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Which turns you off most in a porn actress?

Type: General

Submitted by sitsat (5)
Tongue-piercing 8% 5 Votes
Tattoos 16% 10 Votes
Fake breasts 54% 34 Votes
Too much make-up 11% 7 Votes
Unnatural hair colour 0% 0 Votes
None, I like all of the above 11% 7 Votes

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63 Votes Total

Dec 21, 2008

Poll Replies (33)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) Tatoos is my first on the list. Just had my latest "tat attack" looking at the casting pics at 1byday. This one girl turns around and has this huge thing all over her back. It looks like it could be part of one of those elaborate crop circles.

Second is unnatural hair color -- like really not as nature intended. Unless it was somehow intended for a model to consume massive quantities of FD&C blue dye #2.

Number three is fake breasts. You know, when I first laid eyes on Klara Smetanova, which was at czech-babes.com, those fake tits were OK with me. They worked very nicely with her form and they were fairly small and tasteful. But then later she had to go for a big budget sequel and now it's like "ugh!"

12-21-08  02:14am

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roseman (253) Tongue piercing
12-21-08  02:40am

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mr smut (42) REPLY TO #1 - Drooler :

You are speaking about Alexandra A I assume. Well this back-piece looks quite strange even though it's hard to figure out what that might really be.

I do hate fake boobies. Once there was a nice model at ALS Scan called Zoe with perfect titties and then she underwent an operation on her best assets *argh!*

Too much make-up is another turn-off to me.

12-21-08  03:04am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #3 - mr smut :

Zoe was superfine from head to toe without the boob job, I definitely agree. She still looked great after the work was done, but certainly not because of it.
12-21-08  03:17am

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surferman (5) I've put tongue piercing, but all of them can be a turn off if they are not done properly. A small tattoo can look quite good, but too much is a turn off. Enhanced breasts can be Ok if they are in proportion to the body, but too big and they look silly. Make up and hair colour again if they are too much or unnatural. I suppose I am looking for my fantasy girl, and she has to be special, but also natural and not fake!
Lets face it, for me, its all about the model herself, and not what she has added on.

12-21-08  03:20am

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Lionheart (47) I hate girls that are covered in tattoos
12-21-08  03:46am

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Denner (235) I maybe old fashioned, but girls with a lot of tattoos really turns me OFF.
It seems to be a new trend - more and more models get first one tattoo, then another, then even more. Don't mind using faul language here: It looks like shit!
Now television even got programmes on how to tattoo your body in the "most decorative ways". Jeezz.. I remember when that kind of stuff were only for sailors.
Ok, one of my earlier girlsfriends had a small butterfly just above the pubic hair - that was some kind of sweet - but when a girl get big tattooes on breasts, arm, around the navel and some on their entire back, man - it's just ugly...

12-21-08  05:14am

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elephant (67) tatoos I hate the with a passion. I see such cute girls spoil themselves with these ugly tats. I just hate them. Girls that have them that I really wish didn't. LaytheKat, Belicia, Lexi Belle, Marissa Mendoza and I real cutie from Lezcuties
12-21-08  06:18am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #8 - elephant :

Just a serious meant reply in this matter - as elephant puts it:
"I see such cute girls spoil themselves with these ugly tats."

I could not agree more...well put.
And BTW: This seems to be the wish here - so why not have a "statement" (no, not a congregation, but anyway)) with "PUs against tatts"?

12-21-08  07:54am

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lk2fireone (196) I dislike them all, think they detract from the attractiveness of the model.

In approximate order of dislike:
Fake breasts - especially the huge ones
Too much make-up
Unnatural hair colour

I put Tongue-piercing at the bottom, because it's the least noticeable.

12-21-08  08:53am

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TheSquirrel (53) Fake breasts justs get the vote over tattoos. Both of those are a TOTAL turn off.
12-21-08  09:52am

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messmer (137) There should have been one more choice: "All, I like none of the above." I chose fake breasts because they bug me the most but hate all of the above in a model.
12-21-08  10:30am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #7 - Denner :

Jerry Seinfeld said that women are like works of art (and men are like jeeps) and I definitely agree, but this tatoo thing just seems addictive to some women. I suspect that some of them just look at the tats up close and show them off from that perspective, turning their bodies into actual canvases. It kind of makes sense from that overall perspective, since women go to such pains in so many other ways to make themselves attractive -- and distinctive from other women.

If two women happen to meet and are wearing the same dress, well, that's going to piss them off. But wearing the same tat? Oh, man. I'd want to be miles from the scene.

Call me a minimalist, but soft, clear (freckles OK!), smooth, supple female skin is, well, it's all that I ask! ;)

Saturday Night Live had an ad skit with Rachel Drach playing a woman who decided it was finally time to take off that 10-year-old tat above her ass -- with acid! And she screams, "Motherfuck!!" Anyway, the point was to make fun of those tats.

12-21-08  11:36am

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Wittyguy (105) Basically, all of the above can be a royal pain if they are overdone. On the other hand, if the tats or boob jobs are subtle or well done they don't really take anything away from the experience for me. Moderation is OK, over the top is just a mess.

I agree with Drooler in that some of these chicks go way overboard with the tats. What happens when they're 40, have stretch marks, faded tats and big ol' "ass antlers" that would make the most perverted teenaged boy loser cringe?

12-21-08  12:31pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #13 - Drooler :

Ok, maybe something like those tats are taking the make-up thing or dresses or furcoats further - man, it's kind of complicated...like women themselves...
12-21-08  02:32pm

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mbaya (364) I hate them all. They are so unnatural that I cannot stand to look at them on any woman. On an attractive one, even worse.
12-21-08  06:31pm

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pat362 (373) Fake breast is my biggest turn off, because it is probably the most common thing girls get done, and no matter how well the procedure is done. The breast rarely come out looking real and even less likely of proper proportion. The exceptions are very rare.

Hair color is probably the other most common thing, but I don't mind at all.

Tattoos aren't a problem for me, if they are small and not located near an erogenous zone. Sadly many pf todays most popular stars are getting some large tattoos covering the back or an arm. I read a theory that the reason why some of them do it is because it's makes them hard to book. After a while they can't get any work and are forced to leave porn behind. Don't know if it's true, but it does make sense.

Tongue piercing is not as great a problem for me as clit, lips, nipple or nose piercing.

I don't know if I have issue with too much makeup as much as badly applied makeup.

12-21-08  07:11pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) I hate fake breast lol,
if I can tell they are fake.

Lezly Zen for an example, especially in her early stuff looked like frankenstiens boob job from hell. In any old missionary positions looks like open heart surgery was done. Think thats why she went with ( i'm a trashy slut) themes that do not care if she has fake boobies.

Also any boob jobs that look like they got it at BOB's Discount boobs.
Buy one boob get one free type thing.
You guys know the ones where they could poke and eye out the boobs look harder then the guys erections boiking them.

Tattoos I likey as long as it not a mess all freaking over the place, I like a nice ass tat.
or a rose in the small of the back looks nice.

But not for porn it all over the place however, in real like I think they rock , just not for getting rocks off.

Makeup, depends, I do not mind a few goth looking hotties if the makeup is done well, I always liked that look before it was called goth but was punk. now punk is hardcore, crap someone get me a porn translator.

MODERATION is the key to my rambles.
Boob jobs are fine if they do not look like em.
TaTs are ok if they do not take away the female body beauty.
Makeup ok,if you dont look like freaking
happy hookert or bozo the clown.
( got some weird flashback to shakes the clown)
Anyone remember that ? Bob Cat Goldwtwaith.?
He was on a tv crime show not to long ago as a washed up commedian lol umm real like ??


Cybertoad, and I approve this poll response.

12-22-08  09:06am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #17 - pat362 :

pat362 wrote: "Sadly many pf todays most popular stars are getting some large tattoos covering the back or an arm. I read a theory that the reason why some of them do it is because it's makes them hard to book. After a while they can't get any work and are forced to leave porn behind. Don't know if it's true, but it does make sense.

Hi Pat. I don't understand. Could you explain this to me. Does this mean they're under contract, but they don't want to be in the business any longer and that's their only way out? To make themselves look ugly? Or do I read you wrong?

12-22-08  09:23am

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TheRizzo (23) Tattoos just don't do it for me. If its a small heart or something thats ok but some of the massive ones on the girls lately just completely turn me off in most cases.
12-22-08  10:05am

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elonlybuster (39) From the list above, fake tits are my number 1 followed closely by too much make-up. But personally I hate hate hate fake accents and girls who over act.
12-22-08  02:07pm

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Monahan (42) My number 1 turnoff is a lousy boob job. The worst example (and probably what really set me off) was Sandra Scream, a porn star in the late 1980's early 1990's, who had a rather nicely done boob job. I saw her at a nude joint in San Francisco and fell in love. Yes, they were clearly enhanced tits, but she smoked.

Then after she dumped the drug dealer Woody Long she decided to join the previous knockouts who blew up their chests to ludicrous extremes (Wendy Whoppers, Busty Dusty and Candy Canteloupes, for example) and made herself look like a total freak with literally no sex appeal.

Since then when I see "bolt ons" that barely move during a heavy sex scene, I move on.

A babe like Carmella Bing, whose natural rack was awesome, had no legitimate reason to fuck with nature...but she did anyway. She looked far better before adding the aftermarket bumpers, but at least they didn't destroy her sexuality.

The good news is that the excessive surgical enhancements have caused me to look at tits more qualitatively so that even a gorgeous babe with a nice set of natural B's with nice round puffy nipples gets ol' willy to jump to rigid attention. My current favorite small titter is Jana Jordan who has a great body, a better attitude and a great pair of nipples.

And my distaste for tattoos dissipated a bit with Jana Jordan, who has a cute one on her foot and a whale tail on her back that is tasteful Anastasia Christ's little butterfly on her gorgeously natural and full sized left tit is also an enhancement. But Friday's big fucking "F" where her pubic hair should be, and Belladonna's ridiculous body art both spoiled a very good thing.

The unnatural hair color doesn't bother me very much and a pierced tongue is no big deal. But pierced nipples and clitoris makes no sense at all to me. I can just imagine the pain involved if something bad were to happen during a particularly frisky scene.

12-22-08  04:44pm

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williamj (9) Fake Breast is a killer for me. I hate them. Especially the California Beach Porno Look. Too many fake breast sites that are hardcore on the Net for my taste.
12-22-08  05:32pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #17 - pat362 :

"Sadly many pf todays most popular stars are getting some large tattoos covering the back or an arm. I read a theory that the reason why some of them do it is because it's makes them hard to book. After a while they can't get any work and are forced to leave porn behind. Don't know if it's true, but it does make sense."

Sophia Santi (formerly known as Natalia Cruz) and Nikki Nova both have large, garish tatoos and they're still showing up at sites such as danni.com, inthecrack, and marquismodels. Liliane Tiger has shown up with her tats at Pier999, virtualgirlHD, and MCNnudes, among others.

The girls are obviously still in demand, but even without the counterexamples, why would the models actually decide to take that kind of poison-pill approach to leaving the business? Would it be that they are forced to stay unless they took some kind of drastic measures such as this? Who would be forcing them? And in such circumstances, wouldn't deliberately "ruining" their appearance be an invitation to retribution by the parties doing the forcing?

I'll agree that it doesn't make sense for models to get these tatoos when clearly the average porn user doesn't like them, but maybe the model will simply do as she wishes with what belongs to her, her body.

12-22-08  05:48pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #19 - messmer :

Hi Messmer. Strangely most of them are or were under contract, but I didn't mean to say that they were using that to get out of their contract. What mean is that most studios or directors prefer their stars to have small tattoos and that by getting these large ones they simply makes themselves unbookable. They can't consciously quit porn by themselves so they create a situation where they can't get a job and have to quit porn. It does sound weird, but other than that I can't figure why a beautiful girl who in her 20's and with no prior past with any tattoos would get a full sleeve.
12-22-08  06:22pm

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turboshaft (24) I hate fake breasts and too much make-up equally, but pretty much all porn stars are wearing too much once they step in front of a camera.

But fake breasts really get too me because I might see a beautiful girl...then I see her breasts -- d'oh! I think I "got over" breasts about ten years ago because of this. We are so hung up on them that women end up thinking an A or B is a failing grade when it comes to size and see unnecessary surgery as the solution. Now, if I even have a preference, it's on the smaller size, since it almost guarantees the real thing.

I don't have much of a problem with tattoos, but they definitely have become way too trendy to considered anywhere close to "unique" -- today it's the rare model that doesn't have any. Plus, after a while they all end up looking the same: butterfly, flower, Chinese lettering; same handful of designs, different person.

12-22-08  06:26pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #24 - Drooler :

There are quite a few pornstars that have tattoos, but few are those that started their carreers without them and then decided to get one or more large ones without it affecting their income. I could be wrong but didn't all the ones you name start their careers with tattoos? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I agree with you that the theory is weird, but I do think it makes sense somehow. Maybe not for every porn star, but how about Tera Patrick, Teagan, Kylie Ireland, Monique Alexander. These women all started their carrers with none or small tattoos. Now they sport some serious tattoos. I don't know if it will prevent them from getting work, but I can't help but think that it will limit the amount of work. I gather from the poll that we prefer our stars to be as normal looking as possible, and tattoos and fake breast alter that illusion.

I don't know if the girls feel as though they are forced to stay in the business, but I've read some of the stories about stars and their boyfriend/suitcase pimps.

P.S: I don't care if a porn star decides to get a tattoo. I agree with you that it's their body, and they can do what they want with it. In return if I choose not to buy a movie because said star has decided to get fake breats or a very prominent tatto then that is my choice.

12-22-08  06:39pm

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WeeWillyWinky (88) I dislike all of the above, but bad boob-jobs are the worst, followed closely by big tats. I don't mind those little ones at the small of the back, hennas, I think they're called?

By the way, anyone know what to call those two little indents at the small of a girl's back? They are mostly noticeable with very fit, slender girls. A friend of mine said he couldn't stand them, but I think they're cute as hell.

Some guys have them too, but I prefer to pretend they don't.

12-22-08  08:25pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #28 - WeeWillyWinky :

WeeWillyWinky said:By the way, anyone know what to call those two little indents at the small of a girl's back? They are mostly noticeable with very fit, slender girls. A friend of mine said he couldn't stand them, but I think they're cute as hell.

You mean dimples?

12-23-08  04:54am

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WeeWillyWinky (88) REPLY TO #29 - Khan :

ummm...yeah...I guess that's what their called.


12-23-08  12:17pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) Fake tits, especially when the girl has very nice natural tits to start (*cough* August, *cough* Kaylynn, etc.)
12-23-08  09:08pm

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nygiants03 (162) I can not tell you how much I dislike fake tits. Tits that don't move during sex is just disheartening. .
12-30-08  01:05pm

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Pornjackker (37) 1. Ugly and big unattractive tattoos
2. Loud Mouth

01-12-09  05:45pm

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