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Visit Fuck My Pakistani GF

Fuck My Pakistani GF
Reply of bbiillyy's Reply

Hi and thanks for your reply!

I agree that they have similar roots but there are different sub-cultures and traditions, being of Pakistani ethnic background I know this better than most. It's like saying all Euro girls are the same due to similar roots but it ignores specific sub cultures / traditions. If a website is specifically citing Pakistani girls as its unique appeal then that's what should be on the website.

09-25-12  10:18am

Visit Fuck My Pakistani GF

Fuck My Pakistani GF

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ Well presented main pages
+ Impressive volume of content, large number of videos on offer
+ Unique theme website which is refreshing (on first glance at least, see below)
+ Ticket support system makes managing your account straight forward and clear
Cons: --- Most of the girls featured on the website are of Indian origin. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it isn't consistent with what the site claims to provide.
-- Few navigation / browsing options in the members area
- Video / picture quality is quite low but that isn't much of a worry given the amateur nature of the content. There are no streaming options for the videos
- Price is a bit high in light of what is on offer
Bottom Line: This is a website targeting a specific niche of Pakistani girls, traditionally viewed as culturally conservative and hard to get. On the front page the site says: "To see an amateur Pakistani girl getting naked is as hard as spotting a unicorn. Well, those are just plain lies and at FuckMyPakistaniGF, we have all the hottest Pakistani girls naked pictures and vidoes." - Sadly, that is not quite accurate because the majority of the videos on the website are of Indian origin girls as per the video descriptions themselves. Some videos I recognise from other websites and it appears as though some girls are labelled Pakistani without that necessarily being the case. In between all of that you will find a few decent amateur videos of Pakistani girls and some TV celebs as well. Things are slightly better on the pics side of things but at least half, if not more, of the sets are of Indian girls. So that's my main gripe with the website because in my view it's not quite what it claims to be.

The front pages look great (love all that green ^-^) but the members area is a bit bland and there are minimal search / browsing options. The volume of content is impressive but given the above caveat this is perhaps not all that surprising. The video / picture quality is a bit low but that is understandable given the amateur nature. There is a 'live chat' option but that just takes you to an unaffiliated well known cam site with 'Indian' submitted in the search query. And the webcam option is just a reposting of some materials in the videos/pics sections. In summary the members area leaves a lot to be desired.

Overall the site was disappointing in that a vast number of the items on the site are *not* of Pakistani girls - so if that's what you are looking for you may just opt for the full 1 day trial or avoid the site altogether.

09-24-12  02:22am

Replies (4)
Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Well it won't fool anyone into thinking the models are real life. That said everything is well animated in general and great to look at, although you get the odd glitch especially with user-generated content. The models even work up a visible sweat and become flushed after prolonged action, so there have definitely been efforts to make it look realistic.

01-11-11  12:17pm

Visit Rebel Arab Sluts

Rebel Arab Sluts


Just wanted to mention that updates to the site have been more sporadic recently and has occassionally been at every 2 weeks. Some of the latest gallery additions are just extras from old or previous scenes - some new vid content which is nice though.

01-08-11  06:46pm

Replies (0)
Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ Unique, free software which is continually upgraded and quite flexible. Textures and environments are respectable and the models are great.
++ Great community features which allow for for free downloadable textures, poses, sequences, models and toys modded by community members themselves.
++ Excellent customisation options - you can make your own beautiful models, customise every aspect of their face and most aspects of their bodies (skin tone, tattoos, clothes). You can make your own custom poses and custom sequences. In-game features allow for pictures to be taken and also video recording.
++ The action itself is great and looks realistic. Interactive features allow great control of the action as it happens. You can adjust the camera however you like and clothes can be added or removed in whatever order you want.
+ Great editing tools to support those who want to make their own textures or sequences.
Cons: --- Quite expensive. The download is free but you need 'Sex Coins' to unlock important features which form the basis of your game experience.
-- A bit of time needed to learn how the in-game features work.
- Still some improvement needed re: modding and making custom textures.
Bottom Line: 3D Sex Games is the name for the interactive 3d games developed by thriXXX featuring hardcore sex. The main game is 3D Sex Villa 2 (which this review is based on) and the other games available are pin-offs with their own fetishes (i.e. hentai, gay, mature). The game features 3d models - controlled by you - having sex in various positions (referred to in game as poses) and locations. You can customise the models and what they wear (more about this later) and you can take pictures or video recordings of what goes on. You can have scenes featuring 1-3 models and also includes lesbian action (+ strap ons), MMF, MFF and more. The action looks great and - best of all - you can control it. The camera is fully adjustable and you can go into POV mode for any of the characters. You can also change the location where they fuck - on the table, on the bed, against the wall - and there are different sceneries available too.

There are several modes available - Quick Mode (for getting straight to the action), Free Mode (your sand box), Story Mode, PoseEditor, SequenceEditor and some others (the last few have to be unlocked with SC). There is a lot of community features and support at Gamerotica.com where you can share your own textures, poses or 'sequences' (i.e. porn movies) that you have made in-game.

The major drawback is the pricing. When you go to the 3dsexgames website, you can download the game software (~250MB) for free. Yes, free! So there must be a catch somewhere, you ask. Well, there is: 'Sex Coins.' This is the in-game currency you need to unlock features or content, a lot of which you couldn't possibly enjoy the game without. For example, you need to pay Sex Coins to unlock the uncensored action (5k SC), to enable community features (20k SC), to be able to have increased customisation features (well over 50k SC in total), as well as further base models/clothing (1-3k SC each usually). Sex Coins must be purchased (50EU will get you 50k SC, 25EU for 20k, down to 2EU for 1k) - to get the basics unlocked you will definitely find yourself paying 50EU, if not more, which is a bit too pricey. There is an option for a monthly subscription - in which case you must 'earn' Sex Coins by performing tasks in game. This is quite tiresome and longwinded, and you lose all of your unlocked stuff if you cancel your membership. If you intend to play this game in the long term then it might just be worth buying your stuff outright.

But if you have the money to part with, then this game really does reap the benefits. 3DSV2 allows you to customise your models however you like - skin color and tone, facial features, makeup, tattoos & piercings, jewellery, tits and pussy, clothing, tan lines, personal profiles. Whatever you can think of becomes pretty much possible in 3DSV2. Despite the pricing I have *REALLY* begun to love this game and what it offers: I just got done receiving a POV double BJ from my Asian and Indian flight attendants - yes, we did it on a PLANE! ^_^

01-08-11  06:10pm

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Visit X Love Cam

X Love Cam
Reply of dracken's Reply

Most girls will mention in their profiles what they like and do, but yeah many will be happy to use toys and go anal for you in priv chat if you ask. I had one girl do the latter w/ finger insertions... she was really getting into it but then my credit ran out -_-

08-31-10  01:49pm

Visit X Love Cam

X Love Cam

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ Good number and selection of girls available online at any time for you to interact with. There's just under 23k models registered with the site and the number of models online at any one time is around 350 on average.
++ Several types of shows and categories including solo, couple, trannies, anal, group, mature etc.
+ Site is easy to navigate and each performer has their own separate profile pages with pics and vids for you to enjoy.
+ Girls I have experienced are friendly and great to talk to, and more than willing to do whatever you ask in a private show.
+ The more popular performers have webcam feeds in HD resolution.
Cons: -- Search function for performers isn't very good and there isn't the option for advanced search to find girls by age, ethnicity, size etc. which would have been very helpful.
-- Credits are a bit expensive and you need to be wary as models have varying rates of credits per min. 25 credits will get you about 20 mins with most models or 15 mins with the most highly rated ones - and to get 25 credits costs about £21. That's way too high IMO.
-- Cam feed for a lot of models can be average to poor and often the sound isn't working.
- If you're in a private show and your credit suddenly runs out then the show ends immediately without any warning or note to 'top up' beforehand.
Bottom Line: So I thought I'd try something a little different, and was quite interested in checking out this live cam website which features mainly multi-lingual European girls - primarily French. The main page displays a variety of girls and you can browse around till you find one that catches your eye. The search function is clunky and could do with some improvement... but when you find a performer you like you are directed to their cam feed where you can chat to them. Once you have purchased credits, which as I note above were definitely on the expensive side, you can invite the model to a private show where they will do your bidding and more. If you have your own webcam you can activate it and she can then watch you too (if you're into that sort of thing!).

The video feed is is usually of decent quality and you can also browse performer's profiles and become a VIP subscriber to get access to their personal pics and vids if you like. But like I said overall I don't think the cost is worth it: for 20 minutes with a model you could easily get a month's subscription to a top quality porn site - so the latter is definitely better value. Although I was lucky enough to have got some free credits due to another subscription (RebelArabSluts which I have also reviewed), I did still find I was needing to add more credit frequently.

I'd not done this sort of thing online before and it was all a bit funny really, but also definitely entertaining. I would recommend it as a one off if you want a bit more engagement and interactivity than what you get from general porn, and although I'm sure there are far better cam sites out there, this one certainly isn't bad at all.

08-30-10  11:39am

Replies (2)
Visit John Persons

John Persons

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ All original explicit pictures and series which have been expertly drawn and coloured in a unique style.
++ Awesome cartoon interracial action typically featuring black monster cocks taking on curvacious, big-titted blonde girls.
+ Frequent updates
+ Message board available for theme/style requests and tech assistance
+ Some decent bonus content
+ Several sections to the website featuring different styles (drawings, comic strip, 3d)
Cons: -- Site is quite small, probably about 4 to 5 hundred images in total. Resolution for the images is sometimes quite disappointing.
-- Site design is a bit bland.
- The interracial action is great but it doesn't explore any other taboo themes whilst this is something implied on the main page.
- Updates are frequent but aren't always substantial.
Bottom Line: This is a website by the artist John Persons and co. which focuses on interracial cartoon porn of a high calibre. Make no mistake, the drawings here are very explicit - no detail has been spared whether it's the tears or drool of a buxom blonde while she gags on a thick black pole, or whether its the light shining off a cheerleader's bubble butt while she slides back and forth on the black coach's meaty member. Some of the best series are by 'The PIT' and mostly involve horny white blonde girls servicing black dicks in different scenarios. This is all original stuff of good quality which makes it particularly pleasing as it's in quite a different style to the typical japanese hentai on most sites. You get to make requests to the artists for specific scenes and this is a great feature too.

But there are problems with the website - the main being that the content is still quite limited and while updates are still ongoing the level of content for what you pay is a let down. The images, while excellently drawn, are of average size and it would be nice to see high res images. The site design could do with work and the bonus content needs to be expanded and less generic. I get the impression that the site is still developing but it's at a slow pace and once you see the content on offer there's little to keep you on thereafter. So in all a website with some great unique content, but limitations in size and variety prevent it from becoming more mainstream.

08-18-10  09:13am

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Visit Hentai Passport

Hentai Passport

Anyone been a member of this site recently?

I joined this site a few years ago and had mixed feelings about the degree of organisation and level of quality (especially as the bonus sites just contain pretty much the same stuff) - can't write a review as it's been a long time, but I'm curious as to what any current or recent members to the site think?

05-14-10  04:46pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Massive dildos, enthusiastic girls, and extreme penetrations in all holes. Great action in general, anal scenes in particular are delightful.
* High quality videos (DRM free) which can be streamed or downloaded (in full or in parts) in a few formats (WMV, MP4, flash). Most recent videos are 1920 res (HD) which is excellent to see, earlier vids are at 640.
* High resolution photos for each scene (almost always 1200x800px landscape or 800x1200 portrait)
* About 300 solo scenes on offer stemming back to 2005
* Access to a good number bonus sites including Huge Strapon Lesbians, Sasha Rose, and several others focusing on Anal, Dildos, Lesbians etc. You also get access to bonus DVDs and pics which are mainly in the 'extreme penetrations' category.
* Billing with Epoch and CCBill.
* Regular weekly updates
Cons: * Variable attractiveness of models, although this has generally improved with recent updates.
* Billing with Epoch needs fixing; if you live in EU they charge you 29.99 which obviously isn't the same as the $29.99 they advertise. If you encounter the same problem, join with the alternative biller (CCBill) instead.
* Main page is slightly misleading as it advertises lesbian scenes as part of Brutal Dildos which are in fact featured on its sister site. Not a big issue though as you get access to it as part of your membership.
* Members area is a bit tacky in design and the search function could be improved as you currently can't insert names or keywords you might be looking for.
* Older videos from '06/'05 are of poorer quality, but again not a big issue because that's only to be expected.
Bottom Line: Huge dildos and extreme penetrations - the basic premise of the website is fantastic. There's something very appealing about girls stretching their holes and having a lot of fun in doing so. It's why I joined the website previously back in '07, only to eventually leave because the quantity and quality could have done with more improvement.

Coming back now and having had some time to mull over the changes I'm really pleased that they've continued to update consistently, have introduced new toys into the mix, and have included many more anal scenes. The majority of the action is still pussy oriented, and I think the balance on the whole is good. The newest movies are of very high quality and a treat to watch; pics are of good resolution and there are always several video formats for each scene. You get a lot of bonus stuff too to keep things relatively interesting, and you'll probably find yourself spending a fair bit of time on Huge Strapon Lesbians as it features excellent raunchy action.

There are some small negatives about the website as mentioned above. They could make browsing a bit more pleasant and the quality of models could still improve further. If they want to really compete with the leading sites online they'd probably have to bring the picture quality up a notch. I would personally like to see more frequent updates as well, but having remained consistent over the years is to their credit. All in all these are fairly minor critiques - if you like girls mounting big dildos, then this fits the bill and it's definitely worth subscribing to.

05-11-10  08:54am

Replies (1)
Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Site looks to have improved...

I joined this site a few years ago and the action is great, I'm impressed that they're still regularly updating and they've really increased the amount of anal content in particular it seems. Will definitely rejoin soon and let you guys know what I think!

05-06-10  08:09pm

Replies (1)
Visit Rebel Arab Sluts

Rebel Arab Sluts

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Content is unique and covers a niche which is still pretty small. It focuses on young rebellious Arab girls who don the veil in their scenes to preserve anonymity. Wearing it during their scenes even while otherwise nude (and especially during hardcore action) has an extremely erotic effect and really adds to that sense of rebellion and danger. This gives the website a genuinely unique appeal.
*The Arab girls on the site are mainly exclusive and all genuinely of Arab origin. The action is filmed in France which has a significant Arab migrant population and the girls are generally of Algerian, Tunisian or Moroccon origin.
*Video content is DRM-free (can be streamed or downloaded) and feature great action, mostly hardcore one-on-one scenes, a few solo scenes, and one or two lesbian and threesome (MMF) scenes.
*Updates are regular and weekly which is better than most sites in this niche and considering the rare and unique content.
Cons: *The collection of videos/photos is small, but growing. There's 52 sets at the time of writing, split about half way between video and photo sets.
*Resolution of photos is below par at times.
*Apart from the video and photo content there isn't much else on the website. There's a section for bonus content for other interesting French-oriented websites (best of which is probably AliciaRoze) but no Arab content per se. They also have a page for live web cam chats with girls from XLoveCam.com but again it's not particularly inspiring.
Bottom Line: The site is basically an English rendition of Beurettes Rebelles and shows that the site is trying to tap into the English-speaking market. The focus of the site might not appeal to everyone but if it continues to focus on improving the quality and quantity of content then it will benefit greatly.

As a website featuring Arab porn with veiled women it is a pioneer in its field and as long as it develops its depth, review scores will only improve. It's definitely a great website for lovers of genuine Arab porn and those with a veil fetish, and if those areas tickle your fancy it's definitely worth registering. The small amount of content at the moment might not warrant further months of subcription but the site gets the basics right, will only get bigger and has good potential.

05-06-10  10:36am

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Visit Priya Anjali Rai

Priya Anjali Rai

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: * Priya's official site - she responds to your own questions/comments and also runs a small blog updating about herself and what she's doing (for those interested)
* Content is all unique, in high resolution, and there's no DRM for videos.
* Site graphic design is fairly good, and Priya is a very attractive Indian porn star.
* Registration fee is fairly decent.
Cons: * Content from Priya's old website (many years ago) which was actually excellent is not on this website.
* Her most recent hardcore video work, as displayed on the website, is sometimes off-putting because she is always over the top and any good action is simply drowned out by fake shouting.
* Apart from a few decent interracial and lesbian scenes there isn't much to say about the video content. I was expecting a lot more hardcore content.
* The photo shoots, while great, can get a bit repetetive as they mostly consist of her trying on new outfits.
* Not much available on the site in terms of extras or bonus content.
Bottom Line: I am a big fan of Priya's and have followed her work for many years, but this website has left me fairly unfulfilled. Her best work isn't on it and frankly I got bored pretty quickly of the content that is there. If you're into Indian porn or like Priya then this will keep you entertained for a little while with the photos and videos - but if you're like me you'll probably get disinterested quite quickly. If you're looking for lots of hardcore involving Priya available on some of the big porn sites, then you might not find it here.

05-05-10  05:15pm

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Visit Arab Sex

Arab Sex

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *Contains a lot of genuine, unique and occasionally very hot Arab action. There are several models exclusive to this website who produce some sizzling scenes, and that is a big plus in a niche as small as this where good quality is sometimes hard to come by. This is where the website excels, especially for those into Arab and Arab-themed porn.
*A good number of videos and varied in nature (solos, one-on-one, group sex). No DRM protection.
Cons: *Update frequency is extremely poor - contacting the webmaster about it yields no response.
*Photos are not in high resolution, quantity of unique photo content is a bit low.
*Some scenes advertised on the main page aren't in the members sections.
*Videos are often split up into many small segments. Two scenes lack sound.
*No bonus content, other additional features are sparse
Bottom Line: Great and frustrating at the same time: in spite of some unmissable scenes the drawbacks are too numerous to ignore. Worth considering as a one-time purchase but there isn't much reason to stay on after that.

05-05-10  04:07pm

Replies (0)
Visit Arab Street Hookers

Arab Street Hookers

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Unique content, some of which is good quality especially scenes featuring veiled women.
*Access to a lot of other IncrediblePass websites
Cons: *Ladies featured on the site are mostly *not* Arab, instead consisting of a mix of Latina or Indian. Site should not pretend to be something it isn't.
*Updates are highly infrequent.
*Most of the roleplay is pretty poor and actually detracts from the scenes.
*Most of the content, while of a different flavour, is either average or below par
*Multiple negative comments about scam behaviour is disconcerting, although I have been lucky enough not to experience this.
Bottom Line: A disappointing website given its potential to exploit this niche. If you are looking for genuine Arab porn, you won't find much of it here... and the bonus content is unlikely to persuade you to stay.

05-05-10  03:12pm

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Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Updated: 05-05-10  04:38pm  (Update History)
Reason: clarify
Pros: *Great hardcore interracial content in terms of quality and quantity. The penetrations are some of the best you'll see.
*A number of amazing performances by some models on the site, especially the MILFs. Plenty of one-on-one and group action. The models are all attractive and the dicks are huge - there are very few scenes that will fail to get you hot under the collar.
*Frequent updates.
*Access to loads of bonus sites which all have worthwhile content.
Cons: *Content could do with a bit more variety in terms of scenery i.e. try outdoor or pool scenes.
*Membership price is too high for you to be a long term subscriber.
*Site design is a bit ugly and colour combinations could be refined.
*Earlier videos are of poorer quality.
*Search functions could be improved.
Bottom Line: Some of the best interracial hardcore around, but a few drawbacks prevent it from being considered a top paysite. But it's certainly one to consider if you like explicit scenes of white girls impaled by massive black members.

05-05-10  02:51pm

Replies (1)

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