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1. abbywinters (0)

CatSteppings (1) 08-11-14  05:07pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-11-14  05:24pm  (Update History)
Reason: I just needed to re-word some things. And update the score.
Pros: Frequent updates. Many models, with variance in age and type. Great organization. Choice of payment options (pay as you go or month to month). They allow you to keep your account active and use the site, even if you are not on a subscription. You can always log in with your user name. Everything you've bought is kept in an online storage locker, so you can access it later if you deleted a download or something. Very easy to navigate site, and to search for models. They use tags extensively, and are fun to use to find something different. They have a huge back catalog of shoots, going back over a decade. The videos and photos have been in HD for several years now. Oh, and the majority of the models are beautiful, as well as natural. No porn sluts with implants and fake eyelashes to be found here! Also: REAL ORGASMS. MANY OF THEM. They also offer streaming for video, which I never use. They offer pictures in very Hi-Res XL size for large-ass screens. The photos and vids are shot by pros.
Cons: Minor Con: The current HD videos are great, but I have been to another site, and the HD vids seem a little better quality, crisper and a little deeper color. (I checked the specs from both sites' downloaded vids, and the videos have similar 720 HD pixel size) The other site also offers even higher than HD quality, which I found to be pointless to use on my current Macbook, but would be great for a larger screen.

So I hope AW will offer even better HD video quality options in the future (even tho it's really great as-is!).
Bottom Line: This is a great quality site , I highly recommend it. I have been a member off and on since 2006. It's worth the price of admission. I thought their prices were steep at first, but they offer a lot. These days, I prefer to be an A-la-carte member, and just pay per shoot, since I do not need a new download every day. They give you several options to buy their high quality material. It's easy to re-join if you leave.

I do get porn from other porn sites sometimes, but this site really sets the bar, and has been my main source for years. Very dependable.
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2. abbywinters (0)

dracken (246) 05-01-12  07:24pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Decent amount of content around 5,606 videos (although most girl-girl and boy-girl scenes have three videos each) around 1,427 models and daily updates.
- Exclusive models
- More recent videos are available in multiple formats up to 1280x720
- All shoots have images available as ziped files, they also have a best of, which highlight the best photos in a nice gallery.
- All models look very natural, little make-up many are not shaved, just trimmed almost all look very next door girl
- The sex looks very natural, there are some awkward pauses, no insane penetration angles, the blowjobs look realistic.
- Overall the site has a fun, softcore feel with some close-ups of vaginas and blowjobs.
- A lot of the scenes have a before and after where they interview the models and the girls seem pretty relaxed (although there are some serious language barriers at times)
-In a lot of scenes the orgasms are or look real.
- Good download speeds
- Decent forum with many members
Cons: - Almost all of the videos have an old school feel to them, with highlights overblown and colors a bit faded. Even the highest resolutions feel a bit grainy.
- A lot of videos are broken up into various parts. Also the before and after interviews could have easily been lumped with the actual scene.
- Scenes tend to have a slow intro (I remember one video where the boy texts the guy for 3 minutes)
- The site's navigation is decent but takes some getting used to. There are videos labeled "intimate moments" which are basically solo masturbation shots, but there are also "solo shots" and "after dark" shots and when I say shot I don't mean a video I mean a collection of videos... trust me it makes sense but it takes some getting used to
- The girls are very natural looking and some could use a bit more make-up. I was expecting the same kind of models Backroomcastingcouch or Exploitedcollegegirls has, but the girls here seemed less attractive (IMO)
Bottom Line: Man, this site is something else. I've been a member of most major porn sites over the years and have seen many styles and combinations of content, but Abbywinters stands out as a unique product. If I had to compare it to anything else I'd say it's close to suicide girls in their focus on fun, softcore stuff and community (at least that's how suicide girls used to be back when I joined it a few year ago)

The great selling point of the site are the exclusive, natural looking models and the realistic settings and action. The site claims that all scenes are shot in the girls homes with their outfits and only (supposedly) with their boyfriends and/or girlfriends. To cement this claim there are before and after sex interviews where the girls explain what felt good and what they were nervous/ excited about, where they met the boyfriend, how often they have sex in private and so on.

Aside from scenes with boy-girl, girl-girl sex the site has "Intimate moments" scenes where supposedly the girls are alone with the camera and can be themselves as well as solo shots where the director interviews them a bit before the action. They also have a handful of "after dark" scenes where the girls are supposed to be dressed in nicer clothes and be more romantic. I hope they get more of these as some of the outfits were very nice, but for right now they only have a dozen or so.

Overall the site has a decent premise, unique content and a strong community of followers (and a great forum btw). If you like their style and the girls this place will be a great find and the 3 month membership a steal. However the scenes are far from perfect and you could easily end up disliking the site for how different it feels.

The navigation is efficient, but somewhat different from other porn sites and can get a bit confusing at first. The homepage shows the updates, but the preview images are not animated. The easiest way to browse is by looking at shoots and then either video shoots or image shoots (this way you get animated previews), but you can't easily view all models that video or only images and there is no way to search for top rated models or Russian models. Not to mention that older videos tend to be split into 10 parts and even more recent ones often have 2 parts.

Speaking of videos, I have to say that the girls look great in photos but in many of the videos they end up looking average, even a bit disappointing. I suspect that in order to maintain the vibe of the site everything is filmed with minimal equipment and it shows. Overexposed shots, some blurry close-ups, the sound of the camera taking photos in the background. It all contributes to make the site feel unprofessional. Don't even ask me how many scenes are shot in an extremely bright room with perfectly clean white walls or how overexposed reds look in half the scenes. Overall for me the technical quality was a huge disappointment.

The content itself is decent with a lot of the girls really into it and believable orgasms

However it's a bit slow paced for my taste. All sex scenes take several minutes before anyone gets naked. I personally don't see the need for a little make believe story (oh I'm a photographer, get naked. Oh we're watching tv, get naked) when there is a before interview where the girls say they are excited to have sex (especially when some scenes are only 25 minutes long).

Speaking of the interviews. Some have captions to translate the interview and those are great, the British accents on some girls are even better, but the broken English most girls have coupled with giggling every two seconds when they don't understand the question can get frustrating and took me out of the mood.

At the end of the day I see the appeal of Abby Winters, but I don't think I saved more than a handful of videos. The image sets are very good, but the technical quality and the poor set-up make this feel like old, old Pierre Woodman casting videos. I don't regret joining the site but it's not my cup of tea, I'll stick with Nubiles, which has a similar feel but much better navigation and quality videos.
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3. abbywinters (0)

s1vus1 (Disabled) 04-22-12  05:55pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Navigation Is excellent
Massive collection all exclusive
- 99% of the girls are only seen on this site.
- All amatuer girls.
- Real scenes no made up scenes.
- Download speeds are fantasic with no download limits
- Hardly any Boy/girl (this is a good thing)
- Outstanding search engine
- Save to hard drive with no dmr (Video Protection)
(I FORGOT THE BUSH)I love bush and they have lots of it!
Cons: - The girls are very much a persons taste! and some people will find them unattractive.

- They they need to have more "Girl Cum tasteing" this is a major nich that is missing from porn and is a Major turn on for alot of people
Bottom Line: Keep up the role play at the start if not make it longer.
Make the scenes more gritty. More passion and intesity and a little bit dirty. Nothing hotter then two sweaty lesbians.
Find better looking models (the girls are nice people just not sexy)
Add more Girl + Girl scenes
Add more Girl Cum tasteing

Fix that Ill change to 100%
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4. abbywinters (0)

xexbot (36) 02-12-12  12:01pm
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: It's hard to discuss Abby Winters in terms of porn sites because this is simply not the usual porn site. There is a reason it has remained one of the top rated sites of all time for the last decade. It ranges from the dainty petting softcore stuff you expect from a couple of bi-curious girls to penetration bordering on XXX. You are never going to see anything too hard or edgy here, and that's what most people like about this site. It is a sort of sweet, touching, beautiful, natural type of porn that's hard to even want to call it "porn."

The video quality here is good and as you get into the more recent stuff a lot of it is HD. I like their system for selection video quality. You just click one of four boxes next to a video, and the next time that's where it will default to, or the closest lower setting in the case of older videos. They tend to clip them, but there are usually no more than three. Navigation is also very well cross listed with keywords, so searching is a breeze.
Cons: So, here's the only downside to Abby Winters, and it is a personal issue that you may not be as bothered by, but the whole premise of the natural girl having real, natural sex is great, and it is beautiful and tender. But, it also leaves no room for originality or individuality. Simply put, it all kind of starts to look the same after awhile. You'll find your favs, like Chloe B, and you will download everything she has and love it, and you'll do the same for the next ten girls. But after a few months I found myself just checking in occasionally, and when I did I downloaded one or two things here and there and before long I was maybe getting a couple of videos a week from them. Couldn't really justify the price. It's hard to stay a member at sites like this for long.
Bottom Line: Look, if you have never had a membership to Abby Winters it is certainly worth a month. They offer a pretty good deal for three months, and I think it's worth a few months of being able to download stuff from them. If you're like me you will probably tire of them, or you will basically have gotten all you really need from their site to keep you happy in the future. Either way, this site deserves support. They are a unique and enlightened businesswomen, and they are offering a quality product. It's just they are dedicated to pretty much one or two things, lesbian sex and masturbation, so it's hard for them to really offer a wide range of porn. This is true of many sites. One speaks volumes is the fact that Abby Winters has been around for so long and has been recognized by so many as one of the industry's best. In many ways they have sort of become the PLAYBOY of the internet.
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5. abbywinters (0)

Tigger (0) 01-25-12  12:17am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Beautifull women
- Girls who seem to enyoy themselfs
- No anoying music
- No scripts, it looks like the girls are just doing what they want to do
Cons: - The price of the site, but I have to say it's worth the money
- You have to know how to find the older movies
Bottom Line: Can you improve top quality. I don't know, I love the girls, I love the things they do, but most
of all I love the fun they have doing it...For me this is the standard for others sites, but haven't seen anyone coming close. For me this is the site if you are a lesbian sex lover.
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6. abbywinters (0)

tomjones (1) 09-04-11  12:52am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (2)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: I'm very impressed with AW's Unique content and natural interaction between attractive girls who seem to genuinely enjoy the mostly unscripted sex they engage in. The models are generally enthusiastic, and vary widely in their body-types and ethnicity. Video and photos are available in high-quality (assuming you have broadband) and are often free of many annoying porn conventions. I think the content is generally very compelling.
Cons: Partly because there are only a few low-res. hetero interactions on-site, there is a sense of almost oppressive lesbian exclusivity which seems to pervade some of the shoots. Strap-ons (a personal favorite) are nowhere to be found, presumably because their use emulates male-female sex.

But by far the most disappointing aspect of the site is the Abbywinters automatic re-billing policy which seems deliberately structured to enhance opportunities to overcharge subscribers who fail to realize they must actively un-subscribe. Casual credit card statement scanners had best make a note of this scheme (which I realize is not unique to AW) and be sure to confirm that Abby's hand is not in their pockets after their first month is finished. AW's billing division (GMBill) claims to be unable to access user's activity history on-site which they assert frees them from any requirement to review subscriber activity (or inactivity).
Bottom Line: I realize that porn purveyors are not guided by the "customer is always right" strictures that are the policy of main street merchants, but Abbywinters seems to have no compunctions about customer exploitation and will apparently gleefully take advantage of any subscriber accounting negligence, perhaps with the assumption that porn-site patrons will be reluctant to dispute billings and expose their patronage. So, be warned, and enter into any contract with AW understanding that their business model does not include a policy promoting complete customer satisfaction or strictly ethical give-and-take.

Since I like their content, I'm sorry they aren't taking the long view and cultivating good consumer relations which I believe would actually enhance their bottom line.
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7. abbywinters (0)

BradlyH (Disabled) 08-20-11  01:11pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Exclusive girl next door models.

-So much content, even with the solo package.

-Nice resolution pics.

-Updated weekly

-potential for re-bill discount.
Cons: -Package sales

-Clean looking but not navigation friendly

-Tag system is great but really takes away from simplicity

-Photographer lacks style at some points, or dare i say skill.....
Bottom Line: When i first signed into Abby Winters i felt like i was at a busy air port...

It is cleanly laid out and the colors used are nice on the eyes but i didn't like how they have the model sets laid out, even when i got used to it.

The tag system is great, but can kill simplicity, especially if you want something simple like big boobs, it gets way to in depth. Or i just get nice nipples... am i using it wrong ?

Luckily for me I'm not into movies that much or any type of girl on girl scenes so the "packages" they sell didn't appeal to me. This can get pricey, the packages are as follows.

First is the Solo package - 25 bucks gets you all girls sets and two new "solo" models a week.

Second package is Girl-Girl:

1 new Girl-Girl video
1 new Girl-Girl image set
Fun, Make-out, and Hardcore content

That one will run you 30 bucks.

The third package is Intimate Moments which you will get

2 one-girl Masturbation videos
2 two-girl Masturbation videos

It is the same price as The solo package.

And the final 4th package is the fully loaded of the erotica industry 39 bucks a month and you get

7 new videos in total
6 new image sets in total
2 new Solo models
2 returning Solo models
1 new Girl-Girl video
1 new Girl-Girl image set
Fun, Make-out, and Hardcore content
2 one-girl Masturbation videos
2 two-girl Masturbation videos

or get this... you can customize your 4th package with specific site options.

why does it feel like I'm subscribing to a new car ?

Now i know it seems like i already have a dislike on for this site but to be truthful i did enjoy it, i also recommend it ! but i wasn't impressed as much as others.

Abby has some nice resolutions, that means when you click on a pic you know you are going to see some nice detail . Even if you get the solo package like i did you get a TON of content to go through, so much you might need more then a month for sure if you are going to be browsing and taking your time.

Every page has an attractive amateur girl, the definition of the girl next door type, and you will find with so much content you wont get bored. A bit overwhelmed but not bored. You also get a discount option of 4.36 if you select package 4, customized. Which would technically be package 5 ? oh man... there are more package options on this site then a transsexual site search option.

I fail to see the hype of this site. Where as it is a great site i don't think it is a Titan when it comes to this type. It seems it climbed to the top by just staying around on the net for a long time accumulating sets.

To be fair i subscribed to the solo package which is just a fraction of the site (which was all i needed really) so some might view this as not accurate because i didn't experience the full site.

But be sure i would probably have the same type of review even if i was treated to the customized package 4 which includes.... hah I'm wont even get into it.

I was going to sign up for girls out west because of their very attractive upskirt option but i kept reading reviews on how the models at Abby were better and how amazing it was. I think i will try their next.

Bottom line: If you like amateur girls, next door type looks, and just natural women i will give you a friendly shove in the direction of this site, because you need to be there. But please, don't soak up the hype that surrounds this site.

I see people rate this site as 100, fully understandable if it is your thing but i cant rate it that high for myself.
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8. abbywinters (0)

messmer (137) 07-26-11  06:34pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-21-11  04:03pm  (Update History)
Reason: Split movies in g/g section plus .. see below!
Pros: 1384 beautiful, natural models.

Latest movies are available in Lo, Regular, High and HD. High is very good at 1024x576p while HD is at 1280x720p and also very nice and crisp.

Pictures are available in two sizes, 3888x2592px and 1470x980px, zipped. The sets are huge but for those who think less is more there are also “the best of” reduced sets available of the same models.

I love the fact that so many pictures and videos are heavily tagged, it really encourages one to browse and I've come across some incredible material via the tag method already.

Homepage layout is a joy, even giving one a preview of what's to come for the whole month ahead complete with samples.

Download Manager friendly, plus ample bandwidth given to the user. I downloaded 5 videos at a time and was still able to move freely around the site and even watch smooth streaming while downloading.

Download speed for me was over my max at 2.3 MB/s, either for one file or for the five combined.
Cons: I am looking hard for one! Oh, yes, b/g content .. I hate it. Will be a plus for others so will not count against the site.. In any case there is not THAT much of it, so I'll find it easy to avoid it.

I'm also not particularly keen about the “rump” shots found in many of the picture sets. I would prefer to see more of the model than just a picture of hip down to top of upper thighs.

When considering the first 100 I ever gave a site please be kind and remember that TBP states that site "could do little to improve" and I agree with that wholeheartedly.
Bottom Line: I know that a lot of us were discontent and disappointed a while ago because many movies took too long to get to the point, but I don't find this to be the case this time around.

All the videos I have looked at so far take me back to my first subscription, and to the awe and delight I felt in connection with this site. Except that this time around the videos are in one piece and in HD and the picture sets are awesome in their Ultra High Resolution size.

AW appear to keep improving with age and don't look (judging by the updates) as if they have any intention of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

The girls look and act so incredibly natural and appear to enjoy themselves so much that I am almost reluctant to describe this site as a porn site even though it was given an award by AVN.

It was my favorite site then and is in danger of quickly becoming so again.

What happened to my love of older women and fine lingerie, you may ask?

Well, this site is so enchanting that I don't find it hard at all to forgive them the lack of the above mentioned, and give AW the highest mark I've ever given anyone.

No glamour, no excessive make up, no porn star mannerisms here, just young women of all stripes and sizes who are highly erotic to me because of the fact that everything they do seems so unstaged and natural.

If the discount through TBP is still valid I would strongly recommend the “three pack” of Abby Winters to all of our users who prefer wholesome and natural.

August 21, 2011: Have reduced my score of 100 by five points because,

a) as I found out in the meantime, not all movies are in one part. In the girl-girl section they are still as a rule in four parts: "before, part 1, part 2, after." I would like for at least the main action to be in one part only. Before and after I can do without.

b) this past week's updates were exceptionally bad, in MY eyes I agree, but that's the only way I can judge a site.

Because of these two factors I have reduced my score slightly from 100 to 95.
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9. abbywinters (0)

magicdirt (1) 11-15-10  09:40pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - Love the real orgasms
- Aussie girls! I'm Australian and wanna see the same girls.
- Lots of variety in the girls. Big tits, small tits, hairy, young, old, I want them all!
- Regular updates.
- Nice forum where you can talk to the models
Cons: - Wish there was more boy/girl stuff.
- Wish they'd give the cameras to the models to use themselves (they did an experiment with this once and I loved it)
- Slow servers. I'm on quite a fast connection and in the past 2-3 months, haven't been able to download more than 500kb/sec
Bottom Line: I really love Abby Winter's style. It's just the sort of thing that gets me off. I don't really like all that fake porn and dudes getting rough with girls and that bullshit. I just want to see sexy girls, enjoying themselves and the company of others, in a real, non made up and honest way.

The move into overseas models has been interesting, but as long as they keep the same ethos, I don't think I'll ever stop subscribing to the site.
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10. abbywinters (0)

gareth (1) 08-22-10  07:21am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (9), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-28-10  12:51am  (Update History)
Reason: changed due to circumstances in the interest in fairness
Pros: 1.very improved site over the old site in terms of navigation
2.good quality pics and vids
3.original girls far as i can tell
Cons: 1.the quality of girls seems to be dropping but that may be my taste
2.the ideas behind the theme shoots are getting stale and amount of content if g/ g is your thing
3.expensive to access all three parts of the site
Bottom Line: I have been a member of abbywinters on and off for at least 4 years and loved it everytime but wont be rejoining ever again.I sent two email to the site with a query but never even recieved a reply so if they cant be bothered why should i ? its a pity about the site but i just cant recommend it because of lack of g/g content and cost

Update 28th august - following several e mail with abbeywinters I have to say that they have responded to my complaints and actually explained my content comments so i have to say im happy
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11. abbywinters (0)

HonestDave (2) 06-18-10  04:04am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: ==================================================
Cancel re bills is so easy its not even funny +8 just for that.

Lots of content with very realistic action. The most enjoyable scenes where the girls don't fake it. I love everything about the scenes I just hate the camera work. The navigation is the best on the net no doubt.

The models are fun and interesting and I'm a big fan of (Girl Cum) that white sticky stuff which they show from time to time. It's a shame they don't taste it. I think its a massive niche that is missing on the internet.
Cons: ==================================================
Needs more attractive girls and in better shape. If you like fat girls you will like this site.

The camera work is beyond annoying. Every time you're about to see a nice close up of her privates(lesbian Scenes)her hair gets in the way or the camera decides to look at her face instead. Ruined the entire scene.

The solo models are worst sometimes the camera doesn't even move. Its the same Positions all the time.
Bottom Line: ==================================================
Video Quality: HD, Standard, Low
Video Amount: 4,594 split scenes
Video Content Length: 10 - 30 mins

Picture Type: Amateur models, Professional Photos
Picture Quality: 3504 x 2336 At Highest Quality but majority are of a lower quality.
Picture Amount: 384,486

Download Managers: Yes
Download Speed Max(My connection 60MBPS): Unlimited
Multiple Connections: Yes

Advertisement: NONE!!!
Updates: (Everyday)
Exclusive Content: Yes
Navigation: 9
Niches/Search/Tags: 10
Site Design Layout : 9
Page Load Times: 7
Price: Expensive(for all 3 types of content)

Feedback Thank You: greg909

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12. abbywinters (0)

EmptySky (1) 04-01-10  10:03pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Others have noted AbbyWinters presents happy, perky amateurs. It's pricey, but I only want solo images anyway, so it works for me. The quirky user-generated lists are hilarious: "Bombones!" is tremendous. I can't remember laughing on a porn site before.

I write erotica: for me, AbbyWinters shows me genuine women, the sort of women I write for. I admire the obvious care they put into their photography, if only to avoid the wretched coke whores and degraded Russian girls, it's worth the money.

Most "amateur" work is wanna-be pro stuff, shot in bad light, with ugly models. AW strikes a happy medium, nice girls,
Cons: This is my second trip through AbbyWinters. They need to shake things up in the photography department, it's the same sequence over and over. The directors and shooters need to think through their approach: too often I think they're shooting for themselves.

And some of the stripping is wretched. Too much filler, the same shot over and over, the girl balks, you know she's balking, a few timid shots of her bum and the set ends. Christ, I shoot about ten images for every one I keep. I think too often they dump the camera into the bucket and up it goes to the site. I don't pay to see old knickers, Abby.
Bottom Line: For all the negative things I've said, AW is still the best in its genre. But again, it really is time for a shakeup. The possibilities of friendly, naked girls next door aren't being properly explored. I'm of half a mind to write some blocking myself, just to see if they'll take me seriously. I think they just might.
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13. abbywinters (0)

greg909 (2) 11-27-09  11:05am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (9), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots and lots of content accumulated over the years, which is great if you're a first-time member

- The girls are young, natural, and generally very cute. Most have pubic hair like REAL young girls -- not shaved like the window dummies on most other sites

- The girls wear REAL (but still very sexy)clothes, not ridiculous costumes that distract you and make the experience unreal

- Lots of videos, with a choice of how to view them. Personally, I can't be bothered to spend an hour downloading a video that's the size of a postcard, but I quite like the style of some AW shoots.
Cons: - The majority of picture sets are a frustrating tease. Either the lighting and photography aren't up to showing the details (see below) you want, or the model doesn't pose very explicitely. Some sets DO get it right, and then it's a special pleasure

- My biggest complaint: image quality. Unlike several major sites these days, Abby Winters refuses to provide the option of large (e.g. 3000x2000 pixel) images on all sets. Instead, they only offer larger images on occasional sets, which means the ones you REALLY want bigger are only available in their "standard" size of 1472x981 pixels. The standard size wouldn't be TOO bad if the resolution and compression were handled well, but Abby's pics lack the fine detail of sites with similar image sizes, like ATK Hairy. I'm not sure what they do wrong to the images, because apparently the cameras used are professional Canon SLRs.

- Depth of field: Big problem on AW. They usually have the important "bits" out of focus.
Bottom Line: AW has some great content accumulated over the years, and the girls are uniquely natural and beautiful. If you're a first-time member, there's a lot of good stuff. But for returning members, I now find little new picture content worth saving; AW focuses far more on videos these days, with just one new picture set every couple of days. Of those sets, most don't have the resolution of sites like AVErotica.

Sadly, AW accepts feedback, but seems to not listen unless it is praise. I've given suggestions about depth of field in the past, and just get "maybe you should go elsewhere" responses. In most sets now, it's just page 5 on a 6 page set that offers some modest nudity. If they could at least offer higher quality images, then the few shots that are good would be golden!

Oh, and AW currently doesn't offer membership through the normal trusted brokers like CCBill, only through their own billing system... so some U.S banks refuse the transaction. Wake up AW!!
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14. abbywinters (0)

redcreative (1) 11-23-09  03:42pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Huge variety of "real" amateurs
Nice variations in locations and style
Girls have personality
Great Picture and Video Quality (HD)
Huge Collection
Nice community feel to the site
Girls start fully clothed and strip to nude
Regular updates
Cons: The only thing I find frustrating is that often the models often do not dress sexily enough.

I don't think that the models should 'Glam Up', but it would be nice to see the girls stripping out of work outfits,nightclub or dinner party outfits and wearing more sexy underwear. After all, this is still real life clothing. There is too much TShirt\Shorts and cotton underwear for my liking. Many models have multiple shoots so I think the site could add this variety and still maintain its amateur feel, in fact I think it would enhance it.
Bottom Line: In my opinion, Abbywinters is quite simply the best site on the net for shoots of real amateur girls.

What I love about the site is the great variety in models and shoot locations and style.

No other site does it better. Other 'amateur sites' e.g Karup, Amkingdom have wave after wave of similar looking semi-pro models with the shoots all looking similar and with little personality whereas with abby you really feel like you are browsing the girl next door in her own environment rather than a procession of models with lap-dancers figures.

The models also all look like they are all enjoying themsleves and this makes a big difference, the site has a great community feel to it.

The photoshoots are great with the girls starting off fully clothed and then stripping to full nudity. Some shoots are softcore and some explicit and this must simply depend on how confident the model is.

The videos follow a similar vein with the model chatting for a while and then undressing and perhaps getting explicit.

The girl/girl shoots are great although I have noticed that these seem to be less prolofic recently.

Abbywinters has come in for a lot of critisism recently and I think a lot of it is unfair. True, I did notice myself that the site become a little more softcore and there seemed to be a larger amount of outdoor shoots but having said that I still preferred it to any other site of its type on the net. It's still way ahead of its closest copycat sites.

I certainly did not notice that the models were any less attractive as some people have mentioned. This of course is subjective so I am not undermining other people's opinions. Part of abbys appeal is the variety of its material so there are bound to be fluctuations around peoples personal tastes.

For me this site right now is as good as it has ever been, in fact you have to say it is better considering the advances in picture and video quality.

The picture and video quality is terrific and the HD videos compare favourably with any on the net. My only critisism on some videos is that the girls can spend too long chatting and only get fully nude in the last 10% of the video. I'm sure another user though would say they enjoyed this for the 'tease' factor though :-)

If you are looking for babe after babe then try sites like Karup or AmKingdom or one of the many european magazine style sites but if you are after more realistic

Bottom line is that I would heartily recommend this site for anybody looking for real next door type models. You won't be disappointed.
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15. abbywinters (0)

Choc chip (1) 09-29-09  01:32am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: This is a well organised site, very user-friendly with loads of information available to members. Customer support, unlike many other sites, is superb. When I had a log-in problem it was resolved immediately. Images are good quality and video excellent-if you choose the higher resolution. There is a huge archive which is well worth searching as the best stuff is now quite old. They used to have some gorgeous models who were carefully paired for their compatability and this worked very well. I would say most of the amateur models appearing on the site are heterosexual or 'Bi' and this makes for more interesting video as they are still experimenting with same sex experiences. There is only one obvious dyke involved as far as I could see, and she is a member of the staff. A few of the better looking models regularly return to the site, but there is a constant turnover as they move on to other things. You never know when logging on if a real stunner is going to turn up.
Cons: Unfortunately it seems the good times are over for this site. They do not seem able to find attractive models like they used to. There are a few exceptions of course, but most of their recent models are distinctly ordinary. I used to look forward to the daily updates which usually featured exiting and sexy new girls, but nowadays I very often don't even bother to open the image set or video having seen the header picture. They insist on sticking to the same old format month after month and this becomes tedious after a while. Their 'Intimate Moments'(solo or 2 girl masturbation) videos were an exciting inovation several years ago but are now stale and boring. The girl on girl videos, whilst often very good depending on the attractiveness of the girls, tend to be too 'staged', ie.two girls, very lightly clothed, kneeling on a bed waiting to start a sex session for the cameras. Not exactly spontaneous! Any suggestions for improvement by the members seem to fall on deaf ears.
Bottom Line: Their big mistake was splitting the site into three parts, no doubt to increase their income. This meant they had to increase output at the expense of quality and use models which previously they wouldn't have entertained. Staff appear to have become complacent and need to bring in new blood with imagination and drive to 'kick some ass'. It's not too late!
A unique aspect of this site however is the surprisingly busy forum or message boards, which are split into several subject headings with lots of threads running in each section. This sounds like a good thing until you realise that these boards are dominated by a handful of strange characters who appear to devote all their spare time to the site and seem to be involved in just about every thread. They are totally sychophantic and heap praise on everything on the site. Some of the slush they write to the models is quite nauseating and must be embarrassing for those of the girls who read the boards. They take it upon themselves to welcome new members to the boards, then dictate to others what they may or may not say in their posts. (WE do this and WE do that). If you dare to post the slightest criticism of the site they will immediately jump to its defence and take the thread off topic to lose your post. One of these characters posts a weird review of just about every update, rambling about the wonderful lighting, composition and colours, then goes on to thank each member of staff involved by name. These must be very sad people and the phrase 'get a life' springs to mind. If the management could put a stop to all this nonsense and listen to the more sensible members, the site could be put back on track and returned to its position as the leading site of its genre.
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16. abbywinters (0)

messmer (137) 07-22-09  01:15pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Large archive of beautiful "next door" kind of models.

Picture sets are technically excellent and come in zipped format. Videos have improved quite a bit from the last time I wrote a review, and they were good even then, but still fall short of those of the new, more up-to-date HD format carrying sites.

True to its niche.

Excellent download speed.
Cons: The biggest con is that this site was split up into three different ones. I got a special returning members rate for all three but, to me, it is still unfathomable why they would do that.

For instance, there will never be any long term subscribers to their g/g site because updates are so slow in coming, so this move does not seem very wise.

As others have pointed out, both photo sets and videos have become boring because the "tease factor" (according to the webmaster) is being stretched out too much. Maybe they really toned things down in anticipation of the coming raid?

When it comes to the photo sets, I hate those shots of one breast, or part of a hip etc. I don't see the reason for them. Show the whole model in landscape now and then and give us some pink!

My personal beef (not influencing the score) is that when it comes to underwear, cotton and wool appear to triumph. It would be so nice to see something glistening and silky under those jeans and sweaters once in a while.
Bottom Line: For those who yearn for technical details, my apologies, two months plus after having been a returning member I cannot remember them (except that they had switched to a crisper mp4 format for their latest videos) and I have nothing on my hard drive to go by because, of all the downloads from all three sites, nothing was kept. Regrettable for an ex-favorite.

Which will definitely explain why I lowered the score from my original review (90) to a more realistic (for these times) 80.

My favorite site of natural girls being slightly naughty has become a ho-hum triple site of natural girls being coy.

The technical quality is still there, the large archive is still there, the girls are still pretty so, for those who like their porn very soft, it would still be a pretty fair site .. if only they hadn't split it up. I really couldn't recommend a single site of theirs for the price they ask for.

P.S. Two months or so later: For honesty's sake, I did come across some g/g and IM video clips I had kept recently so I take back what I said above about having deleted everything. But sadly what I had kept was still slim pickings from a triple site and does not affect the score.
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17. abbywinters (0)

dingle (1) 07-15-09  10:01am
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Real next door type women.
Updated everyday.
No plastic boobs.
Cheap membership. £16/$25 month
Cons: Content going down hill.
Bottom Line: Review on SOLO girls-Abbywinters

Im a long term member of abbywinters,but am not
re-joining when membership runs out,here's my thoughts and why..

Over the last 9 months the photo sets have become
VERY softcore sometimes out of 10 pages there will be only 2/4 photos of the models fanny,or maybe 2 full lip shoots-thats nearly 80 pics of rubbish.
The videos are such a let down!!!
They can range from 10-20 mins long but you will not see full nudity until the very last 1-3 mins
and sometimes just a little fuzzy hair, thats it
no lip shot.
The models yap on and on and on for 10-13 mins
before even taking off a bra.
When i first joined (2 years ago) the videos where 10/10 the models would first talk for 5 mins then get nude and carry on for the rest of the video, there was a good 10 mins of full nudity.
Now you are very lucky to get a good video a month which is worth downloading.
I used to say this was the best ever site on the net for real amatuer women-but now it has gone downhill very quickly.
I only would suggest you be a month time member download all videos and sets and not rejoin again.
I feel very gutted about this not re-joining but have seen another site owned by the same company and videos and shoots are like they used to be on abbywinters.....
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18. abbywinters (0)

Horstl (1) 07-08-09  03:08pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - daily updates
- beautiful natural models that do not look like an average porn star
- many video options and a good user interface
Cons: - the price could be lower
- only few hardcore scenes
Bottom Line: Abby Winters is the best source for natural porn I have seen so far. This is a niche site. But if you are into natural looking girls the high price is reasonable.
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19. abbywinters (0)

David19 (5) 07-04-09  07:24am
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: abbywinters has always been one of my favorite porn sites. Some of things I like about it include: The girls are young--18 or 19 or early 20's for the most part. I am young myself and I like girls who look like they are university students or a similar age. There is also a huge number of girls on the site and there are a lot of lists to help you navigate around the site and find the 'right' kind of girl. The girls also seem very happy and the site has a positive vibe to it. They also have a lot of girls with a large amount of pubic hair, and that is always a turn on for me. The girls are very natural in appearance--you won't see many fake boobs here--which again is a big turnon for me.
Cons: No real negatives to speak of. A bit more info about the girls might help, but I imagine abbywinters is trying to protect their privacy.
Bottom Line: I think the bottom line for this site is the fact that abbywinters unabashedly likes the young women who pose nude to have a lot of pubic hair. On its site, abbywinters advises prospective models to be as hairy as possible when they come to the interview in order to have the best prospects of being offered a modeling job. Personally, I like women who pose nude on adult websites to look like adults--they may be young but they should look like adults. No physical attribute signifies adulthood more than pubic hair--and conversely nothing can be more of a turnoff on an adult site than seeing women who look like little girls.

As noted above there are many other great things about this site but I think the bottom line is the pubic hair.
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20. abbywinters (0)

naturally (0) 06-17-09  01:43pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: AbbyWinters 'is what it is' - real girls having real sex. If that's what you want, you're in the right place.
Although the models include all types, some are absolutely lovely - includes many slim, petite girls.
Very naturalistic photography,
Pleasant and responsive staff.
Cons: The sheer number of models, categories, lists, etc. can be a bit overwhelming to the first-time user. The site is like a big city; it can take awhile to find your way around.
Bottom Line: Real girls are what I want - so I want AbbyWinters, simple as that.
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21. abbywinters (0)

drummstikk (0) 04-29-09  12:58am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (3)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Abbywinters.com is one site that is both erotic and doesn't make you feel like a bad person. Unrealistic portrayals of women find no harbor here, and misogyny is far out to sea. Abby is, in addition, technically fluent. Three navigation trees are displayed above each photo--current location, the home imageset of an image viewed from a favorites list, and recently viewed images. Members can post named collections of their favorite models and images, and the models create their own lists as well, allowing you to see what really turns them on. The images are in sharp focus and lit with natural or natural plus augmented light whenever possible. Each photo set comes in 1472x981 and 3504x2336 jpgs, while the videos come in ~19min segments of a high quality MPEG-4 ~400Mb, a smaller MPEG-4 ~80Mb, WMV, MPEG-1, and streaming video. The girl-girl section is updated once a week, the solo section five times a week, and the intimate moments section four times a week.
Cons: If you're used to Sapphic Erotica or its relatives, it may take a second to acclimate to the sharp focus and realistic women on Abbywinters. I still look at free stuff from Sapphic Erotica and other lesbian sites when I want more of a fantasy. After all, most porn sites select their models almost entirely on their bodies, and as a result, there are some incredibly hot girls out there. But I stick with Abbywinters because it's the closest thing to real girl-girl sex you can get. Models are paired based on their personalities, and each video contains actual non-scripted conversation between two people who are about to get it on.
Bottom Line: I have joined Sapphic Erotica, LittleMutt, and very briefly, Lightspeed, in search of real lesbian sex. Abbywinters is the only place that delivers the hot stuff and never makes me worry about the girls. At Abby, you will find happy financially stable women with careers outside of porn who model because they enjoy it. No men are present at the photo shoots, and the sex is almost without direction--the girls are simply making love as they see fit.

The girls at Abby are representative of young fit women in urban Australia. You'll find all races, body types, and degrees of hair. Some women appeal to niches, while some could find modeling work at any mainstream site. The girl-girl sex is incredibly erotic, including lots of foreplay and real orgasms. Some girls are quiet, some are loud, just like in real life. The girls wear their own clothes to the shoots, and you'll see lots of quirky, cute, and sexy underwear! (Again, just like in real life.)

Most surprising to me, though Abby is good for the quickie, you can't help get to know the girls a bit. And if you're curious about who they are, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know them more. You can read their handwritten thoughts before and after the shoot, watch before and after interviews, see photos of them backstage preparing for the shoot, showering, dressing, and you can chat with them on the message boards.

If you want hot lesbian sex, realism, and a happy heart when you leave to go about your day, give Abbywinters a shot. You can see every aspect of the site except the videos and full-size images for free. Just click on Members Entrance, and you see the entire members site.

Thanks to the members of PU who helped me to make my review more informative and useful. I welcome more feedback.
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22. abbywinters (0)

RagingBuddhist (65) 04-22-09  09:48pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (61), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-24-09  12:38pm  (Update History)
Reason: Updated score - see notes in reply
+ Amateur lovers delight
+ Newer video available in: flv - 120, 400 & 900kbps/ LQ mp4 512x288 @ 1536 bitrate /HQ mp4 1024x576 @ 1536 /mpg 512x288 @ 2165 /wmv 768x432 @ 2189
+ Drop down menus & "Jump to buttons" everywhere. A small sampling: Recently viewed pages, pics & vids, membership & account management links, lists to sort by model, body feature, video shot by _____, pictures shot by ______, lists by activity (masturbation, outdoors, kissing, etc.) You can reorder most lists by name, by date & reverse order.
+ At the time of this review there are: Images: 364,327/ Videos: 3,844 (570 hours, 54 minutes)/ Pic sets: 2,964/ Models: 1,139/ Solo shoots: 1,534/ Girl-Girl shoots 293/ Intimate Moments shoots: 566
+ pic sets average 100-150/set @ 1472 x 981 resolution. 202 sets available in extra large @ 3504 x 2336
+ zip files - complete sets or customized
+ download manager compatible (with con below)
+ TBP discount
Cons: - Going to the sitemap to get a full list of shoots/models, it takes over a half minute to load the list - and that's every time you go back to it. Find a model, go to her page, click the back button & the whole list has to reload.
- Too many videos and picture sets where you have to get halfway through to see "the fun bits"
- Unless I'm missing an attempt at being artistic, I've never understood how a closeup shot could be clear at the top, blurry at the bottom and still considered "postable". If the equipment you're using doesn't make a clear shot, either don't post the pic or get equipment that can make it clear.
- Download manager seems to randomly kick out videos with a message that user name and password are invalid. Go back to the file and retry it and it downloads (I use FreeDownloadManager)
- Even with the size of the site, the regular price $39 a month for full access is steep!
- System resource hog!!! (See notes in reply)
Bottom Line: Right after I posted my comment, asking for details, I went digging around on their tour pages and saw just what messmer mentioned - former members can get the old rate with access to all 3 sections. Plus a TBP discount? Nice! I'm in for another 3 months.

This was a hard review to wrap up. My first list of pros was over 2000 characters and I had to pare it down to what you saw above. This is my fourth time in for this site and, for the most part, I like what I see. But, while it's one the most feature laden sites out there, it does seem to be losing some of it's appeal. The choice of video formats is really nice and picture lovers should definitely appreciate the custom zip option. I'm also glad to see they've long done away with the past practice of almost deliberately covering the action with an obtrusive logo. (A bit of a side note on that - Abby! Impress us! Reissue the old videos with the new, smaller logo!) The navigation, though slightly overwhelming at first because of all the options, is really fairly simple and straightforward. But, with another nod to messmer's reply to my comment, I agree that the people doing the shooting need to change what they're doing. A 7 page set shouldn't get to skin on page 4. Then there's their choice of shots. "Okay - here's a closeup pussy shot. Now here's the same shot from 2 inches to the left. Whoa - same shot from 6 inches up and over. Now a little to the right..." And, unless I'm missing an attempt at being artistic, I've never understood how a closeup shot could be clear at the top, blurry at the bottom and still considered "postable". If the equipment you're using doesn't make a clear shot, either don't post the pic or get equipment that can make it clear. In the same vein, I'm not a big fan of a 10-minute video with 5 minutes of watching a girl walking and talking. If there really are people who want non-nude, interview-type video, there should be a separate video for that. I tend to save everything I download, so I'd really like to see shorter videos and smaller, less repetitive picture sets, resulting in less hard drive space being taken up.

Since I got the grandfathered rate, I'm not displeased with this latest membership. But I think I'd have a hard time recommending this to anyone but people who've never seen the site or haven't been there in a long time. As big as it is, $39 a month for full access is steep. And $25 for single niche access just seems high, given the erratic updates. I still rate it high because, even with what I see it lacking, it's still amateurs and a lot of 'em.
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23. abbywinters (0)

DonD (0) 01-28-09  05:26am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (4)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: I've been a member of this site for most of the last 3 years. I'm into natural, happy, real, bubbly, beautiful young women (instead of jaded professionals). I like High Quality stills and video, where lots of attention has been paid to aesthetics. I like videos where the women are real people and you get a sense of their personality (as compared to sites where the models either don't speak or their dialogue is decidedly scripted or forced). I like to visit a site that makes me feel that sexuality is a positive and happy experience (rather than depressing and degrading). A site where the staff are involved and upbeat and take great care in their work and in the overall "tone" and presentation of the site. I enjoy a site that maintains an ethical approach and treats models and users with consideration.

In short, I like Abbywinters. I've never found anything that suits my tastes more. I can recommend it to users who like any of the things that I do. There's simply nothing like it.
Cons: None
(Of course, such things are subjective. Abbywinters, for me, is perfect).

If you're just into degrading hardcore or boy-girl stuff and/or the pornstar aesthetic, Abbywinters is probably not for you.
Bottom Line: If you like beautiful happy young women and their personalities, you'll love Abbywinters. Apart from all of the things mentioned above, its a site that really speaks of a great deal of attention to detail and care. There's some other great features worth noting too. They have a vibrant message board where many of the models post, so if you have a favorite you may have the opportunity to exchange posts with them, something I enjoy doing. They also have somewhat of a specialty: every so often they will have a big shoot with a massive group of models (eg. a nude yoga class, nude wrestling, nude hiking etc. Their latest shoot- a nude step aerobics class- featured 19 models! Fun stuff).

I don't like to visit sites where I feel bad for the models, where sex is portrayed as something ugly or dirty or mechanistic (soulless and impersonal). I like a site that is fun and sexy and breezy- that has plenty of harder girl-girl stuff if you're in the mood but also lots of "profile" style videos where you get some sense of the model and their personality.

For me, Abbywinters is spot on. I've tried other places but this is the one for me. I like it so much that I'm writing this review. I'm a fan. Thank you for your time in reading.
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24. abbywinters (0)

vandijk (0) 11-18-08  07:52am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (2)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: models are natural, no silicon, natural figures, the scenes come over as real, orgasm's real. excellent filming. girls come over as innocent, non pro;s, clearly instructing each other as what they like most as how to rub, suck etc...
best girl-girl site i've seen.
Cons: honestly would not know what to not like. as far as i'm concerned no-con's !!
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25. abbywinters (0)

parahelion (3) 06-21-08  10:57am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A high variety of photos and videos
-Very sensual women (no play acting here)
Both the videos and the photos are high quality, and there's enough of both to keep you busy for a long while. The videography and photography are well done and don't look airbrushed or modified to perfect these gorgeous women. On top of that, the download speeds are quite sufficient (mine peaked at 660 kb/sec).
Cons: The site layout is a series of different directories which can be confusing to navigate around at first.
The videos are all in segments, which is a burden to download entire sequences.
It's relatively expensive, and you have to get the whole subscription package to see everything.
Most of the photos and videos are soft core with kissing, intimacy, or talking (though it's still good quality). There are not a lot of videos (compared to the rest of the site content) with real lesbian sexual activity. Too many of the videos are just talking or goofing around naked.
Bottom Line: AbbyWinters has an impressive collection of solo and lesbian natural women doing their thing. They have a small collection of male-female vids and some fetish vids, so plenty of variety.
The double edged sword here is the high video quality. It's spectacular, but it requires the huge video files to be split into segments, which can be tedious to download. All in all, it's still worth it for the quality.
Bottom line: If you're tired of the mainstream "glamor" porn and a lack of sensuality, this is the place. The women obviously love what they're doing here, and it can be more erotic because of such. There's an entirely natural feeling to all of it--no boob jobs, no mass makeup, no fancy video tricks, and especially no background music! The natural thing also means that a lot of the women do not shave their pubic area, or may only trim it. It's not a big concern for me, but if you like hair down there, this site's for you!
I highly recommend.
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*Newbie reviews and ratings don't count toward a site's overall score/rank until the user reaches the Rookie status level (5 points). This rule is needed to help prevent fake (or heavily biased) profiles and reviews.

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