in making my experience with ATK's Archives more pleasurable. I suppose I was slightly biased.

Hope this helps at all. Thanks for the reply.

04-14-08  10:11pm

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