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Visit WD Girls

WD Girls

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - HD movie downloads of very good quality
- Daily updates
- Attractive (real Amateur) girls
- Literally the only site of its type (I think)
- Not staged/acted. The girl is really getting drunk and by really I mean sometimes paralytic drunk
- Good search allowing you to find every thing you could be into e.g every puke scene, every pee scene etc.
Cons: - Expensive; the first month is 34.30USD.
- Every day you login you need to get a new code emailed to you to prove you have not been hacked and someone else is logging into your account
- Girls all speak Russian and for whatever reason only some things get subtitled to English but many does not so you have no clue as to what is being said unless you speak Russian too.
- Some girls don't get naked at all except for maybe a quick shot from Pee scenes. Even though you sometimes even then see nothing.
- Pee scenes Camera Zooms right in to vagina which I don't know about anyone else but this is not what I want to see.
- Gets a bit samey after while
- You sometimes inevitably start to worry about the safety of the girls; some of them drink way over a safe/sane amount of alcohol.
Bottom Line: This is a niche I had searched off and on for years just thinking it would be a great laugh but alas nothing like it ever existed.

By chance I happened by a video for this site on a video uploading site and checked it out. I signed up instantly. Overall I am very pleased with this site and have remained for a member for just off 3 months now and intend to continue. The girls are girl next door attractive. And the promise of daily updates to the videos seems to be something they hold by.

I love the idea of having pee and puke scenes and the ability to search for only them.

However my biggest annoyance is the fact that the cameraman zooms right in on the pee scenes to an extreme close up of the girls vagina. I do not know about anyone else but this is not really what I want to see. I like to see a full body shot including specifically the girls face during pee scenes as the girls face is part of the main attraction and this is the most annoying thing for me of the sites video's.

The second most annoying thing is during the videos many parts of the scenes are not subtitled at all so you have no idea of what is being said. I get the feeling if the girl says something shocking then its subtitled but the rest nada. This is no good, either subtitle it all or don't subtitle any, do not do a half hearted job of just bits here and there.

One of the other problems is certain scenes the girl just does not get naked. Or does so only briefly. It is a porn site as its first port of call so to see a drunk girl fully clothed the entire time you may as well just go to town on a Friday night to get the same.

Over all this is a very nice site which only has a few drawbacks listed above. If they fixed the above I would easily have gave it 90% and not the 80% I did. If you are into this niche it is definitely worth checking out as the whole drunk girl thing is definitely not just someone acting, or taking two sips and exaggerating. These girls get more drunk than I think most others do in their lifetimes. And it end up as one of those rare sites that you also watch now and again just for a laugh over what goes on over for just the porn.

10-20-13  04:31pm

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Visit Let's Try Anal

Let's Try Anal

Warning of Problems Signing Up - also very limited Trial! When you do

Feel its worth a bit of a warning. I tried to sign up to a 2 day trial. And after clicking submit received a whole page of errors. Was not sure if it went through or not. Received no confirmation email whatsoever. Went to the billing company and put in my details that I had - email, username, CC number. and it errored out saying no subscriptions with these details.

Tried just out of curiosity to signin to the website and I could. I then seen for my two day trial all I can see is 4 videos! and not any 4 vidoes. Four they have chosen for me to see.

Tried to cancel and got through and was offered a Retentions discount of $24.95. Clicked ok. And this errored out too. Was not sure if it went through or not so left it an hour. Went back and nope still trial. Went through the cancellation again and clicked ok to the $24.95 and same error came up.

So went onto the online live chat to complain and was offered 3 months for $39.95. Or the $24.95 for one month. Took out the $39.95 for 3 months.

This is just a warning that. 1. Watch the billing process when you sign up as its currently broken. And 2. That the trial is very limited. Four videos of their choice is pretty poor show.

The distrusting part of me is suspecting all these errors are a trick to get the trial to go past the two days and thus you get charged the full whack. As I got no confirmation emaail whatsoever. And the cancellation process with both the billing company and via the website itself did not work.

I will try out the website for a week or so and maybe post a full on review when I am less annoyed and can be fairer in my opinions.

03-17-13  07:12am

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Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A Wicked Sense of Humour of the guy behind the camera; Believe me you will be laughing out loud at the quips.
- The only site, that I know of, that does full on face fucking.
- The girls all look like girl next door and natural.
- They actually say if the girl is a porn star and not try to pretend she is a newcommer off the street as other sites will do.
- The reviewer it seems tries to always get the girls to try out anal too which for me is a bonus to just a video of Face Fucking and nothing more.
- Nice selection of videos on their newer offerings allowing you to download full 1080p videos and offering the videos in multiple formats, MP4, WMV and MPEG.
Cons: The website navigation is terrible. My initial thoughts were to put it as an 85 score solely due to the navigation. But then looking at the score system gave it 90 as it seemed more fitting. They need to totally redesign the site layout as the one they have now is awful.

-Such as offer a search.
-Offer a clear reasonably sized headshot of the girl on the main page before clicking to watch the video.
-Have the option of more video links per page as clicking page after page hunting through them all is annoying.
-Also date the videos on the main page as it seems there are odd layouts often not showing the latest videos first in the list.

-The girls on the site are sometimes very unattractive.
Bottom Line: This site has a wicked sense of humour. This I can say is the only site I have joined more so for a laugh than the actual porn. I first heard and joined Facial Abuse due to watching a video on Efukt called "The Trolling Of Wannabe Pornstars" and laughing non stop through it.

I let my subscription lapse after about 7/8 months from getting tired of the same format and the often general unattractiveness of many of the girls added. But then seen another hilarious video on there so signed up again.

The videos themselves are always keeping to the niche of the site well; Extreme Face Fucking. And the multiple format offerings all the way up to a 1080p download is great.

Updates seem to be very sporadic. And without any dating of the videos it is hard to see when the videos were added to the site and how far apart from each other (Probably done intentionally as the website creators know this too).

Overall I think this is the only extreme face fucking website. The girls are a mixed bag from attractive to downright unattractive; But given the ribbing the unattractive ones get I actually still like watching those videos. The navigation is probably the worst on any porn site I have been to. But the uniqueness of the niche offered, the quality of the videos in terms of the offer of full 1080p and the outright brilliant humour of the cameraman means this is definitely worth a signup.

10-07-12  02:19am

Replies (1)
Visit Sinnistar

Reply of TrashMan's Review

Thanks for the review, was considering joining this but the tour page is so bad for this site.

One thing that stood out however is on the tour page it says at the bottom left "WMV files No More DRM!".

So this should make the site an 80?

Could someone that is a member provide a review

06-30-10  12:32pm

Visit Scoreland

Reply of Khan's Reply

This is turning into a bloody nightmare.

I spoke too soon above as it ain't yet over.

Just checked my online bank statement and the first charge the company made from January has been returned to my account, but not the one for February.

So I have telephoned my bank and got the usual Indian Call Center people to be told that the billing company is disputing my dispute for this February one, but not the January one.

So my Bank needs to issue a full investigation as to whether or not this February charge should be returned to me or not, and I will likely need to start sending them complete printouts and fill in forms to say that company shouldn't have took this February charge and it was made without my permission.

This is the same billing company that ignored me for a full week they it seems in a matter of days got back onto my bank in a different country to dispute my dispute.

I have been told it usually takes around 6 weeks to investigate these types of dispute.

This is starting to piss me off immensely this.

02-16-09  06:48am

Visit Scoreland

Reply of Khan's Reply

Further news:

Either these people at Scoregroup only work on a Friday (if so why have they said in their email they are there to discuss this Monday-Frieday 9am-9pm EST), or they have either received my Chargeback dispute from my bank (again unlikely as I was told it would take a few days to process, and its not showing back onto my online account), or what I am guessing is the case, they have read this topic or the one at PornLiving.

Of the 20 odd emails and webforum messages I sent to them and Net-member, all were ignored, they have now responded to the very first I sent last Friday which was in direct response to their only email response saying I am a member of two sites that charge on the same day.

which I showed in an earlier post in this comment.

And they are now saying to telephone them up as they are eager to resolve this issue.

Its amazing how supportive these companies get when you do something they don't like.

And I wonder why they are asking me specifically to telephone them?... :)

It's somewhat a shame they are on a different continent than I am, as there is no way for me to telephone them, plus I really can't see what could be resolved on this telephone call?

But one good thing its that it seems pretty obvious to me this comment on PornUsers has been read by them and they are proverbially bricking themselves for this bad publicity.

So firstly I just want to add to ScoreGroup, if you had of honored your Christmas deal I quite honestly would have remained a member at least until July, and quite possibly longer due to the loyalty extra website thing.

But now you can go take a very long jump for all I care.

Also secondly I just want again to say thanks to PornUsers and TBP to give me this method of reporting this matter.

02-13-09  01:11pm

Visit Scoreland

Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks for this Khan, and the clarification comments as to why it did not meet the requirements of a review.

I also want to add that I note your comments of it being inappropriate to post the content of private emails.

However, and this is most certainly not an attempt at defying this rule you stated, but I noticed my review was the only one with that Christmas "Offer" detail which this comment stated to refer to read, but has now been removed from the site so nobody can see it to see what the fuss is about.

I am therefore, and solely in the hope of clarification of what I and others have been talking about, pasting it again now to this reply.

This is Score's Christmas Offer, which they did not wish to then honor and stealth/fraudulently charged my card the full amount for two months.

Hi Again,

For our Preferred Clients, we are offering a huge discount Holiday Special:


You get Scoreland.com, one additional bonus website of your choice, PLUS you also get 30 minutes free of video-on-demand streaming at ScoreOnDemand.com, all for only $19.95!

This package has a normal price of up to $70.00, but it doesn't end there. We have also made this Holiday Special eligible for our Loyalty Program, which means every month after your first month, you will earn one additional website of your choice for FREE!

This special offer is only available for a limited time, is not available to the general public and can only be had through this link:


Thanks again for your continued support,

Keli Townsend
Assistant Editor
The SCORE Group

02-12-09  09:32am

Visit Naked Novices

Naked Novices
Reply of ramscrota's Comment

I like the word 'shonks' too.

It's one of those words you just know you've heard, but not sure where from, but automatically know its meaning.

But I came here after reading your reply to my Scoreland / ScoreGroup comments, or I should say my ScoreGroup Debacle notice.

I will definitely avoid this site too.

I have to also add this is a superb feature of TBP to allow users to do this. It would be better if they could also give these comments to these shiester websites that undertake this practice to get an explanation as why the did this.

Sort of like a Porn version of Watchdog.

02-12-09  07:25am

Visit Scoreland

Reply of Colm4's Reply

@ Colm4.

I honestly fully take on board your reply comments.

To add, I have also posted my comments about this at PornLiving, RabbitReviews and Rodneys Reviews (Although I think the last two may have messed up and thus maybe not submitted correctly as I was keep getting Javascript errors after clicking submit). But its definitely went up at PornLiving.

My logic however which I hope someone agree's, is that the website could have the best content ever created, but if they act fraudulently with your banking credit card details, then who on earth would want to risk this to join?.

I emailed them a whole bunch of times, and to every different email address for Net-Member and Scoregroup I could find. And using the online submission form on the website.

All bar the first was ignored, I waited one day under a full week before contacting my bank, as I knew how much of an embarrassment it would be to issue a chargeback for a adult website with content of Chubby and big breasted girls (as my free site was XLGirls).

I also noted many times on Net-member and Scoreland that if anyone issues a chargeback for any reason your name is permanently blacklisted on all billing sites which means, they say, you can never join another adult website. Which also made me need to really think twice before issuing the chargeback.

I just think they really are the lowest, as this email offer, they clearly had no intentions of honoring it.

So to add directly to your response, the content of the website alone, would be in the lower to mid 80%'s for XLGirls, low 70's for Scoreland.

Customer service, zero. Average 85+ 0 / 2 would be 42.5. So 50% is actually my being generous.

Sorry for posting the same in the comment and Reviews, but I really want as many people as I can to read this. As I don't want anyone to fall victim to this bunch of charlatans.

For completeism, here is their one and only response email on this subject.
Dear Sir, Our records indicate that you are a member to scoreland.com and xlgirls.com. Both of these sites rebill on the same days. If you would like us to cancel one of them please let us know and specify. Sorry for any inconvenience, we look forward to resolving this issue.
Sincerely, Xlgirls.com

02-12-09  05:36am

Visit Scoreland


Thieves! Make Sure To Watch Your Credit Card Statement.

Net-Member and ScoreGroup are thieves and con merchants.

Received an email from them at Christmas with an offer saying if I came back I could have this all for $19.95: Scoreland, a free website my choice, and 30mins of Video on Demand.

Signed up using the offer link in the email.

February, (I missed them doing it first month). I find they have charged me for the free site!

Immediately I emailed and complained they, responded that I am a member of two sites and they charge on the same day. And get back in touch if I want to cancel one of them.

I emailed straight back showing them the offer they emailed me, it was ignored. I emailed net-member. It was ignored. In the last week have sent something like 20 emails to Scoregroup and net-member and all of them have been ignored.

I have had to go to my bank and do the embarrassing thing of a Chargeback of these two fraudulent double charges.

Don't Touch Them, and To ScoreGroup, Don't send people goddamned offers you don't intend to honor!

Check my Bottom Line in my Website review to see the full email they sent me with this Christmas "Offer".

02-12-09  03:08am

Replies (11)

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