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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

No Review.
03-04-09  07:02pm

Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very attractive models
Lots of variety
Good if you like young/european models
Decent picture resolution
Very large collection
Cons: Very limited video, need to join an additional site to download full video
No zips
Extraordinarily poor organization, picture names are terrible and not in order, hard to keep track
Server seems relatively slow
Bottom Line: Probably not worth it unless you have a lot of spare time to search through all of the photosets and save (and probably rename) all of the pictures you like.

Great selection and very beautiful women, but hard to recommend given the limited video content and expense.

03-02-09  06:42pm

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Visit Czech AV

Czech AV

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some attractive, obviously euro (I assume mostly Czech models), some Iíve seen many I havenít
-Content has some interesting themes, castings, outdoor action, etc.
-Video technical quality is reasonably good, most are downloadable in two options 3000 kbps wmv and 1100 kbps mp4. I thought the mp4 actually looked pretty good even with the quite low bitrate and most of the videos I downloaded were in that format.
-Reasonably sized site, will review overall number in BL, 10 total sites.
-Good update schedule, 1 a day seems typical
-Reputable biller, I had CCBill
-Have subtitles, which is sort of a con in some scenes
-DL managers work (I used DTA), no DRM, get to choose login/password
-Content looks entirely exclusive to me
-Plenty of diversity in body types (which could also be a con I suppose)
Cons: -Somewhat pricy compared to other sites
-Camerawork is poor, particularly the HC scenes which are mostly self-shot, and pretty bad for self-shot
-Some of the scenes make you a little uncomfortable; Iíll elaborate on that later
-Model quality is highly variable. I realize this is subjective, but there are quite a few, umm, not such attractive ladies here
-Scenes can get repetitive, and castings in particular are not very erotic
-Download speeds are inconsistent, varied for me between 300 KB/s and 1 MB/s
-Navigation is very basic, and a pretty major flaw. No real model index, some scenes are just given numbers, thumbnail previews are quite small for my laptop.
-No forum, ratings, or any other interactive elements
-Pretty much no photos
-Very little diversity in ethnicity
Bottom Line: Overall I think this is a reasonable site, although it has some pretty major flaws. The major flaws being the ones I mentioned in the cons, and some of them really detract from the site. I find the self-shot scenes to be particularly irritating, and there are way too way too many of them here for me.
The site breakdown is as follows:

-Casting: 364 scenes, I assume 364 different models. Basic casting site, usually girl walks in, chats for a bit, gets undressed. In some scenes there is masturbation, toy, oral, and HC. I would estimate 30-40% of the material has some HC or oral aspect to it.
-Streets: 60 scenes, seems like more or less 60 different models. Mostly consists of them ďfindingĒ a girl, followed by sex in a public place
-Swingers: 16 scenes split into parts (70 total videos), group action.
-Amateurs: 43 scenes, mostly POV, amateurs, generally very poorly filmed.
-Gang Bang: 12 scenes, as the name implies, appears inactive no updates since March
-Sharking: 20 scenes, mostly involving them running around pulling shirts off women, short scenes, while I am sure it is probably set up, it did make me feel sort of icky
First Video: 22 scenes, amateur HC material, probably the best shot of any of the sites
Parties: 7 parties, 24 videos, typical party material with HC, also typically the most attractive ladies donít get involved.
Lesbians: 8 scenes, large lesbian groups, appears to be inactive

As I said previously, the main thing that detracts from this site for me aside from the poor camera work is the sort of uncomfortable aspects to some of the scenes. I would assume most of these uncomfortable scenes were set up, but it still ruins the eroticism of it. The sharking site, and the casting site in particular are the worst offenders in this regard. Some of the casting scenes that go beyond nudity are a little odd, with the cameraman pulling out his member and trying to get the women to get him off in some fashion (in some of them the women refuse), while I have seen stuff like this before, in this case it really did seem like some of the women were actually not comfortable with the situation.

Other than those aspects, it is an interesting site, with sometimes interesting material. If you are particularly interested in some of the women here (the best way I could find out is via EBI although many arenít listed), it may be an okay site to join for you. However, be prepared to get that icky feeling from time to time, and to spend an awful lot of time digging through it all. There are some attractive ladies here, even a few that I thought had retired, and some Czech models you will likely have seen elsewhere, but the navigation issues, and the general ick factor make it a difficult site for me to recommend.

09-29-12  10:12pm

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Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Decent number of models, hard to get an exact figure but pretty large collection
-No DRM on newer videos, appears to have started in 2009 as well, but only for some models
-Zip downloads of some of the newer photosets (seems like this started in 2009 for the most part)
-Some attractive ladies
-Download managers work, although there isn't much to download with them
-Good photography
-Decent price with TBP
-Navigation is acceptable although not the best
-Download speeds are decent, I got 1 MB/sec, although once again not much to download
-Newer streaming videos are decent quality
Cons: -Too many 'fake' women, although it is Playboy so what should one expect...
-Difficult to tell which of the many sites you are getting when you join
-Click on links to models and get directed to content you don't have access to
-Video quality is sub-par, 840x480 2900 kbps is the best I have seen, and it isn't well encoded for the downloadable videos
-Photo quality is mediocre, typically 1600 long-end.
-Prechecked cross sell
-Too many adds, up-sells, and other junk on the site
-It just takes to much time to go through it all, I doubt I will
Bottom Line: To be fair, this site is pretty much what I expected, and what most people should. Overly made up, often fake breasted women in softcore photoshoots. I wish there were a greater variety of body types, but it is Playboy after all.

Given that, it isn't a terrible site, but I probably wont be joining it again unless they make it all inclusive, make all videos downloadable, and increase their video and photo specs significantly.

The main reason I joined was someone told me there was a local girl who had posed for them, which would have been interesting, but I couldn't find her, and I was in the mood for some softcore material. Probably should have just joined MetArt again or something, but oh well.

It is hard for me to be too harsh with this place, because I was well aware of this companies faults, and pretty much expected what I got, although for some reason I thought the TV stuff was included with the subscription, but I guess it isn't. Or at least I can't find it, not that I would watch it much anyways.

Probably an okay place to join if you are into the not-so-endangered large breasted american blonde and very soft softcore, but it is definitely hard to recommend.

03-18-11  01:22am

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Visit Student Sex Parties

Student Sex Parties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -attractive ladies
-interesting group content
-decent bonus material
-navigation is pretty good, they have a model index, rating system, and member comments
-no DRM
-video quality is good (mpeg-4).
-zip downloads of photosets
-download managers worked for me
-exclusive content as far as I can tell
Cons: -price is a bit high
-scenes are excessively long and large
-download speeds are inconsitent, sometimes poor
-in-browser video player is glitchy
-not a huge site 178 girls in 52 parties
-videos are broken up into pieces, although as one file they would be enormous.
-advertisements on home page
Bottom Line: This site has decent, unique content, however like some other sites from this company it can be a bit hard to get at. The files sizes are very large, and many parts of some of the scenes are just background and chit-chat. It is very necessary with this site to preview the material before downloading the content, as I have several times downloaded scenes with little to no nudity in them at all, let alone sex.

I think if you have the time and the harddrive space this site is a pretty good site for group sex action with euro ladies. However, I gave the site some demerits for the fact that it takes so long to find material you want to download and to download it.

There are definitely some attractive ladies here, and the video quality is generally good - although the camerawork can get a bit iffy at times.

Considering the bonus content available at the time I joined, this site may be worth considering if you are into group sex with euro ladies, however expect to spend a lot of time sorting through what you want to download - and expect to immediately delete some of the content you do. I'm all for having fun and drinking, however I don't think I need a 50 minute clip of some folks boozing, smoking and chatting. If only they had some better editing and made it easier to get at their material I would recommend this site more highly.

12-04-10  11:45pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some attractive ladies
-Original content
-Excellent download speeds
-Download managers work (I used DTA)
-Good price through TBP
-Decent navigation, scene scores, search (although can be glitchy), model index, user comments
-Large network
-Zip downloads of photosets
-Decent photo quality
-Several updates a week, 10-12 on average it seems
Cons: -Odd biller
-Download limit, enforced regularly for me although others have reported otherwise (10 Gb)
-Video quality is okay on mid-sized videos, didn't download any HD videos due to limit
-No sizes given on videos
-Many of the sites are dead or infrequently updated
-Content can get repetitive
-A subjective opinion, but girls are too "porn" for me, lots of tats, large breasts
-Seem obsessed with ass, I like an ass and all, but move on after a while
-Camerawork is mediocre to downright annoying
-Male talent can get grating
-Lack of variety, even though it is a network serving several niches, all of the content has the same feel
-Too many ads, all over the damn place
Bottom Line: This site used to be one of my favorites years ago, and everytime I join I am less and less impressed with it. I read my review from before and am surprised I scored it so high, perhaps I was just in a good mood. Regardless, I don't think I will be giving them another chance.

The site does some stuff well, navigation is pretty good, download speeds were excellent (I maxed my connection at 1.4 MB/s). Their is some good material, and I enjoy the concept of some sites.

I am just unsure as to why some of these sites even exist - if it has less than 10 updates and hasn't had a new one in years can't you just merge the content somewhere? It just seems like an advertising gimmick.

There is still some good material, particularly the older stuff. But, it seems as though they have become far to focussed on the glam porn star look, even in their euro sites (Mike's Apartment and Sex Parties). For a supposed "reality/amateur" site, it just doesn't seem to fit anymore. For those that are fans of the typical late 90's-style porn star, this site might still be for you, but it is no longer for me. I grant you that this opinion is subjective, but they have definitely moved away from what I liked about the site. Also, it seems as though they get more and more focussed on asses over time. I like to see the entire woman, not 2 minutes of ass shots.

On top of these somewhat subjective complaints, they have a relatively firm limit of 10GB now, although I never came within 500 MB of that limit I was cut off frequently. I don't really consider myself a heavy downloader by any means, I tend to go through the screencaps to see if it is a scene I actually want. If you are going to impose a download limit, you should take note of your file sizes, and let users know - a 10GB limit with files in excess of 1GB is just irritating.

Overall, I think this site still has some decent older material, maybe worth joining once to get it. If you are into their older material, and unless you are totally obsessed with ass (not necessarily anal sex, just ass) I don't think you will be pleased with the direction of the site and I would recommend looking elsewhere, there are plenty of decent networks out there, although you may have to pay more.

01-02-12  11:19pm

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Visit Jordan Capri

Jordan Capri

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some newer videos are much higher quality, the newer stuff is typically 720x480 (1800 kbps) with some stuff that is 1280x720 (5400 kbps)
Jordan has always been one of my favorites, although I don't find her quite as cute as I used to.
There are plenty of cute girls
Download speed is pretty good
My download manager worked for the photo sets, but not the video set. Could be a problem with my settings.
All exlusive content, I think. Including exlusive models.
Cons: Very few updates, I believe they did a couple of newer scenes with Jordan in 2008, but the vast majority of content on Jordan's site is much older (2003 or earlier)
None of the other Lightspeed Network sites appear to be updating anymore. The "New" sets of Nella and Belicia were clearly from the early 2000s.
Still cylcles sets as "new updates" when they clearly aren't. Supposedly this is to keep it fresh, but I find this dishonest. The sites are just floating on all the old content they collected years ago.
Navigation is terrible.
Photo quality is typically mediocre, especially the older sets. New stuff is 2000x1400, older stuff is 800x600.
Camerawork in both the photo and video sets is pretty crappy.
Bottom Line: I think this was the first pay site I ever joined, and the women on the site are attractive. I had heard there were recent sets of Jordan added last year, so I figured it was worth a look. I was a bit dissappointed at the quantity of newer sets, however the quality is better.
Maybe worth joining for a month if you have never joined this site before and are into Tawnee Stone or Jordan Capri or several pretty popular euro models from the early aughts (Nella, Veronika J, Belicia) when they were younger.
Almost entirely softcore solo and "soft" lesbian, the euro models all have some toy action as well.
I probably would have given this site a lower score, but a lot of the sets I have from this site - even with the crappy quality - still rank amongst my favorites.

01-25-10  03:21pm

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Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Attractive ladies
-Decent photo quality
-Good video quality (technically speaking 3Mbit wmv is largest size available)
-Zip downloads of photosets
-Download managers work
-Good download speeds (maxed my 20 Mbit connection) with DL manager
-Okay sized site, 114 models on "Studios" site, maybe 3 photosets and 1 video on average per model
-6 sites, although only one appears active - Studios, and I am not sure how active it is
-Camerwork in photos is pretty good for the most part
-Navigation is okay, pretty straightforward. No search function but there is a model index
Cons: -Photosets are small in quantity
-Camerwork in videos is pretty bad
-The guy is just annoying in the video, hey just sounds like a slimeball, and will not shut up.
-Videos are generally pretty boring, behind the scenes type stuff often. Not very erotic in my opinion - regardless of what Playboy says.
-Videos are short
-No real bonus content
-Update schedule is unknown, but I don't think it is frequent, nothing looks new since I was here two weeks ago
Bottom Line: I think this site is an okay softcore-midcore site (toys and some lesbian), and it definitely has some attractive ladies. Although, I think it has far too many detractions to be worth recommending. There are plenty of other sites that offer more content and better quality.

If you are a video person, this place is certainly not for you. The videos are frequently poorly shot, some are interviews or behind the scenes, and the large majority that I downloaded featured some slimeball (I assume Ron Harris) making stupid comments for pretty much the entire video. There is one with Kara Duhe that is just generally uncomfortable, it reminded me of some dirty old uncle gawking at a young lady (not that there is anything wrong with being a dirty old uncle, I just don't need to hear it in my porn).

While the camerawork in the still photography may be good, the camerawork in the videos is the exact opposite (humorous since they have a link for lessons at the bottom of the page, perhaps he should sign up himself?) So if you are a fan of particular ladies you see in the preview and like short photosets, this might be okay for you, otherwise I'd look elsewhere.

02-25-12  10:36pm

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Visit My Teen Video

My Teen Video

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: There are some good videos, mostly hardcore but some softcore
There are several very attractive women
Seems to be exclusive content, haven't seen a bunch of these girls before
Server is pretty fast
Cons: Small site as of now, only about 64 women
Some of the videos are a little odd (long intro portions, the models are eastern european and none of the talking I heard was in english - several i saw had a guy just sort of standing around for the entire video)
Some videos are a bit large given the quality
Bottom Line: A reasonable site, probably only worth joining if you particularly like a girl shown on the preview pages (as that is pretty much all there is). Certainly not worth joining for more than a month

03-02-09  06:52pm

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Visit Cash For Sex Tape

Cash For Sex Tape

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -attractive euro ladies
-chance to see the models acting naturally (although this can also be a con)
-download managers work
-no DRM
-decent network content
-video quality is pretty decent - SD DivX mpeg4, some scenes have iPod m4v vids as well
-decent sized site, only 32 couples but each one typically has 7-10 scenes
-zip downloads of photos
-original content, including some ladies i haven't seen before
Cons: -sort of expensive
-camerawork is poor, although this is to be expected since it all does appear to be truly "self-shot"
-only two connections allowed, so if you have two downloads going (even in a manager), can't browse site
-videos are excessively long. i like seeing some natural stuff, but a 60 minute video with 10 minutes of posing and 15 minutes of sex seems like a lot of extra material
-navigation is odd
-in-browser flash player is very glitchy, normally this wouldn't bother me but it is actually very important when the files are this large (to preview so you know what you will get)
-photo quality is poor
-download speeds inconsistent (600 KB/sec was the best I experienced)
-files are too big, 1 GB or more, given what you get
-sort of expensive
-photo quality is poor, incomplete, and often out of order in the zips
Bottom Line: This site has an interesting concept, and they do get some very attractive ladies. There are definitely some Euro pros here, but there were a few women I hadn't seen before, but maybe I just haven't been looking enough. The content is very inconsistent, and while the website can't be held responsible for the quality of the videography on self-shot scenes, they certainly could EDIT! cut out some of the camera jostling, and a good bit of the banter. I enjoy seeing the models act somewhat naturally, however this is a bit excessive.

You can see they definitely tried to make navigation better, adding keywords, a model index, and many other useful things, however if they are going to post these long-ass videos, probably the most important thing they could have included is the ability to edit the videos yourself before downloading.

They certainly have found a nice collection of attractive euro women, and it is very nice that they provided subtitles (I am one that is interested in what they are saying, I'm sure others might not care), howeve the execution is miserable. There are some scenes here that I will definitely keep, and there are many others that I might consider keeping if only the files were smaller, or the videos were better edited.

Based upon all these faults it is a difficult site to recommend, even though I somewhat liked the site.

11-28-10  11:15pm

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Visit Private.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Since I keep getting responses to my comment, I figured I'd go ahead and write a review. Hopefully this answers everybody's questions.

-Good size archive, almost 500 downloadable DVDs, 1160 zipped photosets, 200 downloadable full magazines.
-Partial magazine archive, most of which is downloadable in PDF format which is excellent quality. I'm not really sure "quantify" good quality for a pdf, but they appear to be digital prints of the magazines, not scans.
-Decent download speeds, I almost maxed out my connection - 1.4 MB/sec in Eastern USA
-Downloadable zips of photosets and magazines
-Video quality is acceptable 640x480 1500 kbps on high
-Photo quality okay, 1200x800 for the newer stuff 600x400 for the older stuff
-Good price with TBP discount
Cons: -Navigation is downright aweful. If the navagation was similar to what is shown in the preview the site would be much better. I ended up keeping a window of the preview open so I could figure out which videos had which stars in them.
-Have a search function, but it is basically worthless unless you know the title name you are looking for
-Even when you find the DVD you are looking for, the thumbnail previews of the scenes are so small you can't tell who is in it. They don't even list who stars in the DVD or scene when you get to the DVD page.
-Download managers do not work
-Content not exclusive, many Private DVDs are available on sites like Videobox.
-It just takes too much time to sort through it all, I gave up and moved on
Bottom Line: I think this site is the perfect example of a site that could be great with some major fixes to navigation and setup. Based on the amount of Pros I listed, you may think my score is far too low, but sites like this just piss me off. They certainly have some great content, and if you have the time you can find it - but why have the preview area show reasonably good navigation and then when you join the site it is terrible? I kept thinking there must be something I'm missing, like you have to click somewhere to go back to a "home page" or something. I can't stand sites that use this type of "bait and switch" tactics. Navigation, especially with a site this large, is pretty much THE MOST important thing.

Based on the stuff I found, if they fixed the navigation issues, added much larger thumbnails and scene previews, this site certainly could be excellent.

Even if they say they fix the navigation problems (see the Webmaster's reply to my comment) I would be hesitant to join again. Thus, it would be hard for me to recommend to anyone unless they have boatloads of free time.

Sorry if my Bottom Line sounded more like a rant, but content providers need to learn not to mislead customers.

02-10-10  01:56pm

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Visit Young Libertines

Young Libertines

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM
-Download managers work
-Some attractive ladies
-zip downloads of photos
-Multiple video formats
-Interesting concept, supposedly submitted videos by 'amateurs'
-Photo quality decent 1500x1000, although some are pretty bad
-I believe content is exclusive
-Respectable biller, I had SegPay
Cons: -Download speeds are inconsistent, varies between 200 KB/s and 800 KB/s with manager
-Camerawork varies between poor and mediocre
-Glitchy website
-Very poor navigation, has search function but it is totally worthless. No model index,
-No real bonus content
-Smallish site, only 362 sets, and a lot of the older material is the same few models
-Expensive compared to other euro sites
-Video quality is mediocre, best option is 640x480 2200 kbps
-Only one update per week
-Too many freaking ads
Bottom Line: As with many smaller euro sites these days, this site is pretty hit-or-miss. Although, I'd say for the most part for me it is a miss. This is a primarily hardcore site featuring supposedly self submitted videos by 'amateurs'. Many of these ladies are somewhat recognizeable to those that commonly join eastern-euro sites. While there are some attractive ladies and decent videos to be found here, there are just too many negatives for me to recommend this place.

I am not sure why they don't start merging all the sites this company owns together, it seems as though that would be the only way to remain competitive with some of the larger network sites, unless they start producing much higher quality (from both a technical and model standpoint) material.

I joined this site primarily because it had a few scenes by some ladies I collect, and pretty much right when I logged in for the first time I wished I hadn't joined.

The navigation is miserable, so I guess in some sense you are lucky it is a small site. Basically the only way to get through it is page by page (which only show 4 sets at a time), trying not to accidentally click on an add and looking at the small preview pictures. There are tags for sets although it didn't appear as though they are well used, and even though they have named the models, the didn't bother linking their sets together in any fashion. The site in general doesn't look like much effort was put forth, and that probably should have been a hint not to join.

Overall, the site provides some interesting videos, I will probably keep 10-20 of them. But, there are just too many cons: poor navigation, substandard video quality, bad download speeds, too expensive, and no bonus content. I wouldn't recommend joining here unless they make some major changes.

12-16-11  10:38pm

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Visit Class 3Some

Class 3Some

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -some very attractive, i believe euro ladies
-no DRM
-download managers work
-zip downloads of photosets
-photo quality is good (3000x2000)
-video quality is good (1280x720, 8000 kbps was the best i saw)
-content appears to be exclusive
Cons: -expensive
-only 43 scenes at the time of this review
-some scenes are a little odd, there are a few where there are like 4 small scenes within the one video
-download speeds are inconsitent
-many scenes are in parts, usually 2
-wmv is only video option i saw
-no real update schedule
-navigation is poor - no model index, search, etc. just a list of scenes
Bottom Line: As a bonus site, this site is pretty decent, however if you were ever to join it as a standalone, I don't see the value. while there is some decent material here, especially if you are a fan of 1 guy with 2 or more girls, it just has too many cons to make it worth it, not to mention the size and price of the site.

I did find many of the scenes to be pretty good, the camerawork is generally better than usual and the video quality is reasonably crisp. There are definitely some scenes here that I will add to my favorites.

The content appears to be original from what I can tell, and they do have some models I haven't seen anywhere else (they have probably worked for other sites, but I haven't seen them).

Overall, an okay site as a bonus for joining oldje, but if this deal ever goes away I would probably not join unless they drop the price and/or increase the size of the site.

11-23-10  01:34pm

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Visit Hardcore Partying

Hardcore Partying

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some good content
Lots of bonus sites
Easy to cancel (this is about the only thing they did right, which is good cause the site does so much wrong)
Cons: Aweful navigation
No model listing at all
Site is slow
Videos are split into many files (usually 7 or 8)
DRM on most videos
Video quality is poor to average on most videos
Expensive (the discount price listed here is wrong, it was $28 when I joined)
Limited photos
Dead links, or pages never load
Bottom Line: As you can tell, I was not fond of this site. While I found the concept intriguing the execution is terrible. In my opinion the entire spicetv network of sites should never be joined until they resolve their many issues. Some of the content is good, and some of the women are quite attractive, but all the navigation problems (particulary no single-file download and DRM) make the site next to worthless. I would recommend looking elsewhere for your porn needs. The fact that I listed "ease of cancellation" as I couldn't really think of any other good points of the site is evidence enough that you shouldn't join.

03-21-09  11:03pm

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Visit Euro Car Sex

Euro Car Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-26-10  06:12pm  (Update History)
Reason: Revisited site after reading TBP review again
Pros: Reasonable seeming network of bonus sites
Decent download speeds (when you can download)
Paycom, so easy to cancel
Cons: Aweful site
Very few videos are downloadable, many say that you will be able to download soon, but this status never changes.
Basically all of the bonus sites are streaming only, which blows.
Way expensive given the amount of downloadable content.
I'd get into specifics on quality and content, but it probably isn't worth the time. Just don't join.
Bottom Line: I'm curious how TBP gave this site a 70, the only thing I can think of is that the site has changed significantly since they did their review. Either way, this is a site you should not join unless they significantly upgrade the site. Most of the content looked old, I doubt it has updated in a long time.

I joined primarly because someone had posted in a forum that there was a good scene of evelyn/hanna on this site, however none was to be found. I don't think I have ever spent less time on a site I spent $30 on prior to giving up. I cancelled so soon after joining that I hadn't received any emails between the welcome email and the cancel email.

Update: I revisited the site after my review, just to verify everything I said and I did find the evelynn/hanna scene in one of the bonus sites, and it was actually downloadable. Given this, and that some of the bonus sites had okay downloadable content I raised my score from 50 to 59. Still a crappy site, though.

01-24-10  07:31pm

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Visit Real Teenie GFs

Real Teenie GFs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Decent Download speeds
-Download managers work
-Some of the girls are attractive
Cons: -Small collection, some of which appears to be from another site - jailbaitvideos - and these videos are particularly sketchy as some of the girls look aweful young (although they don't have nudity they are just dancing around)
-Bonus sites are equally crappy or streaming only
-Trial give you access to practically nothing, parts of 4 scenes that aren't downloadable
-Crazy false advertising, I saw very few of the girls shown on the home page in the site
-What I consider unethical site behavior, see me comment
-No pictures except screen caps of videos, although it would appear from the front page that there are many pictures
-Video quality is mediocre to poor (1500 kbps typical)
Bottom Line: I thought this site sounded sort of interesting, however it proved to be pretty crappy and very misleading both in price and content. I strongly discourage anyone from joining this site. I tried to come up with some other pros, but I must admit I couldn't really think of any.

Very sketchy site, I recommend you look elsewhere.

02-25-10  04:02pm

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