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Visit Stephanie Cane

Stephanie Cane
Reply of DpornGuy's Comment

FWIW: for me it also opens cing.com.

05-03-11  08:31am

Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble
Reply of asmith12's Comment

FWIW, here goes my report. I've downloaded all three of their samples (200M to 900M in size), and burned them on my external LG Blu-ray burner to BD-RE disc (burning took like three clicks on my Windows 7 after downloading). All three played on my Sony player without problems, menus worked and so on. I felt that quality of the smallest sample was similar to DVD, medium one felt better than DVD, and largest one was almost like medium one, better than DVDs, but a bit worse than high-end Hollywood Blu-ray movies (it is apples and oranges, but I think it still cannot compete with titles like Sherlock).

I've decided that medium quality is the best for me (almost the same quality as high-end one but much smaller), and downloaded the whole Game 26. It took 8G for a 3 hour movie, and I think it was well worth waiting. I indeed enjoyed watching it not in front of monitor, but on a large TV screen in my bedroom (BTW, my g/f liked it too, and I will not elaborate on what happened during watching ;) ).

Pros: can watch on TV, high quality, funny menu, convenient menu structure, "Action Only" option is interesting
Cons: relatively large (medium quality is comparable to 6MBit/s clips), extras are rather basic
Things I'd like to be added/improved: printable label, quality to beat Hollywood while keeping the size (I know it is not realistic, but can't I dream a bit? ;) ), "behind the scenes" stuff and model bios in extras

Bottom line: for me, "Medium Quality Blu-ray ISO" is a clear winner over 6MBit/s and 12MBit/s clips: it is the same quality as 12MBit/s at size of 6Mbit/s, can be watched on TV, and has funny menus. If you guys will add more extra features - it will be even better, but even now it is certainly the best adult movie I've ever seen (even before taking into account the price).

04-28-11  09:21pm

Visit Zenra.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ EXTREMELY original content
++ VERY expensive and unusual setups
+ LOTS of content
+ added DVDs
Cons: - video quality is often mediocre
- pixelation
- navigation/design is horrible
Bottom Line: I've already reviewed this site earlier, and now came back to it again. In short - it is still a site with LOTS and LOTS of VERY unusual Japanese content (contests of 64 nude girls, topless gymnastics, parties where girls are getting nude and being fucked, and so on). Video quality is at best mediocre (I'd even say poor for 2011), plus there is pixelation over genitals (reportedly it is a law in Japan), but scenarios are so unusual, that it still may be worth the try.

What has changed since my last review:
- a LOT more content has been added, much appreciated
- it includes some full DVDs, also a good thing
- these DVDs are usually in MPEG1 or MPEG2 format, which is an insult in year 2011 (quality is poor while size is large).
- they have added full versions of the DVDs, so they can be downloaded in one piece
- as a side effect, navigation has became very confusing

Bottom line: the only thing which makes it worthwhile, is UNIQUE content, the rest (video quality and convenience of use) is poor to very poor. Still, as they're the only site (at least as far as I know) with this kind of content, it may be worth a try, especially for fans of Japanese porn.

04-28-11  12:17am

Replies (0)
Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble

Blu-ray? For download? Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Downloading right now, will share experience later.

04-27-11  11:38pm

Replies (2)
Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: +++ Some girls are really into anal sex
++ variety of anal-related actions
+ HD video quality (1280x720)
+ frequent updates
+ CCBill billing
Cons: -- locations are dull
- cameraguy work and lighting is just ok (not stellar)
- HD quality is not the best for 2011
- 29.99 is too high for a single site
Bottom Line: When I'm looking at EverythingButt, I simply cannot resist comparing to another site within the same niche, BigWetButts by Brazzers. As I was member of Brazzers more than a while ago, it won't be 100% fair comparison, but I hope it will still be relevant enough.

In my review of Brazzers network, I've said that they would get mark of 90 if they wouldn't cheat their customers. Kink.com and EverythingButt do not cheat, so they should get 90 if they're on par with BigWetButts.

First thing which becomes obvious when looking at EverythingButt videos, is that they're reusing the same SF Armory which is present in all Kink.com shoots. While I think SF armory is perfectly adequate to the BDSM niche (and most of Kink.com are indeed BDSM), I would like more bright setting at least for some of anal site scenes. Also cameraguy work on BigWetButts is stellar, but on EverythingButt it is just ok. Overall, BigWetButts IMHO wins here hands down.

Next thing is models. It is very difficult to find models who like anal, and both EverythingButt and BigWetButts have done tremendous job here. On EverythingButt my personal favorite is Amber Rayne, she likes anal a lot, and on BigWetButts there are several models who are obviously into anal (trio Flower-Harmony-Phoenix is my all-time favorite). I would say EverythingButt and BigWetButts have a tie in this department.

Action: I admit it is on wilder side with EverythingButt (analingus, A2M and so on are rampant), but for me it is a bit too much (on BigWetButts all of it is also present, but a bit milder which suits me personally a bit better). Still, trying to put aside my personal preferences, I'd say it is another tie.

Now to video quality. If not paying for HD on BigWetButts, a year ago you'd get pretty low 768x432 resolution, but it came in 2.3Mbit/s and was absolutely crisp at this resolution. On EverythingButt, it is formally HD (1280x720), but the best I could get for WMV from them, was 1.6Mbit/s which I don't think is enough for HD (it was not as crisp as it should). Overall, I'd also declare it a tie there (though for 2011 I'd expect higher quality, especially from market leader like Kink.com).

Next point to compare. Kink.com traditionally has pricing structure where you need to pay separately for each site (there are discounts, but they're just discounts), and price of 29.99 is IMHO way too high for a single site (Brazzers provide access to the whole network cheaper).

Bottom line: EverythingButt is definitely a well-worthy site for hardcore lovers of anal sex. Still, if not for Brazzers cheating their members, I'd like BigWetButts somewhat better. Hence, I've ranked EverythingButt at high (but not enormously high) 85.

04-17-11  08:31am

Replies (0)
Visit Totally Undressed

Totally Undressed
Reply of Capn's Reply

Sorry, didn't check (stills are not really my cup of tea), but I doubt they're worth it even for fans of stills.

04-17-11  08:06am

Visit Totally Undressed

Totally Undressed
Reply of Orb Ltd's Reply

Thanks a lot! If you could post it in site news here when subtitles are ready, it would be even better :-).

04-17-11  07:51am

Visit Totally Undressed

Totally Undressed
Reply of Capn's Reply

There are photosets, but they're nothing special IMHO. You can't see much emotions from them, and quality is mediocre (500px larger side), though they IMHO do not look as a screencaps.

04-17-11  07:49am

Visit Totally Undressed

Totally Undressed
Reply of otoh's Reply

I think they're playing "just one more step" game, going VERY GRADUALLY (stand up - take off shoes to measure height without them - a few commands to turn - now take off blouse - etc.) but for this kind of mind games it becomes absolutely important to know what they're saying.


04-15-11  04:52am

Visit Totally Undressed

Totally Undressed

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ original concept
+++ very natural feeling
++ probably unscripted
++ mostly beautiful girls
+ HD video quality (1280x720)
Cons: --- no translation, no subtitles
- collection is small
- price (29.95) is inadequate for such small collection
Bottom Line: TotallyUndressed is a new site which has great potential which is unfortunately not realized because of one small but very important detail, if they fix it (and will produce regular updates) - for me it will become one of personal favorites.

The plot in every clip (about 20-25 minutes each) is very similar: there is a room where girls are coming to some kind of interview (maybe job interview), where they're asked some questions, then they are asked to remove shoes (to measure height, though I don't know it is related to interview), then - shirt and so on, and pretty soon they come to suck a dildo and get dildo-fucked. There is nothing unusual about this plot, but what makes it really special is how natural it feels. Girls do not look as models, they do not look as pros at all, they're shy (or playing being shy), and so on. The whole thing looks so natural that I just need to hope that it is not a REAL job interview where girls are tricked into doing this kind of things without knowing it will be all over the Internet.

Now to the bad part. As I've said, this thing looks and feels very natural, and there is a lot of conversation going on. The problem is that all this conversation goes in some language I cannot comprehend (probably Russian or something similar), and it spoils at least half of the fun.

Technical details: video quality is nothing special but ok (1280x720 ~2Mbit/s), number of scenes is small (~15), which is IMHO ok for a new site, but price (29.95) is certainly way too steep for this amount of content.

Other details: there is NO B/G or G/G sex on TotallyUndressed, girls are just masturbating and playing with dildos. Girls are of "girl next door" type, but on more beautiful side. The plot is almost exactly the same every time, it is reaction of the girls which makes it worth looking.

Bottom line: it might be a VERY GOOD (I'd probably rate it in 90's range) if they just would add subtitles (or any other kind of translation). Unlike most adult sites, dialogs is a VERY important part of TotallyUndressed, and being kept in dark about what girls and interviewers have said, ruins most of the fun.

04-15-11  03:50am

Replies (10)
Visit Nude Fight Club

Nude Fight Club

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: ++ beautiful girls
++ most likely unscripted fight
+ progressive undressing
++ very good video quality (up to Full HD 1920x1080)
++ access to 21sextury network
+ many billing options
+ no pre-checked cross-sales
Cons: --- pretty much pointless, girls do not know what they're really doing
-- no real rules, no winner or loser
Bottom Line: When reviewing such a site, it is very difficult to avoid comparing it all the time with UltimateSurrender (which is BTW at the very top of my personal ratings). All the time I was a bit confused: if comparing NudeFightClub to UltimateSurrender, it IMHO doesn't stand a chance, but if comparing it to "average site out there" it isn't too bad.

First of all, NudeFightClub clearly loses to UltimateSurrender in the overall concept. It looks that the authors of NudeFightClub got the main idea of "show how girls fight and then fuck", but didn't make it look anywhere real. Unlike UltimateSurrender, on NudeFightClub there are no rules, no judge, and no real competition. It just shows two girls wandering around the ring and hitting each other without apparent reason. Probably "fight" is not scripted, but as there is no real reasons for girls to fight, it is not really competitive. The "fight" starts with girls dressed, and they undress as the action goes, and in the end girls are usually completely nude. There is no judge, and no score, so in the end, there is no winner or loser, girls just move from nude fighting into some lesbian action.

On the positive side, girls in NudeFightClub are usually very beautiful, so watching them is a pleasure. Video quality is one of the best in the industry (up to 8MBit/s 1920x1080, both in WMV and MP4). Download speeds are good. And last but not least - it provides access to 21Sextury network (and IMHO there are much better sites within 21Sextury than this one).

Bottom line: if you like UltimateSurrender because it is real and competitive - probably you shouldn't bother with NudeFightClub, you're likely to be very disappointed. But if all you want is nude girls wandering around in some sport-like action - it might be worth a try, especially considering bonus access to 21Sextury network.

04-13-11  08:43am

Replies (1)
Visit Kink On Demand

Kink On Demand
Reply of elephant's Reply

As it is not changing, I've got a feeling it is just a marketing trick aiming to make us think exactly "at these prices you really might as well subscribe for a little more".

Well, at least they're not cheating us, pricing is out there, fair and square.

04-13-11  05:02am

N/A Reply of anyonebutme's Reply

> Okay, a site that has a backlog of 500 sets available but no new updates, does it really piss people off having access to _only_ 500 sets instead of 500 plus 5?
No idea about people in general, but yes, it pisses me off. And it is not about 500 vs 500+5, but about three things. The first thing is that if site hasn't been updated for 2 years or so, it can't possibly have stuff in decent quality. The second reason is that sites which are no longer updated, are way too often reselling same old non-exclusive stuff. The third thing is more subtle: if I know that some clip was there for a while, it is not new anymore, and this feeling alone has a chilling effect on me. I feel it is similar to the reason why people are paying BIG money to see a NEW movie as soon as it comes out (while the very same movie will be available for 30% of the price half a year down the road). Illogical? Maybe, but so is whole human nature.

So for me personally, update frequency is very important, and while I still can join a site which doesn't update anymore, if I have any choice, I will prefer site with recent updates.

07-21-10  04:52am

Visit VideosZ

Reply of Jay G's Reply

Frankly, I wouldn't be so satisfied with this response. I think that if they have something as "Coming Soon" in member area, they should NOT advertise it in preview. Ok, as a former member who didn't have problems there, I can give them benefit of doubt and agree that they might not do this deception on purpose, but in this case I'd expect them to apologize and pull this stuff from preview area ASAP.

P.S. There is an interesting recent trend, with webmasters replying here on PU more eagerly then to support e-mails. I think next time I have a problem on any site I'll post it as a comment, it seems to have MUCH more chances to be solved this way.

02-23-10  08:30am

Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble

Sex WITH real excitement, at least once in a while

I was asked to express my "expert opinion" on the disagreement between FuckingGambler and BabyGetReal about excitement in FuckingGamble games, and wasn't able to resist the temptation to pose as an "expert" :-), so here go my two cents.

I've took a closer look at game 4 which FuckingGambler is referring to, and IMHO it has much more passion and much more excitement from sex between the models then 99% of all the porn out there. To compare it to DareRing (which BabyGetReal refers to) I've even took a look at my old clips from Dare Ring (hey, now I know why I store all that old stuff :-)) to compare, and found that despite obviously more "amateur" feeling of "Dare Ring", I've felt that FuckingGamble's game 4 players shown significantly more "excitement" about sex then DareRing players (DareRing guys and girls were way too nervous, especially towards the end of the game, which obviously didn't help their excitement). And what is quite obvious to me now is that action is indeed NOT scripted on both DareRing and FuckingGamble (at least because writing and learning all those lines would be an absolute nightmare).

That said, I should add that not all the games on FuckingGamble are made equal. Some (like game 4, game 14, or the most recent game 26) are IMHO very emotional and show real "chemistry" (as FuckingGambler puts it) between the players, but some are less successful in this regard. In addition, I should add that all the above is just my personal opinion, so if your opinion differs, please don't hit me too hard :-).

02-23-10  07:37am

Replies (1)
Visit Naked News

Naked News
Reply of kkman112's Reply

I see your point, but in a sense "very good" and "even better" are the ONLY valid units of measurement :-) (everything else can be misused or even abused, for example, 5MBit/s sounds great, but only until you realize it is MPEG-1 or poorly encoded MPEG-4 in .MOV format from old Apple days).

If you want to know about bitrates and resolutions for NakedNews downloads, I can't provide much useful info for this specific site, because (as a fairly rare exception for me) I don't do any downloads on NakedNews (I don't see the point in storing "stale" news).
The only thing I've seen is their streaming, which is IMHO the best streaming I've ever seen. I've tried to measure it's bitrate and found that it's surprisingly low, somewhere between 500kBit/s and 750kBit/s, but visually it is MUCH better then "usual" streaming/downloads at this bitrate which you can find elsewhere.

For the record: I was their "Gold" member (the one for which they had "free 3 days" promo a week ago, not sure if it still lasts), for other types of membership YMMV (there should be some difference, shouldn't it?).

02-13-10  04:23am

Visit Naked News

Naked News

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ VERY original idea
++ girls seem to enjoy it
++ fun to see news anchor undressing
+ added more "unusual" strip patterns
+ added some public topless stuff
+ added a few great-looking anchors
+ pussy haircuts
+ video quality has improved from "very good" to "even better"
+ cheap, plus there is a "3 days free gold membership" promotion right now
Cons: --- about 50% of the time there is no undressing, girls start nude
-- even when there is some undressing, often it is just from underwear to nude
Bottom Line: When I've re-joined NakedNews about a week ago, my first impression was that the site operators did read all our complaints here on PU and paid attention to including more undressing in the news. I've even thought "Oh, I might keep my subscription beyond first month" (it doesn't happen to me too often ;-)). Unfortunately, it was just lucky few days :-(, and going through archives, I have run through numerous days where all the girls are completely nude from the very beginning :-((. Funny thing is that owners seem to know what people want, and in "News Off The Top" segment (which starts every day program) they show most of the girls dressed, but it only results in big disappointment when you anticipate some striptease and only get girl who's completely nude from the start :-((.

To be more specific, I've even went through the archives and gathered some statistics to share. Out of randomly chosen 15 days (taken in 2010), I have observed the following numbers (I cannot guarantee they're 100% accurate, I might have forgotten to add 1 here or there):
starting fully dressed - 13 times, starting in underwear - 23 times, starting fully nude - 43 times. I've also counted "unusual patterns" (like panties taken off before bra, or no panties under dress) separately, and the number for the same time was 13.

Overall, the site has stayed more or less the same since my last review, so I will concentrate on differences which I've found compared to my previous review here on PU (which can be found under "Archived" subtitle). First, I "feel" that amount of undressing has dropped (I didn't gather statistics back then, so I cannot tell exactly). Second, they DID add great-looking girls (I especially adored Whitney St John) - and it was one of my complaints back then. Third, they've added "Naked in the Streets" section, which is about the topless girl taking interview in streets or on the beach (loved it). Also addition of program with nude girl cooking was a nice one.
Video quality was very good back then, but now it is REALLY good (with probably the best streaming player I've ever seen).

Bottom line: it is still a site which can be fun to see for 1 month (if you're ok with softcore stuff), and I still don't think it can be interesting for a longer time. On the other hand, I think that IF they would add MORE undressing (especially FULL undressing, not just from underwear), they will become MUCH MUCH better.

02-12-10  11:41pm

Replies (4)
Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission
Reply of pat362's Reply

Ditto to it. Kink.com sites are unusual and might be love-or-hate at least for some people, but they usually provide a VERY good idea about their sites in preview areas. And I can confirm that I had never seen DRM on any kink.com site (hope they still work that way).

02-12-10  10:59pm

Visit Lost Bets Games

Lost Bets Games

Cancel Discount

When unsubscribing from LostBetsGames, I was offered a discount with new price = $15. YMMV.

02-12-10  10:54pm

Replies (0)
Visit 4 Real Amateurs

4 Real Amateurs
Reply of Khan's Reply

Oops, I didn't see it before, sorry (it's a side effect of going through "New Replies", it's easy to miss replies to somebody else).

02-12-10  10:47pm

Visit 4 Real Amateurs

4 Real Amateurs
Reply of Khan's Reply

I see your point, but as I see it now (and as I've seen it yesterday), it doesn't redirect, at least right now. It is not a big deal, but if possible I prefer if you can keep my hard work spent on writing that review :-).

02-12-10  06:01am

Visit 4 Real Amateurs

4 Real Amateurs
Reply of Khan's Reply

Shouldn't it be simply marked as 'clone' then? I've spent some effort writing review and it would be nice to see it somewhere again :-).

02-11-10  09:41am

Visit Adult 4D

Adult 4D
Reply of anyonebutme's Comment

Yes, please comment on real 3D options, because I've tried "cross-eye" method and while I was able to see 3D effect, it took too much efforts to enjoy it :-(.

02-11-10  08:05am

Visit 4 Real Amateurs

4 Real Amateurs

Why 4RealSwingers is not listed anymore?

For 4RealAmateurs, there is a sister site 4RealSwingers, about which I even wrote a review some time ago. Now TBP/PU don't seem to list 4RealSwingers anymore, but the site itself (4RealSwingers.com) is still alive. It might be a clone (no idea if it is a clone or not), but you guys usually keep even clones listed (especially those ones with reviews).

02-11-10  07:33am

Replies (9)
Visit Virtual Fem

Virtual Fem

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ unique concept
+ original use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies
+ regular updates
+ improving over time
Cons: -- poor overall implementation
-- poor AI logic, especially with earlier models
-- quite poor conversation (I remember chat bots capable of MUCH more intelligent conversation)
-- video quality of 320x240 MPEG is inadequate for 2010
- need to download the game first, and then need to download upgrade right away
Bottom Line: After reviewing FuckingGamble, 'Capn' has referred me to VirtualFem. Thanks for referral, Capn, it indeed was quite an interesting experience, though a good idea behind this site has IMHO suffered a LOT because of poor implementation.

VirtualFem is not really just a usual adult site with video clips to be downloaded and played in Media Player, but they require their own download, more like sites like 3DSexGames or PlaySexGame. When downloading for the first time, you get version 2.0 and only one girl, and it was a HUGE disappointment for me. Fortunately, after an upgrade to v3.0 (upgrade is available right near original download - guys, why don't you make SINGLE download for v3.0 to avoid disappointment?) and also downloading one of newer girls things became more interesting.

What you get at that point is a girl, which you
can chat with. It is not a 3D girl, but a series of pre-shot video clips, which are affected by your chat. Earlier girls are very straightforward (which was boring for me - what is the fun if you can tell the girl "fuck ass" right away and she gets fucked up the ass?). Newer girls are more sophisticated, and sometimes are even interesting to deal with. Still, quality of conversation is IMHO poor (I remember chat bots capable of MUCH more intelligent conversation). Another problem is video quality - come on, today is 2010, and 320x240 qualifies as "barely acceptable" even in my books (and this 320x240 is represented by 2MBit/s MPEG - not MP4 or WMV - stream, so downloads are HUGE despite poor quality).

Overall, the feeling of the site was quite mixed: idea of using AI-driven girls is good, but IMHO poor AI logic and poor videos hurt this site a lot. On the plus side, I need to mention that the site is updated on regular basis (new girls are added) and that logic is improved over time too (difference between older girls and newer girls is VERY big).

Bottom line: while there is a chance of this site to become one of those I would like to visit on regular basis, right now I can recommend it only to those who likes this idea (controlling real girl via chat) that much that he can ignore all the drawbacks. IMHO rating of 68 ("Needs Work", but close to "Average") is quite descriptive for the current state of the site.

02-08-10  05:44am

Replies (1)

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