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What do you think about A2M (ass to mouth)?

Type: Content

Submitted by asmith12 (124)
It rocks! 25% 17 Votes
Interesting, sometimes 19% 13 Votes
I don't care 18% 12 Votes
I don't like it much 22% 15 Votes
It's disgusting! 16% 11 Votes

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68 Votes Total

Nov 23, 2007

Poll Replies (36)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


ace of aces (179) it`s a question of personal taste but absolutly not mine.
11-23-07  05:16am

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Monahan (42) Frankly I don't understand the appeal. I guess basic vaginal sex is
"so 20th century" that the porn producers figured that they had to come up with something new and different.

A2M is totally unappealing to me but to each his/her own. (My reply is "don't like it much.")

11-23-07  08:16am

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apoctom (145) I like watching it. I think that it helps to set apart the kinkier porn stars from the more mainstream (kind of like anal did earlier).

As an aside, I recommend watching the debate about A2M from Clerks 2. It is hilarious!

11-23-07  09:17am

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jd1961 (95) I don't like circus porn.
11-23-07  10:45am

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pat362 (373) I love watching anal sex. I'm not sure if it's the taboo aspect of it or what. That said, I have serious issues with the all the atm or atp. No matter how much you clean it. Your ass is still full of bacteria, and that's how it should be. So once a penis as been in there. I know, it's not a good idea for it to go anywhere else be it a mouth or pussy. I've read elsewhere that fans are getting tired of the dialogue where a girls states how much they like the taste of their ass. I know it's only porn, but frankly I have a hard time thinking that anybody thinks that fecal matter tastes anything other than like shit. I wish I could say to each is own, but anything that puts a performers life in danger, is simply unaceptable to me. We have to draw the line somewhere, even in porn, because if we don't. What's the next fetish??? I'm sure some of you can imagine what might be next.
11-23-07  08:55pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #5 - pat362 :

> anything that puts a performers life in danger, is simply unaceptable to me.
Hm, I'd say that condomless porn puts performers life in danger more than A2M (not sure about A2P). Not that I'm a big fan of A2M myself, but your argument doesn't look too viable to me.

> What's the next fetish???
I agree that there should be a line drawn somewhere. And about the next fetish: I think that from softer to harder it goes like this:
softcore - oral - vaginal - anal - a2m - 'golden showers' - ...

So I've just submitted another poll asking the same questions about 'golden showers'; if it's accepted, we'll see how many people are into it (I don't think there will be much, but let's see).

11-24-07  02:03am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #6 - asmith12 :

You are quite right, but since the question was about atm. I didn't really get into the condom or not issue. The fact is that wearing one would be beneficial to the male performer's health only, since he'd be proctected but the female would still be doing atm. Since you did mention condoms then let me say that I have no problem about making every male peformer wear a condom during intercourse. Far too many performers catch a variety of STD's which often cannot be well treated, or not at all in some dire cases. I'm actually curious to know how many people have a problem between condom and bareback sex. That might be an interesting poll.
11-24-07  09:55am

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PU Staff
>> pat362: "I'm actually curious to know how many people have a problem between condom and bareback sex. That might be an interesting poll."

You might want to take a look at the poll we ran concerning condom use in porn: http://www.pornusers.com/replies_view.html?id=1875

BTW, most pro models (at least in the US) who shoot porn are checked for STD's at least every 6 months and produce health certificates to that effect when they go to a shoot.

11-24-07  10:05am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

> he fact is that wearing one would be beneficial to the male performer's health only, since he'd be proctected but the female would still be doing atm.
Most of A2M on the market is "ass to the same girl mouth", so it would indeed help with STDs, and I don't know if A2M itself poses any risk (A2P does, but no idea about A2M).

> Far too many performers catch a variety of STD's
Do you have any statistics on it? I've heard about one quite big case somewhere in US, that's it.

> I'm actually curious to know how many people have a problem between condom and bareback sex. That might be an interesting poll.
There was such a poll back in March; only 25% of people have said "I have no issue with condoms".

11-24-07  10:14am

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nygiants03 (162) not that I'm really into ass to mouth, id have to say as long as the person is properly washed, there is no health hazard to doing it.

I really have no problem with it, as there are lots of special nerve ending which enhance pleasure when the asshole is licked or touched.

11-24-07  12:59pm

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cblodg (9) not my cup of tea (or A!).
11-24-07  02:51pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #9 - asmith12 :

No matter how we cut it atm is still someone having contact with fecal matter. Someone could argue that atm is not as bad, because the bacteria in our mouths are design to proctect us from other bacterias. To them I say you eat shit and then tell me you feel OK.I enjoy reading the posts at ADT(adultdvdtalk.com), and sadly this subject comes up frequently. The general opinion from different posters, some of which are performers themselves, is that most male & female performers have had gonorrhea at least once. It gets worse from there. I think if we're going to poll people on bareback as oppose to condom, the the next poll should be how many of the voters are willing to lose all their favorite performers because of std's.
11-24-07  06:39pm

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littlejoe (23) with g/g definately
11-24-07  07:00pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #12 - pat362 :

> To them I say you eat shit and then tell me you feel OK
Strictly speaking, some very small amounts of shit get into people mouths all the time (it's not sterile world after all), and the only difference between this and eating shit is that of amounts, with A2M somewhere in between (don't forget that models wash themselves very thoroughly before doing it). So without any medical opinion (doctors don't rush to advise on it, unlike A2P) I still have no idea if it's really dangerous.

11-24-07  07:17pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #12 - pat362 :

And about condoms and STDs - here I agree that it is definitely a risk, but... that's the way people like to see it and until it changes, I don't think industry will go for condomless porn.
11-24-07  07:44pm

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Drooler (220) Sex is one of the few things one rarely gets bored with -- you'd think anyway. I have to wonder, though, with all of weird ideas that come up in what seems to be an attempt to make it "exciting again."

I'm happiest with just one guy and one girl going at it with real feeling. Anal's OK, but I've never required it.

Toys, sex machines, group sex, food smearing, ATM, etc. etc. ... I don't need my porn sensationalized and turned into a freaky circus act.

Like freak shows? Just look at the mainstream media. They're doing a fine enough job as it is.

Do the girls get paid more for doing ATM? Just wondering if they're thinking about a future trip to the automated teller machine.

11-25-07  04:43am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #14 - asmith12 :

I agree that we all in one form or another eat shit, but I think you'd agree that none of us eat it straight from the source as in someone doing an atm. True, that performers douche themselves before, but I'm affraid that only cleans part of the piping. Since you can't actually turn off the tap. You will get something from higher up going down. I'll be surprise if you ever see any medical reports on this. The industry probably doesn't want this kind of information made public.
11-25-07  09:18am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #15 - asmith12 :

It's Sad but true. Too many people want to see bareback porn only. I've read a few post where fans will not watch a scene if there is condom use. Of course if tommorrow all the studios made mandatory condom use for all penetration scenes, then I'm pretty sure that people would get used to it. If your choice is no new porn or condom only porn then you probably will lesrn to enjoy condom porn. Of course I live in a rose colored world because studios wil NEVER do that. That would require a united stand on the subject.
11-25-07  09:26am

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SnowDude (214) I sometimes find it very exciting, but I rarely seek out such content. I may happen to see it more often if a performer I like does those type of scenes (like Gauge), so it depends on the context.
11-25-07  05:31pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Okay now we are talking!!! This is a poll that we need to discuss!!

A2M can suck my dick!!!!

Who thought of that idea?!!! And to make matters worse, you have muthaphuckas that actual like to jack off to that shit!!

I am not knocking anal intercourse completely, but to witness a man shoving his dick up a woman's ass then placing it into where she ingests nutrients... ARE YOU PHUCKIN' SERIOUS?!!!

That hole is suppposed to be a very tight one!!! When you phuck that, you ain't supposed to last too long in that hole, then you are supposed to nut a really hard one... OR I'D RATHER NOT WATCH IT!!!


And you damn right I am bashing that shit becuz not only does that humiliate women, but it's real phuckin' disguisting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just think my fellow perverted fuckheads... A woman has to do some off the wall nasty shit like that to get muthaphuckas off or to get paid a grip of money... that tells you what men think of women!!!



11-26-07  12:46am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #19 - SnowDude :

I don't want Gauge, Veronica Jett, Ice La Fox, Jasmine Burn, Tiffany Holiday... I don't give a phuck who it is... I don't want to see any of them suckin' on a shit covered dick!!!

For the love of all mankind, You tell me who da phuck on Earth of obligated to contaminate themselves with such extremely hazardous toxic waste orally?!!!!


If any porn website or industry has to do that, THEY NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF PORN!!!

To use the excuss of coming out with something new because porn is dying just to come out with some shit like that is phucking DEVILISH!!!


11-26-07  12:55am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #17 - pat362 :

> I think you'd agree that none of us eat it straight from the source
It's not exactly "straight from the source" either; IMHO, getting it from other guy's poorly washed hands via handshake differs only in quantity, and I have no idea if this difference in quantity makes difference from medical point of view.

> The industry probably doesn't want this kind of information made public.
Come on, this is not the industry where I'd expect conspiracy (they're not tobacco companies after all :-)). More likely doctors just cannot imagine that somebody in sane mind will do it (unlike A2P, which they warn about).

11-26-07  02:20am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #18 - pat362 :

Completely agree. Plus condom-only porn would play an important role in educating people (especially young ones) to use condoms in their private lives. The only minor thing left is to make it happen :-(.
11-26-07  02:25am

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SnowDude (214) REPLY TO #21 - Pinche Kankun :

There are plenty of performers who don't do anal or ATM, so if you don't like it don't watch it. Simple as that.
11-26-07  06:09pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #22 - asmith12 :

You are correct that you get a lot of bacterias in a handshake, but
most of it is just your normal run of the mill bacteria. Afterall most of us do not stick our fingers in our ass before shaking hands, but there is bound to be transfers from people who do not know what soap and water is used for in a bathroom. So I guess part of it must be the quantity of bacterias you come into contact. True that they aren't tobacco companies, but they are making money out of porn.
So like a lot of corpaoration you do not want a negative light to be shined on your industry, because that could and would cost you money.
You are correct that not too many doctors would think of doing a study on the effects of atm and health.

11-26-07  06:44pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #23 - asmith12 :

You and I are on the same page. Anything that can bring the message that condom use during intercourse is the only way to go, is a good thing. I've stopped reading statistics years ago, because I just couldn't bring myself to belive that in an era of Aids, Hepatitis, and all other STD's that young people still don't use condoms. I guess it starts with you, me and others out there to suggest that porn movies should be all condom.
11-26-07  06:51pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #26 - pat362 :

> I guess it starts with you, me and others out there to suggest that porn movies should be all condom.
The problem is to bring this message to the public and producers :-(.

11-27-07  02:38am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #27 - asmith12 :

Look at it this way. Last week you were alone in believing in condom only penetration, and I was alone. Today there are 2 of us. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
11-27-07  06:24pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #28 - pat362 :

I'd still say that it is necessary to start doing something. Unfortunately, I have no idea what exactly can be done :-((.
11-28-07  01:40am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #24 - SnowDude :

Oh Heeeelll Nooo!! Wait just a minute!! I don't watch that shit. I never watch that shit because it digusting!! And I am complaining because it is trying to overcome porn entirely!!

I seek the library of porn for good, arousing, tasteful porn! THAT IS NOT TASTEFUL!!

I admit I will watch an anal scene when it ends in a really hard nutshot over the girl's entire body... and how I find out is I fast forward to the cumshot scene!! If it was a good shot, then I'll observe the whole scene!! But when I witness a man's cock be removed from a woman's shit pipe and placed into her mouth, I GET PISSED!! But extreme digusting hardcore shit like that is starting to occur way too often, like someone out there is trying to convince the world that regular sex is playing out!! THAT'S BULLSHIT!!

Ain't no man in his right mind going to get tired of pussy unless HE IS NOT IN HIS RIGHT MIND!!! Drugs, marijuana, alcohol, and anything similar to these substances that effects the body's psychological process in a negative way tend to persuade muthaphuckas to do some off the wall shit like that!! I bet you that it is a safe assumption that "MOST" of those male cheauvinist muthaphuckas in porn are using drugs and/or convincing the women to do it!! In turn, it results in shit like guys fucking each other, or it this case, girls tasting their own shit for a weekly paycheck!!

Now... I like porn, PERIOD. And I look only for normal porn, not that shit!!

11-29-07  12:16am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #24 - SnowDude :

One more thing Mr. Snowdude, out of all due respect to you and anybody in porn or viewers of it, I simply want to contribute to the balance of ALL FETISHES, so everyone will get enough of there desires! But all you see is "A LOT" more of these aspects of porn:


This list represents 80% of the entire porn library choice!! Notice that within that list, there is no regular "FUCK MY TIGHT WET PUSSY THEN SHOOT YOUR LOAD ALL OVER ME" sex!!

And you say that there are plenty of performers who don't do that anal. How can I feel confident about that when those muthaphuckas are convincing the girls to do anal or be broke?!! Noami is one of them, Leah Luv is another!!

11-29-07  12:26am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #29 - asmith12 :

I don't know if you've ever seen it or remember it, but there was a shampoo commercial which went something like this. I told a friend and she told a friend an so on and so on. It's numbers. If more people start to talk about it, then more people will talk about it. Sooner or later the pendulum will move in that direction. I can remember a time when anal sex was rare. If you take a look at any actress before the 80's at IAFD. You will have a hard time finding anal scenes. Take a look at almost any actress today, and tell me that didn't change. I hate to put it on the shoulders of women, but if top female performers had a condom only rule. You would see changes, but that said it requires them to be willing to lose out on good money, because they would then be offered more money to go bareback.
11-29-07  06:00pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #32 - pat362 :

I don't think it will happen this way. IMHO it is driven mostly by customer's opinion and models won't be able to change anything :-(. For each one going condom-only there will be ten willing to do condomless.
11-30-07  01:44am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #33 - asmith12 :

I know you're right but I wish you weren't. Let's just say that it won't be happen in the near future.
11-30-07  07:18pm

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Davit (46) I love to watch analingus, but I do find A2M (i.e. pulling a dildo or cock from the ass and sticking it in the mouth) to be a bit disgusting. Some girls even say stupid things like 'Mmmm! Nice ass juices!' WHAT! Get outta town!

What is so much hotter - and yet bizarrely happens a lot less - is Pussy-To-Mouth. I love watching lesbians pull their fingers from another girl's pussy and lick them dry. Not too common a sight though.

02-28-08  04:53pm

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sambo 943 (0) Setting aside the dangers of infections for the female partner and all sort of diseases, I don't really see the pleasure of doing it. Why would you take your dick out of a woman's ass who you just had anal intercourse with (and hopefully a pleasant one for both) and stick it in her mouth to lick?

Even if this is a POWER and DOMINATION thing, I still do not see the point because it does not prove anything but degradation and disrespect for your sex partner. It is really a disgusting practice popularized by hard-core porn industry for the shock value of it, and had no place in a warm anal sexual relationship between a couple.

I was surprised to see a 25% favorable vote in the poll. I am guessing these are the ones who only watch it in porn for arousal, and have never actually done it...!

11-23-14  05:11pm

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