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N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Poll

I've never been excited or turned on by "erotic literature". Anais Nin (sp?) is a dead bore, example, and I'm lampooning:

"He took his bristling rod in hand and slipped it into my dripping velvet chamber, and with his other hand he clasped my creamy swollen breast and pulled its distended teat until I felt it would tear from my flesh..."

Literotica is full of stories that make Anais Nin sound exciting.

The most erotic literature I know of is Keats's early poetry, particularly Endymion, some Faulkner, James Joyce, Henry James, Balzac. The erotic tension between the main characters in Kate Chopin's The Awakening is very hot.

09-20-15  01:26am

N/A Reply of Lionheart's Poll

Glasses on beautiful women are sexy as hell.

09-19-15  08:04pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

I know, lk2fireone, I was grinding my own particular axe at your expense (pun intended).

Believe me, I understand having to budget one's self for this kind of entertainment.

This is a BIG issue for me, and I think I might start a thread in our forum about it: the concept of value in light of the Internet, and how ideas of value have changed dramatically in the last few decades.

Sorry, mate! You're right, and I was just being an (_!_)

09-19-15  08:01pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

And, lest I be accused of not having to care about money - in my current job I make 19 cents above Arizona's minimum wage, and I have to share digs with my brother to make ends meet.

Also should note: I'm aware that works in the public domain can be downloaded for free on any number of sites in any number of file types.

Sorry, this is an obvious sore spot for me.

09-18-15  02:32am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

The idea that 30 dollars is considered "expensive" for a month's access to a HUGE amount of adult entertainment - that would have cost you thousands and thousands of dollars a relatively short time ago (say twenty years - if they even had content this good then, which they obviously didn't) - is proof to me of just how jaded people are becoming, and how upside down the concept of value has become in these modern times.

Another example is, and this is just one - Amazon Kindle. I can download enough classic literature to last me a hundred lifetimes for FREE. Or, if I want tables of contents and other nifty things, I can pony up a dollar, or two dollars, for the complete works of Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens, Aquinas, Chaucer, Shakespeare, etc. BUT - if I want to download a modern-day piece of literary ephemera - any one of a thousand crime novels, romance novels, fantasy/sci-fi novels, self-help books, etc, I will pay at least ten to fifteen dollars. The worst part is, the more useless the book, the more expensive it is - say for instance some university-educated simpleton's book-length navel-gazing excreta about the poetry of Derek Walcott (one of the greatest living English-language poets) sells on Amazon for upwards of two hundred dollars - if you want the "prestigious" cheaply-printed hard or soft cover - while the actual poetry of Derek Walcott sells for the price of your average crappy dimestore-quality "best-seller".

Not to single you out, like2fireone, but 30 dollars for ANY high quality content of this nature is highway robbery, and it's YOU robbing THEM, not the other way 'round.

09-18-15  02:23am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

sorry - double posted.

09-18-15  02:22am

Visit Swimsuit Heaven

Swimsuit Heaven
Reply of alan19851's Reply

How sad! Don't you think that your interaction with the models would be increased by being allowed to hear the sounds they make? Another question - what possible benefit is there to having a music track on a video intended for sexual titillation? Can a music track actually improve the erotic response a person has to seeing beautiful women cavort about? If so, how exactly? I'd really like to know.

09-17-15  08:35pm

N/A Reply of Pyrenees's Poll

Yes, and let me tell you why:

Every man knows how AMAZING it is to do that. And every man knows how **even more** amazing it is when an adult female is watching. Every man, when he's doing that, believes that he's the only entity in the known universe that can do it. He's proud of it, and believes he actually invented it. Every man likes for the woman to go along with this delusion and believe exactly that, at least while he's doing it.

When it's over, there's plenty of time for him to feel silly and rather embarrassed. But DURING it! - See second paragraph, rinse, repeat.

09-15-15  08:55pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

Holy crap, you mean they still make magazines? :p

09-15-15  08:50pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of mbaya's Reply

A few things:

mbaya: When you say "miss tease", I don't quite understand, since what you seem to be saying is that the site is *too* long on the tease factor and too little on what you call the 'interesting action'. Was there a typo? Most likely I just didn't get what you were saying.

Yes, I certainly agree that the gyno aspect of the site is overdone, BUT - their mission statement plainly tells the prospective customer what to expect, so, it is what it is. I'm not disputing you, or trying to argue for the sake of argument (I HATE that!), just basically agreeing and reiterating things (because I like to type!).

Unfortunately, my review left a few things out, and these are big things, so I need to add:


- The male presence is virtually non-existent on this site, and even when so much as a male hand will be in the video, the customer is warned beforehand (pun intended). I think this is a cardinal virtue, and should be applauded, and copied on other sites of this nature. Since this site isn't about sex between men and women, but about the adulation and worship (literally) of the beauty and - what used to be - the mystery, of adult females, the customer is NOT interested in seeing or hearing another male. The people behind this site understand this and the total absence of the male voice and male presence is intentional and adhered to religiously.

- The absence of silly music, which I mentioned, is of UTMOST value and importance on a site of this nature. We have FIVE senses, and we can interact with the models here via TWO of those five: seeing and hearing. We can't touch, taste, or smell them (but in time we'll be able to do something like that in a "virtual" sense). Hence the utter silliness of sites that put a music track to their videos, which effectively reduces our real contact with the models by blotting out the sounds generated by the model: her footsteps, the rustle of her clothing, her breath, her utterances, and whatever other blesséd noises that come from her body. I refuse to pay even a cent for a site that offers video content of models posing and stripping if there is a music track. It almost destroys the experience for me. Music is an art. Worshipping a woman in the privacy of my cave is not an art, and I don't want art while I'm worshipping a woman.

- There is nothing but complete respect for the dignity of these models as individuals, as human beings. Yes, they are being objectified here, but they are being well-paid, and these girls know the deal. The site should be applauded and copied by other sites in that they DO NOT refer to women as sluts, bitches, whores, or any of those dehumanizing terms, and the site does not belittle the models or speak of them as anything other than the equals of the men behind the cameras and the consumers. There is a strong sense that these models are well paid, respected, and above all, SAFE, while they do their work for ITC.
- If I think of something I left out, I'll return.

09-15-15  06:09pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Outstandingly beautiful models.
- Gigantic, colossal, mammoth (see thesaurus for more) amount of content. Site has been active since 2001.
- Fidelity to what they do. I don't know of any other site that has started with a mission and stuck to it as unwaveringly as ITC. My last join was in 2008 and even their front page has remained the same. Pristine, expedient, and efficient.
- Highest quality video, streaming and download. Dimensions offered for the latest vids are up to 3840 x 2160 at 3043 MB. When I click on this option, I get this message:
"The demands of 4k video (3840x2160) are very high. This technology is somewhat ahead of it's time and the great majority of viewers will not be able to play it..."
So I take the 1920x1080, which is crystal clear for me. I think I'd need a better pair of eyes to even be remotely interested in viewing the higher def vids.
- Zips for all pic sets. Dimensions are 1800x2400. Plenty big enough, unless we're in a biology lab.
-No crappy music!
Cons: I was going to give the site a 99, but thought about it, and decided an 89 was more correct, because despite the fact that I think it's one of the best sites available for the kind of entertainment it provides, it could "improve" I think by stretching its horizons and being more creative. I suggest having the models DOING something more often, rather than just shuffling and clicking about on their heels on those amazing floors, or in those incredible outdoor environments. I dunno: do some cleaning, dishes, paint the walls, change a light bulb, rearrange a book shelf, fold some laundry, change a tire, make a Quiche Lorraine, hang some drapes, prune a palm tree, write a libretto, paint a picture, hang pictures, dust, write some memos, iron some shirts, do some plumbing, install a battery, clean the pool, split an atom Something, besides just swiveling, swaying, sashaying and making me feel like a creep while I stare at every inch of their perfectly lovely beautiful girly bodies.
Bottom Line: 35 USD for a month's access to all this content is highway robbery. And what I mean by that is, we are robbing THEM. If you have an up-to-date machine or device, you can get 35 dollars worth of adult entertainment here in about a few minutes.

It would be fair if they said, "look, you give us the 35 clams, and you get 24 hours to take what you can from us, then you're done. You want more, you gotta pony up some more dough."

In 24 hours, with a good connection and/or PC or device, you could get, in one day, what you would have paid thousands of dollars for not that long ago.

My personal, subjective score for this site would be a 100, but I don't think that would fly with the owners of THIS site, or with my fellow PUsers. The 89 is my objective score, since I actually DO think they could be more imaginative and get the models to do other stuff besides what they currently do.

My bottom, bottom line is: this is the best value on the Internet that I know of for the kind of content that I like. My downloading speeds have been ridiculously fast, and I've had no problems at all.

09-14-15  11:16pm

Replies (3)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of greg909's Comment

Yes that's the dimensions of their large sized pics. I must be old, but this size is ridiculously huge enough for me. I can count the hair follicles on any square millimeter of a model's lovely bits. What else do I need?

09-14-15  10:24pm

Visit Swimsuit Heaven

Swimsuit Heaven
Reply of alan19851's Review

Need to ask one question. Do the videos have music tracks to them? If the sample vid is what I'm in for ear-wise, I'll save my money on this one.

09-14-15  10:15pm

Visit Swimsuit Heaven

Swimsuit Heaven
Reply of alan19851's Review

Sounds like my cuppa, Alan. Thanks for the review.

09-14-15  10:11pm

Visit Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving
Reply of Monahan's Reply

Holy crap, Monahan, I only just noticed this in my swamped email account. In case you never opted for a sub here, it's a great site! The vids are great. Some of them are too talky for me, but there are also plenty where the model is not talking. No silly music tracks! Lots of wonderful boobies!


06-12-14  05:40am

Visit Fame Girls

Fame Girls
Reply of graymane's Review

Wonderful review, graymane! I agree with you about the attractiveness of these three young beauties. Legs! Legs up to their earlobes!

The non-nude approach is MORE stimulating than nude for me. Once you've seen The Prize in all its glory, it gets a bit old seeing it pulled and yanked and twisted and gaping every which way. I much prefer the subtle, barely concealed suggestion of The Prize, the bittersweet agony of the known unknown.

Great review. The models are drop-dead gorgeous and the preview pics alone make me feel like I just got an injection of testosterone.


09-25-11  04:59pm

Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes
Reply of otoh's Review

Great review! Hey, you fellow panty lovers, things are looking up for us! A few articles I read recently claim that full-cut, vintage style undies are making a big comeback. The evil thong has had its day and perhaps the time will come when we will see it breathe its last!

Also, a lot of the major undy companies are using short videos to advertise their products. Google "knicker-picker" to see what I mean. Also, check youtube. Many companies have their own channels there with lots of vids uploaded.

Viva la Panties! When the Singularity comes and I am transfered to hard-drive, I will live forever in virtual panty heaven!


**Khan and mods, I hope this doesn't violate the no-sharing free porn rule, since it's not porn and I have not given any links?

If I have broken the rule, I am sorry and will resist such behavior in the future.

07-13-11  04:59pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Mez, I think full-backed nylon panties are considered granny panties! Those are my favorite too.

By and large I like to see women in the things they wear under their clothes which are not supposed to be seen. That's the thing for me. That's why bra and panties are way more of a turn on than a bikini, even though the same amount of skin is on display.

Take a beautiful woman and put her in a micro-bikini from Wicked Weasel and it's hot, for sure; but put the same woman in a skimpy camisette or bra and a regular pair of Hanes panties and I'm toast.

06-29-11  02:14pm

Visit VF Academy

VF Academy
Reply of otoh's Reply

otoh, well-met fellow, hail! If you like sheer panties, then you are absolutely gonna love VF Academy! I cannot urge you strongly enough. If you like full-cut, full-size sheer (and I do mean, SHEER) panties, there is probably no other site on the net better than this one.

I have zero affiliations with this site, and I am only a fan, not a salesman.

You gotta go for it. Just bear in mind, there is a lot of content, but it's not a mega-motherlode of content like at some sites. I'm gonna give you the exact numbers right here:

Image sets: 94
Total images: 11,625
Videos: 116.

And remember, these are all zipped sets of big pictures, and the Hi-def vids average at nearly a half a gig each.

And don't forget, you get access to the other sites too. I haven't even scratched the surface of Pantyhosed4U yet! Of course I go about my enjoyment of this content slowly, relishing it like a fine wine.


06-05-11  12:01am

Visit VF Academy

VF Academy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Navigation simple, haven't had problems.
- Part of a network now giving you access to four sites.
- Very faithful to the panty/flash/upskirt/uniform niche.
- Nice looking British models, mostly blondes, maturer looking, nothing teeny-boppery.
- HD vids offered, corresponding to each photo set.
- Zipfiles for all photo sets, max size (see bottom line). Also three choices for pic size in browser.
- Regular updates, though not terribly frequent.
- Members may leave comments and ratings.
- My download speeds varied quite a bit, from as low as 400kbs to as fast as 1mps.
Cons: These will be subjective cons here for the most part, except for the first:

- Search function useless. I searched for white cotton panties and got all sorts of mismatches in return.
- Panties tend to be mostly those big, sheer things that you can see right through. That doesn't seem collegiate to me. I want rugged, impenetrable, industrial strength cotton or nylon that makes the "prize" all but unobtainable to my greedy little mitts. These blond beauties should be wrapped up tight and their virtues guarded against such little pervy weasles as myself.
-My major complaint is as it is at most sites: Why the hell must every single solo model video be about the girl masturbating? Watching a girl frig herself has no affect on me, I must confess, and I can never sit through an entire video. The focus of an upskirt/panty/schoolgirl/uniform video should be on how those awesome cuties turn ME on, and they should not devote all of their time in showing us how much they turn themselves on.
Bottom Line: Anyway, a join at this site gets you full access to VintageFlash, Pantyhosed4U, and VintageFlash Archive. All in all there is an abundance of high quality content to go through.

The vids at VF Academy come in four choices:

- mp4 320x180 for ipod and cellphone
- SD Wmv 540x304 1300kbs
- HD Wmv 1280x720 3000kbs
- streaming at 1500kbs. You can also get a short preview.

The HD vids look very impressive, take a good long while to unfold, and contain no cheesy music; the models talk to you and tease while they strip, and finally straddle a desk and get themselves off. There are also several lesbian vids which are highly erotic. And this is by no means softcore. These ladies really get into it with one another.

The photos are downloadable in zipfiles, and all the pics I've extracted thus far from VF Academy are big, at around 2090x1400.

The photo sets are well edited and the resolution is tight as a drum.

Very highly recommended four-site package with plenty of content for the money!

You guys sure are stingy with your points! I can't see giving this package anything less than a 95.

06-03-11  11:11pm

Replies (4)
Visit Panties Pulled Down

Panties Pulled Down
Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Review

Should have done this long ago, but those initial problems were taken care of and I had no further difficulties with this site. WWW 5/26/11

05-26-11  02:18pm

Visit Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving

At last!

I used to watch my ex-wife iron the clothes and wonder: I wonder how many guys out there would pay to see videos of just this very thing? Just a great-looking woman bent over with her lovely-bits all a jostle and in near-to-plain sight by virtue of the gravity-challenged blouse?

Finally, only about a dozen years later, someone has had that same light bulb over his noggin! This was one of those things that, as soon as I saw it, I joined. If there is anything more hypnotic than a gravity-challenged blouse with boobies underneath I don't know what it could be.

Will do full review soon. Downside is vids are split into bite-sized pieces and there is too much talking; but other than that this is literally a dream come true for Wee Willy.

The Brits come through once again. I say let's hoist the Union Jack here in the States and call it even. :)

04-05-11  03:40am

Replies (2)
Visit Karup's Older Women

Karup's Older Women
Reply of messmer's Reply

Some of us quirky fellows actually like the ho-hum, practical underwear!

01-20-11  06:09pm

Visit Cum Blast City

Cum Blast City
Reply of Lionheart's Comment

I thought it could be fun if done well. I joined this site because I am a big fan of the hand-job/CFNM niche. Unfortunately what I've seen so far is very disappointing. First, given six or seven minutes of a real, non-faked hand-job, the switch to the faked stuff is obvious because of terrible editing and terrible acting. It is not convincing at all, although if the participants tried a wee bit harder it could be a "blast".

Better to look for guys like Peter North who can do it for real (well, within reason!). There must be other males out there who could compete. ??

01-10-11  08:24pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

The Late Selena and Jlo. Yes I like em on the bigger side!

01-04-11  08:33pm

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