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Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some attractive ladies
-Reasonable sized collection, 128 scenes at the time of review
-Interesting concept, most of the talent plays around pretty well
-Newer stuff is good video quality, 620x360 WMV with 4500 kbps total bitrate
-Download speeds are good if you use a download manager, not so great through browser (300 KB/sec browser, 900 KB/sec with manager)
-Bills through CCBill, didn't have any experience with customer service
-Exclusive content, including some ladies I hadn't seen before anywhere
Cons: -No real navigation to speak of, just a list of the sets. However, pretty much every model only appears once.
-Site is very very bland, nothing really there except the long list of scenes (unsortable) and a link to friends' sites.
-No photosets at all
-Camerawork can be iffy, since it is mostly filmed with the combination of POV and a tripod, the angles aren't always good - and the guy sometimes gets up to move the camera around (they don't edit this part out)
-Sort of expensive given the amount of content
-Not all download managers work (DTA did, GetRight didn't)
-No bonus content
-The video quality of the older sets is pretty poor - worst I saw was 480x360 1800 kbps.
-Infrequent updates, only one per week
-Oddly the guy blurs out his face with a big blurry Japanese mosaic kind of thing, which can be a bit distracting.
-Model attractiveness is variable, and there are LOTS of tattoos.
Bottom Line: For what this site is I think it is pretty decent. Its main drawbacks are the older content's quality, the price, and the size of the site. If they merged this site with their sister site (Exploited College Girls) for the same price, the site would defintely become more reasonably priced.

The site has an interesting concept, and there are even a few scenes where the girls decide to back out, which adds some realism I suppose. The concept for the most part is that he tells the girls they can make 1k-5k per day doing private videos for his customers that only the customer will ever see - but of course he has to kick the tires on the ladies first.

Considering the style of site, I didn't find the dude to be that much of a jackass, compared to similar sites like BangBros - where you want to strangle the dude behind the camera.

If you aren't into this kind of setup, you will probably find the site to be lacking, as the camerwork is pretty bad in places, but if you do enjoy this kind of thing it might be worth joining - but just for a month, I don't know why anyone would get their multi-month membership, I don't think you get any bonus sites with that membership either.

Basically a decent site, and he certainly got some attractive ladies - too bad about the tattoos in many cases (what is with that huge fucking teddy bear on Danni Cole's back, shit!). The ladies are mostly American from what I can tell, and not a lot of ethnic diversity here - almost all white. I downloaded about 25 scenes that I plan to keep, amongst those there are about 5 that will be added to my favorites (including the Danni Cole scene, and a Rilee Jensen scene that were both pretty good).

If you are into casting call type scenes, this is definitely a site to consider. Although it could certainly use some improvements, and perhaps a lower price, I'd say it is worth a one month membership.

07-27-10  04:49pm

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Visit I Fucked Her Finally

I Fucked Her Finally

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Attractive eastern euro women
-Download managers work, I haven't experienced any idle time-outs
-Good download speeds, I've been getting over 1 MB/sec avg.
-Decent sized site when you include the "bonus" sites, although most of the content can be accessed any of main the sites. 348 total models, it is difficult to tell how many scenes, between 1-6 scenes per model from what I have seen.
-Zip downloads of photosets, although this is primarily a video site
-Small or no watermarks
-I didn't see any obvious fake breasts, yay!
-Videos can be downloaded in parts (many many parts, two sizes) or a single file (only one size available)
-Most of their content appears exclusive, or at least I haven't seen it anywhere.
Cons: -Mediocre video quality on newer material, 832x468, 2300 kbps high end. Worst I downloaded was 520x416 1400 kbps. None of the videos are very crisp
-Poor camerawork is common
-Photo quality is poor to mediocre, 800x1200. Some scenes appear to be screenshot only.
-A bit pricy
-Poor navigation, although it has improved over the last time I joined this network. There is a model list that can be sorted by name/date/rating but no search function
-There were a few dead links
-Some sites no longer updating
-WMV and streaming are the only formats available
Bottom Line: Rather than try to review all the sites on this network, I will just post this and hope most of the people find it. Hopefully in the future this network will establish a main site ala 21sextury or DDF - certainly would make reviews easier.

This network of sites has definitely improved over the last time I was a member, the navigation is significantly better (it has gone from god-aweful to poor). Perhaps worth considering if you are into young eastern euro models.

There are 28 bonus sites that are included with this site. some of which are:
Trickyoldteacher (HC, old/young); Spoiledvirgins (HC); 18virginsex (HC); Amourbabes (Solo); youngpornhomevideo (Amateur); Drilledmouths (BJ); younglesbiansportal; creampiedsweeties (HC); Dirtyass2mouth (anal)

Some of the bonus sites appear to be original content, others clearly are not. The only sites that appear to be currently updating are 18virginsex, trickyoldteacher, ifuckedherfinally, and spoiledvirgins.

As I said earlier they have integrated most of their content onto a single site (accesesible from the models tab on any of their sites), so you no longer have to keep browsing all the bonus sites. I am not entirely sure that all of their content is listed under the models list.

The content itself on the network is pretty variable, but I would say most of it is gonzo-style content. Some of the sites try to add some plot to the scenes, although since few are in english, it is pretty pointless (for me).

Didn't have any experience with customer service, billed through Epoch for me, no forum or anything of that nature, although you can add feedback on the sets (and rate them).

If you are into young natural women, this site might be one to consider. Hopefully they continue to improve - especially in the navigation/video quality/camerawork departments. They certainly find some attractive women, if only they could present them a little better.

05-12-10  07:43pm

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Visit Teen Pink Videos

Teen Pink Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very attractive, mostly euro models
-Good video quality 720x480 2500 kbps on most older material, 1024x576 4000 kbps on newer stuff
-Videos downloadable in parts or full scene
-Good mix of content: hardcore, "midcore", some lesbian, and some softcore
-Download managers work (at least for videos)
-Reasonably priced
-Okay photo quality, newer stuff is 1350x900
-Zip downloads of photosets
-Decent sized site, about 400 models
-Site seems primarily focused on videos now
-I think most content is exclusive
-Good download speeds, maxed my 7Mbps connection when using a download manager
Cons: -No bonus content
-Poor navigation, although the site says it is version 2.0, I don't see any significant improvements from a few years ago
-No search function
-No forum, model information, or anything of that nature
-When you go to cancel you are given links to Epoch and CCbill, however I was billed through DHD media, and a link is not provided.
-Inconsitent updates, don't appear to be on a schedule, seems like 2 videos and 2 photo sets per week
-Couldn't get download managers to work for zipped photosets (although this might just be me, as I've had this problem elsewhere)
-Videos and photos are watermarked, although not terribly annoying
Bottom Line: This site used to be one of my favorites, as it had great content from models like Belicia, Sonia Red, and Eufrat when they were younger.

However, the newer content certainly is not nearly as high quality (from model attractiveness perspective) as the older stuff in my opinion.

This day in age, most people expect some type of search function. Although they do have a model list, that is pretty much it as far as useful navigation tools. The Most Popular tab is somewhat useful, although most of the Most Popular material is older.

This site could definitely use a re-design, and work on getting models and content that meets the quality of their older material.

I didn't have any experience with customer service, although I would assume it would be pretty much the same as Twisty's.

This site is definitely worth joining if you have never been a member, however if you have been a member recently, it is probably not the best use of your money.

03-30-10  07:42pm

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Visit Twistys


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Attractive women
Huge collection
Zips for all photo sets
Good connection and site organization
Price is reasonable given the size of the site
Cons: Some of the content was not exclusive, you probably have several sets in other places
Most models have several photo sets, but fewer to no videos
Very little of the original content is hardcore. They added a twistys hard section but it doesn't appear to be updated very frequently.
The two bonus sites I looked at had the exact same material as the Twistys main site
Photo quality mediocre
Bottom Line: Honestly I'm not sure why people rate this site so highly. I usually agree with exotics4me's reviews but in this case I must disagree. The models are mostly of the large breasted varietty, which isn't really my cup of tea. I also did not like the style of a lot of the photography (makup, lighting, focus, etc.)
Worth joining if you like softcore pictures of porn stars in soft lighting, otherwise I would look elsewhere. They are good at what they do, I'm just not into a lot of it.

03-16-09  07:35pm

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Visit Fuck Studies

Fuck Studies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Decennt video quality, most I downloaded were 1280x720, 5000 kbps, reasonably crisp.
-Okay download speeds, maxed at over 1MB/sec
-Attractive young ladies
-Good bonus content, although the score I am giving here is for this site alone
-Multiple file formats, although best quality only in WMV (flash, wmv, mp4 (for mobile) and 3gp (for mobile, never heard of this)
-Download managers work
-Logins don't time out, no capcha.
-Reasonable price, given bonus content
-Zip downloads of photos, decent quality 1000x1400 typical
Cons: -Small site, only 35 scenes at time of review
-Slowish updates, about 3 per month for the past month. Although the network updates at more like 10 a month from the looks of things.
-Camerawork can be a bit sketchy
-Navigation of the site and network are still pretty bad, although it is improving. The seem to have fixed some of the model name problems they used to have.
-Adds for other sites are throughout, kind of annoying.
-There are some navigation glitches (adds covering up thumbs and such).
Bottom Line: Joined this site, as I guess it was added after the last time I was a member of this network of sites (teensexmania, teenstarsonly, atmovs, etc.). I wasn't sure if this site was a part of the 19.95 deal for joining teensexmania as it is not listed as a bonus, so joined it directly - although it probably is included, I didn't feel like taking the chance.

The ladies are attractive, and the theme of the site is loosly teacher based, although I'd say it is primarily a gonzo site. All of the models listed do hardcore material, with about half doing anal. The scenes are for the most part pretty good, on par or better than most of these newbie euro sites.

If you haven't been a member of this network of sites, it is definitely worth joining, although I'd probably join through teensexmania and get the discount, if this site isn't one of the bonus sites you get, it isn't much of a loss. If you have been a member of this network before, I wouldn't say this site is reason enough to join.

Assuming this site is part of the network, see my review of teensexmania for my opinions on the network as a whole, although I wrote that 6 months ago, the info still applies.

I joined this site primarily cause I was bored, hadn't joined a site in a while and they have a few models I liked so I figured what the hell.

The site itself is pretty good, and I still think the network is great. I wish they would spend a little more time fixing some of the navigation issues (adding search, indexing the models, etc.), especially since the network is getting pretty large, 736 scenes at the time of this review.

Billed through segpay (I find to be the most suspect of the billers - I used a card on one of their sites and somehow the card number was stolen, I just sort of assumed it is because of them, but can't be sure) - used a virtual card this time...

Definitely worth joining if you are a fan of natural, thin, euro ladies - especially if you haven't joined the network before. However, if you are a fan of plots, large breasted women, or pictures, you are best served looking elsewhere. Also, if your internet connection isn't very good, you could certainly get frustrated, the typical scene on the network is between 500 MB and 1 GB.

07-02-10  10:05pm

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Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very attractive eastern-euro women
-Decent variety, mostly hardcore content but there is some solo content and a little bit of lesbian
-Good video quality, 1280x720 4500 kbps high end, 1152x648 4000kbps was the worst I saw.
-Zip downloads of photosets (when there is a photoset available)
-Download managers work, although the site doesn't let you stay logged in for long so both the ones I tried timed out after an hour or so.
-Small watermark on videos and photos
-Has a forum, but it is not active.
-Photo quality is good when photosets are available, 2600x1700
-I don't know that the content is exclusive, but I haven't seen it anywhere else (although curiously I have seen some of the thumbnails used for model photos elsewhere)
-Updates about 2-3 times per week
Cons: -Download speeds are inconsistent, often poor. 150 KB/s was the worst I saw, 800 KB/s was the best.
-No bonus content
-Price a bit high for this sized site these days
-Camera work is mediocre
-Navigation isn't very good, no search function
-Smallish site, 130 models, 226 total scenes at time of review
-Most scenes are video only. Some have actual photosets, most only have screencaps.
-Pretty much a gonzo site
-Video only available in one size and one format (wmv)
Bottom Line: This site is pretty good if you are into eastern euro women, particularly doing hardcore scenes. However there is a fair amount of anal and both anal and vaginal gaping action, which I'm not too fond of.

I didn't have any experience with customer service, so can't comment on that. Didn't post in the forum as it appeared dead. Billing for me was through Epoch.

The site design is pretty simple, there are five tabs: Home, Models, Scenes, Favorites, Forum. Models are browsed on one page in alphabetical order only. Logins time out relatively quickly, although not as bad as some sites.

The models are definitely attractive, many of the typical younger eastern-euro models you see around these days. There are definitely some scenes worth keeping if you are into young athletic ladies.

If the site were slightly larger and fixed some of their download/navigation issues I would probably more highly recommend it. At their current price with no bonus sites, I think you can get much better value from other teen sites, and there are certainly plenty of other options.

Probably worth joining if you are into a specific model, there are some good Barbariska, Lukava, and Sasha Rose scenes here as well as some other models I had never seen before. However, if you are on a tight porn budget, not too into hardcore/anal, or a photo fan this probably isn't the best site for you.

05-06-10  09:26pm

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A very large selection of women
Good variety of content
Huge collection of models
Zipped files for photos
Pretty good photo quality, although some stuff isn't great (I assume older content)
OK download speeds
The PU price isn't bad considering the quantity of content on the site
Very simple site design, which in my opinion is a good thing.
Cons: Video quality is not great, most videos are split into parts
Model quality is pretty variable, but what do you expect with a site this large
Their search function, while interesting in theory doesn't work very well in practice. There are far too few criteria, and many of the sets don't have any criteria assigned to them.
Content is not all exclusive
My download manager did not work
Bottom Line: This site is pretty good, although it does have its problems. It has so much material, it can be hard to sort through to find the stuff you might like. If you have a preference for high quality video, this is definitely not the site for you. It would be nice if the people at ATK merged all of their sites into one package as DDF and others have done recently.

If you are into well done photography and have the time to sort through the enormous amount content, I think this site is worth joining for a month. I'm sure most people would find plenty of content they like, however there is also a lot of content they wont.

01-08-10  10:51pm

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Visit Hanna's Honeypot

Hanna's Honeypot

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good site
Good photo quality, and good quality photos
Hanna is one of my favorites, so it is good to me
All photo sets are zipped
Navigation is good
Cons: Content is limited to mostly solo and some girl/girl
The content is all pretty similar, no real need to download 100 only slightly varying solo scenes (different outfits, haircuts, etc)
Bottom Line: I got a membership to this site as a bonus for joining onlycuties. It is a pretty good site, but I wouldn't see a reason to join just this site. No boy/girl action if that is your thing.

03-30-09  08:45pm

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Visit Dream Stash

Dream Stash

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some sexy models, including some that rarely if ever do hardcore scenes
Good video quality
Good server speed
Free bonus site DShandjobs when I joined
Cons: Limited selection
Expensive considering the quantity of content
Pictures are just screen caps of videos, not great resolution
Doesn't appear to have been updated anytime recently
Bonus site also is no longer updated
All the material is POV, some of it not filmed very well
Bottom Line: Joined primarily as it supposedly had hard core scenes with some of my favorite models (piper fawn and aneta keys). Unfortunately the aneta keys hardcore scene was nowhere to be found. I guess it got removed from the site. Expensive, but may be worth joining for month if you are into certain european models (eurobabeindex has a pretty comprehensive listing of who they have), however given it is no longer updated it certainly isn't worth more than a month. The bonus content is good if you like handjob stuff.

03-17-09  08:18pm

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent selection of beautiful women
Good variety of videos and photos
Photos are good resolution
Videos are good quality
Most photos seem exclusive, videos are all from DVDs some of which are available on other sites
Good connection
Cons: The mosaic is a little annoying, especially on older material. Though some of it is uncensored
Videos cannot be downloaded by scene, must download entire dvd which can be quite large (500MB-1GB)
Site organization is a bit frustrating, especially if you just want to browse and aren't searching for specific women
Japanese porn can be a bit odd. This was my first experience with Japanese porn and some of it was a bit off-putting.
Most of the photo series are not zipped
Bottom Line: Worth joining if you are into Japanese women, certainly if you are mostly interested in soft-core type photos. If you are planning on downloading videos, you should be prepared with a great connection and note that there is a download limit.
Without a doubt some of the most beautiful women you will find, if Japanese women are your thing.

03-04-09  07:21pm

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Visit Orgasms.xxx


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Attractive ladies, I believe entirely european
-Good variety of material, sotfcore, lesbian, some hardcore
-Good download speeds, maxed my 10 Mbps connection
-Okay navigation. Model index, search function, scene ratings.
-Zip downloads of photo sets, in 3 sizes, 1200, 2000, 4000
-Good video quality from a technical standpoint (1920x1080 4000 kbps HD mp4, 960x540 3600 kbps SD wmv, 1280x720 4250 kbps HD wmv)
-Most videos available in 8 formats, wmv, mov, mp4, and flv. I mostly downloaded the mp4s even though it is categorized under the mobile section
-Videography and photography generally pretty well done. Decent lighting, decent focus, good camerawork in my opinon
-I like the style of most of the material, pretty much a euro copy of X-Art.
-In browser streaming works well and buffering is minimal
-Respectable biller, I had CC-Bill
-No issues with billing, no pre-checked cross sales, or problems cancelling
-I believe it is 100% exclusive content
Cons: -No bonus content
-Update frequency somewhat slow: 7 videos and 6 photosets in June
-Small site, 161 videos, 71 photosets, 80 or so female models
-Some videos had odd playback problems, the wmvs had buffering issues which I have never seen before, could be my computer I suppose
-More costly than their direct competitor
-Pop-ups on login
-No user interaction (comments, forum)
Bottom Line: For some reason this site is somewhat hard for me to rate. I feel like the content is pretty good, although it is more or less a direct copy of the style of X-Art (they originally even copied X-Arts website layout), it is reasonably well executed, albeit I dont think they did it as well as X-Art. Given that and the fact that it is a smaller site, has no bonus material, and is more expensive than this site, I feel I should score it a good bit lower, but I probably didnt score X-Art as high as I should have given my current feelings towards that place.

I think they have some really good material, and I like these new sites that feature a more erotic style of porn, and this is definitely one of them. As for the material, you will see many of the typical, perhaps more popular, euro models you see these days, as well as somewhat humorously many of the euro models that X-Art uses. They have a decent mix of somewhat older models such as Zuzana Z, Piper Fawn, Eufrat and some new favorites of mine Pinky, Caprice, Ivy and Abby are all present, although amongst these only Ivy and Zuzana Z do hardcore if that is something you are looking for. Generally speaking I find most of the models to be ranging from attractive to beautiful, with the vast majority being quite lookers. Although the models are pretty much all white (one Asian), and generally the same body type thin, athletic, and small breasted. For me the petite/small breasted part is a positive, but some more ethnic diversity would be nice.

I did not have any interaction with support, so I cannot comment on that.

It may be worth joining now if there are some models here you really like, but the site is rather small at this point so it Id probably just wait a few months to see how it grows. The current breakdown as I counted is, Photos - Solo: 22, Les: 24, HC 25; Videos - Solo:13, Les: 60, HC: 49. With videos especially there seems to be some favoritism towards HC and Les, so if you are particularly into solo videos this is probably not the place to go.

Overall, I think this site is pretty good, decent videos, decent camerawork and photography. I am glad that there are more of these erotic porn sites showing up (even if they are copying each other), and I hope they continue to become more prevalent in the future. If this is the type of site you are interested, I would definitely recommend X-Art above this one, but it is worth considering if you have already been there. If you prefer solo material, broader ethnic diversity, or more gonzo-style porn, Id probably look elsewhere.

06-30-12  11:29pm

Replies (2)
Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some attractive ladies
-Interesting concept, videos typically provide both a "regular" scene and either POV or behind the scenes
-Newer videos pretty decent quality, 640x360 4150 kbps WMV was the best I saw
-Zip downloads of photosets, although photosets are pretty limited
-Decent sized collection, 156 models at time of review. A lot of the models that appear here also appear on their sister site: backroomcastingcouch.com. Most models only have 1 scene (with a POV and regular video) some have multiple.
-Better navigation than their sister site, have model index, but no search function.
-Provide model information
-Exclusive content
-Download managers work
Cons: -Model attractiveness is pretty variable
-Download speeds are not great, best I have seen is 400 KB/s
-Older videos are poor quality, 480x360 1600 kbps MPG was worst I have seen so far
-Camerawork isn't the best
-Photo quality is mediocre
-Price is a little high given the quantity of content
-Too many tattoos
-The guy in the scenes is sort of a douche
-Guy censors his face, which can be distracting in the scenes
-1 update per week
-No real bonus content, some non exclusive steaming sites is all you get.
Bottom Line: I joined this site primarily because they have a few models I liked from backroomcastingcouch, and I figured this site was bigger so it'd probably also be better. While the site does have some good content, and I like the concept of providing the POV and the regular scene, I found it to be sort of lacking compared with backroomcastingcouch. I can't really put my finger on why, perhaps the models weren't as good (although the two sites have many of the same models), perhaps I am now realizing that the dude is a pretty standard porn douchebag. He seems to get off much more on humiliation than on the other site. Edit: Just realized its a different dude than the other place.

I don't get what is sexy about having the ladies lick his ass, perhaps this is a turn-on for some, but certainly not for me. I plan on editing all that crap out of the videos - and this is not a rare occurence, I'd say almost half of the videos have this type of content.

There is definitely more anal on this site than on their other site, for those that are interested in that kind of stuff. Although I would say it is still not super-common, maybe 15-25% of the videos or so.

There are definitely some videos from this site I will keep, and there are a couple that may become favorites, so I wouldn't say this site is a total waste of money, but it definitely isn't great, and definitely could use some work. Get rid of the dude, if he doesn't want to show his face, find someone that will, or at least teach him some manners. He is starting to sound an aweful lot like those jackasses on the BangBus.

Also, merge these two sites for the same price. There are tons of sites out there that are cheaper with 10x the content, 60% of the price of these two sites combined. If they still have to source material, they really should re-encode the old stuff, that bitrate is just totally unacceptable these days.

Bottom Line, a site worth joining if you see some models you like in the preview. Although don't count on being overly impressed with the material. Certainly not worth joining for more than a month given the infrequent updates.

09-01-10  11:04pm

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Visit Erotic 4 U

Erotic 4 U

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Decent sized collection, the primary site is mostly celebrity and softcore material
-Impressive collection of scenes from softcore shows, most of the US ones I could think of from the last couple of decades
-Download speeds are excellent
-Download managers work
-No DRM, although in "The List" portion everything is downloaded in password protected rar - more on this in BL
-Videos typically available in either DivX or portable mp4 on the main site, on "The List" it is pretty variable
-Navigation of main site is pretty good, a decent search function.
-On main site, scenes have user ratings
Cons: -Video quality is not the best, the best quality I found was 2000 kbps DivX, which is reasonable, but not great.
-Some older videos are in mpg, and pretty bad quality wise
-Content on "The List" is of somewhat suspect origins, much of it has watermarks from other sites, I'm not sure if it licensed or stolen - my guess the latter
-Most of the stuff on "The List" is only downloadable in password protected rar, they provide the password, but it seems like an extra nuisance, especially for videos
-They use a biller I have never heard of
-I couldn't seem to get access to the forum, didn't really try that hard, but the UN/PW for the site didn't work
-Site is not exclusive
-Still updating, but hard to tell what the exact schedule is, if there is any.
Bottom Line: This site is divided into two main portions, the main part which is basically a celebrity and softcore/b-movie site, and a site called "The List" which is an archive of sorts of all kinds of material. It is difficult to judge the quantity of material on the site, but I would say on the main site it is comparable to most major celebrity sites, but it includes way more erotic TV show-type material than I have seen elsewhere.

Those reading my review, and my score should likely take one important thing into consideration. I really enjoy softcore content from cable networks like Showtime and Cinemax, and this type of material is often not thoroughly covered on "regular" celebrity sites. Their vast collection of this type of material was the main reason I joined here, and I am pretty happy with the site in that respect. For those like me that are fans of this type of material, I would recommend this site, although the biller they use does make me slightly nervous.

"The List" is sort of a weird area on the site, there is a search function, but unless the term you are looking for is in the filename (like the star's name) you are going to have a hard time finding stuff you like. I poked around a bit and found some material of some stars I like, and downloaded it. This part of the site honestly feels a bit like a tube site, and I am not sure of the origins of some of the material - but there are watermarks from other sites on some of it.

If, like me, you have a soft spot for Cinemax style softcore porn, or are just looking for a new celebrity site now the Mr. Skin is streaming only, this might be one to consider.

"The List" is an interesting added feature, but given the questionable origins of the material, I would not consider it a reason to join. It almost seems like this portion of the site is setup as a filesharing type site, rather than an actual pay site, which is concerning.

As for the main site, overall I think it is a good place to get a wide variety of softcore and celebrity scenes from newer and older shows, but is probably not a site to join unless you share my passion for these types of scenes.

10-20-12  01:32am

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Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Exclusive content
-Decent sized site, 810 videos at time of review
-Download managers work
-Decent download speeds (maxed my connection at 1.8 MB/s)
-Reasonable variety of ethnicities, mostly hardcore but some solo
-Zip downloads of photo sets
-Some attractive ladies
-Decent price, although some are cheaper
-Large DVD site as bonus
-No download limit that I ever ran into
-Video technical quality is good
-Comments section and scene ratings
-Navigation of main site is pretty good
-Decent update schedule, 9 per week or so
Cons: -Pre-checked cross sell
-Camerawork is some of the worst I have seen anywhere. I've seen home videos shot by 12-year olds that are better shot. Commonly out of focus, odd angles, zoomed at bad times, poorly edited, obstructions, etc.
-Too many tats, fake breasts, typical American porn network
-Bonus content is nice, but navigation of bonus content is poor, and a small amount didn't appear downloadable
-Ads, lots of ads, other sites listed at top of page, a worthless offer to a lifetime membership to Brazzers pops up everytime you log in (only valid for as long as you area member at mofos).
Bottom Line: Maybe I'm just tired of "American" porn these days, or perhaps I'm just pissed off that for the first time I missed the pre-checked cross sale, but I was not impressed with this place at all. I had always thought about joining here, but assumed it would be far too similar to BangBros and Reality Kings, which it unfortunately is. Some may like this style of porn, but I guess it just isn't for me. There are some decent aspects to the site, and I like the idea of a few of the network sites, but the execution is pretty hit-or-miss.

The camerawork at this place is astoundingly poor, I know they are trying to be an 'amateur' site, but that doesn't mean they can't hire a guy that can hold the fucking camera still (and keep it in focus). At times it really seems like the dude has ADHD or something. Also, the running commentary is a bit of a nuisance. They seem like they are trying to be the BangBros, in my opinion they would be much better off trying to be someone (anyone) else.

They do have some attractive ladies here, and those that are fans of fake breasts and lots of tattoos might really enjoy this site. I will grant that a lot of my opinions on this site are quite subjective, so some might really enjoy it, but if your tastes are anything like mine, you likely will not.

They have interesting sites, and interesting concepts, I just wish the execution were a bit better. I guess I will just have to stick to euro sites from now on.

01-16-12  11:17pm

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Visit Yes-Movies


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Decent sized collection, 954 main movies plus some hantai movies and 276 "hot girls movies"
-Attractive ladies
-Most scenes are uncensored
-Download speeds are decent (I got 1.7 MB/s) typically
-Video quality is acceptable, but not great, 1300 kbps avi, but reasonably crisp
-Decent navigation, scenes are categorized reasonably well
-Photos are good quality, although not a huge collecton
-Did not encounter any download limit
-DL managers work
Cons: -No zip downloads of photos
-Movies are very long (often 100 minutes or so) and quite large given quality, would be nice if they split the DVDs up a bit
-Content is not exclusive, it is mostly DVD content, some of which might be available elsewhere
-Very little in way of scene preview, just boxcover and in some cases just the front
-Photo collection is small
-No bonus content, rating system, or forum, search function while present was not particularly useful.
-No streaming
-Use an odd biller
Bottom Line: Overall I think this is an above-average site, and they have a lot of positives. I have found that many Japanese DVD sites suffer from the same afflictions, and this site is no different.

While the DVDs are typically of one actress, it may make sense to put the whole thing in one video, it would be nice to split it up by scene. Zip downloads would also be a nice feature for the photosets, and I wouldn't mind a few more of them. A more in depth preview, or in-browser streaming would also be nice given the size of the files.

Like with all sites of this niche, expect to see some material that might be considered "odd", with many scenes being a bit more on the humiliation side. Also, due to the lack of good scene previews, I would expect to delete a larger than average percentage of what you download.

It is nice to not have the mosaic, but I must admit that the model quality in censored videos on sites like JSex seemed to be much higher - but perhaps I am just downloading the wrong scenes.

Decent site, worth joining if you are into this style of porn, but even given JSex's obvious drawbacks I would probably recommend it above this site.

10-07-11  11:40pm

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Visit 1Pondo.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -attractive models
-decent video quality, I mostly downloaded the "middle" quality 704x396 1200 kbps avi, reasonably crisp. The HD video is 4000 kbps and decent, but I didn't download many of these given the file size.
-decent download speeds, better than 1MB/s most times I tried
-little to no cencorship, I didn't see any in the videos I downloaded
-no drm
-download managers sort of work
-customer service is friendly and helpful
-good sized site 1672 videos at time of review
Cons: -quite expensive
-navigation is poor, typically you just have to look through every video offered
-ads on site, some of which are in japanese, so you have to be careful where you click
-movies can be long, although this is typical of japanese porn, most are more than 40 minutes
-join process is a nuisance, can't join with a web-based email service for some reason
-billing through their company, DTI
-there is supposedly a 6-gig limit, although I must never have hit it, as I never got cut off.
-not much in the way of photosets
Bottom Line: This was a tough site for me to review, I found the model quality overall to be very good, however it is hard to say if it is worth the price. If the price were more in-line with other sites, I would probably score this place in the high 80s. I think if you are really into Japanese porn, but don't like the mosaic that is typically found, this site might be worth joining. If it is just an occasional fancy, I would probably look for something cheaper.

Like much of the Japanese porn I have seen, the scenes can be somewhat odd to a westerner, but personally I find them pretty hot for the most part. Toy use is frequent, and creampies are the most common ending, and lesbian content is pretty rare, unless you count group as lesbian (which they do).

To answer a comment from earlier, while some of the women are shaven, I found the ratio to be pretty typical of other sites in this niche I have joined, mostly hairy, some trimmed, few shaven.

Aside from dropping the price, it would be nice if they improved the navigation. Their are some dead links, some that lead to "movie removed" pages, and their index of material types I found to be pretty worthless. It would also be nice to have some more photos, for the most part they are just screen caps, and no zips are available.

Overall I think this is a decent site, that is too highly priced. The model quality and video quality are both good, and the lack of censorship is great. It might be a place to consider if this is one of your favorite niches. However, if not, I'd probably save the money and join jsex or something of the sort for half the price (even though most of their stuff is censored). Also, this is definitely not a place for fans of photos.

03-26-11  12:30am

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Visit Oldje


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Attractive euro women
-Reasonably well filmed scenes
-Download managers work, although mine did have some timeout problems (I tried DTA and GetRight)
-Looks to be all original content
-Scenes have a "plot" to some extent
-Zip downloads of some photosets (in rar)
-Photo quality is variable, newer material is good
-Bonus site is pretty interesting (class3-some), although has most of the same cons as this site
-Decent sized archive (300+ scenes), although about half of it is poor quality.
-Newer video quality is pretty good, 1280x720 8000 kbps was the best I saw, although the video doesn't look as good as the specs might suggest.
-The mid-aged material was decent at 720x400 3000 kbps. I don't have specs on the RM material, but the file sizes are very small and look very poor.
Cons: -Poor navigation
-Logins timeout relatively fast
-Expensive, about $40 US at current exchange rate
-Slowish download speeds, best I saw was 400 KB/s using DTA
-Poor navigation, no model index, no search function, etc.
-Older videos are RealMedia, and very poor quality.
-Some sets don't have photosets associated with them, only screencaps, and some sets don't have zips.
-Most videos are in multiple parts, between 2 and 4 was typical.
-Video quality on newer material is pretty good, older material is quite poor.
-Limited download options, newer material is wmv (high or low) older material is realmedia only (high or dialup - neither are "high")
-I have no idea what the update schedule is, no dates on the scenes, but I somehow doubt it is frequent
Bottom Line: The material on this site is pretty decent, there are certainly some attractive ladies. Personally I am not a fan of the young/old fetish, I joined mostly because of the attractive ladies.

It is a pity that the site makes it so hard to get at their content. The navigation is poor, most of the scenes do not even give the model a name. A model index would be nice, just for sorting purposes. The navigation pretty much consists of a list of scenes with some preview pictures, with 5 scenes on each page. Pretty much nothing else.

The scenes themselves are pretty good, although the editing can be a bit odd. Most of the scenes I downloaded have quite loud background music that pretty much drowns out everything else. This is one of the only sites I can think of that uses slow motion during sex scenes, and the slow motion is a bit odd to me.

I did not have any experience with customer support, so I can't comment on that. There is no user forum or anything of that nature.

I actually very much liked the bonus content. Although some of the scenes are a bit weird (like a guy has sex with two ladies, then two other ladies, etc.).

Overall I think this site is decent, it would be nice to see them provide a model index and fix some of their many download and navigation issues. Given the price, it is hard to recommend unless there are specific models you like in the preview (or you are really fond of old/young niche). The bonus site is nice, but certainly doesn't make it worth the price for me. If you like to see "attractive men" in scenes, this is most definitely not the site for you, as many are fat, old and hairy (not that there is anything wrong with that...)

11-06-10  12:00am

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Visit Exclusive Teen Porn

Exclusive Teen Porn

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Attractive euro models
-Good video quality, 1280x720 10000 kbps, pretty crisp
-Decent selection of bonus sites, although some are only available as loyalty sites
-Photo quality okay, 1024x760 typically
-Zip downloads available
-Decent download speeds, 1 MB/sec
-Download managers work
Cons: -Smallish collection, 100 or so videos and 114 photo sets at the time of this review
-Very poor navigation, no real search function, most video sets dont even provide a model name.
-Camerawork isn't very good in most videos
-Models don't always seem very interested
-A bit too "gonzo" for me
-Expensive for what you get
-While you get access to several bonus sites - many are either no longer updating or not exclusive
Bottom Line: I'd say this site is acceptable, if it were a bit cheaper I might recommend it a little more highly. There are some good videos on this site that I will definitely keep, but the many negative issues with the site are quite a drawback.

When I joined you get bonus access to the following sites:
HDteensvideo (144 video sets, 68 photo sets)
bestfuckedteens (36 video sets, 219 phot sets)
pearlteens.com (13 video sets, 85 photo sets) - don't think exclusive
teensamateurvideo (129 video sets, 289 photo sets)
fucking-young (130 videos - most in parts only, 1000+ photo sets) - not exclusive
And several other pretty much worthless non-exclusive sites.

The navigation of all of these sites is pretty much the same, you click on photos or vidoes and bring up a list. Some are a bit more evolved, but not much. I didn't see a model index on any of the sites, or a search function. Some videos are given stupid names, but many don't even have model names.

Given the size of the sites, I am not sure why they have "loyalty" sites, as I doubt anyone ever stays around long enough to become a member, or at least they shouldn't. Especially since you don't appear to be given any kind of discount for being "loyal" and you only get like one extra site a month.

Bottom line, even though the video quality is pretty good, and there are some attractive models to be found, I'd probably look elsewhere unless there is a specific model you see in the preview that you really like.

04-21-10  07:34pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Pretty good site, some very attractive (mostly euro) young women.
Good if you like lithe, athletic women.
Zip downloads of photos (although can be annoying, see below)
Photo quality is good
Pretty good video quality, no DRM.
Good site organization, although I wish they would use more commonly used names for some of the stars (Sarah Blue for example).
Good variety of hardcore/softcore/lez
Cons: Not a huge collection
Sort of Expensive
The site organization itslef is pretty good, although the dieselaccess site is really irritating, and for some reason slows my computer terribly.
There are a lot of broken links, some zip downloads don't work - you have to compress them first which takes forever.
Bottom Line: Okay site, maybe worth joining if you are a fan of ivana, sarah blue, or sasha blond.
For some reason sites with the stupid "access key" that logs you off all the time really piss me off. The dieselaccess site is agonizingly slow on my computer, although download speeds are good.
If you pay for the 3-month all-access membership you get access to the following sites:
ivanafukalot.com, youngporn.net, 18onlygirls, virginoff, alicewonderbang, laythekat, sashafucksdasha, thespermlover, policeman.net, natasashy.com, kamilla18.com. The vast majority of these sites don't update anymore and a LOT of the content is duplicated on other other sister sites, there were a couple of scenes I saw on 3 different sites - why bother? The one I found most intrigueing was the policeman.net site - the sonia red and aneta (veronika J) scenes were pretty good, this site appears to be one that no longer updates.
There is another site listed, vikanymph.com, but for some reason the all-access pass does not give you access to this site. Odd.
That said, the site is pretty good for athletic euros, maybe worth joining if you are into that. However, I would recommend against joining the all access site as a lot of the content, particularly the good scenes, are already on youngporn.net

10-24-09  01:13pm

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Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large site
-Decent price with PU discount
-Download managers work
-5 new DVDs per day
-watermark is usually acceptably sized, but there are some annoying cases - see cons.
-There are some decent scenes I haven't seen elsewhere
-Vids available in two sizes: mp4 "high" and xvid "medium-low".
-Streaming is acually pretty decent for medium and low - minimal buffering. Not so great on high, see below.
Cons: -content is pretty varible, an aweful lot of crap to sort through
-prechecked cross-sell
-navigation isn't the best, I didn't find keywords too helpful, lots of mislabeled stars or stars under multiple names (why don't they combine them I mean for April Flowers, there is also an April with practically the same headshot, come on man.)
-Download speeds aren't the best, I averaged about 500 KB/sec using DTA.
-Video quality not the best, especially on older videos. The best I downloaded was 720x540 2700 kbps total bitrate mp4, and not very crisp. I'd say worse than DVD quality.
-Some videos are not framed well (placed watermark in black space around video making full screen video effectively smaller)
-No custom scene downloads - I find this feature handy, I'm sure some might not care.
-Maybe my connection isn't "super-fast" enough, but streaming on high quality was horribly glitchy with tons of buffering.
Bottom Line: Yet another site that is far too focussed on quantity over quality. I guess it must be an advertising thing, but on most sites of this nature I'd prefer 1 or 2 decent DVDs a day than 5 stinky piles with an occasional decent film dropped in every once in a while. Unless you specifically know what or who you are looking for (bearing in mind that there are lots of name errors) this site can be quite a nuisance to browse through. It is not rare to go through a whole page of 24 DVDs and not find one decent scene to download, but perhaps I am just pickier than most.

Perhaps I am making it sound worse than it is, there are certainly some decent scenes here, it is just such a pain in the ass to find them. I gave up after two weeks of my membership, and doubt I will return again unless I stumble across a lot of spare time in the near future.

Overall I'd say this site is slightly above average, their recent implementation of user comments will probably be helpful in sorting through the trash - I found such comments helpful on videobox. Although haven't seen to many folks posting comments yet, hopefully this will pick up some. On the downside, the video quality is average at best, the navigation is sub-par for a site this large.

This site does some things well, and the price is nice with the discount. But definitely not worth being a member for more than a month every now and again.

It would be oh-so-wonderful if one of these DVD sites decided to go against the flow and focus on quality content, and less freaking gonzo. I know how they love saying they have 8722 DVDs available to download, but who gives a shit if 8000 or so of those are terrible...

01-25-11  10:23pm

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Visit My 18 Teens

My 18 Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some attractive euro-teen models
-Decent sized collection, 244 models, 545 videos, 589 photo sets.
-Video quality is decent (best I saw was 1280x720 4000 kbps wmv, worst I saw was 720x480, 3000 kbps). Reasonably crisp, although not the best I've seen.
-Download managers work, although had some trouble with them with photosets.
-Decent navigation for a site like this, model index, model rating, and comments on scenes are available - although not always reliable
-Zip downloads of photo sets
-Decent photo quality
-Mostly hardcore, but good variety of solo and a few lesbian scenes mixed in
-Content is exclusive as best I can tell
-Bills through Epoch
Cons: -No real bonus content
-Expensive for what you get compared with some other sites
-Unreliable servers, download speeds are all over the place - 1 MB/sec one day, 200 KB/sec the next.
-Updates aren't very frequent, 7 photo sets and 7 video sets in the last month (photos and videos are usually the same scene)
-Camerawork is not the best
Bottom Line: Overall I'd say this is a decent euro-teen site. The site is not very large, although the collection is pretty well sized. For those used to seeing a boatload of content with tons of bonus sites, they might find this site lacking. It could certainly use some improvement, and more consistent download speeds would be nice.

I primarily joined the site because I knew it had content by some models I liked, so I was reasonably pleased with what I got. However, as with most sites of this nature there are some drawbacks. Model quality is somewhat inconsistent, and while some of the scenes try to have a plot it is pretty much a gonzo site.

I think this site would be a lot better if paired with the other JTCash site as a bonus, or if they just merged the two sites into one as the content is similar and they have many of the same models.

As with this company's other site, some of the scenes are a little odd (a girl screwing some guy while her mother is sleeping at the table, overly long jerking at the end, etc), and some of the models, while attractive, look like they are doing their taxes rather than having sex.

This place is probably worth joining if you are a fan of some of the models they offer. There are definitely some decent scenes here. Of course there are also plenty of not so good scenes as seems typical of most of these smaller euro-teen sites. If they offered their other site as a bonus (or lowered the price), and increased their server capacity I would probably recommend this site a little more highly.

09-15-10  12:51am

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Visit Girls Do Porn

Girls Do Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some very attractive models
-I can't recall having seen any of these models elsewhere
-Download managers work (DTA)
-Good download speeds (2MB/s)
-I like the concept
-Reputable biller (I had CCBill)
-Long site timeouts, it doesn't appear to ever timeout
-Few if any fake breasts
Cons: -Camerawork is not the best
-Lighting is not the best
-Scenes are repetitive, almost all progress in the same fashion
-Navigation is very basic, just a page with 6 scenes on it, many scenes aren't even really labelled (no model names?!)
-Site is sort of small for the price (200 scenes at the time of review)
-Video encoding on many scenes is poor (see BL)
-HD only available after 30 days, a stupid gimmick given the size/update rate of the site
-They say one update per week, seems right for as long as I have been a member, but since scenes aren't dated it is hard to tell
-No photos
-Some videos are zipped, is this 2001? Zip a wmv all you want, you ain't saving any space.
-Some odd stuff in a few of the videos (showing a girl go buy Plan B)
-No bonus material
-Streaming starts instantly when you go to a page (to all webmasters: please stop doing this)
Bottom Line: I like the idea of this site, and it is nice to see some new faces, but I will admit I joined primarily due to the Miss Teen Delaware thing intriguing me enough to give it a look. Generally I think the models are attractive. Typically athletic, skinny, and generally on the smaller breasted side - no fake breasts that I could tell. My type of woman, so I figured 'what the hell' and joined.

The main negative for me with the site is the camerawork, lots of stationary shots as though it were filmed on a tripod, and shots I am not particularly fond of (long stretches of showing cowgirl from behind, which an ass man might appreciate I suppose, but I find it boring and a poor angle choice). The lighting can be a bit iffy at times, but they do appear to have put in some effort by bringing in some of their own lighting gear as seen in many of the shots, but all scenes are shot in a hotel room, so obviously not the best.

My second main gripe is the video encoding on this site, encoding a video that is filmed in 16:9 in 4:3 is unacceptable, and it hasn't been for several years. Basically forces you to have black bars on all sides. On widescreen monitors this will leave half or so of your screen as black space. This is particularly egregious since it is FILMED in 16:9. My only guess for why anyone would do this is that it was easier for them to do with their 30 days for HD policy. Perhaps these videos are encoded properly if you hang around for this period, but given their update schedule that is a tough pill to swallow. I used avidemux to crop the videos properly, but this is not something one should have to do at a pay site.

The scenes themselves are very repetitive, generally an interview, fully clothed oral, fully clothed doggy, naked cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, doggy, end. I have no idea why they spend so long on almost every film showing the girl from behind when she is on top, I prefer to see the girl not her back.

Overall, I think the site is a good concept, with some quite attractive original women, but the execution is too poor for me to recommend it. If they got rid of their HD policy, filmed scenes better, encoded the videos properly, and updated their navigation to at least include model names it would be a step in the right direction.

03-08-13  11:31pm

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Visit Color Climax

Color Climax

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Great variety of content
*Attractive models of all ages, shapes, and sizes
*I believe all of their content is exlusive, although they have released some of it to dvd.
*Good classic videos and classic pictures. The quality wasn't great, but considering the era the content is from I found it pretty good (see below for tech. details)
*Decent download speeds
*Download managers work, although getting to the section to download a video scene can be a bit troublesome - see cons.
*Great for any fan of ladies with actual bush
Cons: *Zips only downloadable if you are a "VIP" which requires a multiple month membership.
*Photo quality is typically pretty poor - 760x540 or so seems pretty typical.
*Video quality is mediocre and in .mov format (720x580 1700 kbps was the best I saw)
*Aweful, aweful navigation. Some of the worst I have seen. The "theatre" section is reminiscent of seventeenvideo's video section. One very small thumb on the right of a random scene in the video (not even always a good view of the model)
*They have an integrated movie player, so you have to load the scene in order to download it - similar to MrSkin, however no matter which browser I used I was unable to "seek" in the video. Maybe it is a Win 7 problem, dunno.
*They recycle content, as is mentioned in the comments section. I'm not sure how much of the "new" material is all that new. I sort of doubt any of it is. One of the videos I downloaded from that section is of a model that left the business in 2003.
Bottom Line: *I know I have a lot of cons, but I think this site is actually pretty good. If you are a fan of Anna, Gigi, Vivian Schmitt or older "classic material" it might be worth joining for a month.
*It is unfortunate that you have to get a multi-month membership in order to download zips. And that navigation and video downloading is so painful. If you join, and want to get your money's worth, I would expect to spend a lot of time digging through the material. When I was looking for videos, I would play video games and look at the videos while waiting for the games to load, since I couldn't seek in the videos I had to wait sometimes a couple of minutes with the video running to find out who was in the scene.
*The site is mostly hardcore with some lesbian.
The best thing about the site, in my opinion, is the wide variety of content. They have content ranging from the old Amsterdam peep shows (1960s or 70s I think) all the way up to the 2000s.
*I must say some of the older material does make one a bit nervous about the models ages, even though the site says it is fully 2257 compliant, you sort of wonder how that can be proven for material produced in the 70s?

If they fixed some of the navagation problems, posted all their content instead of cylcing it, and got rid of the whole "VIP" membership thing I would probably give it a much higher score.

02-01-10  06:36pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Great variety of content on the network, I am sure you can find some stuff you will like
Good download speeds
Some of the sites have interesting concepts, although sometimes a bit contrived.
Good price
Actually seem to be honest about update dates (a rarity in my exerience).
Cons: Site can be a bit glitchy, asked me to login five times in a row once when I was trying to load a page.
Disappointed they took down the Nella hardcore scene, I think it was the only one around.
A lot of the sites aren't really my cup of tea (several are MILF sites, several are large breast sites), but if you like that sort of stuff you might like this site more than I did.
Bottom Line: Interesting collection of sites, although hasn't really changed much since I joined the first time a couple of years ago. Several of the network sites don't appear to update any longer.
Joined because there was a thing about bangbus on some Playboy TV show I saw a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued if it had gotten better. Most of the content seems pretty much the same
I agree with exotics that while the comedy can be entertaining sometimes, it can be pretty damn annoying also.
Bottom line, I'd say worth joining for a look around especially if you are into large breasts, MILFs, latinas, or so called "reality porn" - especially at the TBP price.

10-24-09  02:05pm

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Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The site has some good fetish content.
It looks like all (or at least most) of the content is original
Some very attractive women, doing some crazy shit
Cons: Too expensive
Navigation is bad, it is nice that they have the model directory, but it only lists some of the models.
The scenes are split into several pieces.
Some models listed as appearing in a scene (especially on the orgy sites) only appear in passing.
Download speeds aren't the best.
Video quality is okay (640x480) was the best I saw) and the files can get quite large
Bottom Line: Like my rating suggests, average site. If you have the time to dig through it all or have a specific fetish (clothed sex, for example) this might be a good site for you - but I'd look at all the sites first and make sure it is what you want). Some sites don't appear to update often, if at all. If it were a little cheaper and they greatly improved the navagation (put everything on one site, have a full model index) I would probably recommend it.

12-01-09  06:21pm

Replies (6)

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