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Visit ALS Scan

26. ALS Scan (1)

claudious (0) 09-15-07  04:39pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: 1) I love this site, it is constantly improving. It is a great southern porn site
2). always new woman coming through the site
3). the photography is always top-notch
4). the photo shoots are varied in content and never perdictable like most sites.
5). these guys enjoy shooting woman and it shows
6). Most of there old content has been up-scanned to higher quality which is a big plus because they have a deep archieve.
Cons: 1). maybe try and cut down on the tattoos a little. That may be my hangup but I like woman without tattoos or only a few.
Bottom Line: My favorite site for many years and it just keeps getting better...
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27. ALS Scan (1)

turboshaft (24) 04-01-08  08:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (41), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Tons of exclusive solo girl content, almost all archived
+ Lots of hot, amateur ladies...all shaved (lives up to the name)
+ Models do a lot: big insertions, fisting, speculum, many do peeing, some anal
+ Girl-girl action
+ Daily video update, photo update every other day
+ Quick downloads
+ Newer videos are HD, 2 res available for newer photos
+ All natural models, few porn stars
Cons: They are minor, but...
- Many videos are just photoshoots or BTS (can get boring), newer masturbation vids feel very forced and often fake
- Site's being redesigned, but still needs a few tweaks
- Many older models have no vids, few photos
- A few too many European models
Bottom Line: If you're into young, totally shaven girls who are willing to get nasty in front of a camera, then ALS Scan could easily become your new friend. This site shoots some very hot girls, many who have never done any porn or modeling prior, and a few who haven't done any since (that's exclusive!). The focus here is not just quantity, but quality, and new pics are offered in two sizes (around 1300x1000 and 3000x2000), usually with good lightning and crystal clear resolution. New videos are also in big, clear HD (1280x720). The owner/photographer doesn't mess around, and models are quickly undressed and lubed up in the scenes, with lots of toys, fisting, speculum, along with some models who pee, or do some anal; but only what they are comfortable doing, and it pays off in the photos.

My only gripes would be that the videos can get boring, and the newer ones feel too forced if they are masturbation. Yeah, itís porn, but their older vids would just introduce the model and let her go from there. The owner also frequently talks, even in the masturbation vids, and his voice can be quite annoying, and downright creepy (a frequent complaint by other users). They are also finally putting their old design out to pasture, but the new one isn't perfect (no searching, you can still end up doing a lot of clicking). But the content more than makes up for these things, and as older material is being rereleased and updated, you'll probably end up quite satisfied.
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Visit ALS Scan

28. ALS Scan (1)

Jeffrey99 (29) 12-11-08  02:17pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (26), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Helps a charity (The only site I've ever known to do so)
+Great quality images(2592x3888 portrait/3888x2592 for landscape).
+Great quality videos. Had Divx (which my pc wouldn't play smoothly) and 720p MP4 videos.
+Most models are small chested and pretty skinny. Very seldom are any models C cup or bigger.
Cons: -Website must have been one of the first ever built and boy does it show. WAY past due for a upgrade.
-No easy navigation.
-Most vidoes are just behind the scenes of the photo shoots.
Bottom Line: As you can tell by the name of the site, every model is 100% shaved. At first it's pretty cool but then it starts to make every photo set and every model start to look the same. I love the fact that they have alot of smaller chested girls but after a while, they start to feel the same. Could really use some variation.

There are normally 100 or so photos per set. And the photos are great high quality images. The first 3/4 of the set is your normally glam style shoots but the last quarter can get pretty strange. From sticking normal every day items (food, end of a shovel, etc) in the pussy to pissing. Pissing seems to be a pretty big niche on the site, as it seems to happen alot.

The videos are great quality but most are behind the scens of the photo shoots. So you've always got the lovely cameraman talking through out the whole thing. When will these companies learn? Get rid of that shit.

Navigation for the site is complete crap.You've got either updates or all models. No way to search by cup size, hair color or even model name. To find certain model you have to go to the all models page and do a find within IE or Firefox.

For the price ($29.95 1st month/then $24.95) I think the site is past due for a upgrade. While the images are great quality, due to the navigation and the constant talking during videos, unless a your a image fan you'll probably be disappointed. If your a video fan like me, you'll quickly get sick of hearing the dumbass guys talking.
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Visit ALS Scan

29. ALS Scan (1)

exotics4me (463) 03-02-09  12:50pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - As with both ALS sites, the quality and completeness of the content is as good and high as it gets.
- Newer videos hit to true HD 1920x1080 resolution, even the older ones are 720 high end.
- Picture sets are beyond complete, one picture set, Anita Pearl Scene 2, when downloaded in high resolution is...912 MB! Pictures can go up to 3800 high end and some of the sets near 400 pictures.
- Excellent download speeds, though can't get it to work with DL Manager, will allow resume in Firefox though.
- Some very good old content that features some of porn's biggest names when they were younger, love the old Anetta Keys sets
Cons: - Had a frustrating experience as a member of both ALS Angels, ALS Scan, seems their sign-in page goes through the same server. So, when I clicked members to bring up my saved login information, it would be ALS Angels username and password, even though I was on ALS Scan, never happened before last month.
- See the above one and why this one makes the con list, after signing in to get in members area, have to sign in again when you go to download a video, so the confused server was causing me major headaches in accessing content.
- The models as a whole are beautiful, but they are almost all very, very skinny.
Bottom Line: ALS Scan has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. I can see and agree with some of the complaints like the content is repetitive, but I can get over that for the high quality.

A common complaint that I have with both ALS sites is that the navigation can be confusing. I've signed in before, clicked the button for models, only to click a set and be asked to sign in again, what the hell? I just signed in! They do have what looks to be a separate model page for members, and I guess for whatever reason, I wasn't on it, instead, on the guest's model page, even though I had just signed in. Then there was the confusion with the server giving me my ALS Angels username and password when signing in on ALS Scan and of course, those are different so it rejected my sign-in attempt.

Minor complaints? Sure. But can be a bit of a hassle, especially for the impatient.

Quality wise this site is as good as any. I am not positive on this, but I want to believe the lowest quality videos are 720 high end, and the newer videos are 1920 high end. I might be nitpicking a little, but I do think this could be a negative for some members, a lot of the newer videos have 1280 high end as the LOWEST quality option and if you have a slow connection, you are going to be there awhile just to get the lowest quality ones. Some of the lowest quality videos are 500 MB for some scenes.

On the other hand, if you love the high quality this is a great site. The quantity is also very high. Much higher than sister site ALS Angels.

I'm one of the ones that likes the huge picture sets that have 200-400 photos in each set, so I really like that about ALS, the newer picture sets are almost as big of a file as the videos!

My complaints are minor when compared to the quality and quantity. They do also go back and remaster older content, kind of frustrating, since they take members votes on which sets to remaster and it rarely is the ones I am wanting remastered. This site does have an added bonus for collectors, since there is some older content of Sandy from Club Sandy, Anetta Keys as Alana, the retired and irreplaceable Mia Stone and Sophie Moone.

In general, the ALS staff, photographers, seem to have good relationships/friendships with the models, so you get some natural laughs from the models and smiles that don't look fake. I really can't complain about the skinny models, because they do have the other site with the curvier models, but I do want to add it in case anyone is wondering about the style of models. Put it this way, Sandra Shine, Eve Angel and Eufrat were too curvy for this one and are on the ALS Angels site instead. Starting to wonder about that myself. Not saying ALS is milking two sites by splitting the top models between their sites, but it is starting to look a little suspicious since both sites must be using the same server/different port? to sign in.

Still, I recommend the site for the quality and amount of content.
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Visit ALS Scan

30. ALS Scan (1)

skippy (52) 06-23-12  01:24am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fantastic quantity of material. The girls are all very young, say, under 25. Newer videos are excellent and in HD. Newer photo sets come in high resolution. The girls appear to be having genuine fun. They use ample amounts of oil, lotion, various types of fruits and vegtables and many, many types of battery operated devices. Sets are dated and are available all the way back to 2006.
Cons: Navigation is not as good as other sites. (For example, you can't scroll through the images in a set but have to page back out to the set menu and select the next image.) About 1 in 4 releases are actually re-releases of older material dating back as far as 2001...OK if you are a first time member but not if you are back for the 2nd or 3rd time. The narrow range of girl types, sets and specific types of odd fetish shots makes the site a little monotonous after a while. The girls wear very little or no make-up, making some that are solid 10s at other sites about a 7 here. Many of the newer models are not as attractive as models from prior years.
Bottom Line: OK, bottom line? This is a lesbian and fetish site that is interesting to visit once just to see the show, but it caters to a relatively narrow taste. Nearly every girl is young, petite, small breasted and, of course, shaved. On the surface, that's not at all bad. Many of the girls from older sets and a few from newer ones are truly beautiful. A few headliners like Caprice, Malena Morgan and Franzeska, are easily recognizable from other sites even without much make-up. But the majority of recent girls are not particularly memorable and at best rate a notch above amatuer. Maybe after years of visiting this site I'm a little jaded. I apologize in advance if what I'm about to say seems harsh. The success of the site must mean that many people like the signature items they provide. Here are a few of those signature items:
1. There are NO boy/girl sex scenes. None. Lots of girl/girl scenes, though.
2. Practically every model gets fisted at some point. If you like that, this is paraadise.
3. There is an odd fascination with the inside of otherwise unviewable areas on the female anatomy. Examples include almost every model agreeing to use a speculum so you can see what her uturus looks like. Many models agree to use what looks like an ambroidery hoop with clothes pins spreading the labia to provide a more detailed view (think dental headgear for the pussy). Some models use glass tubes allowing a view deep inside the rectum. I guess folks are into that. I find it niether sexy, nor flattering. In a word, it makes the models clinical.
4. Just about every model has to pee at some point. The photographers show you exactly when that is.
5. Ladies, care to have your nipples, clitoris or entire vagina vacuum pumped? Yep, they do that here!
6. The first time I saw a set where a model put a lollipop in her vagina I thought it was interesting and might be tasty. That was about 100 lollipops ago. Now I find myself wondering what flavor the odd color lollipop they use is.
7. This is not a glam site. As such, the girls don't really wear much make-up. You get to see every pimple, freckle, sore, scar and bruise, whether it is on a face, a leg or a butt.
8. Allsscan has a sister site called allsangels. The webmaster/owner has no qualms with showing you a set of girls from auditions in his blog and picking out the more attractive girls to send over to ALSANGELS in an effort to sell you membership in that site much smaller for $25 a month. Sorry, all it does for me is piss me of that these better looking girls should have been but aren't on the site I'm a member of.

Ok, before you send me a nasty email, let me put a thought in your head. ALSSCAN is a bit of a sideshow. Sideshows have an odd combination of allure and freakiness that makes you want to go in to see what is there. I've seen this particular show about 5 times since the late 1990s and every few years I find myself wandering back in to see what the next big thing is going to be. (This time I think it is those emroidery hoop-clothespin things....)

Now, it is clear that the photographers have a tremendous rapport with the models as the models are usually having tremendous fun. I think this is because the models are not forced to please the camera so much. (heck, they hardly even LOOK at the camers.) Instead they are encouraged to please themselves and any other girls that happen to be nearby..and perhaps they are encouraged to experiment. Some of the best photo sets and videos come from annual outings where a dozen or so girls are chosen to go to a tropical island. Once there, they can run around naked and generally have sex with any girl they want...and they do.

So, again, bottom line...interesting place to visit but you might not want to stay for more than a month.
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Visit ALS Scan

31. ALS Scan (1)

LPee23 (24) 04-21-14  06:21pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: ALS has been setting the bar high for years.
-all models are shaved and otherwise natural
-over 500,000 pics in zips
-resolution 2000x3000
-overall amount of content is overwhelming
-lost count of videos, but I'd guess over 3000
-most videos in 1080P
-mostly solo and g/g
-subjects also include b/g, peeing, dildos, speculums, fisting, anal insertions, anal fisting and lots of outdoors and BTS
-newly redesigned and searchable website with tags (90% of peeing content was tagged correctly, I looked at everything on their site and tagged the remaining 10%. You are welcome.)
-one, sometimes two updates daily
They are remastering lots of their older stuff. How cool is it to see those favorite pics of yours from years ago in more detail than ever before? This is one of the coolest things going on at ALS right now. I give them so much credit for staying true to their roots, and for putting in the real effort and investment that it takes to do this.
Cons: I honestly can't come up with any cons here.
Some past reviews have mentioned their introduction of b/g content as a con, while other have considered it a plus. I'm pretty neutral on it personally. To those who feel that ALS is straying from their roots with b/g content, I will say that is not true. ALS has done b/g content in their early days too, including one video with Mia that I'm thinking of, it was just rare back then.
The merger with Met Art was totally a good thing, all concerns regarding that have not played out, and they have kept everything that made them unique and great while totally modernizing their site.
You may notice some of the oldest archived sets appear thinned out. This is not new, they were thinned out on their old site too, actually those old archived sets were just samples of what was once available on CDGirlsOnline.com. As part of their renovation with Met Art, ALS had actually brought more pics back online than they had before.
Bottom Line: ALS - All Ladies Shaved. I obviously love this site, because I have given it my top score. If you look at all of the sites that I have scored close to 100%, they all have one thing in common - they are large, high quality networks that are run like the best of the small operations. This could not be more true of ALS - they go to every length possible to please their customers. Usually, the "Bottom Line" is the section where I go into objective detail about a site. With ALS, I will ask you to forgive me for being a bit subjective, because I would rather tell you the story of my own personal experience. ALS is a site that dates back to 1996, just about my earliest days ever seeing online porn. I didn't find them in the 1990's though, they first came to my attention in the early 2000's. I remember that ALS's pics were the first that I ever saw in 1200x800 resolution back around 2003, and I knew they had just raised the bar on everyone else. Those 1200x800 ALS pics still look amazing today. Back in those early days, I got what ALS pics I could from TGP's and the like because I was not in a position to get a full membership. Over the years, I lost many files, first due to an ill conceived idea to delete my collection, and later to a hard drive crash, but ALS's pics were among the ones that I remembered the most.
So I finally joined ALS a few months ago, hoping to rebuild my old collection and check out all of their new stuff too. I was impressed with the amount of content on ALS's site. They are one of those sites that you really can just get lost in, due to the overwhelming amount of pics and videos. ALS has a very distinctive style. It goes much beyond just having all of their models shaved. They love to do shoots at the beach and by the pool on bright, sunny days. Their models are young and slender with natural breasts and few if any tattoos. They always look like they're having a lot of fun too, and you can see lots of behind the scenes videos where the models are just having a good time with each other and with the staff. At the same time, with all of this lighthearted fun going on, ALS can really push the boundaries. ALS is the only site I can think of where the models seem to be having such a fun time while doing things as extreme as fisting, using speculums, and putting clamps (the ALS "dreamcatcher") on their pussies. Of course, there is lots of peeing too. So, there I was, downloading all of this great stuff from ALS, when I realized that something was missing.
I had some pics from the earliest days of ALS that I just couldn't find anymore. Actually, as I would later learn, the pics that I couldn't find were shot and watermarked by ALS, but they were never on alsscan.com or alsangels.com. They were only released on CD by CDGirlsOnline.com, a site that is long gone. CDGirlsOnlines.com was a site that sold CD's of pics via mail with exclusive ALS pics that couldn't be found on their websites. I was let down, thinking that I might miss out ALS's original, earliest work.
So, I contacted support, and they were incredibly helpful! Support passed my email along to several other employees, each of who were remarkably helpful, until it ended up with ALS's content manager. We compared notes about ALS's pics from it's earliest days, and we looked over the really old stuff that I had in my collection. Almost all of the stuff that couldn't be found anymore was from CDGirlsOnline.com. Despite the fact that they had closed CDGirlsOnline.com years ago, he went the extra mile to help me out. So far, he has found thousands of rare, old pics from CDGirlsOnline.com. The ones that he has found so far were released only for a limited time as bonuses, bloopers, and outtakes on the ALS sites and then removed. Out of incredible generosity, he has made these classic ALS pics from CDGirlsOnline.com available to me. Some people feel inclined to guard and keep secret the rare things that they come across. I would rather as many of you as possible enjoy ALS's pics, so that is why I am sharing this information with you, with ALS's permission. These old pics - bonuses, bloopers, and outtakes - are available to you as well, if you sign up as a member and ask politely. ALS has made no announcement that they will be remastering these pics, posting them on their sites, or making them available indefinitely, but they are available right now by special request. They are not up to current ALS quality standards, they range from 400x600 to 1200x800 in resolution, but they are the sharpest 400x600 pics I have ever seen. It's also really cool to have ALS pics with watermarks dating back to 1996, even if the resolution is low by today's standards. What's more, ALS tells me that they still have everything that they ever shot, some in RAW files, and the earliest content on analog color film, all saved in a storage locker somewhere. Isn't that the stuff of legends?
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Visit Brutal Dildos

32. Brutal Dildos (0)

visor (7) 04-29-08  11:10am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (9), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Features large dildos
Watermarks for new vids are small
Niche site - does what it says on the tin
Cons: Models variable in attractiveness
Quality of video not to videobox/sex and submission/abby winters current standard
Not a huge selection of these
Pics reasonable
Vast majority of vids use same 2 dildos - lacks creativity
Bottom Line: Niche site does what it says. Single girls masturbating with large standard dildos in ass and pussy - with the occasional unseen operator helping out. If you want more variation, don't go there.
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Visit American Bukkake

33. American Bukkake (0)

dracken (246) 10-02-11  07:32pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of scenes (way over 200), starting all the way back in 2004 and up to January 2011.
- Videos (640x320, 340x240 for the older stuff, which unfortunately means most of the content here) and images (720x480) although no zipped archives here.
- A lot of pretty good looking models and a ton of guys who cum on them. We're talking about dozens of dudes in most scenes. Basically, I don't think I've seen any other site which shows this much cum on a girl (excluding fake semen). The Gokkun scenes, where the girl actually swallows a lot of the semen are even more intense.
- A lot of behind the scenes videos were you get to see the girls get ready, some candid interviews and a few mistakes.
- Access to the entire network which includes a lot more oral fixated videos.
- If you have not gotten any of these videos before, and like bukkake and oral sex this network is a decent value
- relatively easy navigation, didn't have any issues with log-in or downloading or streaming stuff
Cons: - This site doesn't seem to be still updating (although others in the network do update)
- Too much of the site's content is focused on behind the scenes videos. I love those scenes, but with a lot of the videos at around 340 resolution and the more recent ones almost entirely BTS, it feels like we're missing out (In fact I believe they have some behind the scenes for videos we don't even see on the site.)
- The site needs a serious face-lift. The navigation right now works, but it's lacking. No search functions, no easy way to sort through the different types of scenes. No model pages. Compared to many other sites this feel like it's missing some basic features.
- More download options and more/ higher resolutions would be great.
- Overall content can get a bit repetitive.
Bottom Line: I joined this network because I had never seen any of the videos from JM Productions before and as far as I can tell none of those scenes are available anywhere else on the internet in one place. Not even Videobox has all the DVDs from the American Bukakke or Gag factor series. So basically if you enjoy seeing good looking girls getting covered in cum you can't miss these videos and VOD would be way more expensive than a months membership on this site.

On the other hand the sites in the network feel a bit like they are the bare minimum necessary to get 30 bucks out of you. The design is very basic and a lot of the older stuff they offer is in poor, poor resolution (for this site which hasn't been updating recently that means a lot of the content is not very qualitative).

The other reviews here already pointed out that many scenes that are on DVDs are not available on the site, there is no HD and there is way more Behind the scenes stuff than necessary (Gagfactor has a much better mix of BTS and actual content.) To this list of complaints I'd like to add that for a bukakke site there isn't that much actual bukakke here. Several of the videos are actually lesbian bukakke or reverse bukakke, both of which are squirting in my book and don't belong on a site that writes half it's title in a semen-like font.

Also while I understand that this site is strictly focused on bukkake, I wish they had more fore-play. Not necessarily sex, (although a few of the scenes where they have a good old gang bang before the cum are nice) but more stripping, more of the girl getting naked. Right now most of the scenes feel like they start in the middle with the girl already masturbating and go on from there.

Another annoyance was the lack of a better preview page. Right now once inside the members area you get on huge list with the female models name, the date the scene was updated, a small thumbnail that is often not very descriptive and the length of the clip. It's not enough to really sell the scene. I'd love a models page or a category search so I can find all the lesbian bukkake scenes quickly.

Now that I got the negative points out of the way I'd like to focus a bit on the scenes, which for the most part are great. They have a few with actual sex (if you join check out Chastity Lynn's anal bukakke, it's great) and a lot of scenes with many, many men cumming on one girl that usually plays with herself a bit before the actual cum-fest. If you enjoy facials, ruined make-up, a lot of cum and some swallowing you really can't miss these videos. All the models seem to have a good time and they joke around a bit a the end of the video.

We also get a bunch of more or less interesting twists (birthday cake with cum on it? bukakke in a gym? Martini glass or dog bowl filled with cum? They have it) There are also a bunch of different outfits, corsets and even some light BDSM.

Another highlight are the Behind the scenes which for the most part are petty good (I preferred the ones on GagFactor). If you enjoy seeing girls get ready for the scenes, joke around with the camera guy, change from regular street clothes to sexy outfits then this site will be a nice surprise. I personally really enjoyed a few scenes where you get to see the girl without make-up, acting very casually, but you have to be interested in BTS to really see a great value here.

So overall, this site doesn't rank as high as Gag Factor (see my review for that site as well before joining the network) but still offers some nice scenes for anyone who loves cum-shots. The lack of recent updates, low resolution and the niche appeal hurt the score and while there is a lot of fun in the scenes here I don't think they have as much personality as other sites in the network.

Basically I'm recommending this to fans, for anyone else check out the other sites in the network or consider another place to get your facial videos :)
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Visit In Focus Girls

34. In Focus Girls (0)

xbigvmanx (14) 10-31-08  07:09am
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (19), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Masturbation
HD Video
Hot Eastern European Teens
Hi Res Pictures
Easy Navigation
Cons: Not Enough Content
Download the whole site in one month
Bottom Line: If your a masturbation fan then this is the site for you. I tried this about 4 months ago and this is another great addition for Masturbating fans everywhere. High Quality Videos, Beautiful Eastern Euro models. This is one of many sites that belong to Sapphiccash.com. Two of their other sites are known for quality like Sapphic Erotica and OnlyCuties all the three that I have had the pleasure of joining. The updates are daily however its like getting a drop of water in your bucket per day. One day it would update a photo set, another day it would update the video. The Navigation is easy as well as the design of the site is easy on the eyes. My only compliant is I wish it had more so its a safe bet to purchase the 1 month subscription if you plan on spending the day and night to download the movies with a fast connection. I will probably come back next year to subscribe again to see what other stuff they added.
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Visit Hard X

35. Hard X (2)

rearadmiral (384) 03-29-14  10:40am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - New studio site
- Affiliated with Open Life and Erotica X
- All scenes directed by Mason
- Supports download managers
- Many choices for viewing scenes
- TBP / PU discount
- Several Ďfirstsí
Cons: - Small site for now
- Videos arenít associated with the DVDs they appear in
Bottom Line: Hard X is both a new studio and new website that features videos from the studio. The studio (and site) feature scenes directed by Mason, formerly from the Elegant Angel studio. Itís also a sister site to Masonís other studio/site Erotica X. Obviously the scenes at Hard X have a much harder edge than those at Erotica X. In my opinion, Mason is one of the best directors in the business. She brings a unique feel to her scenes and brings out the best in her performers.

One of the reasons Iíve been waiting impatiently for this site to go live was that Mason has brought a number of Ďfirstsí here. Iím a big fan of anal scenes and Hard X made a (justifiably) big deal over the first anal scenes for Maddy OíReilly and Annika Albrite. The site promises more in the future too.

Iíll deal with the major negative element first, since it will likely be a deal-breaker for some potential members. Because the studio is new they donít have a big catalogue yet, so the site is small too. There are currently only 30 scenes available. Since the site only launched last week I canít verify an update schedule, though the site itself has an Ďupcomingí tab and that shows a new scene being added per week. Yes, I know that seems slow, but this is a new studio and they donít have a lot to offer yet. A potential member will have to make his or her own decision on value, but with the TBP / PU discount I think this is a great value. I think that this isnít Ďcommodity porní but is unique and uses A-list models in scenes with high production values. I like to think of sites like this (and Erotica X too) as high-end steakhouses in a world of greasy buffets. (And yes, I realize that my analogy is unflattering.) TBP reports that the site also offers a full 2-day trial. This would be an incredible value for someone who just wanted to check out what the site has to offer.

The other negative is probably more subjective, but when Iím on a studio site I prefer that the videos be grouped by DVD title or capable of being sorted that way. For some reason, Hard X doesnít do that. I hope as the site grows they add a ďDVDĒ tab.

The site is well laid out with four scene per page, each with one large screenshot and two smaller ones. The scenes are titled with the modelís name in the title. There are tags for specific niches and the modelís name is a tag too. Each scene opens into its own page where you have all of the same information and brief description of the scene too.

As with all Open Life sites, there are a range of options for viewing and downloading the scenes. Streaming is available in seven resolutions ranging from 160p to 1080p. Downloads are available in WMV format (160p, 240p, 360p and 480p) and MP4 format (160p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 540p, 720p and 1080p). I downloaded the 720p and those are 1080x720 at 4800kb/s and 29fps. They look crisp and show no pixilation. Those files are, on average, about 1.3GB in size.

I had no problems using a download manager to queue up the scenes I wanted. There were no unreasonable time-outs on the links and my downloads hit and sustained the maximum speed that my manager allows (11mb/s).

The bottom line is that I highly recommend that you check this site out of you like hardcore porn with a slightly rough edge. This contrasts well with its sister site where the hardcore is softer and more couples-oriented. The site offers some excellent porn with some of the biggest names in adult these days. The site is well organized and logical. There are lots of options for viewing or downloading the scene too. When you add it up and apply the TBP discount I think this is a great value. As the site grows, it will become an even better value.
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Visit ALS Scan

36. ALS Scan (1)

jd1961 (95) 10-24-07  08:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Super Hi-Res Photos
- Zip Files
- Hi-Def Video
- Ton Of Material
- Very Attractive Models
- Great Photography
- Frequent Updates
Cons: - Site Design Could Be Better
- Too Many Implements Of Gynecology!
Bottom Line: Being primarily a photo collector, I must say this may be the best photo site I've ever seen, both technically and artistically. The first thing that struck me about the photography is that it is well composed. It's not just some guy clicking a camera. The very attractive and young models are professionally posed, and the photographer even uses signature poses that are unique to him, such as having the girl bite her lower lip. Very erotic, you see it in almost every set. And there are not endless body part closeups-in fact there are very few of them. What a relief! I know how girls are different from me, I'm interested in the particular model. However, there is an emphasis on the use of gynecological tools that (for me) is a major turnoff. For those who like this, ALS is your nirvana. The photos are crystal clear huge hi-res (3295px!)very collectible. There is a long page of videos, available in Hi-Def (1280x720)mp4 and(852x480)divx. Even their standard size is large (720x540)wmv, (640 x 480)divx. No hardcore, but plenty of solo, g/g, and the implements! To be honest, I am still trying to figure out exactly how they order the photo sets. Each model has a page with her sets. The sets contain photos that are not released in the exact order the photos were shot. Eventually, all the photos appear. Forgive me for not better explaining this. I think the site overall needs a more modern design. The frames must be removed for back clicking. But, what a great site. With daily updates.
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Visit ALS Scan

37. ALS Scan (1)

GCode (101) 07-29-09  11:52am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (56), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of younger models in solo masturbation, insertions, gaping, speculum, lesbianism, and peeing.
- All models are shaved and quite petite, these models have breasts on the smaller size.
- Updates daily with mixed content.
- No DRM.
- No Download Limit.
- Picture sets are updating at excellent resolution (~3504 X 2336 or 1600 X 1067). These vary with updates, going a bit higher or lower. Older sets are all in the smaller size. All available in zip format. Watermarks are non-intrusive.
- Videos are updating in true HD quality in 3 different formats being DivX, mp4, and WMV (1920 X 1080, ~8000 kbps or 1280 X 720, ~4000 kbps). Older videos are being updated to higher res or just available in two formats (720 X 540, ~3200 kbps or 640 X 480, ~2750 kbps). There are other options as well, a lot of variation.
- Older stuff is being remastered to formats above, so the site is constantly updated the old with the new.
- Director's Blog area for news.
- Model Index.
Cons: - While navigation is easy, the site design has about 4 different formats that it has used in the past. These all stayed how they were at the time, so you get pages of all variations. A minor flaw, but these should all stay consistant for easier viewing.
- While I stated the fact that these models are petite and small breasted as a pro, keep this in mind when you join. There is a sister site, ALS Angels for more voluptuous models.
- While both the older photos and videos are being updated, the bulk of the material is still in the older formats at the time of this review. Just keep this in mind.
- There are a lot of videos of behind the scenes and photoshoots. While I see a purpose of these (more in bottom line), it is worth mentioning.
- The site updates models based on a voting system which is great, but in the older content it makes for downloading the picture set zips a bit awkward. Sometimes you get zips with only 1 or 2 photos in it or 2 to 3 different zip files for one set.
Bottom Line: ALS Scan has been around for awhile. The site boasts plenty of content at more than 70,000 pictures and over 1 TB of videos. Featuring mostly small breasted euro models, the majority of the models are extremely cute in nature. While I personally like my models a bit bigger in general, I cannot knock the site for wanting these type of girls here. The directors appear to create such a comforting aura with these girls resulting in extremely quality content that is both sexually arousing for the models and fun. It's one of the first sites in awhile that the models appear to be enjoying themselves for real and not just putting on a show for money.

The videos in the new format are the BEST I've ever seen to the date in terms of quality of clarity. Finally, a site using a true HD camera with the right compression. However, these files can get extremely large. But, it's worth it in my opinion. There are 3 styles of video content. These being BTS & photoshoots, solo masturbation, and lesbian scenes. The BTS & photoshoots are not there exactly for the pure sexuality, but I found these to be a great glimpse in to the model's personality. These display everything from gaping, speculum, peeing, to staged masturbation or lesbianism. The masturbation scenes are very well done in terms of the sexual energy and camera work. As stated before, there is a comfort level that these directors produce which makes for these models truly enjoying exploring their bodies. There is just a raw feeling in most of these videos that really struck me the right way. These videos are clearly potraying a young woman enjoying herself sexually in a real fashion. The lesbian scenes are quite raw as well. The models used for these scenes really appear to enjoy each others company and are truly attracted to each other. Lots of kissing and smiling, but intense fisting, fingering, and licking as well. I really don't gravitate towards lesbian content but I found these videos to be quite impressive.

The photography is top of the line and features mostly simulated masturbation and or extreme close ups or long shots filled with tons of props for insertions. The newer high res show off the model extremely well and are not photoshopped for fakeness. But, even the lower res photos look good. You will probably be downloading a few of these because the high res photo zips can be as large as the videos at ~500+ MBs for a scene.

Overall, with the mix of awesome photos and extremely great videos, this site is something else. The solo model content mixed with the girl-girl action is solid. Plus, there are scenes at vacation spots with 5+ featured models which are some of the best content I've ever seen at any site so far. I love those scenes. The site may be lacking in site design and the older content not being up to par with the new updates, but with the attempt to reformat those I believe these cons can be overlooked. The site is bringing new models in and upgrading the old. Recommended!
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Visit ALS Scan

38. ALS Scan (1)

rearadmiral (384) 05-04-10  04:44pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stunning models
- All models are young, petite and shaved
- Some great scenes on location in Europe and the Caribbean
- Pictures and video available
- No DRM
- HUGE volume of material available
- Some public nudity
- The public scenes are very well done
- Simple, if somewhat dated, navigation
Cons: - No search function apart from searching by model
- Less public nudity than I expected since it was heavily promoted in the tour
Bottom Line: The reason I joined ALS Scan was because the previews showed that there was some public nudity available, and as a big fan of that I joined for that reason alone.

While Iím not a big fan of solo softcore sites, I have to admit to being really impressed with ALS Scan. This is an excellent site that offers some stunning women in both videos and pictures. All of the women are pretty much of the same body type Ė petite and small breasted. For a guy who thinks small-breasted petite women are the best, this makes the site even better. There is a decent mix of Eastern European models and American women. Some porn stars make an appearance too, like Courtney Simpson and Faye Reagan. Most of the models are also fairly young (18-25) and, as the siteís name says, all of the ladies are shaved. So if you like petite, young, shaved models, you should consider a membership on the strength of that alone.

Many of the video/picture shoots take place on an indoor set, but there are a lot that are shot in the Caribbean. These are visually outstanding. Apart from solo girl action, there is some peeing, some toy and speculum use and some girl/girl stuff. All of it is well shot.

The videos are classed into two broad categories: masturbation and photo shoot. The photo shoot scenes are pretty interesting as they give a behind-the-scenes perspective on what goes on.

I joined because the site promised some public nudity. There is some of that, but not a lot. What is there is excellent though, and for a big fan of public stuff that alone was worth the price. All the public nudity is done in Europe with European models. For a site into solo girls, they really seem to understand public nudity. Unlike some other sites (Nude in LA) the public nudity isnít matter-of-fact and sterile. It is really well done and the titillation and risk are well presented. They also do something that Iíve never seen before and hope to see more of Ė that is using body paint to paint a skimpy outfit on a nude model and then send her out to the streets. This is really innovative and a lot of fun to watch. I appreciate that the editors chose to film the painting too Ė this adds to the fun.

But ALS Scan also has the technical side right too. They offer several different choices of resolution with the HD being visually stunning. Other reviewers have covered more of the technical stuff below.

One drawback is that there is no search function. I had no way to easily find the public nudity even though each scene was categorized in that way. Likewise, there is no way to separate out the photo shoot scenes from that masturbation scenes. Some search function would be an improvement.

I may not be a big fan of solo girl sites, but Iím now a big fan of ALS Scan. The people behind ALS present some stunning models in well-shot scenes and make it available through an easy-to-use and modern website. Overall, an excellent value.
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39. German Goo Girls (0)

farnsbarns1 (1) 11-23-08  04:27am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (9), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Im glad to be the first to announce that GGG seem to have now removed the DRM on all their movies. There are 18 pages of full length DVDs in MP4 format - 17-18 DVDs per page. I was a member for a few days when Bam the site completely changed its appearance. The movies had changed to MP4 format and as yet I havent downloaded a DRM file. I use an XBMC modified Xbox to view porn and they play on this as well as conventionally on the computer. Quality is very good. I have been downloading the medium quality files at around 700mb which are very good but the high quality files are about 1gb in size.

The videos offered are of course famously unique.Extreme bukakke, cum eating out of glasses, off plates, through straws, from spoons and bowls, out of other girls mouths,vaginas and asses. If girls eating massive amounts of sperm in elaborate and graphic ways is a turn on for you, which it is for me, then this is a must have site.
Cons: Still no download managers allowed. When will porn sites learn that DRM and no download managers are the biggest turn off. A site with these restrictions must have extra special content if customers are not simply to go elsewhere. Any site that has these restrictions is going to lose alot of potential members.

The content is extreme, unique incredible and for those that like this sort of thing like me great porn however it could be alot better.

The videos are very badly shot. Poor lighting makes them dark, poor direction and the women would look better with professional make up and better lingerie. The videos look like they have been shot in a warehouse. Put these things right and they would be unbeatable.

The girls gargle with the sperm too much. This turns the sperm into foam which no longer looks like sperm. More holding the sperm in the mouth calmly until the girl is holding a full mouthful would be sexier. Jules Jordans has perfected this with superbly shot Sperm Swallowers
Bottom Line: Pure filth which Im sure you'll agree is good thing. Amazing, great, never seen anything like it but could be twice as good if the production values were increased and the films were shot in well lit studios by a competent director with well presented girls. Much more attractive now that the DRM has gone. If you like to see girls with mouthfuls of cum you wont be disappointed.

Im giving the site a score of 85. If the problems were put right I would score it 100.
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40. Brutal Dildos (0)

cerebral (32) 02-09-07  03:38pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (21), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Truly amazing scenes. Best site for insertions and toys around. Some of what these women take in the form of dildos is fascinating. Updates seem to come often, and their models are very attractive. Some like Shannon Kelly are a pleasure to watch over and over again.
Cons: Bonus sites are extensive, but quality is so, so. In a few, like their fetish bonus site, access to and navigation leave much to be desired.
Bottom Line: So much to see and enjoy in this site. It could be improved if restrains and the use of mechanical devices were used now and then. Also, a few models in their 30s and 40s would be welcome, along with a few hot Asian women.
Overall, a very entertaining site that provides memorable scenes of insertions with very good quality video and downloading capabilities.
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41. Meat Members (0)

SnowDude (214) 10-08-07  12:30pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The quantity of content on this site is quite high with nearly 50 different sites on a variety of niches
-Most videos are of decent quality running around 1 mbps on average with multiple formats (WMV & MPEG) and a lower quality download/stream for dial up users
-The best sites in my opinion like Meatholes, Hell Fire Sex, and RiotWhores have very extreme sexual encounters and the reputation of Meatmembers on these sites is well deserved
-Many recent pornstars can be found at the various sites
Cons: -At least half of the sites seem to be abandoned and don't update anymore, so while they have achives with videos and photos, their inactive status makes the network smaller than it claims
-None of the videos are available to streamed or downloaded as a single clip
-Nearly every site in the netowrk advertises hi res photos, but most don't or only have a few, leaving just vidcaps
-Other than the best sites named above, the majority of them aren't extreme and rather tame by gonzo standards
Bottom Line: When I began reviewing sites on the Meatmembers network I was very pleased with not only the extreme nature of the best known sites but also with the creativity and uniqueness. However, as I reviewed more sites I began to sense a pattern of falling quality into the more average networks out there.

Navigating the network is easy with a central page linking all the sites with recent and upcoming updates. It's a little cluttered, but with that much content it's hard not to be. Each site offers a vidcap list of performers with clear links for videos and photos below. In most cases they worked fine and preferred settings for video quality were saved throughout the network. My only complaint was some broken links on a couple of sites which just seemed a bit lazy to me.

Video quality, while not HD, was adequate for a braodband connection averaging around 1 mbps for streaming and downloading in two different formats (WMV & MPEG) and a lower setting for dial up users. Just about every site's episodes had vidcaps but most sites, especially their older content, had very little hi res shots even though links for them were always shown.

There is little doubt that the flagships sites of this network offer some pretty extreme content at very good quality, but after awhile the content is about as routine as it gets. For me that took away a lot of the luster. On the plus side is the amount of content you get for $30 and if you like extreme at all I suggest you give this one a try.
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42. Meat Members (0)

Robbi81 (4) 12-19-09  06:47am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (16), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Many unique niches for everyones taste
- Updated several times a week
- A good mix of amateurs and professional models
Cons: - About 75% of the sites are dead
- Some of the sites are not "exclusive" footage
- Slow upload of pages and downloads
- Customer service could be better. Some difficulties when cancelling
- Navigation could be updated
Bottom Line: A unique network that has sites for many fetishes. Was a very good network 2 years ago, but needs to be updated now to become competition with other networks.
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Visit Rocco Siffredi

43. Rocco Siffredi (0)

lk2fireone (196) 07-09-09  08:27pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM
-No download limits
-Advertises exclusive blue ray quality high definition content
-Rocco Siffredi vintage movies are included
-Online store will sell exclusive clothes so you can dress the way Rocco Siffredi dresses (same T-shirts and caps. But this appears to be a product in the planning stage)
-At the Rocco Siffredi online store, you can buy DVDs featuring Rocco, sex toys, herbs for men and women, lingerie for women.
-Movie options:
--Streaming in low and high quality;
--Download in low and high quality.
--Also have screenshots and a trailer to illustrate the clip.
Site stats:
-Movies: 680
-DVDs: 156
-Actors: 788
-Hours: 339
Cons: PROS (continued):
Site stats (continued):
-Total size: 307 GB
Sample stats from some of the high-definition videos:
length: 8-35 minutes
bit rate: 2147-2212 kbps
dimensions 720x400-720x480
-I would have thought the bit rate and dimensions would be much higher, because of the statement that there was blue ray quality high definition content. However, I did think the visual quality was very good on some videos

-Watermark larger than needed, lower right corner
-Large file size of high quality video. A single file can be 500 MB or more, but this is
great video, and if you have to buy another hard drive to store these files, it's worth the money. -Because these are large files, need fast internet connection to watch high-definition streaming or to download.
-Files download as WMV format only.
-Sometimes the videos are slightly out of focus.
Bottom Line: BOTTOM LINE:
High quality videos of some lovely, yummy models. A real treat. I'm sorry I didn't find this site in the network earlier. This is the best site in the network of 19 sites.
First video I saw at this site, the girl was really cute, the action seemed real, not acted. Video looks high definition, very good lighting, very good colors, model did not speak or understand English that well, especially with Rocco Siffredi's strong accent, but she was a love, not a porn star. It was like looking at a gorgeous high-quality met-art picture come to life, hard-core action, but not dirty, even though what the girl was doing was pure hard-core. This is the best quality hard-core video site I've seen so far, with ok to nice-looking to very attractive models, good acting, few or no fake-sounding moans and groans by the model, often no music soundtrack (which is a real plus, considering the noisy music soundtracks on porno clips).
Quality of videos varies a lot. Some videos are just ok, some are really nice to great (I'm talking about how much I like the videos, which is a subjective reaction, but there are videos here that deserve to be classics).
Some PU members rave about the great quality of the Femjoy photoshoots and videos. That is softcore. This is great quality hardcore video. Rocco could be less intrusive, but you get to watch lovely women having a sexual experience.
Some videos are erotic/artistic. This is hardcore, but with real value that is more than
just crude or dirty sex. There are good-to-very-good looking models, good-to-great quality
video, some interesting storylines/concepts for the sex.
This site deserves a 90 for itself alone, and you get a lot of additional nice material from the other sites on this network. This site is really outstanding, and I don't understand why other PU members haven't been singing its praises. I think Met-art is the best softcore site I've seen for teen glamor photos, and this is the best hardcore site I've seen so far for quality videos.
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44. Rocco Siffredi (0)

lk2fireone (196) 09-14-10  10:13am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large amount of content.
-Wide variety of content of sexual activity.
-Current Site Stats (2010-09-14):
Movies : 998
DVDs : 212
Actors : 1019
Hours : 440
Total Size : 398 Gb
-Site is currently updating. Updates 1 video clip every 1-4 days (very irregular update schedule).
-No DRM.
-No site timeout.
-No watermark on older style videos.
Cons: -Navigation is basic and awkward.
-To log on to the network, you have to enter through the site you joined
through. You can't log on directly to any of the sister sites you have access to. Once you log on to the site you joined, only then can you enter
one of the sister sites you have access to.
-Moving around a single site is basic and awkward. To search for files at the site, or to look through the files available, have to look at lists from drop-down menus, or have to click many times to change from different pages. There is a lot of material at this site, and it's cumbersome to try to glance through the different video and photoset files.
-Need a fast ISP connection to play the streaming videos, otherwise the streams will frequently stutter and stop.
-A few good-sized thumbnails to show what the models look like in each video would be very helpful.
-A simple listing of the models appearing in each video would be helpful. Many models in videos are not named.
Bottom Line: Viewing options:
Download options: high and low resolution.
Streaming options: high and low quality.
Other options: trailer or screen capture.

Frame width by height: 720x480
Total bitrate: 2128 kbps

Quality of the video depends on whether the video is the high quality or the low quality option. Also depends on how long ago the video was shot.
The more recent videos are higher quality.
High quality streaming is not high quality. It is higher quality than the low quality, but it is nowhere near what some sites have as high quality.
These are professionally shot videos, but the overall quality could be much better in many ways.
One example: I am watching a scene where Rocco and a second man are both on a woman. In parts of the scene, you are seeing the action through a large block of clear plastic or glass. You want to see what's happening, without having a block of plastic obscuring the action. Remove the plastic, or shoot from a different angle. This is not the camera-man trying to be artistic, it's just the camera-man being lazy or stupid and
not bothering to shoot from an angle that clearly shows the action.
Site content:
You have a lot of vintage porn (101 videos) and even more straight recent
porn (892 videos). The vintage porn tries to add a little story-line to the sex, maybe even have some costumes. It's basically sex, with a little
story that is a negligible attempt to add some flavor or meaning to the sex.

The more recent porn also has a tiny story-line, but it's really just straight sex. The actors follow a script that is mainly fucking and
sucking, with little conversation (the female models probably don't understand much English, and English is what appears to be used to
communicate in the videos). Minor roughness and humiliation to the sex, but not a lot of hard-core roughness or hard-core humiliation. Most scenes are group-type sex, where you have 3 or more people fucking. Cunnilingus, bj, vaginal and anal sex in almost all scenes. No homo-erotic action of boy+boy. You do get boy+girl, 2 boys+girl, 2 girls+boy, or more than 3 people). Some girl+girl action in some of the scenes, but the main emphasis is on the boy+girl action.
I was a member of this site a year ago. At that time I found some videos that I thought were really good. But I can't find those videos now. If the videos are still at the site, I can't find them because of the poor navigation.
There is a large amount of video content, and the videos are split into series where the type of sexual action is changed from one series to
another. The models are mainly Eastern European females.
Rocco Siffredi is the star of the site, he's featured in most videos, and he can become annoying at times with his heavily accented English and overly boyish charm.
The quality of the videos is OK to good, not great. The large amount of content, and the wide variety of content means there is plenty of material to search through.
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45. In Focus Girls (0)

cwpuk (Disabled) 11-20-07  11:28am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Super quality HD movies
+ Beautiful european girls
+ Regular updates
+ Good value for money
+ Multiple download formats with no daily limit
+ Nice simple members area
+ Great customer support
+ Nice download speeds
Cons: - A little repetitive at times
Bottom Line: I've been a member of this site a few times and have not been disappointed. When onlycuties.com from the same company was released I was wondering whether this site was still worth it (as onlycuties has a lot of solo content). However, there is no duplicate content across the two sites. On balance I would also say the solo scenes on on infocusgirls.com are slightly better. There are more outdoor scenes.

The quality of the content when downloading the WMV HD format movies is really good (1280x720 res).

As of August there was 280+ HD movies and 80+ standard def movies (approx 83 hours).
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46. In Focus Girls (0)

propaGhandi (5) 12-09-09  12:56pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (11), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + some very sexy young girls
+ daily updates
+ no DRM
+ HD videos
+ HiRes Images
+ plenty of viewing options
+ zip-files
Cons: - site design
- navigation needs improvement
- needs more diversity in the models
- can turn into a daily routine
- more babe details please
- slow downloads
Bottom Line: Yes, the site provides great quality - pictures and videos - and an phenomenal archive. But I would love to have more diversity in the girls. Many of the babes here have the same look.

The lack of model details and slow downloads frustrated me a bit.

A site re-design and the usage of common technologies would increase the browsing experience drastically.
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47. Dominated Girls (0)

rearadmiral (384) 03-05-13  03:30am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the 21 Sextreme Network
- 250 scenes
- Updates regularly
- TBP Discount
- Supports download managers
- Many file choices
- Photos available (singles and zips)
Cons: - Can get a bit repetitive
Bottom Line: This site is part of the 21 Sextreme network that includes this and 13 other sites. The network is sold as the more extreme side of the 21 Sextury network. Iím a new fan of the 21 S1Sextury / 21 Sextreme networks and a long-time fan of good BDSM so I was definitely interested to see if this site met the standards set by many others in the two networks and how it compared to some of the better BDSM sites.

First a bit of a caveat: even if you are a fan of BDSM material you have to admit that it can sometimes get repetitive: girls in bondage can only have so many variations. The same can be said for a lot of other niches too, like massage and old-and-young. This site suffers from a bit of that as well, but Iím still glad I joined and still happy to have a lot of the scenes.

The site currently has 250 scenes and four new ones are added each month, though not necessarily on a weekly cycle.

One common element of most of the scenes is the same as with the other sites on this and the related network: the models are some of the most beautiful on the internet. For me, this increases my interest in the site since many of the models here arenít true Ďfetishí models.

The scenes share some other traits too: they all have the models in several different bondage set-ups (almost exclusively using rope), most have some other implements used, like ball gags, clamps or wax, and in most of the scenes there is actually sex, usually while the model is in bondage. This latter point isnít unique to this site, but it isnít available on every BDSM site. I suspect that legal concerns mean some sites just donít take that risk. As a guy who likes watching anal scenes, there are some here but they arenít in the majority.

One thing that is a bit of a negative for some (and others have commented on the same thing on other BDSM sites) but a probably a legal necessity is an interview at either the beginning or the end of the scene where the model Ďbreaks the fourth wallí and talks about what is about to happen or what just happened. As much as some people donít like it I accept that given the extreme nature of a BDSM scene that is it probably necessary to keep the soccer-moms away. Personally, I find the interviews interesting and usually watch them.

The site is laid out in the same way as every other site on this and the related network, which is to say that it is simple but effective. There are some improvements coming with the addition of a large number of tags for sorting the scenes. This feature is visible now but not active so I canít comment on it. If it works as planned though, it will be a great sorting tool.

Each page displays 36 large thumbnails showing the female model in the scene. Rolling your mouse over the thumbnail brings up so data on the scene, including model name and the date it was uploaded.

Clicking a sceneís thumbnail opens a new page where you have options to stream and download the scene. Immediately apparent is that there is an option to download just clips, but there is an option in all cases to download one full file. A trailer is also available. Streaming is available too, but I chose downloads.

There is a big difference in scenes uploaded before October 2009 and those uploaded after that. Prior to that date there were few options for downloads. In most cases those limited choices were a low-res H.264 file and a medium and high-res in WMV. Depending on when the scene was uploaded though, the high-res WMV is excellent. After October 2009 more options were made available, with three resolutions being offered in both H.264 and WMV. I found the mid-range H.264 to be the best compromise between quality and file size so I opted for that in most downloads. Those come in at 960x540 at 3000kb/s and 30fps. Subjectively they look great on a 23Ē monitor. (In the interests of clarity, there are approximately 170 scenes that have been uploaded since more options were offered.)

Download managers work well and I experienced no time-outs. Download speeds were better than Iím used to with similar sites.

Photos are also available and even though the site is really more of a video site the photos are well done and available in good resolutions. The lowest resolution I saw was 1280x853. Newer uploads offer that and 3504x2336. Zips are available.

The site has no real flaws: it has some great scenes with high production values and stunning models in a simple to use layout that allows download managers. What more could a BDSM fan ask for? I think that this site offers BDSM that is on par with the best out there, like the Kink sites and Society SM.

The bottom line is that if youíre a fan of good BDSM porn you wonít be disappointed by this site. The fact that it is part of a network and also comes with a TBP / PU discount makes this a great deal.
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Visit Brutal Fisting

48. Brutal Fisting (0)

BadMrFrosty (56) 04-03-11  06:31am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Reasonably good 1080P high def video
+ Multiple choice video quality downloads
+ Very good download speeds
+ No regional pricing
+ No DRM
+ Content dated
+ Exclusive content
+ Very attractive girls
+ Each update comes with matching picture set
+ Network access
+ Zipped pictures
Cons: - Interface is very basic, again just pages of videos
- Only 12 videos, totaling approx 4 hours 45 mins of video
- Video quality could be better
Bottom Line: Another tough one for me to rate was this. The fact that only 12 videos are available is pretty awful and negatively impacts the score but then you are given network access to other great sites such as extremekream.com, brutaldildos.com, analdildolesbians.com and others which brings the score back up again. But I have been a member of other network sites a few times in the past so I have already got a lot of the content on my hard drives, score back down again. But I do like the girls on this site and the content itself is great, female double anal fisting is not something you see very often. You guessed it, score back up. Next influencing factor is the video quality, while it is 1080P HD at 8mbit/sec bitrate it has been poorly encoded giving a lot of scenes grainy artifacts and not the crisp quality that networks like 21sextury can produce, even at lower bitrates. Points back off. The last big influence on the score is the updates, or should I say lack of updates. After a short floury during early February when all of the 12 videos were added a few days apart there have been no updates whatsoever. That's almost 2 months without a single video being added. Lots of points off for that one.

I feel I am going to have to put some caveats on the final score and again provide some alternate scores for different situations. If you have never been a member of the network, I would give the site a solid 75. The score is still on the low side because by joining a fisting site you obviously want to see fisting videos. The fact that only 12 are available cannot be escaped even though the amount and quality of content from the other network sites is generally very good. If, however, like me you have already tasted what the network has to offer then the content it provides does not add enough value. If they regularly update the site it will definitely be worth joining in maybe six months time but unfortunately as mentioned above, regular updates are not forthcoming. As it stands I find it hard to recommend except to newcomers to the network.
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Visit hotkinkyjo

49. hotkinkyjo (0)

rearadmiral (384) 07-23-12  05:49pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nothing else quite like it
- Pushes the boundaries on extreme insertions
- Very rare male on female anal fisting
- Exclusive material
- Photos and Videos
- Resolutions on even mid-grade videos look great
- Updates regularly
Cons: - Streaming only
- true HD stutters a lot even with a high-speed connection
- Insertions only Ė no actual sex
- Expensive for whatís offered
Bottom Line: First, please let me introduce you to an 800lb. gorilla in the room because readers will definitely notice it: yes, this is an EXTREME site. It isnít for everyone. Heck, Iím pretty sure that a lot of it isnít even for me, and Iím a fan of extreme anal stuff. So, readers, please remember that even if you donít like this niche, Iím wearing my reviewerís hat as much as my pervertís hat, so please keep the comments civil.

The other 800lb. gorilla in the room is the fact that the site offers no downloads at all. That goes for photos and videos. The site explains and justifies that by noting the risk of piracy if we, people who actively support pay sites, are allowed to keep what we see. I have no doubt that piracy is probably the biggest problem in the online porn industry today and Iím sure it hurts small sites like this much more than big sites, but I am not convinced that penalizing supportive paying customers is the solution. I really hope that the site re-thinks this policy.

Hot Kinky Jo is an attractive Russian model who speaks good English and appears to be in her mid-20s. Sheís petite and has looks more common in mainstream porn rather than the often rough, hard look of a model who pushes the limits in extreme fetish porn. According to an interview she gave to Jay Sin in Anal Acrobats she got her start doing webcam work and discovered she has a particular Ďtalentí for being able to insert large objects into her ass. Iím not sure if there is such a title, but if there is then Jo deserves to be labeled the Queen of Extreme Anal Insertions. In fact, I suspect that if the title comes with a crown then she could easily insert that into her bum.

The videos all feature some sort of extreme anal play. There are solo scenes where Jo anally fists herself, scenes where she uses huge dildos in her ass, including one where she takes more of a horse-dick dildo than would seem possible. There are scenes where she is with one or more women where there is more extreme insertion and usually female on female anal fisting. There are even a few scenes with male on female anal fisting. Iím not aware of any other site that offers this. In several scenes Jo actually takes more than one fist in her: three go in during one scene. I warned you that this was extreme stuff. One thing you will not see is actual anal sex, but that isnít the theme here anyway.

One niche that the site promotes is prolapse or ďrosebudĒ porn. I am most definitely NOT a fan of this and I know this sounds weird, but I have no stomach for prolapse stuff in the middle of a fisting video.

The site is very small, which is likely because itís so new. There are only 17 videos and 15 photo shoots available as of this writing. To make matters worse, the videos are short, all coming in at just under eight minutes long. But Iím guessing that if youíre having your ass fisted, eight minutes could seem like an eternityÖ

The photo sets all have 100+ photos. Many of the photos shoots appear to be shot at the same time as the videos.

The site, which only began last month, currently updates every two or three days. Video updates seem more frequent than photo updates.

I canít give full specs on the videos or photos because I donít know how to do that for streams. The videos are offered in three resolutions, low (1.5MB/s), medium (5)MB/s) and HD (10MB/s). I have a 60MB/s fibre op connection and I found the HD stuff unwatchable due to stuttering and long and frequent buffering delays. But when the HD stuff played, it did look good. The medium looks excellent too and didnít suffer the same problems. The photos also offer three resolutions. Both videos and pictures open into a viewer on the page. I really canít give much more technical detail because I donít normally use streaming.

Not that this is relevant, but this site is the first Iíve noticed that uses the new ďxxxĒ top-level domain. Until I noticed that I couldnít figure out why I couldnít find the site by simply googling ďhotkinkyjo.Ē

Iíll usually base a recommendation on value. And for me, cost is only one factor in deciding on value. Given the uniqueness of this site Iíd normally be willing to say it provides decent value even though it costs $30 per month and only has a small amount of material. But Ė and this is only my opinion Ė the lack of downloads means I just canít recommend this. Until they offer downloads I wonít be back and Iíd only recommend the site to someone who really likes this niche and understands that it is streaming only.
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Visit ALS Scan

50. ALS Scan (1)

DivBZero (13) 10-17-07  02:10pm
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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The Image quality on this site is outstanding. In particular resolution and depth of field are stellar. The detail is of 'pore and folicle' at 3506 x 2336.

The predominately 'euro' models are truly gorgeous and well presented in both Solo and Girl-Girl mode.

Some videos are HD at 1280x720 and well encoded.

The update and rentention policy means there is a lot of content available.
Cons: The sets are split into episodes which tend to be short and of varying progression. Sometimes there is a lot of progress and in others there are many similar images.

Sometimes the action is so rude it gets 'gyno' and not erotic. In particular the 'fists and speculum' series can have an almost sterile edge to them.
Bottom Line: This is a technically good site with good fit models and commendable rudeness. It undoubtably deserves praise.

For this reviewer however the "frisson per set" ratio was low and gave an overall feeling of detachment.

More smiles, cheekiness. toys that match the outfits, sets and proportions of the models would be nice. If only Suburban Amateurs could deliver Alsscan's technical image excellence.

This is my honest review, not sure why I made it since I suspect the trust rating will get a bashing from fans!

Cheers DivBZero
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