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What do you think about women who like porn ?

Type: General

Submitted by roseman (253)
I like them! 61% 39 Votes
I hate such women. 2% 1 Votes
I have no problem with that. 30% 19 Votes
Other (see reply). 8% 5 Votes

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64 Votes Total

Mar 4, 2008

Poll Replies (22)

Replies to the user poll above.

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WeeWillyWinky (88) My ex-wife liked to watch porn. To be truthful, I think she'd have made a bundle if she decided to model. We almost had her a site at Southern Charms, but she chickened out at the last minute.
03-04-08  12:39am

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Toadsith (48) Simply put: Why would anyone in this predominantly male community dislike women sharing their interest? I have noticed that thankfully we do have a few women members. I honestly think that it is a shame that culturally porn is so stigmatized for women and very little of it is aimed at women. Because, frankly - women are interested in sex and so by association should have a similar interest in porn. As the porn industry has been maturing and expanding - many a niche market has been found and tapped - and while there are videos that profess to be made for women, I think it isn't even remotely close being fully explored. In the years ahead I think we'll see more porn directed at women and more women upfront about their interest in porn. I don't understand why there should be any shame in watching porn and hopefully it will become less stigmatized for everyone in the future.
03-04-08  09:25am

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Davit (46) I answered 'I have no problem'. Although I personally would be uncomfortable in my current long term relationship to know my girlfriend watched it - as I'm sure my girlfriend would be if she ever found out about my own porn habits!

Guess that makes me a hypocrite.

But if it were a casual relationship, it would not only be 'no problem' - it would be awesome! Only - she would have to like girls, as I just hate boy-girl porn. I find it boring and even a turn off.

I would also feel pressured into living up to the performance of the guy in the movie - which is why I do understand why some women would feel threatened by porn in that regard too, in terms of having to live up to an impossible fantasy. I love my girlfriend just the way she is, and wouldn't want to risk making her feel uncomfortable about herself.

As things are, I'm happy to regard my porn viewing as a solo sport! It gives me something sexually I wouldn't get in any relationship, and is no reflection on my girlfriend's lovely qualities. Porn is just something I came to enjoy in my late teens and was never willing to let go of, such is the pleasure it gives me.

03-04-08  10:37am

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badandy400 (103) There actually is a good deal of women who watch porn, but they do not publicly speak of it. It is a social normality that has been viewed for centuries. Women are raised to think it is taboo, but men are not raised in such a way. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that most men do not want to see there wife or daughter getting her faced cummed on by three fat guys. Many people would view a woman you was open about her interest in porn a whore, even though she just bought the same video as the guy next to her and no one thinks too much about him.

I do not believe porn should be made specifically with what we believe a woman would want to see. It would be pointless because they will look at whatever they like, and that market will grow. Odds are it is the same thing that most guys like too. Some women like lesbians because they are softer and not thrashing about. Others like traditional porn. And others might like all male or gay porn simply because there is no woman, or they do not want to see a woman be dominated. So I believe it would be just as hard to say what a woman would want as it is to say what a guy would want. We enjoy verity and specific fetishes, just as women would.

It is just like in high school when I guy got layed he was the envy of his friends and everyone else. But the girl was considered a whore suddenly. There is a clear dual standard.

03-04-08  10:41am

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Denner (235) Here in Europe, and maybe especially in Scandinavia - and again in danish women magazines the trend has for years been: Men like to watch porn, women/girls like to read about it or watch the more romantic/erotic kind of softer porn.
But of course you cannot generalize.
And BTW.
I think badandy has some kind of a wellfounded sentence that somehow is related to us men in our view of our own women - and sex and porn:
I quote:
"It is just like in high school when a guy got layed he was the envy of his friends and everyone else. But the girl was considered a whore suddenly. There is a clear dual standard."

Well spoken, brother.

03-04-08  11:44am

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apoctom (145) My girlfriend and I watched porn together for the first time this past weekend. It was strange, but she seemed to enjoy it. I think women are at least as sexual as men, even though they might not always respond to the same stimuli (e.g. sights of sex). I like it.
03-04-08  03:18pm

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Davit (46) Apoctom is absolutely right. Women are definitely as sexual as us (arguably more so) but it's a mistake to think therefore they must like porn as much as us, as he rightly hinted at. Women are much less turned on by obvious sexual imagery than we are. When my lass sees a sexual image she's more likely to laugh or groan in disapproval than be turned on. And its not some kind of female repression, I'm sure of that - she's completely liberated sexually. She's just a woman, and women tend to not be too interested in that. They like suggestive images, but not pornographic ones.

Of course there are exceptions though.

Another reason straight women may not like porn could be because our bits are pretty damn ugly to look at, lets be honest. Wrinkly unsymmetrical sac, and a knob that changes size with the weather (!). No wonder they like us better when we're a bit covered up.

Bottom line: our brains are wired differently. Big mistake to expect the average woman to like porn as much as we do.

03-04-08  03:31pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #5 - Denner :

Yeah, that really is a nasty double standard. The guy gets called a stud, and the poor girl gets called a slut.
03-04-08  03:31pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #7 - Davit :

Yeah, it reminds me of the issue of whether to have the lights on. The guy's more likely to want to see things (I just love the view), but the girl's happy enough just feeling things and might be embarrassed by her own body and/or turned off by the sight of the guy with his weird looking pecker, his tufts of back and shoulder hair, and his pimply ass.

And it's surprising how bad some women can feel about their looks, and I mean really attractive ones!

In a standup act, Chris Rock says that he wants a girl that weighs 360 pounds, because that way he knows she's completely happy with herself and doesn't care what other people think about her looks. (Sure, it's an exaggeration, even a distortion, but it's to make the point.)

03-04-08  03:38pm

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exotics4me (463) Good question Roseman

My wife likes porn, but not anything that comes off as too hardcore. She was a bikini model in college when I met her, as are a fourth of the female students at UCLA. She wasn't really open about liking porn, partly because she came from a conservative family, not from America.

Which could be the first difference we find, I would think women from North America, the UK, and probably South America are probably more open to porn as it almost becomes part of the women liberation, that "If men can watch it, why can't we?"

The main thing, both people in the relationship must be at least somewhat secure in themselves and the relationship. I can remember when my wife noticed that I had taken a liking to Eve Angel. At first my wife asked me what it was about her that I liked. Once I explained that a lot of the attraction was Eve's love of the camera, the eye contact with the camera, my wife started acting like I was her camera and would do these same things that had drawn me to Eve.

Most of all for our male members. What I find most important when dealing with watching porno with a female is to make some non-sexual comments about the woman on the screen, like, "She has pretty eyes, doesn't she?" After several years, my wife's favorite females are similar to mine. The one difference being, my wife does seem to like women very different than her as well. She especially likes big busted women, where as my wife is more along the lines body wise of an average bust.

You can find out some interesting things about each other by adding porn to a healthy relationship.

03-04-08  03:43pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Man, I don't care what nobody in this website says... I you hit her G-spot and make her orgasm for an hour straight, she will just about damn near submit to any wish you desire... INCLUDING WATCHING PORN WITH YOU... AND THAT'S ALSO ESPECIALLY IF IT MAKES HER ORGASM MORE!!!

By the way... MEN THAT CALL WOMEN BITCHES, HOES AND SLUTS ARE BITCHES THEMSELVES!!! >:( They better feel lucky "GOD" created women as beautiful as they are!! If "GOD" wanted, we would be fucking Apes missionary style... So thank "GOD!!!"

03-04-08  11:16pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #2 - Toadsith :


Let's just hope that the new porn videos will pre-warn us with some sort of indication of which porn videos are made for women because I don't want to rent a video and discover a scene where the camerawoman as the camera right on the dude's asscheeks while he pumps a girl... NO OFFENSE BUT NO WAY, MAN!!! :)

(Staff: This is not a repeat of a previous reply (which was approved!))!


03-04-08  11:27pm

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ace of aces (179) i´have mixed feelings with that. sometimes i like it sometimes i don`t. i think it`s just a question of my religious way of thinking that i`m not totally free in such things :)
03-05-08  01:09am

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #1 - WeeWillyWinky :

pitty :-)
03-05-08  06:02am

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #10 - exotics4me :

03-05-08  06:03am

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Marianna (Disabled) i have no problem with women who like porn as im one of them heheh! well to be honest i have some friends who like porn and some who hate it but i actually love it :)
03-05-08  06:10am

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jd1961 (95) I voted "I Hate Such Women" because it sounds funny! I remember one of my very first girlfriends lived with her parents, and I'm going to date myself here, her parents had this huge box of Traci Lords videos, that my GF and I enjoyed frequently when they were out of the house! they were huge fans of Traci, of course this was when TL was current and no one knew! My GF was a catholic schoolgirl, you would never have guessed that she liked these so much! I can still see tham, they were in a big box all perfectly cataloged and we had to be sure to put them back in the precise order! Don't kid yourselves---it's a fact that most online porn is purchased by women. And remember that women don't trust men casually when it comes to talking about their sex life for obvious biological reasons!
03-05-08  01:37pm

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MargulisAZ (84) I tend to agree that people who participate on this site, of the male gender, probably wouldn't have much of a problem with this. None of my ex's have been into porn really, but it would be kind of cool if they were I suppose.
03-05-08  01:49pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #3 - Davit :

Lol, I can relate to this. I was in a 3 year relationship where the girl I was with couldn't stand porn, but she was way into fisting. Kind of odd, but there you go. She was only 17 at the time too (I was 19). The point is that she didn't know about me looking at porn either, but eventually I told her and she was not happy to say the LEAST! Ultimately she acquiesced to me viewing it "on occasion", which was a big relief to me because I'm not sure I would have the willingness to stop viewing either.
03-05-08  01:53pm

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WeeWillyWinky (88) REPLY TO #14 - roseman :

You ain't kiddin'. When I married her she was nineteen, petite, all of ninety-five pounds. Truly a stunner. I still think of her every day. She chickened out from the Southern Charms thing mainly because she was afraid someone we knew - her family or mine mainly - would stumble upon her stark nakey on the net. But she loved to pose. I could tell she wasn't doing it just to make me happy. She was really into it. Ah well....
03-06-08  04:17pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #20 - WeeWillyWinky :

I see.
03-08-08  02:18am

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nygiants03 (162) I have no problem with it. I mean how could I have a problem with it if I enjoy it, then I would be a hypocrite. It would be good if a woman I knew watched it, then we would share a common interest.
03-09-08  09:41am

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